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  • Scottish Foundries Hub Website Foundry Cast Casting Buyers Suppleirs Metal Moulding Pattern Core Shell SG Iron Steel Bronze Gunmetal Alloys CNC Enquires Online. — “Scottish Foundries - Foundry Cast Casting Buyers Suppliers”,
  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world's first full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly global manufacturing and technology footprint. Launched in March 2009 through a partnership between AMD [NYSE: AMD] and the Advanced Technology Investment. — “Welcome to GLOBALFOUNDRIES”,
  • Welcome to the local Foundries directory serving the Tampa Bay metro area - Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa. — “Foundries Directory Serving Tampa Bay FL”,
  • Manufacturer of oil expeller from India - S P FOUNDRIES - Visit the online catalog for Indian oil expeller manufacturers & oil expeller suppliers. — “Oil expeller manufacturer,oil expeller supplier,oil expeller”,
  • Glow of a foundry crucible. A foundry is a factory that produces metal castings. Metals are cast into shapes by melting them into a liquid, pouring the metal in a mold, and removing the mold material or casting after the metal has solidified as it cools. — “Foundry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In foundries, molten metals are cast into objects. of desired shapes. ponent foundries and some small foundries melt. iron in gas or coke-fired cupola furnaces. — “Foundries”,
  • Kasson Castings - John, Joe & Kay Kasson - Kassons Castings is a family owned and operated Art Foundry specializing in the production of bronze sculptures using the lost wax process. For almost 30 years, the Kasson Family Art Foundry has strived to produce the finest castings around. — “ - Foundries and Related Services for Sculptors”,
  • MEMS Foundries, Market Challenges Whether you are setting the strategy for a foundry, or selecting a foundry partner for your product, now more than ever before, the choices made. — “MEMS Foundries - market research report on Reportlinker”,
  • Nigerian Foundries Limited (NFL) has repositioned itself by moving into a total solutions enterprise. In general and the local content in the oil and gas industry in particular. — “Nigerian Foundries Limited-Homepage”,
  • usage of energy in foundries have gained considerable prominence. Foundries no longer produce. only raw castings.Today, many modern foundries design the parts, build the tool. — “Guide to Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Canadian Foundries”,
  • Foundries. Like the look of the type from a certain foundry? Browse of foundries that offer fonts on . 066.FONT. 2Rebels. ABC Types from ITF. abcdesign. — “Foundries - ”,
  • A large foundry in Asia has placed a significant multi-system, follow-on order with Ultratech's LSA100A systems will be used to support the foundry's 45nm production ramp, according to the. — “Industry:Foundry Semiconductors”,
  • 572 Gray and Ductile Iron Foundries in the United States. Search or browse our list of gray and ductile iron foundries by category or location. — “Page 8 | Gray and Ductile Iron Foundries in the United States”,
  • Directory of Foundries in the yellow pages. Find Foundries in maps with reviews, websites, phone numbers, addresses, and business profiles. — “Foundries in Yellow Pages by SuperPages”,
  • Free Online Library: List of articles about Foundries. — “Foundries - Free Online Library”,
  • Find company profiles by industry at including detailed business information on executives, financial data and more. Foundries - Massachusetts. — “Foundries - Massachusetts Company Directory from ”,
  • Foundries, tables explaining the alternative process to avoid or use of vibrating equipment and management of HAV risks where use of vibrating equipment is unavoidable. — “Hand arm vibration - Foundries”,
  • Category:Foundries. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to: navigation, search manufacturing companies (10 C, 15 F) Media in category "Foundries" The following 23 files are in this. — “Category:Foundries - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • United Foundries. United Foundries has been a top tier rolling mill roll supplier for over 100 years. We offer cast and hot isostatic pressed rolls in the latest chemistries for an extensive range of applications. These include work rolls for hot strip , cold strip, plate, and roughing stands. — “United Foundries”,
  • Find BBB Accredited Foundries near Williston, OH - your guide to trusted Williston, OH Foundries, recommended and BBB Accredited businesses. — “Williston Foundries - Find BBB Accredited Foundries near”,
  • Ductile and Gray Iron Sand Foundry, has a highly skilled workforce and an upgraded state of the art furnace and molding capacity. Empire Castings Inc. has made a firm commitment to investing heavily in the latest equipment, processes and training. LEARN MORE >. — “Lone Star Foundries, Inc”,

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  • Global Foundries DnD 2011_Belly dance Part 2.MOV Global Foundries DnD 2011_Belly dance Part 2
  • Grede Foundries Part II
  • Global Foundries Impact of Global in Malta, NY A Fab 2 plant moving to Saratoga County. Global Foundries will be employing 1500 direct jobs and 5000 indirect jobs to Saratoga County.
