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  • Floods are among the most frequent and costly natural disasters in terms of human ( Floods) Peoples' lack of education about flooding preparation and the instability of predicting floods has led to a $3.1 billion annual cost for the United States alone (Floods) and more than 1.6 million. — “Floods”, umich.edu
  • What are floods? Why are Floods important? News about floods. How do floods occur? What is the history of floods? The future of floods. THANK YOU FOR VISITING. Comments on this web page to: [email protected]“Floods Natural Disasters ”,
  • Fact sheet and resources to address hazards associated with floods, and what you can do to save life and property. — “NOAA: Flood Safety Awareness”, floodsafety.noaa.gov
  • Yahoo! reviewed these sites and found them related to Weather Phenomena > Floods. — “Floods < Weather Phenomena in the Yahoo! Directory”,
  • A pages about natural disasters, specifically floods for students K-6. — “FLOODS”, .au
  • NOAA provides information about floods and flash floods, the number one weather-related killer in the United States. Find current river conditions and flood forecasting data from the National Weather Service 13 River Forecast Centers. — “Floods - NOAAWatch”, noaawatch.gov
  • Flooding is the nation's most common natural disaster. Flooding can happen in every U.S. state and territory. However, all floods are not alike. Some can develop slowly during an extended period of rain, or in a warming trend following a heavy snow. — “Ready.gov: Floods”, ready.gov
  • After prayers to the rain gods, answered in excess in parts of our country, now, the focus has shifted to floods. People are generally taken by surprise by the floods as they may come in the night when every body is asleep,. — “FLOODS ANF FLASH FLOODS Introduction What is flood”, vigyanprasar.gov.in
  • Significant Floods in the United States During the 20th Century--USGS Measures a Century of Floods. — “Significant Floods in the United States During the 20th”, ks.water.usgs.gov
  • 1997 Floods, Northern California Information Resources, annotated links to official floods information, photographs, news stories, water resources, flood preparation, disaster relief, sandbags, safety, cleaning up after a flood, public assistance. — “Official Floods, Flooding, Storm Information Resources for”,
  • Get facts and information about floods and flooding, plus find links to photo galleries and related articles from National Geographic. — “Flood Information, Flooding Facts, Flash Floods, Photos”,
  • Organization of professionals involved in floodplain management, flood hazard mitigation, the National Flood Insurance Program, and flood preparedness, warning, and recovery. — “Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM)”,
  • Learn about Floods on . Find info and videos including: Is Flood Zone B Better or Flood Zone C?, What Is a Flood Crest?, Flood Causes and much more. — “Floods - ”,
  • Floods develop slowly as rivers swell during an extended period of rain, or during a warming trend following a heavy snow. Floods frequently cause loss of life; property damage and destruction; damage and disruption of communications, transportation, electric service, and. — “NESEC - Floods”,
  • This section presents a brief overview of the Glacial Lake Missoula Floods story, two of the key people involved with discovering the Floods and the glacial lake from which the Floods originated, and events that led up to the initiation of the Ice Age Floods Alternatives Study. — “Section D: Background”, nps.gov
  • Flood effects can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large, affecting entire river basins and multiple states. Some floods develop slowly, sometimes over a period of days. — “FEMA: Are You Ready?”, fema.gov
  • Flooding can also happen when a river or stream overflows its bank, when a levee is Flash floods, which can develop quickly, often have a dangerous wall of roaring water. — “Floods: MedlinePlus”, nlm.nih.gov
  • Floods, flood protection and innovations. Flooding has caused many casualties in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Particularly if IPCC expectations of sea level rise and altering climate will prove to be true, we can expect many more floods in all world regions. — “Flood”,
  • Floods are among the most frequent and costly natural disasters. Flash floods occur suddenly due to rapidly rising water along a stream or low­lying area. — “Floods”,
  • October 8, 2010 Flooding in Nigeria. September 28, 2010 Heavy Rains in Jamaica. 2010.10.11Heavy Rain in Southeast Asia 2010.10.29Flooding in Thailand 2010.11.13Flooding in Pakistan 2010.10.8Flooding in Nigeria 2010.10.22Flooding in Benin 2010.09.28Heavy Rains in Jamaica. more Floods events. — “Floods : Natural Hazards”, earthobservatory.nasa.gov
  • Hyperlinked overview of floods. Provides main causes, flood planning and management, and significant historical floods. — “Flood - Wikipedia”,

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  • Lady Gaga - No Floods (newly released old demo) here is one of lady gaga's first ever songs, from her first year at NYU. found via
  • Disasters - Thames flood risk to London - part 2 - BBC The Thames holds the potential to destroy London if more care is not taken to prevent climate change.
