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  • Definition of flooded in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of flooded. Pronunciation of flooded. Translations of flooded. flooded synonyms, flooded antonyms. Information about flooded in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “flooded - definition of flooded by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Flooded - Dictionary Definition and Overview. Flooded : adj. 1: covered with water; "the main deck was afloat (or awash)"; "the monsoon left the whole place awash"; "a flooded bathroom"; "inundated farmlands"; "an overflowing tub" [syn: afloat(p), awash(p), inundated, overflowing]. — “Flooded - Define Flooded at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
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  • Flooded soils occur with complete water saturation of soil pores, and generally result in Flooded soil environments may include such ecosystem as: rice paddies;. — “Flooded soils - MicrobeWiki”, microbewiki.kenyon.edu
  • 1 800 FLOODED offers Flood Clean Up Restoration, Water Damage Repair, mold removal, Water Restoration, Emergency Flood Damage, Water Extraction Service, mold repair in USA. — “Flood Clean up restoration, Water Damage Repair, mold removal”, 1800
  • Flooded. Includes Wednesday, Mars Daily Sentinel, Crosswind Xti, Financing, Crosswind Xti Manual Transmission, Transmission, Tsikot, Flooded Turbo Diesel, Row and Neighborhood information plus more related topics on . — “Flooded (Flooding, Pakistan, Heavy Rains, Mync”,
  • Flood, storm water or faulty household appliance water is one of the greatest threats to your property. Let us handle the damage and possible mold that threatens your family. — “New York Water Damage, Restoration Services and Mold Removal”,
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  • 24/7 Emergency repair service for flooded or wet basments. Avoid mold growth with professional cleaning, water extraction and drying services. — “Flooded Basement Cleanup & Drying Company - Iowa & Michigan”,
  • an "iced out" piece of jewelery that has diamonds throughout and often covering the gold. the custom piece that the jeweler did for me was flooded.. i was. — “Urban Dictionary: flooded”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. A dog named Honey fished for salmon as they swam across a flooded road in Was. — “Videos tagged with Flooded - Metacafe”,
  • Learn about Flooded Basement on . Find info and videos including: How to Protect a Basement From Flooding, How to Sanitize a Flooded Basement, How to Keep Your Basement From Flooding and much more. — “Flooded Basement - ”,
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Flooded Movie Type: Prime-Time Drama Director: Douglas Petrie Main Cast: Emma Caulfield Release Year: 2001 Country: US Run. — “Flooded: Information from ”,
  • Guide to Flood | Flood News, Flood Insurance Photos, Flood Repair Articles & Blogs. — “Flood Guide | Flood Insurance | Flood Repair”,
  • Restoration Connection Network specializes in Flood, Fire, Mold, Sewage, and Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration. We proudly service all of Ohio. — “Flooded Basement Cleaning Ohio”,
  • flood someone or something out of something and flood someone or something out We flooded them with praise and carried them on our shoulders. — “flooded - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Flooded definition, a great flowing or overflowing of water, esp. over land not usually submerged. See more. — “Flooded | Define Flooded at ”,
  • Fixing Flooded Basement Damage. — “Northern Virginia FLOODED BASEMENT DRAINAGE”,
  • Hyperlinked overview of floods. Provides main causes, flood planning and management, and significant historical floods. — “Flood - Wikipedia”,

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  • CNN - Atlanta Flooding Coverage of massive flooding in the Atlanta area, as shown on CNN-USA at the top of the 3PM Eastern hour on 9/22/09.
  • Apartment Fire & Flooded Car. Hey phone, today was crazy... Let's be friends? & http Then we can become best friends forever, yo! Thanks for watching. Stay majestic :).
  • Binghamton Flood 2011 Vestal, Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, NY. Vestal Pkwy,WalMart flooded,Bridge collapse,Endicott HS,Riverside Dr,26S,Old Vestal Rd,Downtown. All footage taken September 08, 2011. River crested at record levels. Please get involved - donate at www.1
  • Shell Road Train Crossing a Flooded River 5/1/2008 Road Train crossing a flooded river on the Stuart Highway just below Pine Creek, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Missouri River flood 2011 from the air - stabilized. Taken when landing at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska June 20, 2011.
