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  • Definition of fastest in the Medical Dictionary. fastest explanation. Information about fastest in Free online English dictionary. What is fastest? Meaning of fastest medical term. What does fastest mean?. — “fastest - definition of fastest in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Estimating software for plumbing and mechanical contractors. [email protected] FastPIPE® Mechanical Estimating Software. FastPIPE is industry-leading mechanical estimating software for industrial and commercial contractors. Whether you are estimating plumbing, HVAC piping, industrial process piping,. — “FastEST, Inc”, fastest-
  • Fastest definition, moving or able to move, operate, function, or take effect quickly; quick; swift; rapid: See more. — “Fastest | Define Fastest at ”,
  • Fastest Cars In The World: Top 10 List 2010-2011. World's Fastest Cars. While most of us can only dream of owning the fastest car in the world, some will do whatever it takes to possess such speed and power. So, how fast are the fastest cars in the world?. — “Fastest Cars In The World: Top 10 List 2010-2011”,
  • Macon Speedway, The worlds fastest 1/5 mile racetrack Macon Speedway Macon Speedway Macon Speedway Macon Speedway Macon Speedway Macon Speedway Macon Speedway Macon Speedway Macon Speedway Macon , IL. — “”,
  • This is the fastest vehicles on earth in their own categories: 1. USS Albacore (AGSS-569): Fastest Underwater Vehicle in the World At the. — “10 Fastest Vehicles on Earth | World Interesting Facts”,
  • Fastest presents a command-line user interface. The user first needs to load a Z In a third step Fastest generates the testing tree of each operation. — “Fastest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Hang onto your hats; we're going for a ride. The Superbike sector which was created during the seventies, would allow mere mortals such as you and I to ride something akin to the machines that our heroes use on the track. — “The World's Fastest Motorbikes”,
  • Fastest - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Fastest”,
  • Fastest street legal car list are compiled and available here. Here we compile the street legal car list base on the fastest time a car accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (miles per hour) in seconds. — “Fastest street legal car | All cars stuff from A-Z you ever”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb fastest has one meaning: Meaning #1 : most quickly. — “fastest: Information from ”,
  • The 100 Fastest Aircraft. The world's fastest aircraft, planes, airplanes, speed records, pictures, sounds and specifications, throughout aviation history, and a radio control airplane guide. — “World's Fastest Aircraft”,
  • A to Z list of the Worlds Fastest Cars, Reviews, photos and specifications, Latest News from around the car world, 0-60 times of the Worlds fastest cars,. — “Worlds Fastest Cars”,
  • What are the fastest ways to build muscle? Are you looking for ways to build muscle fast? Use these free tips and tecniques for muscle building. — “Fastest Ways to Build Muscle? Simple Ways to Build Muscle Fast”, build-muscle-and-burn-
  • Pressure; vacuum and leak test connectors; gas cylinder filling connectors; and CoreMax process and service valve; from FasTest Inc. Used for industrial test; process; filling and charging applications. — “Fastest”,
  • Top 5 Fastest Cars in the World - Relish in the power of the SSC Ultimate Aero, Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg CCX, Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo & the Mclaren F1! Here is the definitive list of the top 5 Fastest Cars in the World! Truly Amazing pieces of. — “Top 5 Fastest Cars in the World - FunOnTheNet”,
  • Fast expensive cars,thousands of free pictures of fast cars.A comprehensive database of the world's fastest, rare and most exotic cars. — “The Fastest Cars”,
  • - Road legal sportscar lap times, stats, pictures and more! 5200 fastest lap times for 2690 cars from 228 manufacturers. © 2006-2010. — “ - Road legal sportscar lap times, stats”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. This is how you tie an Ian knot - the worlds fastest shoelace knot. — “Videos tagged with Fastest - Metacafe”,

