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  • Frowning definition, to contract the brow, as in displeasure or deep thought; scowl. See more. — “Frowning | Define Frowning at ”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of The Frowning Clouds. Get exclusive content and interact with The Frowning Clouds right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “The Frowning Clouds | Facebook”,
  • Mounting a girl perpendicularly then you quickly pull out and vigorously slap your penis against her left ass cheek leaving bruises to resemble eye Relating to the unpleasant and often downright grumpy action of frowning and/or lightly non-verbaly disrespecting someone in order to make them feel. — “Urban Dictionary: frowning”,
  • Quiltersbee is the home page of one of the oldest Internet Quilting Guilds. Join us for fun and friendship as we learn from each other. Frowning smiley User did not like that last statement or is upset or depressed about something :. — “Smiley Codes”,
  • The mouth expression is also commonly referred to in the colloquial English phrase "turn that frown upside down" which indicates changing from sad to happy. It most commonly expresses sadness, dissatisfaction, anger, worry or pain, although it is also a sign of deep concentration. — “Frown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of frowning in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of frowning. Pronunciation of frowning. Translations of frowning. frowning synonyms, frowning antonyms. Information about frowning in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “frowning - definition of frowning by the Free Online”,
  • Although Santa Claus is a character that usually brings joy to girls and boys, some children are scared of Santa. Around the Christmas season, many newspapers, Web sites and blogs post pictures of children who are crying, frowning, or otherwise. — “Scared of Santa”,
  • Learn about Frowning on . Find info and videos including: Frown Line Reduction, Muscle Structure of a Frown, How to Stop Frown Lines and much more. — “Frowning - ”,
  • 6790 Frowning stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Frowning Stock Photo Images. 6790 frowning royalty free”,
  • Businessman frowning at his computer far eastern, fellow, Filipino Ethnicity, frown, frowned, frowning, frowns, frustrate, frustrated, frustrates, frustrating, frustration, frustrations,. — “Businessman Frowning At His Computer Stock Photo Image”,
  • Sells original t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, cups, cards and other merchandise with an ironic, unique design with a picture of a traditional smiley face icon made out of frowns and frowning faces, thus depciting a sad smiley face. Created by. — “Inverse Creations by Gregory Radomisli (TM) : Inverse”,
  • Fabric and mixed media primitive, folkart doll pattern originals by Susan Barmore GO TO PATTERN CATEGORIES Join SUSAN BARMORE (aka FROWNING FRANCIS herself) at the. — “Doll Patterns by Frowning Francis Folk Art Doll”,
  • Stock Photos at Acclaim Stock Photography matching the search term "frowning" anger clowns crying depression emotions face frown funny face girl grumpy halloween homework jackolantern little girl sadness shopper shopping. — “Acclaim Images - frowning photos, stock photos, images”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable frowning ties from - Choose your favorite frowning neck ties from thousands of available designs. — “Frowning Ties and Frowning Neck Ties”,
  • frowning. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 8 November 2010, at 00:39. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “frowning - Wiktionary”,
  • Download Frowning royalty free stock photos and Frowning vector art from Bigstock™. Search from over 5,600,000 affordable high quality stock photos and vector illustrations. — “Frowning Stock Photos & Vector Art : Bigstock™ - Royalty Free”,
  • Share LISTEN CLOSELIER - The Frowning Clouds (Off The Hip) Just a few bars into "Listen Closelier" it's evident that The Frowning Clouds are so far out of step with what passes for popular culture that they're in danger of being deported to a musical Antarctica. — “The Frowning Clouds reviewed”, i94
  • Buy wood mask, 'Frowning Man' at Novica. The best value on high quality handcrafted goods at low online prices from Novica, in association with National Geographic. — “Wood mask - Frowning Man - NOVICA”,
  • A few weeks ago island resident Gini Brown was perusing an online jewelry store when a pop-up advertisement for a teeth-whitening product appeared. Teeth-whitening offer has some consumers frowning. — “Teeth-whitening offer has some consumers frowning”,
  • The police officer in charge of security for international cricket matches in Melbourne has expressed his frustration at being stuck between cricket fans and administrators of the sport who want to banish the Mexican wave from the MCG. - The Age Caught in the middle: not waving, frowning. — “Caught in the middle: not waving, frowning - Sport - theage”, .au
  • Barnes & Noble: Face a Frowning World : an E.C. Ball Memorial Album - Buy Bestselling CDs $9.99 and save with our low prices on music. FREE shipping on $25 orders!. — “Face a Frowning World : an E.C. Ball Memorial Album, Music CD”,
  • Definition of frowning in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is frowning? Meaning of frowning as a legal term. What does frowning mean in law?. — “frowning legal definition of frowning. frowning synonyms by”, legal-

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  • Born Loser - The Frowning Clouds
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  • FROWNING SUNS Frowning Suns, featuring solo artist Rek Lee, performs his title track BUY THIS SINGLE NOW!
