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  • dog kennels, dogs, puppy, puppies, pups, gaff kennels, breeders, dog breeders, pit bulls, pitbulls, pit bull terriers, american pit bull terriers, pits, american staffordshire terriers, am staffs, amstaffs, american amstaffs, american am staffs,. — “GAFF KENNELS AKC/UKC Only the best dogs”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. gaff-topsail (noun) 1gaff. noun \ˈgaf\ Definition of GAFF. 1. a : a spear or spearhead for taking fish or turtles b : a handled hook for holding or lifting heavy fish c : a. — “Gaff - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Gaffney Enterprises was founded in 2006 as a holding company for several businesses owned English/Spanish translation services for documents and real time meetings. For more. — “ | answers for today, solutions for tomorrow”,
  • Flying gaff - 200 results from 60 stores, including AFTCO Flying Gaffs 10" Head Only (Handle Not Included), Aftco Taper Tip Flying Gaffs 6' Gaff, Gold Handle, Reliable - Flying Gaff Handle, AFTCO Flying Gaff 6" Head Only (Handle Not Included). — “Flying gaff - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • HC:GAff. SC: Status:01/24/05 - House Second Readers. HB 75 Elections; certain violations of provisions; prohibit certain activities GAff. SC: Status:02/02/05 - House Second Readers. HB 244 Elections and voting; amend provisions (1) Burmeister,Sue 119th. HC:GAff. SC:. — “Georgia General Assembly - House Committee on Governmental”,
  • gaff (plural gaffs) (fishing) A tool consisting of a large metal hook with a handle or The sideshow feat was a just a gaff, but the audience was too proud to admit they'd been. — “gaff - Wiktionary”,
  • How to Wear a Gaff. When dressing as a woman, a man has to be careful not to reveal himself as a man. This is especially difficult if you want to wear tight clothing. This is where a gaff comes in. It helps to. — “How to Wear a Gaff | ”,
  • Click on the Pirate to enter. — “Go to the Gaff Home page”,
  • The Lockjaw Gaff ® is a tarpon fishing release gaff that solves the age old nemesis of tarpon fishing: how to prevent giant tarpon from escaping at boat side without harming or killing them. — “The Lockjaw Gaff-tarpon fishing release gaff”,
  • Buy "Fishing Gaff" products like Fishing Accessories Crab Net, Fishing Accessories Landing Net, Premium Rolling Rod Rack, Aluminum Gaff, 5' X 4" Hook, Taper Tip Flying Gaffs 6' Gaff, Gold Handle. — “Fishing Gaff”,
  • GAFF GROUP INC. Gaff Group, Inc. is a full service commercial contractor accomplishing projects on-time and below projected numbers. Gaff Group has recieved recognitions from their commercial / industrial clients for a variety of Located in Orange County Gaff Group carries out work throughout. — “Gaff Group, Inc”,
  • Buy gaff hooks at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “gaff hooks - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Gaff Manufacturers & Gaff Suppliers Directory - Find a Gaff Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Gaff Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Gaff-Gaff Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Gaff definition, an iron hook with a handle for landing large fish. gaffer tape. Did you know: Is there a word for the individual prongs of a fork ? klaxon. — “Gaff | Define Gaff at ”,

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  • giff gaff cuddlemonsters REBELLION Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Coyote girls - The Gaff Tuesday night in Sydney! The Gaff. Coyote girls with Sean Paul - Temperature
  • Deck Review: Ellusionist Bicycle Ghost Gaff Deck A great deck to have. Awesome visual effects with this deck. Its used in conjunction with your existing Ghost deck. Let your imagination run wild! Thanks for watching! Please leave comments......
  • Michael Steele's Infamous Afghanistan Gaffe ENHANCED AUDIO RNC Fundraiser Noank, CT. Michael Steele discussed the Obama Administration's prosecution of the war in Afghanistan. "The [General] McChrystal incident, to me, was very comical. I think it's a reflection of the frustration that a lot of our military leaders has with this Administration and their prosecution of the war in Afghanistan. Keep in mind again, federal candidates, this was a war of Obama's choosing. This was not something that the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in. It was one of those areas of the total board of foreign policy [that was at least?] that we would be in the background sort of shaping the changes that were necessary in Afghanistan as opposed to directly engaging troops. But it was the President who was trying to be cute by half by flipping a script demonizing Iraq, while saying the battle really should in Afghanistan. Well, if he is such a student of history, has he not understood that you know that's the one thing you don't do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan? Alright, because everyone who has tried over a thousand years of history has failed, and there are reasons for that. There are other ways to engage in Afghanistan..."
