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  • Dry-fly floatant is available in several forms to apply to your dry flies to keep them from absorbing water and to help them float like the flies they are supposed to represent. — “FLOATANT - a necessary accessory”, fly-fishing-
  • Meet your new favorite fly floatant. Fish Hackle Armor and experience a truly superior dry fly floatant. — “Dry Fly Floatant”,
  • You can also add your regular floatant to pretreated flies when you're about to use them. You can reapply floatant after you've dried your fly, but reapplying floatant to a damp fly will simply seal in the moisture. — “Fly Fishing Specialties :: Accessories :: Floatants”,
  • Fly Floatant & related - Popular fly fishing accessories that you'll need. — “Fly Floatant & related”, flyshop.co.nz
  • Floatant. Ultrathon. Instruction. Kits. Ultrathon. Spey. Home / Accessories / Floatant. Floatant. Compare Products. You have no items to compare. Community Poll. Community Poll. How often do you think you will be fishing in five years? Same Frequency. More Often. Less Often. Stopped Fishing. Vote. View as:. — “Floatant - Accessories”,
  • Every angler knows the importance of a good floatant, and Obenauf's Watershield is a For the same price you'd pay for a half ounce of a competetive floatant, you can have a full 8 oz. — “Obenauf's Leather Care Products”,
  • Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant is one of the longer lasting fly floatants on the fly-fishing scene today. This floatant co. — “Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant, Floatants & Weights, Fly”,
  • Lightning Strike Floatant Holder. a great accessory to ensure your squeeze bottle of floatant is always right where you left it. — “Lightning Strike Floatant Holder”,
  • Floatant. From the largest hair wing flies to the smallest CDC patterns, we only provide Aquel Premium Floatant by Loon$4.75. Quantity: Shopping cart. There are no products in your. — “Floatant”,
  • Even though Bergman figured out way back in 1938 or earlier that paraffin dissolved in white gas made a great fly floatant, it is STILL a great fly floatant! Even though we have the technology we have today, those guys that fished a long time ago were pretty darn smart!. — “DrLogik - Casual Research on Fly Floatants/Dressings and”,
  • Good quality Floatant is essential to get the presentation right when fly fishing dry flies. — “Floatant for Dry Fly Fishing”,
  • Visit the Hyde Online Fly Shop for Drift Boat Oars, Anchors, Trailers, Storage, Motors, Seats, Flies.. You name it, we've got it! The most complete Drift Boat store worldwide! Premium Dry Fly Floatant that keeps your fly floating higher and longer. — “Online Fly Shop - Hyde Drift Boats”,
  • The best floatant for CDC flies. A pure powder silica floatant that won't leave residue on the surface of the water. The perfect floatant for use on calm waters where fish would notice a slick left by other products yet durable enough to handle all faster water situations. — “ -Floatants & Sinkets”,
  • Fly floatant and treatments to enhance the ability of your dry flies floating including Murray's Liquid Dry Fly Floatant and Frogs Fanny to aid your dry fly fishing. — “Harry Murrays Dry Fly Floatant, Frogs Fanny Fly Treatment”,
  • This removes water and coats the fly with powder floatant in one easy step. Blue Ribbon Super-Dry-Powder™ A pure powder silica floatant that won't leave residue on the water's surface. — “FLY FLOATANTS AND POWDER”,
  • Keep our fly fishing floatant at the ready with this handy accessory. Keep two fly fishing floatants on hand in one handy pack. — “Fly Fishing Floatant / Floatant Pack -- Orvis”,
  • Keep and refill your Kuma Fly Fishing Flip-Top bottle with our Powdered Floatant Refill and save even more! Each refill replenishes our Flip-Top bottle (or any other powdered' type floatant bottles such as Top Ride, Shimazaki, Frog's Fanny, etc) at least twice. Powdered Floatant Refill. — “Kuma Fly Fishing Floatant”,
  • Floatant, Line Cleaner, etc. - Floatant, Line Cleaner, Etc. Opposite of a floatant, this will make your fly sink really fast! A good alternative to using lead. — “Neat Stuff You Can't Do Without”,
  • This pump-spray liquid dry fly floatant works well on all sizes of flies, but is especially handy for large dry flies such as Sofa Pillows etc. It will not change the color of the fly, but must be thoroughly dry before it will keep a fly floating. — “Dry Fly Floatant”,
  • Fly Driers & Floatant Holders | Hand picked selection from . Mayfly Floatant Holder - The Mayfly Floatant Holder is a simple, yet necessary addition to your lanyard or vest. — “Fly Driers & Floatant Holders | ”,
  • Accessories, Accessories - Floatant Accessories, Shimazaki Dry Shake, Ulmpqua ™ Dry Shake Primer, Angling Evolution Shake-N-Float™, Angling Evolution Fly Sauce fish pimp™, Dr. Slick Floatant Holder, Loon Outdoors Top Ride, Loon Outdoors Hydrostop. — “: Accessories, Accessories - Floatant”,
  • Floatant Holders for shimazaki dry shake, Loon Fly Spritz, Loon Top Ride, Gink, Aquel. — “Floatant Holders”,
  • : Floatant - Fly Boxes Dubbing Brushes Czech Nymph Products Fly Tying Tools Vises Leaders, Tippet Flies Dubbing Dispensers Thread Realistic Materials Books Videos Floatant Body Materials Feathers, Hair Lead, Beads Dubbing Fly Tying Specialty. — “Floatant :”,

