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  • Fiyero is the prince of the Arjiki tribe in the Vinkus. Fiyero is only featured heavily in Volume 3, but his presence dominates the entire latter half of the book. — “Fiyero”,
  • Wicked Characters Elphaba, Glinda, Fiyero, Madame Morrible Everything changes when she meets Galinda, Fiyero, and the Wizard. In her transition during "Defying Gravity," she expresses her new goal and role as someone striving to right the wrongs in Oz. — “Wicked Characters Elphaba, Glinda, Fiyero”,
  • Chapter 1 of a Wicked - Romance/Friendship fanfiction with characters Elphaba T. & Fiyero T.. Fiyero didn't remember Elphaba - having no brains at the end, what woulda happened? Yeah, better summery inside. — “Fiyero! Chapter 1, a Wicked fanfic - ”,
  • Buy and sell electronics, cars, clothing, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace. In the book, Fiyero is covered with blue, diamond-shaped tattoos and is unhappily married to a woman named Sarima and father to three children:. — “Movies - Fiyero”, listing-
  • This will soon be the home of . For now I am just playing. Mauris justo nunc, interdum quis, malesuada sed, condimentum ut, rcu.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. — “”,
  • Encyclopedia article of Fiyero at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Fiyero encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • Josh Rouah is the new understudy for Fiyero in Wicked Broadway — 1 comment Fiyero wrote 3 months ago: As from yesterday, Brent Dolahenty has replaced Mike Snell as Fiyero Understudy in the Australian p. — “Fiyero — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress”,
  • Fiyero's Photo Gallery. About Fiyero: Born just a couple of days before arriving at EARS, Fiyero is ready to play! He has taken to "binking his head off" as soon as the door of his apartment is open. Fiyero will stop when offered a good pet down by his foster mom or visitors as he does. — “Fiyero's Photo Gallery | Alabama EARS”,
  • Comprehensive site giving up to date news and info on the career of talented Australian Actor Adam Garcia who is currently appearing in Tap Dogs, including over 500 pictures. — “The Original Adam Garcia Website - Adam Garcia to play Fiyero”,
  • [edit] Fiyero Tiggular. Fiyero is the prince of the Arjiki tribe in the It is strongly implied that Liir is the son of Elphaba and Fiyero, since Elphaba develops motherly feelings toward Liir. — “List of Wicked characters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • He understudied the role of Fiyero and served as a swing, before taking on Fiyero fulltime on the tour. as the Wizard, Rue McClanahan as Madame Morrible, David Ayers as Fiyero, Michelle Federer as Nessarose, Sean McCourt as Dr. Dillamond and Robb Sapp. — “ | Eden Espinosa to Star as Wicked's Next Elphaba”,
  • August 13th, 2010 Fiyero. So the other day I see this news "Emma June 19th, 2010 Fiyero. The Zodiac has different meanings, depending on the science: in astronomy – it's the ring of constelations that lines the. — “Fiy3ro”, fiy3
  • Fiyero Vox here WARNING you now that if you follow me my post are at random and some do contain nudity both male and female. I Love are and much like the the random things that i post my thought are. — “Fiyero Vox”,