  • SHINY TOY GUNS GRAMMY STYLE, NOMINATION CATEGORY GAFFE? Shiny Toy Guns, who loved the style studio, didn't win for Best Electronic/ Dance album, but they were not upset about possible miscategorization.
  • Prince Charles Gaff Believeing himself out of microphone range, Charles mouths off to his long suffering sons about BBC journalist Nick Witchell whom it appears he can't stand!
  • Black Gaff / Waist Cincher Photo shoot with Emma's fabulous gaff design.
  • Bicycle Red Gaff deck Brad Christian walks you through the Bicycle Red Gaff deck by Ellusionist.
  • Ultra Gaff This is the first promotion video, which is a little bit different to the regular trailer.
  • Edward James Olmos speaks about Blade Runner Edward James Olmos recounts his role of Gaff in 1982. science fiction movie "Blade Runner".
  • Griswalds @ The Gaff 1 Griswalds filmed at The Gaff, Holloway Rd, London 22 September 2009, on the occasion of Morons last gig and Daz Reject's 10 year anniversary as Griswalds drummer! part 1 of 3 She Went Away TGN 1412 Party At The Hell Steve Legend - Guitar/Vocals Ben Nuthink - Bass/Vocals Daz Reject - Drums/B-Vocals ...more to come...
  • Xtra Factor 4, ep 8, Cowell's Gaff (/xfactor) More at - The Groups arrive at Simon's house and get prepped by Sunita and the lord of the Manor!
  • Deck Review: Bicycle Gaff Deck: The Black Deck A nice gaff deck, but doesnt handle as well as some of the other gaff decks. My gaff cards were miscut a bit, but the cards are quite nice to look at. The black is awesome and the contrast really makes the deck.
  • GAFF LADS part 1 a look at the life of a gaff lad on the fair
  • Girls of GAFF - Rachel Fishing off Stuart, Florida GAFF Girls Rachel fishing off of Stuart, Florida with Capt. VJ Bell and Challenge Sport Fishing. For more, visit http Courtesy of GAFF Magazine. Get our digital issues of GAFF for free at
  • ShamWow Works for Boats - Girls of GAFF ShamWow works for wiping down the boat, as demonstrated in this video by the Girls of GAFF.
  • Math's Homemade Gaff Card Routine I have a guide on making these gaff cards on the 3C at www.the-3 and if you're into magic/XCM, I encourage you to join. But if you absolutely don't want to join for whatever reason, here's the URL to the guide: the-3 This is my alternative to paying a lot of money for Ellusionist's gaff decks. These are gaff cards I made from an old Bicycle deck. Some of these gaff concepts are original, and some are not. Some ideas are better than the others and some are not as good. And I do realize that I overuse the erdnase, but it's the best card change or gaffs that I can do well.
  • sailing gaff cutter
  • Larry O'Gaff & Swallowtail Medley Performed by John King & James Hill at the Portland Ukefest, 2008.
  • Stretcher Gaff These guys run an injured player off of the field. I guess they don't tell medics that their stretchers have wheels.
  • Arsenal Vs Burnley. BBC Radio 5 commentary gaff. Carling Cup 2 Dec '08 Taken from Radio 5 Live on Tuesday 2 December. Towards the end of the first half of a Carling Cup football match between Arsenal and Burnley, the commentators, Alan Green and Mark Lawrenson, sought an update on another match from the BBC's Pat Murphy. I don't think he liked the way he was then cut off. Managed to nab this with my DAB radio's 30min rewind facility. Don't you just love the digital age? Hats off to the presenters; in true BBC and British way, they carried on as if nothing had happened. Love it.
  • Jim Bowen's Gaff Have a nose around Jim Bowen's gaff in this exclusive peak into the luxurious world of the Bullseye master. Super, smashin, great!