  • Frowning little girl steals show at Royal Wedding! (Grace/Frowning Flower Girl) A frowning little girl, who was pictured with hands on her ears as Prince Williams and Kate Middleton shared the wedding kiss, has become an internet sensation. Dubbed 'Frowning Flower Girl', three-year-old bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem was pictured on the Buckingham Palace balcony with her hands over ears, possibly to keep out the roar that crowd made while the royal couple shared a kiss. With attention of the whole world focused on every minute detail related to the royal wedding, Grace's frowns did not go unnoticed. In fact, after the photograph appeared on Buzzfeed, a website that posts unusual and interesting pictures, and spread across the web, the little girl found herself featured in numerous photoshoped pictures, holding her hands over ears. Some of the more popular such photographed showed her image inserted in pictures of Rebecca Black singing Friday, a much 'hated' song on YouTube, Justin Bieber in front of a mike and Steve Jobs during a product launch. Grace, a daughter of Lady Rose Astor and Hugh van Cutsem, is goddaughter of Prince Williams. PLEASE SEE - All copyrights go to Times of India and the photographer.
  • Serious Baby Pulling A Funny Frown And Laughing A baby laughing and making a funny frown.
  • Ballad of the Frowning Flower Girl (Creep by Radiohead performed by Scala & Kolacny Brothers) Dedicated to Grace Van Cutsem, the 3-year-old godchild of William, daughter of his good friend Hugh van Cutsem and a descendant of the Astor family Thank you for being yourself. Don't believe the hype. And if you do, follow it up with a shot of courageous skepticism
  • Frowning Eric Episode 2 - Eric gets a job (An angry softball guy) Hey losers, check out another video from the best right center fielder in men's slowpitch bar league softball history!
  • Hey Mercedes - Frowning of a Lifetime (Live) Hey Mercedes performing "Frowning of a Lifetime" at Harlow's, Sacramento, CA on September 2, 2003.
  • Cute baby frowning and eating This is my cute baby doing her frown face
  • The Frowning Clouds at The Golden Plains The Frowning Clouds at The Golden Plains Festival March 8th 2008 The Frowning Clouds Perform Bloodhound Sorry Business Jungle King
  • The Frowning Clouds - 02-May-2010 The Frowning Clouds at Sando..with special guest Paul!!
  • The Frowning Clouds - I'm Alright (a cover of The Rolling Stones' cover of Bo Diddley's tune) The Frowning Clouds play Bo Diddley's I'm Alright, but covering The Rolling Stones' cover of this song.
  • Frowning Businessman To commemorate my first week working in an office, W+S will be running "Stock Business Promo Week"! Who's excited? I know I am!
  • The Frowning Clouds - Mods May Day 2011 The Frowning Clouds, one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the Australian Underground scene in 40 years.. I first saw them at Off The Hip...we descended the stairs..heard the music but couldn't see the band...Yet we knew we were witnessing something special..The FC's caught the train home to Geelong later..Then we found out how old they were...average age was 16!!
  • Frowning 4 times of frowning. Will you laugh?
  • The Frowning Clouds Encore Featuring Cowboy
  • The Frowning Clouds - Without You The Frowning Clouds - Without You at Oxford Arts Factory
  • Hey Mercedes - The Frowning Of A Lifetime (live)
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  • Rainbow - Frowns and Tears Bungle is preparing a meal for Rod, Jane and Freddy who are coming over for dinner, but when Zippy tries to help and gets the stuffing mixture all over Geoffrey, Bungle gets upset and cries. Later, after everyone has eaten, they all play a miming game. Zippy thinks Geoffrey is being cross as he is frowning, but he explains that people don't just frown because they are cross, they can be thinking about something as he was doing. Jane pretends to cry, then Freddy pretends he's angry. Rod, Jane and Freddy, sing 'Boo Hoo'. *Although the Lines and Shapes animations and part of the song are unfortunately missing, the episode is otherwise complete and hope this won't spoil your enjoyment too much.
