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  • Marine Stereos Dual Gimballed Marine Radio Housing $39.99. Item#: 16637530. Style#: MH100. SKU: 0177-40185-0100. — “Dual Gimballed Marine Radio Housing”,
  • 12. The system of claim 7 wherein said set of gimballed elements further includes an optical relay system for relaying said assembling the set of gimballed elements and performing an alignment of the gimballed elements;. — “Sensor system with dynamic optical ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • Definition of gimballed from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of gimballed. Pronunciation of gimballed. Definition of the word gimballed. Origin of the word gimballed. — “gimballed - Definition of gimballed at ”,
  • Full 360 degree Gimballed rotation about mirror surface. For one inch, two inch and 30mm diameter mirrors Gimballed Mirror and Beamsplitter Mounts. INCH. METRIC. Item. Adjuster Position. To Hold Mirror Diameter, D. Price. — “Mirror Mounts - Gimballed Mirror and Beamsplitter Mounts”,
  • B&G Gimballed Rate Compass has been designed to bring the full advantage of single-axis rate-sensors to the sailing market. GRC utilises a gimballed rate-gyro, ensuring that the sensor is always measuring the true yaw rate, independent of any. — “B&G Gimballed Rate Compass”,
  • Gimballed Rockets, and a description of the GYROC and GYROC II UK amateur gimballed rockets. — “Gimballed Rockets - ”,
  • GIMBALLED NAUTICAL BINNACLE COMPASS WITH COMPENSATOR BALLS. Fully gimballed Brass 2" Compass with two colored compensator balls. In the original the balls were provided so that the electric field of other instruments did not interefere with the Compass readings. — “Belly Dancing Wear by Blossom Gifts”,
  • Gimballed Stoves Keeping the pots and pans on the galley burners Almost all galley stoves are gimballed in a fore-and-aft axis. — “Gimballed Stoves: Information from ”,
  • A ball joint gimbal system which provides for a precise line-of-sight stabilization of a gimballed mirror that rides on a ball and its associated support structure. The mirror is positioned by four br. — “Ball joint gimbal system - Patent 6396233”,
  • Manufacture, repair and service gimballed shaft, half-axles, control rods for automobiles, tractors, heavy machinery, ATV and Offroad. Sales of original spare parts for the half-axles and shafts. — “Manufacture, repair gimballed shaft, half-axles, joints”,
  • If you're looking for a Marine Stove,Built in Stove Top, Gimballed or Built in Range, look here. If you're looking for a Marine Stove,Built in Stove Top, Gimballed or Built in Range, look here. — “Ranges & Stoves - Galley, Stoves & Barbeques”,
  • Encyclopedia article about gimballed. Information about gimballed in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “gimballed definition of gimballed in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • A set of two gimbals, one mounted on the other with pivot axes orthogonal, may be used to allow an object mounted on the When a thrust chamber is swung by an attached actuator, the movement is referred to as "gimballed" or "gimballing". — “Gimbal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Shop Online - Buy Gimballed Chronometer from SailGB for quick delivery. Order Now! Gimballed Chronometer. By the late 1700s clocks were theoretically accurate enough to use for navigation (mainly in calculation of longitude)? but could not remain so if subjected to constant pitching and rolling at sea. — “Gimballed Chronometer”,
  • Manufacturer of stainless steel marine stoves, heaters, and BBQs. GIMBALLED. gas cooktop/microwave. Cooking without compromise. Force 10 Manufacturing Corporation. has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of gas and electric. cooking. — “Force 10 Marine Ltd”,
  • A selection of highly accurate sensors is available to integrate into the H3000 system. These range from boat speed to load sense and advanced compass options. The NEW Gimballed Rate Compass (GRC) offers the full advantage of single-axis rate-sensors to the sailing market. — “Marine Sensors | B&G | Marine Electronics”,
  • Definition of gimballed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gimballed. Pronunciation of gimballed. Translations of gimballed. gimballed synonyms, gimballed antonyms. Information about gimballed in the free online English dictionary and. — “gimballed - definition of gimballed by the Free Online”,
  • Product Features The TASCO Model 755 series ranges are compact, gimbal mounted propane (LPG) fueled stoves with internal ovens. They are equipped Gimballed. Gimbal lock. Oven door lock. A one piece wire formed cook top. Adjustable oven shelves. Top: 16" Deep An 19 1/2" Wide. Oven. — “3 Burner Deluxe Stove With Oven”,
  • Victory Small Brass Gimballed Lamp, Electric or Oil. Beautifully crafted small brass wall light, includes bulkhead gimbal bracket. Dimensions: 17-1/2" Height x 6-1/4" Depth. — “Victory - Victory Small Brass Gimballed Lamp”, go2
  • The use of accelerometers is common in both circumstances however the function of gyroscopes is different in gimballed and strapdown configurations. Gimballed platforms require numerous parts in order to maintain the platform in the correct orientation. The major components required include:. — “/brow”,

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  • gimballed stove the homemade gimballed stove in action
  • Telepresence Arm This interactive exhibit consists of a series of counter-weighted arms that are suspended from the ceiling and which hold a gimballed assembly at the end. Because the arms are perfectly counter-weighted at several joints, the whole assembly moves with a floating action as if it were in outer space. Visitors pilot the arm from a remote kiosk by looking through stereo goggles that display images from two tiny video cameras at the end of the arm.
