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  • Herbalists have recommended hot dried ginger root tea, in wineglassful doses every couple Ginger tincture (in which the root is soaked in a menstruum of ethyl. — “Ginger article and stock photosby Steven Foster | Zingiber”,
  • Ginger, the underground stem, or rhizome, of the plant Zingiber officinale has been used as a medicine in Asian, Indian, and Arabic herbal traditions since ancient times. In a small study of volunteers who were given ginger (fresh root and powder form), scopolamine (a medication commonly prescribed. — “Ginger”,
  • According to some studies, ginger may support. gastrointestinal these health benefits are highly related to ginger's main active ingredients -gingerols. — “ginger benefits and side effects, nutrition values”,
  • Ginger is a tuber that is consumed whole as a delicacy, medicine, or spice. The characteristic odor and flavor of ginger is caused by a mixture of zingerone, shogaols and gingerols, volatile oils that compose one to three percent of the weight of fresh ginger. — “Ginger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Non-profit foundation providing reliable, scientifically accurate, personalized information for convenient and enjoyable healthy eating. Additional information about the amount of these nutrients provided by Ginger can be found in the Food Rating System Chart. — “WHFoods: Ginger”,
  • ginger n. A plant (Zingiber officinale) of tropical southeast Asia having yellowish-green flowers and a pungent aromatic rhizome. — “ginger: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Ginger definition, a reedlike plant, Zingiber officinale, native to the East Indies but now cultivated in most tropical countries, having a pungent, spicy rhiz See more. — “Ginger | Define Ginger at ”,
  • GINGER produces the finest hand-finished, solid forged brass lighting, mirrors, bathroom accessories and decorative hardware. The collections range from traditional to deco to modern - all intelligently engineered and crafted to last. For years. — “ :: Fine bathroom accessories, lighting and”,
  • The oleoresin of ginger is often contained in digestive, antitussive, antiflatulent, laxative, and antacid compounds. Ginger's effects on other types of nausea/vomiting, such as postoperative nausea or. — “Susan G. Komen for the Cure | Understanding Breast Cancer”, ww5
  • Interesting facts about ginger including its history and health benefits of eating ginger and as a garnish in cooking. — “Ginger Facts and Health Benefits”, disabled-
  • Ginger is commonly used to treat various types of "stomach problems," including motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, upset stomach, gas, Fresh ginger is used for treating acute bacterial dysentery, baldness, malaria, poisonous snake bites, rheumatism, migraine headache, and toothaches. — “Ginger: MedlinePlus Supplements”,
  • A human, characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair. "Gingers" are generally considered to be inferior to their more melanin-rich bre. — “Urban Dictionary: ginger”,
  • Buy ginger at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “ginger - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Definition of ginger in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ginger. Pronunciation of ginger. Translations of ginger. ginger synonyms, ginger antonyms. Information about ginger in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. ginger snaps,. — “ginger - definition of ginger by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Description of ginger, its habitat, medicinal uses, and other useful tips. — “Ginger”,
  • Ginger is the common name for the monocotyledonous perennial plant Zingiber officinale, an erect plant in the Zingiberaceae family that is widely cultivated for its edible, underground rhizome (horizontal stem) There also are some other plants that utilize the term ginger as part of their common name. — “Ginger - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Ginger root is a tender creeping perennial from the tropics that grows to about four feet high, producing thick, aromatic, fibrous, knotty, buff-coloured tuberous rhizomes. The stems are erect and annual with long, narrow, lance-shaped leaves. — “Ginger”,
  • Ginger extract supplement health benefit side effects, tea ginger dosage gingerol research ginger for nausea, arthritis. — “Ginger supplement extract health benefit : by Ray Sahelian, M”,
  • Ginger is a tangy herb most commonly employed in baking and in flavoring beverages. Ginger is a tangy herb most commonly employed in baking and in flavoring beverages. — “Ginger”,
  • Basic information on ginger, including common names, uses, potential side effects, and resources to learn more. From the U.S. National Institutes of Health. — “Ginger [NCCAM Herbs at a Glance]”,
  • Culinary and medicinal uses of ginger, types of ginger, health benefits of ginger, cooking tips, supplements, how to grow ginger. Fresh, crystallized, pickled, powdered or stem ginger information included. — “ginger”,
  • Complete and up to date information about Ginger - part of the trusted medication database. — “Complete Ginger information from ”,
  • Ginger is a plant native to Southeast Asia that is also grown in the United States, China, India, and various tropical regions. The root is usually the part of the plant used in herbal remedies. — “Ginger”,

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  • Drum Battle - Ginger Baker, Bobby Graham & Others Cool Drum Battle featuring Ginger Baker, Bobby Graham, Alan Grindley, John Kearns, Bobby Richards, Ronnie Verrell, Andy White, Ronnie Stephenson and Arthur Mullard! Apart from the great Drummers check out all the Classic drum sets. I can spot Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers, Ajax, Trixon & Premier drums. More info, The late Bobby Graham was a top English session man. He played on thousands of records including early Kinks and Pretty Things hits. The late Ronnie Verrell was the drummer for Animal in the Muppets. The late Ronnie Stephenson played with many top jazz stars and was also did many pop sessions. Andy White is best known for playing on the Beatles first single 'Love Me Do'.
