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  • Just want to know who I can try to hook up with. Gabbed About By Lori 4 People Gabbed. Labels: party time. Money does NOT grow on trees Somebody PLEASE tell my son this!! No sooner did we pay for the bar mitzvah (which was amazing, and I. — “Lets Gab... With Anne, Jennifer B., Lori, Lori T, and Kate”,
  • gab Slang . intr.v. , gabbed , gabbing , gabs . To talk idly or incessantly, as about trivial matters [Middle English gabben, to scoff, speak foolishly, from Old Norse gabba, to scoff. — “gab: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • When Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gabbed with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show," taxpayers paid for his state trooper security detail watching from the wings. — “Jindal's national profile costing La. taxpayers - Politics”,
  • gab - English - Translating into 7 languages. gab has got 11 translations within the Woxikon dictionary. Look up now. gabbed. I. You. He/She/It. We. You. They. Present. gab. gab. gabs. gab. gab. gab. Past. gabbed. gabbed. gabbed. gabbed. gabbed. — “translation - gab translate | English dictionary”,
  • Definition of gabbed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gabbed. Pronunciation of gabbed. Translations of gabbed. gabbed synonyms, gabbed antonyms. Information about gabbed in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “gabbed - definition of gabbed by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Verb: gab (gabbed,gabbing) gab. Talk profusely - yak. Talk socially without exchanging too much information "the men were sitting in the cafe and Derived forms: gabs, gabbed, gabbing. Type of: chat, communicate, confab, confabulation, converse, discourse, intercommunicate,. — “gab, gabs, gabbed, gabbing- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • KTLA's Asha Blake gabbed with actress Marilu Henner and En Vogue, before The News @ 9. KTLA's Asha Blake gabbed with actress Marilu Henner and En Vogue, before The News @ 9. — “Asha Blake With Marilu Henner And En Vogue - ”,
  • Gabbed definition, to talk or chat idly; chatter. See more. — “Gabbed | Define Gabbed at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. gabbed, gabbing. — “Gabbed - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Re:Nicole gets Gabbed by needle. Reply to this message. I thought the shocking confession next week would be his big secrert, but he only confesses to Re:Nicole gets Gabbed by needle. Reply to this message. Even though a needle storyline has been done, this is different and will be interesting to see. — “Nicole gets Gabbed by needle - Home & Away - Australian TV”,
  • What is a gabbed, definition of gabbed, meaning of gabbed, gabbed anagrams, gabbed synonyms. — “Word gabbed meaning. Word gabbed definition. Free crossword”,
  • When Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gabbed with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" about how he adopted his first name from one of "The Brady Bunch" kids, taxpayers paid for his state trooper security detail watching from the wings. — “Security on governor's travels costs La. taxpayers - ”,
  • The Examiner - I had the privilege and pleasure to address The Young Matrons of Independence at the Lakewood Golf Club the other day, and naturally, as it happened to be Australian Day – the Aussie’s version of 4th of July – the. — “While I gabbed, Sir shopped - Independence, MO - The Examiner”,
  • PLAYERS TASKS PRAXIS TEAMS EVENTS. Username: Password: New player? Sign Up Here. about Last Logged In: February 27th, 2009. View F. A.'s: Completed Tasks. Grouposis. Relations. — “SF0 / gabbed”,
  • Spanish Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of English Word 'gab' gabbed. I. you. he/she/it. we. you. they. gab. gab. gabs. gab. gab. gab. gabbed. gabbed. gabbed. gabbed. gabbed. gabbed. will gab. will gab. will gab. will gab. will gab. — “gab - Spanish translation - Word Magic English-Spanish Dictionary”,
  • [edit] Verb. gabbed. Simple past tense and past participle of gab. /wiki/gabbed" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “gabbed - Wiktionary”,
  • No, sucking the blood out would not help. In fact, it may actually cause infection. Your mouth is full of germs and bacteria, you should NEVER touch and open wound with your mouth. A rusty nail is nothing to take lightly, you need to go and. — “Cleaning a Saddle and A rusty nail gabbed mme? I was cleaning”,
  • Gene Kelly lyrics - Good Morning: dr and you and you and you, good morning, good morning, we've gabbed the whole night through, good morning, good morning to you. — “Gene Kelly - Good Morning Lyrics”,