  • The Frowning Clown Upload mp3s @ www.mp32 lyrics, music, and arrangement by Thomas Bivens ℗ recorded by The Mockingbirds Thomas Bivens - guitars, vocals David Bivens - guitars Bryan Joyce - guitars, backing vocal Michael (LJ)O' Rourke - bass Greg Terry - drums ℗
  • Frowning Flower Girl Links to my other stuff: song by Julandrew. Check them out at They're awesome!
  • frowning ohio face, "gilbert", tries to get LeBron to resign with Cavs This is a video of Gilbert, the mascot, trying to get LeBron James to sign a contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010. The please don't leave 23 campaign is going to be featured on NBC's Good Company on February 5th 2010. The campaign was started by two college students at Kent State University. Follow this campaign at, /pdl_23, facebook, and /pleasedontleave23.
  • SARGEIST - Frowning, Existing Finnish Raw Black Metal
  • The Frowning Clouds - Don't Need Your Lovin' The Frowning Clouds at Jingle Jangle Club 12-Feb-2010
  • Gather Your Armies TPTV: Thom Paine Television Visit for more. Rick Barber (R-AL) advertisement, in which he equates his opposition to the IRS with the Founding Fathers' war against the British.
  • Gilbert, the frowning sad face of ohio, is the mascot for the Please Don't Leave 23 Campaign Gilbert is the mascot for the Please Don't Leave 23 Campaign, the campaign to retain LeBron James in Cleveland. In this video, Gilbert marches with his followers to help raise support for his campaign. He believes it is up the fans of Cleveland to show LeBron how much he is loved and needed in Ohio. You can also follow this campaign on facebook, twitter, cavfanatic, and youtube. And of course
  • The Frowning Clouds - Money (Rolling Stones cover) The Frowning Clouds cover Berry Gordy's tune Money (That's What I Want), during their January 2009 residency at Yah Yah's.
  • The Frowning Clouds - Lovin' You Melbourne Band - The Frowning Clouds For more good sounds visit My Music Brisbane.
  • The Frowning Eric AKA Angry Young Softball Guy Pilot - Opening Day One part Jim Rome's angry young softball guy, a little Kenny Powers, but mostly...the "real" Frowning Eric. A centerfielder on our softball team who coined the phrases, "Pppssshhh....IF*****g hate sleeves." "If you had longer strides you'd run faster Brandon." "I dont give af*** if I struck out last week, I have a $700 truck payement and a $500 bat...well $250 on eBay...I'm not bringing a 30 pack.." And Screw you Germany for not posting our video due to copyright infringments.
  • The Frowning Clouds perform I'm Innocent knock out sound
  • FROWNING SUNS MUSIC MONTAGE Frowning Suns, featuring solo artist, Rek Lee performs.
  • BB9-2-24: Sheila/Allison frowning upon stripfest Visit for Reality TV news and updates
  • Frowning baby Our one month old frowns/pouts everytime her daddy makes a humming sound
  • The Frowning Clouds The Frowning Clouds live at the Wall 1-Apr-10
  • The Frowning Clouds - Mods May Day The Frowning Clouds at Mods May Day 2010, Sando Hotel Newtown
  • The Frowning Clouds - Lovin' You The Frowning Clouds play Lovin' You during their January 2009 Residency at Yah Yah's.
  • Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Public Speaking Prep: Smile & Frown Warm up muscles around the mouth with smiling and frowning exercises. Prepare for public speaking with a professional communicator in thisfree public speaking video. Expert: Tracy Goodwin Bio: Tracy Goodwin has received numerous public speaking awards and has been a college professor of public speaking, interpersonal communications, voice and diction, and business speech for over a decade. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
  • STOP Frowning ALL The Time! START Smiling ALL The Time!! STOP Frowning ALL The Time! START Smiling ALL The Time!! My Facebook My Twitter: My Store:
  • WTF_AskdYou: Why u frowning heffa @ACN91
  • katenaomiwill: RT @TheFagCasanova: United Colours of Alan Bennetton have unveiled their summer range, it's mainly brown cords and frowning.
