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  • The Franks are at the base of European history giving rise to the Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties. Learn about your origins and the incrible role played by Charlemagne. — “Frank tribe gives birth to Merovingians and Carolingians”,
  • Software developer, gamer and online enthusiast, trying to find his way around. Get updates via SMS by texting follow FrankS to 40404 in the United States. — “Frank S. (FrankS) on Twitter”,
  • General Tommy Franks. Welcome to our website. We are blessed to live in America – "One Nation, Under God" "land of the free and home of the brave. Home | About General Franks | Contact | Speaking OPs | Press Room | Photo Album | Links | Shop. — “Retired General Tommy Franks - Franks & Associates, LLC”,
  • By the 3d cent. AD, they were settled along the lower and middle Rhine. The two major divisions were the Salian Franks in the north and the Ripuarian Franks in the south. Clovis permanently united the Salian and Ripuarian Franks, accepted Roman Catholicism, and founded the Frankish empire. — “Franks”,
  • The Franks were a group of Germanic tribes that, about the middle of the 3rd century AD, dwelt along the middle and lower Rhine River. The Franks appeared in the Roman provinces around 253 and soon thereafter established themselves in two principal groups, the Salian and the Ripuarian. — “The Franks, A History of the Franks”, history-
  • The Germanic Franks migrated into north-eastern France and Belgium during the fourth and fifth centuries as Domination of all of what became modern France followed in the early sixth century, as the Merovingian Franks replaced the Roman empire and the Visigoth kingdom as the main authority in Gaul. — “Kingdoms of France - Franks”,
  • Dominique Franks is an American cornerback. He was born October 8th, 1987 to his mother Thelma Martin. He played his High School football for Union High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While playing for Union HS, he was names Tulsa World Oklahoma. — “Dominique Franks”,
  • The Franks (Latin: Franci or gens Francorum) were a West Germanic tribal confederation first attested in the third century as living north and east of the Lower Rhine River. From the third to fifth centuries some Franks raided Roman territory while other Franks joined the Roman troops in Gaul. — “Franks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Omaha Steaks Gourmet Franks fill the ticket when you're looking for a good old-fashioned gourmet hot dog. These are the same plump beef and pork franks found in the best delis!. — “Frankfurter | Hot Dogs | Gourmet Franks | Omaha Steaks”,
  • The name Franks seems to have been given in the 4th century to a group of Germanic peoples dwelling north of the Main and reaching as far as the shores of the North Sea; south of the Main was the home of the Alamanni. The names of some of these tribes have come down to us. — “Franks - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • General Tommy Franks General Tommy R. Franks was the Commander in Chief of the United States Central Command and the US commander of the coalition. — “General Tommy Franks: Biography from ”,
  • Loyalist in the war of the American Revolution; born in New York Sept. 23, 1720; died in Philadelphia Oct., 1793; the son of Jacob Franks. He went to Philadelphia early in life, and soon became well known in both business and social circles. — “ - FRANKS:”,
  • One interpretation is: The Franks or the Frankish people were one of several west Germanic federations. They were not originally grouped into one official tribe, but "as with the other barbarians, they belonged to much smaller groups that would. — “Franks”,
  • Our main source, the Gallo-Roman chronicler Gregory of Tours, whose Historia Francorum (History of the Franks) covers the period up to 594, quotes from otherwise lost sources like Sulpicius Alexander and Frigeridus and profits Gregory states that the Franks originally lived in Pannonia, but. — “New age / transcendentalism / franks”, new-age-
  • The Franks formed one of several west Germanic tribes who entered the late Roman Empire The contraction of literacy while the Franks ruled compounds the problem: they produced. — “Franks - Definition”,
  • The Franks were one of several west Germanic tribes who entered the late Roman Empire from Frisia as foederati and established a lasting realm in an area that covers most of modern-day France and the region of Franconia in Germany, forming the historic kernel of both these two modern countries. — “The Ultimate Franks - American History Information Guide and”,
  • The Franks were one of several west Germanic tribes who entered the late Roman Empire as foederati and established a lasting realm in an area that is part of today's France and Germany, forming the historic kernel of these two modern countries. — “Franks - Wikinfo”,
  • In-depth biography of Trent Franks. An important figure in U.S. politics and policy making. — “Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) - /The Washington Post”,
  • The Franks were a confederation formed in Western Germany of a certain number of ancient barbarian tribes who occupied the right shore of the Rhine from Mainz to the sea. Thenceforth the Belgian provinces ceased to be under the control of Rome and passed under the rule of the Franks. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Franks”,
  • Franks definition, direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere: See more. — “Franks | Define Franks at ”,
  • Hundreds of wing recipes for any occasion and recipes for dinner, dips, and drinks. Find the best wings restaurants and get Frank's RedHot coupons. — “Frank's RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce”,

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  • Frank Kern - Core Influence Frank Kern outlining the method he took to change his lifestyle, and marketing style. Find your core self. And be True to that core self Franks own answers here - Now Frank has release Core Influence - complete Video Free link here: Heavy duty dude
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  • Frank Stallone - Far From Over BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT, Inc. presents Frank Stallone! Seldom has a performer been strongly considered for an Academy Award in both acting and music, yet Frank Stallone has managed to pull it off. His fiery portrayal of a brutish bartender Eddie in the film Barfly had Hollywood insiders abuzz at Oscar time, and his #1 hit Far From Over, from the film Staying Alive, was likewise touted for a 'Best Song' nomination. Its all in a days work for Frank a gifted artist who is equally comfortable on screen or on the concert stage. This Grammy and Golden Globe nominated artist has been everything from a street singer, a rock singer, to a big band singer. Frank was also nominated for a Grammy for best soundtrack and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song from the film Staying Alive. Frank has written songs for 11 films,and has recorded 8 solo albums and has had his music on the Billboard charts 8 times and still plays to SRO crowds in arenas and concert halls from Los Angeles to London. Frank made his on-screen singing debut, performing the self-penned song, sung acapella , 'Take You Back', in the opening scene of the film ROCKY in 1976. Frank has appeared in over 58 movies. One of his most memorable on- screen appearances was his role as Ed Bailey, a dangerous gunslinger in Tombstone, and as Eddie the bartender in Barfly, which gave rise to serious consideration for Frank for an Academy Award nomination, and won the acclaim of renowned film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times ...