  • GabbeD About GabbeD. GabbeD has not entered a biography. GabbeD's Favorite Tracks. play all. Viewing 1 - 1 of 1. Play. In Chains by SameOldHistory. Comments for GabbeD. Add Comment. No Comments. Features. — “GabbeD | OurStage”,
  • Definition of gabbed from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of gabbed. Pronunciation of gabbed. Definition of the word gabbed. Origin of the word gabbed. — “gabbed - Definition of gabbed at ”,
  • We found 8 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word gabbed: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "gabbed" is defined. General (5 matching dictionaries) gabbed: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of gabbed - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • An alcoholic drink made from cheap vodka and apple juice. Used as an alternative to a screwdriver when one is already slightly inebriated and runs We didn't have any orange juice and didn't want to drink straight vodka, so we gabbed a few cans of tree-top. — “Urban Dictionary: gabbed”,
  • Gabbed by crow on May 15, 2009 in Art. Pecked with: wallpaper. The search for good widescreen wallpapers always astounded me, for it's so hard to find good ones it seems! With the increasing number of conversions to widescreen LCDs, I'm still. — “the wired crow”,
  • Definition of gabbed in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is gabbed? Meaning of gabbed as a legal term. What does gabbed mean in law?. — “gabbed legal definition of gabbed. gabbed synonyms by the”, legal-

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  • Zap2it's Korbi Ghosh Goes to the Golden Globes Korbi Ghosh grabbed and gabbed with stars as they left the Golden Globe festivities...
  • Star Wars Filk Song If you would like to perform this song, send me a message and I'll send you the music!!! THIS SUMMER This is what I did, this summer. I met R2D2 this summer. He'd fly in and we would play, in a galaxy far, far away, and we hung out on Courisant, drove a speeder, and did what we want, this summer. (This summer) this summer. (This summer) We went to Tatooine this summer. (This summer) It was hot, there was no green, a bummer. (a bummer) But I was happy as can be, when I met Obiwan Kenobi, I held his light saber, so true, then said, "May the Force be with You", this summer. (This summer) this summer. (This summer) The scariest part would come much later. (much later) When I would meet the Lord Darth Vader. (Darth Vader) He was tall, and he wheezed, like he had bad allergies, Ben offered him a cup of tea, then gabbed about the economy. This summer. (This summer) This summer. (This summer) Luke and Leia met us in Cloud City. (Cloud City) 3PO, Han, Chewy couldn't come, a pity. (a pity) We flew around the galaxy, a droid, four Jedi Knights and me, we danced around, and had such fun, we even did the Kessel run. In less than 12 parsecs! (R2D2) This summer. (Obiwan Kenobi) This summer. (Darth Vader) This summer. (Luke and Leia) This summer. Claire Mix '09 ©
  • Awesome Possum Theater _ Super Mario Advance _ GBA Mario has a knee-jerk reaction to the Super Mario 2 world. What if video game characters talked constantly? What if every step and interaction within a video game was accompanied with the characters' commentary? This demand was met full-force with the 1990's Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game, AWESOME POSSUM. The game borrows heavily from Sonic the Hedgehog, but before Sonic ever uttered a peep in any of his games (which we liked), Awesome Possum was already chewing our ear off. Not only did the game, Awesome Possum, feature character voice interaction, but his little sprite mouth actually animated as he gabbed throughout the game experience. Awesome Possum is not a shining example of gaming ecstasy, but the idea of his moving mouth talking about what is happening as you are playing was innovative enough for people to remember him by, aside from being an epic failure in the eyes of Sonic fans. Many talkative game characters would follow suit as they too crashed and burned. However the idea of a conscious talking little person you are controlling in a game, is not dead but just hasn't been fully realized. Usually conscious talking game character are in spoofs or parodies on the internet editing sprites from games, however that is not the way of Awesome. We here at Stringanime want to see what other actual games might look like if programmer Richard L. Seaborne (Awesome Possum's Designer and Programmer) had put his Awesome touch in them. Awesome Possum Theater is named after ...
  • October 15th - Talking About How Great I Am, Amirite? i haven't gabbed with you guys in a while. yeah, just general useless information, i'm sure it will annoy someone out there that i am completely unoriginal.