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  • Trailer for feature length MotoGP Documentary ‘Fastest’ Following the success of ‘Faster’ and ‘The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid’, director Mark Neale is now preparing to release his latest MotoGP themed full-length documentary feature film, ‘Fastest’. Shot around the world in 2010 and 2011 and narrated by Ewan McGregor, ‘Fastest’ captures the intense and thrilling reality of the MotoGP World Championship, documenting a pivotal moment in the sport. With Valentino Rossi chasing his tenth World Championship title the Italian ran into one of the toughest challenges of his career: a crop of exceptionally fast young competitors, a horrific leg break at his home race, and an amazing comeback little over 40 days later. Confronting such a monumental task and with rival Jorge Lorenzo taking the 2010 title, Rossi faced up to one of the most testing year’s in his illustrious career and along with his fellow competitors was left asking: Who is the fastest rider now? Take a trip with ‘Fastest’, which is scheduled for release in August, and
  • Fastest Growing City in the World! Middle East 2.0 - Dubai in 2006 The Biggest Story in the World --- Dubai - home of the world's largest construction site and one of the most amazing stories in our world today. Connect me on Facebook! While millions flock to Dubai annually, from an American perspective it's "the Middle East we don't know". Still surrounded in misunderstanding by so many in the US, the massively positive story of Dubai and Middle East 2.0 is the real story of change in the Gulf. It is a story of peaceful, constructive excellence and the pursuit of dreams. A story very much in line with true American values. Dubai is a city in the emirate of Dubai which is part of the United Arab Emirates or UAE in the Persian Gulf. The UAE is part of the GCC, Gulf Cooperative Council, an economic group of nations along the lines of the European Union (EU). The GCC includes the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The growth in Dubai is representative of the growth in the region. While many in America associate the Arab world, the Middle East, the Gulf or sadly Islam and Muslims with terror and terrorism, war and violence, the real story of the Middle East is what is going on with construction, commerce, art, development and millions of people making a better life for themselves. There is clearly a big difference between the perceptions of Iraq or other areas in the region and reality. Some people tend to think that Iran, the UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are all the ...
  • The World's Fastest Workout Video!!! The World's fastest workout! *Sponsor: Lose More in Less Time - Download the video by clicking the link below the Play Button for just 75 cents!! No time to work out? Try this 4 minute interval workout video aka the world's fastest workout. Personal trainer and body transformation expert Stephen Cabral takes host Sarah through the fat burning Tabata interval cardio fitness routine also known as HIIT. Check Out Video! : Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel - Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah's Blog- Twitter Facebook: iTunes: Sarah's YouTube Channel - Sarah's Fitness Blog -
  • WORLDS FASTEST MOBILITY SCOOTER This is THE WORLDS FASTEST MOBILITY SCOOTER clocking a national speed breaking 71.59mph at santa pod on 14th october 2010. Guinness world records set a benchmark speed of 61.4mph or 100kph to the metric boys and also that the appearance of the machine must not be changed so no big wheels and other stuff which would make this thing safer and easier to ride. The engine was from a 1997 CR125 motocross bike which i squeezed in the little room available. The radiator is under my feet and the gears are changed by the rods you can see sticking through floor. Music by March to the Grave Any Enquiries email [email protected] #81 - Most Discussed (Today)) - United Kingdom #2 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - United Kingdom #7 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #8 -Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Germany #11 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Australia #17 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Canada #2 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - United Kingdom #15 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Ireland #15 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - New Zealand #118 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Israel #9 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles #101 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Spain #48 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - France #119 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Italy #52 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos & Vehicles - Japan #27 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Autos ...