  • 4/30/2011 -- Flood the New Madrid = a view to a kill - James bond fiction no longer james bond a view to a kill: youtube user christinagarrett1: show your support and subscribe.. new madrid fault maps: judge allows new madrid to be "flooded" in order to save 'cairo' illinois: projected water amounts: water.weather.gov james bond a view to a kill:
  • Time Test, Mega Quake, False Floods - New World Next Week Welcome back to - thevideo series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in alternative news and open source intelligence. This week Story #1: Power-Grid Experiment Could Confuse Electric Clocks ur1.ca Related: 13 Month Calendars ur1.ca Flashback: 9.0 Japan Earthquake Shifted Earth On Its Axis ur1.ca Flashback: Meet Ophiuchus, New Zodiac Sign ur1.ca Story #2: Scientists Say California Mega-Quake Imminent ur1.ca Related: Flooding of Ancient Salton Sea Linked to San Andreas Earthquakes ur1.ca Report: 'Loading of the San Andreas Fault By Flood-Induced Rupture of Faults Beneath the Salton Sea' ur1.ca Story #3: Odd Letter From Corps Upsets Property Owners ur1.ca Related: Feds Buying Up Farmland They Flooded; Soros In On It ur1.ca Subscribe to to get hi-quality episodes to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report http and Media Monarchy ur1.ca Thank you. Previous Episode: Whole Foods Prisoners, Greek Canary, Media Silence ur1.ca
  • Houses Ripped Apart by Massive Flood Waters! Going, going, gone...two lakefront houses were ripped apart by severe surging flood waters across Wisconsin, over the weekend. The lake washed out a third house and destroyed a highway embankment, as well as threating dams. closed two highways were closed in Grant County. Is this the "500 year flood" as it's been described in the news? A historic hydrological event? More heavy ran is on it's way.
  • Truck Attempts To Cross Flooded Road
  • Amazon The Flooded Forest - Arowana Breed Arowana Breed
  • Tech Shakedown: HP Pavilion notebook owners flood HP's site If you've watched any of my Tech Shakedown videos here on ZDNet, you'd know that I've been asking viewers to let me know if they know of a breakdown that needs to be the subject of a Tech Shakedown. In cases where suggestions like these come from ZDNet's audience members (and I have been getting them, thank you!), I do have to check them out. Well, this one definitely checked out. A couple of weeks ago, Andrés, an engineer that reads ZDNet wrote the following to me via e-mail: Lately HP brought on the market a series of pavilion notebooks that where on high demand because of their all in one features. But it seems that there's been a cover-up on the reliability of their performance. A lot of costumers who bought their notebooks are currently experiencing the same problem two major problems with their systems. How does Andres know about these other customers? Well, since June 2007, they've been flooding HP's Web site with complaints about how their Pavilion notebook computers are randomly losing any sense of the fact that they have wireless adapters in them (which in turn causes a loss of productivity). The thread is so flooded with messages that the only way I can get Web browser to view the entire thing without seizing is to close most of my other applications. for more, please visit:
  • Thailand Flood Aerials 25 Oct 2011 This footage was shot on board a Thai Army Bell Jet Ranger helicopter on 25 October 2011. They generally flew from central Bangkok near Victory Monument (not flooded) north over the Chao Phraya River (Main river going through Bangkok and threatening to flood it). They flew north to north west generally over Nonthaburi, Bang Bua Tong, Pathum Thani out to a remote village near Ayutthaya where they dropped relief supplies. Then they looped to the east slightly returning to Bangkok. To license footage contact Roger Arnold at [email protected] or call Thailand 66 87 235 0732
  • Car Drives Down Flooded Road A road floods over after heavy rain, so much that the road was closed, but this car had other ideas....and paid the price.