  • Introduction and Haul, part 1 Not used to a camera, sorry for the choppy editing and all the uh's and um's. Part two of the haul coming soon! I gabbed too much and went over on time ;) Don't already have a mark. rep? Check out my eBoutique!
  • ChristianSands: Chapter 97, Verse 1 a bit long-winded today... didn't mean to be... just trying to slink back to the root of my struggle, at the root of my purpose... who Christ is and why I am so blessed and so happy... SEEMED simple enough when i started talking... and yet i could have gabbed for hours:)
  • Flea Bites: Box 185 At The Market NYC Welcome to another edition of Flea Bites, where we take you into the best flea markets around New York City and the independent designers, sellers, and tastemakers who keep them running. Today, we introduce you to designer Sara Keiser who caught our eye at The Market NYC on Mulberry Street with her deconstructed collection of colorful accessories and dresses, Box 185. Inspired by her love of "lopsidedness" and animals, with a touch influence from her hometown in South Dakota, she gabbed her brand's name, leather legwarmers, and more. Press play, friends.
  • Midnight Chap. 2 *story here** I knoo, i take forever now to post but it takes me awhile to think of good ideas for this story soo dont give me crap please... *Kayla's POV* The drive to Forks was pretty quite, except for the light music playing softly from the radio, it was kind of awkward. Suddenly, breaking the silence, Dave took a deep breathe, "I got you a home coming present." My head whipped around, "Wh-what?" Dave smiled, "I got you a home coming present." I smiled, "You didn't have to Dav-dad." "I wanted to." He simply stated. I nodded, my face flushing red. Dave and I never really shared our actual feelings with each other, that was something we shared in common...we were quiet shy people. "What did you get me dad??" I asked really curious. He shook his head with a small smile, "I ain't telling you one thing." He said and I slumped down in my seat, glancing over to the clock...5:30am is what it read. I had to wake up early today, like SUPER early because sadly today is the day I'm starting at Forks High. I laid my head back against my seat and closed my eyes, maybe some sleep can help me. -cut scene- I was running through the woods, why? I had no idea. All I know is, James was behind me, how he survived that fire...I have no idea. I was scared and I need to run faster but me being only half vampire and him full vampire gave him an advantage. He gabbed my arm throwing me against a tree. I fell to the ground of the forest floor as he walked over to me, bending down and grabbing the ...
  • Work This Out [chapter 28] ***i know i said tht i might've posted a chapter yesterday but sumthing came up, sorry! I had to redo my JB posters, they were in need of sum serious rearranging. and anyone who says thts NOT important can take it up with me! :P chapter 28!!! WHOO! KEVINS POV: ...THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ALIVEE!! We are told to come on suttely [sp?] but no way was i going suttle this time! "Hi I'm Kevin!" I jumped up at her, she looked happy to be here, "Hey, I'm Ally." [an i rele dont wanna rite all of the boring details of the concert down so ill just skip that...i dnt wanna bore my readers!] [an quick summary:] they went to the concert and had a blast, kevin and ally sat next to each other and gabbed the whole concert away. blah blah blah... [back to the good stuf!] SARAHS POV: As we walked out of the venue, I felt Nick lightly grab my hand and we walked across the street to where we had parked our car. Kevin and Ally were slightly in front of us and Kevin joined hands with her as well. "Looks like Kevin's found a new love," Nick said with a grin. I giggled and he picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I pretended to be scared but I wasnt. "NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS, PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!" I hit his back gently, because I didn't want to hurt him for real, "Oh you faker!" He said as he went to put me down. ***ok this chapter is SUPA SHORT and boring but i am having another one of those dreaded writers blocks, so if you have ANY IDEAS, please message me :] thanks so much! ...
