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  • few (comparative fewer, superlative fewest) (preceded by another determiner) An indefinite, but usually small, number of. I was expecting lots of people at the party, but very few (=almost none) turned up. Quite a few of them (=many of them) were pleasantly surprised. — “few - Wiktionary”,
  • The home page for the Forum of Executive Women, FEW of Saint Cloud, Minnesota. — “Home Page of FEW St. Cloud”,
  • few. few [ fyoo ] (comparative few·er, superlative few·est) CORE MEANING: a grammatical word used to indicate that there are not many or hardly any people or things (adj) There were few books on the shelves. (adj) spending her few free hours relaxing in front of the television. — “few definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • few use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with few. few in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. drop someone a line and drop someone a few lines; drop someone a note. — “few - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia”,
  • William Few, who represented Georgia at the Constitutional Convention, was a self-made man. Few's inherent gifts for leadership and organization, as well as his sense of public service, were brought out by his experience in the Revolutionary War. — “WILLIAM FEW”, history.army.mil
  • Born into a poor yeoman farming family, Few achieved both social prominence and political power later in life. Descendant of Quaker shoemaker, Richard Few from the county of Wiltshire, England, and his son Isaac Few, a cooper, who emigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1680s, the Fews lived in northern. — “William Few - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A Chosen Few Chosen Few Street Comp Santa Clarita. CHOSEN FEW's A-Town Stomp. SHORTIES EPISODE 1. Iain Mcleod edit. Jeremy Soderburg Section. Iain Mcleod ONE Left Overs. Tony Rivituso Park Murdering. Iain Mcleod Promo. Montage. — “A Chosen Few”, achosen-
  • I know a few people in the class. The train leaves in a few minutes. The phrases quite a few and, less commonly, not a few or (chiefly Brit) a good few all mean "fairly many." Quite a few students from our high school go on to college. as few as. — “Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary”,
  • FEW is an organization formed to advocate for equal employment rights for women employed by the Federal Government. — “Federally Employed Women”,
  • List phrases that spell out few. We found 43 dictionaries with English definitions that include the Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "few" is defined. — “Definitions of few - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Few definition, not many but more than one: See more. (used with a plural verb) a small number of persons or things: A dozen people volunteered, but few have shown up. — “Few | Define Few at ”,
  • few adj. , fewer , fewest . Amounting to or consisting of a small number: one of my few bad habits fewness few'ness n. USAGE NOTE The traditional rule holds that fewer should be used for things that can be. — “few: Definition from ”,
  • Much - Many - Lot - Few. English Grammar Notes. We use these words as quantifiers that come at the start of noun phrases and they tell us something about quantity. A lot of vs. Lots of. A lot of and lots of are used to express that there is a large quantity of something. — “Much Many Lot Few Little Difference Quantifiers Grammar Rules”, grammar.cl
  • Jeff Few is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jeff Few and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Jeff Few has 210 friends on Facebook and is a fan of 19 Pages. — “Jeff Few | Facebook”,
  • Definition of FEW : not many persons or things Origin of FEW. Middle English fewe, pron. & adjective, from Old English fēawa; akin to Old High German fō little, Latin paucus little, pauper poor, Greek paid-, pais child, Sanskrit putra son. — “Few - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Define few in American English. What is few? few meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary The few can be used as a noun phrase: Private schools are for the. — “few - definition. American English definition of few by”,
  • We use a little with noncount nouns (to mean a small amount of) and a few with count nouns (to mean a small number of) Similar to a few, a couple of and several are used only with count nouns. — “A Few/A Little | EFLnet”,
  • Definition of few in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of few. Pronunciation of few. Translations of few. few synonyms, few antonyms. Information about few in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. few week, few and far between. — “few - definition of few by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of few from Webster's New World College Dictionary. An indefinitely small number of persons or things: A few of the books have torn jackets. — “few - Definition of few at ”,
