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  • Youtube to Animated GIF, Create animated GIFs from YouTube videos easy and FREE. Simply copy and paste the URL into our form, and click Create to get started. — “YouTube to Animated GIF - ”,
  • Gifs, Gifs and More Funny Gifs from Senor Gif. — “Gifs, Gifs and More Funny Gifs from Senor Gif”,
  • GIF Computer Science A service mark used for a raster-based format for storing files of color. — “GIF: Definition from ”,
  • Offers free GIF animations, clipart images, backgrounds, lines, buttons, icons, textures, and cartoons. This is the Internet's original and largest collection of free animations, animated GIF and clip art. — “”,
  • PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online and accept online payments. — “PayPal”,
  • Gickr pulls images from a specific tag on a users Flickr account and turns them into an animated GIF, it will also work on a set of individually uploaded images. — “Gickr”,
  • Get gift ideas for any recipient or occasion. Find unique and personalized gifts from major retailers along with experiential gifts. — “”,
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  • .GIF is the oldest and most accredited file format type for simpler images. GIF represents a bitmap (graphics) file format, based on the 2D raster data type and supports various color patterns and a wide range of resolutions. — “The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image file format”,
  • Books Finance Translate Scholar Blogs Updates. YouTube Calendar Photos Documents Reader Advanced Search Language Tools. Advertising Programs Business Solutions About Google. — “Google”,
  • is a free online .gif making tool. You can use these tools to convert your video or images. Also check out other peoples animations by rank or by most Or head on over to the .gif splitter tool and disect your .gifs into seperate images and mix them up. — “ - create animated gifs online from video or”,
  • Details for file extension: GIF - Graphic Interchange Format - Graphic files in .GIF format can be manipulated by a large number of programs. Some programs, e.g., Fractint, us the GIF header to store program information so that when the file is. — “File Extension .GIF Details”,
  • Yahoo! Internet portal provides email, news, shopping, web search, music, fantasy sports, and many other online products and services to consumers and businesses worldwide. — “Yahoo!”,
  • resize animated gif animation, requires layers and or frames editor tools, Photoscape : resize and edit gif http:///ps/main/index.php Gimp ~ edit gif and export animation http://gimp-/stable.html Beneton Movie. — “How to resize Gif images? I have a really nice Gif image I”,
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  • Offers a collection of GIFs and clip art for download. — “”,
  • Myspace is the leading social entertainment destination powered by the passion of fans. Music, movies, celebs, TV, and games made social. — “MySpace”,
  • Create Animated GIF online! is your personal GIF animation and avatar generator. You get your animated avatar, banner or GIF slideshow in a sec!. — “ - Make gif animation online”,
  • Free animated GIF site. Welcome to Gif'! Over 13,000 fun free animations for you to use on your website, add excitement to emails or just have fun!. — “”,
  • The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format that was introduced by CompuServe in 1987 and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability. GIF became popular because it used LZW data compression, which was. — “Graphics Interchange Format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find the perfect icons to express your mood and personality. . Find the most popular Icons pictures, videos and groups for your MySpace page, blog or just for kicks. — “Photobucket | Icons Pictures, Videos & Groups”,
  • Official site for Major League Baseball in the U.S. and Canada. Features links to each of the MLB teams, as well as baseball season stats, news, game schedules, video highlights, and online broadcasts. — “Major League Baseball (MLB)”,

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  • Twelfth Night: Or what you will - Part 8 IMDB Brother and sister Viola and Sebastian, who are not only very close but look a great deal alike, are in a shipwreck, and both think the other dead. When she lands in a foreign country, Viola dresses as her brother and adopts the name Cesario, becoming a trusted friend and confidante to the Count Orsino. Orsino is madly in love with the lady Olivia, who is in mourning due to her brother's recent death, which she uses as an excuse to avoid seeing the count, whom she does not love. He sends Cesario to do his wooing, and Olivia falls in love with the disguised maiden. Things get more complicated in this bittersweet Shakespeare comedy when a moronic nobleman, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and a self-important servant, Malvolio, get caught up in the schemes of Olivia's cousin, the obese, alcoholic Sir Toby, who leads each to believe Olivia loves him. As well, Sebastian surfaces in the area, and of course there is Feste, the wise fool, around to keep everything in perspective and to marvel, like we the audience, at the amazing things happening all around.
