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  • Foundry Manufacturers & Foundry Suppliers Directory - Find a Foundry Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Foundry Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Foundry-Foundry Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Sonic Foundry is the creator of Mediasite, the leading web communications and content management system for lecture capture, event webcasting and online knowledge management. — “Sonic Foundry”,
  • Atlas Foundry is a jobbing and production foundry specializing in Class 20, 25, 30, and 35 Gray Iron Castings weighing less than 50 pounds. We utilize Disamatic Molding Machines to produce molds for our castings. Production volumes range from 100. — “Gray Iron Castings and foundry services from Atlas Foundry”,
  • Neenah Foundry Company Contact Information Neenah Foundry Company 2121 Brooks Ave. Neenah, WI 54956 WI Tel. — “Neenah Foundry Company: Information from ”,
  • Glow of a foundry crucible. A foundry is a factory that produces metal castings. Metals are cast into shapes by melting them into a liquid, pouring the metal in a mold, and removing the mold material or casting after the metal has solidified as it cools. — “Foundry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Reliance Foundry offers Quality Cast Steel & Iron Castings, Marine Bollards and Cleats, Wheels, Architectural Bollards and Bike Racks. — “Reliance Foundry”, reliance-
  • Used and Refurbished Foundry Equipment. Certified Foundry/General Plant Appraisals. Export IRON FOUNDRY For Sale, Brake Disc and Drums More Information. AJAX 40/30T Vertiplex. — “Welcome - World Equipment & Machine Sales Co”, foundry-
  • Metal casting foundry, free step by step sand casting instructions. Affordable furnaces, crucibles and complete foundry kits. — “FOUNDRY101.COM”,
  • Definition of foundry from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of foundry. Pronunciation of foundry. Definition of the word foundry. Origin of the word foundry. — “foundry - Definition of foundry at ”,
  • At General Foundry Service, "We Pour Molten Metal into Useful Shapes It is General Foundry Service's quality, engineering, and on time deliveries that keep our customers coming back. — “General Foundry Service”,
  • Seth Levine (Foundry Group) To quote from Eric's blog on this announcement: I'm excited because I feel like we have the ability to really change the game with this one. Foundry Group Invests in Urban Airship. We recently led the $5.4 million Series B funding round of Urban Airship. Besides our. — “Foundry Group - Home”,
  • COMPANY PROFILE About Foundry is a furniture label which made its debut in IMM Cologne 2010. As a producer, Foundry works closely with new, up-and-coming designers from around the world, translating their. — “Foundry”,
  • Foundry definition, an establishment for producing castings in molten metal. See more. — “Foundry | Define Foundry at ”,
  • Online factbook and information guide for members of and visitors to Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. — “Foundry United Methodist Church”,
  • Buy foundry, Computers Networking items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, Toys Hobbies items and get what you want now!. — “foundry items - Get great deals on Computers Networking”,
  • Fred Shingledecker - Foundry Sales Manager - Central and South East USA Pyrotek Turnkey Launder Systems Deliver Ideal Foundry Process Solutions (Alan Sale). — “Pyrotek - Foundry Solutions”,
  • The Foundry: a unique location, directly across from Manhattan. Rent it for special events, weddings, parties, photography, film and video shoots, seminars. — “The Foundry”,
  • American Fine Arts Foundry specializes in bronze art foundry and bronze sculpture fabrication services for artists. We offer the entire range of services necessary for you to produce exceptional custom bronze castings from mold making, bronze and. — “BRONZE FOUNDRY - bronze casting foundries - fine art”,
  • Foundry Miniatures, also known as Wargames Foundry, began making hand cast miniatures in Nottingham in1976 and since then has grown to become the market leader in the quality of its 28mm Historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction models; now with. — “Foundry, The”,
  • 10.20.10. Foundry Launches Mobile Banking "Adoption Guarantee" View All Press Releases. Customer Spotlight. Sun National Bank "From the decision in the fourth quarter to launch mobile banking, to a soft marketing campaign in mid-February, and. — “Home | mFoundry”,
  • Definition of foundry in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of foundry. Pronunciation of foundry. Translations of foundry. foundry synonyms, foundry antonyms. Information about foundry in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. iron. — “foundry - definition of foundry by the Free Online Dictionary”,

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  • Lodge cast iron Manufacturing We tour the lodge cast iron foundery in South Pittsburgh, TN
  • Metal Casting at Home Part 2 Backyard Foundry In part one I made the sand mould. Now I melt metal and complete the casting.