  • Bill O'Reilly vs Barney Frank Barney Frank to Bill O'Reilly: "Your stupidity gets in the way of rational discussion"
  • Rollerskating - Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - BBC classic comedy In perhaps the most famous moment from Some Mothers Do Ave Em ever, Frank Spencer goes rollerskating... Hilarious clip from BBC Worldwide starring Michael Crawford.
  • Tom Waits 12-21-1983 pt. 1 Frank's Wild Years Frank's Wild Years. Enjoy!
  • Frank Marocco, accordion - With A Song In My Heart Frank Marocco, internationally acclaimed Jazz Accordionist, in concert. More available at - The basic sheet music accordion arrangement is available on Frank's web site.
  • Frank Sinatra - That's Life Follow me on twitter Soon I will get my own professional website up and rolling! Frank Sinatra - That's Life Music Video Hi this is my second year project for my Media Studies A-Level !On here you cant really tell but when you see the man on stage it is in old age film in which gives it the old feel with the age effect! I enjoyed making this from creating the lighting on the stage to editing! I hope you enjoy it to! The story I created was about a man who was a performer who had everything he ever dreamed of, from having his name in lights to just being able to perform on stage. In my video I have captured from how you see him being on stage at his best performing and then walking around the streets of London as if he was still in his prime. For every star there is always an end and for this performer he didnt want to believe that it was and I have shown this from showing him walking into the theatre and walking round London dressed smart as if he still had everything. However when you see him chucked out of the theatre you see he is only a tramp living on the streets trying to make his dream become real again. I show the difference between the realities of him being on stage by using an old age effect to show that was the past, but when showing him walking into the theatre and around London you see he is still dressed smart but life around him has changed. When his career ended he didnt let it go and by trying too hard to get back onto stage he forgot about ...
  • Frank Gehry on the Walt Disney Cocert Hall I thought I'd leave you with a video of Frank Gehry talking about the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This video comes from a really great documentary on Gehry by Sidney Pollack titled "Sketches of Frank Gehry". I have to say I somehow ended up a fan of Frank's work. I say somehow, because everywhere I travel to I end up seeing his architecture and it's kinda grown on me. I had an opportunity to meet him at a book signing recently and can assure you he's definitely a character. Pick up the DVD if you're interested in architecture. Even if you're not a Gehry fan, there's information in here not to be missed.
  • Rep. Barney Frank - Make Room For The Serious Criminals Bill During The Bill Maher Show 3/21/08, Congressional Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) announced a Federal Marijuana Decriminalization Bill that he will introduce into the House after Congress returns from spring break on 03/31/08.
  • Ze Frank's web playroom On the web, a new "Friend" may be just a click away, but true connection is harder to find and express. Ze Frank presents a medley of zany Internet toys that require deep participation -- and reward it with something more nourishing. You're invited, if you promise you'll share.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on , at http Watch a highlight reel of the Top 10 TEDTalks at Follow us on Twitter at Checkout our Facebook page for TED exclusives at
  • Frank Caliendo - Impressions Get this DVD FREE! Go to: . You can see Frank live, performing 5 nights a week, at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. See Frank's website for tickets & details:
  • Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me
  • Frank singing Frank's music moments in MIB 2
  • Frank's Laugh Frank Iero's laugh
  • Michael Franks - ANTONIO'S SONG
  • Frank's Retirement Flight in HD Best watched in HD. Blogged about this trip here: Flew many flights with Captain Frank, and this is my way of paying him back. Come along with us for Frank's retirement flight from Boston to Paris and back. Look at the blog post I wrote about this trip here:
  • Infected Mushroom - Franks Incredible new Infected Mushroom song. Pick up your copy of "The Legend of The Black Shawarma" today! *Video blocked in some countries* Hooray.