  • Guinness World Record Todd Taylor Fastest Banjo Florida Today Coverage and footage of the Guinness Event Worlds Fastest Banjo Player, Grammy Nominated Banjo Player Todd Taylor Sets New World Record
  • World's Fastest Talking Female Fran Capo is most noted for being the World's Fastest Talking Female. Capo is also a motivational speaker, adventurer, comedian, voice-over artist, 9 time author and holder of 3 world records. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest talking female, clocked at 603.32 words per minute (wpm). She also holds a record as the first and only author to do a booksigning on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Her third world record was awarded for doing a book signing and the first ever memorial prayer service at the wreck site of the RMS Titanic. Capo has been on over 250 television shows and 1000 radio shows including Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, Good Morning America, Nick at Nite, Discovery Channel and the Martha Stewart Show. She has written for international magazines as well as for her own weekly blog called Fran's World. Fran has also been a spokesperson for many companies including Masterfoods, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Authorhouse, and Ripley's Believe it or Not!. Fran is listed in the Guinness Book of World records (1989), Ripley's Believe it or Not! (2006) and the Book of Alternative Records (2006). Fran's Philosophy: "Fear Nothing... but if you do, do it anyway!" Information by
  • WORLD'S FASTEST TACTICAL NUKE! FAVORITE AND COMMENT THIS VIDEO FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!!! BE SURE TO SUBSCIBE FOR MORE CALL OF DUTY AND GIVEAWAYS ADDED DAILY IN HD!!! TWITTER!!! T-SHIRTS! www.whiteboy7 SECOND VLOGGING CHANNEL! http No Purchase is neccessary to enter or win, You must comment and favorite this video to enter, You may only enter this contest once (one favorite and comment per person) The Sweepstakes ends 3 days after this video was uploaded, United States residents only, united states residents are only elligable to win, the odds of winning depend on the number of people who entered this sweepstakes,void where prohibited.
  • Worlds Fastest Gun Slinger This guy is the worlds fastest gun slinger he can draw his gun shot the gun and put is back in the holster in 0.02 seconds
  • Fastest violin player The fastest violinist is David Garrett (Germany) who played "Flight of the Bumblebee" in 1 min 5.26 sec on the set of Guinness World Records: Die GroBten Weltrekorde in Germany, on 20 December 2008.
  • Worlds fastest Train: 574.8kmph. Awesome speed
  • FASTEST POSSIBLE MAP - [Game 2] - StarCraft 2 Custom Map FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: I dive into some more of the always fun FASTEST POSSIBLE MAP. I dont care if it doesnt take skill. I dont care if it doesnt make me a better player. I dont care if some strategies are way too good. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS THAT ITS FUN.
  • The fastest snooker 147 in the history - Ronnie O' Sullivan ronnie o'sullivans fastest 147 in the history impressive.... 1997, world championships, sheffield enjoy, kerzhakov11 ps: a huge thanks to mbovo for the material =)
  • Fastest animals on Earth in slow motion - Animal Camera - BBC Learn how the fastest animals on the planet move with the help of some truly awe-inspiring slow motion wildlife camera technology. See the amazing movements of a water balloon when it is popped, a lizard on the attack, and a crab with a fearsome punch. Great animal video from BBC wildlife show Animal Camera. Hosted by Steve Leonard.
  • Thrust SSC - Supersonic Land Speed Record Holder On the 15th October 1997 Thrust SSC became the first land vehicle to break the sound barrier. Piloted by Wing Commander Andy Green of the RAF, an average speed of 763.035mph over the flying mile was achieved The music is from the game GTR2 and is called Spa 24hrs. Comments open for business again!
  • Flying with the fastest birds on the planet: Peregrine Falcon & Gos Hawk - Animal Camera - BBC Tiny spy cameras allow you to see some of the world's most magnificent birds in flight. Watch this video to learn how the fastest bird on the planet, the peregrine falcon, keeps control at mind-numbing speeds, and take a flight with the master of manoeuvrability, the Gos Hawk, as it flies through dense woodland. Great animal video from BBC wildlife show Animal Camera, with music by Gregory Paul.
  • Fastest Rapper Hes one of the fastest rappers in the World
  • Ronnie "The Rocket" O'Sullivan fastest 147 Ronnie's fastest break, and the fastest on record was recorded by The Guinness Book of World Records at 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Bob Arno, world's fastest-fingered pickpocket Ripley's fastest fingers steal everything! Bob Arno is a stage pickpocket and films real thieves. Here he steals in the street.