  • COLORES | Shidoni Foundry | KNME Their work is unknown to most -- but not to the artists whose work they help create. They are the artists of the Shidoni Foundry in Tesuque, New Mexico. Shidoni is one of the most accomplished foundries in the world, specializing in the lost wax technique of casting sculpture. As well as casting work for many of the world's most prominent artists, the artists of Shidoni are leading research to improve techniques and materials in the complex process of casting metals. It is their work and innovation that ensure Shidoni's role as a cutting edge foundry. IMAGES: OWN: For more New Mexico PBS content visit
  • Aluminium (LM25) Sand Casting - Aluminium Foundry, UK Pouring molten aluminium into sand cast moulds for electronics castings at Draycast Foundries Limited, Chesham UK. Please visit for more information
  • Foundry C-Frame Rollover Draw Machine from Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. C-Frame Rollover for No Bake Foundries from Palmer. Ranges in size: 500 20000 lbs. No pit required for most foundry systems. High torque hydraulic rotation ensured easy and efficient rolling of even the heaviest of jobs. Simple rugged alignment design for accurate and repeatable parallelity of draw. Custom designs. Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
  • MEMS Foundry Micralyne Inc. is one of the largest independent MEMS foundries. Micralyne offers MEMS product development and commercial MEMS manufacturing.
  • Foundry benefits from government programme Castings specialist KEW Foundries reports that the Department of Science and Technology's (DST's) Technology Localisation Programme (TLP) has assisted it in overcoming a number of short-term challenges. Last year, the DST made R26-million available for technology assistance packages (TAPs) to support the South African foundry industry under the TLP.
  • Lunenburg Foundries Atlantic Twin Cylinder 8hp Gasoline Engi Created on January 29, 2010 using FlipShare.
  • Process Type Foundry Process Type Foundry has quickly become one of the most sought-after type foundries in the United States. Created in 2002 by Eric Olson, the company is known for its unique contemporary typefaces, extensive extended character sets, and custom commissioned work. Its early font releases included the rounded sans serif Bryant, the quirky modular FIG Script, and Locator & Locator Display, a type family designed to represent the Twin Cities. Klavika, released in 2004, has become the foundrys most popular typeface to date, appearing in everything from the Facebook logo to NBCs on-air graphics and magazines such as Blender and Architecture MN. Process Type Foundry has worked with clients such as the New York Times Magazine, Thomson-Reuters, and Chevrolet to strengthen their identities with custom type work, and in 2005 Olson engineered the Walker Art Centers new graphic identity. The studios work has been featured in the book Metro Letters and in numerous magazines, including Eye, Nylon, PRINT, étapes, HOW, STEP, Metropolis, Task Newsletter, and CAP&Design. Prior to forming Process, Olson taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and was a design fellow at the University of Minnesota Design Institute and a graphic designer at the Walker. A principal in the company, Nicole Dotin received her MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, England, and previously taught at MCAD. In 2006 she joined Olson as the foundrys second designer.
  • Chuck & Jimmy GlobalFoundries Project Globalfoundries Inc. is one of the world's largest independent semiconductor foundries, with its headquarters located in Sunnyvale, California. Globalfoundries was created by the divestiture of the foundry business of AMD on March 2, 2009. Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) is the largest investor in the company (66 percent). Globalfoundries manufactures integrated circuits in high volume mostly for semiconductor companies such as AMD and STMicroelectronics. Fab 1 Fab 1, located in Dresden, Germany is a 364512 m² plant. When transferred to Globalfoundries in its inception, Fab 36 and Fab 38 were renamed Module 1 and Module 2, respectively. Each module can produce 25000 wafers per month. [2] Module 1 is a 300-mm wafer production facility. It is capable of manufacturing wafers at 65 nm and 45 nm for use in AMD CPUs, APUs, and future 32-nm SOI silicon. Module 2 is in a transition period, converting from 200-mm to 300-mm wafer production for 55 nm and 40 nm for use in chipsets, GPUs, and future 32-nm bulk silicon. Fab 2 located in Luther Forest Technology Campus, Saratoga County, New York is a new 300 mm Fab. This fabrication plant was previously named Fab 4x when it was still part of AMD. It is going to be a new 28 nm wafer plant. The plant's construction is set to begin sometime in 2009 and the company expects to start mass production in 2012. Merger with Chartered Semiconductor The company has two 300mm fabrication plants, one operating in Germany, and one under ...
  • Historical Hazards of Foundry Work 1999 For a good review of the hazards associated with foundry work and options for their control, read the 1985 NIOSH Criteria Document Recommendations for Control of Occupational Safety and Health Hazards: Foundries at . Also check out the excellent factsheets from the British Health and Safety Executive at . This was clipped from the 1999 NIOSH video, Caution: Foundry at Work, available at the NIOSH website and at the Internet Archives.