  • PAKISTAN - Floods: Prisoners in their own village PAKISTAN - Floods: Prisoners in their own village. FATEHPUR, Swat valley, Pakistan. Three weeks on and the people of Fatehpur still cant believe it. The Swat river flooded several miles of this road, the only access route into the north of the valley. Upstream from here, the residents of several hundred villages have been left to their own devices.
  • Qld Floods: Kevin Rudd lends a hand | 12 Jan 2011 - ABC News Special Wednesday - ABC News 24's Scott Bevan follows Kevin Rudd through flooded Brisbane streets lending a hand to those in need. ABC News Special - ABC1 12 Jan 2011 20:00 AEDT Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest Explore an extraordinary region where water and land life intermingle six months out of the year.
  • Nashville I-24 Flooded from Mill Creek with Building Floating By in Tennessee - May 1, 2010 Keywords: Nashville I-24 Flood flooded Mill Creek Building Tennessee Bell Road Rd cars big rig tractor-trailer semi submerged underwater interstate Tennessee May 1 2010 flash rain thunderstorm
  • Army Corps Of Engineers Intentional Flooding Of America's Heartland! - This Is Selective Bankruptcy! Doug Owens of Blacklistednews covers the intentional flooding in the midwest in order to make it more environmentally feasible. Feds buying up farmland they flooded; Soros in on it The Purposeful Flooding of America's Heartland US Army Corps of Engineers Intentionally Flooded Farmland, Now Offering to Buy It Blacklisted News
  • Nashville Tennessee Flood 2010 NOTE: Quotes are from an article entitled "We Are Nashville" by Patten Fuqua. To read the complete article, you can visit www.section303.com (Note- I have no affiliation with that site, nor do I know the author personally).
  • The Future Is Wild: Flooded World Part 1 Season 2 (Episode 7)
  • Dublin Flood.mov Dublin flooding around Dundrum,Dundrum Shopping Centre, and south Dublin in 2011.
  • Flooded Mine An explosion rocks a Wyoming coal mine, flooding the shafts and costing the lives of 30 miners. Mike Nelson dives to locate the cause of the disaster. Deep in the shafts, Mike discovers two survivors trapped in an air pocket. It looks like Mike can only get one of them out, leaving the other to perish.
  • Raw Video: Queensland Flooding Worsens Flooded communities across eastern Australia could be underwater for more than a week, with the cleanup bill expected to hit (b) billions of Australian dollars, a state official said on Thursday. (December 30)
  • Amazon The Flooded Forest - Arowana Hunt Arowana Hunt
  • Feb 4 Flood Chaos, Melbourne, South Yarra, Victoria, Lashed by Leftovers of Cyclone Anthony and Yasi A new Mercedes and a Saab (I get the pleasure of pushing both out while filming!) take their last bath while the Latest Ferrari takes a splash in South Yarra (near the famous chapel street flash car mecca) along with shops, a VW beetle and a lot of bewilded onlookers! Toorak Road, South Yarra in Melbournes inner south was lashed by the leftovers of cyclone Anthony and Yasi on Feb 4th, 2011. The resulting rain ran down Toorak road and formed a large lake at the low point in the road West of the Railway station (Intersections of Toorak and Davis street).
  • 18 Wheeler Truck Drives Through 5 Foot Flood 9/7/11 Hershey, PA 18 wheeler goes above the headlights through a flooded creek and makes it. Right next to Zoo America and Hershey Park.
