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  • The next time you are cleaning and waxing your boat, take the time to look for small cracks, scratches and chips in its gelcoat. Most scratches and chips in gelcoat result from impacts with hard objects (winch handles, downrigger weights, 15 lb. Lobsters) and are not cause for concern, but if you. — “GELCOAT REPAIRS”,
  • Fiberglass Boat Repair - Learn how to properly repair your boats gel coat with this illustrated article from the experts at Malibu Boats. — “Aquaskier - Articles - Gel Coat Repairs - How To Repair”,
  • 180 Clear Gel Coat is a high performance, premium quality gel coat for both airless and air atomized spray applications. This deep, crystal-clear and non-yellowing gel coat is compatible with underwater and water contact marine applications as well as sanitaryware such as showers and tubs. — “Fibre Glast Developments : Resins : Epoxy Resins : Polyester”,
  • DR. GELCOAT has been in business for many years. Let our team of highly trained professionals provide our excellent service. We specialize in gelcoat color-matching and fiberglass repair. — “Home - DR. GELCOAT Fiberglass Marine Repair”,
  • Though smooth and relatively durable, gelcoat, like any finish, is prone to dings and scratches. This handy guide gives a DIY boat owner the ability to repair gelcoat using WEST System Epoxy and a few other simple materials which can be obtained overnight. — “ | Fiberglass Gel Coat and Gelcoat Repair”,
  • Buy "Gelcoat" products like Gelcoat Restoration Kit, Gelcoat Repair Kits Kit, White, Non Waxed, Laminating Gel Coat White, Gallon, Non Waxed, Laminating Gel Coat White, Quart, Gel Scratch Patch Gelcoat, Waxed, Non Laminating, Finish Gel. — “Gelcoat”,
  • Gelcoat used to patch existing gelcoat, fiberglass repairs, and for new construction. White gel coat, pre-colored gel coat, clear gel coat, neutral tintable gelcoats. All are premium marine grade. — “Gelcoat”,
  • Gelcoat Repairing nicks, scratches, cracks, and surface crazing Gelcoat is made of polyester resin, the same stuff used to build the hull of your. — “Gelcoat: Information from ”,
  • Gelcoat Manufacturers & Gelcoat Suppliers Directory - Find a Gelcoat Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Gelcoat Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Gelcoat-Gelcoat Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • ShopWiki has 6267 results for gelcoat, including Clear- Gel Coat Scratch Patch, Orca Composites Orca Guard Black Gel Coat Quart, Hydro Systems PRE7236GWP-BS Designer Premier Gel Coat Whirlpool Tub 72" x 36" x 19" Biscuit, and Evercoat Gelcoat. — “gelcoat”,
  • A gelcoat is a material used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of a fibre-reinforced composite material. The gelcoat will often carry a pigment that provides the finish colour to the moulded. — “Gelcoat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Fiberglass is applied over the osmosis gelcoat blisters repair for the understructure of boat repaint boat gelcoat not only gives a vessel its sleek, shiny. — “Boat repaint boat osmosis & gelcoat blisters”,
  • Information on Gelcoat Scratch Repair from BoatUS. When the gelcoat surrounding a scratch is in good condition, the filler of choice is gelcoat paste, which provides both filler and finish in a single application-but not a single step. — “Gelcoat Scratch Repair by Don Casey”,
  • Gel-Coat Products supplies gelcoat for repair, bathtub/shower/boat repair kits, waterproof decking, and custom filled spraycans. We are the worlds largest supplier of custom-matched gelcoat repair kits and have over 8,000 standards in-house, for. — “Gel-Coat Products | Home”,
  • Gelcote International is proud to be the official supplier of Gelcote repair products for Gelcote manufactures and sells repair kits and products for quick and easy repairs on. — “Gelcote® International Ltd”,
  • Online Catalog of fiberglass reinforced plastic materials and supplies for building and repairing surfboards, windsurfers, boats, canoes, kayaks, autos and many other fiberglass products. Gel Coat, a polyester coating that is applied to the mold surface and becomes an integral part of the. — “Gel Coats”,
  • Shop for Gelcoat. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Gelcoat - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Learn to fix, patch, and repair the gelcoat on the bottom of your canoe or kayak hull. — “RoguePaddler - Repairing Gelcoat”,