  • Opryland Hotel filling with water during Nashville Flood The Opryland Hotel's Delta, Cascades, and Gardens areas under ten feet of water after flooding hit Nashville, Tennessee. More information on the Nashville Flood at
  • Lady GaGa - No Floods [Red And Blue - EP] Stefani - No Floods
  • Boscastle, Flash Flood Boscastle 16 August 2004
  • Halo: The Flood A Halo CutScene
  • Jars Of Clay - Flood (Original Version) Original video for Jars Of Clay's Flood
  • 2009 FARGO FLOOD Part One The Fargo and Moorhead communities sit on the brink of an impending citywide record flood. And even while staring the danger straight in the face, the residents of these fair cities rise above it and state boldly, "We do what is heroic simply because it is needed." God bless the residents of Fargo and Moorhead in the days ahead [posted on 03.25.09] - YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This particular YouTube video was the 34th most popular (viewed) video in the category of "News & Politics" in the month of April 2009.
  • Amazing Flash Flood Footage, David Rankin Fan me up on facebook This is a demo video I put together myself of footage I've shot over the last few years chasing flash floods in southern utah. This footage is available for commercial use. For rates, contact David Rankin at [email protected] Also visit
  • NEW VIDEO: Aerial Tour Of Ames Flooding
  • Pakistan's worst flooding Hundreds of people have died in northwestern Pakistan after floods triggered by monsoon rains swept through the region. More than a million people have been affected and thousands forced to flee their homes as bloated rivers washed away villages and triggered devastating landslides. Rescue operations are under way to save the stranded, but submerged roads and destroyed infrastructure are proving to be major obstacles. Al Jazeera's Sohail Rahman reports from Islamabad, Pakistan's capital.
  • Trivium - Tread The Floods *with lyrics* This is a great song off of Trivium's 3rd album, The Crusade. The video also includes correct lyrics for the song. Lyrics: Stress, breaking my back Pulse is stuttering Pressure, mental attack My thoughts cluttering Beating this dead horse Is exhausting Heartbreaking To see my hands shaking I'm knee-deep in the dead Still wading Still wading in this This well-called life Nervousness halting all will Forcing apathy Anxiety an aching chill Hammering down me Beating this dead horse Is exhausting Heartbreaking To see my hand shaking I'm knee-deep in the dead Still wading Still wading in this This well-called life Tread the floods So you can hope to seize Your own reality Before it escapes thee Watch yourself drown in disarray It's time to break away Or well die today [Solo: Corey] Stress Breaking my back Pulse is stuttering Pressure mental attack My thoughts clattering Nervousness halting all will Forcing apathy Anxiety an aching chill Hammering down me Beating this dead horse is exhausting Heartbreaking To see my hand's shaking I'm knee-deep in the dead Still wading Still wading in this This well called life Tread the floods so you can hope to seize Your own reality Before it escapes thee Watch yourself drown in disarray It's time to break away Or well die today ***Subscribe to me if you liked this song because i will be uploading more from The Crusade and other albums. I have already uploaded all of Shogun. I will also start doing lyric videos for different bands soon to.***
  • Lady GaGa - No Floods Lady GaGa - No Floods I don't own any of this music ! I hope you enjoy it. (: Lyrics; I never ever thought I'd live away from everyone I love and say goodbye now I'm the princess of a downtown train where everybody here, they know my game but when I walk down the street I hear them say "there she goes, that crazy girl, she thinks she's something in this world". So I'mma close my ears and dream 'cause life is never really what it seems in every mystery, there's a truth you know I'm tellin', I'm tellin' you- no matter lightning or thunder, buckets of rainwater you can't flood this town in a world unknown you've gotta hold your own you can't stop me- you're never ever gonna stop me now On every street there is a memory, a time and place where we can never be again street lights glow red, green, and yellow too do you let signs tell you what to do? Yeah, when you say stop, be sure that I'll say go to the stars in the land fire can't burn these hands but I just close my eyes and dream you cant deny me my astronomy in every mystery, there's a truth you know I'm tellin', I'm tellin' you- no matter lightning or thunder, buckets of rainwater you can't flood this town in a world unknown you've gotta hold your own and you can't stop me- you're never ever ever gonna stop me now go ahead and don't believe 'cause everyone needs a way to breathe and love and dream and you can't stop me no you can't stop me no matter lightning or thunder, buckets of rainwater you can't flood this town in ...