  • Ginger Snaps part 1 The first part of the movie Ginger Snaps.
  • harry potter & south park 3 (Ginger kids) this is another one it took a bit a time, but it's not that bad. hope you like it :) declaimer: i have noting against gingers at all. just a video i thought would be very funny because when i saw this episode i just thought RUPERT!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! so if you might get insulted DO NOT WATCH IT! and if you don't have a sense of humor DO NOT WATCH IT!!! sorry if it insults anyone i didnt make if to insult anyone...GINGERS ROCKS!!!!
  • Ginger Snaps Movie Intro This is the beginning of the 2000 movie "Ginger Snaps", the girls' class project.
  • Ginger Baker-Drums 00000.mpg Ginger Baker of Cream talking about drum technique.
  • Ginger Cardamom Chai (Tea)
  • Hey Ginger Upvote and comment! This is the birthday gift I made for my lil' bros. Happy birthday Scott and Mark! (= To our mom: Sorry if it's a little too PG13, but I thought they'd like it. (Keep in mind, they're the ones doing all the fighting and shooting. I was just there to film. haha.) Nah, I can't do that to them. It was totally my idea. I'll take all the blame. =P To our dad: Email this to all your coworkers. Show them how cool your sons are. To the reddit community: I hope you dudes see this and upvote it to the max. To all the ppl who enjoyed the score: Check out Arnaud Condé. These are the two songs I used: The Flight Of The Crow Act 3 Part 2 Symphonic Suite Thanks guys! - Chris Schultz PS Sorry for the shaky camera at the end. We were running out of time and it's the only shots we got. http
  • Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers my fav clip from Barkleys of Broadway
  • Ginger Ninja - Sunshine (Official Video) Directed by Meeto Worre Kronborg Grevsen. Debut album "Wicked Map" out now on Sony Music. Join us on Facebook. For more info visit /gingerninjamyspace. Purchase Ginger Ninja music on iTunes:
  • I'm a Ginger (Dance/Club Remix) HEY YOU! Overpriced, remix-quoting, t-shirts are now available here: Merry (albeit belated) Christmas! You people better be glad I'm an editing genius. ... kidding.
  • Breakfast at Ginger's- golden retriever dog eats with hands Hate the laugh track?. Be sure to check out the version with no laugh-track and let us know which one you like better! Here is the link: (Unfortunately we are having trouble posting the actual video here). We kinda like the laugh track.
  • Ginger in the Morning A hitchhiker falls for a man who picks her up. Early Sissy Spacek.
  • Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers - Let Yourself Go From Follow The Fleet (1936). Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance. Plz comment
  • Tim Minchin - Taboo Tim Minchin performing a new song of his from his new show "Ready for this...?". From the Secret Policeman's ball gig
  • As Told by Ginger (Intro - Theme Song) Macy Gray - I'm in between Someone once told me the grass is much greener On the other. Well I paid a visit well, it's possible I missed it It seemed different, yet exactly the same Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Till further notice (Till further notice) I'm in between (I'm in between) From where I'm standing (From where I'm standing) My grass is green Someone once told me the grass is much greener On the other side.