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  • 4chan .GIF Montage Back by popular demand! :D The idea for this was inspired by other music videos featuring 4chan .gifs here on YouTube, but I wanted to go a step further and see if I could try and make a video classic AMV-style, complete with a full-length song, precise timing, and of course doing my best to find good quality GIFs (which I gave up on after finding the very blurry MC Hammer .gif XD). The finding of good .gifs actually was a two- or three-day process, as threads would be marked for deletion as they got older and the gifs would disappear from the imageboard, so I'd have to scoop 'em up quick and see if new ones were uploaded later on. The actual AMV took about 6 hours to finish, give or take half an hour or so. By the way, I have to emphasize that it's pretty damn hard to find "clean" gifs on 4chan, but I pulled it off, so most of these have the G rating (okay, okay, besides "you're gay!" dude and then Mario humping Peach for 1UPs.) My reason? I'm just not that kind of person. :P Blasphemy! A girl created this AMV! But there's no women on the internets! XD Enjoy the AMV. :D PS There are too many anime, games, shows, etc to name in here, and thus I apologize for that. Too many tags... @[email protected]
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  • How to create an Animated GIF with GIMP It's pronounced "JIF" PROOF BELOW New updated tutorial, done in GIMP 2.6 can be found at the link below! This is a basic tutorial on how to animate a GIF image using the GIMP.
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  • How to make a GIF with videos from Youtube Youtube Downloader 2.1.6 Adobe Image Ready* *Download Photoshop to get Image Ready. NOTE: ImageReady will only stay on your computer until you uninstall Photoshop, so don't uninstall photoshop.
  • 4Chan Gifs gifs from 4 please rate & comment! btw the song used is "Chocolate Rain Anon Remix" be sure to check out parts 2 & 3 in my profile. =)
  • What is the Difference Between a JPG GIF TIFF PNG and EPS Find out the difference between a JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and EPS. Understand the differences and know when to use each image format. For more tips checkout my site at
  • Funny gif funny gif collection. More at i-
  • Unfreez - Free Gif Maker UnFREEZ is a free software for Windows that makes your gifs into animations. It's a simple tool, and has a very small file size.
  • Funny Gifs Compilation 1 Funny gif-format pictures from all over the internet. Here you can find funny gifs--
  • Funny Gifs Compilation 9 Funny gif-format pictures from all over the internet. Music by : Zake Naio - Enya sure is rave
  • What is Love Gif Collection 1 SUBSCRIBETODAY ! A Collection Of What is Love Animated Gifs From ytmnd. PLS Rate And Comment
  • Sheepfilms GIF Compilation A compilation of various GIF animations from my website or posted on b3 Rich Keyworth kindly made the lovely music track, please hire him or listen to more of his work here: Almost everything was made in Adobe After Effects, with a few bits of 3D done in Maya The original GIFs can be found on my site
  • How To Make A Moving Picture (.gif) For Myspace Using GifNinja And Windows Movie Maker (HD) This How-To video shows you how to make a moving picture (.gif) for myspace or ANY other website that allows animated .gifs using GifNinja and Windows Movie Maker. Convert Video To Gif: PLEASE - Comment, Rate, and Subscribe for more great How-To videos. SUBSCRIBE for a chance to win a $15 gift card (Details on my Channel)
  • How to create an Animated gif More tutorials - Master Photoshop in a Day - How to create animated gifs using Adobe ImageReady
  • [How To] .GIF Animation In Photoshop Free Brush Pack Download: A little tutorial for people who have not found out how to make animations in photoshop. For recording I used
  • Photoshop CS4 - How to Make an Animated GIF Using Images A tutorial showing how to make an animated GIF using images, or altering the state of one image. Hope it helps, Cheers!
  • Amazing Animated Gifs pt. 2 | Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix) Don't you hate pants?