  • Question: Global Foundries
  • union foundry a day at the foundry
  • Grede Foundries - Part I.avi The history of Grede Foundries, Inc. - Part 1
  • Grede Foundries Part III
  • Parkfield Foundries, Stockton on Tees Computer simulation of Parkfied Foundries using Railworks
  • Benefits of ERP in Foundry Presentation regarding benefits of ERP in foundries with ROI and reasons, why should the foudries consider ERP.
  • Foundry Equipment Green Sand Casting Iron Production Line Whole Line Casting Iron Line
  • Global Foundries Announces Job Fair ! Carpenters Local Union 370 William Billy Weir Kevin Hicks Douglas Blacklock Patrick B. Morin
  • Foundry The foundry in Koluszki was designed and built by the american consultants Swindell-Dressier in 1976 and started to operate under the name of Odlewnia Żeliwa Koluszki. Since 2004 it has been incorporated into the Belgian HACO Group (important European manufacturer of pressbrakes, guillotine shears, punching machines, lasercutting machines, etc.) and changed its name to KFM - Koluszki Foundry and Machinery. Continuous investments ensure that it remains among big and most modern foundries in Poland. The company specializes in the production of iron castings for the machinery, pump, valve and general engineering industries. All moulds and cores are made of furan bound sand. The advanced quality control system ensures high quality level of casting. Due to our long tradition and collaboration with the foundry business, we are the ideal partner ready to meet your needs. Koluszki Foundry and Machinery Sp. z oo Ul. 11 Listopada 65 95-040 Koluszki POLEN Tel: +48 (44) 714 62 00 Tel: +48 (44) 714 62 14 Fax: +48 (44) 714 62 02 Fax: +48 (71) 360 91 21 Joanna Rżanek TEL: +48447146206 (English) [email protected] Iwona Klimczak TEL: +48447146208 (Deutsch) [email protected] Agnieszka Liszka TEL: +48447146214 (English) [email protected]
  • Access Environmental Systems - Coolfog - Foundries Coolfog system benefits in foundries.
  • She recommended him to learn to play the fiddle-Hidden glamor of foundries Filmed in all 5 boroughs of NYC from 1996 - 2007.
  • Global Foundries FAB7- Dinner & Dance 2011
  • JOBBING FOUNDRIES Jobbing Foundries
  • Walter Ng, Global Foundries
  • Global Foundries Impact Global Foundries a Fab 2 plant is buliding in Malta NY. It will bring approximately 5000 jobs to the upstate area. It is one of the largest Fab 2 plants in the world.
  • Foundry Processes to Market with Jim Ballingall of GLOBALFOUNDRIES GLOBALFOUNDRIES just had their official coming out party at their Global Technologies Conference. Find out more in this interview on get register and view it at ...
  • irish foundry -- crucible drop-in
  • Trapped Foundry Pollution Tosa I'm using a large aerial photo I bought from SEWRPAC to show the shape of things around Grede Liberty Foundry. The topograph plays such a huge roll in how the pollution flows through our neigborhoods. The topography also effects the weather locally in the valley. Buildings matter too. I'm told that advance computers are needed to accurately do the foundries pollution modeling. That's what they do to forecast accurately the pollutions dispersion in relation to its environment. Or is it our environment? From what I understand that's not always done to that degree. The valley bluffs clearly act as a barrier to the dispersion of the pollutions the WDNR has said in a Email.
  • Command and Conquer Foundries Trailer At last the CnC Foundires trailer footage you saw on BattleCast Primetime! All Gameplay footage was taken by me and the Raj footage was taken from CnCTV Music: "Hell March" ~Red Alert "Navras" ~Juna Reactor & Don Davis Programs used: Microsoft Movie Maker Photoshop CS FRAPS ScreenGrab Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars If you desire more CnC Foundries news, read here:
  • Development of pilot foundry qualification progressing well The development of a pilot foundry qualification by the industry-led, government-funded National Foundry Technology Network (NFTN) is progressing well, the organisation reports. In addition to developing a curriculum in support of occupational profiles, it has also negotiated the process of registering the qualifications and unit standards on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) with the South African Qualifications Authority, the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations and the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Merseta). This process started in October 2008 and was completed in December 2009.
  • Global Foundries Community Dialogue Saratoga Springs Jan. 2010 David, Laurie and Shelly discuss the Global Foundries opportunity for Upstate New York and how to invite more creative business and people to Upstate.