  • Ginger Catherine Tate Show: Sandra has got Problems. She has to be moved to a refugee home. Why? Take a look ...
  • Ginger Rogers--What's My Line? Ginger Rogers' first appearance as a mystery guest on WML. Episode originally aired on 21 November 1954.
  • An Engineer's Guide to Voting (Ginger Cat for President) T-shirts: Two engineers describe the history and importance of voting and nominate Ginger the cat for President. WARNING! Disco and mean dog content! Ending music is "Mr Tiny" purchased from royalty free music website shockwave-.
  • Rome-Day 1 EEEH!!1! GINGER!!1 Follow me on Twitter: Thanks to Lazlo for the intro! :D
  • Justin Timberlake as Ginger Bread Man Justin on the Ellen show
  • Korean ginger cookies ("maejakgwa") How to make these wonderful Korean cookies. Full recipe is coming soon on my website
  • Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen: Ginger Almond Nori Rolls -Join me and I'll show you a fast, easy, raw food, vegan, Japanese-inspired nori roll recipe using your food processor. This recipe is from my uncookbook "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen". Visit my raw food blog for more raw food recipe ideas, more videos, and organic ingredients:
  • Ginger Ninja - Bone Will Break Metal (Official Video) Directed by Meeto Worre Kronborg Grevsen. Debut album "Wicked Map" out on January 25th. Watch a better upload of this video at Love Ginger Ninja For more info: /gingerninjamyspace. Purchase the single on iTunes:
  • Ginger's Late-Night Snack Ginger gets a case of the late-night munchies.
  • Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings - "The Best" Super Bowl Chicken Wings The perfect wings for your Super Bowl party! Visit to get the ingredients, and watch over 200 free video recipes! Or, try these Sweet Hot Mustard Wings instead: Or BBQ Stuffed Corn Muffins:
  • Fred & Ginger: Too Hot to Handle A dance number of Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger's in Roberta (1935). It's actually called "Hard to Handle", but I think they're just hot in their teasing manner here. This is one of their most fun-loving routines, including the signature bugle call. Credit to Warner Bros.
  • Swing Time - Rogers and Astaire In this Swing Time clip, Lucky, Astaire, saves Penny's, Rogers, job by showing how much she has taught him. The first true dance number with the two, the other being with Fred fumbling and pretending to be a terrible dancer. Both scenes, however, go to the same song, Pick Yourself Up, this scene without lyrics and much more lively with the other more calm, with lyrics, between the two. Music by Jerome Kern and Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
  • Ginger Chicken chicken preparation with little oriental influence ,only available in few restaurants in India
  • Vivacious Lady - Ginger Rogers Fights The best bit of the film, IMO. "ha ha ha"
  • Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes My favorite Astaire/Rogers dance, the Smoke Gets In Your Eyes number from Roberta. I also included the wedding proposal (well, I suppose "acceptance").
  • South Park's Kick a Ginger Day leads to Hate Crimes Charges South Park's Kick a Ginger Day is now making more news. Gingers around Canada are pissed off and from coast to coast schools took steps to stem the "violence". Students are now being expelled, suspended and word has it criminal charges may be laid in some cases. RCMP are now investigating the individual who started a Facebook page announcing "Kick a Ginger Day". It appears as if he will be charged with HATE CRIMES.
  • Catherine Tate show No ginger No ginger
  • Garlic Ginger Bok Choy Check my new website for story, recipe and more details. Enjoy!
  • GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!! ITS SERIOUSLY GETTING OLD! GINGERS HAVE SOULS SERIOUSLY I HATE SOUTH PARK ALL THEY DO IS INSULT PEOPLE AND IVE HAD ENOUGH OF ALL OF IT I WANT SOUTHPARK BOYCOTTED IF YOU HAVE RED HAIR.. GOOD FOR YOU! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE! LIKE ME! Click the link below to view my latest video letting the jerks and haters know exactly what i think about them. _______________________________________ GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!! inspired t-shirts are now available at Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak without censorship and/or limitation. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The ICCPR recognizes the right to freedom of speech as "the right to hold opinions without interference. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression". Furthermore freedom of speech is recognized in European, inter-American and African regional human rights law.