  • Fiyero is the prince of the Arjiki tribe in the Vinkus. He meets Elphaba at Shiz , and later has a romance with her while she is involved in a resistance . Fiyero in Wicked. Fiyero is only featured heavily in Volume 3, but. — “Fiyero”,
  • The online home of Fiyero's Photography. — “”,
  • Fiyero: The full lowdown on the boy's name Fiyero from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard's naming encyclopedia. — “Fiyero: Meaning, Popularity, Origin of Name Fiyero”,
  • Fiyero is a Vinkuus student at Shiz University. He's betrothed to another winkie, Sarima, whom he later marries and has three kids with. — “Fiyero - Oz Wiki - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”,
  • Back at Fiyero's castle, Elphaba, enraged, disillusioned, and desperate tries to cast a spell to save Fiyero's life, and thinking Elphaba tries to explain herself to Glinda, and after receiving a note regarding Fiyero, emotionally collapses as she admits that she has failed, that she is, indeed ". — “Wicked the Musical Site - Wicked Synopsis”,
  • Mark Evans is the new Fiyero in Wicked London. Wicked London have announced who will be their new Fiyero and it is a familiar face! Mark Evans was part of the Wicked Ensemble in 2007-8 and actually understudied the role of Fiyero during that period. — “Broadway is Wicked”,
  • . Insert title text here With our software you can add your own images, music, text and links quickly and easily. The 'Toolbar' at the top of the page, and the 'Editor' which floats on the page, will help you do this. You can. — “”,
  • Equine Now listing of Listing of fiyero horse classifieds on Equine Now. — “Fiyero Horses for Sale”,
  • A chance reunion with Fiyero rekindles old sparks, prompting Fiyero - now a leader in the Wizard's guard - to turn his back on his station (and Elphaba desperately tries every magic spell she knows in attempt to spare Fiyero's life, but believes herself unsuccessful. — “The Moons of Iego: The Padmé Amidala & Anakin Skywalker Website”,

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  • Full View Start your own free art collection Sign up here Share This Blog It Download Send to Mobile Also WesaAda s Profile WesaAda s Gallery
  • caroline keiff nessarose oliver tompsett fiyero alexia khadime
  • 2009 06 07 12 56 28 large jpg 1246646393
  • finished lineart 20 Jun 2005 22 06 fish1 htm 22 Nov 2004 13 02 20k fiyero jpg 06 Mar 2006 12 24 285k fox kit jpg 24 Sep 2005 23 40 24k
  • 17 48 46K cABDfREDsm jpg 31 May 2006 17 48 35K Alichara jpg 31 May 2006 17 48 161K cABDfRED jpg 31 May 2006 17 48 171K FiyeroLaureclrsm jpg 02 Aug 2006 21 02 153K sabriel3 jpg 03 Aug 2006 20 57 203K sabriel2 jpg 03 Aug 2006 20 57 114K sabriel1 jpg
  • ที่ก็เรียกเถานี้ว่า เครือเจ็น เครือชุด ชัยสง เครืออีโม้ ฯลฯ ครับผม เงาะงาม ครับ ดูเผิน ๆ คงไม่ค่อยต่างอะไรกับ รักแรกพบ สุดแพงมาก
  • andy mace doctor dillamond harriet thorpe madame morrible
  • alexia khadime elphaba charlotte wade oliver tompsett fiyero
  • ก็สวย เสียดาย ไม่มีต้นเล็ก ไม่งั้นก็ได้เวลาต่อ ๆๆๆๆๆ แล้ว แหะ ๆๆๆ ไม่ใช่ ยอ นะครับ ต้นนี้คือ ไทรใบยอ ครับผม เห็นมานานแล้วครับ ต้นนี้
  • Fiyero GALINDA
  • LOOK AT ME What s That
  • andy mace doctor dillamond harriet thorpe madame morrible
  • jeremy legat boq caroline keiff nessarose oliver tompsett
  • dianne pilkington glinda and oliver tompsett fiyero accept
  • kerry ellis elphaba oliver tompsett fiyero susie blake
  • ถ้าได้รับแสงที่เพียงพอ ก็จะให้ดกรูปทรงแปลกตากันบ่อย ๆ ครับผม มาถึงไม้เถาเถาสุดท้ายแล้วครับ หึ ๆๆ เถานี้ ก็คือ เถาวัลย์แดง