  • sunday afternoon lollipop one mile burnout crazy
  • Live NYC Manhole Explosion - Good Call ? 9/3/2010 Heres the deal, around 12:30 am Friday morning i glance towards my window and see what i thought was some SICK fog. I open the window, and it is nothing but thick, stinky black smoke. I look down the block, and there is fire coming out of the ground. I didnt hear the initial boom. What happened was, and it seems to be commonplace here in NYC, is that an underground electrical fire started, which results in combustion, and thus, the top comes off the bottle (the manhole cover comes flying off when it explodes). As i saw this, all the sirens and firetrucks are on the scene. So, i go downstairs with the cam, of course, as you never know what you may witness. They close the area off, and the firetrucks disperse, except for one company- Ladder 22. So basically, it appears the damage has been done, and thats that. The firemen are hangin out in the middle of the block, as this is a Con-Edison issue, so they have to stick around until those dimwits get to the scene. I tell these guys how i opened my window and it was sick with smoke before they got here. One fireman told me " Yeah , its over though, you dont have to worry and can go back upstairs" I told him "yeah i hear ya, but you know that sometimes this sets off a chain of explosions". We gabbed for a couple of minutes about how bad the Mets are and i headed back towards my building. Now, what we have is light smoke coming out of the initial boom-hole. Ok fine. From living here my whole life, it seems to me, that when this ...
  • Betty White outs Cary Grant Our favorite Golden gal and now TV Land's Hot in Cleavland riot Betty White ironically outed actor Cary Grant on HLN's The Joy Behar Show in a slip-of-the-tongue moment after she gabbed on how Doris Day "inadvertently outed" Rock Hudson.
  • You've Got One Shot;ANemiStory. Chapter 17 prt 1 Wahoo, hi  In a good freakin mood today, how about you!? The violence is defiantly going up :D yey?! -Demi's POV -Tears ran down my face as Joe repeatedly struck Nick with that badly taped bar. I was screaming, but no one could hear me over the cheers of the men with guns and Nick's cry to stop. Why was Joe doing this? His own brother? "Hit ME" I wanted to scream, but I knew it wouldn't make a difference. Joe just kept hitting him. The shoulder, the stomach, the back, the shins, the chest. Nick looked over at me, and saw my tears. He open his mouth to say something, but the wind was knocked out of him when he was gabbed in the stomach hard. So hard the chair flew backwards and he was cringing from the force. Demi: Trying to yell. Joe: "He's knocked out, sweetie, don't bother." Smiles and drops the bar. "Put them in the back room." -Two men handed off their guns to the others and took my by the shoulder. They put me in a room full of boxes and sawdust. I dropped to the floor on my stomach and wriggled around to face the ceiling. They left and came back with Nick, he was limp but that god he was still breathing. I was focused on Nick's breathing until Joe stepped in. Joe: "You promise not to scream if take the tape off?" Smirks. Demi: "Fff oou!" Joe: "Oh doesn't matter, the room is sound proof." Winks and tears the tape from her face. Demi: "AH!!" She presses her lips together in pain. "Go to hell." Joe: Smiles. "Cute." Closes the door. -I looked around the room for ...
  • The Peoples Republic of Europe - dreadnought From the forthcoming album "Machine district" Have you ever thought about when the earth is hit hard enough... That everyone you know will perish? Everywhere you have been will be gone? Everything people ever made will be destroyed? That everything you have done, and everything what has ever been done by other people will be completely wiped out? You are nothing. The people you know are nothing. Your job is nothing. The city you live is nothing. Your country is nothing. Your god does not even exist. If the hammer hits hard enough, nothing will survive, and noone will ever know we were here. The completely unimportant album "Machine district" can be expected in 2010.
  • Paul Mitchell Graduation Speech ME giving a speech at Paul Mitchell's graduation ... the sound is messed up so here is my speech typed out : 288 days ago, On September 30th 2008 each of us walked into The Academy NYC knowing two things 1. That over the next nine months we would be given the foundations we needed to become successful stylists. And 2. That there were pancakes to be eaten. However we were completely unaware of the fact that we would gain something more than skills and breakfast foods. During the first six weeks in our Core Training we goofed and gabbed and yelled and sang and at times even turned the table by educating Ro, our Paul Mitchell Mama about GaGa and Weezy. Throughout our core training we rolled a few perm rods, bumped into people unexpectedly, learned that fingerwaves were the biggest problem in American society and even had a few Political debates. We completed our Core training with a trip to Manhattan were McDonalds a few misplaced students and batman would make the trip one for the books. However it wasnt until an unexpectedly eventful evening out with the girls that I realized I had gained a family. This group of young beautiful women, who I had only known for a short time watched as the walls of my life crumbled right before my eyes and then preceded to pick me up and dust me off , I couldnt believe that a group of people who I had just met a few weeks earlier cared so much. Unfortunately the entire class was not present that night but when I returned to school the ...