  • KX News Minot Flood 2011 Photo Montage Photo montage of the devastating flood ongoing in Minot, ND. Music courtesy: Coldplay "Fix You." For more pictures, video and information about the flood, including how you can help - visit /kxnewsminot
  • Dog Catches Fish Crossing a Flooded Road Well, just as the title says, A Dog Catches A Fish That's Crossing The Road! LoL! Tho of course, it did happen during a flood! The answer to why salmon crossed the road in Washington state Tuesday morning may be simple: because of major flooding on the roadway, caused by heavy rain and seemingly confusing the heck out of the migrating fish (see video). A powerful storm system arrived along parts of the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday, including Western Washington, kicking off what promises to be a wet and windy Thanksgiving holiday week. Rainfall totals should reach three inches in the Seattle area before Thanksgiving Day. Wind gusts from 50-70 mph were recorded in some areas. TAGS:: Salmon River Water Park Bridge "Salmon River (Idaho)" "Salmon, Idaho" Kayak "Washington (state)" Hyde Lullaby Rafting Skateboarding Cars "University Of Washington" "Washington Huskies" "Washington, DC" Arc Virginia Seattle West Flood Maryland Baltimore Flows Richmond Heights Beach Canoe Rocks Falls Hampton County Crossing Hudson Ark Waterfall Valley Creek Whitewater "River Flows" Steady Ken "Flows You" Boat Rivers Gorge Paddle Tech
  • BREAKING: Vermont Flooding Footage August 28, 2011 Credit to Youtube Users MikaelPRiley, madriveraccess, HubSportsVideos, beamer05, SeymourCreativeInc, BryceLeVan, & schwardaLive News Video Streams on CPS WIRE: Website: Twitter Facebook: CPS WIRE is a news aggregator with more than 400 real-time news feeds and live video streams from global media outlets. Visit and stay on top of current news and events as they happen. == FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (©) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: www.law.cornell.edu www.law.cornell.edu
  • FLOODING , pouring in the Hubcity Cars stalling from the flooded streets in Moncton, especially Main Street, where 2 cars needed a tow truck right in the same spot at Vaughan Harvey and Main Street. City works backed up , swamped with flood calls. Cars have gone off the highways from hydroplaning. Still raining hard in Moncton, downtown in front of the Assomption place the water is the deepest I have seen it in over 20 years. Water is going into the businesses. Part of Hillsboro road is blocked and traffic being rerouted, Champlain street flooded by Industrial street and the flooding is getting worse as the day goes on . #8 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Canada Nov 7 2010 Video aired on CTV news with Felicia Yap. Monday-lead story on CTV news at noon flooding viz with Steve Murphy
  • Very extreme rain storm and flooding in Copenhagen Extreme rainstorm and flooding in Copenhagen See a 6 lane highway with cars caught under water, and see a trainstation and a 100 meter underpass get flooded very fast. This happend on August the 14'th 2010.
  • Thailand Flood Slow-moving tsunami Some residents defy warnings and stay to help evacuees Despite the various evacuation warnings that Thailand floods are serious, Bangkok citizens are staying in the inundated areas and doing what they can to help those who need it.'' Outside, the usually traffic-thronged highway and numerous cars are under 5 feet of water, and thousands of other vehicles are parked on the ascending toll way above the floodwaters. The Bangkok flooding has been described as a "slow-moving tsunami," evoking comparison to the 2004 disaster that hit southern Thai beach resorts. Northern Bangkok suburbs such as Rangsit and Pathum Thani flooded almost two weeks ago, while an hour outside the capital, Ayutthaya, the famous site of spectacular old temple ruins, has been swamped for more than three weeks. Satellite images show the city to be an island surrounded by a mass of water to the north - home to rice-growing farmers and industrial plants hosting the likes of Honda and Toyota - with nowhere for the water to flow to the Gulf of Thailand but through the vast capital. Information break down Still, information about what might happen to the city has been rehashed and changed many times, with various officials and departments often contradicting each other and flip-flopping in their responses more than the horde of backpackers on the Khaosan Road. Chutimas, the university student, says civilians are not helping the information problem. "People are spreading rumor all the time, by phone, and ...
  • Epic Win on a flooded Russian road While a man helps girls cross the flooded road in Saint Petersburg, Russia, other guys just know how to have fun and kick ass. Courtesy of This is just a version trimmed to the most interesting part
  • FLOODED BASEMENT! DOES ANYONE HAVE A STEAM CLEANER WE CAN BORROW?!?! Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my wife: So katilette and I were just finishing diner and watching The Office online when our son came up to inform us that there was "water on the floor" Upon further investigation we realized that after about 5 minutes of Him trying to stop the water from flowing onto the floor He gave up and came upstairs to tell us. But not before about 10 gallons spread all over the basement.