  • Making Ginger Syrup - This video shows how you can very easily make ginger syrup that is very healing as well as tasty. Ginger syrup is good for all digestive problems, flus and colds and for keeping you warm in the winter. You can drizzle this over pancakes, ice cream or yoghurt or you can take it by the teaspoon but my favorite way to use it is to make HOMEMADE GINGERALE! To do this all you need to do is to add 2 tsp. of the syrup to fizzy water and - voila! The best gingerale you have ever had - and it is all natural and healing as well.
  • Wasabi and Ginger - golden retriever dog eats with hands Ginger does takeout!
  • Cookie Monsta - Ginger Pubes [Dubstep] Great tune from Cookie Monsta. a tune even dubstep haters will love. something went wrong with the quality.. the beginning and end are not totally on it and its alot mmoaaar filthier
  • Ginger Snaps Trailer The Ginger Snaps Trailer
  • South Park | People call me ginger (Gingers do have souls) This is parody from video clip which was uploaded by a ginger dude (CopperCab) here on YouTube =) - Watch south park episodes online free: - CopperCab channel
  • Ginger Rogers and Lucy do The Charlston Ginger Rogers dances The Charlston with Lucy and Kim
  • young45odum: young45odum: RT @VictorSiege: RT @MusicAvenue11: RT @Dammyyie: #GINGER by( @THIZ_IZ_CGUN ) FT ( @iamfinesse ) drops in a few. The @MusicAvenue11 movement. #GOODMUSIC
  • MichaelRedz: MichaelRedz: Jus scarfed down that burger b4 class..chasin it wit sum ginger ale so iont get indigestion
  • GabbieSuffell: GabbieSuffell: RT @pollymclachlan: @edsheeran HI GINGE PLEASE CAN YOU GET #BigAl TRENDING FOR OUR GINGER FRIEND! please please please #gingersupport
  • Ms_Miel: Ms_Miel: RT @MusicAvenue11: RT @Dammyyie: #GINGER by( @THIZ_IZ_CGUN ) FT ( @iamfinesse ) drops in a few. The @MusicAvenue11 movement. #GOODMUSIC
  • KimmyD92: KimmyD92: Airtight ginger midget, I guess were in high school lmao
  • mecarolks: mecarolks: @JoyfulBathCo “Ginger Snap!” #bath day
  • stephpagnillo: stephpagnillo: Sorting out the ginger tonight
  • MereShelton: MereShelton: Stuck on the prt with the most annoying Ginger I've ever met #GingerProblems #yougivethemabadname #youreskankynotcool
  • madison16taylor: madison16taylor: @molldel4 "@n_hladik23 who are you?"--an ginger dike alien.
  • margaritamamaa: margaritamamaa: Marcia Cross is my favorite ginger ever.
  • mohyeesE5E6: mohyeesE5E6: ℓoℓ RT @doyhin_: Yhu come RT @opemoney: Cum make  ginger U̶̲̥̅̊ wellaRT @doyhin_: M̶̲̅ε̲̣ too RT @mohyeesE5E6: Lonely...
  • MOM4EVEREVER: MOM4EVEREVER: @JoyfulBathCo “Ginger Snap!” #bathday
  • MusicAvenue11: MusicAvenue11: RT @Thayorclassic: #GINGER by @THIZ_IZ_CGUN ft @iamfinesse drops in a few. The @MusicAvenue11 movement. #GOODMUSIC support good music. Pls RT
  • pollymclachlan: pollymclachlan: @edsheeran HI GINGE PLEASE CAN YOU GET #BigAl TRENDING FOR OUR GINGER FRIEND! please please please #gingersupport
  • InnAtCrossroads: InnAtCrossroads: @Red_Blaster Not as such, but if you warm it over the stove, then add cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc. you should be in good shape!
