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  • Encyclopedia article about Galago. Information about Galago in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. galago senegalensis, lesser galago, galago matschiei, galago moholi. — “Galago definition of Galago in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Galago is a toolkit for experimenting with text search. It is based on small, pluggable components that are easy to replace and change, both during indexing and during retrieval. It includes TupleFlow, which is a distributed computation framework like MapReduce or Dryad. — “Galago -”,
  • Galago definition, bush baby. See more. any of several nocturnal, lemurlike primates of the genus Galago, native to African forests, with large ears and eyes, long and slender fingers and. — “Galago | Define Galago at ”,
  • Information about the Genus Galago including photos, maps, and text. — “Galago (Genus)”,
  • Article about Galagos one of the smallest primates. Includes physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, and diet. From the African WildLife Foundation. Both bush babies and galagos often share habitats with monkeys, but as bush babies are nocturnal they do not compete ecologically with monkeys. — “Bush Baby - African WildLife Foundation”,
  • Welcome to the home of South Africa's best selling books on war and conflict. For books on Angola, Zimbabwe, Koevoet, SADF, Apartheid, Peter Stiff, Rhodesia, Bush Wars, 32 Battalion, Recce, South Africa, Conflict, Mercenary, Mercenaries, Warfare. — “Galago”,
  • Galago. Galagos , also known as bushbabies , bush babies or nagapies (meaning "little night monkeys" in Afrikaans ), are small, nocturnal primate s native to continental Africa , and make up the family Galagidae (also sometimes called Galagonidae ). — “Galago - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping”,
  • Article about Galagos, also known as nagapies, Galagos are native to continental Africa and make up the family Galagidae. — “Galago - Wikipedia”,
  • At Galago Labs, we specialize in developing creative and affordable solutions, customized for specific needs. At Galago Labs, we apply innovative approaches to information management. — “galago labs : home”,
  • Genus: Galago. Species: G. alleni, G. cameronensis, G. demidoff, G. gabonensis, G. Other Names: galago; G. alleni: Galagoides alleni, Sciurocheirus alleni; Allen's bushbaby,. — “Primate Factsheets: Lesser bushbaby (Galago) Taxonomy”,
  • Definition of galago in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of galago. Pronunciation of galago. Translations of galago. galago synonyms, galago antonyms. Information about galago in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. galago. — “galago - definition of galago by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • GALAGO, the Senegal name of the long-tailed African representatives of the lemur-like Primates, which has been adopted as their technical designation. Throughout the greater part of Africa south of the Sahara galagos are widely distributed in the wooded districts, from Senegambia in the west to. — “Galago - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Any of six species of small, tree-dwelling primates (genus Galago) found in forests of sub-Saharan Africa. Galagos are gray, brown, or reddish or yellowish brown animals with large eyes and ears, long hind legs, soft woolly fur, and a long tail. — “galago: Definition from ”,
  • Deutsch: Nördliche Galago, Senegal-Galago · English: Senegal Bushbaby · Nederlands: Senegalgalago · 日本語: ショウガラゴ · Polski: Galago senegalski Categories: IUCN Least Concern species | Galago senegalensis | Mammals of Benin | Mammals of Burkina Faso | Mammals of Cameroon | Mammals of Central. — “Galago senegalensis - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • [edit] English. galago [edit] Noun. galago. a small, nocturnal and arboreal African lemur-like primate, (family Galagidae, genus Galago) with a catlike head and very large, translucent eyes; also called bush baby. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/galago". — “galago - Wiktionary”,
  • Galago - Presence for the Linux Desktop. 10 January 05. Instant Messaging is becoming ever more pervasive in our lives today. Once upon a time, it was limited to geeks and a minority of our friends, but as we begin to connect with more people, things become much more complex. — “The GNOME Journal: Galago - Presence for the Linux Desktop”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define galago as NGalago \Ga*la'go\, n.; pl. {Galagos}. [Native name.] (Zo['o]l.)A genus of African lemurs, Note: The grand galago (Galago crassicaudata) is about the size of a cat; the mouse galago (G. murinus)is about the size of a mouse. — “Definition of Galago from ”,
  • Galago, or bushbaby (bush baby), is the common name for any of the relatively small, Galagos are found only in Africa, but are widely distributed on that continent. — “Galago - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • libgalago 0.5,2, galago-daemon 0.5.1, gaim-galago 0.5.1 released libgalago 0.5.2, galago-daemon 0.5.1, and gaim-galago 0.5.1 have been released. — “Galago - News”, galago-