  • Find all the manufacturers of Gelcoat and contact them directly on Nauticexpo. — “Gelcoat - All companies”,
  • GELCOAT SHINE takes great pride in providing the highest level of boat detailing. GELCOAT SHINE offers a variety of quality detailing services on a scheduled or one time basis to meet your requirements and budget. — “gel coat shine mobile detailing boat yacht gelcoat fiberglass”,
  • Evercoat Gelcoat Repair Kit for color matched gel coat repairs, includes liquid hardener, color resins, color blending guide, mixing tools, and release film. — “Gelcoat Repair Kit”,
  • Learn about Gel Coat on . Find info and videos including: How to Restore a Gel Coat, How Can I Color Gel Coat?, How to Spatter Gel Coat and much more. — “Gel Coat - ”,

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  • Panga Boat Deck GelCoat This is the new Panga Shop Cam we run it all day as we build boats. Check it out at This day we applied white gelcoat to the deck for the 27 foot panga under construction. The previous videos show making the hull. Tomorrow we skin the deck and later apply more glass and core with plywood.(if the customer wants their deck made with no wood in the core we use whatever they tell us to) Stay tuned to the site by clicking on Panga Shop Cam on the home page to see the progress as we build the new 27 PangaCraft.
  • Necky Kayak Composite Gel Coat Repair Part 1 Just some video from a repair on my Manitou 14 Composite Gel Coat
  • How to brush apply a Crystic Polyester Gelcoat Scott Bader Gelcoat apllication guide.
  • Necky Kayak Composite Gel Coat Repair Part 2 Part two of the repair - battery on video camera died right as we were finishing but you get the idea
  • Cosmetic Gelcoat and Fiberglass Repair: Cracks, Air ... View entire video at Covers air voids and the repair of stress cracks. htpp://
  • Professional boat hull Repairs on DVD for fiberglass and gelcoat repair, DIY Learn Professional Gelcoat Repair On DVD By John Gabriel. Achieve First Class Gelcoat Repairs Your First Time. Video holds over 160 frames with every tip needed for a smooth fast repair.(only described in this video). Easy For anyone. Visit: 5 page website for great fiberglass and gelcoat repair information. Free shipping online orders only. visit
  • West System Gelcoat Color Matching And Finishing Howto Jamestown Distributors Presents: West System Gelcoat Application Part II. Available at Read our blog at .
  • How to polish textured gelcoat Textured gelcoat can be difficult to polish and remove oxidization. A buffing wheel does not get in all the cracks and so the textured area remains dull while the rest of the boat is shiny. I found using a bathtub brush on a reciprocating saw works great! It doesn't put a high gloss finish on the textured area but it does remove the oxidization. I used a metal blade to cut into the handle of the brush and then used hose clamps covered in electrical tape to hold it in place.
  • 3M Marine Professional Gelcoat Finishing System More Info: www.3 3M Marine Professional Gelcoat Finishing System
  • Repairing GelCoat On A PWC - Part 2 Part two. Inspecting the damage and mixing the reagents. Thanks! & SUBSCRIBE!!!
  • WEST SYSTEM project vanguard 15 fiberglass and gelcoat repair befores and afters Dont miss the completed video This is the repair of a vanguard 15 done by me. using west system epoxy, an then polyester gel coat with patch aid and at first a coat of "pva mold release" at first for full cure then towards the end I used wax (surfacing agent polystyrene) much easier in my opinion
  • How to repair Gelcoat Part 2 This video segment is part two of a 2-part series that will show you how to do a simple non-structural gel coat repair.
  • Gelcoat Repair Part 1: Components West Marine's Chuck Hawley shows you how to do minor gelcoat repairs to your small boat in this series of videos. Part 1 gives you an overview of the tools and products you need for the project. For more info visit
  • 1970's 13' Boston Whaler W/New Gelcoat on Hull&Interior 1970's 13' Boston Whaler With New Gelcoat on Hull and Interior. The Hull and Interior are in great shape, this Whaler has a cut out transom, perfect for a short shaft es with a 25 HP Johnson Outboard $995.