  • Fiyero the male Elphie my hen
  • C è la possibilità che possa tornare in Italia prima del previsto ma non voglio dire di più sono un po scaramantico In bocca al lupo per tutto
  • Fiyero und Glinda © Stage Entertainment
  • now available for viewing please contact me for more details we have 2 Apricot Tabby Boys Areo Bubble are now living in Durham with Judith Sarah and Dominic and big bro Cadbury 1 Seal Tortie Tabby Girl Pandora is now living in Hartlepool with Phil and Nicola
  • ไม่ค่อยโดนแดด ดอกจะไม่มีเลยนะครับ 5 ปีมาแล้วกับการไร้ดอก จบ แง ๆๆ เลื้อยแล้ว ก็มาเลื้อยกันต่อเป็นไร จริงไม้ครับ ต้นนี้ แม่แฟนโปรดมาก
  • ใบและต้นสวย ๆ แปลกตาทั้งหลายนั้น จะอยู่ในเขตอบอุ่นหน่อยครับผม จำปีจีน ครับ แมกโนเลีย ชนิดนี้ ปลูกไห้งอกงามได้ถึงขีดสุดในภาคกลาง
  • Resistance High School Drama Every Little Trait
  • deelnemer fiyero9 xu8207 png
  • ๆ อยู่เลยครับ ทั้ง ๆ ที่เข้ามานานมากแล้วนะครับ แง ๆๆๆ อยากได้บ้าง ไม้เพิ่งออกจากป่าไทยตัวใหม่ราคาหลุดโลกครับ แดงดารา ถามราคาแล้ว
  • Let s PLAY I m Stuck Help
  • ฯลฯ ครับ บ้างก็หอม บ้างก็ไม่ แต่ทุกตัว ดอกแปลกตาหมดเลยครับ เย่ ๆๆๆๆ ไหน ๆ จะเลื้อยแล้ว ก็เลื้อยให้หมดเลยละกัน บานบุรี ยี่สุ่น ขจร
  • What s That Hello Who s In there
  • และสูญพันธุ์ไปแล้วครับ ฝนลงปีนี้ ดำแต่ยอดยันโคนเลยครับ จบ แง ๆๆๆๆ แวะมาทักทายกับ พุดสามสี กันบ้างนะครับ ร้านนี้ จะขายไม้ล้อมใหญ่ ๆ
  • House Point Worth 100 for completed puzzle 50 for uncompleted Instructions Copy picture to desktop and use paint to box the words Send link through forum or neomail AAROG CHAMBER CHICKEN
  • Guild Home |
  • this is Tugger he s such a poser This is Fiyero He s a nosey devil
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  • fiyeroshirtprog jpg
  • Hello Who s In there Let s PLAY
  • จะสวยสุด ๆ ในที่ที่อากาศเย็น ๆ หน่อยครับผม แตรนางฟ้า พุ่มใหญ่มาก รูปนี้ ขอสั้น ๆ เลยครับ ต้นอะไรเอ่ยยยย นี่คือคำถามจากใจจริงนะครับ
  • ๆ ครับ พืชไม่มีระบบประสาท หรือกล้ามเนื้อในการเคลื่อนไหวนะคร้าบ ดอกคุ้น ๆ กันใช่ไม้หละครับ หึ ๆๆๆ รูปเปิดบทความวันนี้ไง แง ๆๆๆ เค้า
  • นะครับ เหอ ๆๆๆ คนขายชื่ออะไรดีน้า ทายกันถูกไม้เอ่ย ใบ้มาแต่แรกเลย ต้นอะไรน้อ แฟนบอก ขนุน ถูก ไม่ผิดแต่อย่างใด เอ่อ จะดีเร้อ ไม้
  • Tally Fiyero
  • นี้หรอครับ 555+ เจ้าของร้าน สวย มากครับผม หึ ๆๆๆ ท้าพิสูจน์ หึ ๆๆๆ เดินย้อนมาอีกนิด ก็จะเจอร้า 10c1 นไม้ดอกสวย ๆ เรียงรายกันเลยครับ ช่วง

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  • Re: Wicked Auditions - My Fiyero Audition! Watch video of me singing this now, 3 years later /watch?v=GEcFgxciGM4
  • Vicki Noon's Amazing Fiyero Riff - 10/24/10 Sorry about the horrible quality. This is from the 2nd National Tour with Vicki Noon as Elphaba. Gave me chills.
  • Wicked's newest Fiyero Tim Campbell interview on The Circle Introducing the dynamic Tim Campbell Wicked's newest Fiyero, interview on Channel 10's The Circle about his latest role. Tim will join the Sydney production of Wicked when Rob Mills leaves on the 6th June 10.
  • Fiyero giving Loial a bath My cat gives my dog a tongue bath
  • 6 Intro Fiyero 6
  • Tribute to Fiyero and Elphaba This took forever! Like I said before, my computer is screwed up so it's hard to get music. I didn't use songs from the musical because I really liked this song and they block the Wicked songs. For those of you that don't know, this is Wicked. This is a tribute to the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba and her lover, the scarecrow, Fiyero. Enjoy!