  • Bangladesh Floods Monsoon rains flooded about two-thirds of Bangladesh in 1988, killing nearly 5000 people and destroying farm animals and crops. ITN T08098807
  • Thousands homeless in Turkey floods - 09 Sep 09 Desperate attempts are being made across northwestern Turkey to rescue people trapped by flooding triggered by two days of torrential rainfall - the worst in 80 years. At least 28 people are reported to have been killed but officials are saying that the death toll could get higher. Parts of the country's largest city, Istanbul, are already under water and forced thousands from their homes. The race is now on to try to stop the situation from getting any worse - with more rain forecast for later in the week. Al Jazeera's Anita McNaught reports from Ikitelli, Istanbul.
  • Midwest Fears Major Floods In the Midwest, the National Weather Service predicts major flooding. As KGAN's Alice Barr reports, President Obama has declared a state of emergency in North Dakota.
  • Pakistan flood death toll over 800, state of emergency declared At least 800 people have been killed in Pakistan over the last three days during floods triggered by monsoon rains. Thousands were left stranded as emergency services struggled to reach remote villages. Nearly 400 thousand have been displaced so far and the provincial government has declared a state of emergency. The torrential rains are expected to continue over the weekend.
  • Toowoomba floods 2011 Round the corner from work..madness
  • Historic Floods Record flood levels in Cranston. FEMA is surveying flood damage. State of Emergency is declared in parts of RI. Water is measured in feet, not inches.
  • Franklin TN Flooding 05-02-10 The Flood damage in Franklin Tn, south of Nashville. May 2nd, 2010.
  • Flooding in Philippines Leaves Dozens Dead More than 13 inches of rain fell in just 12 hours as Tropical Storm Ketsana slammed ashore in the Philippines, killing dozens of people in Manila's worst flooding in decades. (Sept. 26)
  • Fightstar - Floods Fightstar - Floods (Copyright 2008 Gut Holdings FS Ltd under exclusive license to Gut Records Ltd) Buy it on iTunes:
  • Nashville Flood Here are some pictures from the Nashville flood. I thought music from the one and only Johnny Cash would be appropriate. Please continue to pray for the people of Nashville and surrounding areas. We have a long way to recovery.
  • Pantera - Floods Floods by Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill ( 1996 ) Lyrics A dead issue, dont wrestle with it, deaf ears are sleeping A guilty bliss, so inviting (let me in), nailed to the cross I feel you, relate to you, accuse you Wash away us all, take us with the floods Then throughout the night, they were raped and executed Cold hearted world Your language unheard of, the vast sound of tuning out The rash of negativity is seen one sid Edly, burn away the day The nervous, the drifting, the heaving Wash away us all, take us with the floods Then throughout the day mankind played with grenades Cold hearted world And at night they might bait the pentagram Extinguishing the sun Wash away man, take him with the floods
  • PanterA - Floods A Tribute "Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott This is something that i thought had to be done. RIP Darrell i know your shredding it up in heaven.