  • Toowoomba Flash Flood - cnr Herries & Kitchener Streets 10/01/2011 Flooded East Creek at the corner of Herries and Kitchener street Toowoomba.
  • Amazing and Beautiful Flooded Meadow By, Alexander Benedik This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The "Grüner See" (engl. Green Lake) is situated in upper styria, austria (see geotag). It is amazingly beautiful because of its deep green/blue colour and the surrounding alpine scenery. The lake itself dries up in autumn but fills up with melting water. The water itself of the lake is extremely pure, like glass. The colour is a result of light refraction. Here's the poster's description: "The night before there seemed to be heavy rain and too much of the pollen were flushed in the water and were floating. So the visibility could be much better, i´ve missed the „crystal clear water. You have to know the Green Lake is famous for its clear water. The good thing for this day was the water level with 9,40m. Spring flowers, plants, benches, hiking trails were below the surface. And i have found out when its the best time during the two to three months "flood" to get in the water - i was to early in this season. Altough the water temperature was between 5 and 6 degrees Celcius i did two dives (85 and 96 minutes long) My face was well frozen, i can hardly speak afterwards. I hoped this procedure kept my face young and skintight. After watching the footage it seemed to be different." Beautiful Film of Scuba Diving in a Newly-Flooded Meadow.Hiking trails, picnic tables, benches and signs all under water in this very relaxing video filmed in Austria. See more at swift-
  • Floating in the Flood Take a boat ride through some of Brisbane's worst flood affected suburbs
  • Salmon Crossing Flooded Washington State Roadway The answer to why salmon crossed the road in Washington state Tuesday morning may be simple: because of major flooding on the roadway, caused by heavy rain and seemingly confusing the heck out of the migrating fish (see video). A powerful storm system arrived along parts of the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday, including Western Washington, kicking off what promises to be a wet and windy Thanksgiving holiday week. Rainfall totals should reach three inches in the Seattle area before Thanksgiving Day. Wind gusts from 50-70 mph were recorded in some areas. The video, posted on the KOMO News website, shows salmon swimming across flooded Skokomish Valley Road in Mason County. The road is near Shelton, the westernmost city on Puget Sound, with its many meandering waterways. Hopefully the salmon, if more find their way onto area roads, will be able to avoid the busy holiday traffic. TAGS:: Salmon River Water Park Bridge "Salmon River (Idaho)" "Salmon, Idaho" Kayak "Washington (state)" Hyde Lullaby Rafting Skateboarding Cars "University Of Washington" "Washington Huskies" "Washington, DC" Arc Virginia Seattle West Flood Maryland Baltimore Flows Richmond Heights Beach Canoe Rocks Falls Hampton County Crossing Hudson Ark Waterfall Valley Creek Whitewater "River Flows" Steady Ken "Flows You" Boat Rivers Gorge Paddle Tech
  • Prophecy WORLD FLOOD: News 11.30.11 THAILAND 602 Dd THOUSANDS FLEE; PHLPNS; PKSTN 370 NDIA 233 CHN NOV.30: APOCALYPTIC THAILAND FLOOD: Tens of Thousands Flee Bangkok; Prime Minister says Government Overwhelmed; Worst in 60yrs: Some say Worst Ever; Bangkok; 1.2 Million Sandbags 3.7Mile Wall; 602 Dd; 62 of 77 Prvncs; 22 Million affected; 1000 Prisoners rescued; Many Snake Bts, Crocodiles loose; 74 Main Highways; 18 Train Routes; $7 Bil loss OCT.19,2011 CENTRAL AMERICA 100 OCT.4: PHILIPPINES TYPHOON RAMON NESAT NALGAE Aftermath 142 Dd/Msg; 400T - CHINA, HONG KONG Shuts Down: Injuries, Evacuations, Flights Cancelled SEP 27: 