  • TEST Gaff Patch Or Gaff Patch, whichever you prefer... This patch aims to be like nothing seen before, new classes, new bosses, a few fully revamped classes. 16 secret abilities (one for each primary class) and a method of exploration to obtain each should keep even veterans excited. So far there are 62 new skills added, certainly a few have been taken from FFTA, but there are quite a few that are completely brand new. Overview: As you are traveling with Gafgarion and Rad (unique sprite supplied by Vanya) the whole game, your main antagonists will be Lavian, Alicia, and Agrias respectively. Lavian and Alicia have two unique sprites (as thanks to Zozma's wonderful work on Jenna and Misty) Lavian, Alicia, Rad, and Gafgarion all have new skillsets, Lavian is a Fencer, her pure prowess with a sword is unmatched, Alicia is Gaia's Lance, just as her commander has sworn fealty to the Heavens she has sworn fealty to the Earth, has many spear skills that dare to rip her opponents asunder. Rad is an Apprentice, he unlike anyone else in Ivalice has harnessed the power of Red Magic. Rad is relatively unlearned in the art and cannot use it perfection. His Double spells have a chance of acting only once, as if they were a normal spell. Party: Your official party is always Rad and Ramza. You can't mold Gafgarion, he's your boss. Rad though is your Apprentice, therefore anything that Ramza can know, so can Rad. There are currently only two new basic Classes, Traveler (A Mage Theif) and Blue Mage (self ...
  • The Black Tiger Gaff Deck This is my finalized gaff deck video. It's a compliation of some of my favorite tricks. Some special effects were used on a few clips, but I assure you, they are only to make it look cooler, I just wanted to try them out. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this mad long video! :) Please don't ask the names of changes/tricks. This is entertainment, not a revelation. Music is by Nirvana, Thousand Foot Krutch, and POD respectively.
  • gaff magic: bicycle bicycle gaff deck
  • Sail Training Gaff Schooner ESPRIT Sail Training on the gaff schooner Eprit, owned by the JugendKutterWerk eV, Bremen, Germany. It's a cold moulded wooden boat with a modern schooner rig, gaff fore and Bermuda main Member of the 'Sail Training Association Germany' STAG. Winner of the Cutty Sark Trophy 1997. Participant in the Tall Ships Race since 1996. Sailtraining auf dem Gaffelschoner Esprit des JugendKutterWerk eV aus Bremen. Traditionssegler mit formverleimten Holzrumpf. Seit 1996 regelmäßige Teilnahme an den internationalen Tall Ships Races, Gewinner der Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race Trophy 1997.
  • The Gaff - Love (Do You Believe?) Music Video The Gaff perform Love (Do You Believe?) in their local garage studio for their first zero budget music video.
  • Ghost Gaff cards Brad Christian goes through all the cards in the Ghost Gaff deck. .au
  • Great Scott!: Brown's Big Gaff Scott Brown, the newly elected senator from Massachusetts, got carried away during his victory speech, telling a televised audience that his daughter is available to date. (Jan. 20)
  • Ghost Gaff Tricks Please comment! Some tricks I made with my new deck :D
  • Cokie Roberts: Biden Committed Gaffe with "Bosniaks" Cokie Roberts on PBS's Charlie Rose following Vice Presidential Debate, October 2, 2008
  • cricket gaff cricket balls
  • Carly Fiorina Open Mic Gaffe GOP Senate candidate, Carly Fiorina, criticizes the hairdo of her opponent, Barbara Boxer.
  • Joe Biden Gaffe Blooper Mix Joe Biden bloopers gaffe mix
  • Bailey's Agility Gaff A comic short about when English Shepherds take matters into their own hands to the amusement of an audience.
  • Math's Homemade Gaff Cards Part 2 If you want to learn how to make gaff cards, go to my Guide to making gaff cards at the 3C forum: the-3 The long awaited sequel to my gaff card video posted in late 2007 is finally here. I'm sorry it took so long, but I've been having constant computer and camera problems. Plus, school has been keeping me busy recently. For those of you who do not know, gaff cards are cards that have been distorted, altered, changed (whatever synonym you would use) to look out of the ordinary. These gaff cards can be used to create very bizarre effects. I added in actual live performances instead of just simple card change demonstrations. The trick at the end is something that involves a gimmick that is made the same way I make the gaff cards. One of the most important parts of this video is the 56-gaff card sheet that I made. I have printed out several posters and I plan to sell them soon. I want to keep the price of the poster as low as possible without loosing any money, but printing can get expensive if I print any more.
