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  • galis. gallium (chemical element) This Lithuanian entry was created from the translations listed at gallium. It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses. Please also see galis in the Lithuanian Wiktionary. — “galis - Wiktionary”,
  • a guy who is said to have more than one girls at one time .(player) galis. buy galis mugs, tshirts and magnets. a guy who is said to have more than one girls at one time .(player) dre's a real galis he's dealing with sasha,chesli,romona and paula. player pimp thug thugist galis. — “Urban Dictionary: galis”,
  • Glen Galis is a full service third generation concrete contractor providing the highest quality professional With strong moral values, superior craftsmanship, outstanding communication skills and hard work, Glen Galis Concrete is sure to meet or exceed your expectations. — “Glen Galis Concrete - Welcome”,
  • posted a photo: 2008-08-02 16:10:41 11:11 AM Nov 5th, 2009 from twitterfeed [email protected] added:The UNIX programming environment - Brian W. Kernighan, Rob Pike 11:03 AM Nov 5th, 2009 from twitterfeed. — “George Georgalis (galis) on Twitter”,
  • ALEX GALIS. Visiting Professor in the Networks and Services Research Laboratory of the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London (UCL) Galis, A., Griffin, D., Eaves, W., et. al -ÓMobile Intelligent Agents in Active Virtual Pipes: Support for Virtual EnterprisesÓ. — “AlexGalis-Profile”,
  • Liberal Arts Education at Catholic Institution at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania Personal: Born 12-4-85 Son of Moe and Jennie Galis Majoring in Business Management. Academics | Administration | Admission | Athletics | General Info | Institutional Advancement/Alumni | Student Life. — “Saint Vincent College - Home of the Bearcats”,
  • Nikos Galis (alternate spellings include: Nick Galis, Nick Gallis, Nick Georgalis, Nick Galis made the move across the Atlantic and signed to play with Aris. — “Nikos Galis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Van Galis Cafe & Inn is located in the Scottish heritage town of Fergus, Ontario. Home of the Fergus Scottish Festival and Fergus Highland Games. Van Galis offers healthy food from our Cafe, and quite nights in our Inn. Come to Fergus and visit. — “Van Galis Fergus Cafe & Inn & Catering | Fergus Restaurant”,
  • People named Galis. Find the person you're looking for and related people. — “Galis - Pipl Profiles”,
  • Find houses, homes, properties and real estate for sale or rent in Galis here. Search real estate agents and properties in Galis. — “Houses, Homes, Property, Real Estate for sale or rent in”,
  • Directions. Sports & Schools Order Form. Online Albums. Communion Order Form. View our Blog. Holiday Cards "INSIDE: The Secrets To Great Photography and Video That Other Studios Won't Tell You About " ENTER HERE. — “Galis Photography and Video Inc”,
  • Mark R. Galis is Co-Chair of the Chicago Intellectual Property & Technology Practice. He concentrates his practice on patent, trademark, and copyright matters with a focus on litigation, IP portfolio management, business method/eCommerce/Internet patents and transactional intellectual property. — “Galis, Mark R. - Greenberg Traurig LLP”,
  • The Celtics point guard lineup being complete at the time, Galis made the move across the Atlantic and signed for Aris of Thessaloniki, Greece. With Aris, Galis won 7 Greek Championships (6 of them consecutively and 3 undefeated) and led Aris to 3 consecutive appearances at the European. — “Nikos Galis”,
  • Nick Galis (born July 23, 1957 in New Jersey), known in Greece and throughout Europe as In his fourth and final year, Galis, by now a shooting guard, averaged 27.5 ppg. — “Nikos Galis - Hoopedia”,
  • Sir Aglovale (or Agloval) de Galis is the eldest legitimate son of King Pellinore in the Arthurian legend. Sir Aglovale (or Agloval) de Galis is the eldest legitimate son of King Pellinore in the Arthurian legend. — “Aglovale”,
  • Nick Galis (born July 23, 1957 in New Jersey) is a retired Greek basketball player, a member of the FIBA Hall With his unbelievable performances in court and his rare professionalism, Galis grown into a living legend in Greece and is considered by many Greeks the biggest athlete. — “Galis | 10 Daily Things”, 10
  • This video includes Nick Galis' (Seton Hall Pirates) and Larry Bird's (Indiana State University Sycamores) highlights in the only game they played together a. — “YouTube - Galis and Larry Bird (Pizza Hut All American Game 1979)”,