  • World's Fastest Zip Line I found this while vacationing in South Africa. It claims to be the world's fastest, highest, longest, steepest zip line. The specs are in the video. It was a lot of fun and not too scary. Except when you are looking down from the top of the mountain.
  • Fastest goalkeeper in the history just look at the speed he returned to his goal and saved the goal Awesome I'm the first guy that uploaded this wonderfull video on youtube By subcribing ur telling me to upload more unique videos like this to youtube So plz subscribe :)
  • Fastest text message James Trusler (UK) tried to break the record for the fastest text message which was 43.2 secs but failed. He did it in 51.3 secs on the set of Guinness World Records, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
  • WORLDS FASTEST street legal ELECTRIC CAR SUBSCRIBE to stay current on EV news ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ electric-vehicles-cars- Worlds fastest street legal ELECTRIC CAR 1972 Datsun 1200 Whtie Zombie.Only about 15% of the energy from the fuel you put in your tank gets used to move your car down the road or run useful accessories, such as air conditioning. The rest of the energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies and idling. Therefore, the potential to improve fuel efficiency with advanced technologies is enormous. With an Electric Car it costs just $1.00 per 100kms with MUCH more performance than with petrol at $20.00 per 100kms. @@@EVs use between 1/6th and 1/10th the energy of a comparable ICE powered car. This car is based in Oregon... there are something like 18 hydro electric power plants in that state! Datsun 1200 EV Specs: Motor - Hi Torque Electric 'Siamese 8' Series Wound DC Dual Armature 8 inch Controller - Zilla Z2K EHV 2000 Amp Battery - 60x 16 Ah Hawker Enersys 'Genesis' Lead-Acid 360 Volts Final Drive ratio - 4.11 : 1 Weight - 2450 Pounds (1113 Kilograms)
  • The fastest Car in the World BUGATTI VEYRON speed test Bugatti Veyron
  • Fastest street legal car Check out this awesome 2200bhp machine
  • Kent "Toast" French, The World's Fastest Clapper Kent(Toast), holds the record for 'Most claps in a minute' 721. Finally, a video of it happening.
  • World's Fastest Drinker This guy holds the record for being the fastest drinker in the world.. check out how fast he really is!
  • Fastest Mile- 256.79 MPH on a Turbo Hayabusa One of the fastest street bikes around- 636 WHP powers Charlie Anstaett down the Maxton Mile at a best-of record 256 MPH. How does he make this kind of power? Better yet how does he connect & survive the ride? Dave Owens & Charlie dish all the details.
  • Fastest Truck on Earth! I stand behind a triple jet powered, 36000 horsepower truck and experience a shock wave blast that nearly knocked me over! This is the Guinness Book World Record holder! Check out my other vids: Laser Videos: Easy Projects: Pranks & Jokes: Hacks & Mods: Spy Gadgets & Devices: Explosions & Loud Things:
  • Fastest Lawnmower in the World Bobby Cleveland sets a landspeed record on his 104 octane sposored sit down lawnmower at the world famous bonneville salt flats
  • The World's Fastest Indian the story of New Zealander Burt Munro who set the land-speed record at Bonneville in 1967 by a 1920 motorcycle. a great, inspiring movie!
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 147 fastest break break 147 - amazing
  • The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told The original Star Wars saga as told by a kid with one heck of a LEGO collection.
  • fastest gun, 36 barrels. Can fire at up to 1000000 rounds a minute.
  • World's Fastest Everything Word's fastest everything; gun shooter, clapper,etc
  • FASTEST STREET CAR IN THE WORLD! Larry Larson runs 6.95 @ 209 on Drag Week!!! Larry Larson proves his car once again to be the fastest street car in the world by completing Hot Rod Magazin'es Drag Week 2010 AND making the first 6 second pass in Drag Week history! Not only did he make a 6 second pass, but he made that pass after driving 1200 miles on country roads, rain, and he did it 20 minutes after a 7.005 pass, hot lapping the car!