  • Flight to Escarpment Range check First longer distance FPV with QuadCopter. Flew until first beeps from Telemetry RSSI. Altitude of 55m. Distance of about 1.2km. Video was clear with negligible glitching at that range. GoPro is gimballed with home made pitch and roll mount. 600mW Immersion RC 5.8GHz FPV and Fatshark Predator V2 Goggles. ER9X with FrSky Module and 8dBi directional antenna GoPro Hero2 X525 Frame 4 X NTM 2826A 1200kV with Turnigy Multistar 30A ESC Turnigy 3000 mAh 20C for about 6:30 flight time. DJI Naza with GPS and HK flavoured Apache OSD with GPS.
  • Onboard Camera Test - Tack & Jibe Gimballed camera test
  • GN Espace Marine Cookers GN Espace marine cookers - a short product video showing the many practical and innovative features and benefits that make these cookers so unique. More details can be found on the follwing website :
  • Vectored thrust gimballed system mockup mock up of a 2-axis vectored thrust system
  • Tea making in rough conditions on yacht Tea making on yacht in a F5 without spilling a drop. Stove is a gimballed Taylors 029 model.The cup is full up with tea and the noise in the background is a Perkins 4108.
  • All terrain Hexapod robot Overview of my Final Year project in Electrical Engineering at Newcastle University. The robot uses force sensitive resistors on each foot to detect when a step has been taken. Also experimented with a hemispherical gimballed drive system on each foot.
  • 'ROCKETALK' episode three "Bossart is a Rocket Mozart" Following World War Two The United States used V-2 parts and equipment retrieved in Germany to create a new rocket designated MX-774. Assigned to 'CONVAIR' by the Air Force as a Top Secret program; the 33 foot "Baby V-2 " look-alike was the 'brainchild' of Karel Bossart. By 1951, Bossarts work on MX-774 would be applied to a new era of design changes (MX-1593) that would accelerate American rocketry into the future.
  • Single Silver Gimballed Recessed Downlight,Transformer & Lamp shopfeeder lighting at
  • Testing engine gimbal on vertical takeoff and landing rocket 2005/07/30 More info at
  • "HOG" drive test Test of a Hemispherical Omnidirectional Gimballed drive system. the pushrods on the servos weren rigid enough, so im putting some actual pushrods in there now
  • Mini USB Camera DV DVR Orange This is ultra-small, exquisite of integration design, to facilitate easy recording / monitoring. It is fashionable and compact with USB design. Also it comes with a small foldable gimballed base for easy to recording and capturing.