100000 Flee; US Embassy, Stk xchange clsd; Hospital fld; Flights cncld; Schls, - CAMBODIA 250 Dd SEP.26,2011 JAPAN TYPHOON LANDED: 1000000 to flee SEP.20,2011 CHINA - 355 Dead, 12.3 Mill afctd; 120000 Hm, $2.7bln loss SEP.20,2011 PAKISTAN - 378 Dead - 4 Mil Hmls - 1.1 Mln Hms - 7000 ppl snake bt - Reportedly worse than 2010 JAPAN TALAS FLOOD - 100 Dead/Msg, Thsnds stranded - Worst Typhoon 2004 - Record Rns, Lndslds - Bridges, Railways, Roads Destroyed Sep.1,2011: IRENE & LEE HURRICANE FLD - 100000 Flee - Obama declared Disaster: N.Jersey, New York - 60 Dd - 260+ Rds30 Hway Brdgs Clsd - Cemetry Caskets wash dnstream - Many thsnds of hms dstryd - Emergency airlift meals to cut off towns in Vermont - Broken Record river since 1927 - Up to $14Bil damage VERMONT - 2/3 of State Under Water - Whole Towns Isolated - Rapidly Rising Water - Worst Natural Disaster since 1927 - Travelling in the state prohibited - Bridges Destroyed - Many Roads Washed Away - Many ...
  • Katipunan Flooded Sep 26, 2009
  • Toowoomba Flood 2011.01.10 Amazing footage of East Creek near Chalk Drive / Chalk Lane rising and washing away lots of cars during Flash Flood in Toowoomba on Monday 10 January 2011. This is some of the best footage I have seen of the Flood and was taken from the second floor of our office which backs onto Chalk Lane. It shows just how fast the creek turned into a torrent and quickly flooded Chalk Drive and Chalk Lane. I also got some video of where the creek crosses Neil Street and some video of the aftermath and the huge amount of cars damaged and piled on top of one another in the Chalk Drive car park. ***** With the incredible exposure that my video is receiving all over the internet and media worldwide I would like to encourage you to donate to the relief appeals. You can donate to the Queensland Government Appeal at: www.qld.gov.au Or the Churches of Christ Care Queensland Flood Appeal here: .au Please pray for us. There are many people who are suffering through this. *** Okay comments are back up. Thank you for all your expressions of support for us.
  • JodieKing: JodieKing: @antanddec Every day at this time my timeline is flooded by Ant and Dec's retweets and I want to be one of them! PLEASE RT prettyplease x
  • Beau_TeeRoNay: BeAu_TeErOnAy: Lmao my mama flooded my bathroom its really not funny
  • NubianCzar: NubianCzar: @ZaniM_ Gumede's company got massive calls from Congolese worldwide & we flooded their emails today. Hope he learned a lesson.
  • RealBenStewart: RealBenStewart: Train flooded when it got to Cardiff
  • JamieMK: JamieMK: USACE devastation by design flooding along the MO River threatens counties, individuals alike. http://t.co/IsFEcA82
  • Berdeyy: Berdeyy: @ZheSingg @RayyanHokido @Cweikian BOO. I mia-ed for awhile only and my mentions were flooded LOL. Haha kay zs, i try ah. ><
  • mwkraut: mwkraut: "@WFIN_News: Blanchard River Now In Major Flood Stage In Findlay http://t.co/LcmIWhnc" its easier to tell people when Findlay is Not flooded
  • robertjgreco: robertjgreco: RT @pkedrosky: If this summer's Hurricane Irene's winds had been 5 mi/h stronger it would have flooded NYC's subways - http://t.co/gMjENpdn
  • superting18: superting18: WAH, my email is flooded..-.-
  • TheDailyBeck: TheDailyBeck: “Dozens of officers in riot gear flooded down the steps of Los Angeles City Hall just after midnight and started... http://t.co/xmPZP946
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  • dorkymum: dorkymum: @LothiansKen things like complaining about your holiday being ruined when your island destination has just been flooded. No perspective :)
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  • JamesSQL: JamesSQL: Dell is no longer selling spare hard drives. HDD plants in Thailand are flooded.