  • Nikos Galis (real name Nikos Georgalis, known to Seton Hall basketball aficionados as Nick Galis), often referred to as the Michael Jordan of Greece, was born in New Jersey, USA, on the 23rd July 1957. Following in his father's footsteps, Galis took up boxing in his. — “Nikos Galis - Phantis”,
  • Learn about Galis Photography and Video specializing in Professional from this business profile provided by Network Solutions. — “Galis Photography and Video”,
  • Beth Galis. Yoga, Bodywork, Energy Medicine. Beth Galis B.A. Licensed Massage Practitioner. Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor. Master's Certification in Energy Medicine. Beth has expanded her yoga/wellness studio. Please visit: . for more information. Thanks!. — “Beth Galis Yoga, Bodywork, Energy Medicine”,
  • If you don't know who Nikos Galis is, please visit Stuart's wonderful Nikos Galis Player Profile from the main page. Galis was born in the States by Greek immigrants (from the island of Rhodes) and graduated from Seaton Hall. — “Happy New”,
  • [email protected] In their first 4 years, I held the title of Information Systems Scientist at the top contract organization for clinical PK/PD modeling and simulation. My work includes agile n-tier controlled deployments, 21 CFR part 11 regulations, IT Operations, Quality Assurance and Computer. — “www”,

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  • Nick Galis the gangster Wojeck Krajowski of Lech Poznan looked to a higher power: "Before the game we made our plans on how we will stop the four players of Aris," he said following a European club competition game. "For Galis, we made our prayers..."
  • Nick Galis is scoring 44 pts. vr. Maccabi, 1988 Tel-Aviv, 10/12/87, Maccabi-Aris: 95:91, summery: fg: 17-30, ft: 9-12, scored once for 3, first half: 18 pts, secoed: 26 pts.
  • Galis vs Barça (36 points) Watch Nick's jump shot crescento against Barcelona back in 1989.It was in euroleague's final four of that year,in Munich.Aris finished third winning Barcelona 88-71.Glory days!!!
  • Nick Galis - the fly 1987
  • 3.Florin Galis - doina florin galis doina live contact FLORIN GALIS ; 0741521904
  • Βest of Galis 1 "I feel that if Galis wants to make a basket, he will do it no matter who his opponent is", said Lithuanian star Arvydas Sabonis.
  • Galis vs Maccabi Tel Aviv (39 points) Nikos Galis scoring 39 points against Maccabi Tel Aviv, in a typical euroleague game, back in 1990. The final score was 98-81, in a comfortable victory of Aris Salonica, against the israeli team of Doron Jamchy, Mcgee, Ken Barlow, Daniel, Simms and Mercer. 33 year old Nick cannot jump as he once could, but he can easily still score 39 points missing only 2 shots and 1 free throw. The game took place in Alexandreio arena, in Thessaloniki.
  • Galis and Alvertis (Panathinaikos) highlights vs CSP Limoges The 1993-94 season, was the first time EUROPE heard about Panathinaikos Basketball Club since 1981, when Takis Koronaios, Liveris Andritsos and David Stergakos led the team to the Euroleague's (then called champions cup) final stage, eliminating the mighty team of CSKA Moscow. Actually, it was the 1992-93 season when the powerfull team we all know today, started its creation. And Nick Galis, even being 35, would be the ideal choise for PAO's and the fan's european dream. Along side with Galis, Croatian Legend Stojan Vrankovic and young and Talented Nikos Economou, and the GREAT CAPTAIN, FRAGHISKOS ALVERTIS. In 1993-94 season, PANATHINAIKOS reached the final four of the euroleague, in Tel Aviv, for the very first time. It was the begining of the golden era of the team. Galis, being 36, was not what he used to be, he could not jump as he did, not dribble as he did, and the fact that he was not as fast as in the past was also very obvious. All those did not prevent Galis to give some memorable spectacles, his last ones in the game. In those two seasons that Galis played for Panathinaikos, was more like a combo-point guard, passing like crazy, while his shooting, improved more than ever. In his best ever performance as a "Green", Galis scored 36 points, shooting 13/13 fg, 10/10 ft and dishing 19 fiba assists (!!!). (against Aris Thessaloniki, his ex-team). About the game you're watching: CSP Limoges-Panathinaikos 75-68. Panathinaikos losing to CSP Limoges (Michael Young ...