  • Kellick Creek Flash Flood 10th Feb 2007 Flash Flood in Kellick Creek at Ringwood Road Crossing 10 miles south west of Merriwa, Upper Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. .au Kellick Creek is just outside the town of Merriwa in the Hunter Valley Region of New South Wales, Australia. This type of flood is an extremely rare event and was a result of approximately 125mm of rain in 30 minutes which fell about 5km upstream. The country had been in the midst of a major drought and groundcover was somewhat sparse. The people filming were at the location somewhat by chance as they went for a drive to look at the effects of the rain immediatley after the storm. They had just turned to go home when they saw the water coming down the creek. My grandfather, who is the older gentleman in the video could not recall seeing anything quite like it.
  • Coal Mine Floods The Quecreek Coal mine in Pennsylvania is flooded when miners accidentally break through to an abandoned mine.
  • Levee Breaks Add to Midwest Flood Problems PlusLevee Breaks Add to Midwest Flood ProblemsLevee Breaks Add to Midwest Flood ProblemsThe Associated PressPeople continue to battle high water in Indiana, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. (June 10)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] (VIDEO OF BROKEN LEVY FROM AIR BOAT)Ad another state to the list of those deluged with high water. Two levee breaks have caused water to pour across 50 square miles of an Illinois county which borders already hard-hit Indiana.The Embarrass River exploded through right here spilling millions of gallons of water.(VIDEO OF SWAMPED CAMPERS AND STRANDED JIM MCCLASKEY)But the Lawrence Rod and Gun Club was in the flood path.RV's are swamped and Jim McClasky is stranded on someone else's property.JIM MCCKLASKEY/STRANDED IN LAWRENCEVILLE"WE COME IN THE BACK ROAD. IT WASN'T BAD WHEN WE COME THROUGH. WE FOOLED AROUND ABOUT AN HOUR OR SO OVER THERE. WHEN WE TRIED TO LEAVE. WE TURNED AROUND IT GOT TOO DEEP."MARK CARLSON/STANDUPThis is normally farmland as far as the eye can see.When the Embarrass River levy broke, the landscaped turned into a lake. [Notes:map pull out effect?]In addition to Illinois, severe flooding extends across several midwest states: Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. [Notes:wisc] The village of Gays Mills, Wisconsin was inundated during the weekend, just 10 months after another devastating flood left residents working to rebuild homes and businesses. The swollen Kickapoo River engulfed nearly the entire town. Almost a quarter of the 625 residents have ...
  • The Nashville Flood. May 2, 2010. Please visit www.salarmy- to see where you can volunteer or donate. Visit http for a stunning image gallery of the flooding caught after this was filmed. Between May 1st and May 2nd, 2010, Middle Tennessee received the greatest amount of rainfall in recorded history. It has left us with several casualties, millions of dollars in damage and an indelible mark on our city. This video shows but a small sample of the destruction and mayhem wrought by this disaster. Please pray for those affected by this tragedy. For those who have asked, this was shot handheld with a Canon 5D Mark II. I used Canon's 35mm, 50mm and 85mm prime lenses. I feel so blessed by the outpouring of support for this video. I hope it has helped to get the word out. This has been featured by the following sources: - Drudge Report - Mashable - NPR - The Atlantic - The Weather Channel - Breitbart.tv - The Weekly Standard - Macleans.ca - Buzzfeed - Urlesque - My Mom's Facebook profile
  • No land to stand: Aerial video of flood, Pakistan under water Recovering from the devastating floods still battering Pakistan will take at least 3 years, president Asif Ali Zardari has said. The floods that began nearly a month ago with hammering monsoon rains in the northwest have affected more than 17 million people, the UN estimates. Most of the 1500 deaths occurred early in the flooding, but the crisis still is growing.
  • Dramatic pictures of Queensland flooding At least four are dead after flash floods swept through Toowoomba, carrying away cars and people. . Follow us on twitter at .