  • love me now chapter 8 comment! guess what we got krispy creme last night and now there all gone arrrgggg!!!lol nicks pov in his dressing room after show so anyway its impossible for me to be happy wihtout jamie here. its pathedic actually. its been 3 years. " nick come on lets get on the bus - go to be in california by 3 tomarrow " ..."k dad" i repled. i gabbed my bag and headed out the door. i walked out the on the bus...and went and sat in my buck. i dug my blackberry out of my bag and saw that i had a new text. " nick help :( " from...unknown #... wow...thats weird . i deleted the message and layed down in my bunk. i got my remote and pulled down the small tv screen from the ceiling. i turned it to E. pictues of me and casey plasterd on the screen. "urg" i said to my self and turned off the tv. i layed down trying to get some sleep... jamies pov i sent a text to the only person i knew could help me...nick...nathan noticed my phone and threw it up againstthe wall and it shatterd in to probley a million pieces." please stop (sob) " i begged. he slapped me one more time. " ill stop when you give me what i want...and if you wont...were getting married." my heart stopped. nick please come here..." yeah thats it...were getting week" he let go of me and walked out into the living room. the day before wedding jamies pov i cant believe this idiot is making me marry him!!! i dont love him. i love nick. so here i am in california walking around at a stipmall. looking to ...
  • Who's Afraid? 4x9 i wrote this when i was half asleep. sorry if its short and it sucks. my bad. but hey! good stuff is coming up!!! --- Quil told me. I ran out of the school and sped to Billy's house. The two girls from my vision were outside with Billy. I ran to the door but it was locked. Billy gabbed my arm and pulled me back. "Zoey! He's bad. You can't go in there. The doctor is with him." Sam came out of the house and caught me before I could shove myself in. "You can't go in there." Sam told me. The rest of the pack pulled up and ran over. Paul pulled me into a hug and I wailed into his chest. "Shh. Shh he'll be okay." He pat my back. I wiped my eyes and turned to the two girls. "Hi, I'm sorry you must be Jacob's sisters." I tried to smile. The one wearing a nice skirt and t-shirt smiled. "I'm Rebecca and this is Rachel." I wiped my eyes again and gave them both hugs. "Hi. I'm Zoey. Jacob probably didn't tell you guys about me." They shook their heads. "No but we can guess." Rachel smiled. I sniffled and rubbed my stomach. "Yeah, I guess this is a lot." I sniffled again. Shouts sounded from inside and my heart shattered. Jacob was screaming in pain. Paul and Embry took hold of me so I didn't storm in the house. I fell to my knees and wailed. Every time he screamed I sobbed harder. It was killing me, just listening. I tried to cover my ears but just ended up pulling at my own hair. It hurt to hear him in so much pain. I dug my nails into the earth and cried harder. Before I knew it ...
  • Love at first sight? [[Chapter 10]] The next day after the whole Nick drama Lindsay woke 6:30 am. She sighed and washed her hands and faced then picked out some knee-legnth jeans and a top and gabbed her backpack, she decided she was too depressed to eat breakfest. Her short vacation had ended. She walked out of her face and it wasn't hard to tell she had "IM depressed" written all over her face. Once she arrived at Homeroom she saw Cheyanne shooing away people saying that the seat next to her was taken. Lindsay:*walked up to Cheyanne* Hey.. Cheyanne:*smiled wide* HEY! I saved this seat for you! Lindsay:*Plopped down in the seat and sighed* Thanks.. Cheyanne:*still smiling big* Ohmigawd. Evveryone is talking about you Lindsay! The whole Nick situation is like wow! Everyone wants to be your frien-*got cut off* Regina:*smiled devilishly* Lindsay Hi!!! Lindsay:*confused face* Regina, you lost? Regina:*Laughed fake-ly* NO silly! I came to talk to you! Lindsay:*curious look* Oh really? Well your always with your Popular crew I thought you never noticed me. Regina*fake luaghed again* HA! Come awn we've been besties for ever! Remeber we go far back?! fyi Regina is the preppy, rich, popular, big sunglasses wearing, shiny car driving, bling wearing, airess to her fathers empire mean in Kindergarden when we were 5, when you hit me over the head with a Barbie Malibu Sports Car? Regina:*was about to say something but noticed the teacher come in andescorted herself to a seat* Mrs.Apple Bottom ...