  • Jabra GN Netcom GN2000 Mono USB MOC Monaural Corded Headset Video Overview .au Complete with in-line sound controls, the Jabra GN2000 USB is a true plug-and-play product that is Microsoft Windows® certified. It comes with our popular SoundTube, equipped with a high-quality microphone. Feather-soft leatherette ear cushions provide exceptional comfort thanks to fully gimballed mountings. That means our earpieces automatically adjust to the shape and angle of individual ears. And less manual adjustment means you agents can concentrate on their calls and not on their headsets. The Jabra GN2000 USB provide full frequency response for optimum call clarity with significantly less need to ask customers to repeat themselves. For safety, they also feature our PeakStop™ technology, which cuts off sudden loud noises above 118 dB SPL. Built to last, the Jabra GN2000 Series is our toughest contact centre headset yet. Our headbands are made of impact-resistant materials that are strong and resilient and keeps the headset firmly, yet comfortably in place throughout the workday. .au
  • Hexacopter, Gimballed HD Camera, Rapid Ascent, Hover, Rapid Translation to Target, Loiter, Return 120922 F550 Rapid FPV.m4v
  • first take off of a 2 meter wingspan Unmanned airborne Vehicle testing a two meter wingspan uav- satellite navigation, by waypoint, real time video with gimballed camera with target locking, live telemetry data sent to groundstation, manual overide with gamepad, first t
  • Corona Powerline Inspection Video 2.flv Using corona cameras installed in gimballed payload to detection faults that can cause radio noise, audio noise and AM intereference. The loose cable protrudes from the pole and creates much noise. Corona cameras pinpoint sources of corona RF and audio noise.
  • Quad Pod II This video shows the Quad Pod II rocket. It uses a gyro chip to control a gimballed rocket motor mount. The rocket motor is kept at vertical independent of the orientation of the rocket.
  • Needleboat Here is an updated design of a catamaran with a gimballed cabin. The only way this design would work in event of the boat rolling is with a mechanism to rotate the sails if the boat flips.
  • Cooking and Comunication on Terrwyn Catherine and William continue their sea voyage on their sailboat "Terrwyn". They are travelling from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to New Zealand in the next six months. The first leg will be over 4000 nautical miles without seeing landfall. In this clip Cathy shows us the magic of a gimballed stove and we hear a bit of her reporting to the Pacific Seafarers Net through the ham radio.
  • gimballed camera mount
  • HD - DIY Steadicam, Design #2 with stair test **HOW TO BUILD THIS RIG - This is my second run with my new DIY steadicam. I used my 17-85 EFS IS lens for this, and gave it a whirl. I think using one takes a little practice, and this run looks better than my earlier one in the Yavapai hallway and cafeteria. This is the non-gimballed steadicam design that is seen on the Rebel T2i forum video here on youtube....look for the guy with the beer. That's the vid. :)
  • Moving vertical takeoff rocket out of shop 2005/07/30 More info at
  • Gimballed gyroscope demonstration Homemade gimbal for a Tedco gyroscope. The clip shows conservation of angular momentum and the change of angular momentum by an applied torque manifested as precession.
  • Beach FPV Pt 2 Testing ntcomputer86's FPV sytem at the beach. Volunteered the 600 Pro as the airframe. Doing this at Ocean City before the main season earlier in the day. Keeps the number of obstacl....I mean tourists low :) Don't need folks walking under a flying lawnmower. Winds easily in excess of 30mph constant. Running 6s instead of 12 for vibe testing. This is the second time we went out about 1 hr later. The camera is pointed higher. Eventually everything will run from an Immersion RC Tx/Rx (once they come in stock) and a gimballed camera not ghetto mounted on the canopy haha.
  • Dry-land test of gimballed camera mount for kiteboard Testing my new camera mount that will hopefully stay level with the horizon while I'm laying down some carves on my kite board. It should be interesting to see what happens on the water when I reverse ends on the board, and the camera goes from behind me to in front of me. I anticipate that it will work well on smooth water - not so sure about rough choppy water. Also, I let youtube "fix" the "shakyness" of this video.
  • Close view of engine firing on VTVL rocket joe 2005/07/30 More info at
  • Aeryon Scout VideoZoom10x Overview [http://] Introducing the VideoZoom10x payload for the Aeryon Scout. Targeted at real-time reconnaissance and identification applications, the VideoZoom10x custom payload by Aeryon adds a stabilized ten times optical zoom video capability to the Scout's family of payloads. At a mere 200 grams, the VideoZoom10x is the world's lightest all-digital gimballed optical zoom camera. The VideoZoom10x produces the highest quality real time video available in any Micro UAV -- for example, an operator can determine if someone is holding a gun versus a shovel from a distance of greater than 300 meters.
  • Dave Hein's Quad Pod II Dave Hein's Experimental gimbaled rocket
  • CO2 Detector with Automatic Exhaust Fan This is a 3-axis gimballed cryogenic temperature chamber, cooled with CO2. It is in an isolated room for safety reasons. Today I installed an exhaust fan and a CO2 detector that automatically turns on the fan when the CO2 concentration goes above 5000 PPM.