  • wicked part 5 glinda/fiyero vs. elphaba vs. nessa/boq hot fiyero invites everyone to a dance and drama comes to life!! not really. :(
  • Fiyero Eating Corn Fiyero, one of my Malayan box turtles (Cuora amboinensis), having breakfast. NOM NOM NOM. I love the way he stops and glares when he finally notices the camera xD
  • Aang dancing through life This was a sudden idea that came into my mind after I watched Avatar "The Headband" the second episode of season 3 from the last Airbender (on nickelodeon). It combines Avatar with the song "dancing through life" from the musical wicked. In my opinion its a very cool vid so please check it out! I really cant wait to watch the painted lady or sokka's master.
  • RE: As Long As You're Mine (Sing with Fiyero) My first..sad..attempt at Karaoke with phildec78. Hopefully it's better than I think it is.
  • Elphaba X Fiyero Me singing Smile I made this for my good friend loveyouelphie! I asked her to tell me wat she wanted and wat music and this is wat she said so I decided to sing the song too! Oh yeah That sounds more like me than in my other vids...c how much lower my voice is? Oh yeah srry if Im hard to hear...I had the music up too loud but it was 1 of the best I did on that song so I couldn't erase it! Hope u like it elphie!!!!
  • Eden Fiyero riff - Alisha Ruiss Someone asked me if I could do Eden's "Fiyeerooooo" riff and so here is my attempt
  • Elphaba-My Life Would Suck Without Fiyero Fiyeraba obviously. ***I don't own ANYTHING and did NOT record this*** copyright goes out to the respective owners
  • My Tribute to Elphie and Fiyero Just a little slideshow all about Elphie and Fiyero.
  • Fiyero and Elphaba - Accidentally In Love I made this a looooong time ago. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
  • Wicked The Movie Trailer #6~ Fiyero & Elphaba i told you i would make a trailer for Fae and Yero so here it is... i am now taking requests for wicked, idina, kristin, LBB, or mostly anything that is related to the things that i said becuase i only have those types of things saved... after this I am making another video... I am trying to reach 4o subs and 200 friends so plz sub to me and add me as a friend and then i would do the same... no copyright intended
  • Fiyero and the Chipmunk Fiyero the fearless feline takes on a chipmunk. No animals were harmed during the filming of this video. The chipmunk got away safe and sound once Fiyero got bored with it.
  • The Wonderful World of Wicked - Kevin Kern is Fiyero Part of a new series from
  • Me & Fiyero canter me cantering with my new horse Fiyero!
  • Favourite Fiyero Moments And there it is: my favourite Fiyero moments Fiyero: Oliver Tompsett Elphaba: Kerry Ellis Glinda: Dianne Pilkington I do not own this! part 1: part 2: part 3:
  • Something- Elphaba and Fiyero Fiyero loves everything about Elphaba. This is purely fan made.
  • Glinda/Elphaba/Fiyero Clip This is sucky quality I know...and I am sorry I only have a little clip of this. That said...this video was taken from the March 15, 2008 showing of Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre in New York City. It stars Annaleigh Ashford as G(a)linda and Lisa Brescia as Elphaba.
  • Fiyero/Elphaba Dance Kiss to Mozart. This was just awesome, I didn't time it. During their Wedding, I decided to have a little fun and make it have a reception, with the two dancing so I turned it to the classical channel and then had Fiyero lead Elphaba into a dance-kiss. I was surprised at how well-timed it ended up and squealed happily. I know it could possibly be a little better time. Hope those of the BAS enjoy.
  • Wicked: Beautiful For You - Elphaba/Fiyero A Wicked music video starring Eden Espinosa as Elphaba and Derrick Williams as Fiyero.
  • Adam Lambert - Dancing Through Life - Wicked Adam Lambert of American Idol in WICKED. Los Angeles and Touring Cast
  • Melissa and Fiyero, 10/01/09 Me riding my Quarter horse gelding, Fiyero, on my 27th birthday. I am taking a lesson with Jeanne Jamison Clark at her facility in Charlotte, which is also where Fiyero lives.
  • Fiyero/Glinda get it on! sims 2 - Fiyero and Glinda from Wicked get it on in the hot-tub! Elphaba didn't see this video. bwahhaa...