  • Yalking to tou I've been through a lot of my videos and deleted ones I wasn't happy with for one reason or another. But, what was interesting was a lot highly liked ones were ones were I simply sat down and gabbed about my life. So, in old school fashion with new techniques and drive, here's a new video, enjoy. XD I will let y'all know about the Icarus show if you really want to come and watch. XD
  • Walking with orangutans While visiting the wonderful Tunjung Puting national park in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, this resident orangutan at camp Leakey decided that I would make the perfect support for her slow lumbering walk back to the camp and so she reached up and gabbed my hand to share her load! The apes here are in a process of re-feralisation and you are not supposed to engage them or touch them, but when one decides to grab your hand all rational thought goes out the window and you can't help but be grateful for the experience. That 97% commonality in our DNA made a lot of sense at that point!
  • Ulta And Coastal Scents Haul http I blabbed and gabbed a bit too much, and I tend to go off topic (sorry!) but I hope you enjoy my haul. A few makeup tutorials and a haul video coming this week!!
  • Badselfconfidence - Thunder Boys like Girls - Thunder This song was for a special girl long time ago.. Vocals : Olle (me) Guitar : GabbeD Actors: Olle Gabbe
  • Leah Pipes from Life is Wild talks to Jason C. - Part 2 Leah Pipes, who plays Katie on Life Is Wild, gabbed with Jason C. about her real-life love of soccer (those moves from last week's episode weren't just acting!), her past role in a horror flick, and hanging with family and friends before heading to South Africa. Check it out!
  • FunBox Vlog #2 This time: Paul talks about taking the boss's brother to Six Flags and Matt dishes dirt on Sarah Palin and hard-ons, while Willie thinks we've gabbed your ear off enough. Please leave a video response if you're so inclined. Visit us at:
  • UP A Justin Bieber Love Story Episode 3 Okay here it is... Episode 3 Jesse's POV I looked down and pulled my hand away from him it felt so good but I didn't want to get close to him I didn't want to get hurt. I took a few steps backwards. I looked at him. "Umm." I said not knowing if I should tell him. I started walking out the door and heading to my next class. I rubbed my eyes they went out of focus and came back. Once I got there I sat down and put my head down I started thinking about what just happened. The teacher started talking and with my luck Justin also had this class. "Isn't this just great!" I said to myself as I rolled my eyes. Soon enough he was in the class room. I felt his eyes on me and he took his seat. The teacher continued. He didn't try anything this time he just let me be except for his eyes. They were glued on me like a hawk. The bell rang for lunch I gathered my stuff and got up heading for the door. He gabbed on to my hand once again and he turned me around. "Please tell me your name?" He begged me. We were once again inches away from each other. I looked in to eyes. His eyes were so light. They were just so beautiful. I felt his eyes boring into mine. I quickly took control of myself and stepped back walking away. I heard a guy talk to him I kept walking and soon enough I met up with my friends who wouldn't stop talking about Justin. Justin's POV With Justin and Ryan "Hey man you okay?" Ryan asked me. I shook my head and looked at Ryan. "Yeah man I'm fine. Let's go to lunch." I said ...
  • Vlog Trial Part 4 Continuing with my little art show. This goes through Art I and II High School and Art I and II College. This is just a way for me to show you all what I've drawn in the past, what I can draw, and what I like to draw. If you want to commission me to draw anything go to my deviantart account. Also this is to give ideas to the Religion Challengers for what they might want as their prize. Enjoy My deviantArt account As you can probably tell I started getting really tired by the end of this. There should only be 1 maybe 2 more videos after this one. I sat there and gabbed for hour or something sooo.....yeah I was reeaallyyy bored.
