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  • Headers and footers can be useful tools for organizing and identifying a document. You may choose to add a preset header or footer to your document, or to create your own. This LTS Online Help document explains how to add preset and custom. — “Excel 2007: Adding Headers and Footers, UWEC”,
  • footer n. One that is an indicated number of feet in height or length. Often used in combination: a six-footer. — “footer: Definition from ”,
  • Footer. Includes Imagen, Pagina, Version, Scriptmafia, Clothing, Accessories, Fishing, Wholesale and Distribution, Sporting Goods and Organizations information plus more related topics on . — “Footer (Business, Header, Content, Tech) @ ”,
  • How can I get a different header / footer on the second page in Microsoft Word? from Frequently Asked Questions about Word compiled from the Microsoft Word newsgroups. — “How can I get a different header / footer on the second page?”,
  • Supplies automotive, commercial, motorcycle, and specialty batteries. — “Interstate Batteries”,
  • Changing the Footer Panel: Path, from the left navigation menu: ['Customization' section] Selecting this option will load the Footer customization screen, above the Skin Setup. — “Footer”,
  • Footer may refer to: Colloquialism for association football (soccer) or rugby football Can't Stop Fallin' in Love on Heavy' is a 9 footer. A construction term that can be used in parallel by. — “Footer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Home Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Skip to legal footer. — “Cisco Systems, Inc”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable footer gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite footer gift from thousands of available products. — “Footer T-Shirts, Footer Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,
  • How to insert a header and footer in a Word document Word 2007 makes it much easier to access headers and footers and provides new ways of working with them. — “Using Headers and Footers”,
  • Definition of footer in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of footer. Pronunciation of footer. Translations of footer. footer synonyms, footer antonyms. Information about footer in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. footers. — “footer - definition of footer by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Footer definition, Rugby See more. a person or thing having or associated with a height or length of a foot or a specified number of feet (often used in combination): a six-footer. — “Footer | Define Footer at ”,
  • footer Software - Free Download footer - Top 4 Download - Free Download Software Define the rules for Header and Footer (first page/each page, first sheet/each sheet). — “footer Software - Free Download footer - Top 4 Download”, top4
  • For a website to be effective, every element on the page, from the header to the footer, needs to add to its overall usability and readability. Keep in mind that just because the footer is at the bottom of the page doesn't mean you should slack off with good design practice. — “Informative And Usable Footers In Web Design - Smashing Magazine”,
  • Shop for Footer. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Footer - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • One serious shortcoming was that, in IE, the footer was not perfectly still while the main content was scrolled but flickered up and down. A new solution had to improve upon this and I was certain that it should be possible to implement without using javascript. — “Fixed-position footers”, mark-
  • Definition of footer from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of footer. Pronunciation of footer. Definition of the word footer. Origin of the word footer. — “footer - Definition of footer at ”,
  • Footer Manufacturers & Footer Suppliers Directory - Find a Footer Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Footer Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Footer-Footer Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • The Footer Element Update. This is an update from the previous article since the spec has changed to allow footer to have the same content model as header. Update The problem was simple, the footer element just didn't feel 'complete', it just didn't offer the same flexibility as other elements. — “The Footer Element Update | HTML5 Doctor”, html5
  • Show All Hide All Headers and footers are areas in the top, bottom, and side margins of each page in a document. You can insert or change text or graphics in headers and footers. — “Insert headers and footers - Word - Microsoft Office”,
  • (in combination) something that is a stated number of feet in some dimension - such as a six-footer. to footer (third-person singular simple present footers, present participle footering, simple past and past participle footered). — “footer - Wiktionary”,

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  • Dirk Nowitzki - 7-footer hitting 8 threes in a game January 27, 2004: Dallas def. Seattle 118-116. Dirk Nowitzki scored 43 points on 16-22 fg, 8-11 3p (including 5-5 from 3p range in the 3rd). The 8th three is the best.