  • DIY foundry crucible furnace Making my own foundry furnace at home for melting aluminum. I came up with this design based on what i've seen others doing on You-tube, both DIY and pro guys (especially Tubalcain). I'm a firm believer that you get out what you put in. This project took about 6 weeks of part time work to do. Nothing was outsourced for fabrication. Everything was designed on the computer first. The acrylic brick moulds were made in one of the shops I regularly deal with that has a CNC. This furnace was designed around the need for single person operation and portability. I also had large reservations about casting the refractory cement (which is very expensive) in one piece. This would have also made the finished furnace body unmovable by one person. Casting bricks also allowed easer/effective/controlled construction and assembly. This also makes it very easy to dismantle and clean the unit.
  • FRESNEL LENS SOLAR FOUNDRY MELTING STEEL SUN USING A LARGE Solar "Death Ray" 45" Fresnel Lens in action. This newer type of lens can reach 2700˚ or 1500c in a few seconds. The brick also aids in heat storage. 281 of 325
  • Home built foundry Aluminum pour
  • The Making of The Metal Foundry SDX™ (for Superior Drummer® 2.0) The Metal Foundry SDX™ - Expansion for Superior Drummer® 2.0 Available July 1st 2009! • 7 Massive Drum Kits! • 300.000 Soundfiles! • 35GB of Raw Drum Recordings! Video directed by: Village Road Film
  • Alexander Mosolov - Op.19 The Iron Foundry (Zavod/Machine Music) This is Alexander Mosolov's Opus 19, The Iron Foundry. It also known as Machine Music and Zavod. It is performed by the Los Angeles Philaharmonic
  • I'm a VC Download the MP3, Buy signed copies of the book! Foundry Group, a venture capital firm investing in seed and early stage US-based technology companies, launched this documentary film illustrating through complex metaphors and stunning montages the secret lives of venture capitalists including information rarely seen or understood.....until now. The film entitled "I'm a VC" is an in-depth, hard-hitting, and emotionally charged look into the lives of four veteran venture capitalists trying to make the world a better place. Starring Foundry Group Managing Directors Seth Levine, Ryan McIntyre, Brad Feld, and Jason Mendelson, the film gives insight into the VC ecosystem that the public has never seen before. VCs deal with many difficult issues on a regular basis that few know about, including what to eat for lunch, competing with friends and family for deal flow, and feeling insecure about their choice of college education.
  • Homemade Electric Aluminum Foundry Check out my website for details on how the foundry was built: --- This is the first casting in my homemade aluminum foundry. Approximately 5 lbs of aluminum was poured here which took about 2 hours to melt. The furnace draws 20A on 220VAC. The element was custom made for me at a pottery kiln shop, the body of the furnace is made from firebricks and commercial cast refractory. The tools for handling the crucible were made by myself. The amperage controller is sitting on the pink foam on the floor, I'll be enclosing it properly but wanted to try it out first. The final furnace took about 6 months to complete, working on it every couple weekends, and I expect to get a lot of use from it.
  • Process Type Foundry Process Type Foundry has quickly become one of the most sought-after type foundries in the United States. Created in 2002 by Eric Olson, the company is known for its unique contemporary typefaces, extensive extended character sets, and custom commissioned work. Its early font releases included the rounded sans serif Bryant, the quirky modular FIG Script, and Locator & Locator Display, a type family designed to represent the Twin Cities. Klavika, released in 2004, has become the foundrys most popular typeface to date, appearing in everything from the Facebook logo to NBCs on-air graphics and magazines such as Blender and Architecture MN. Process Type Foundry has worked with clients such as the New York Times Magazine, Thomson-Reuters, and Chevrolet to strengthen their identities with custom type work, and in 2005 Olson engineered the Walker Art Centers new graphic identity. The studios work has been featured in the book Metro Letters and in numerous magazines, including Eye, Nylon, PRINT, étapes, HOW, STEP, Metropolis, Task Newsletter, and CAP&Design. Prior to forming Process, Olson taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and was a design fellow at the University of Minnesota Design Institute and a graphic designer at the Walker. A principal in the company, Nicole Dotin received her MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, England, and previously taught at MCAD. In 2006 she joined Olson as the foundrys second designer.
