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  • , Search the web and find what you are looking for with OXiDE Search! Live Life Through OXiDE!. — “Welcome to ! Search Results Powered by OXiDE”,
  • Global Agenda: Box-Only Game Is Not "Gimped" 11 Dec 2009 at 16:54:32 We've worked very hard to make sure that people who only buy the box don't feel like they're getting a gimped game. — “Global Agenda: Box-Only Game Is Not "Gimped" | IncGamers”,
  • A Dungeons / PvE movie by Fears. A very well edited video from two different points of view. The majority of the video is Gimped Vs. Kalecgos (Live). — “Illidan Stormrage Gets Gimped By Fears - World of Warcraft Movies”,
  • Gimped. buy gimped mugs, tshirts and magnets. The practice of making software run poorly on a compatitor's hardware. nVidia's involvement in the development of Batman Arkham Asylum has gimped antialiasing performance on ATi hardware and PhysX performance on multicore CPUs. — “Urban Dictionary: gimped”,
  • Example: You really gimped that toast by leaving it in the toaster for too long. Subscribe to the Slang O' The Day RSS Feed and never miss another entry. Also, please be sure to spread the word by telling your friends, family, and everyone else that you know about Slang O' The Day. — “Slang O' The Day " gimped”,
  • Gimped strings: This type of string was first mentioned in 1664 and marks the first evidence of joining wire with musical strings. This Pistoy gimp is made for lute, viol, and violin low strings. — “Gimped Strings”,
  • Tags: crippled, E, EU, Gimped, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 7 Good: Your shiny new better-than-Snow-Leopard OS won't be as gimped as you originally thought. This also means that any applications which use Trident for rendering any HTML to present an interface to the user will still work. — “Gimped " winJade”,
  • so ever since ive got Super Smash Bros Brawl about a month ago ive used the Wiimote+Nunchuck for playing i knew you could use a GC controller for the game but i didnt feel like buying an old system controller for the Wii so i didnt and i never. — “Am i gimped for using a Wiimote+Nunchuck SSBB? so ever since”,
  • Bad News PlayStation 3 fans. It looks like the demo of Mafia 2 you kicked up such a fuss about may not be as far away from the final build of the game as you first thought. Mafia 2 On PlayStation 3 Is Officially Gimped. — “Mafia 2 On PlayStation 3 Is Officially Gimped”,
  • Gimped definition, a limp. See more. I'll gimp over there as soon as I can. It'll take a while on these crutches. Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition. Copyright 2007. — “Gimped | Define Gimped at ”,
  • Shop our large selection of gimped gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique gimped designs. Fast shipping. — “Gimped Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • Druid Gimped Video Rammed. I do mind it when the need was most dire. He characterizes the studio's position 'This is the most uncommon formats, too. Plus, you build a reputation tip from Meta. The quest still requires a plug in for a healing class. — “Gnaws Gimped”,
  • Many were disappointed with the CPUs Apple chose for its updated MacBook Air ultraportables. Given the design constraints. however, Apple had few other options. Why Apple saddled the MacBook Air with "gimped" CPUs. — “Why Apple saddled the MacBook Air with "gimped" CPUs”,
  • Oh my. Anyone preparing to throw the Wii Wheel out with the bathwater when their copy of Mario Kart arrives may want to know this. The latest fact sheet handed to us from Nintendo contains some notes on the game's four control schemes. Here's. — “Classic, GameCube Controllers Gimped For Mario Kart”,
  • While debate rages over an R18+ classification for video games in Australia, RockStar announce that they will bypass the furore by presenting a softer version of Grand Theft Auto IV to retail shelves. — “iTWire - Gimped version of GTA IV for Australia”,
  • Oh Sony, it's not that we don't like you, but if you keep shooting yourself in the foot, the thigh, the other foot, the ass, your hand, and your ear, it makes it difficult to defend you. Send a link to this post 'European PS3 Has Gimped Backward Compatibility' via email:. — “European PS3 Has Gimped Backward Compatibility”,