  • MW2: World's Fastest Nuke, 32 Seconds!!! 5000 Thumbs up and I'll have a gaming set up this weekend :) Whats your favorate MW2 moment? Any world records? Big or small
  • 4v4 FASTEST MADNESS [With the Pros!]
  • Episode 194: Fastest Civic Type-R EVER! A former F1 driver gives his wife the ride of a lifetime and a street burnout ends in disaster.
  • FASTEST CARD TRICK (Magic How To) Here's the HOW TO for the impressive yet easy to learn color changing card trick. It's powerful magic because it happens so fast and so clean. Take a few minutes to learn this trick in front of a mirror, then show off the magic! Practice makes perfect. ---------------------------------------------------- CHECK OUT MY PLAYLISTS BELOW: ---------------------------------------------------- ►Amazing Tricks & Puzzle Videos: ►Ericsurf6 -- He lives in Japan! ►BIG Outdoor Adventures! ►Ericsurf6 TOP 10 Most Popular Videos: ►Howdy it's EARL: -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're looking for the best Card Tricks with reveals check out my friend mismag822: Thanks to OnlineGamer1 for the Intro! Check his channel out here: Music by TC music factory
  • Fastest Hot Water Bottle Burst THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.The fastest time to blow-up a standard hot water bottle until it bursts is 52.68 sec, by Georges Christen of Luxembourg on the set of L'Émission des Records in Paris, France in December 2000.
  • The fastest human powered bicycle The fastest human powered bike world record was set in Oct, 2002 at 81 mph (130km/h) by Sam Whittingham. Since the record was set, it is still remains unbroken. Sam owns a custom bike shop in: The bike was designed and built by Georgi Georgiev (Varna Team). For detail of the record holders you can check out from this web site
  • rootmetrics: Did you know? On average, T-Mobile's text network delivered texts the fastest of any carrier in #Dallas during our March testing.
  • Gimmix: Finished Sailing with @cyclemeter, on a new route, time 3:02:40, 24,60 km, see, 8,08 average, fastest 12,28.
  • MonsterHighDoll: 'Thor' Has The Week's Fastest-Growing Page On Facebook - AllFacebook
  • I_love_ZachR: RT @JustIanS: THAT'S HOW WE ROCK!RT @sirouf: @JustIanS it is a joke girl he trend in 15 min the fastest trend ever, i neve… (cont)
  • dnn4less: DNN4Less is committed to provide the Fastest and Affordable #DotNetNuke, #DNN Shared, #Resellers, #Cloud, #Virtual and #Dedicated #Hosting.
  • sammfenz: Bad idea to watch the Fastest Car Chases before I drive...
  • JustIanS: THAT'S HOW WE ROCK!RT @sirouf: @JustIanS it is a joke girl he trend in 15 min the fastest trend ever, i neve… (cont)
  • jckcoltt: Skype users expect more ads under Microsoft: Video is among the fastest growing forms of online marketing but good-quality video-adve...
  • Gamerz_world: SHIFT 2 IE9 Fastest Wins Sweeps Continues Until May 15
  • DazTheDJ: Achieved a new personal record with @RunKeeper: Fastest average pace... #FitnessAlerts
  • TeexTheGreat: Fastest lines in the airport in History, now I gotta sit here for an hour lol.
  • peterelmore: Last meet before city. Lost 2 of our fastest guys this week
  • stocktradtrend: Code Quick 2, The Fastest Way To Master Morse Code: Check out these CDs products: Code Quick 2, The Fastest Way ...
  • AngiefromVegas: Fastest Way To Lose Weight Is Also The Easiest | : In tests, individuals lost a whole lot more w...
  • sirouf: @JustIanS it is a joke girl he trend in 15 min the fastest trend ever, i never see a trend as fast. Only MattDavis can do that
  • Jackson_Willis: "all of our sweetest hours fly fastest." no wonder latin takes forever.
  • IAMKING501: Lmfao why in the hell u need a security team RT @misskayelee @IAMKING501 and thats cause you got the fastest car outta everybody lol
  • DougLieblich: No matter how dumb someone seems, remember: he was the fastest sperm.