  • BarkPamphlet: RT @TheFagCasanova: United Colours of Alan Bennetton have unveiled their summer range, it's mainly brown cords and frowning.
  • J0rdan0re0: I can't stop frowning... :| I'm driving myself crazy.
  • ArleneBockskopf: Meteorologists, frowning, like prophets of doom, pleading with their Snow God for mercy
  • keshiaford: uuuum @fingabandit, why are you frowning??
  • BrendanMusiq: I smile to keep from frowning and laugh to keep from crying. I lie to myself in hopes that I can be as happy as i look at times.
  • vingie: Mcdonald's staff are always frowning. I thought this is supposed to be a happy place?
  • IvyReidVista: @mattismagical I do, yes.)) *looks up at Slughorn, frowning*
  • TopSeriesQuotes: "I dont think you're understanding me.Im going in there.It's just a matter of whether you're going to be smiling/frowning when I do" -Medium
  • Ambitiously_Ne: Ugh I feel like my mama doin all this frowning
  • gregasdourian: RT @ivan_hernandez: Smiling is the new frowning.
  • InfiniteCrisisP: @fathersresearch "I ate earlier," he dismisses. He looks over to his alter, frowning. "You okay?"
  • JamesFirth: @billt Watching it now - narrative seems to dismiss many important principles as society frowning down on a naive child
  • AdamBourne: The bean bag people have gone, a weight has been lifted. I have stopped frowning.
  • kyletotheinniss: Wonder if I kept frowning if I'd keep getting bubbies....if only I was pretend frowning
  • aus1982: @dribblindawg nope!! *FROWNING*
  • mynameiscaity: I can truly say that I've smiled enough in a few hours to make up for the frowning I did ALL DAY.. And that's saying something..
  • kyletotheinniss: Girl tell me she bubbies big n she feel like the talk..thts the first smile for the morning....bck to frowning now
  • MyNameisJulie4: @young_SeanRoy now I'm frowning =(
  • EloquentElena: @DerangedDamon {Sighs, pushing your feet away as I stand to walk over to the fireplace, frowning slightly}
  • whereisliv: @MaxxieJones it looks like he's frowning and has a double chin :(
  • MozellManwaring: Meteorologists, frowning, like prophets of doom, pleading with their Snow God for mercy
  • KYUWOOKissMe: @EunDani_27 you were prolly frowning at that time, "Aku nak tengok bontot hyukjae!"
  • Galileo908: RT @RoxieKat: @Galileo908 ...studies were done that people wouldn't buy cars who looked like they were mad or frowning....
  • DrShay_: I feel like I smile too much and here these people are telling me that I'm frowning.
  • RoxieKat: @Galileo908 ...studies were done that people wouldn't buy cars who looked like they were mad or frowning....
  • xMissLuna: @Lizziebelle10 *nods, frowning* I have to agree with you. I wish they wouldn't steal my things, especially my shoes. I need those.
  • TonyStark_Jr: i hate to see y'all frowning, but i would rather see @leanneVi smiling.
  • ErlindaSebastia: Meteorologists, frowning, like prophets of doom, pleading with their Snow God for mercy
  • ClassyValA7X: Lily still isn't here... *looks at the clock, frowning*
  • CH35C44: #itmakesmesmile when someone stops me from frowning :)
  • YonDuhan6598: Meteorologists, frowning, like prophets of doom, pleading with their Snow God for mercy
  • _QueenOfTheNile: Frowning cause wrinkles, smiling causes wrinkles
  • AveReno: #preach RT @msprettyjanay: #getouttherelationship if your frowning more than u smiling.
  • ConstableJamie: @BodyguardRein *Watches him go, frowning for some reason*
  • SAYYYYBRUH: @soulsister2u (frowning) cause u coulda told me u was out of town
  • taysteful_choc: Ion see hw ppl go thru life frowning for no apparent reason! #JustSmile
  • AliMCullen: @HaleToTheMusic -frowning down at the shreds on the floor that were my panties- Well those were new. -shrugs- You owe me new ones.