  • Two real shots, taken at the same time, and location with different lens configuration put together with Gimp! Sources of the photo here. — “Gimped! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Poor Australia. They don't get to join in all the unadulterated fun that is Grand Theft Auto IV. In order to obtain an MA15+ rating, Rockstar had to tone This entry was written by Matt Banks, posted on April 4, 2008 at 2:00 pm, filed under Loot Ninja and tagged australia, Gimped, gta 4, Rockstar. — “Australia Gets Gimped GTA IV | Loot Ninja”, loot-
  • gimped (of yarn, cord, thread, wire, etc.) Wrapped or wound tightly with a second length of yarn or wire in a tight spiral, often by means of a gimping machine, leaving the core yarn straight and protected (informal) (also gimped up, gimped out) Crippled, injured; damaged as to awkwardly impede. — “gimped - Wiktionary”,
  • Welcome to Gimped Guild, of Arthas US Welcome to Gimped Guild. User Name. Remember Me? Password. Heroic Lich King and Heroic Halion Down. Aug 05, 2010 - 1:18 AM - by Pakka. Hell It's About Time. Oh and grats to that douchebag who main switches on the mount! Lich King. — “Welcome to Gimped Guild”,
  • Definition of gimped in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gimped. Pronunciation of gimped. Translations of gimped. gimped synonyms, gimped antonyms. Information about gimped in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “gimped - definition of gimped by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • DS-Scene - View Topic: R4DS and Crimson DS Lite == Gimped? - I suspect Nintendo gimped the use of R4 on them. — “DS-Scene - View Topic: R4DS and Crimson DS Lite == Gimped”, ds-
  • This is the official GIMP web site. It contains information about downloading, installing, using, and enhancing it. This site also serves as a distribution point for the latest releases. We try to provide as much information about the GIMP community and related projects as possible. — “GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program”,

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  • Gimped Web Class Preview Get both my layer mask and layer modes eBooks for free for signing up for this Sunday's class. Learn more and sign up here: http:///CDEgb This vide...
  • Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI *GIMPED SETTINGS* Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 via Nvidia Surround @ 6030 x 1200 resolution, GTX 670 3-Way SLI @ stock settings (no OC). Nvidia GeForce 320.49 WHQL driver. Fil...
  • Foundup Fix: @YOUTUBE gimped their #PLAYLIST... Oh, No you killed Kenny! I hate you! Yes, Youtube FAIL devs and their crappy QA testers dropped the ball on their poor playlist... they gimped the old one for a #FAIL new one... whay they should...
  • LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Walkthrough - Part 23 Gimped Superman Let's Play XBOX PS3 PC LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Walkthrough - Part 1 Theatrical Pursuit Let's Play XBOX PS3 PC ( Gameplay / Commentary ) http:///watch?v=R5pl6Kk...
  • UbiSoft is Deliberately Making "Gimped" Games So, Ubisoft has been deliberately gimping their games. Ubisoft, Nintendo, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4, WiiU.
  • How I Got Gimped How I ended up paralyzed after being attacked by ninjas when I was getting out of the shower.
  • VEDA Day 4 / Vlog #18 - Doing Laundry With A Gimped Wrist Happy Monday...
  • 3rd Parties Stop Releasing Gimped Versions of Games on Wii U
  • 2s with Gimped! Gimped's point of view. A good 2s with Gimped. His point of view ;) --
  • Xbox One Version Of The Crew Gimped Due To PS4 Limitations? The Crew is an online MMO Racing game, oddly enough it doesn't use Microsoft's free online servers. The only reason for this has to be that Ubisoft didn't wa...
  • Dark Souls Gimped Weapon Boss Challenge - Part 11: Four Kings Here we are, the top of the difficulty ladder for this challenge. Fighting them with this slow of a weapon proved to be a tall order!
  • Gimped vs Void Reaver - Runetotem Gimped vs Void Reaver, First kill May 21, 2007.
  • Overclocked Droid vs Regular Droid vs Gimped Droid ( web page browsing) Just wanted to show how different 1GHz to 550MHz to 125MHz can feel.
  • WWE2K15 PC EDITION CONFIRMED AND LISTED! CONSOLE GAMERS GET GIMPED VERSION! Download WWE 2k15 for PC, PSP, PS3 and XBOX 360 WWE 2K15 News PC release in development? PS4 XBOX ONE Next Gen game 2K PS3 XBOX 360 WWE 2K15: PC Version List...
  • Modern Warfare 2 "Get Gimped" Episode 2 Free For All Rundown Silenced Striker 30-5 Gameplay Second episode of "Get Gimped" series. I thought this shotgun was gonna suck hard. It's not too bad. Maybe because I was using stopping power? This is the se...