  • Michael Alvarado's Walkoff 55-Footer Lifts Manhattan Over Marist Winner on a half court heave off the glass. Go to
  • Deuce Bello Posterizes 7 Footer and Ike Nwamu Destroys 6'7 Forward Here they are AGAIN, yep, you guessed it. 6'3 Deuce Bello and 6'2 Ike Nwamu of Westchester Academy putting on a highlight reel. For those that said they couldn't do it again good competition, here are a 7 footer and a 6'7 contesting them. I'm sorry that I am not giving you all a variety but they show out every game I've seen them so far. New mixes to be posted soon
  • Dreamweaver template tutorial part 3 - Create template and insert headers and footers Host Unlimited Websites! Hostgator hosting, Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth. Follow on Twitter: RSS Feed: In this Dreamweaver Template Tutorial from we will be creating a template and inserting header and footer images. Part 3 1) Create template and CSS document 2) Insert Header and Footer 3) Adjusting CSS styles to fit our header and footer 4) Using code view to help us navigate easily and efficiently 5) previewing our template in our browser WEBSITE available in July
  • Change Joomla Footer Text How to change Joomla Footer Text. In earlier versions of Joomla, changing the standard footer text was confusing at best, or painfully difficult at worst for new Joomla users. It has since improved greatly, but it is still not straightforward. The Joomla developers have chosen to build a special module for the footer. This allows them to display the default footer text in multiple languages automatically. While this is nice from a developer's point of view, it doesn't work well for people that are building a site in just one language. The complexity of supporting multiple languages has made it more complex to change for average Joomla users. There are two major ways to change this text, and we will cover both of them now.
  • Concrete Footer Part 1 founder Tim Carter describes installing a concrete footer in this multi-part series.
  • DPM -- Breaking In The Eight Footer Monk and Weez warm up the 8x4 table they had just transported 180 miles. Includes a 5-in-the-side bank, 5-in-the-side kick, a masse, and lots of other banks and kicks. Also notable is a clip of Weez running six balls frozen to the rail, in rotation, all into the same corner pocket, and kicking the sixth ball in! Damn, I love this game!
  • Feb. 20 - Virginia Commonwealth v. Nevada - Last 6 Minutes The last 6 minutes presented with stoppages cut out, of the February 20th game between the Virginia Commonwealth Rams and the Nevada Wolfpack. A fun and eventful BracketBusters game in Reno tonight, as the Wolfpack make a charge from behind with their coach thrown out of the game. VCU have a lot of chances, and get one heck of a final shot. As we begin, Virginia Commonwealth (black) leads Nevada (in white) 62-53, with Nevada having just made a shot. Troy Bender and Mac McCausland have the call. **All footage belongs to ESPN** **Video is also in "high quality"**
  • Alex Murphy Dunks All Over 7 Footer Malcom Gilbert At 2010 City Of Palms Classic!! Check out 6'8 Junior, Alex Murphy of St. Marks High School serving up a pizza on 7 footer Malcom Gilbert at City Of Palms!
  • Edit Wordpress Footer Here is a tutorial teaching you how to edit your footer in Wordpress. This is only for themes you can get for free at You can also get a 55 page PDF guide for free there helping you get your first Wordpress blog up and running on your on hosted account.
  • Deep Footer So, the fact that Rapidweaver out of the box has only a one line footer was making me crazy. Also since the footer isn't broken out like the sidebar and using Blocks and BlocksBox is a bit "unique" I was having troubles doing what I wanted with the footer. Over the weekend and with a bit of experimentation I created the "deep footer" which is a multi-line footer that works with most themes and especially well with Block and BlocksBox I've been using it exclusively with Blocks and BlocksBox theme and if you don't use them you are simply working too hard but with said this will require some tuning to make work with all themes. Here is a video explaining how to use the Deep Footer Snippet for RapidWeaver. Have fun, Dan
  • World's Largest Buddha LeShan DaFo (Happy Mountain Big Buddha) is located in central China's Sichuan province. This seventy-one meter tall Buddha statue was carved into a cliff face about 1300 years ago. It gained the title of "World's Largest Buddha" after the Taliban government destroyed the cliff-carved Buddha statues in Bamyan, Afghanistan.