  • YTMND Gif Collection A Collection Of Funny Animated Gifs From ytmnd
  • Funny Gifs Compilation 4 Funny gif-format pictures from all over the internet. Here you can find funny gifs--
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  • .:Adobe Image Ready Gif Making Tutorial:. MORE ADOBE TUTORIALS & PS ANSWERS HERE AT THE LINK BELOW... WHY CAN'T I FIND SAVE AS OPTIMIZED OR SAVE MY PROJECT AS A GIF?!?! UPDATED 4-18-2008 216 AREA FOUND OUT WHY & WHAT TO DO: OK I just figured out why everyone has this problem saving their gif. you need to open a *NEW DOCUMENT* make sure you know the size of your pics. if you try to do it by just opening your pic then adding layers to that pic, it WILL NOT LET YOU SAVE IT as a gif. this should help everyone who had this problem. A few people mailed me with questions on where, or how to make gifs. If you don't have Adobe Image Ready then goto google and search for Free Animated Gifs. If you have Adobe ImageReady then this is the tutorial that will explain it all to you as simple as possible. If you have questions feel free to ask me... AIM: WHONERZ or Leave a comment on the video or my channel.
  • Ultimate 4chan GIFs Compilation (PART 01) My first compilation :). Enjoy!
  • erased_25998050: @TheDirtyMinds My data aren't nearly as fun as finding #rumpday pics. Latin Jesus got a good look @ this 1. Werk, Kris.
  • trinitrent: RT @iloveda90s: im going threw @TriniTrent gif's i love them he got the best gif's ever. lol
  • sedmcdaniel: Exercise Physiologist I - THE HEART HOSPI... - Baylor Health Care System: ( #PLANO , Texas) #HealthWelfare #Jobs #Job
  • erased_21970790: Baylor Health Care System: Kids Clubhouse Attendant - Tom Landry Fi... ( #DALLAS , Texas) #HealthWelfare #Jobs #Job
  • Shammah2009: RT @Icebergtweets: ICEBERG ALERT! There are 71 icebergs located off the coast of #Newfoundland #Travel
  • BigMacSixPac: Damn today's gif on is dope (Y)
  • estebanegas: Baylor Health Care System: Dispatcher - Baylor University Medical Center... ( #DALLAS , Texas) #security #Jobs #Job
  • fairy_girl_22: Baylor Health Care System: Public Service Officer - Baylor Health Care S... ( #DALLAS , Texas) #security #Jobs #Job
  • NovismileforJDB: Baylor Health Care System: Pharmacy Assistant - Baylor University Medical ... ( #DALLAS , Texas) #Intern #Jobs #Job
  • NovismileforJDB: Intern - Baylor Research Institute - Dallas - T... - Baylor Health Care System: ( #DALLAS , Texas) #Intern #Jobs #Job
  • lmayblom: @belleboleyn LMAO! That gif is me everyday! ;) Right now, I'm like ahhhhh! They were saying if your eyes chang… (cont)
  • Mahira_20: Robert Pattinson Hair Stroking Gif Wall | The FABlife: Serious about almost-birthday boy Robert Pattinson's lusc...
  • silargu: @samrosey http://25/tumblr_lkouanPCPb1qj01sio1_500.gif That was Barcelona :D
  • letyweets: Photo: › ‘Remember Me’ gif requested by @xobsessedwithyoux http:///xnw2h85xhr
  • Shammah2009: RT @Karen_Nfld: RT @IcebergTweets: ICEBERG ALERT! There are 71 icebergs located off the coast of #Newfoundland #Travel
  • _vansan: @itsuprising http://28/tumblr_ll1fk3teMG1qcnhhzo1_r1_500.gif *-*
  • radoon: RT @burninlover: How the Sony hacking actually went down. http:///xJZhg.gif
  • Crispbond009: RT @Kkabbekky: RT @emilyk9: oh god tiffany ;~; my heart
  • waynejuckts: @heavenboys http://24/tumblr_ll1d21DA3z1qdnoaxo1_500.gif
  • _Amido: @Greg_ori LOL isso merece um GIF Movie xD
  • isDavka: @HikeXH8tch Cheat like a boss http:///tumblr_len5alR1gZ1qbtj1l.gif
  • ChelstheTWgeek: valleyofyourheartx: Tom’s face in the last Gif breaks my heart.. http:///xum2h85fhy
  • xoxBornThisWay: http://25/tumblr_le52w0xW4U1qet5fio1_500.gif << Is it just me or does the girl next to Jessie look weirdly like Kat Graham?