  • Pakistan floods rescue hampered About 30000 Pakistani soldiers have joined the operation to rescue thousands of flood victims in the country's northwest. More than 1000 people have already died in flash floods and landslides. Al Jazeera's Sohail Rahman reports from the Swat Valley where collapsed damages and damaged roads are hampering recue efforts.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood (Long version!) ( ) Long version of Texas Flood by stevie ray vaughn ! Texas Flood is an electric blues album by blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and his band Double Trouble, released in 1983. Although "Texas Flood" has three verses of lyrics, the song is more of a prolonged guitar solo, allowing Vaughan to show off his characteristic electric blues style. During live shows, he would often play portions of this song behind his back, arousing an enthusiastic crowd response. Stylistically, "Texas Flood" is structured around the common three chord blues progression. Written and performed in the key of G (sounding F# because of Vaughan's tuning), it is in 12/8 time, or compound time[1], which gives it a "slow burning" feel that is common in Texas blues.
  • Video of 'biblical' Australia floods aftermath as death toll up to 10 Australian Defence Force has started flights to deliver food and vital supplies to the northeastern area that's submerged by massive floods. More than 20 towns in Queensland have been cut off or deluged by heavy rains, with around 200000 people affected. Airports and roads have been closed, and power supply cut off in many areas. Ten people have died so far, in what's being described as a 'biblical' flood. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, Texas Flood,
  • Dimebag Darrell - Floods Solo Including outro
  • Drowned Pakistan: Video of flood zone devastation as 20 mln wait for aid The country's top meteorologist said on Wednesday that the floodwaters that have ravaged Pakistan will not recede fully until the end of August. The floods in Pakistan have submerged tens of thousands of villages, killed around 1500 people and affected 20 (m) million others, authorities say.
  • Nashville Tennessee Flood 2010 NOTE: Quotes are from an article entitled "We Are Nashville" by Patten Fuqua. To read the complete article, you can visit www.section303.com (Note- I have no affiliation with that site, nor do I know the author personally).
  • Pantera Floods (live) pantera performing live
  • Jeddah Flood-Unbelievable أمطار سيول جدة التوقعات لا تصدق Described as the worst in 27 years, flooding killed at least 77 people in Jeddah Wednesday after a heavy downpour, a Civil Defense statement said Thursday. Authorities identified 21 bodies, for Saudis, and handed them over to their families. The downpour paralyzed the entire city, just two days ahead of the Eid holidays, leaving the citys shaky infrastructure crippled, perhaps for years to come. The Jamia (University) Bridge on the Haramain Highway, in eastern Jeddah, partially collapsed and was closed to traffic. A few old houses in the Jamia District collapsed as well. Motorists on the Haramain Highway were stranded for hours after the heavy downpour. The eastern districts of Jeddah including Abruq Al-Raghamah, Al-Ajawid, Al-Samir, and Al-Tawfiq were completely cut off from the rest of the city. The downpour continued until late afternoon. Part of the highway which links King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAAIA) and Makkah caved in due to heavy floods coming from scattered valleys east of Jeddah. Traffic coming from the south on the highway was completely halted, while the flow of traffic from the airport to the south was crippled just a few meters from the King Abdullah Bridge, about one km from the partially collapsed bridge. The storm also left thousands of pilgrims stranded in buses headed from Jeddah to Makkah for the first full day of the Haj. The Jeddah-Makkah Highway was closed to traffic as accidents were reported on the 80-km stretch. Were stuck because of ...
  • gohrt_com: gohrt_com: RT @PhilipShucet: Several have asked if @NorfolkTide would run during floods. That would be a big "no." We won't let it out to play in deep water.
  • KanRenee: KanRenee: @RELLYMATIC smh Cobb's creek always floods
  • JohnnyBadillo: JohnnyBadillo: I hope your house floods.
  • ShevBeatz: ShevBeatz: If we get flooded I'm going rafting around town. Except if the Charles floods it's gonna be GREEN water rafting.