  • Are links in footers treated differently than paragraph links? Andres from Boston, MA asks: "Does Google treat links in footers differently than links surrounded by text (eg in a paragraph)?" Thisvideo is part of a "Grab Bag" series in which Matt Cutts, head of Google's webspam team, answers questions from users. We're not currently taking new video questions, so your best bet for getting an answer about webmaster-related search issues is to head to our help forum:
  • Don Scotland - Jamaica's Rising Soccer Star - Left Footer - Peter Gracey Television meets Don Scotland. A rising soccer star out of Kingston, Jamaica. Only 15 years old and is rated one of Jamaica's top defenders in his league. A vey powerful left footer who has the ability not only to halt players beyond his time, but to also deny them the ability to score goals. Don Scotland currently attends Jamaica College where he plays in the Manning Cup league and for other local clubs.
  • Isaiah Austin - The Top Player in 2012? - 7 Footer with Handles, Hops, and Shot This footage is from the Compton Magic Memorial Day Festival. Before this I had only heard stories from Etop(runs the Compton Magic) about how good Austin is especially since he's a legit 7 feet tall. I saw a couple clips of him as a freshman and was very intrigued. Then I saw him play in person and seen the way he handles the ball and runs the floor as a 7 footer. Then he shot and at first I started to have that "what is he doing?" thought. His release was perfect and he hit a 3 over a tight playing defender. Austin is destined to be the #1 pick in the nba draft in a few years.....can anyone say a more athletic Dirk?
  • Single Footer Stallion Reverand Homer This is Reverand Homer . He is a very nice 6yr old Standardbred speed racking stallion. He has it all looks, speed, and style. He is 30+mph.He is reg.single footer. Ridden and trained by Buhul Bush. For more information go to
  • Header Footer word 2007 This video will show you how to create and format your Header and Footer in Word 2007. It will also show you how to add new fields and file path names.
  • Customize Weebly Footer Without Being Weebly PRO! Remove the Footer Used By weebly and change it to what You want it to be The code used as footer Youtube does not allow me to put the code here. I've copied and pasted the exact code in the following Page Plz Subscribe! 2ND CHANNEL: WEBSITE:
  • Sychronised No Footer! 3 bikers going over some decent dirt jumps all doing no footers at the same time!!! PLEASE RATE MY VIDEOS! Please look at my other videos :)
  • Sakura Heavy (10-footer) AAA - DDR Extreme - DJ Sterf Hi-Q vid at AAA on Sakura Heavy, done by DJ Sterf. Cool. This is Heavy/Oni Single Arcade AAA #461 for me. Note the combo. hehe 461. God bless.
  • Word 2007 Demo: Scenarios for headers and footers in Word See more Word 2007 demos at Adding a header or footer to your document is now much easier with Microsoft Office Word 2007 building blocks. In this demo, a Microsoft employee who uses Word himself demystifies the options and shows you exactly how to do it. The demo covers some common questions from customers, such as when to use a page number design versus a header or footer design, how to set up a cover page, and how margins and headers and footers work together.
  • Lesson 15 - Adding And Changing Your Footer In Joomla 1.5 ALL 22 JOOMLA LESSONS HIGH RESOLUTION FOR JUST $7 FREE "HOW TO MAKE A WEBSITE" GUIDE: HOME PAGE: FOR AFFILIATE WEBMASTERS HOSTING RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDED SITE BUILDERS: This tutorial shows how to change the .ini file in your Cpanel to display different footer info, as well as activate and use the Footer Module with Joomla 1.5
  • How to remove footer on Weebly - 2010 How to remove Weebly footer - 2010 Visit and donate to us so we can get our game running up. Log in Weebly and click edit site. Go to Design above the page, click edit HTML/CSS. Find the line %%WEEBLYFOOTER%%. You have to replace that line, the line is in description, just pause video.