  • Too many patients get potentially addictive, under-effective drugs for migraines -- and too few get the most effective migraine drugs, a new survey shows. — “Too Few Get Best Migraine Drugs”,
  • When few is used as a quantifier to indicate the smallness or insufficiency of a given Equally the few is translated by le peu de: the few people who knew. — “few - English-French Dictionary ”,

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  • The Few - Piper/Washer/Ravenhill/Conway/Leiter Download MP3: John Piper, Paul Washer, Leonard Ravenhill, Tim Conway, Charles Leiter
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  • episode 2 part 3f - SSS Warrior cats fan animation Thank you so much for finishing episode 2 and I wish you enjoy it. firstly I want to thank many people who helped me or tried to help me out during this period of time. a few voice actors had a hard time due to exams and real life works and for a few I had to use the spare actors but I'll remember you guys, and I wish your are doing greatly in both your school and works. a few other friends are advisers and criticizers, I took some advises and ignored some due to being stubborn, and sometimes I know I had been rude. but I do appreciate those time when I think back, it's an expereince for me and I should learn to accept more as I get more experienced, and yer I should learn my lesson one day if I under estimate any good advises I got told. Thanks for a few friends made me those logos that i put in the beginning of part 1, they look nice there. Thanks for a few friends simply be there to keep me company and provide me a few good tunes. And thanks to my real life friends, TJ and Ray, letting me their games and motivate me big time, I wish TJ get his Dragon animation complete eventually and Ray get the animation studio base set up tight in London (also good luck to Leo and a bunch of artistic friends/ enemy in London). Also great thanks to my girl who introduced me the warrior cats, my pets keeping me alive, and Zing who helped me big deal. Ok done. If I don't you guys I'll have nothing done, so big THANK YOU everyone!!! ***FAQ***FAQ***FAQ*** here are a few links to friend ...
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  • Mr. Deity & Cast at the AAI 2009 Conference Mr. Deity and cast perform live skits from their excellent web series. Brian Dalton (Deity) explains his personal journey from Mormonism to creating the show. Watch Mr. Deity at: Mr. Deity's YouTube channel Filmed and Edited by JOSH TIMONEN
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  • "The Few" - 20 Years later A Battle of Britain retrospective made in 1960.
  • vinomazzei: @SHOUTCHICAGO I'm skeptical about few things in life (ha!), but especially of this.
  • SoftLips_Dime: I hate losing friends I'm just soooo grateful for the few that I have including my sister I love my babiesss (:
  • Jakeology: @hinducows and a few more after that could be even better!
  • searly255: I'm hoping my girl gets better, its been a wierd few days
  • PrettiOnPURPOSE: For the past few weeks there has been ambulances fire trucks nd cops on my block like 3 times a week o.O
  • nkotbfan1: @NKOTBsoldier2 I did get over on the side he came down. He smiled and touched a few hands.
  • Ada_Vodkar: RT @AmnestyOnline: And a few from us #ff @neilai our researcher and @Women2Drive campaign
  • mj_apples: RT @derekwebb: a few hours to kill between sets @ icthus festival. i should post pics of all the people in the vip tent so you can tell me who they are
  • AGKerr: @saharding08 One of the few times where "you get what you pay for" applies in a positive way. The trashy blonde is pretty good too.
  • MoeAFIFI: @aidafarhoud Jealous ! waking up in few hours for an exam inshallah =(
  • toea: @toea ...since I've been neglecting the blog for a few months. But 99.5% of the tweets nowadays are me.
  • HUMAnoid_twin: If my mother won't quit arguing with me.... Okay, we just argued a few minutes ago, so I walked out. And I come back, and she Says she's mad
  • mrbobby16: @YourFavWhiteGuy mac miller look alike plus few extra pounds
  • ThepopePaul: #philmikkelson watching #tincup looks like you've packed on a few lbs, after your usopen play less time at the buffet and more on the range
  • Acelucky: @saaceybill toon mackem lost a few good players
  • sarahlou333: @Siralex671 well I hope you sleep tonite Hun.. Bet you will lol few beers is ok tho. Did you have a good night? X
  • DaHighriza: Our friendship is bout to b over n a few seconds lol RT @FuLL_oF_FlawZ: @DaHighriza rotfl I'm sorry polo king lmao
  • markgargan: Maybe i'll regret those few points before tomorrows big cycle? However as my dad just said "youll be suffering either way" #motivation
  • Dublins_RiRi: @NATYpraiseRiRi ah lovely i was in spain a few times :) where u in dublin ?