  • the middle chapter 13 THis video is a song we sang in chorus and the dream in the story is dream i had CHAPTER 13 (a tricycle) O was having the worst dream ad I wok up screaming When I final woke up it was 11pm Kevin runs in with a lamp Kevin: I hear screaming WHATS WRONG!! Alex:AAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhh you why are swinging that lamp like a mad man Kevin: sorry I gabbed what every I saw first whats wrong Alex: nothing I had a bad dream Kevin: Want to tell me about Nick runs in with a wiffle ball bat Nick: I hera screaming !!!! Kevin: Alex whats wrong Joe runs in with a teddy bear Joe: Ahhhhh Alex:Ahhhh Joe: what Alex: what were u going to do teddy bear to death(eeeweww Hannah Montana quote) Kevin: so you were saying Alex: will kill u guys to stay out of my dream Nick: I though u said it was a night mare Alex: it was Joe: nice, what was it about Alex: it was super weird and scary I was istting on the porch and then all of a sudden Frankie road in on a tricycle then road away then nick road in on the same tricycle then joe and then kevin it was super weird. Nick: wow that is scary I got up and pushed them out of my Alex:stay out of my dream s and my room!!!!
  • Hillary Clinton on The View Hillary stopped by ABC's The View to discuss current events.
  • Everlasting Love ep 16 Everlasting Love ep 16 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comment, rate, suscribe thnx :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Vanessa's POV= There i saw selena bruised and a little bit bloody from her lip and nose. I was wonering Was that how i really looked like when i came home? anyways i quickley gabbed her and went to her room. I placed her on the bed and i quickley went to the medecine cabinet and grabbed the first aid kit and i rushed back to selena's room. and i was both mad an worried* Vanessa: Selena what the Hell Happened?*places rubbing alcohol on sel's bruised and cut lip* Selena:*cring hesterically and whinces* I dumped taylor vanessa;*stops* and that's why your crying? selena: no there's more vanessa: like what? selena: zac died...vanessa your very mourningful after zac's death *vanessa fliches* and and nick came to my hosptial room kissed me and told me he loved me *sighs by the look on vanessa's face* wait there's more i came into school and broke up with taylor because i thought i still liked nick but when i went to go find nick he waskissing miley so i just dont want to live any more. so i did this *points to herself* vanessa:wow and i thought i had alot of problems but...*sighs and tears roll down* selena:*confused* why are you crying? vanessa:well i better tell you... (w/ jemi @ the school's park) demi: i havent seen selena since she probably found out about nick joe: ya poor her...neither taylor demi: oh about that.....selena kinda broke up with him joe: what! why? demi: welll ...
  • PHISH SCREENSAVER This is a pretty cool screen saver idea ..gabbed the image from the PHISH FROM THE ROAD site.....YE IT as well.....Have phun!
  • This Is All We Got Now Ep16 Edwards Pov she stared at me in shock. the fear in her eyes showed. "im sorry Edward, i cant." "why not??" i whispered squinting in pain. "i cant leave him. i just cant." she cried. "but hes hurting you. cant you everything hes doing to you??" i said shaking her. "i know what hes doing but i love him. i cant leave him to rot in the filth hes in" she screamed wiping her tears away. i gabbed her and hugged her. i could feel that the love she had for him wasnt strong but it was just enough to get her hurt. maybe even killed. i wiped her remaining tears away and i kissed her cheek. i whispered in pain "if this is what you want, i will respect your choice. i will always be here for you.but if he lays a hand on you im taking you with me." she looked down "i cant promise that he wont hit me." "its for your safety." i whispered. the sky got clearer. that meant the sun was rising. she stood up now." i have to go before he catches me" "ill take you there." i said and put her on my back. she didnt have time to react as i ran her home in my vampire speed. i climbed through her window as quietly as i could. i sat her on the bed and listened to her father who was downstairs. i had a special power. it was mind reading but i had learned to control it when i was young. i only used it when it was needed. this was when it was needed. i concentrated on bellas father. from his thoughts, i could see that he hadnt noticed that she was gone. he had been passed out the whole day yesterday. i ...
  • Holy crap and stuff Haven't gabbed at the camera in a while, figured why not.
  • Ultima VII The Black Gate methinx thou best be up before dawn to put one over on the avatar I arrive in trinsic to solve a murder to mine eye I doth see a bloody ole mess but to leave by trinsic east gate, that is my only quest I confess mine heart doth not leak yet my mind I admitt tis baffle gabbed mine only interest is to flee towne to gallavant in a fit-o-peak or'r yon way to Zamboozi,, not "Dawson's" Creek the mayor of Trinsic tis hot on my career path to inspect every home and inquire all the louts and thier fat wives I can only wish the password be cut into another's backside with twelve obsidian ebony knives. answer well the inquire lest I fell whense none could reach me.