  • A Footer for your web page psd2 - Here is a new feature to psd2css Online that will generate a footer for your web page. psd2css Online will take your Photoshop web page design and automatically convert it to a dynamic web page in seconds. You can get special code written for various kinds of things on your web page by naming the layers in Photoshop correctly. This new feature uses the _footer Layer Naming Convention. Take a look at how easy it is to make a web page from a Photoshop or GIMP PSD file and how to use the new _footer feature
  • Creating A Sticky Footer with CSS Learn to create a "sticky footer" with CSS
  • Taliek Brown 35-40 footer UConn vs. Pitt 2 OT 2002 Big East Championship Taliek Brown's 35 foot buzzer beater with no time on the shot clock gives UConn a 69-64 lead in the 73-64 Big East Title in 2002, their first of three straight Title games vs Pitt where the lower seed won all three games, UConn in 2002 and 2004.
  • Reverand Homer - Single Footer Stallion Reverand Homer is a single footer stallion (Racking Horse) training at Rockin' Reverand Ranch, and is available for stud services. He is trained by Buhal and Brandon Bush. Contact us at Video Produced by Brian Kelly Multimedia - http
  • Concrete Footer Part 3 founder Tim Carter describes installing a concrete footer in this multi-part series.
  • 5'9 TDub Windmills Over 7 Footer and 540's At City Of Palms;CRAZY Dunkshow Here is professional dunker, TDub from Team Flight Brothers showing out at a halftime show for the City of Palms Classic.
  • Create PSD Photoshop CS4 Template Footer Lesson 5 www.1 - Build your own PSD photoshop template. In this tutorial we are going to build our footer. We will start by making a square shape at the bottom of the page and then add our image to it. Then we will clip it and add a bar so we can add our copyright information too it. We had a little bit of time left so we made our left nave area as well. Let me know how you get on. Ali
  • 83. Post Feed Footer - Blogger 2.0 has the other 117 Blogger training videos. This video will show you how to modify your post feeds footer.
  • Office ToDo | Word Lesson 13: Header/Footer and Page Numbers Learn how to add information into header and footer. Also how to add page numbers to your document. Get Additional Word 2007 Training Materials at . Headers and Footers are used to store data that will be added to every page on top or on bottom. Header that is the top of the page is usually used to store document title, author or contact information. Footer that is the bottom of the page is usually used to store page number. But of course you decide what you want where.
  • Concrete Footer and INTEGRASPEC ICF Foundation Wall Pouring a footer and an IntegraSpec ICF foundation wall at the same time
  • The 5 Footer Crew/G Funk Era - Walk Away Jason's Lyric OST (1994)
  • How to Customize Thesis Theme Footer with Categories, About me Page and Widgets ? You can add different elements like Recent Comments, Top Commentators, About me Page, Categories in your Thesis Theme Footer.
  • Printing in Excel 3 - Add Headers and Footers in Excel Visit for more, including Excel Consulting, Macros, and Tutorials. Add headers and footers to Excel files when printing. This Excel video tutorial shows you how to quickly and easily add headers and footers to your worksheets and workbooks in Excel. You will learn how to add a header and footer for Excel 2007 and previous versions of Excel. Also, you will learn exactly what you can add as a header; how to print the first page's header different than the rest of the pages; how to add the time, date, file name, page number, total pages, and more to the header and footer; and, how to add custom text to the header and footer in Excel. You also learn about the new page layout view for Excel 2007. This feature allows you to intuitively and easily add headers and footers to your documents. This is a great printing tutorial for Excel that walks you through what you can do to add headers and footers in Excel when printing a worksheet or workbook. For Excel consulting, classes, or to get the spreadsheet or macro used here visit the website http There, you can also get more free Excel video tutorials, macros, tips, and a forum for Excel. Have a great day!
  • Microsoft Access Form Footer Total How to put a total in the footer of a form in Microsoft Access
  • WordPress Direct - Footer Issue How to solve the Footer issue Recorded @ uStream.Tv
  • Dar Tucker dunks over 7-footer. Wins NBA D-LEAGUE DREAM FACTORY DUNK CONTEST Dar Tucker of the Los Angeles D-Fenders dunks over 7-ft tall Brian Butch to win the NBA D-LEAGUE DREAM FACTORY DUNK CONTEST!