  • BrewtonParker: What kinds of careers can you pursue with a degree in Biology? Some of the fastest growing careers in the nation...
  • TheMightyEthan: Watching "World's Fastest Police Chases" on Spike: "In a vehicle more suited to running to the store than running from the law" lmfbo
  • 24Shopaholic: AudioBartender Advanced Learning System: The fastest proven way to memorize the drinks that every bartender must...
  • lessRFlorida: RT @1bobcohn: World's most valuable brands, via @DKThomp: Apple, Goog, IBM, McDs, msft, Coke, AT&T, Marlboro...
  • CSCDREAMS: 10 Cities Where Home Prices Are Falling The Fastest: Clear Capital: via @addthis
  • CentralMarketin: Going Mobile will turn into the fastest, most effortless money you have ever made
  • sharonjones328: Top 10 Fastest-Growing U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks: DANG, BIDU ...: Below are the top 10 fastest-growing U.S.-lis...
  • Hi_iM_Fabulous: RT @thebombchelle: What's the fastest way to a man's heart? Through his chest with a sharp knife. (;
  • Laurinero: In that time, it sold 302,000 copies; the BBC called it one of the fastest-selling records in UK history
  • CrainsChicago: Video: North America's fastest-growing woman-led business
  • TheOliviaWilcox: RT @huffingtonpost: 10 cities where home prices are falling the fastest
  • thecodeworksinc: RT @TheLadders: America’s Fastest Growing Staffing Agencies #recruiters #staffing #jobsearch via @ERE_net
  • Karen_khan: Train Smart - The Worlds Fastest Workout #Health #Fitness #Go
  • VivDoesLashes: @marylafayette -hmmmm...fastest way is via phone...I will send it to you directly! Thanks Mary!
  • TheGGPN: seeking 4#GayProfessional programmers join the fastest growing intercontential online group &stay informed&connected @
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  • RoderickBloomgr: Paleo Diet Smoothies Recipe Book: The Paleo Diet is one of the fastest growing diets today. Affiliates can take ...
  • HousingCalls: 10 Cities Where Home Prices Are Falling The Fastest via @huffingtonpost
  • Full_ofSass: I'm watching World's Fastest Police Chases and wondering why most of them take place in the Los Angeles area.
  • chofas10: Baby @50cent I just had a surgery & the doctor says that the fastest way to recover is being with u so hurry my love! I'm in the bedroom <3
  • JennieEnwright3: @drewsellers fastest and easiest software for doin beats
  • SiTV: Tonight at 9pm, Pablo and Zalman venture to the Big Apple to prove what the fastest mode of transit in the city is!
  • SiTVAdrenalina: Tonight at 9pm, Pablo and Zalman venture to the Big Apple to prove what the fastest mode of transit in the city is!
  • genenef: 100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?
  • RaiseYourPints: Good answer and Honorable mention (and 2nd fastest correct answer) goes to @rgmclell. No tickets for 2nd place though.
  • CSItechnology: RT @GuyKawasaki The fastest ways to lose customers [infographic]
  • Searchandise: Visa Advances Toward a Digital Wallet: “E-commerce is our fastest growing channel,”Jim McCarthy,head of global prod, Visa
  • jasonmarshall: What's the fastest recorded wind speed ever? Reply with your guess & then find out in today's Math Dude's Handy Number:
  • AliGJ26: @xJB_BoyBelieber Haha i neva said you weren't! i just said that for the fastest runner, your REALLY lazy!!! LMAO!!! ;D
  • James_Thorp: If you are ever on a downer...just remember, at one point you were the fastest out of 30 million sperm.