  • club penguin arceus1008s evil foundries ya see i belong to an evil organazation with darkrai71,arceus901,metal luigi 9,mimi5696,egg devilray,egg dragoon, and i missccf so ya wana join stay at the ive burg on saturdays untill i come :) oh my new theme is saurhead theme
  • ColdJet dry ice blasting for foundries Uploaded for .au
  • Foundry - IceTech Dry Ice Blasting IceTech dry ice blasting is widely used in foundries.
  • Jamke Foundries , Gray Iron Casting Crucibles Manufacturers of Gray Casti Iron Crucibles & Auto Parts.
  • Global Foundries DnD 2011_Belly dance Part 1.MOV Global Foundries DnD 2011_Belly dance Part 1
  • ARM, IBM, Samsung, GlobalFoundries and Synopsys discuss collaboration on 32nm designs ARM, IBM, Synopsys, Global Foundries,and Samsung working together to bring a vertically optimized solutions for 32/28nm SoC designs.
  • Foundry M-Series XLD Continuous Sand Mixers from Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. Americas Favorite Durable Sand Mixer for Foundries. Quick access dual mixing chamber doors. Capacity 15-5000 lbs. Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
  • Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War II Campaign Defending A Foundry In campaign mode, strategic assets like automated foundries need to be defended often in order to gain additional bonuses (artillery strike, deployments.....)
  • Grede Foundry Pollution Sunday 6-21-09 around 6 pm I video taped this from 1215 North 62nd street address where someone want to build a nursing home? Grede Liberty Foundry State Street Wauwatosa. North end of property. There were only 4 cars in lot I could see. The site had been quiet since Thursday the 18th of June. They've been pouring mostly at night lately. They work less hours. The economy I guess. Parking lot full during the day and for 3rd shift, but seems everything is shut off often during the day or early afternoons. They've closed evenings Thursdays until opening Sunday evenings. But still when the wind blows our way it's into the house, close the doors and windows and stay indoors. Even with what appears to be a lack of work, what castings they still pour drives us indoors where we now are forced to use the airconditioner even on nice days when we could get by with open windows! At the time of my video I do not believe they were pouring iron yet. There were only 4 cars I could see in the lot. And it seemed to me all the machinary you normally hear so loudly was not on yet. I believe I believe the dust blowing out of the overhead door was the result of a machine shaking the cold sand castings apart from the prior Thursday . I'm told by the DNR that when the castings are shaken apart they are still hot enough to burn more of the chemicals mixed with the sand. But lucky for us they were cooling for almost 4 days. A scrap metal drier I think was on used to burn off moisture, oil, and I think paint before the iron ...
  • sunhelen: @grillitype but what about the big foundries,look at their systems.. I know they are made for sale but some of them are hilarious..
  • MattJacobsonME: NY gives AbuDhabi-owned AMD-Global Foundries > $1B to make chips & export US nano-tech. Really.
  • DarlaMcconnaugh: At the River Rouge plant, for example, iron from the furnace goes directly into the foundries and is poured without reheating
  • AshliGovernKFKU: At the River Rouge plant, for example, iron from the furnace goes directly into the foundries and is poured without reheating
  • webcontravelers: [email protected] of @fontsquirrel and @fontspring fame told us why unhinted web fonts are a problem on windows, and how this hinders foundries…
  • thisiskwarc: [] Typography - 5 Awesome Type Foundries With Beautiful Examples | Think Design: So typography is...
  • wackliche: [] Typography - 5 Awesome Type Foundries With Beautiful Examples | Think Design: So typography is...
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  • mayekprojects: Web fonts — the death of type foundries? (via Instapaper)
  • newsquake: April Revenues Slip Slightly at Top Two Foundries #NewsQuake
  • SupplyChainMgt: April Revenues Slip Slightly at Top Two Foundries
  • brandondawson: Digging all the foundries and fonts available on Monotype's new web fonts service. #typography #design
  • FitProIT: Digging all the foundries and fonts available on Monotype's new web fonts service. #typography #design
  • WeLaunchIT: Digging all the foundries and fonts available on Monotype's new web fonts service. #typography #design
  • davelab6: @duncn OpenSans,Droid,Tinos,Ubuntu-all developd by heavy hitr foundries.Lato & Merriweather by quality individuals over many months.Gems :)
  • kestinen: Decadence. Sponsored by Rautaruukki Foundries. @ Rautatieasema - Tampere railway station
  • mastodon: Global Foundries on NPR right now.
  • cliffordbrown3: I'm at Grede Foundries - Berlin Division (242 South Pearl Street, Berlin) http://4/jnMukk
  • cliffordbrown3: @fudp01 I work for a foundry company, foundries are ALWAYS in less than desirable areas, my travel usually sucks

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