  • Editing your header and footer in OS Commerce How to edit your header and footer in OS Commerce
  • Word 2007 Headers and Footers Word 2007 added many features to the header/footer options. Unfortunately using some of these features can lead to a frustrating experience. This video simplifies the creation of headers and footers using Word 2007.
  • EnWpAFL: [[Cities and mayors of 100,000 population footer]] New article without references
  • unixlinux: Help with sed command..!!: Hi everyone, I am new to unix programming.I need to remove the header and footer ...
  • glennvanbogaert: @ndecraecker It's a simple test. I need to get the footer at the right place but it always show up on the background.
  • glennvanbogaert: Looking into my code problem again. Why can't I get f*cking footer right?
  • mchetwode: @gilescoren the one in Battersea is near where the Duke played footer the other evening, and does a decent pint of Youngs
  • tteetlok: @cathycracks Congrats! Btw, the RAK+EU logo pair in the footer should be placed on a white background (page 8)
  • mig33krian: Blogger jQuery Dock Footer
  • skindoeshoops: One more thing, I may have won $80 off a Mav coach by drilling a 30 footer at Mavs shoot around this AM #KickAssPostSeason
  • SL05NED: @matttung now the page indicator is stabbing the footer...
  • SL05NED: @matttung now zoom out, the footer sticks there...
  • SL05NED: @matttung the footer appears when i scroll down...
  • SL05NED: @matttung the footer on all the pages are messed up on my 24" screen
  • SL05NED: @matttung hey any idea how to fix the footer of my site... its behaving really weird + the text alignment is messed up in firefox..
  • Elz_DaReal_Mc: @PunkyGang ... Wats Not Nice? The Tuck It In Or The Tweet About Hittin The Four Footer In Ur Name? Lmao
  • loserpants_: @glossydizzle lol yeah if we fill up the 5 footer ;) aha yess shes going furshure nd jett too(;
  • PunkyGang: RT @Elz_DaReal_Mc: I'ma Pak Da Four Footer Nd Hit It In Da Name Of @PunkyGang. Cuz I Just Love Killin" MySelf. #SmokesNoJoke #Yurp
  • Elz_DaReal_Mc: I'ma Pak Da Four Footer Nd Hit It In Da Name Of @PunkyGang. Cuz I Just Love Killin" MySelf. #SmokesNoJoke #Yurp
  • Elz_DaReal_Mc: That's It Just One Foot? Set It Up A Lil, Get A Four Footer... Lmao RT @PunkyGang I want one of those 1 foot bongs...
  • DaSNEAKERaddict: My boys 3 footer bong gonna do me good tho! #winning !
  • dkvidahl: @rosejones21 a 7 footer with 30+ foot range who's, by the numbers, the most clutch shooter in crunch time? yeah, he's overated. lol youngin'
  • jkagimoto: @justinihara I got you the 3 footer. Watch out!
  • Baoryr: Ultimate Footer Ads: Discover The 1 Minute Addition To Your Website That Converts More Visitors To Subscribers a...
  • EscalateBiz: : webalan on "How to change footer text": footer.php ?> <!-- Footer --> <?php if(is_home()||is_f...
  • theMTbrain: Barkley's absolutely right. You can't guard a 7-footer's fadeaway. His old-man's game is a pleasure to watch.
  • Phuongf699: The Ultimate Footer Popup Ad - Best Seller!: Best Conversions Out There! Affiliates can sell the Ultimate Footer...
  • pokerseoinabox: Correcting A Floating Footer or Floating Right Sidebar In Your Custom Theme:
  • aguilarcamille: Yay! Good news!! My first 20-footer shipment arrived today! Now gonna have to count inventory in a giant freezer! ☃
  • alexmillsdesign: @joshrussell though it's the basics, I love being able to use <header> <footer> etc It's great for browsers and makes code so readable!
