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  • FROTMUND bint Boaz ha Judah. Daughter and only child of Boaz ben Frimutel ha Judah, Prince of the Desposyni in Roman Gaul during the 4th Century AD. Marcomir and Frotmund's son, Pharamond ex Sicamber married a distant relative, Argotta ex Sicamber. They had three children from whom are descended. — “The Morris Clan”,
  • People whose last names begin with F FRIMITEL (1 - Frotmund Frimitel) FRIMUTEL (1 - Frotmund Frimutel) FRINK (19) FRIOLI (4) FRISBEC (3) FRISBEE (3) FRISBIE (13) FRISBY (14) FRISCH (38) FRISCHMANN (1 - Lucy (Frischmann) Kerr) FRISINA (1 - Grace (Frisina) Marfia). — “FRIEDENBERG to FROST”,
  • Historical and genealogical details arranged by state and county The final branch, begins with Frotmund, from whom descends the House del Acqs and the Counts of Toulouse and Sires of France. — “Descendants of Jesus - countyhistorian”,
  • Summary report of My Ancestors and Relatives containing 1789 individuals and 1086 families. This report describes the genealogy and ancestry of families de Franks, de Burgundy, de France, de England, de Vermandois, de Castile, Lawrence, de Frotmund Frimutel (b. 0351). — “My Ancestors and Relatives”,
  • are kin to the Kings of Troy. This marriage was the joining of two A.) Frotmund (?-circa 400 A.D.) = ? B.) Faramund (?-430) Lord of the West Franks = Princess Argotta (?- ?), daughter and heiress. — “Re: Triple Grail Line - msg#00154 - culture.templar.rosemont”,
  • *Frotmund father: *Pharamond of the Franks. born about 0370 Westphalia, Germany. died 0430. mother: *Argotta of the Franks. born about 0376 France. married 0394. siblings: *Clodius "Long Haired" of the Franks King of Westphalia born 0380? Westphalia. — “Frotmund (born about 0400)”,
  • Frotmund Desposyni De Frimutel *1832) was born in 328 in Old, Sachsen, Germany and died in 346 in Old, Sachsen, Germany. The Desposyni (plural from Greek desposynos) "of or belonging to the master or lord" , as in Greek (despotes) "Lord, Master") [1] is a contemporary term used to refer to. — “DESPOSYNI”,
  • [ 154 ,,qD,&] -- Josue (Bishop) the GRAIL-KING | or: Alphanye (Josue's son) -- Aminadab the Frotmund (Frimutel) the GRAIL-KING (FISHER-KING) | OR: Frotmund [alt. — “Pedigree: Laziliez (12th GRAIL-KING)”,
  • Frotmund. Father. Mother. Boaz (Amfortas) Marriage. Children - Marcomir I. 0370 - Pharamond. Win-Family v.6.0 - Homepage. 23 Apr 2005. — “Frotmund”,
  • These included, according to Laurence Gardner [Bloodline of the Holy Grail] Clodion, Lord of Tournai, Fredemundus, Sire of the Franks, and Frotmund, the proverbial younger brother who appears to have no clever title following the comma behind his name. — “From Rome to Camulod... With Love”,
  • Frotmund, son-in-law of Renaud, had a son named Bruno, a cleric ["Precipue vero Frotmundus comes, filius This latter Bruno has often been assigned without proof as another son of Otte-Guillaume of Burgundy and Ermentrude, but he could very well be identical with Frotmund's son Bruno. — “Ragenold of Roucy”,
  • Princess Argotta, born Abt 376 Princess married Faramund, son of Marcomir and Frotmund, lineages conjoin. ( Faramund was born about 370 and died about 430. — “Desendants of Yeshua the Christ and Mary Magdalene Princess”,
  • Hy soe de soan west hawwe fan Markomer en Frotmund. [bewurkje seksje] Skiednis. Om 420 liede Faramond it Frankyske folk nei it westen. Sy stutsen de Ryn oer en festigen harren yn Noard-Galje, dat krekt in tsiental jier dêrfoar troch it Romeinske leger ferlitten wie. — “Faramond - Wikipedy”,
  • Fretaldus,, was the son of Frotmund. Child of Fretaldus,, Frotmund Vetules+ Froamidus, Count of Brittany, He was living in 762 Frotmund,, was born in 850. He was the son of Frodaldus, Count of. — “Linley & Jim Hooper's family history - Person Page 10”,
  • MEROVECH]CLODION LE CHEVELU]PHARAMOND]MARCOMIR+FROTMUND]BOAZ ben FRIMUTEL]TITUREL]MANAEL]CATH-ALOYS]AMINADAB]JOSHUA]JOSEPH- ben YESHUA (JESUS) Frotmund's line is the one that *supposedly* goes back to the desposyni. — “Jesus Family Tomb - Forum - Merovingian Dynasty”,
  • Browse genealogical profiles listed alphabetically by last name in the bracket: Famous, Mary - Fan, Diana Frotmund Famundson. Frotmund Famundson. Frotmund Famundson. Frotmund Famundson. nn ektefelle Frotmund Famundson. — “Famous, Mary - Fan, Diana - Public Genealogy Directory - Geni”,

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  • “MEROVECH]CLODION LE CHEVELU]PHARAMOND]MARCOMIR+FROTMUND]BOAZ ben Frotmund's line is the one that *supposedly* goes back to the desposyni. It is EVEN”
    — Jesus Family Tomb - Forum - Merovingian Dynasty,

  • “Colette M. Dowell's blog. 14 comments. Clean Water - desalination or not ? Posted by House of Sicamber when his daughter Frotmund married Marcomir ex Sicamber of the Salian”
    — Blogs | TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History,

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