  • stretcher gaff
  • Obama Gaff On this Memorial Day, Barack Obama sees dead people...
  • Joe Biden Gaff-A-Thon Joe Biden Gaff-A-Thon As presented by Todd Schnitt All I can say is, He can thank his lucky stars he's not a Republican or the press would have been ALL over him!!!
  • ashfuller29: ashfuller29: Crashes all over the gaff
  • Jpizzledizzle: Jpizzledizzle: @AK_S_ Been all over the gaff, heading to net cafe now. Email inbox full.
  • rossmorton82: rossmorton82: @Kellie_b12 can't we get that lazy @zoeparker88. To come and tidy up instead of tossing it off at @kcommons15. And @lisahague 's gaff
  • NickOsheaCFC: NickOsheaCFC: @zachary90 @nickosheacfc @nickosheacfc @h_darlo @jamesflaum @matttypea none had told me what were doing. Is it town or his gaff?
  • easstudios: easstudios: @CFCCallum @daspecial_1 before city away last season me and my mates ended up in reddish near Stockport at some birds gaff
  • scutterinjaysus: scutterinjaysus: @ProperChurch It's going to be like Craig David's gaff with that soda stream! "Let's get busy wiv fizzy!"
  • J_Haynestrain: J_Haynestrain: @rhys_clarke11 yes dog! Do you have a sat nav so we can find straff's gaff
  • Claire_Howorth: Claire_Howorth: The weekend is hereee #party @MissRuthyy 's gaff
  • paddy_dempsey: paddy_dempsey: @TrimHoops Fcuk me!!I may warn the wimmin in my gaff
  • UnaMullally: UnaMullally: (Tainer is in my gaff)
  • Fondezzz: Fondezzz: @GaffyTaffy id consider that a big loss gaff #missyou
  • hb010: hb010: Officially beer O clock at my gaff!!!!
  • webprotom: webprotom: Good advice on recovering form a Social Media PR gaff
  • annabelsusannah: annabelsusannah: Ready for fajitas @KateCoop3r 's gaff in prep 4 carnivibes 2night #troublevision #NottingHillCarnival
  • Andrea_Cathcart: Andrea_Cathcart: food is a callin' but natin to eat in this gaff! :(
  • EllieBland2: EllieBland2: #10thingsidrelive call on me dance/video at @___Ainsley 's gaff
  • sophielovestea: sophielovestea: Watching 'em work on the Olympic stadium from my new gaff. #cameraplus #hellobow
  • ryanoneill64: ryanoneill64: @mickeydkb aye deadly familar... I swear its same fella that seemed to be goin round brackaville takin divits all over the gaff #whoknows
  • Bad_Kid_Monster: Bad_Kid_Monster: @VadimC13 There Nearly At Me Gaff Now.
  • chrismono89: chrismono89: You have to rob your own food in this gaff! #quotesfromtheboom
  • luke_sutts: luke_sutts: Quote from @APalladino28 'alrite my sooooon!! I've got a well reem way back to our gaff. I'm a geezer, aren't I?!' Still stuck on the M11.
  • RicMichael: RicMichael: Have had no luck finding I Love Manchester cards to send, Marketing Manchester missing a trick here. Everyday is Manchester day in our gaff.
  • richyoung: richyoung: @d_gaff @BKramer Amanda & I were just talking abt Gaff/Mack wedding & what a blast it was. Something about pwer outages that turns ppl loose
  • bglendenning: bglendenning: @johntins It was within short walking distance of my gaff, which is good enough to put it in the "locale of Fairview" in my book.
  • Sully1289: Sully1289: @briadimare I miss you! Come home and come to the Gaff with me!
  • ddann_y: ddann_y: at my gaff wwith a brew and beans on toast with katie
  • loureports: loureports: @samadhya that's funny... it's bunting central in my gaff- tricolours, african, I'd better do the right thing and give her some #streetfeast
  • ebert_chicago: ebert_chicago: Latest in Gaff News: This is ironically funny, not creepy. Actually it's not funny at all. It kind of sucks. Video:
  • TinheadFTM: TinheadFTM: @mlloydy Sly that, you're getting your gaff egged. Not arsed.