  • mrshllf: mrshllf: All of Delaware has a flash flood warning... I'd rather deal with flash mobs than flash floods. #DelawareSucks
  • YourBoySteven_: YourBoySteven_: RT @ashleybousquet: i hope chs floods, i don't want school
  • cdeguilio: cdeguilio: RT @ashleybousquet: i hope chs floods, i don't want school
  • Karen3amRT: Karen3amRT: @ThisIsRobThomas I didn't know the basement was safe for hurricanes. I guess after it hits & moves out, u get out of the basement b4 floods?
  • MarinaBenenati: MarinaBenenati: @mattcoopsss if our street floods we should all go out side a swim in the street lol
  • regularmann: regularmann: Avoca river is at a high level. Started flooding some paddocks again. Won't need much rain to see major floods here again. #agchatoz
  • SHAUNEEluvh8trz: SHAUNEEluvh8trz: RT @KiinGBr33Zy: News showin crazy deaths and floods now tornado's
  • ashleybousquet: ashleybousquet: i hope chs floods, i don't want school
  • HobokenPatch: HobokenPatch: Mayor @dawnzimmernj: "in the last few weeks we had three floods alone." More to come in #Hoboken because of #Irene
  • LoveLolaBunny: LoveLolaBunny: there are floods already
  • Maserati_Chris: Maserati_Chris: @DarthBryan She's out in l.i. It's gonna be nasty out there with the floods n all.
  • KonNISHiwa_: KonNISHiwa_: RT @mierah_bby: Power still on nofalling or floods 
  • Mz_BEE_JA: Mz_BEE_JA: Hope my family in Far Rockaway got the hell outta there... That joint floods in regular rain...
  • suavegel: suavegel: Well Irene going to do most of the damage @ 2 am huh? As long as no trees fall or floods I think we"ll b fine . And best b no power outage
  • convrsatnpiece: convrsatnpiece: My Twp did a phone blast on the location of a shelter they just set up. There is (was) a mandatory evacuation for those prone to floods.
  • fawzi_7: fawzi_7: Let the floods cross the distance in ur eyes
  • Master_Vir: Master_Vir: Check this video out -- Robotnik Floods the Sahara http://t.co/RnAufTY via @youtube
  • _giveaDAMn: _giveaDAMn: @MCSemiNJ any floods?
  • knowltonrules: knowltonrules: @sixpoint sprinkle a few hops on the ground and if the place floods you would have bud light.
  • Tony1733: Tony1733: Irene Floods, Cuts Power to a Million So Far, Heading North: http://t.co/2g7OEaY via @AddThis
  • KaliRoxYrWorld: KaliRoxYrWorld: I hope everyone's safe though, you're all in my prayers. The floods look horrible!
  • gmcurran: gmcurran: @KeithOlbermann Huh?? Weird. It started raining in Boston area around 5 pm, flash floods in west burbs. already.
  • JDCarrera: JDCarrera: @travisbedard Flash floods suck, but I grew up near the gulf. I'm reacting to this like CA reacted to their earthquake. #dontdrownturnaround
  • BiGRoBSnY: BiGRoBSnY: I'm still in shock that we will be in a hurricane with floods n 50-70mph winds #notcool
  • AvonncChick1125: AvonncChick1125: flash floods....tornado watch...tropical storm...earthquake? gee love u too mrs nature!
  • MsBSMOOTH: MsBSMOOTH: @TEMPlapre rain and high winds for 21 hours chica..that can cause floods and power outages ..starting around 3am
  • daydreamahway: daydreamahway: pagasa reporting about floods is flooding my timeline
  • brittanypinter: brittanypinter: My room is in the basement of my house, I'll be safe from the winds and such but if it floods I'm screwed #whattodonow #FUirene
  • Qadylov: Qadylov: @Pretty_Lisaa I no I'm in Philly and they sayin floods I'm kindov scared uhhhh
  • mierah_bby: mierah_bby: Power still on nofalling or floods 
  • KiinGBr33Zy: KiinGBr33Zy: News showin crazy deaths and floods now tornado's
  • Charsellshomes: Charsellshomes: RT @NyackPatch: Rt. 59 , from 303 to Palisades, has been closed. It generally floods during major storms, & Irene likely won't be the exception.