  • EJDyer: @SuperlativeC hey, didn't get any smoking in tonight. Good to see you chugging a few though! Till next time.. ;)
  • chichizhou: @dhatcoolkidjosh haha nothing right now just chillin with a few franz, Wbu
  • margaritacola: Don't tell Dan but I am going to the bar for a few minutes. heeheehehe
  • BrokenOfBritain: RT @woodo79: I know how to help solve the deficit. Give MPs performance related pay. Few toads might disappear back under rocks @philipdaviesMP #dorries
  • sophiieeexP: RT @TheCodySimpson: listening to all this new music. can't wait for you all to hear it. debut album in a few months. goodnight world. #mosleytribes
  • ktquiet: It's been turning gray since I was 18. A few strands at first but now I bet it'd be 60% gray if I stopped coloring it! #saltnpepa
  • vikesh_c: @Leegend90 no worries it just said Leeee witha few exclamation marks haha
  • billydies: not eating for a few days, then eating a huge meal from burger king. #worstideaever #buttsonfire
  • spikasaur: @Mattheus76 them cry. We got a few teachers to quit...
  • LifeFitnessAcad: RT @12Weeks2Life: A few more days of @ClaysterMcGill the punisher.. http://t.co/h9845WR Im sore and ready for @RussellHickman next week!
  • tracytran: I'm at crap row a few seats ahead of me. http://ow.ly/i/d6v6 #nats
  • iGrynd_K9: RT @SliM_718: Yo can't messed with @sum12envii and @igrynd_k9 lmao straight jokes after a few long island ice tea smh
  • stacysalvitor: ok twitterverse i will be back in a few stay safe and happy
  • almondjoyjoyjoy: @kingkdaboss That's gon be you in a few months....we're gonna see a new avatar with a white girl with some face paint on...
  • seekstah: like just a few in the front like Wiz? RT @innergirliegirl: @seekstah no...well maybe a few.
  • nelle_bckwrds: @Miss_NoDaysOff ferline is, we'll be home in a few...
  • Aaliyah_2012: I Knw My Mama Finna Piss Me Off In A Few Mins
  • RyanMendez: @jennyquarx A few things: 1, we're actually coming to Madison! The day before Milwaukee. 2, I dump Sriracha on everything.
  • Lunyann: @Viocchan another down in Texas... a few in New Mexico, just pick 'em up as I go.
  • CorettaLapalme: "We put ourselves in a position to win. They made a few more plays than we did." - LeBron James
  • cftodd: @cdphelps how pretty. It was really pouring down a few mins ago
  • AdriSneakz: @BibiSmith_ noo. This started like a few months ago when odd future was talkin bout him beating rihanna out of no where
  • QueenBaba: Maybe have a few drinks :)
  • SppofZero: Just a few things on my mind. One of them would be: what the Hell are these dudes even saying?
  • Parisqtc: @ohkaygee This video explores the reason why so few companies currently control the music Industry /TalentHouseLive
  • MarkMontesano: Its so weird seeing my grandma in a hospital bed...luckily shell be out in a few days
  • thefuzzymethod: @kitestring i was beyond excited when i found a match game pm slot machine in vegas a few years ago!
  • hollynace: I've got a new Youtube video comin in a few hours! :)
  • bPACKn_TATTS: My cuz coming over n a few
  • Joe_Taxi: Weekend is off to a different start. taxicab was worked on for a few hours this morning. Always throws my haphhazard routine for a loop.
  • reviewsnbonuses: Crafting An Internet Marketing Campaign To Promote Your Home Business. Here are a few ideas to start with;http:///
  • MzLarsh: RT @AsH_247: Arrogance will get you know were in life apart from a few stitches and a trip to kings college a and e
  • PhilippaJane: Got a few more entries today, but still hours left to get in your entries to win advanced copy of Spectyr and bling! http://bit.ly/mI9e0a
  • Spoiled_Brat05: about to head to Cheddars in a few
  • FantasyShrink: Leaving in a few minutes to see U2 at Angels Stadium. Wish I could write the setlist and limit it to pre-2001 songs.
  • littlemissjenn: as many people tell me i can do better than my ex, i thought he was perfect...excluding the last few weeks. #theheartdoesntlie
  • FunnyFresh_Gio: @SaraaHmusic And a few hours ago you were really tired! :D Think we should go to bed a bit earlier.. :D
  • JoeFreshgoods: @mikewaxx you good, i did it by mistake a few times.