  • BUSY SIGNAL - REAL GALIS - ALL I DO IS WIN REMIX - JUKEBOXX PRODUCTIONS Busy Signal's remix of All I Do Is Win, REAL GALIS produced by Jukeboxx Productions. Follow HDP on twitter @Ms_HDP or join the HDP mailing list for new music & videos here:
  • Galis and Sabonis (Galis 45 points, Sabas 19) This is a video of the semifinal between USSR and Greece back in 1989 in Zagreb, for the european championship! The final score was USSR-Greece 80-81. The video is concentrating to Nikos Galis from Hellas and Arvydas Sabonis from Lietuva and to how these legends did in the game! Galis scored 45 points that night making it one of his most famous performances with the greek national side!
  • Galis vs Romania (44 points) This is the very first game of the eurobasket 1987. An easy victory for Greece against the romanian side. 109-77, giving Nick Galis the opportunity to provide his special spectacle to the fans, scoring 44 points...Enjoy
  • Galis vs Petrovic (eurobasket 1989 final) This is a remixed video... 32 year old Galis is still there. Having beaten the USSR of Arvydas Sabonis ALL ALONE in the semi final, scoring 45 points in an incredible one man show, Galis is about to play his second consecutive eurobasket final...Against him, Drazen Petrovic and one of the best basketball teams ever, the national team of Yugoslavia. Galis is said to have proven that one can beat five, but in that case, PETROVIC, ZDOVC, PASPALJ, RADJA, DIVAC, DANILOVIC, KUKOC, VRANKOVIC, are simply IMPOSSIBLE to beat...The Yugoslavian team beated everyone by 20 and 30 points in that tournament, and was named the european dream team. Galis had one of his worst starts ever in the final game, obviously being tired by his breath taking performance one day before, but finally scored 30 points. He even received 3 blocks, something that was rare, despite his short height. But this time he had to overpass his 6,10 feet personal opponent (Kukoc), fake his 7 footer back up opponent (Radja) and then shoot over his third one of 7 feet (Divac) or 7,2 (Vrankovic) which was practically impossible, even for Galis. On the other hand, Drazen shines! Scores 28 points and dishes 11 assists, and becomes the tournaments MVP providing some of the finnest plays ever, in european basketball. ALL FIBA european championship 1989 tournament team: Pg Galis, Sg Petrovic, Sf Kukoc, Pf Radja, C Sabonis...Enjoy...
  • Galis vs PAOK (44 points) This is Galis' best ever performance against archirivals PAOK...It's the greek championship final in 1989, and Galis shines as he scores 44 points and dishes 5 assists...Final score: PAOK-Aris 75-87...This is also the best individual performance ever, in the history of the games between the two teams...Enjoy...
  • Galis vs Petrovic (eurobasket 1987 semi-final) This video is concentrating to the attacking performances of two legends of the european basketball,Drazen Petrovic and Nikos Galis,in the semi-final game for the european basketball championships,back in 1987!Nick usually outscored Drazen when they played against each other(Drazen had allways more options to pass the ball),but Greece rarely won against Yugoslavia.This is one of those rare games! Greece won 81-77 and progressed to the final of the eurobasket of 1987. Galis scored 30 points while Petrovic scored 22! Greece had wonderusly managed to beat Yugoslavia again in the preliminary round of the same tournament,while Galis scored 44 points and Drazen 18!The two legends had a very good relationship.Once,when Drazen Petrovic was asked if he would like to play with Nick Galis in the same team,he responded:"Yeah,I'd like to play with him.I'd like to PASS the ball to him and let HIM score!ENJOY!(The baskets are presented in the order they were made in the game by the two stars).
  • Aris Panionios 1990, Nikos Galis 45 points Wonderfull player, one of the best scorer of all time..... What can I say about a player with 60% career FG percentage while scoring +30 points every season and just 183cm? Said about Galis: Drazen Petrovic: "If I'm the Devil's son, then Galis is the devil himself." Bob McAdoo: "I've seen Galis doing things that I have not seen either Lakers or Celtics doing."