  • As Long As You're Mine (Sing with Fiyero) A request from months and months ago. Baritones like myself have no business singing a song like this as those high belting notes are borderline screaming for us. Bloody tenors!! :PI am reasonably satisfied with my singing in this. Better than most; not as good as some. And perhaps with further practice and encouragement I will improve even further. Thanks for listening, and thanks to andie848484 for providing the karaoke and making the video. Cuz I'm too lazy to do anything besides sing. :o) Where's my Elphie?
  • Edens last 'Fiyero' June 26, 2010.
  • Australia's Fiyero Australia's Fiyero , Rob Mills
  • Donna Vivino "No Good Deed" Fiyero riff (her last show) Full audio!
  • Adam Lambert as Fiyero part 2 Adam as Fiyero in Wicked part 2
  • Carla Sticker - No Good Deed (November 3rd, 2010) in Toronto, Canada -- AMAZING FIYERO RIFF 03/11/10 (Matinee) Carla Stickler (u/s) performing No Good Deed at the Canon theatre in Toronto. She was absouletly FANTASTIC! AMAZING SHOW! ** First National Tour **
  • Elphaba and Fiyero - So Close This is a video Tribute to Elphaba, Fiyero and there love for one another.
  • Patrice Tipoki - EPIC Fiyero riff Patrice Tipoki doing the most amazing Fiyero riff ever.
  • [1_2]Adam Lambert_ Fiyero on Wicked - a Arts video.mp4 adamazing video
  • Fiyero 8 year old black gelding psg 8 year old 16.2 black oldenburg gelding sire by Florestan x Donnerhall doing psg and a future horse for the grand prix
  • Unsaid- Glinda/Fiyero/Elphaba Yes your eyes do not decieve you, this is a Wicked video and I think it's the first one on Youtube. I think this has got to be one of my favorite musicals ever, its definitley top 3! The story is just amazing and makes the Wizard of Oz much more complex and interesting. Also THIS IS my FAVORITE love triangle ever created:) If you don't want to be spoiled for the show by all means do not watch because this has spoilers. Cast Elphaba-Lea Michele Glinda- Dianna Agron Fiyero- Bradley James If you have no idea what Wicked is here is a short summary... Wicked tells the story of Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West and her relationship with Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. Their friendship struggles through their opposing personalities and viewpoints, rivalry over the same love-interest, their reactions to the Wizard's corrupt government, and, ultimately, Elphaba's public fall from grace. The plot is set mostly before Dorothy's arrival from Kansas, and includes several references to well-known scenes and dialogue in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz as a backstory. Awesome no? This video centers on the time where Fiyero is engaged to Glinda, but can't stop thinking about Elphaba which leads to Fiyero leaving Glinda to go be with Elphaba. I hope you guys like this because I would love to make more Wicked videos, if you have suggestions for cast or songs, let me know:) #55 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #79 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation -Corey
  • Wicked's Fiyero Richard H. Blake speaks with Goddess Duane Goddess Duane scored an exclusive interview with Richard H. Blake, who plays Fiyero in the first touring company of Wicked. Shot by Marc Sokol at the Irresistibly Wicked party in Denver, CO. on Oct 31, 2009. For more, visit and
  • 11/21/2010 - Beckham, Fiyero and Lillian Barehand Love their Auntie Kim Little video for my sister Kim so she can see what she is missing out on.
  • Elphaba/Fiyero-Thunder ***I did not record this or own anything***
  • Fiyero and Elphaba-together (Fiyero + Fae) I adore them!! With clips of Adam Lambert as Fiyero, and Teal Wicks as Elphaba-Elphie-Fabala-Fae... Story is simple..Elphabas playing hard to get coz she thinks Fiyero's a player..While Fiyero's doing everything he can to win her heart..I just love this couple.Just finished reading the book yesterday so I decided to make a video about them.And yeah I'm a bit bias seeing as I chose Adam Lambert for Fiyero.Well coz obviously I adore him! haha.And Teal Wicks is just my idol.
  • JonBoydonFans: @CazCronin can't wait to see the new fiyero understudy ;)
  • Car0line127: @aaronkellyai09 We get these fake babies for a project at school, and I got a boy. Which name do you like better between Fiyero or Edmund?