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  • Season 1, Episode 3, Bass and panfish, How to tie a very good, and easy bass bug. To fish it rub some fly floatant on the head and cast were you see bass in the shallows.
  • Liquid Dry Fly Floatant Harry Murray with Murray's Fly Shop discusses how to properly use his liquid Dry Fly Floatant to get the maximum performance out of it for your fly fishing.
  • Tying with Hans- Sipper Midge Our take on the bighorn river classic. This is a simple fly pattern that packs a punch. Fish this for selective trout feeding on midge adults or even emerging midges. Tie this in several body colors- namely black, olive, grey, and cream. Fish this with just a bit of floatant rubbed onto the post and hackle. Don't put floatant on the abdomen of the fly. That allows the body of the fly to hang below the waters surface. Fly tying videos by Hans Stephenson of Dakota Angler & Outfitter. Dakota Angler & Outfitter is a full service fly shop located in Rapid City, South Dakota.
  • Fly Fishing Rods, Reels & Line : Learn Where to Store Small Items in Your Fly Box Midges, terrestrials and small ants are a few small items that can be packed into a fly box while fly fishing.Learn more in this free video series. Expert: Jim Dowd Contact: Bio: Jim Dowd runs the fishing program at Zoar Outdoor, is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, Life Member of Trout Unlimited, and co-author of The Deerfield River Guide. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • Frog's Fanny Floatant -- Bead Head Test Frog's Fanny Float's a Bead Head Prince Nymph - no problems at all.
  • New Rapala Floating/Floatant My friend asked for a review and I said sure why not? thanks for watching. its an f-13 Rapala floating/floatant
  • New rapala fishing lures Some new fishing lures I picked up from Dicks Sporting Goods.
  • Acufloat nanofilm treatment for fishing flies Aculon's invisible, permanent self-assembled monolayer treatments can make fishing flies float much better and resist sinking in turbulent water. The fly on the right is uncoated whereas the fly on the left is treated with Aculon's self-assembled nanofilm. Check out for more information on our hydrophobic coatings.
  • Fly Tying with Hans: CDC Midge Emerger 2 This is a hybrid between a palamino midge and a morgan's midge. A versitle fly to have in a midge hatch, it can imitate an emerger as well as a stuck in the shuck midge. Tie them in this color scheme or come up with your own. Don't overdo the floatant. Just a smear on the wing and hackle will do. Tied by Hans Stephenson Dakota Angler & Outfitter
  • Tie the Shipmans Buzzer with Steve Cullen Follow the step-by-step guide with TFF Editor Steve Cullen and tie the Shipmans Buzzer. This great little dry-come-damp pattern is a fly that will, quite often, outperform more conventional hackled patterns due to its low-lying make up. Dave Shipman, the originator, came up with it so that he could fool some of the large, surface-feeding trout of Rutland Water. The pattern has been designed so that it sits right in the surface film, just like a hatching, or trapped, midge. The clever use of the white Antron as breathers at the either end keeps the pattern high floating, the greater surface area and the light-wire hook means that its very light indeed. The body is, originally, seals-fur dubbing but coloured Antron can also be used to give it even more floatability. This can be teased out with a dubbing needle or Velcro to give it that that rough-and-ready look. The fly is treated with floatant before fishing commences and this means it floats for a very long time and only a few false casts are needed to shed any water. For more Fly Fishing news and videos visit
  • Tools of the Flyfishing Trade No.3: Floatant Ever have your dry fly turn into a streamer? It's annoying and completely avoidable, thanks to a magical little substance we like to call "floatant." Here, Than Axtell dishes the dirt on how to keep your fly dry.
  • Fly Vs Guy Teaser The teaser for the pilot episode of Fly VS Guy. Fly Vs Guy is a humorous fishing show where Scott Thompson (professional fly fishing guide and comedian) challenges a celebrity or professional to a fishing competition. This episode features Pat Dorsey, professional guide, renowned author, and fly tying innovator.
  • Phaesant tail Hare's foot emerger.wmv Hook: dry fly size simmilar ti imitated insect tail: rooster feather fibers ribbing: copper wire body: phaesant tail fibers thorax: any dubbing darker than body with some natural fur in it to imitate legs of the insect wings: hare's shoe, fur from bottom of the leg. highly floatant and durable material
  • Loon Outdoors - Payette Paste Product demonstrations and instructions from Loon Outdoors
  • JacksonSecrets: Loon Outdoors Stream Line Fly Line Lubricant & Floatant Reviews: fly fishing gear Limited Time FREE shipping to ... http://t.co/ZoZYH8Hz
  • JacksonSecrets: Loon Outdoors Stream Line Fly Line Lubricant & Floatant Reviews http://t.co/ZoZYH8Hz