  • Hovo Hayko - Manes Galis Yana Yana Mugham Hovo Hayko Rabiz Armenian Music
  • Galis vs Panama (53 points) career high with the GNT This is Galis' Career High with the Greek National Team. He scored 53 easy points in 37:13 minutes against Panama's bad defense on 21/28 shooting, in the first group stage game of the FIBA 1986 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (mundobasket espana). Back then Greece was not yet the superpower of nowdays, so the game against Panama seemed like a hard case. Galis and his company made it look easy. In 1986 Mundobasket, the Greek team demonstrated for the very first time some real basketball strength. Galis was named the tournament's top scorer averaging 33.7 points. Let's check some of Nick's top scoring performances: Galis playing for Aris Thessaloniki: 62 points against Ionikos Nikaias in 1981 61 points against Iraklis Thessaloniki in 1981 57 points against Carrera Venezia in 1981 56 points against Esperos in 1989 Galis playing for Greece: 53 points against Panama in 1986 52 points against Poland in 1984 49 points against China in 1986 Galis for the Seton Hall Pirates: 48 against the Santa Clara Broncos in 1978 42 against the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights in 1979 40 against the Wagner Seahawks in 1979 Enjoy and wait for more!!!
  • Galis vs Barcelona (full highlights) 45 points I've posted only few highlights out of this game before, now I have the full pack of them. It's one of Galis most memorable individual performances ever, scoring 45 points (with his usual, over 70% field goal percentage) and being absolutely unstoppable. Auddi Norris of FC Barcelona, named his son Nick after Galis' performance...Aris won Barcelona 88-89 in the "Palau Blaugrana" arena for the euroleague 1987-88 competition, in one of the most historical victories of the "yellow team"... Also check out the standing ovation by the fans of barcelona, as he gets named as the best european basketball player for the year 1987. It's right at the end of the game. Enjoy!!!
  • Vitamin Club 79 - Mah (Iravichakner erb galis e [email protected]) (12.02.2012).mp4 Iravichakner erb galis e mahy
  • Galis vs Tracer Milano (50 points) Hey guys, Galis turned 50 yesterday, so I thought about putting up a game where he scored 50 points. There you go then. Aris-Tracer (Philips) Milano back in 1987. Aris facing the european champions of 1987, in the group stage of euroleague (then champions cup). The final score was 120-95 for Aris, and Galis scored 50 points with an incredible 21/28 fg...Great game, high score and some basketball legends in it...Bob McAdoo, ex-NBA champion with the Lakers, Mike D'Antoni, Dino Meneghin, Ricky Pittis on Olimpia Milano side, and of course Yannakis and Subotic on Aris side...In the end of the game, Galis is awarded by the italian newspaper, LA GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT as Europe's best basketball player in 1987...See Nick raising the EUROSCAR trophy!!!Enjoy!!!
  • Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 WEBSITE 1: WEBSITE 2: www.dancehall4 FACEBOOK: FOLLOW: Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 Aidonia - Galis Laws (Raw) - September 2011 THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSE NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED.
  • Nick Galis - Greece Legend Tribute video to the top European basketball player of all time. Song: Europe - The Final Countdown
  • Galis vs PAOK (35 points, greek cup final, 1989) Galis scoring 35 points with an outrageous field goal percentage (16/20) as usual and dishing 8 assists! It's the 1989 greek cup final! (Yannakis was great too in that game)! Aris won 91-86! Imagine he's 32 on this video! Speaking of fg percentage: in 1986-1987 season, in the greek league, he averaged 38,5 points per game with an IMPOSSIBLE 68%fg!!! I also found out that in the game between Greece and North Carolina Tar Heels, back in 1983, Galis scored 50 points! His personal opponent in that game was - who else? - His airness MICHAEL JORDAN!!!!
  • Nikos Galis amazing passing The fact that Nick Galis was great at passing, was overshadowed by his endless scoring, even by the times he played the game. Today, almost 15 years later, nobody remembers Nick's amazing assists, which is rather unfair for him. Galis was a superb point guard while playing for the Seton Hall Pirates, in NCAA. He had some rare passing skills and most of the times, he tried to make it seem spectacular, as he did when he scored. In this video, you can see Nick passing the ball to Greg Wiltzer, Panagiotis Yannakis, Stojan Vrankovic, Manthos Katsoulis, Vassilis Lypiridis, George Papadakos, Nikos Filipou, David Stergakos, Argyris Kabouris, Alexander Volkov, Panagiotis Fassoulas, Mike Jones, Fanis Christodoulou, Dinos Aghelidis and Tiit Sokk.
  • Galis vs PAOK (31 points) 34 year old Galis still scoring and passing well!!!These highlights are coming from the greek playoffs final against PAOK,back in 1991...Aris won PAOK 86-85. It was the last championship ARIS ever won!!!