  • mscurry414: Your not a respectable ass nigga no more...thats why i fuked with u with a 12 footer cuz u be on some mo ish
  • MARLON_JMF: Lakers vs Dirk and the Mavericks Monday night. Finally Pau Gasol gets to play against a 7 footer softer than he is. #NBA #Lakers
  • Iam_RonBass: Boooo to Dallas, who wants to watch that boring team. I definitely don't want to see a 7 footer fading away from the baseline. Smh. LOL
  • Ap14Life: Nice having a 7 footer that shoots free throws like that in the clutch
  • Whos_BrandonC: Bynum hit a stepback 15-footer in this game :o his game is evolving lol
  • DaDonData: my 7 footer.. http:///p/96926710
  • sumitngupta: I <3 #compass. Sticky footer stuff "Just Worked"
  • the_tony: @Dgen717 Back in the day, the definition of the Collingwood 6 footer was anyone between 5'10" and 6'2".
  • uweblog: Home player drives, gets fouled, it's "home cooking." Road team attempts 18 footer. Not fouled. Missed. Refs suck. Bah #mavericksbasketball!
  • anupchowdhury: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem
  • TooReal_Show: Dirk got a C L I P. Its too easy. His footwork is nasty for a 7 footer
  • FreshestGuyUKno: So yea like i said nobody in the league can guard dirk.. 7 footer with the jumpshot of a shooting guard
  • ItsDreDuhh: What 7 footer you know that can shoot like Dirk?
  • mallage1: DAMN YOU DIRK. 7 footer doing fadeaways...unstoppable
  • Stoney_Maguche: @albsmokin @stonedtimes thanks guys... i had atalk with a friend and he made lots of sence. now i can buy a new RooR. 4 footer here i come
  • christophernl: @the_tony Mate, I think he was a fair way off being a 6 footer, although his hair may have been 6 feet long?
  • _BronzeBeauty_: Only thing I got on dis the header n footer..I'm bout to get on it tho
  • the_tony: @christophernl And proly not at CHF as he was only a Collingwood 6 footer.
  • Starfleetmom: Ok I have to drive. I guess I should change my footer. (i'm not driving)
  • Andy_Uyeda: Everybody's just standing and watching. You don't have to be a 7-footer to at least put a body on Chandler and slow him down. #uprise #fb
  • FreshestGuyUKno: Wat 7 footer do u kno who can get 19, 9, and 4? #Dirk
  • jkoepp: @KungFuPunch NBA team drafts RS3 expecting quite sporty Audi, disappointed to find timid, useless 7 footer who jacks 3's w/ game on the line
  • ricordk: Multiple ways to grow your subscribers: popup forms, footer bar, post content
  • Salmondave2: Uh, why is Kidd allowed to walk up to the basket and shoot an 8 footer?
  • tylerkoenig99: RT @LakersReporter: Another offensive board, LAL's 11th of the game, this time results in Bynum's 15-footer. Crowd quiet, a 76-59 deficit.
  • Sencrealuvsmile: @_Ant2flyy ooh yea make sense since i have class around two, didnt see how i missed a six footer lol
  • DesignerzJobs: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout I d...
  • FooterLinks: Footer Links: Product and Website Review: Kidlandia http:///product-and-website-review-kidlandia/
  • FooterLinks: Footer Links: Kate and William ready for 'happiest day' (AFP) http:///kate-and-william-ready-for-happiest-day-afp/
  • DesignerzJobs: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout I d...
  • thatSOravennn: @lalaland_karen Arial makes it even longer! #Yesss and go to view and then go down to header and footer
  • CaptainKo0ol: I respect Dirks game, no doubt! But his toughness? Not at all. A 7 footer dat gets punked by every playa in da league? #ManUp ya damn German
  • 1JennBeck: I will create a graphic, banner, header, footer, bullet point, background, etc for your website for $4 #web #webdesign
  • John_SoloDolo: RT @MalcolmxWest: @John_SoloDolo I'm not too worried, Dirk is the best 7' footer in the game. <---- Somebody feel me!
  • faarraah13: Q: i am right handed but left footer is that... A: aha: http:///ask-me-anything/18g12m
  • 1MrSpacely: I don't care how soft Dirk is, I'll take him over every other 7 footer in the league.