  • Dark Souls Gimped Weapon Boss Challenge - Part 8: Ornstein and Smough So, here we are... As I say in the commentary, one of the two primary challenges in this playthrough considering my handicap. This one was the fight I was wo...
  • Dark Souls Gimped Weapon Boss Challenge - Part 4: Gaping Dragon Fire upgrades for our new Demon's Great Hammer and Broadsword:) Gaping Dragon takes a minute with this gimped setup, lol!
  • lvl 71 Colanade Map Self Gimped to 567ES 5L In this Video i deliberately remove my 6th gem and disable discipline aura. This turn my 800ES 6L into 567ES 5L that is much more affordable. I do this to sh...
  • COD: Black Ops 2 - Playing with a Gimped Hand (Riot Shield) Pt 2 Royalty Free Music by http:///royalty-free-music Power Gaming on Facebook: https:///powergaming2k TPP Frontline: http:///tppfrontline DieHard's...
  • Dark Souls Gimped Weapon Boss Challenge - Part 9: Moonlight Butterfly and Sif A two for one in this vid, considering they are both easy as hell:) I'm basically just working towards the 4 Kings, but Sif is standing in my way. Too bad fo...
  • Dark Souls Gimped Weapon Boss Challenge - Part 1: Asylum Demon and Taurus Demon Personal rules for this challenge: 1. Any damage done to a boss must be by a weapon that you "can't use effectively". 2. It has to be a weapon that you don't...
  • Black Ops | Gimped! - Episode 2 (HD) LIKE AND COMMENT! WATCH IN 720P Here is Gimped! Episode 2. Hope you guys enjoy it. Im not that pleased with the editing, i rather rushed it just to get it up...
  • John getting gimped on stag do in Majorca (June 2007) John getting gimped on stag do in Majorca (June 2007)Well done lads! Thanks for a great weekend.
  • WoW Ferahgo - Gimped (FULL) My old videos from US Frostwolf Server. I am the original Ferahgo who shot and cut these videos - there seem to be a number of reposts out there. This has th...
  • Black Ops | Gimped! - Episode 1 (HD) Yo guys, here is the first episode of my new Gimped! Series :) Its basically just a short BO minitage :) Rate. Comment. Subscribe! Davidiwoo.
  • Gimped from the Start Mario Kart 8.
  • Dark Souls Gimped Weapon Boss Challenge - Part 3: Capra Demon We work on cleaning up some stuff I forgot earlier, and hitting the Depths gate shortcut and the crazy merchant. Then, Capra. And man, he gets it:)
  • Watch_Dogs Deliberately GIMPED PC Graphics http://forums.guru3/showthread.php?t=390114 http:///forum/showthread.php?t=838538 Whats even more disgusting is the fact the graphics opti...
  • Get gimped instead EPsilon (Marth) vs Duhrdy (Captain Falcon) February 15, 2013.
  • Let's Make Heroblock City! Episode 1 - Gimped GIMP First time using Hypercam, I didn't realize that it would stop recording video after five minutes or so and keep recording audio. Unless you like the sound o...
  • Shotguns gimped
  • Borderlands 2 - Gimped Farming Challenge!!! In this video we carry on our Borderlands 2 series; Gimped Farming Challenge. This one instead of using one weapon for one video we take on two! Hope you guy...
  • Borderlands 2 - Gimped Challenge!!! In this video I farm bosses in the game Borderlands 2 with a horrible weapon, considered less powerful than others, to see if I can kill a boss! I hope you g...
  • GIMPed IMVU 4 Sorry its been awhile Since I've done a GIMPed IMVU but here ya go Enjoy ^^ My IMVU Edits, Dps, That I have created using GIMP 2.6. Music- Ultimate Halloween...
  • 10/24/09 (News/Machinima Call of Duty gets gimped, a new Mario, epic failness.) Inside Gaming 10/24/09 (News/Machinima) Call of Duty gets gimped, a new Mario, and some epic failness. Welcome to Inside Gaming where we watch what we play. ...
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Battle | Episode 2: Gimped Radar is Gimped. Freaking gimped radar, you and your tricks...Oh! Did I mention the emerald radar is gimped?
  • Hunters are like so gimped uncle michael all u have to do is faceroll.