  • KiissHy: RT @Amm_Jutha: @k_nanny [GIF] Kyuhyun watching WonHyuk Movie~♥ http:///4w9kgb http:///4w9ldb http:///4w9lyg
  • nou_lajfer: http://29/tumblr_lkn61xeOmw1qb5tu1o1_500.gif NEEEEEEEEEEE
  • autumnftw: @sirenofodysseus I still need to figure out what to gif.
  • hxmxcrashtrap: djsgdhbsj RT @Kkabbekky RT @emilyk9: oh god tiffany ;~; my heart
  • GabrielDancause: Excellent GIF [GIF]
  • SeenOnInternet: Excellent GIF [GIF]
  • kikidropdead: You need a doctor baby? Are you scared? (: http:///tumblr_lkmu5yrueX1qgh2oe.gif
  • Julia_Carrara: Photo: › ‘Remember Me’ gif requested by @xobsessedwithyoux http:///xmi2h8518l
  • Kao134: RT @Amm_Jutha: @k_nanny [GIF] Kyuhyun watching WonHyuk Movie~♥ http:///4w9kgb http:///4w9ldb http:///4w9lyg
  • direct_static: @TriniTrent thank you for that Mo'nique gif. It made my day! #DEAD
  • nordicalifornie: I'm a little amused by GOOG's animated gif logo today
  • dutchgomez: I'm having a gif on my hyves profile and you can see that Justin says: ''Shawty'' So cute.♡
  • Flor_de_Canela1: @MargaritaBloom @oohlafroufrou A little gif for my Dolls beautiful color in the water 2day #MiamiBch Florida *.~
  • ASmith86: OMG. This .gif @lovecrissle has... this. is. everything. http:///index.php/2011/05/11/anything-for-a-hit/
  • BethalMarie: xxwadesdivaxx: I got a gif of both of them as i can’t decide :P http:///xho2h84sxt
  • jewelgiirl: RT @Amm_Jutha: @k_nanny [GIF] Kyuhyun watching WonHyuk Movie~♥ http:///4w9kgb http:///4w9ldb http:///4w9lyg
  • GraceLeland: RT @rahelg_: o my ur so quirkE u take pics of urself smokin in ur house + u make a gif!! wish i woz u
  • KyaraRios: eu num show http:///tumblr_ljsssoH2zi1qcidsn.gif
  • khushnur: Photo: › ‘Remember Me’ gif requested by @xobsessedwithyoux http:///xin2h84l61
  • maymilytomy: Robert Pattinson Hair Stroking Gif Wall
  • lulacrazygirl: Monsters, how can you have a Cats vs. Dogs debate and NOT include cathuggingateddybear.gif? Really dropped the ball on that one, folks.
  • berticus: Proud to be an American?
  • hollywoodbuzz4u: Robert Pattinson Hair Stroking Gif Wall
  • KazeAdChan: Photo: shineetown: O.O !!! http:///xy32h7k3qq
  • SebasDiazT: RT @Amm_Jutha: @k_nanny [GIF] Kyuhyun watching WonHyuk Movie~♥ http:///4w9kgb http:///4w9ldb http:///4w9lyg
  • neutronstar__: Photo: › ‘Remember Me’ gif requested by @xobsessedwithyoux http:///xfo2h84ch5
  • iloveda90s: im going threw @TriniTrent gif's i love them he got the best gif's ever. lol
  • TropicNebula: Photo: › ‘Remember Me’ gif requested by @xobsessedwithyoux http:///x8v2h847ri
  • ErisChabi: @BiebCyrusWorld please gif me a shoutout <3
  • soosicsphere: GIF Sica is so cute!! and funny xD http:///4wc08q
  • lmayblom: @belleboleyn Do you have anything in your gif bag for me? I'm kinda freaking out over the TV atm. lmao
  • 16Maarten: RT @JunesIphone: Not talent, more like a requirement around here RT @16Maarten: Then you sure have some talent!