  • MalcolmxWest: @John_SoloDolo I'm not too worried, Dirk is the best 7' footer in the game.
  • Tandur: @coachdavemiller Howard trade ideas. Bynum's range makes him more valuable, I feel. Howard has no 15-footer.
  • RealENN: #freelance jobs: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer im... #projects
  • Cowboyhannah: Can't wait for the muskie opener. Musky season is close and I need to put line on my new Revo Toro 50. Its going on my new TI 9 footer!
  • MirsadPehlic: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem
  • FreelanceDirect: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem #Freelance #Jobs
  • freelance4Job: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem
  • tucamaia: “@ktier09: Website Inpsiration: Mkt Virtual” // only footer is flash :)
  • jthig32: Um..Jet..if you're going to forsake a layup for a 10 have to make it.
  • RealENN: Freelance Jobs! Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem
  • ConeStarr: Dirk screams, "Let's GO!" at Rose Garden crowd after nailing top of key 20 footer. He is pumped
  • DeliaHortonhdl: RT @NYG_Central: How does Bosh see 5 seconds on the clock and think "OK I'll dribble this out and jack up a 30 footer"???
  • ScottyMore: Freelance Jobs! Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem
  • brucevong: - Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image ... #jobs
  • sem_jobs: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added ... http:///3f94oro #sem #jobs
  • HyperspaceHippo: @SilverSkyDesign I have it in my blog footer. But now I've added it to all my posts. LOL (Mostly so it shows in the FB thing, w/ the link)
  • DonanzaJobs: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout ...
  • ServSafePro: Now hiring: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Foote... #jobs #hiring #job
  • JackPatrick1: Now hiring: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Foote... #jobs #hiring #job
  • firefoxette: Now hiring: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Foote... #jobs #hiring #job
  • projectboards: Now hiring: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Foote... #jobs #hiring #job
  • EscalateBiz: : Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added...
  • DiFreelance: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added t... #trabajos #jobs
  • kefimohamed: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout ...
  • ravipatelseo: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout ...
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  • SeanJA: @karolijn This maybe? #footer div:first{ position: absolute; height: 100px; overflow: hidden; } (not a great solution though....)
  • springlabs: Basic Header/Footer image added to the layout by mrogerssalem: Basic Header/Footer image added to the... #Freelance
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  • “The footer is traditionally an underused part of a web design. It's the place for copyright notices and credit links. But you can do so much more with a blog footer. Twitter updates, popular posts, recent comments, and Flickr photo streams are”
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  • “Fundamentally any weblog would be made up of header, sidebar, content section and footer. In the eye of a visitor, the footer is perhaps one of the most”
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  • “In this Photoshop tutorial I would like to walk you through the designing of a creative, paper-crumpled Blog/website footer area like the one shown”
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  • “If you navigate through the blogosphere you will realize that the vast majority of the blogs lack a footer. Even when they have one you will just find a copyright message there. A functional footer for a blog should have at least the following”
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  • “What happens when your visitors are done reading a post on your blog? Maybe they comment on the article, go read another one, click on an ad, get in touch with”
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  • “Desain tampilan blog yang keren dan unik serta minimalis merupakan cara ampuh yang menjadikan blog kita beda dari blog orang lain. Jika kita banyak uang bisa”
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  • “Atlas Cerise on "BLH 1.6 Footer Glitch with IE" ulysses on "BLH 1.6 Footer Glitch with IE" ulysses on "BLH 1.6 Footer Glitch with IE" Atlas Cerise on "BLH 1.6 Footer Glitch with IE"”
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  • “Tadi sewaktu mouseku melintas di footer blog ini, aku tiba-tiba menyadari ada yang aneh. Link Powered by WordPress yang seharusnya mengarah ke ”
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  • “Creative footers have become one of the hottest trends in web design, and blog footers are no exception. But they have to be done well. Here are three key things to remember when designing a blog footer. 1. Attention decreases from top to bottom”
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  • “When readers come to your blog they usually come from referring sites or search engines and their interaction with your blog depends upon your content. If they”
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