  • Beauty In Different Ways ۞ Gay Love ۞ ep4 Are heads kept changing sides, pulling back and returning to our kiss, I could taste the blood. I wanted to taste his. I gabbed his hand and handed him the knife, he pulled back, We really shouldn't do this. People will know our secret blood lust. He smiled, placing one last kiss, and then grabbing my hand. I swear I could melt. You could practically see my chest rising, from my indifferent breathing.\ We arrived at my house; I immediately dragged him upstairs, and closed my door. I turned right around, and grabbed his sweat shirt, that rested on his shoulders, and yanked it down and threw it across the room. I cupped his face, arching my body, to mold against his. I brought him over to the bed and laid him down flat. I reached into my pocket, pulling away from the deepening kiss. I pulled my knife out, and looked to see if it was fine. He nodded his head so; I lifted up his shirt, and cut a couple of line across his stomach. I leaned down and messily licked his blood off his chest. Enjoying the taste I thought he should have a try. I pulled back and lifted up my shirt, and in beaded some deep cuts in my skin. He sat up and held my hips, licking away the mess. His hands slid there way up my chest, then pulled off my shirt, and pulled me back down with him on the bed. We switched sides, and he straddled my hips, he smirked, and began grinding our hips. My head shot back in ecstasy, he ran his fingers lightly down my chest, and stopping at the hem of my jeans. Then lent ...
  • lolwut? Bagged Milk? The return of the stoned roomate! Filming a movie with my friend and starting a new episode series, Expect new shtuff! A shout out to Bryan "Nicks Stuff" Twitter: Formspring: Subscribe/Rate/Comment
  • SmileGirl993: last night i dreamt i forgot how to spell my name so the second i woke up i gabbed a piece of paper and made sure i remembered
  • GabbeD: RT @FrasesDoCert: Quem curte @_McCert aí dalhe um RT !
  • ScottiDawgs: Good Mornin' Good Morning We've gabbed the whole night through. Good morning, good morning to you. #RSA
  • wtb13: just gabbed a new set of bearings from @Flexdexskate hope they get her soon. short board needs a ride!
  • AnnaMaes_Smoke: @ibzo glad you like! Good to see you again, sorry if I gabbed away your lunch hour, once i get started...! see you soon we hope
  • GabbeD: http:///watch?v=VfNnwcp6u3U @conecrewdir , show em porto alegre.. _\|/_ @ranymoney, @_McCert , @mcmaome, @papatinho!
  • GabbeD: http:///watch?v=VfNnwcp6u3U @conecrewdir , show em porto alegre.. _\|/_'
  • GabbeD: http:///watch?v=VfNnwcp6u3U @conecrewdir , show em porto alegre.. _\|/_
  • cpblackburn73: @cdnmrs That's funny - I dreamed about all the guys we gabbed about last night and twitter too!
  • Nikkyface: just met w @shabookie & we gabbed abt boys, gay girls, stalkers & #PC typical lunch with the bff ☺
  • GabbeD: ps: i love you, renatu hehe
  • GabbeD: Bom dia, hehe
  • GabbeD: é o seguinte 4 e 20 hashishe com kunk
  • MayBinSpace: Roughly he gabbed her heavy shoulders pulling her down on to the bed and ripping off her...
  • film4u2c: Played football, gabbed a Chicago and Coney Island hotdogs and getting back to writing soon.
  • GabbeD: @mcmaome , @ranymoney , @batoreconecrew .. show da @conecrewdir, mt do caralho! http:///4je1gj
  • huephuong_mcr: @Ash_Iero Aww :(. My heart breaks when I see Mikey runnin' towards Gee when Korse gabbed him. I cried, too
  • quietbarbie: she gabbed her ass lmao
  • MattIngle24: Catch-up dinner w/ the Hellers tonight. Evelyn & @jjheller mostly just gabbed about fashion & celeb gossip. http:///p/91054408
  • dynama: mom & i sat outside and gabbed for a while, then walked up to the club house and back
  • Carla_Bieber: @sam_lloydDx when he looked away i gabbed chloes arm i was like omgosh then when he went in he looked my way again but waved to other side x

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