  • Infonewsnz: Online shoppers get ready: world's fastest-growing daily deals site launches in NZ: BUSINESS…
  • tqthe1: RT @QbillsTOC862: Ladies u really think u got that "good good"? Tonite we gon see which eva one of yall.can make me cum the fastest then.Hit da line if u down
  • infobusinessnz: Online shoppers get ready: world's fastest-growing daily deals site launches in NZ
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  • elsielam: WOW! Fastest, most simple and best pasta dish ever! @finandflounder Sea Urchin Spaghetti is beyond awesome! #foodie
  • kleverdee: RT @huffingtonpost: 10 cities where home prices are falling the fastest
  • QbillsTOC862: Ladies u really think u got that "good good"? Tonite we gon see which eva one of yall.can make me cum the fastest then.Hit da line if u down
  • xJB_BoyBelieber: @AliGJ26 i am the fastest runner though :(
  • kippyy6: Fastest way to fiesta
  • AliGJ26: @BeliebInCody_x I knww!! And he says hes the fastest runner in his class!!! LMAO!!! ;D
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  • cloverfoodtruck: 2 lemonades plus corn fritters for dinner. Also we're having races to see who's the fastest at making sandwiches. Come test us.
  • jefftunes: RT @HuffingtonPost 10 cities where home prices are falling the fastest - Detroit #1 :(
  • Shena_0125: RT @Idillionaire: What's the fastest way to a man's heart? Through his chest with a sharp knife. lol
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  • MandoRando69: An hour massage will be the fastest hour of your life #iguaranteeit
  • Heather_Rene: This guy really jus stopped me and said "I'm lost.I need directions.I need the fastest way into your life" ..boy bang
  • Misz_Zelina: This was probably the fastest I've gotten a pedicure done here.
  • clearShakecool: Fastest Orbitz Facebook® Fans Fly Free
  • JudeGeringer766: Diy Surf Gear: Make Your Own Stand Up Surf Paddle: Stand up paddle surfing in the fastest growing water sport in...
  • RayRozay94: Report to da nearest roof , and take da fastest way down !
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  • Chuggington: Do you know who the fastest Trainee in Chuggington is? Come back to our Facebook page next week and answer our quiz!
  • YezzirOG: I think imma have the fastest bottom sleeves ever
  • AdonMusic: Im in a race with myself to see who gets it the fastest.!! @BigSean
  • imEastafrican: RT @DigitalizeMe11: @imeastafrican - EAST AFRICA's FASTEST GROWING SOCIAL NETWORK! Supporting @DigitalizeMe11 - digital development - RURAL KENYA! FOLLOW US NOW
  • mybikecommute: Finished Cycle with @cyclemeter, on To Home route, time 41:16, 8.30 miles, ahead of median ride 2:44, 12.06 average, fastest 26.61.
  • i_appinfojp_pd: iPhone/iPad 値下げアプリ情報! ♪230円⇒115円♪ 『Converter Touch HD ~ Fastest Unit Converter』(ユーティリティ) | http:///2amxpoc #appinfojp_pd
  • Higherfm: Fastest spitter i've heard in AWHILE... @imjessejames - Look At Me Now
  • LearnLanguage_: Speak German Fluently Now. Instant Download! Fastest, Easiest Way To Learn German. Best Language Course Anywhere
  • AllanMcnish: RT @brabsracer: Great day on the Sim at Wirth with Team UK. Well done HT for fastest lap + £6 richer.
  • Sedut_Sanda: Sometime, the fastest way is the hardest one! (⌣́˛⌣̀"!) #SELAU
  • UCanCallMeAri: Ever work out and have "back that ass up" come on? That was def my fastest lap lol
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  • shayeleigh: Does anyone know who the fastest runner in the world is? Because after what I just pulled i'm pretty sure they need to step aside.
  • mumblingsages: Achieved a new personal record with @RunKeeper: Fastest average pace... #FitnessAlerts
  • MeggyMac: Bribery the fastest way to getting tour child's homework done
  • MumzyShah: "Every morning in Africa a Gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest Lion or it will be killed....
  • OMG_TIKKI: I swear i have the fastest convo's (40 seconds)...
  • LaurenMazzella: That's probably the fastest I've ever ran in my life.
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