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  • “Icy Phoenix is an highly customizable CMS based on phpBB which allows you to create a dynamic site with a lot of features for powering web communities. - Carp Fishing in the UK :: Whats the best floatant for your hooklink when floater fishi”
    — Carp Fishing in the UK :: Whats the best floatant for your,

  • “So far i have used Gel floatant applied streamside for my dries. In the local flyshop let it dry and then there is no need to apply floatant streamside”
    — iB::Topic::Gel floatant or pre treatment, flyshop.co.nz

  • “Search this forum only? More Search Options. Welcome Guest ( Log In | Register ) Northern Lights Fly Tyers He sprays the hackle before he tieds the flies, that way only the hackle has floatant and the body stays in the water”
    — Dry Fly floatant - Northern Lights Fly Tyers - Trout,

  • “How to use powdered floatant. Blog. Your Categories. Uncategorized. Uncategorized. how to use powdered floatant. 08/15/2010. If you are Tip: We like to apply a gel type floatant to our dry flies before the first time we fish it”
    — Kuma Fly Fishing - Blog,

  • “I hooked the trout with a #16 Hares Ear that I floated on top of the water using fly floatant. < Back to the forum posts. Post a new entry > part of ©2003 CNY Fly Fisher / Matt Chapple”
    — The Central New York Fly Fisher,

  • “How many of you guys use floatant or some sort of dressing on your dry flies while on the water? And what rules do you”
    Floatant - South East Fly Fishing Forum,

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