  • wickedfiyero: Colin Hanlon is the new Fiyero for the First National Tour of Wicked
  • broadwaytard86: @C3H2P8 oki dokey. thank you. i can just find an article that states the new tour fiyero but no word on richard joining the bway company
  • Wtmfanatic: Colin Hanlon is the new 1NT Fiyero!
  • wickedfiyero: Colin Hanlon is the new Fiyero for the First National Tour of Wicked
  • wickedfiyero: Colin Hanlon is the new Fiyero for the First National Tour of Wicked: Colin Hanlon will take over the role of Fi...
  • WickedinNews: Colin Hanlon joins 1NT as Fiyero tonight http:///news/article/14768...t-National-Tour Richard H. Blake to Broadway in April
  • Loren_Rickard: @jayvenner i DID! you just weren't listening #NO you KNOW i clap at inappropriate times. like after hotty fiyero swings his lamp #behave xx
  • dutch_treat: But two of the main parts (I'm guessing Fiyero & Glinda) will be played by two of my absolute least favorite Dutch musical "stars". *PISSED*
  • Lefluffball: @Glam_Ulli And Fiyera...GT named her after Fiyero, obviously. lol http:///405jvx
  • CazCronin: Looking forward to seeing our new Boq, Nessa and Fiyero @MarkHEvans tonight for the first time! Impromptu visit!
  • checkerpine: Fiyero: "Listen, I've been thinking ..." Elphaba: "Yes, I've heard" :D hahahah!
  • Sunshinejan2: @MarkHEvans You look like you will be a very handsome Prince Fiyero. We've been used to seeing Lee in that role. All the best with it. xx
  • fiyero: The plot thickens in #Eastleigh http://4/fc60Je
  • ALeighWilliams: Fiyero and Elphie love definitely helped - I added a three-page prologue to my contemporary revision. Yay! #amwriting
  • LizaMarie89: @SingReallyLOUD which does he like better - being onstage in boxers only or wearing the rather tight fiyero pants
  • Danielf90: @WhiteWaybound18 When did you seen him as Fiyero?! I'm there for 5 days.
  • WhiteWaybound18: @Danielf90 oh for SURE. Krc is awesome Lol. And kdm is great! And he plays fiyero Sooo well too. U got tickets yet? How long will u b there?
  • alwaysbeengreen: Even love hearts are sharing the wicked love!funny I picked this one right after reading a text mentioning Fiyero! http:///3zwz11
  • Sthur: @Amidola @flipsideoftcoin of course will choose the Fiyero/Elphie one with the as long as you're mine../Of course!!
  • Olivia_heartss: happy valentines day @leemeadofficial , the best Fiyero ever <3
  • Joewickedd: @rachelclarkxo you know what i did today! i send the youtube link from last night's DG on DOI to the dutch Fiyero. and told him it's unfair
  • Carideerose: Listening to @tommysherlock as Fiyero - Perfection.
  • Lily_92x: @LewisBradley89 what are you doing now, like you going into another musical? I saw u as fiyero in april 2010 and (cont)
  • neverhalfempty: Not impressed with the new Fiyero.. #wickedlondon
  • wstephak: I wish that tomorrows Episode of #TAYG was musical themed, then @RobMillsyMills could of gone as Fiyero I MISS ROB AS FIYERO!
  • julio_vega: "Life is more painless for the brainless" - Fiyero (Wicked: A New Musical) http:///xph1icyoq7
  • CuzImAFireworkx: @Finny_________D @motherpuckeryo *walks over to the guy playing Fiyero, whispers* I'm so nervous
  • Numerus_Unus: Warming up my vocals in case something happens to the actor, understudy, and whatever is under that for Fiyero and I have to stand in
  • sjbwicked: @kyledeanmassey When is your last performance of Fiyero? I don't want to miss it.
  • kieranstewart1: @lealoupilky pleased you enjoyed it! my ambition in life is to play Fiyero... or at least play some part in the show... maybe a munchkin!