  • Mr. Vegas - Gallis / Sassa Step [Official Music Video HD] Directed By Jay Will (Game Over)
  • Aris - Zadar (Galis 30 points) Korac Cup 1984/85 31.10.1984 - Korać Cup 1984/85 - 2nd round - first leg Aris - Zadar: 84 - 71 (39-43), Highlights Nikos Galis lead Aris to a huge victory over a great Yugoslavian team at Alexandreion Melathron. Aris qualified to the group stage losing at Zadar for the second leg 94 - 89. ARIS ROAD TO THE SEMIFINAL First Qualifying Round ARIS - Levski Sofia: 90-66, 117-100 Second Qualifying Round ARIS - Zadar: 84-71, 89-94 1/4 Final Group Stage ARIS - Libertas Livorno: 83-72, 94-100 ARIS - CB Cajamadrid: 106-100, 81-85 ARIS - Le Mans: 103-90, 115-91 Semi-Finals ARIS - Ciao Crem Varese: 83-80, 71-95 (Galis played only in the second leg, with a broken finger)
  • Galis Kukoc Radja Paspalj San Epifanio Riva Villacampa Zdovc Martin Dacoury - Balkans vs Europe In 1991, the game of basketball celebrated its 100th birthday, since James Naismith invented it. In Europe, FIBA celebrated the fact with an exibition game between a Balkan selection team and a Rest of Europe one... And it turned out to be a very representative game of 90s european basketball. Toni Kukoc, Dino Radja, Zarko Paspalj, Jure Zdovc, Zoran Savic, Nikos Galis, Panayotis Giannakis, Panayotis Fassoulas, Fanis Christodoulou played main roles for the Balkan team... Juan Antonio San Epifanio, Antonello Riva, Jordi Villacampa, Antonio Martin, Richard Dacoury, Stephan Ostrowski, Sergei Bazarevich, Roberto Brunamonti, were the ones for the Rest of Europe selection... The talented Balkan team were strong favourites, but the Rest of Europe team proved to be pretty tough... Galis - at age 34, provides some nice plays, combining with Kukoc, Radja and Paspalj, proving that when he played next to talented players, he could also be an ideal playmaker...apart from being his usual self in scoring (20 points - top scorer of the game). Jure Zdovc, the robot, gives the balkan team a 103-102 victory in the end. You can see him wondering: "Out of all those star players, I was chosen to be the one to take the last shot" ? The game took place in Piraeus, in Olympiacos arena, the Peace and friendship Stadium...
  • Vitamin Club 79 - Mah (Iravichakner erb galis e [email protected]) (11.02.2012) Iravichakner erb galis e [email protected] Vitamin Club 11.02.2012
  • Galis,McAdoo,Divac,Paspalj,Meneghin,Djordjevic,Yannakis,F4 This video is coming out of the Euroleague's first final four ever, back in 1988, in Ghent, Belgium. It's mainly concentrating to highlights by greek Nikos (Nick) Galis (Νίκος Γκάλης) playing for Aris Thessaloniki (Άρης Θεσσαλονίκη), serb Vlade Divac (Владе Дивац) and montenegrin Zarko Paspalj (Жарко Паспаљ) playing for Partizan Belgrade (Партизан Београд), and american Bob McAdoo (ex LA Lakers player) playing for Olimpia Philips Milano (former Tracer). In the video you can also see basketball action by italian legend, Dino Meneghin, by the "Dragon" Panayiotis Yannakis (Παναγιώτης Γιαννάκης), by young versions of Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic (Aleksandar "Saša" Đorđević or Александар "Саша" Ђорђевић) and Riccardo (Ricky) Pittis, even small bits by two succesful coaches of nowdays, Zeljko Obradovic (Želimir "Željko" Obradović) for the european basketball (now coach of Panathinaikos) and Mike D'Antoni (now coach of the Phoenix Suns). History of F4 in Ghent. First semi final: Maccabi Tel Aviv (מכבי תל אביב)-Partizan Belgrade (Партизан Београд) 87-82. (McGee 34, Divac 19) Second semi final: Philips Olimpia Milano-Aris Thessaloniki(Άρης Θεσσαλονίκης) 87-82. (McAdoo 39, Galis 28) 3rd place game: Partizan Belgrade (Партизан Београд)-Aris Thessaloniki (Άρης Θεσσαλονίκης) 105-93 (Divac 31, Galis 39) Final: Philips Olimpia Milano-Maccabi Tel Aviv 90-84. (McAdoo 25, Jamchy 24) Tracer Milano were the european champions for the second consecutive year! Sorry to all the Maccabi fans. I ...