  • PierceMyPretty: Lol otay. RT @_GimmeYoWallet: @PierceMyPretty frowning? Cut it out right this instance.
  • itsCourtney_J: @Lovely_Levita <-- I will as soon as yall tell me why I was not invited to this worshipfest yall had! #frowning >:-?
  • ImA_ToysRUs_Kid: I hate frowning.
  • PimpNamedMami: @Leon_ie lol yu posta be winkinn && frowning at tha same time o_0 lol.. & my bad boo.
  • tizz_izz_me: Why am I frowning? It takes 42 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile, and I need the exercise!
  • FEEKFIGGAS: *frowning*
  • _GimmeYoWallet: @PierceMyPretty frowning? Cut it out right this instance.
  • nikijade18: @Fangs_Shui I should, shouldn't I?! All this 'nice' is just not working for me. I need a lesson in Bad. Like REALLY! *frowning*
  • KennedyKeyes: @DannyPrideaux -Stands, frowning at your abrupt decision to leave. Hands your jacket to you- Okay. Well, I had fun.
  • SandiSheffel407: Meteorologists, frowning, like prophets of doom, pleading with their Snow God for mercy
  • fatino143: Never start frowning because you never know who's falling in love with your smile :-)
  • cbrEEEzyy: @iamSergiano hahaha VERY FUNNY you meanass :( im frowning!
  • colin_zero: @thatnerdchick I'm frowning at you over my keyboard.
  • notgreentea_: @ryuusei_boi -stirs a bit in sleep, frowning, and turning to the other side-
  • Mair_Mac: *frowning slightly as she slams the front door of the large, and strangely empty, house behind her* Definitely too much telly. *hiccoughs*
  • theowill33: It's really nice when you can just think about someone, and smile... #Frowning
  • Ree_markable: RT @iheartyuh_: #itmakesmesmilewhen u care.. thats why im always frowning..
  • FletchMeIFYuCan: RT @iheartyuh_: #itmakesmesmilewhen u care.. thats why im always frowning..
  • iheartyuh_: #itmakesmesmilewhen u care.. thats why im always frowning..
  • Hii_ImBrii: God doesnt like liars. So when youu say youre gonna call me and then youu dont.. God is frowning upon youu atm.
  • CreoleLoveisMe: RT @CreoleChicChick: Tell'em twin RT @CreoleLoveisMe: This #lightskin guy frowning like "damn I'm not getting no play." Its true...yall not in style!
  • CreoleChicChick: Tell'em twin RT @CreoleLoveisMe: This #lightskin guy frowning like "damn I'm not getting no play." Its true...yall not in style!
  • NickyJonas92: @XxTeddyBearJoey -hugging tightly--frowning-
  • JoettaTimpson55: Meteorologists, frowning, like prophets of doom, pleading with their Snow God for mercy
  • TopherDaGreat: Bt yet youre frowning in your avatar! And u say u always smiling....#confused
  • FlirtyUdidWhat: @SweetAzzDimples Smile frowning makes you look bad
  • FeistyBrookeH: -sighs and walks into my house, closing the door behind me, frowning as I walk into the living room, sitting down on the couch-
  • kingcizzle15: Is lls but I'm really frowning on da inside, but neva let em c u sweat
  • BoomPow_: @_DarrenJohnson_ why are you frowning?
  • anitakissee: He saw a picture of your cat! RT @DrGhaheri @anitakissee why is your dog frowning?
  • taavonohyeah: put a smile on, frowning doesn't help your face AT ALL
  • Tony_Nott: @Skintight_BZ *I yawn and sit up, frowning at him* Where'd you go?
  • BAMFMcCann: @pimpmydemzydee jeydon: -shakes his head, frowning slightly as Levi finishes and drifts to sleep- being a single father is hard. (c)
  • MavisWince3606: Meteorologists, frowning, like prophets of doom, pleading with their Snow God for mercy
  • Just_Ahmariana: He told me im too pretty to be stressing nd frowning ova dhat low life #Trueee
  • CreoleLoveisMe: This #lightskin guy frowning like "damn I'm not getting no play." Its true...yall not in style!
  • TheCinnaStylist: {He looks at @Captial_Pawn, frowning at his words.} Can't do what anymore, exactly?