  • Home Shop Foundry - Melting Scrap Copper Everyone melts aluminum! But melting copper is a little more special. During this casting session, you get to see what happens to scrap copper (and impurities) as I melt them and repour as ingots. Copper is a beautiful metal. I've come to the conclusion that it is nearly as simple to melt as aluminum, but a much better metal for sculpture and artwork. After all, when have you ever heard someone say "that's a lovely patina on that piece of aluminum?" As usual, I try to throw in a few observations about the casting process and DIY setup. From a casting session in October, 2010. Also, check out my follow-on video where I melt brass and bronze.
  • Backyard Foundry I made this a few years ago from an obsolete propane tank. The lining is refractory cement with perlite added for insulation. The burner is made from iron pipe using a reduction fitting as the venturi and a capped tee with a #60 hole drilled through the cap for the gas jet. It is quite efficient and compact for the job it does. Current project: To make a Graphite clay crucible that will solve the problem of using steel crucibles which have a limited lifetime. Also check out my foundry extension video to see how to properly mix the fireclay and add the perlite insulation without sacrificing the working surface of the foundry. The lining is Harbison Walker KS4 which has stood the test of time and well worth the money. have fun bob
  • Metal Casting at Home Part 1 Backyard Foundry The first of 26 videos showing how I make aluminium castings in my home made foundry. Part one shows how the mould is made and in part two the metal is melted and poured.
  • Cloud Foundry Live Webinar - Part 1 (Paul and Rod) Paul Maritz and Rod Johnson
  • Gingery Charcoal Foundry Furnace This clip is an excerpt from the DVD; 'Dave Gingery's Green-Sand Casting Techniques'.
  • Foundry
  • Foundry for the Home gunsmith Enhancing Home Gunsmithing with Foundry
  • Home Foundry pouring ingots Getting a little smoother at the melts. Still have some bugs to work out. Still want ot build a new waste oil burner. Foundry holds heat well. Skin temp doesn't get above about 170 deg.
  • Foundry Dance Music by Cloud Cult Created by Matt and Heidi Hoy
  • SWTOR - Hard Mode Foundry guide "The Foundry" flashpoint on hard mode by the guild *Depravity* on Black Vulkars - PvP
  • Access Environmental Systems - Coolfog - Foundries Coolfog system benefits in foundries.
  • Homemade Foundry Blast Furnace Homemade foundry furnace with rolling stand and foot pedal controlled lid.
  • ISU Symphonic Band - Foundry by John Mackey The Illinois State University Symphonic Band performs John Mackey's "Foundry" on October 9, 2011 Dr. Daniel A. Belongia, conductor
  • Getting Started - and Micro Cloud Foundry Featuring: , Micro Cloud Foundry, Spring Roo, STS, Ruby, Node.js, MySQL, Postgres, Redis Presenter: Dekel Tankel (@dekt), VMware Recorded on Oct 5, 2011
  • John Mackey - FOUNDRY If you have a request for another song you don't see on Youtube, just ask and I'll work some big magic to see what I can do. Song (c) John Mackey
  • $30 backyard aluminum foundry DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!! An overview of my aluminum foundry. Only cost me about $30 bucks at Ace Hardware. Got some scrap aluminum at a welding yard for free and tried to mold them into ingots using a wal-mart muffin pan.
  • TF2: Top Secret Area on Foundry & Hidden Blue "TO-BOR" Easter Egg - Team Fortress 2 Robots? Follow me on TWITTER! | Like me on FACEBOOK | Watch me on LIVE STREAM | Join me on STEAM | Add me on GOOGLE+ | Subscribe to me on YOUTUBE | /user/Shibby2142 Be a supporter by donating! | Thanks for watching and checking out the links above! Feel free to rate and comment on the video that really helps me out. Don't hesitate to subscribe for more or sharing this video link with a friend. Hopefully I will see you next time!
  • foundry making cores
  • Gravenhurst - The Foundry Gravenhurst - The Foundry. I don't own this song, nor do I own the copyright. Taken from the 'Trust' single, available on iTunes and from Warp records. Myspace: Warp Records:
  • Jamke Foundries , Gray Iron Casting Crucibles Manufacturers of Gray Casti Iron Crucibles & Auto Parts.
  • Home Foundry Trying out modified burner.
  • Foundry Making a Part for my Case 580 SE (Part 1) Time to make a hose clamp for my Case 580 SE Backhoe. Yeah, I could order one from the dealer, but that would suck all the fun out of owning an older machine. I mean, it would almost make fixing her up pointless. Time to fire up the foundry again. Really, I was looking for an excuse to melt some metal!
  • T&L FOUNDRY Making quality casting since 1960!!
  • Foundry Sand Molding Making a green sand mold for snake catcher handles using a jolt/squeeze machine.