  • Flamdawg: @critesy if you are too gimped to walk you can rock the party on crutches
  • AngelEyes1412: @WeLoveGillian @bones_starbuck @angstevens7 probably gimped his head onetime too many! Adam S? Gillian beats him any day!
  • Chunky_Pig: Nintendo to launch gimped Wii Mini exclusively in Canada: Yesterday, Nintendo revealed plans to release the Wii ...
  • flyingtwinkie: This person is basically a gimped leg. When she's on register, the supervisor can get nothing done.
  • illXzomgX: RT @Fami_Complex: Bioshock Infinite confirmed not to have multiplayer. In other news, confirmed to not have gimped SP to accommodate unnecessary MP.
  • sunnychl: RT @Fami_Complex: Bioshock Infinite confirmed not to have multiplayer. In other news, confirmed to not have gimped SP to accommodate unnecessary MP.
  • slackerninja: RT @Fami_Complex: Bioshock Infinite confirmed not to have multiplayer. In other news, confirmed to not have gimped SP to accommodate unnecessary MP.
  • Fami_Complex: Bioshock Infinite confirmed not to have multiplayer. In other news, confirmed to not have gimped SP to accommodate unnecessary MP.
  • TeddyMcGinnis: @OMGitsAliA KC is far superior. TDM is gimped in blops 2.
  • TunaCharlie: @RobertoLionino @LibraryCynthia Oh My bad. Didn't know you meant gimped left handed libtards at 9:15 only. Guess 1802 vs 1299 doesn't count
  • theghostofno1: I've gimped my way into awkward situations..
  • hollispatton: @Ciaramel1 thanks!!! I feel gimped haha
  • TTChelps: @gimped I don't have those details yet.^CW
  • Gimped: @TTChelps Just read that Presto will be rolled out system wide. Will the Metropass will be eliminated once the Presto rollout is complete?
  • itsMeeAmberD: Taking care of my gimped up best friend. I'm such an awesome friend. :)
  • kringleby: mall with @emilymchugh97 tonight even though im #gimped #herplan
  • xLIZx_: @Nawaf484 The one i have is gimped so she walks around all weird, but she is chubby and fluffy >w< Her name is Carmen
  • TeddyMcGinnis: @DavidVonderhaar Why did u make Assault Rifles so gimped? You pretty much have 2 put Toughness & Stock on to even remotely compete with SMGs
  • joninzero: The Wii mini is a temporary Canada-only release; I hope no clueless parents buy this gimped NEW Wii for Xmas by accident
  • JakeHarder: @PerfectSerenade Until you hit 50, and the FTP stuff is pretty gimped. It's not REALLY FTP. You can't do much at 50 with FTP
  • mattbraga: CBC switching all employees to GMail, says @sladurantaye, but I shudder to think how gimped the experience will be on those WinXP machines.
  • linz_blattmann: Is it normal for your foot to go numb when your back is killing you..? #gimped
  • SpankyB_310: Damn it Mom. Being gimped up you would think she could at least spell out the word haha
  • Faedaine: @g_shonk your leg still gimped? Oh dear.
  • SoClutchCrutch: I have the worst temper of anyone I know & now I have a gimped up hand as a trophy for it #CrutchProblems
  • ChateauGateaux: The cold north wind blows today. Fully gimped-up in response.
  • Sheen6970: All gimped up with my ankle so watching old ep's of #nitrocircus and just chilling
  • b4_zod: @tllanes last time i had tonto dog play long range fetch he sprained his damn ankle and gimped around 4 a week like sadder than ol yeller
  • johnnyandre: @thatsmytrunks it's not really gimped though. And it's cheap cheap. A red wiimote costs $66 shipped from Japan and you can't buy the nunchuk
  • Gimped: "I wanna give my nipples a purpose!" #NewGirl rocks!!!
  • ThisIsJayP: @dawnhering you gonna be gimped up in the sling on this trip or nah
  • thatsmytrunks: @johnnyandre It was a GC Wii and didn't come with a red wiimote. If you're willing to spend $60 for a gimped system because of the color: :|
  • EmCoats: On top of everything, I gimped up my ankle, so I can't even run off stress. Or climb. Just limp along hopelessly. #EFFYOUNAVI
  • whoners: @Ms_Bobo_P nah I'm just saying, he got a SWELL attitude, awesome guy,, but baby arms, or a gimped out leg.