  • saguila21: saguila21: @andersoncooper gross! I suspect they'll all be coming up for air once Irene floods their hideouts! Watch out!
  • CamGirlJenny: CamGirlJenny: Obama steps up response as Hurricane Irene threatens floods, outages: President Barack Obama, New York City Mayo... http://t.co/80o0qLq
  • Katie_Lovee: Katie_Lovee: My basement floods and there's a tornado watch
  • ambermowry: ambermowry: RT @mrzanethreeflip: Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricane Irene. Mother nature needs to stop having her period on us.
  • Mymymy92: Mymymy92: My GREATEST fear about #HurricaneIrene Is Not the fallen trees or the floods, its losing Electricity && NO Twitterrr !! LMAO
  • PrinceofSydney: PrinceofSydney: RT @SapphireChic:When we r done,pls let's say a prayer 4 the pple dt died in the Ibadan floods 2day & (cont) http://t.co/SNJuqWf
  • sayyLA: sayyLA: Atleast if it floods i got a jetski #FTW
  • Ashley_0: Ashley_0: Obama steps up response as Hurricane Irene threatens floods, outages @DanielleMaccej
  • PeterTurner: PeterTurner: Okay, got the washer and dryer finally up on cinder blocks in the basement. I must live on the only st. in Cambridge that regularly floods.
  • g1ng3rSN4PS: g1ng3rSN4PS: #Irene is really starting to get her grip here in Delaware. Confirmed tornado. Floods. Up to 71mph winds. Only to get worse.
  • stihlmike: stihlmike: @altrautman yeah now just floods and candles!!
  • Latinoreview: Latinoreview: @monkeyzmommy nah cause of the floods, meaning your grandparents are coming upstairs to sleep.
  • JosephMRyan1: JosephMRyan1: RT @CarolinaPixel: Just like he did for flyover country floods. Right?!?RT @markknoller: Visit to FEMA shows Pres Obama tryin… (cont) http://t.co/GuGbReE
  • rklpictures: rklpictures: My backyard floods with 1" of rain. What's 12" in one night gonna do? Its a monsoon already. No wind yet...
  • ACreveling: ACreveling: Moved all my stuffed animals from basement to higher ground in case the basement floods #irene #lovemystuffedanimals
  • TherealEsmart: TherealEsmart: Floods rain and power outages are expected... Essentials are as follows, backwoods, the purple,
  • MySmallClaims: MySmallClaims: Obama steps up response as Hurricane Irene threatens floods, outages http://t.co/r7IA98p
  • emilydemery: emilydemery: On THIS I excel: but where to go if basement floods? RT @joshrobin: ***TORNADO WATCH*** citywide issued until 5am Sunday (via @NY1weather).
  • Jalyssa_DoubleU: Jalyssa_DoubleU: Aww! It's floods???? I hope everyone is okayy!
  • ridinsoloooo: ridinsoloooo: RT @Pakistannews: Proxy war and politics in Pakistan - The Nation, Pakistan http://t.co/oNnpm1w - #Pakistan #floods
  • Asiatiffy: Asiatiffy: If it floods Imma kick off my shoes and swim good , swim good
  • pakstruck: pakstruck: Proxy war and politics in Pakistan - The Nation, Pakistan http://t.co/rFkhOt7 - #Pakistan #floods: Proxy war and... http://t.co/Jg3g2hv
  • pakstruck: pakstruck: RT @sharmeenochinoy: In lieu of our own floods #Pakistan can learn a thing or 2 from NYC evacuation- preparing f... http://t.co/WDR4JWQ
  • jjprojects: jjprojects: @NYFarmer Yep, as long as you're not in the way of floods from snowmelt + storms downstream, like on the Mississippi or Missouri Rivers.
  • bd4v1s: bd4v1s: Good thing I live on the 3rd floor in my building.. I don't have to worry about floods lol.