  • FOUNDRY CASTING Making a Sand Mold part 1 TUBALCAIN This is the first of several FOUNDRY lessons on how to make a sand mold, & then a metal casting.
  • Home Foundry with Pyrometer I added a Pyrometer to the foundry as well as a spray mist coolant tank I had lying around for the waste oil tank. Works pretty good as it is designed for spraying mist coolant. I wrapped the oil feed line around the inlet burner tube to preheat the oil into the nozzle. I took it up to 2200 degrees before shutting it down. Very little smoke this time out. I think I'm getting the hang of the air/fuel ratio.
  • The Foundry What's involved in building a Ferrari? Wearing overalls, safety shoes and white gloves, we arrive at the Foundry at 8am sharp...
  • Foundry Extension This is a step-by-step guide of how to create an extension for a propane fueled foundry to accommodate a larger crucible using perlite and refractory cement. My daughter helped and does the narrative. The addition of perlite not only extends the mixture but insulates the heat as well. This adds a great efficency to the device and saves propane. You can also make a foundry like the original by welding on a piece of chainlink fence pipe for the burner sleeve and welding a few reinforcing wires in the top to secure the refractory cement. Note that all of these types of foundrys locate the burner inlet offcenter to produce the spiral "tornado" effect of the gas as it burns. The fire proof lining is Harbison Walker KS4-plus which has stood the test of time in my first video. very durable with no sign of failure.
  • Metal Casting at Home Part 3. Backyard foundry How to make a greensand mould using a loose piece.
  • FOUNDRY PATTERN MAKING part 1 Steam Engine tubalcain This will be a multi part video on foundry pattern making. A wooden pattern is used to make an impression in the mold. A sand core is inserted to produce the cylinder bore in the casting.
  • Foundry Equipment Green Sand Casting Iron Production Line Whole Line Casting Iron Line
  • SonikFoundry: The first music video ever to be released by Sonik Foundry is almost complete! Just one more videoshoot, and the...
  • Altexist: @Drogyn1701 yes & leviathan99 ideas are horrid. watch the vid w/ @crypticzinc . Do not charge to use the foundry. End of story. #STO
  • _huntr: #foundry #stackup
  • privatize: Delisa Koehnen liked Asheville Janes: Foundry Broadaxe: I had heard stories but wanted to feel it for myself. I…
  • NP_Foundry: Tonight. Presidential debates. If you're not into it, we'll also be showing a movie... Ghostbusters? I don't...
  • olegshilovitsky: A good summary of acquisitions from today RT @burhop: Fascinating day in the CAD industry. @monica_schnitge
  • Sabredruid: @SoriedemSTO ooo this will get me back into the foundry! I fell in love with the temporal KDF ships as soon as I saw them
  • shawncmatthews: Meeting with the Drury Sife team at the Creative Foundry #sgf #smallbiz #economic #development
  • EarlyGrowthFS: 10/5 event: Search for Innovative Talent hosted by Foundry's Bay Area Startups
  • PATHFINDER_KDF: RT @SoriedemSTO: RT @SoriedemSTO: Gates of Sto'vo'kor - Temporal Foundry Contest -
  • SoriedemSTO: Gates of Sto'vo'kor - Temporal Foundry Contest -
  • PolinaJoffe: “@marckremers: The exceptional type foundry and design agency Alias have a brilliant blog.”
  • AlbionAleHouse: Brand new beer from @purplemoose Union Foundry Ale 4% abv stunning with @cwrwgwrw
  • gregcrumpton: “@milatz73: Duct work upgrade at charlotte pipe and foundry @AirTightMech” @achrnews #AirTightCLT
  • mario_felicella: OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-4pm: #VANCOUVER OLYMPIC VILLAGE condo for sale in The Foundry. 2-bed/2-bath, waterfront views
  • zodefirinevi: From a neighboring foundry, whose proprietor took great interest in.
  • TBShows: Fri October 12th 10:00pm / Vinyl at the Foundry @ The Foundry19+ / $5.00performers include:vinylMore Information...
  • Vicky_JKWICZ: There's a new place in town - Foundry. It's a perfect place for a date.
  • CamLCaldwell: RT @safouen: RT @safouen: @socrata introduces API Foundry & SODA 2 to make APIs the lingua franca of government data Video: ...
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  • Altexist: Want to know some insights about the foundry in #STO? this is worth a watch. >>
  • stevepowellefc: Like the foundry where I used to work that welcome 2 India ha
  • Altexist: [email protected], how do you monetize the foundry in #STO ? I think some of the current authors would like to know you ideas about it.