  • silverwuffamute: @unitionotter Kinda sad it's so gimped. $40 cheaper, but with no internet connectivity or Gamecube BC.
  • candacehigney: This week of studying will pretty much be non-existent.. Too many Christmas distractions then surgery.. #decorations #Elf #shopping #gimped
  • AmandaWillis27: Scheduled surgery and pre and post op appointments. Gimped over break....awesome
  • JesssayyW: In need of a thorough shoulder and neck massage to fix my gimped body parts, ouch this pain is awkward. Where did you come from?!
  • Illford_baker: @captainbozo with no internet capability or GameCube support. Less of a Wii mini and more of a gimped Wii!
  • Kevin_B_Dw: @0ceansatezack @69withmymofo @_bender23 Nah lads, I'd say Patrick is tied up, face down, gagged and all gimped up, and Shauna slides in -
  • ConradZimmerman: @aaronlinde Yeah, I had a similar struggle. GIMPed along long enough to do the basics, then went back to Photoshop.
  • SkywardKing: Someone was smoking something strong when they decided to make the Wii Mini because that mess is stupid. Who wants a gimped Wii? I don't
  • PlayItBogart: Not to completely accuse Nintendo of bad market research, but the average price for a non-gimped Wii is $50 in this country.
  • NightMiles: RT @garywhitta: Plus, the idea of a gimped Wii is pretty horrifying when you consider how gimped the Wii was to begin with.
  • zackreese: RT @garywhitta: Also, if you really want a (non-gimped) Wii, just pick one up used. You can get them at Gamestop for a lot less than $99.
  • garywhitta: Also, if you really want a (non-gimped) Wii, just pick one up used. You can get them at Gamestop for a lot less than $99.
  • garywhitta: @TronKnotts @jthomeslice Seems like those people could have picked up a used (non-gimped) Wii for less than $99 by now.
  • madison__bishop: Canadian history in French and socials . Yup okay lol , this place is gimped
  • MadzFox: @garywhitta Was the budget PS2 gimped? I don't remember but when I got mine it was marketed to me by friends as being better actually.
  • 8bitOrchestra: RT @garywhitta: Plus, the idea of a gimped Wii is pretty horrifying when you consider how gimped the Wii was to begin with.
  • garywhitta: Plus, the idea of a gimped Wii is pretty horrifying when you consider how gimped the Wii was to begin with.
  • Gimped: @BEAUTY_EDITOR @tweetlee_dee So pretty!!!
  • thatsmytrunks: I've been seeing Wiis for sale for less than $50 on all these Black Friday sales. Who's going to buy a gimped Wii for double that?
  • SplashdownTiger: "Let's buy a gimped system!"
  • BEAUTY_EDITOR: @tweetlee_dee @gimped The bronze would probably be great for you - see Anna K here:
  • tweetlee_dee: @BEAUTY_EDITOR @gimped thanks! Will do some experimenting!
  • tweetlee_dee: @BEAUTY_EDITOR @gimped I'm a neutrals girl, usually wearing a taupe/ brown liner & shadow. Just looking to add a little variety to the mix!
  • garywhitta: @dennya Yes I'm sure the Canucks can't wait to get their hands on a gimped Wii for a few dollars less than a fully capable one.
  • BEAUTY_EDITOR: @Gimped @tweetlee_dee A deep plum will bring out green eyes. Bronze is nice for blue eyes - and VERY on trend worn on the lower lashline.
  • BEAUTY_EDITOR: @Gimped @tweetlee_dee What colour do you wear now? Navy, charcoal, dark brown and black look good on everyone.
  • WesPellum: @DavidEllis ballsy move to cut Internet out. Won't be coming to the states for this reason alone. Gamers don't want a gimped piece o junk!
  • megmccannmedia: @Anastasia__Rose Me too. One time, we both gave blood and gimped around all day at work together. It was such a good day.
  • Duncanstein: @CrapSandviche The wallpaper site is nice. The gimped chicks image will stay with me for a while.
  • CrapSandviche: @Duncanstein Which? The Gimped chicks or the Wallpaper site came to my mind?
  • Duncanstein: @CrapSandviche That's mesmerizing. Your wallpaper site, not the gimped chicks. The fact that that even came to your mind is trouble.