  • pilot991: pilot991: @PRSecState We are next on the hurricane route. Rains all day floods and the hurricane isnt even here yet.due in morning hasta
  • RetroSuperStar: RetroSuperStar: @_MeMYSELFndShea they called wen I was out shoppin today but it only for my street cuz it always floods wen it rains hard
  • Obey_Scuba: Obey_Scuba: i cant wait til da mornin .. ima jump in m swimmin trunks n go get a boogey board and go play in da floods lmfao ..who down ?
  • wishladya: wishladya: @HeyTammyBruce high and dry here. For a change we're not the ones getting the Big winds and the floods!
  • itsnickyyall: itsnickyyall: @NJParamore we got flash floods here but we have a lot of rivers so hopefully it's not as bad over there!
  • Pakistannews: Pakistannews: Proxy war and politics in Pakistan - The Nation, Pakistan http://t.co/oNnpm1w - #Pakistan #floods
  • MarieeeamR: MarieeeamR: RT @sharmeenochinoy: In lieu of our own floods #Pakistan can learn a thing or 2 from NYC evacuation- preparing for a disaster- #Irene
  • kirv3: kirv3: Lmfaoo sheesh RT @_overRated_: I hope tjmaxx floods
  • _LaurenKresge: _LaurenKresge: Cleaning the basement incase Irene floods it.
  • nightyoufoundme: nightyoufoundme: @sweetmelodyx oh thats good, stay safe <3 and lolll x] no the most dangerous are Long Island really but who knows about floods
  • _overRated_: _overRated_: I hope tjmaxx floods
  • Puertoricangio1: Puertoricangio1: Geez.. Its startin to look like dique the frickin "Day After Tomorrow".. Floods.. Rain.. Tornados.. Hurricanes... Ddiiacchheee!! ~Gio~~
  • Cilla_babyy: Cilla_babyy: Okay this hurricane Irene ain't no joke. Flash floods are hitting New Jersey like cray. & my sisters live there. Damn:/
  • unique191: unique191: we about have hella floods ! : /
  • cathhpouxx: cathhpouxx: My school start is going to be awful. Whats left of Irene tomorrow. #Floods
  • meetatNigel: meetatNigel: @JennyJohnsonHi5 dial it up to a category 6. Severe emotional damage and flash floods of bowels
  • bigletterM_: bigletterM_: "It's raining there, there's no power there, there's some flash floods there, and if you're there, stay at home THERE."
  • Faaridah: Faaridah: Here's the proof. Sea levels will rise and coastal areas will go underwater. Refer to Australia, Japan and the Lagos floods
  • xMyOwnQueen: xMyOwnQueen: I don't think people understand how bad this is. Several have died in my state. Trees are everywhere, and floods.
  • pesammy: pesammy: RT @fastcompany: IBM is testing a new system that--using just weather patterns and detailed maps--can predict floods days in advance: http://t.co/MCtsEH9
  • NiashaVana: NiashaVana: Ok so i am in annapolis and scared as hell. Floods and fires crazy.
  • Ocean_City_NJ: Ocean_City_NJ: RT @RockabillyJay: When the news covers flooding in Ocean City, NJ keep in mind it floods there if three people simultaneously spill their Big Gulps.
  • HarborsBroker: HarborsBroker: RT @NyackPatch: Rt. 59 , from 303 to Palisades, has been closed. It generally floods during major storms, & Irene likely won't be the exception.
  • CricketWhite: CricketWhite: @ShawnMeow its the perfect time, nothing else to do while everything floods around u,, lol
  • TaraFlyPhotos: TaraFlyPhotos: @mfortuin11 "...checked the link to see the Hurricane tribute, but etsy has moved onto rainbows." How fitting! And classier than floods. ;)
  • HeavyMetalL0va: HeavyMetalL0va: @POWPOWola haha! idk about the floods and flying haha maybe trees falling? lol
  • HelenG23: HelenG23: My friend told me to put a life jacket and a snorkel on incase my house floods
  • WilDeji: WilDeji: And a hawt blog on twitter! :| RT @je_mc2: Bomb in Abuja, floods in ibadan, hurricane on the US East Coast. RT ... http://t.co/Ij58Qci

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