  • TheMiniMenzel: There's a picture of Lucy Durack in The Boy From Oz programme in the previous shows section! And Danial Brown, who was my 1st Fiyero! :D
  • paige_pattinson: I liked a YouTube video -- As Long As You're Mine (Sing with Fiyero)
  • HayleyGuild: RT @babygumm07: Every1 who buys Rain on Me by @racheltucker1 + @TimProtteyJones gets a virtual kiss from Fiyero.Or Elphaba.Or Glinda.Whoever floats ur boat!
  • DramaQueenMeryn: RT @babygumm07: Every1 who buys Rain on Me by @racheltucker1 + @TimProtteyJones gets a virtual kiss from Fiyero.Or Elphaba.Or Glinda.Whoever floats ur boat!
  • xLinzx: RT @babygumm07: Every1 who buys Rain on Me by @racheltucker1 + @TimProtteyJones gets a virtual kiss from Fiyero.Or Elphaba.Or Glinda.Whoever floats ur boat!
  • TimProtteyJones: RT @babygumm07: Every1 who buys Rain on Me by @racheltucker1 + @TimProtteyJones gets a virtual kiss from Fiyero.Or Elphaba.Or Glinda.Whoever floats ur boat!
  • alexgaumondfans: @alexgaumond we've found your next role ;) fiyero in wicked...!!! (:
  • MekmekGA: @Jenn_Emmett_McK Is that Lewis? Or is he not there anymore? I saw him play Fiyero
  • babygumm07: Every1 who buys Rain on Me by @racheltucker1 + @TimProtteyJones gets a virtual kiss from Fiyero.Or Elphaba.Or Glinda.Whoever floats ur boat!
  • Jenn_Emmett_McK: @MekmekGA really I thought it was pretty obvious...!!! ;) well as I've love the last fiyero understudy and the (cont)
  • Jenn_Emmett_McK: @MekmekGA @harrietclissitt @wishuponastarr Alex fiyero over Duncan any day!!!!! =p
  • FranklyFrankieD: @MarkHEvans So glad that you're playing Fiyero.Can't wait to come & see you.
  • ElphaBob: @Assimilatethis i would be fiyero, FIYEEEEEEROOOOOOOOO @gazabell
  • clairelou_x: @Nazbot Lol it's all so exciting! & I also love how Adam Garcia the first UK Fiyero is trending through no link at all!
  • bAiLEY1226: Fiyero Tiggular Why are you the creation someone's imagination?
  • joyltom: Wicked is THE MOST THRILLING show. And here are London's very own Fiyero and Elphaba.. @MarkHEvans @racheltucker1
  • lozwinter: @kyledeanmassey came over from the UK and saw Wicked on Friday night. Your one of the best Fiyero's i have seen. Awesome show. x
  • bAiLEY1226: Yes I'm reading Wicked. Fiyero is MINE.
  • _madderz_: @oxLauraJanexo I've had one of those elphaba&fiyero moments <3
  • minihobo: @MarkHEvans Mark, what time is Rachel performing??? Do you know?? And sooo happy to have you back as Fiyero!! :D MHx
  • azerothapple: @xmolder Is NOT. Elphaba/Fiyero is lovely, but for younger Elphie, anyway, Elphaba/Glinda is so very real.
  • fiyero: Catching a train. Seems do novel after all the buses (@ Southampton Central Railway Station (SOU) w/ 3 others) http://4/e5KKT2
  • Nox_Invicvtus: RT @Zerogravity11: WHAAAAT?! :O @adamlambert was an understudy for Fiyero in the Los Angeles production of the Broadway musical "Wicked". WOWWWW. :""">
  • Zerogravity11: WHAAAAT?! :O @adamlambert was an understudy for Fiyero in the Los Angeles production of the Broadway musical "Wicked". WOWWWW. :""">
  • fiyero: I'm at John Lewis (WestQuay Shopping Centre, Southampton) w/ 3 others [pic]: http://4/f7U1UM
  • Ericka05: @DavidHarrisOz - Ooohhh nice, enjoy! How are things going with playing Fiyero in Wicked? :D
  • xLaura_Frostx: @k_chenowethfan the awkward moment when you accidently spell Fiyero wrong :p
  • TeamMinajAussie: Photo: -fiyero: Haters you can kill yourselves. http:///xai1i2q6c9
  • WinkiePrince: @joeymcintyre is on my TV right now in "On Broadway" - which is ironic because I saw him on Broadway in Wicked! My first Fiyero! :)
  • KimberlyUpland: @k_chenowethfan Fiyero and I are gonna be married!