  • bigwill2087: bigwill2087: @TezLaBanga <----#tragic smh they jus wanted to get yo #chevrolet n search it cuz thy assumed u was #BIGHUSTLIN so found a reason to gaff u
  • marcballum: marcballum: @Rubberteeth not much man just tidyin my gaff!haha hitting up chew the fat at cable 2moz #biglineup what u saying pal? :-)
  • GreasyFringe: GreasyFringe: @sauce_pot I might have a beer pong night in my gaff some night, best to actually play it first hand.
  • yokopicasso: yokopicasso: @mattuk: very much like #intercultural gaff of marketing Ford Pinto, Mazda Laputa or Mitsubishi Pajero to #Spanish speaking markets!
  • ddball: ddball: @SirBenMills @muslamicinfidel In your gaff too, tasty!
  • MistaF2DSilva: MistaF2DSilva: RT @GizmoOriginal: RT @DJKLIPA: @GizmoOriginal manz in my gaff, man heard @MistaF2DSilva is shutting down like a ZIIIITTTTTY yeah he's ...
  • MistaF2DSilva: MistaF2DSilva: RT @DJKLIPA: @GizmoOriginal manz in my gaff, man heard @MistaF2DSilva is shutting down like a ZIIIITTTTTY /#EYYBAAABAAHH!
  • matyldaoda: matyldaoda: mad scone in thaa gaff(@YouTube
  • mwnm: mwnm: spent three hours today sorting out my vinyl after finally getting the last back from the parents gaff... lunch and then maybe a cheeky mix
  • siobh77: siobh77: @sharmcquaid no mrs im at home with Beau, the son gone to Cork with my da! Party central in my gaff hahaha!
  • LynzG6: LynzG6: @ReeceAG haha then drinks at Lewiss new gaff tomorrow night :D
  • _Kendo_: _Kendo_: Never tried this Chiquitos gaff folk go on about, any good?
  • DapperDan: DapperDan: Tonight I shall be going to the CINEMA. Apparently it's a theatre type gaff where people huddle together whilst paying to watch movies
  • Abstract_cool: Abstract_cool: @RyanM147 @MrDCsports we have 4 guys n moss, gaff, aaa, n austin that are quick, have reliable hands, n find all the weak spots n coverage.
  • SlimSaga: SlimSaga: @AshleBashly #ThisIsEngland - You should kno not to leave ur gaff like dat babe u eeeeeediat lool
  • mickmcco89: mickmcco89: @niallc99 best way is to stay in my gaff to break the journey :-)
  • Carter1904: Carter1904: New gaff #happytimes
  • LuluOVO: LuluOVO: This time next week I'll be settled in my new gaff :) time sure does fly
  • cxloe: cxloe: 5. The night when @Leeaaannneeeee was staying in my gaff and @Raytional called for the first time :') #10thingsidrelive
  • AliRoseRees: AliRoseRees: @Tim_Burgess afternoon neighbour Tim. On my way to move into my gaff in 7 e & give us a hand! (or re-open Tim's Cafe for me!) x
  • joeylawrence03: joeylawrence03: Greatist Hits TV; Ne-yo - making tidying my gaff a lot easier !!
  • becs100: becs100: @louisemcsharry Likewise!Deadly RE the new gaff, look forward to it and I'm sure I'll see you at the picnic anyhoo we always meet up thur!
  • josieallchin: josieallchin: @lisa_blakeuk Haha, nooo! So apart from mice, how's the new gaff?
  • Flow_aka_Scorch: Flow_aka_Scorch: @Tremz_Artist ino lad, dat was da one I recorded at my gaff, da ova ones at studio I'm sayin u got barz for it tho.
  • PeggyGrandberry: PeggyGrandberry: Speech Gaff Parody: Tue 15 March 2011, IAEA Director General’s briefing on Nuclear Safety in Japan
  • dionsis: dionsis: @freefault absolutely, fancy seeing my new gaff, approximately 3% of my mates have come to see it.
  • AshleyMoughtin: AshleyMoughtin: Chilling with Big Balls at my gaff.
  • alysonsblog: alysonsblog: want a funny alternative kids view of the #Libya #Gaddafi problem? check out Gaddafi Gaff…. A True Story :
  • craigmoran1980: craigmoran1980: Web designing (@ Craig And Sarah's Gaff)
  • Retailca: Retailca: It seems that @JCrew will relent on the higher Canadian prices... Can they back away from this gaff?