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  • RossyLTD: RossyLTD: Im just going to jump off the 316 bridge into the freezing flooded Scioto River!
  • lDirectionFans: lDirectionFans: RT @justinbieber: long day in ESPANA but worth it!! Had a lot of fun and the fans here are INCREDIBLE!! 10,000 people at the signing!! FLOODED THE STREETS!
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  • 1954dcwl: 1954dcwl: #COP17 First strange story: Bengal tiger found exhausted lying next to sheep & goats in a flooded village. Extreme weather,extreme behaviour
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  • Z0mbiegrl: Z0mbiegrl: @BrianKeene once told me to "Write when it rains." My boss's office got flooded. #CloseEnough
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  • mhess4: mhess4: Flooded w/ memories -- so close to where I lived while abroad. RT @Londonist: Seen the big green wall at Edgware Road? http://t.co/kymcrJRZ
  • kekekilroy: kekekilroy: Scotland is flooded, virtually everywhere.
  • Stooeyking: Stooeyking: And finally... very slowly, the feeling came back. Relief flooded over me followed by a crippling case of 'pins and needles'.
  • Louis_Kinsella: Louis_Kinsella: Gym flooded and shut on chest day #devvoed
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  • Sinocide: Sinocide: @PVHawks2010 @rockmanhalo @tweak4ever uh idk. Fell asleep and woke up with the downstairs bathroom flooded
  • Blackburn_News: Blackburn_News: #Windsor's 311 call centre is still getting calls from homeowners flooded out in yesterday's storm. http://t.co/UoSc1Qxg
  • RobynRia7991: RobynRia7991: @AminaCastroR @lana_960 omg I was crying SO much my room is flooded :) welcome back BESTIE !!! Xx
  • kevinehl: kevinehl: @pkedrosky Or even though the NYC mayor had been Mr. Oh, the ex Seoul City Mayor, the subway should have been flooded.
  • Tumsh41: Tumsh41: @Rilkham Hello Rich, How are you doing? Really stormy and wet up here today. In fact the towns flooded. All well with you and gang?
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  • OregonReport: OregonReport: Tweens flooded with unhealthy images http://t.co/eUPgil0R
  • andrewhyde: andrewhyde: RT @pkedrosky: If this summer's Hurricane Irene's winds had been 5 mi/h stronger it would have flooded NYC's subways - http://t.co/gMjENpdn
  • wizkitty: wizkitty: RT @MR_LAMIDE: Was that girl begging? RT @Ayo__mide: RT @D_goblin: Why d f is ma tl flooded with ~~~>«@wizkitty http://t.co/Rov5W012»
  • itsDevy_xx: itsDevy_xx: Cafeteria flooded., 100 & 200 halls smell like burnt wires.! WTF tho.!
  • maikudi01: maikudi01: *holds laf*RT @MR_LAMIDE: Was that girl begging? RT @Ayo__mide: RT @D_goblin: Why d f is ma tl flooded with «@wizkitty http://t.co/5oItdiht»
  • PocahontasNixx: PocahontasNixx: Foo name them birds"@Plazamoney: Da hood is flooded with bootleg products smh uggs is spelled with 2 letter g's not 1 damn it"
  • LWeiJie: LWeiJie: Feel so good after clearing some stuff. Oh well, i'm so going to dine out tomorrow. Otherwise i will be flooded by scoldings again for nth.
  • Lariar: Lariar: RT @pkedrosky: If this summer's Hurricane Irene's winds had been 5 mi/h stronger it would have flooded NYC's subways - http://t.co/gMjENpdn
  • oldblighter_: oldblighter_: the internetz is now liberally flooded with a lot of irritating,wannabe covers of the K song.. you almost wish this phenomenon dint happen:/
  • pkedrosky: pkedrosky: If this summer's Hurricane Irene's winds had been 5 mi/h stronger it would have flooded NYC's subways - http://t.co/gMjENpdn
  • Plazamoney: Plazamoney: Da hood is flooded with bootleg products smh uggs is spelled with 2 letter g's not 1 damn it
  • michellemalaya: michellemalaya: Alex flooded my dash. Perfect.