  • vegas1024: omg the fiyero pants on my tv o.O hello front and back of them *stares gaping*
  • BrendonRogers: @kyledeanmassey NOOOO. When is your last show? I CAN'T miss my favorite Fiyero in my favorite show.
  • WinkiePrince: Fiyero: I'm going with her. Genius near me: Thats why he's wearing green. #youthinkimstupid #yesreallystupid
  • GlamorousTaz: @AdamLsTongue This is the second new addition. :) Considering naming her Fiyera...feminine version of Fiyero. :) Y http:///3z6uh3
  • sophiadedace: @TweetsNiAA Haha, so excited for you to fall in love with it despite the boring parts. I actually developed a crush on Fiyero! :)
  • NPuricelli: Also, girl from my high school (albeit like 10 years older than me) toured with Wicked...also that Tony award winner I mentioned was Fiyero!
  • RebekahwithaKAH: Also! As well as the ladies, i really enjoyed Marks fiyero!
  • rachelclarkxo: @glinda_the_good very strange! Hope something appears soon, id love to hear Mark as Fiyero :) xx
  • jayvenner: @markhevans what can i say? you are the best fiyero ever! early start paid off to be front row to witness such an incredible show :) xx
  • FlyiNgSoLox16: @kyledeanmassey are you still be in Wicked in March? I am seeing the show again and I am pysched to see you as Fiyero :)
  • rachelclarkxo: RT @Loren_Rickard: safe to say that @MarkHEvans is my favourite fiyero EVER. incredible performance this evening. so worth the early start to sit front row! x
  • Loren_Rickard: safe to say that @MarkHEvans is my favourite fiyero EVER. incredible performance this evening. so worth the early start to sit front row! x
  • jayvenner: that was incredible. mark is the perfect fiyero! ahh :D
  • FranzyXf: @rachelclarkxo I'll post a picture. It's so cool. I totally thought of Fiyero first time I saw the trailer haha
  • rachelclarkxo: @FranzyXf hahaha! he is though, if Wicked was made into a cartoon, he'd be fiyero :D xx
  • KaraAnnJ: @FranzyXf ohh Fiyero!!! Aha, I'll bit EVERYTHINK! I don't have the glasses, how'd u get them? Ahaha
  • FranzyXf: @KaraAnnJ sure I will :) Ah, I'll buy so many souveniers there. And the Ozmopolitan. With Fiyero on cover xD
  • TeamDearman: @emilybeaumontt yes thanks babe xx the new cast is on fire!!! Mark is the best fiyero ever ever ever!!! :')
  • Loren_Rickard: i LOVE mark's fiyero. such swagger. dancing through life riff was INCREDIBLE. loving ben's boq and zoe's nessa. so cute! roll on act 2.
  • TeamDearman: @MarkHEvans well mark! we are watching you at the minute!!! we are front row so give us a wave! Best fiyero yet!!!
  • jayvenner: im in love with mark evans. without a doubt the best fiyero ever. loving his riffs and he's just pure amazingness! :D
  • munchkindamo: @nicksmith1975 Enjoy my wonderful friend Mark who's playing Fiyero!
  • kbhams: Aw Lee Mead singing the national anthem how cute an ex Fiyero doing it
  • HarleyPMcGrath: @DavidHarrisOz is an amazing Fiyero even when h is wearing the green make up!! And the nicest guy ever!! Lovely to meet you!! X
  • theaterkrumper: i have my new fb account... its fiyero tiggular @iveegordo @iWoemem
  • Wickedfanx0x0: Wicked was great last night @MarkHEvans was a great Fiyero!! and Ben made such an adorable Boq :)
  • youcantrewind: @tonya_frank Someone sent me the full show when Adam got to play Fiyero (he was the understudy, usually in the ensemble). I'd only seen a
  • RosemaryJCherry: @carandgem Sing for your supper is great. He could show us how to make fiyero... (given up tryin 2 spell it) chocs
  • TonightForever: Glee producer has been approached by Universal to do a film version of Wicked :) @joeymcintyre as Fiyero, anyone?

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