  • KRobJr: RT @Layllen: @CoolBeingsJP @DallasDJDrop @KRobJr @BlackChe: Counting down to ., The Calling., Vol II., only a few more hours and tickets are going #FAST!
  • BenjaMineee: Can't talk to you this few days how bored can i do..
  • joriemains: If anyone happened to read my tweets a few minutes ago, my Christchurch earthquake refuge HACKED me. #ingrate
  • PSmoneygang: Feb 2012 ,,,,, ima miss very few ppl
  • kaceymarroquin: Yaw PAWS UP craze in a few minutes
  • Teresitauyth: @jagnaachkar This video explores the reason why so few companies currently control the music Industry /TalentHouseLive
  • MzVeeCi: "i cud hav never gotten away wid dat wen i was ur age" blah blah blah "telllin her a few dayz b4 u bounce" reh reh reh
  • zenstitcher: @Nelle816 Oh dear god. There are few WORSE feelings than that. I'm glad someone finally stopped to help! *hugs*
  • jamesa18: @Julien_1992 enjoy the last few lines :) (btw I didn't put it online)
  • JC_Louise: "@Chrissy_Lu28: “@SoWatchM3work: He came over.....And he came a few times :-p” #WHOOP"
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  • Wexford_tweeter: #vinb dont worry Jill a few left will tell you all about tonights show & Dalkey
  • ItzmeChia: I think I need to extend my weave a few inches!!!! New tracks might be on deck!!
  • equivocalbeing: @TheycallmeKali bumpin uglies! is there such a thing as a pretty dick? Cuz I've seen a few pretty pussies.
  • owleye68: @Eve_Says hmmm that equals a few cookies lol
  • missyunie41: i got a few more jokes
  • iamraje: @ThisIsJackM Naw for real. I saw hot tub time machine before it came out. and quite a few others. its for real. its in cali though.
  • Bnolz3: @anolz I think you need a few more keys and random things on your key chain #areyouajanitor
  • DaanceeQueeQuee: I wish I could leave for a few days .. and come back when this is ALL forgotten :( SOTN .: Runaway Love
  • SPINderella__: Ciroc! U can't handle them! RT @DontMentionIt__: I'll Be That Way In A Few. Who Getting Something To Drink? Ciroc, Svedka, 18?
  • HitRellCell: @moe_280zone3 Cuz Da last Few songs I heard from Big Sean was kind of Weak to me..But u Riding Big Sean too much..Like every song of his hot
  • hakkikonu: pink floyd - one of the few - http:///s/1d7fjf #nowplaying #fizy
  • ShannonJedwaard: Who is your bestfriend? - i have a few screw google, ask me :) http:///xgt31rbgqk
  • innergirliegirl: @seekstah no...well maybe a few.
  • Rusty_Bill: Couple Excedrin, a few #tums and I'm ready for downtown #LNK again tonight. #rinsewashrepeat
  • ScottieMonacoo: These next few tweets are direct at anybody these are just my personal opinion which we all are entitled to!!!
  • Snag_em: i kno a select few seen em carrying groceries for old ladies....
  • dromomaniac: just left the zoo. It hammered down all night but still a cracking night out. Every Friday night for the next few weeks. Book tickets.
  • caseydlentz: @carissarae15 i saw u and katie walkin down the steeps a few mins agoo
  • Geee91: So my mum slid down a few stairs after sayin 'she gonna fall' LOOOOOL that wines got to her boyyyyy. Dw she's fine.
  • stefanotete: I'll be back! After a few hours...
  • LacedFam: Busy day finally bot the hall for the offical #LacedFamParty a few changes where made it's Tuesday from 7-1 due to the minors
  • brentwoodhomepg: Artist Streater Spencer visited Tuscany a few years ago. See the influence in her works on view at Brentwood Library. http://ow.ly/5kD63
  • ImAnEnabler: @warchildrex If you ever find yourself near one, I would recommend trying it! It's one of the very few places that the whole family enjoys!
  • 2SMALL_: Why everyone in the industry call eachother bro - or sis? i know a few years back yall niggas would be like bro who?

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