  • little__lion: @Yvonne_Harte {I take another step back, frowning.} I just know!
  • praty_asha: now called in. Asking me what do i want. Frowning face
  • AdienMercer: @Mckenzie_Harley *still frowning* Yeah..I hope Rose isn't going to stay angry...wanna go back inside?
  • alejandraev: People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time-Black Sabbath
  • _PINkSTALLION: Thats what kill yall the most when I'm smiling nd yall frowning.... Bahahahaha
  • sayakamuselover: @TeaAndMuskets *sits up beside you, frowning* I... I had a really terrible dream.
  • paigereed0: Scott Pelley looks like he's smiling and frowning at the same time
  • a1lmodc0ns: RT @asfandyar__khan: Never start frowning,because you never know who's falling in love with your smile :)
  • DrGhaheri: @anitakissee why is your dog frowning?
  • FAiryClaudineC: @AveryNorthmanFA *grabs your hand and poof us to an ice cream shop, frowning* But what will you drink?
  • Hadley_PTB: @QueenSophie_PTB [frowning, trying to formulate my thoughts] But what about @SookieSPTB ? You wanted to [shaking my head] I don't want my =
  • asfandyar__khan: Never start frowning,because you never know who's falling in love with your smile :)
  • rocknorris: @justinvl I may be conflating it with The Tudors, which she is also frowning upon lately in her viewing lineup.
  • Batman_Arkham: @Batgirl_BG @DE_GraysonHunt @_JMalik *shakes his head, and looks to Babs, frowning*
  • SharnayKennon: RT @DevilN_aDress: U can't be frowning and u are already ugly!!! #DON'TMIX
  • DevilN_aDress: U can't be frowning and u are already ugly!!! #DON'TMIX
  • xMissLuna: @RonTheGinger I... I don't know.. *looks away, frowning*
  • DoobieeSnackss: #itmakesmesmile when you're frowning
  • bieberblast514: @justinbieber just want to say thank you. thanks for making me smile when im frowning. thanks for teaching me to never give up #thankyou <3

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  • “Economist puts a new emoticon on the economy This is a big deal, as emoticon-switching goes, because the frowning face has graced the corner of his blog's main page since early January 2008 – a period that coincided with the destruction of Wall Street and a 27 per cent slide in the S&P 500,”
    — No more frowning - The Globe and Mail,

  • “Your first blog Jack was frowning again"If they didn't have the Jack was frowning again"If they didn't. have the silver harpoons in 1927 "No silver harpoons, Jack, but plenty of water "I still don't follow thatPerse came from the. water He looked at the ship, as”
    — mjeogxl42 - Blog The first blog : Jack was, mjeogxl42

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  • “frowning [23/04 12:18PM] ",Perfect World Gold;Old man,Mabinogi Gold, you playing me? Joking face staring at the old drugs, Xiao Yan suddenly fell silent, frowning inquired”
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  • “SEC Bans Frowning In an unexpected move intended to prevent the continued slide of financial stocks, the SEC has banned all forms of frowning, scowling or cursing with regards to stock market activities”
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  • “Wall St. Cheat Sheet Forum " Trading. PWRM, APRM, SGA, DTLK, EQT - Businesses Frowning On Competitors (1 post) Posted 15 hours ago # RSS feed for this topic. Reply. You must log in to post. Wall St. Cheat Sheet Forum is proudly powered by bbPress”
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  • “[Down With Love] High Profile Wedding, Ella's Spitting Scene Got NCC Frowning: Tthursday January 14, 2010 Taiwan High Profile Wedding, Ella's Spitting Scene Got NCC Frowning Tthursday January 14, 2010 Taiwan Rate Topic: 1 Votes #1 Myvi. 我爱言承旭. Group: Forum Seniors. Posts: 7,517. Joined: 16-February 06”
    — [Down With Love] High Profile Wedding, Ella's Spitting Scene,

  • “I've been living with a shadow overheadI've been sleeping with a cloud above my bedI've been lonely Posted by frowning at 痞客邦 PIXNET Comments(0) Trackback(0) Shorten Url Forward by E-mail Forward to Guestbook”
    — Way Back Into Love @ 大頭egi :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::,

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