  • 3M Tools --- Gel Coat Demo - Indapac Ltd Eastern Branch 3M Application Video showing 3M Abrasives and 3M Tools available from Indapac Ltd Eastern Branch. Call 1 888 560 6903
  • How to repair Gel Coat Yellowing / dullness / oxidation issues. How to repair Gel Coat Yellowing / dullness / oxidation issues. Gel Coat Yellowing, Dullness and Oxidization are serious problems with many Marine Vessels and in this short video we demonstrate using products how to easily recover dull GelCoat, Oxidized Gel Coat, or Gel Coat that has turned yellow. Products available at http
  • Stampo Gelcoat e pasta epossidica Stampo in Gelcoat e pasta epossidica
  • How to repair Gelcoat Part 1 This video segment is part one of a 2-part series that will show you how to do a simple non-structural gel coat repair.
  • Epoxy laminated over polyester gelcoat adhesion test Trying to get a way to get epoxy resin to stick to polyester resin layup. I know, I know, they are not compatable, but why not try and see just how bad it is. So I layed up a small hatch for testing. thin layer of polyester white gelcoat, cured for 24 hours at around 70 degrees. Then covered with a coat of greenseal for 48 hours and cleaned off one of four different ways. whole thing was washed, part of it was scrubbed with a green scotch pad. another section was washed with acetone after drying, and another section was lightly sanded with a piece of 120 grit paper just to remove the shiny surface. It was then laid up in epoxy laminating resin, 2 layers of 6oz E-glass, and let cure for about 43 hours at around 70 degrees. This is the testing results in the video..
  • Spraying Gelcoat onto a RC Boat Plug With the G100 Spray Gun Spraying gelcoat onto an RC boat plug with the G100 gelcoat spray gun in order to make a new mold. We used 1 quart of Orange Tooling Gelcoat, 15cc MEKP Catalyst, and a mil gauge. The gelcoat was sprayed on to a thickness of .020". Check out our website at or our blog http
  • CFS Fibreglass Premixed Gelcoats and Topcoats A high quality, isophthalic, and pigmented, Lloyds approved gelcoat. Gelfast is Polycor gelcoat pre pigmented by CFS Fibreglass for rapid delivery times from 40 standard colours. The full range of BS, RAL and custom colours are also available. This gelcoat has excellent physical properties, water resistance and UV light stability and can be used for a wide variety of parts, making it very popular. Gelcoat forms the smooth outer surface of the finished laminate and therefore is applied to the prepared mould first. Supplied with free catalyst.
  • Full Renovation of Commercial Water Slide Gel Coat Wet and Wild Water Park, Gold Coast, QUEENSLAND We tested a NEW NANOTECHNOLOGY engineered POLISH to protect these water slides AFTER WE RESTORED and cleaned them back. Many years of obvious abuse, and many thousands of ride users, UV, Sun Damage, Chemical and Acid abuse. VISIT .au FOR MORE
  • Wizadtech - How to properly apply a gel coat Gel coats are made by mixing fumed silica with polyester resin to give a thicker consistency. They are used to reproduce fine detail in mouldings. They are usually pigmented to add colour to the moulded article.
  • Gelcoat Howto II Jamestown Distributors TV: Gelcoat Howto II. This video is on howto to perform a gelcoat repair. To learn more, go to our blog at You can find Gelcoat and related products at Visit for all your project needs.
  • Professional Gelcoat Repairs using Preval Spraygun By John Gabriel 20082.rv A video to help those who want professional gelcoat spot repairs or just fiberglass repairs, spray gelcoat for an overall refinish. Learn premier techniques with the correct materials to use, avoid styrenes, wax additives and patch boosters as these products are out of date for exterior repair methods where shine, durability and visibility is an issue. Learn how to master flawless gelcoat repairs on your boat to last a life time. Includes a 12 page manual with color photos, and full text that follows the entire video, complete with tech support. Everything you need to know to accomplish first class gelcoat and fiberglass repairs with no complications in just 1/2 hour, easy for anyone.