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  • Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis) Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis) * Family: Galagidae, * Genus: Galago, * Species: G. senegalensis, * Type: Mammal, * Diet: Omnivore, * Diet: Their omnivorous diet is a mixture of insects and other small animals including birds and insects, fruit, seeds, flowers, eggs, nuts, and tree gums, * Size: 110-130mm, * Weight: 95-300 grams, Video: ** The Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis), also known as the Senegal Galago, the Lesser Galago or the Lesser Bush Baby, is a small, nocturnal primate, a member of the galago family Galagidae. More info:
  • Galago Band & Ras Paddy live in Depozyt44 part1 Galago Band & Ras Paddy live in Depozyt44 Club, Warsaw
  • bushbaby cute little bushbaby monkey "greater galago" having fun running around the bed
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  • Cute Baby Galago's-Cincinnati Zoo More babies at the Cincinnati Zoo...These cuties can be found in Jungle Trails.
  • Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis) Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis)
  • FFXIV - A Very Curious Galago This seems intentional, but it caught me off guard... just like poison that ticks for 80 damage from funguars, wtf. Music is "Bubblegum" by Ohn, played off of their website:
  • Rip galago el preview en el studio Silence music
  • Arttu (Galago Of Joli Tourcheaus)
  • pelouze party DJ Galago & Schijtebruine cool party in Schelwindeke (Belgium) 14 april 2007
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  • Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis) Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis)
  • Galago at zoo
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  • Bushbaby Babies! (Behind the Scenes) Galago babies (also known as bushbabies). 20 days old during medical check up exam at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Voiced by Katie Norton. Produced by Ryan Hawk
  • Anti-EmoGabber meets aardvarken en galago
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  • Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis) Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis)
  • Galago 15.12.07 Galago Reggae Band & Ras paddy video by Julia Kurek
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  • Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis) Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis)
  • Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis) Senegal Bushbaby (Galago senegalensis)
  • Kelsey Ku'ulei Galago & Kamalani Kawa'a Dancing at Aloha Friday on Maui with Weldon Kekauoha! I just love these two girls!!! Ku'ulei Galago is the current Miss Hula O Na Keiki. They are both former students of mine! I'm so proud of them!!!
  • Galago Band & Ras Paddy live in Depozyt44 part2 Galago Band & Ras Paddy live in Depozyt44 Club, Warsaw
  • Galago - Najpiękniejsza Galago is a polish reggae band with beautiful music ideas! fan made - not my own, if there's a problem, let me know, i'll remove immediately! Uploaded cause of pure genius! :D
  • Zoo View Baby Galago-Bush Baby-Cincinnati Zoo Thane Maynard talks about the rare baby Galago's recently born at the Cincinnati Zoo. There are only 20 of these in Zoo's in North America.
  • FFXIV Galago These one's are called Galago...but I'm sure they're from the opo-opo species
  • Galago Spirit 2 Galago défonceeeeee
  • Galago News-Cincinnati Zoo Thane Maynard talks about some great news regarding our baby Galago's.
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  • Chikaris Pete GalagO Mdr =D
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  • R21 Gladiator L31 fighting a Canopy Galago Just made this to show graphics and how cute these Galagos' facial expressions are, I normally would never play in first person, but this is just to show a close up of it.
  • Bush Babies Jumping Lesser Galagos jumping across two trees. They jump across these trees every night around 6:45. Amazing!
  • vyforoceliw: Admirably fits the galago for the life it leads, as it spends a great.
  • BrandonDoughan: Top pets I would like to have (were that not all endangered n stuff): Aye Aye, Galago (Bush Baby), Sloth (2 or 3 toed, don't matter)
  • OktayOnline: RT @GerryGalago: Gerry Galago Presents Drums Don't Kill People #1 on #SoundCloud
  • GerryGalago: Gerry Galago - Flylow (Preview) by Gerry Galago via #soundcloud
  • GerryGalago: Gerry Galago Presents Drums Don't Kill People #1 on #SoundCloud
  • forex_on_line: Gnome, including: Grip (software), Sound Juicer, Gimp, Xchat, Konqueror, Pidgin (software),... #TheBestJuicertoBuy
  • pyokopyokoultra: exclusive behind the scenes footage from l'attaque de la galago!!
  • Beds4Business: For a well deserved break, have a look at what Djuma Private Game Reserve has to offer. Galago and Vuyatela are...
  • GerryGalago: Hear and follow Gerry Galago on #soundcloud
  • akkufresh: Alien, or just a Loris (or Potto, or Galago, or Tarsier)?

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  • “Tag Archives: Galago. Integrate Firefox notification with Ubuntu notification system 7 Windows XP XORG Youtube. Arun's Blog. Proudly powered by WordPress”
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  • “Get galago at . Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory. Galago is a presence distribution framework for desktops. It receives presence information from instant messengers,”
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  • “(cover to Galago issue #92, borrowed from the Galago site) In any event, next April Top visiting MoCCA this June, and the crew from Galago told me that they'd be coming to the”
    — From our intercontinetal correspondent: The "Summer of Love,

  • “I scored many books from our friends at Galago, including Liv Stromquist's Einsteins Fru, Kolbeinn Karlsson's and the most recent issue of their eponymous anthology Galago, a sort of Scandinavian cousin to anthology magazine Stripburger,”
    — [Updated, with pictures!] let's reach back, my friends,

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