  • txddy: txddy: if i flooded out your house, do you think you'd make it out
  • TheBrazilianKid: TheBrazilianKid: Is this a river or a flooded street?
  • 2court8311: 2court8311: MY APARTMENT FLOODED FMMFL!!!!!!!
  • 21gage21: 21gage21: Good invention for driving through a back alley flooded with homeless people. http://t.co/3BXluTI4
  • FudgeBeingAGal: FudgeBeingAGal: RT @xavlur: Opened my Twitter app and saw my Twitter flooded with Kpop tweets.
  • westerie: westerie: W. Toledo areas flooded http://t.co/A1kkJtgU
  • toledonews: toledonews: W. Toledo areas flooded http://t.co/9ZWbwDN6
  • toledobladecom: toledobladecom: W. Toledo areas flooded http://t.co/Gi3O6MId
  • ohminews: ohminews: W. Toledo areas flooded http://t.co/AVwPYkAy
  • AirWick__: AirWick__: "There's a darkness upon me that's flooded with light and im frightened by those who cant see it"
  • ULrnSocialMedia: ULrnSocialMedia: Pet peeve of mine! Stream Flooding! Nothing from a business for a while & all of a sudden your stream's completely flooded by their updates.
  • olad_habib: olad_habib: Have I flooded ur TL, Damn, i'll try harder.
  • FIFIFIRAH: FIFIFIRAH: the #OHMAIGATMOMENT when the timeline is flooded with HELLO DECEMBER after white chicks ended
  • SkugLlFE: SkugLlFE: Can I stop going down into the basement with just socks... Damn thing's flooded.
  • Dez4Prez69: Dez4Prez69: @southpawsbp u right, the city is flooded w/men that say "heyyy", but I have sumthn good lined up. How else u think Im flying out there?! ;)
  • franzsperalta: franzsperalta: My twitter is flooded by snow..
  • FahimValientePD: FahimValientePD: I'm so clumsy man, I just flooded the bathroom cos I ran the bath water then forgot about it..*sigh*
  • RadioSarniaNews: RadioSarniaNews: Rainfall amounts vary between 60 and 75 mm, resulting in flooded fields, roads and parks throughout the area. Flood Warning still in effect.
  • bananafied: bananafied: RT @shoutykloud: Facebook newsfeed flooded w "Hey December" blah blah blah, ok wait, so is twitter.
  • TweetEliiii: TweetEliiii: its like it was ment to be @SignoreLettieri , it rained yesterday , flooded the rink , now its snowing *bbm dancing*
  • ty_juliana: ty_juliana: Ahhhh I'm flooded by everyone trending #Troublemaker OK all go slp lah tmr 2pm KST cube den release MV
  • seli_setiana: seli_setiana: I'll be happy to be flooded :) RT @_yshan: Okay, gona bathe nw.. FYI, I'll upload e MAMA photos after i bathe out.. ... http://t.co/VKfE5RHk
  • TamirWork3: TamirWork3: SEVERE FLOOD WARNING! Danger to life - evacuate flooded area. Reply SOS if you are in danger. - This is for you Zachi http://t.co/EWyDrC9N
  • shoutykloud: shoutykloud: Facebook newsfeed flooded w "Hey December" blah blah blah, ok wait, so is twitter.
  • shannondand: shannondand: @Kellie_Lynne yeah it is and I have school tomorrow, hopefully pitches arnt flooded so that it just all flow into our school and thanks <3
  • SosaChiefAlot: SosaChiefAlot: My phone flooded with drank plays last night
  • tweetydimes: tweetydimes: What's good over there champ @NadiaFranzone I get so flooded by these outsiders I forget abt my homegirls . How's life over there?
  • Mercedes_Benz10: Mercedes_Benz10: Ahh campus is flooded http://t.co/Y6oMHPaD
  • YuWillRespectMe: YuWillRespectMe: i want my mentions to be flooded.

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