  • Hobie Repair--Gel Coat--Surf City Catamarans Here's a quick tutorial on how to spray gel coat. For parts and accessories contact us: Thanks to AlBorosie for making good tunes!
  • Seadoo PWC Gelcoat Restoration I spent a total of 5 hours restoring the gelcoat and giving it a quick detail...The owers were very pleased with the results...I charged them $150.00...In my opinion the value of the ski went up $400-$600... Clean boats and PWC's sell faster and get a higher price... This ski did not appear to be restored just well maintained which buyer's appreciate and look for... I service most of SW Fla. give me a call if you need a 8 ft PWC or a 50 foot Yacht that needs some work... 239-810-8173
  • GlasCraft INDy X Gel Coat Application
  • Repairing GelCoat On A PWC - Part 3 Final Part 3. Applying the gelcoat and finishing. Thanks!!! SUBSCRIBE!
  • Spraying Gelcoat with the G100 Cup Gun Sprayer This video shows you how to set up and use the G100 Spray Gun to spray gelcoat, very quickly and easily.
  • West System Restricted Access Fiberglass Repair Jamestown Distributors Presents: West System Restricted access fiberglass repair for cored and non cored hull,decks and bulkheads. Available at Read our blog at .
  • Gelcoat Repair Part 3: Wet Sanding West Marine's Chuck Hawley shows you how to do minor gelcoat repairs to your small boat in this series of videos. Part 3 covers wet sanding. For more info visit
  • Spraying Gelcoat With the G100 Gelcoat Dump Gun Spraying a small RC boat mold with black tooling gelcoat using the G100 Gelcoat Gun. For more info go to
  • Product Rave: "Gelous" Nail Gel Coat thee- I absolutely love this product so I wanted to put a quick rave/review up. Hope you enjoy, if you have any questions please let me know! Thanks for watching! Heres the link:
  • Repairing GelCoat On A PWC - Part 1 Brief intro into what GelCoat is and how we will be using it. This is a multi-part series, so please watch all parts. This is part 1. Thanks & SUBSCRIBE!
  • Gelcoat Repair Part 4: Buffing and Waxing West Marine's Chuck Hawley shows you how to do minor gelcoat repairs to your small boat in this series of videos. In this final video, buffing and waxing are covered. For more info visit
  • Gelcoat Repair Part 2: Mixing and Application West Marine's Chuck Hawley shows you how to do minor gelcoat repairs to your small boat in this series of videos. Part 2 shows you how to prep the boat, mix the gelcoat and coloring, and applying it to the boat. For more info visit
  • Gelcoat Repair Howto Jamestown Distributors Presents: Gelcoat Repair. Available at Read our blog at http;//. Visit us at .
  • Shine On for Oxidized and Sun Baked Gel-Coat & Fiberglass SHINE ON is a unique sealer, not a wax or polish. It provides a glossy and protective seal to the surface of fiberglass and gel-coat. It resists oxidation and fading longer than any wax on the market and can be applied just as easy. With SHINE ON, your RV/Boat/Airplane and more will resist oxidation and maintain that glossy finish all season long! SHINE ON was developed by a detailer with 30 years experience. After many years and endless hours of labor buffing motor-homes and boats, he knew there had to be something better. So he set out to develop a product that would not only be easy to apply, but would restore the surface to that new,clear coat,factory finish! PO Box 453 Newman Lake, WA 99025 Phone: (509) 621-0183 [email protected]
  • FindAnyBoat: Boat fiberglass & gelcoat repair / detailing (Chattanooga, TN) (Chattanooga) http:///3navast
  • driftclosely: Rust stain in a white fiberglass boat is a nightmare to remove. :( Additionally, I found a chip in my boat's gelcoat. *makes shopping list*
  • bathdo: http:///05/53/safety-tubs-ss5430rs-wh-gelcoat-walk-in-baths-walkin-walk-in-bath.html Safety Tubs SS5430R #Bath #Baths #GelCoat

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