  • Motor mount this is the motor housing for a gimballed wheel drive system that im building. for an idea of what it is for check out this link:
  • Tacking a Scot - Gimballed Camera Joe Brake & Tricia Batchelor demonstrat roll tacking. Used gimbaled camera
  • Jester Challenge Duncan Lougee Boat tour and hard won advice from Jester Challenger Duncan Lougee, who took part in the 2010 TransAtlantic event in his sleek Rustler 31. Includes gimballed-camera footage from heavy weather 'off soundings', and its effects on even simple tasks aboard.
  • "HOG" Drive system Hemispherical Omnidirectional Gimballed drive system
  • Stove install Jaimie and I install gimballed stove and Bose 131 Speaks
  • Magic gimballed machine!!! Magic!!! Check out my channel for more!!!
  • Fan Class 32 Yachting Monthly's preview of the unique Fan Class 32, with a canting rig, or gimballed hull, whichever way you look at it it's a monohull that doesn't heel
  • Kerbal Space Program: Juturn V Munraker In today's episode, Bill goes to Mun, Bob goes to Mun, and Jebediah goes to Mun, while the rest of Kerbalkind watches with bated breath. Juturn V is the common name for this entire assembly. It takes a lot of influences (oh who am I kidding) of the Saturn V, however there are certain key differences in the mission profile compared to Apollo missions. First, Second and Third stage are all classic Saturn V design. First stage uses five large kerosene-burning engines designated M-50. However, these designes do not feature gimballed thrust vectoring, which means the first stage must be maneuvered with the control surfaces. The actual Saturn V's first stage had four of the F-1 engines on gimbals while the central engine was static. These engines are fed from a single, long 3 metre fuel tank (I would have used one long and one short, however the short tank is currently bug-ridden and unuseable, and the spacecraft has plenty of power to get to the Mun without the additional burn time for first stage). Second stage uses five smaller, LH/LOX engines to emulate the J-2 engines. For these, I used KSP's stock gimballed liquid fuel engine, designated LV-T45. This stage, like the first one, is fed from a single long 3-metre fuel tank, and due to better efficiency, this stage lasts quite a bit longer than the first stage, and gives the spacecraft the majority of its orbital speed. Both first and second stages crash back to Kerbin's surface without becoming orbital debris. Third stage is ...
  • WindTaumelScheibe A circular disk is gimballed fixed in a gab. It is covered by a half disk, so the windforce reached only a half from the circular disk and pushed it backward. By a trick this is only possible by turning the half disk some around, so an other part of the circular disk is covered. An automatism starts.
  • FreeBoatShopper: CandleHolders / Gimballed Ship (Los Angeles) - $90: Italian Bronze Clones of Vintage Ship Gimballed Candle Hol...
  • DodoebirdCP: @Cross01CP gimballed?

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  • “The gimballed rocket motor is the. only active element that can be used for a stable It is indeed remarkable the way the gimballed motor is used”
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  • “tugged as the stoved gimballed-thank God I do not have. Goto: Forum List•Message List•Search•Log In. Sorry, only registered users may post in this”
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  • “Gyroscopes have many uses, this site explains how a gyroscope works and what they can be used for. The site also looks at the possible uses of gyroscope based propulsion (gyroscopic propulsion)”
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  • “The Space Fellowship is an international news and information network dedicated to the development of the space industry. A rocket with gimballed engines can handle the case of one engine being completely shut off, the extreme case”
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  • “Mad Mariner is a daily boating magazine with articles on boat buying, boat resoration, boating equipment, boating tools, inflatables, marine electronics, boating safety, seamanship, marine piloting, marine navigation, marine weather, knots, boat”
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  • “Taylors Ideal K Two Burner Gimballed Stove. Taylors 028 Two Burner Gimballed Stove. Taylors 079K Cabin Heater I'm thinking about getting a gimballed stove like CJ's and Yacht Atom's and getting rid of the double burner altogether”
    — Kerosene stove and cabin heater,

  • “We have cheap Marine from Antiquesas well as Maritime. Vist us for all your Marine needs and supplies BIDS:0 TIME LEFT: Gimballed 1910 Ritchie ships compass in walnut cradle $50.00 more info BIDS:1 TIME LEFT:”
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  • “Aviation, Defense and Space News, Jobs, Conferences by AVIATION WEEK the premier provider of aviation news, information, and data tools for the global aerospace and defense industry”
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