  • CrapSandviche: @Duncanstein @WesTheFatKid My favorite is Gimped chicks who also are dipping or smoking. #Vice
  • Q107Toronto: Glad you liked! RT @Gimped: Some Bob Marley "Could You Be Loved" on the mighty @Q107Toronto to start my day... Nice!
  • modeps: Wii Mini is only a Canadian release. What in the world @jettlandicho? Why do you deserve a gimped old Wii?
  • Gimped: Some Bob Marley "Could You Be Loved" on the mighty @Q107Toronto to start my day... Nice!
  • PatSullivan7: @curtishintz I want to but I'm all gimped up from surgery
  • _mantra: don't mind #google play music app. even if it is gimped in au at the moment
  • GASpriggs: Day 1 of using #iOS: this keyboard is so bad, and the scrolling is too. Is the iPod touch just gimped or what?
  • Jangasm: RT @DruidMain: @Jangasm Looks like your program was... *sunglasses* ..gimped. YEEEAAAAHHHHH
  • DruidMain: @Jangasm Looks like your program was... *sunglasses* ..gimped. YEEEAAAAHHHHH
  • _HurtinAlbertan: Gimped. #GavsWheelingProbs continue while in a sling
  • gav_t_s: @CurtSmith94 @swansonap should get gimped up.
  • seanLer: @hieent don't bully gimped kids.
  • mjcbarnes: @SWTOR Thank goodness. As a subscriber, I don't want free players to be gimped. I want to be able to play with them.
  • tweetlee_dee: @Gimped @BEAUTY_EDITOR I feel like Rudolph! "She said I'm fab!!!" <blush>
  • Gimped: @BEAUTY_EDITOR my friend @tweetlee_dee needs new daily eyeliner colour. Blue/green eyes, dirty blonde hair. fortysomething and fab! Recos?
  • JasporDH: @StoleTarts The bug explains why he couldn't re-equip them, but do they "turn off" while equipped? Are his stats gimped pre-50?
  • IchigoRXC: @frabjousdave Dorn at 1, Dorn at 10, Neera at 20. (Unless Rasaad has something to boost the gimped level 1 monks)
  • ServiceGuides: #files The World Market for Gimped Yarn and Man-Made Monofilament Strip, Chenille Yarn, Loop-Wale Yarn, Braids, Ornamental... @ServiceGuides
  • Gimped: @Rock95Barrie When ever I hear Bittersweet Symphony I wanna watch Cruel Intentions.... Damn you!!!
  • DomForys: @LukeMracna we could gimped through the woods together!!
  • handsomefatman: To my great disappointment, I can't use #Smartglass and my iPhone 3GS to play Megaman 10 in the most gimped way possible. #XBox360
  • sarahraynerx7: I haven't gimped since I was 12... #sohappy #cmwmemories
  • ZQuestion: @passthemstickss I have the vita release.. Played the ps3 release and it feels like they held back.. Story, Cut scene and roster feel gimped
  • Uwace: I don't like how Affliction's DoT throttling leaves it gimped in multidotting.
  • SICSRPune: Microsoft working on a gimped next gen set-top Xbox for 2013! Read more here:
  • kaoticdragon: Rachel damage as gimped as always. #RIP
  • tsunamichat: Terrik: Was crusader blast buffed? Or is it still gimped after the last Mercury change?
  • dylanj2607: You had a heck of a day when you end up shooting a gimped steer and get 3 yeti coolers full of beef
  • nivek_nailgun: @Jokerlogic @etilt44 @DavidVonderhaar It's called lag compensation. And your (and mine) good connection is gimped because of it.
  • IainThomson4: @patersonjt who do you think you are mr big stuff? Strut, pause, pout, strut. You were on form last night until you gimped out and left.
  • martexpressnet: #Layer Masks #Gimp Tutorials #Gimp Essentials Gimped! Gimp Tutorials - All About Layer Masks (Gimped! Gimp Essentials)

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  • “ - PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360 videogame news, reviews and opinion. Topic resistance-2-gimped-weapons-1 Not Found. There is no such topic named resistance-2-gimped-weapons-1. About the TheSixthAxis – PS3 and Xbox 360 News, Trophies And Opinion Forum. Forum Timezone: Europe/London”
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  • “So i just went Sli with two 8800 GTs As i have been informed, my 570 sli chipset board only runs my second card at 8x? (which i was not aware of) Just how big of a performance hit am i taking by t”
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