  • arborn325: I'm at Foundry Fitness LLC (Gaithersburg, MD)
  • MaodeFogo: Do álbum: Daily Routine at the Foundry
  • curatorcharlie: @elly_clarke @oldjointstock @birminghamrep lovely evening - thanks Tim and great to hear about Foundry
  • Stumitch10: @Dawn_Pender If im lucky? Haha Im sure ill cya hacking around the foundry on your own as usual...You should be banned for that last # btw
  • foundersweb: Debate Night: Watch With Us Here!(the foundry) #tcot #teaparty #gop
  • iblogtweets: The Theme Foundry: WordPress Developer: (Anywhere) Does building beautiful and functional WordPress themes for a...
  • cmIMAGERY: RT @toolfarm: RT @toolfarm: Pre-Sale Announcement! Mark Your Calendars for The Foundry’s CameraTracker 40% Off Sale
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  • elly_clarke: Great eve @OldJointStock w @curatorcharlie hearing about @BirminghamRep foundry prog and chance to introduce @FRAME_brum @LambWhiteLtd & CGL
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  • Mike_McCown: Know anyone for this job? Senior Wafer Foundry Engineer in Austin, TX #job
  • hdoughty4: RT @GemsOfLDN: RT @GemsOfLDN: Why not visit Whitechapel Bell Foundry? We'll even show you how to get there and give you some info!
  • milatz73: Duct work upgrade at charlotte pipe and foundry @AirTightMech
  • HighRiseMurals: RT @louisenobladder: RT @louisenobladder: Some #streetart at The Foundry today for Footlocker/Umbro. Anyone know who this is? @StreetArtLondon ? ...
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  • mashedjobs: [AJ] The Theme Foundry: WordPress Developer
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  • Warren_Leon: I just added "Paralympics & St. Albans Sports Festival 2012" to digital cinema foundry:
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  • fusion_foundry: o_0 Windows XP and Office 2k3 going End of Support from MS? You bet.
  • COIN_Colorado: Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group, kicks off @DENStartupWeek with an #Entrepreneur Film Night!
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  • matheusdf: @positype @typographica Every type designer and/or foundry should promote their typefaces w/ beautiful sites. Like this
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  • louisenobladder: Some #streetart at The Foundry today for Footlocker/Umbro. Anyone know who this is? @StreetArtLondon ?
  • COIN_Colorado: Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group, presented at the Summit on Colorado’s Start-up Story. Brad kicks off...
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  • HPartnership: EDC recognizes Excel Foundry with 2012 Growth & Innovation Award.
  • EDC4CI: EDC recognizes Excel Foundry with 2012 Growth & Innovation Award.
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  • “We have had several requests in the Photography theme support forum for instructions on how to add captions to the main gallery A few months ago I re-designed all of the buttons here on The Theme Foundry website”
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  • “The Foundry promotes conservative policies and principles by offering the best in public policy research with the day's current events. The Foundry is published by The Heritage Foundation”
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  • “Red Foundry CEO, Jim Heising recently taught a class on mobile design and marketing at the Seattle School of Visual Concepts. From simple & elegant to mind-blowing, with Red Foundry it's all possible without a line of code. Anyone can now create beautiful,”
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  • “Fitness Foundry Blog by Julio A. Salado,NSCA CPT. Maximum Boost Workouts, Nutrition Timing, Strength Training, Weight Loss”
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  • “The intention of this biennial forum was to inform on essential market and business trends with interest to the foundry industry and to give participants an opportunity for lively discussions. The International Foundry Forum is the " Summit " of the Foundry World”
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  • “Foundry Forum " Istanbul 2010 " TIPS. About this topic. Posted by mansi 5 months ago. There log in to post. Copyright © 2010 Foundry Forum. Powered by bbPress”
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  • “This is the first Foundry blog on the new website. This is where we or shows at The Foundry you will find the same love and concern for people as always”
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  • “Home >Events > Asia Foundry Forum 2010. Asia Foundry Forum 2010. Author: Viewed:1072 Copyright 1998 - 2003 by China Foundry Association , All Rights Reserved”
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  • “I have been offered a new position in Los Angeles at Rhythm and Hues and, after a good deal of consideration, I have decided to leave The Foundry and take up More Nuke Camera Tracker - now in stereo! As you saw in the last blog entry, we've been working on a new camera tracker for Nuke”
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