  • Jack_A7X: Jack_A7X: @KawluM not sure what the deal is...things got kinda complicated with the gaff cause matts gay
  • Shmithyy: Shmithyy: Me:)! RT @smellen_gooood: whos coming to mee gaff so?:)
  • katiewill01: katiewill01: @MichaelCrowley9 wanna come to me gaff? Er no go and ave a bath
  • tommytankers: tommytankers: @gaff1wiz moist here Gaff but flat out on the brown ground work !
  • talkthomas: talkthomas: Darn it @Dezeen, how did u let me miss this cool cycle gaff? ;-) –Was a stones throw from whence I work too #TokyoBike
  • ArranSweetman: ArranSweetman: @JamzCoffst3r who's going to that gaff dude?
  • chlomundo: chlomundo: Free gaff tonight, yeow.
  • hernameisfina: hernameisfina: Could @NemoWalsh reserve me a room in her gaff for the spurs game please!!
  • digininja: digininja: @RmRfBoot so they claim but then not sure if I believe it. Was 6 months at high tariff rather than cancellation so not huge gaff
  • noble_r: noble_r: @Robboam on paper should be fine. they wont get a result at our gaff. all hinges on away form! #ffc
  • ConorMulholand: ConorMulholand: RT @shiningw1t: @ConorMulholand eyyyy way to #spell your own name. Nearly as bad as the Mulhollad gaff.
  • MikeeyM: MikeeyM: @JordzYaDunKnow I'm jus kikin back in my new gaff me, yooo arsenal want kaka lol
  • Johnny_Daly: Johnny_Daly: So Matt Hardy was hostpitalized by that ghost that's been wrecking his gaff? Poor lads loosing it.
  • shiningw1t: shiningw1t: @ConorMulholand eyyyy way to #spell your own name. Nearly as bad as the Mulhollad gaff.
  • paulgreenhalgh1: paulgreenhalgh1: @arcticfoxer @mrdannyjackson shouldn't of said anythin n let you rock up at a confused @Jordan_Dolmio gaff at 12. Jords bed head outrageous
  • fletcher0712: fletcher0712: Just woke up from the worst nights sleep ever. Stomachs all over the gaff
  • Cosworth09: Cosworth09: @willspeedevans cousins nyt your gaff next week yeah?x
  • SimmaSweet: SimmaSweet: Ok so stepping out my gaff in my 3rd attempt this week to dress responsibly for the grey weather..If that bludclart sun shines on me today..
  • spanishturnip: spanishturnip: @LauraGoodman17 So dirt isn't it! Fluff all over the gaff!
  • Cotthead: Cotthead: whata 3 days, tuesday night=immense, wednesday at @Eminem UNBELIEVABLE and 3 dvds watched all day yesterday in the belfast gaff, CLASS lol
  • Alex_Williams1: Alex_Williams1: @dannypshrek @nickpage15 @warney1 @jack_chandler_x @joet12233 I will win in your gaff again dan
  • Bib_n_Braces: Bib_n_Braces: General Decorating Chat • Re: Working in your own gaff: mistcoat wrote:They only ever managed to reach the u/coa...
  • Smashworld: Smashworld: In @ShaunBrown6 gaff watching this morning haha #topdickheads
  • USArmyLawnDart: USArmyLawnDart: @MikeAndMike CC it's amazing that you haven't blamed rich white men for you not winning the SB. 1st your top 5 receiver gaff, now this.
  • EmieO: EmieO: i waved when i went passed his gaff but he didn't wave back #ff @Sadlybrokeboy
  • willcooper: willcooper: @LivEchoEFC oh right. so Victor stinking the gaff out has been because of poor service. not him being a bit crap?
  • flinty_flint: flinty_flint: Got my membership card today finally, nice touch in jiffy bag, just had a rag round my gaff open it for me...
  • wildscribe: wildscribe: @mookeee yeah? We should hang out there one Saturday. Get some peops down and make a day of it. How's the new gaff?
  • haylahhh: haylahhh: @charlomorgo a lovely little session in mon gaff!
  • kell0ggs: kell0ggs: RT @holiambz: MA GAFF TONIGHT WAAHEY BRO
  • holiambz: holiambz: MA GAFF TONIGHT WAAHEY BRO

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