  • ErisChabi: @TeamOfJBieber please gif me a shoutout. <3
  • bringmesomepie: Anonymous asked: Hello. Do you happen to have a link to the video of the gif of Misha you just reblogged?... http:///xxy2h842om
  • nyALa_u: @Meroad_Way3 ごはん
  • SimonHeseltine: 10 years ago today :( #DouglasAdams
  • Siddiqui1978: oh god tiffany ;~; my heart
  • dizturbdwun: RT @TriniTrent: shout out to all the blogs that posted Beyonce's album title an hour after it came out. Stay whack. <
  • JunesIphone: Not talent, more like a requirement around here RT @16Maarten: Then you sure have some talent!
  • RolieLimaJonas: What I feel like right now: http://24/tumblr_lkzqw7pvAe1qd5pj4o1_500.gif
  • 2ne1BBshabam: RT @bugyean: [GIF] Heartbreaking....
  • bradmahler: Just a reminder: be good to each other out there. http:///hb1zQ.gif
  • soosicsphere: @_JanineLee i will post many GIF's after this..stay tuned! ^^
  • am_young: Trying really hard not to lose my temper and write what I'm actually thinking. Instead I will just leave this here.
  • fuzzyGURU: @Stepto as long as it isn't the meatspin gif
  • rahelg_: o my ur so quirkE u take pics of urself smokin in ur house + u make a gif!! wish i woz u
  • artmore: We’re very sorry: http:///xoj2h83i92
  • LiraLeirner: Santana could afford THAT dress... to wear on a regular day to school?! PUH-RLEASE. It's awesome, though. #glee
  • ferdcovalski: @illrockthisclub http://30/tumblr_lky6737nXj1qhjq2ao1_500.gif com esse cabelo? Q
  • elrolando36: Photo: mrgif: http:///xu22h83dk6
  • homesforsaleMA: "Where Are We Weds?" Somewhere North and/or West of #Boston #Massachusetts 1st correct guess eligible win gif… (cont)
  • GamST1004: RT @AppleTheNine: [Gif] SS3_Vietnam WonTeuk (cr.listentokyu) http://ww1/large/68394b4bjw1dh3rme13ixg.gif
  • ABFUPackMoving: RT @landonstweet: "Moving Day FAIL" via @FAILBlog
  • jeruvin: RT @Stepto: I never get tired of watching this animated .gif.
  • kelenike: • Rhizome: 3D ASCII Animated GIF from Japan: Japanese tech news publication Weekly ASCII has…
  • Tama0026: She is so gorgeous :'D
  • ms_almohannadi: Buy Viagra Super Active Rx: Buy Cheap Viagra Super Active Online · [Image: 5.gif] · Buy Cheap Viagra Super Activ...
  • Tshepo1726: ‎​This is what guys do, when girls aren't around http://27/tumblr_l7ptmo79QH1qbixh5o1_250.gif
  • JaniseSchalk: @lisamassacre :) and good idea the animate gif
  • soosicsphere: Violent Soo GIF lmao :) http:///4wbz4i
  • gilded1026: http://i14/albums/a309/drained_me/SHINee/0010db1k.gif OMFG WHAT. MUST FIC THIS NOW D:
  • radiatexmiley: RT @xlauriginallity: why is this so perfect? http://30/tumblr_ll1juxP9tn1qeyp1lo1_500.gif
  • BEATRIZ547: oko k omg i must stop it sorry guys gif run is over for now you guys have seen those gifs anyways dont lie
  • HayleyBofMC: @DougPodcast http://i147/albums/r294/sailorcometh/Roger%20Klotz/roger61.gif
  • xtenderlips: @joestambourine_ http://24/tumblr_lkw688QEgg1qawoqwo1_500.gif #oldmemories *çççç*
  • groceryfiend: this movie had so many classic moments http://24/tumblr_lh5j36w5Sz1qasdemo1_r1_500.gif
  • i2ndshenanigans: “@Stepto: I never get tired of watching this animated .gif.” too funny
  • JustABullet: xthemadhatter94: http:///xin2h82hne

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