  • The X Factor 2009 - Miss Frank - Judges' houses 1 (/xfactor) The X Factor 2009: Formed in bootcamp - Miss Frank pull out all the stops to show they've got chemistry... See more at
  • Frank Turner - The Road Official Video for "The Road". Directed by Adam Powell, starring FT, Barbs, Adam, Ollie, Brad and Pete. We really did it, 24 shows in 24 hours. This is the first single from the new (third) album, "Poetry Of The Deed", release 7th September (UK & Europe) / 8th September (USA) 2009 through Xtra Mile Recordings / Epitaph Records. (c) 2009 Xtra Mile Recordings
  • frank from donnie darko just choped out some scenes and heres frank
  • The Franks: Neon Politik Director: Eli Gunn-Jones Producer: Tommy Sobel Cinematographer: Matt Kubas Editor: Nicole Vaskell
  • Frank Caliendo on Letterman as Bush
  • The Franks 1/3 The Franks were a West Germanic confederation, uniting the peoples in Magna Germania north and east of the Lower Rhine River. Modern scholars of the Migration Period are in agreement that the Frankish identity emerged in the first half of the 3rd century out of various Germanic groups, including the Salii, Sicambri, Chamavi, Bructeri, Chatti, Chattuarii, Ampsivarii, Tencteri, Ubii, Batavi and the Tungri, who inhabited the area between the Zuyder Zee and the river Lahn and extended eastwards as far as the Weser, but were most densely settled around the IJssel and between the Lippe and the Sieg. From the third to fifth centuries the Frankish armies raided Roman territory and expanded their influence among the Germanic peoples previously living under Roman rule on the left bank of the Rhine. In 358, the Salian Franks came to some form of agreement with the Romans that allowed them to settle in Toxandria (roughly Noord-Brabant, Antwerpen and Vlaams-Brabant). Each tribe within the Frankish confederation consisted of extended kinship groups centred around a particularly renowned and noble family. The importance of the family bond was made clear by the Salic Law, which ordained that an individual had no right to protection if not part of a family. One particular Salian family comes to light of Frankish history in the early fifth century, in time to become the Merovingians - Salian kings named after Childeric's mythical father Merovech, whose birth was thought to be divine ...
  • frank caliendo Frank Caliendo on Letterman as John Madden
  • Jason David Frank Makes his MMA Debut GOT BLOG? T-Shirts http The former Green/White Power Ranger, Jason Frank, makes his MMA debut against Jonathan Mack at the Lonestar Beatdown in Houston, Tx. Follow me @TheTruthJackson
  • Frank 'Cannonball' Richards From In 1932 'Cannonball' Richards exploded onto the vaudeville entertainment scene with his remarkable act and his bombastic belly. Franks claim to fame was his seemingly ironclad gut and his act consisted of little more that taking heavy blows to his belly.
  • Freestyle skateboarding Frank L Frank Lavallee
  • [email protected]: Robert Frank Author Robert Frank discusses his book "The Economic Naturalist: In Search of Explanations for Everyday Enigmas" as a part of the [email protected] series. This event took place on July 23, 2007 at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA.
  • Frank Sinatra _ The Coffee Song Back when I was a kid there was this song on the radio that cought my fanzy. Years later I tried to find it. I couldn't I thought the title was "There's A Awfull Lot Of Coffee In Brazil" and I thought a Girl had sung it. Then one day a few years ago I found the recording. It wasn't a girl singer but Big Blue Eyes himself. The title wasn't "There's An Awfull Lot Of Coffee, But simply "THE COFFEE SONG"
  • Barney Frank Caught Lying About Fannie Mae Barney Frank says now that he was never pushing for excessive homeownership, just renting homes, but now he is caught in his lies, as he pushed for home ownership. In 2005, Frank said that there should be more homeownership and that there was no housing bubble. Now, look at the economy. Because of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac creating a bubble, under Barney Frank's leadership, the economy is in recession.
  • FRANK SINATRA - 'Young At Heart' - 1954 78rpm "Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you". I just LOVE this song!. Frank's 'come back' song after a few years out of the charts. From the film of the same name co-starring Doris Day. (sadly clicks all through because it's another cracked-with-cellotape-holding-it-all-together casualty) I'VE JUST BOUGHT AN UNCRACKED COPY (25p in a charity shop. Yay!). I'VE JUST POSTED THAT ONE AS WELL - MUCH BETTER SOUND. Liz x
  • Frank Gambale Lesson Frank's short introduction to his favorite arpeggios followed by a quick blues jam, with very interesting notes! Here's the tab: www.mach1
  • Frank Caliendo - does Jim Rome Frank Caliendo imitates (ridicules) Jim Rome
  • Veronica Nunn / Michael Franks duet - When I Give My Love To You for a duet with Michael Franks on "Leading Me Back To You". Available on Veronica's New CD The Art of Michael Franks. This clip is from Tokyo 1993.

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  • “Lynne Franks to launch B.hive Women's Business Clubs: Our good friend Lynne Franks has come up trumps with a truly inspired new unique and dynamic way of working for Britain's brightest”
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  • “Chip Franks, I am looking for a real estate professional to work with your blog on Trulia. Please reply to this email if you are interested”
    — Chip Franks' Blog,

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