  • Galis vs Jugoplastika (38 points) Watch some of Nick's highlights in the game against Jugoplastica Split(european champions that year) of Tony Kukoc,Dino Radja and Dusko Ivanovic...Aris won that game 85-89 in Spilt. That was back in 1989!
  • Galis vs Barça (45 pts, rare game, only few highlights) (INCREDIBLE BUZZER BEATER from center court included)This euroleague game is really rare. It's Aris facing Barcelona in the Palau Blaugrana arena, back in 1987! Aris won 88 - 89, while Galis scored 45 points shooting 19/27 fg, including a SUPERNATURAL buzzer beater from center court! Because of the rarity of the game, I only had 6 highlights, but I thought about making a video out of it, since it's one of Galis' most known performances for the Euroleague! Audie Norris of Barcelona said that night: "I've seen a lot of great players in my career, but what Galis did today, I bet only 3 players in the entire world can do!"
  • Galis vs Italy (38 points) One of the most crucial games of the eurobasket 1987. Greece vs Italy of Antonello Riva and Walter Magnifico, for the tournament's quarter finals...Greece had never ever won italy in the past. The two teams had met 15 times untill then, and Italy had won all of them. But Greece won 90-78 in this all important game, for the first time. Yannakis and Galis were outstanding scoring 24 and 38 points... Galis was asked after this game: "was that the biggest moment in your career"? And he aswered making history: "It's the biggest moment, untill the next one"...
  • Nick Galis - Agno (Greek commercial) Unforgettable advert of Greek TV with superstar Nick Galis advertising AGNO fresh milk. His Greek accent in this advert remains legendary !
  • Galis and Larry Bird (Pizza Hut All American Game 1979) This video includes Nick Galis' (Seton Hall Pirates) and Larry Bird's (Indiana State University Sycamores) highlights in the only game they played together as teammates... In the Pizza Hut All American Game back in 1979, the NCAA All Star Game...The game took place in Las Vegas. Larry was named the game's MVP, scoring 17 points in an average night...He was no doubt the Star of the night though...All eyes on him... Galis seemed a little bit stressed...He did not take many shots (2/3 fgs 1/2 ft) considering the fact that he was the nation's 3rd leading scorer in 1979 with 27.5 points, just behind the great Larry... He did some awesome playmaking job though, dishing 7 assists and stealing the ball 4 times...It's amazing watching Galis defending like he did, young and athletic as never before... For history matters, the Eastern All stars, where Galis and Bird played together won the Western All stars 107-92. Sidney Moncrief and Vinnie Johnson were two more great players to participate in this game... Enjoy one more time!!!
  • Galis vs USSR (eurobasket 1987 final, 40 points) Nikos Galis...A LEGEND!!! (scored 40 points that night). The final score: Greece-USSR 103-101. Former NBA established defender, Sarunas Marciulionis, was Galis' personal guard in the game. He once mentioned him as one of the toughest opponents he ever had to face, when asked by an NBA reporter, who of course had no idea! Too pitty Europe learned about Nick when he was old, and not as athletic as in the early 80s. In 1987,he seams twice as athletic as young and mighty Marciulionis, but imagine he's 30 years old. Galis could easily dunk even at that age, even being only 6,1 feet(1.83). But he disliked dunking, despite learning the game in the states (dunk mania was not there yet, though). He dunked several times in 1980-81 season, when he was only 23 years old, but those dunks have only been recorded by a photographer, and not by a video camera. (the game was not popular those days in Greece). In that season, Nick averaged 44 points per game. Dammit. We've seen so little of him!
  • Galis vs Petrovic (Galis 44 points, Drazen 19 points) This is a rare victory of the greek national team against the mighty Yugoslavian side, for the group stage of the 1987 eurobasket in Athens. It's one of Galis best perfomances ever, scoring 44 points and beating the Yugoslavs almost by his own, showing his leadership qualities. On the other hand, his great opponent, Drazen Petrovic, started furiously, scoring 16 first half points, but then, nowdays greek coach, Panagiotis Yannakis, matched him in the defensive part and managed to keep him down to only 3 second half points. Galis, at the top of his career, grabs rebounds, dishes some nice assists and steals the ball, and shows why he was considered one of the world's most significant basketball players back then, in 1987. The score was 84-78 for the greek national side...Enjoy!!!
  • Best of Galis 2 "I'd love to play with Galis in the same team", said the legendary Drazen Petrovic before his death in 1993. "I would assist him the ball and he would put it in the basket."

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