  • SlowFoodRVA: SlowFoodRVA: Growing baby ginger: #RVA Farmers find it’s worth the fuss - via @washingtonpost & @nourishrva #VA
  • RMALONEY86: RMALONEY86: @302_to_540 I hate that ginger
  • HausOfMadi: HausOfMadi: RT @Unnamedinsider: Jason Orange is dating Catherine Tate... surely no one would be cruel enough to have kids with ginger hair named 'Orange'?! #takethat
  • funkyspice: funkyspice: @danacreate don't you mean "ginger" vitis?
  • gabbyfinn: gabbyfinn: i didn't give @edsheeran enough credit after i saw him on friday, was very good and i want his ginger babies, that is all.
  • Dhat_NiggaDre: Dhat_NiggaDre: RT @AmberTheSupreme: @Dhat_NiggaDre lls stfu. go buy me a rock creek ginger ale, my tummy hurts ;(
  • sam_haggard: sam_haggard: Tues. Nov. 1 from 8-2AM Whiskey Women @thedakotatavern feat. @suzievinnick @sam_haggard @kaylahowran, Whitney Rose, Ginger St. James,...
  • mr_TdotE: mr_TdotE: Is cinnamon and ginger a good spice mix @GordonRamsay01 for a sweet potato pie with the cin in my filling and ginger in my pie crust?
  • kblathers: kblathers: @ThatJoEden what about cream cheese and crystallized ginger? Or chocolate and orange?
  • phoebeperelman: phoebeperelman: Omg I wonder if there's such a thing as an asian ginger......that would suck
  • venkatesh1406: venkatesh1406: @stayatginger Booked my stay with family and friends at ginger goa for diwali ,lookin forward
  • Traceymhl: Traceymhl: « #TheyNeedToBringBack hey arnold,catdog,doug,aaahhh real monsters,rugrats,as told by ginger, rocket ...
  • RonDika: RonDika: I have to say this sticky ginger chilli chocolate loaf is really lovely
  • sonic_scout: sonic_scout: why am i not working on this?! THERE ARE ZOMBIES!!! AND THOR! AND LOKI!!! AND LOOOOOOKIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! oh and a ginger.
  • MyDayOCT_31: MyDayOCT_31: RT @miilkkk: Rearrange these words: 1) BUTTSXE 2) HTIELR 3) NGGERI 4) PNEIS.. Did you read: subtext, lither, ginger & Spine? Naughty Naughty.
  • briggs_tyler: briggs_tyler: RT @GingerProblems: I put the 'G' in Ginger. #GingerSwag
  • bethany_grace: bethany_grace: @emlikestheatre ginger one from from the film Enchanted? :)
  • EmmieMcintyre: EmmieMcintyre: Ginger men really intrigue me!
  • LuckyLynise: LuckyLynise: "@GucciGEM7: "@LuckyLynise: "@GucciGEM7: Cuddle up october..."♥"/// with blanket & a movie."And sum ginger. N snaps milk
  • jesslag: jesslag: @JoyfulBathCo #bathday Ginger snap
  • no1_JedwardFan: no1_JedwardFan: aww i have 2 cats, casper (black cat) and ginger (tabby cat) (@FinalJudgement live on
  • Miniv20: Miniv20: @ChrisXWalkers always a favourite of mine. Ginger filth bandwagon driver.. Jump aboard.
  • MrJempson: MrJempson: RT @Inbetweener_: I'm sorry but this kid looks mildly ginger and therefore deserves it
  • rhiannamoritz: rhiannamoritz: Love Jamaican ginger cake!
  • lexy504: lexy504: @JoyfulBathCo Ginger Snap! #bathday =)
  • DUB_BI: DUB_BI: RT @VictorSiege RT @Dammyyie: #GINGER by( @THIZ_IZ_CGUN ) FT ( @iamfinesse ) drops in a few. The @MusicAvenue11 movement. #GOODMUSIC
  • ZBofficial: ZBofficial: Yea thats my "little fat ginger!!!!"
  • asdfghjklemma_: asdfghjklemma_: @bethgaskarth is it because he's ginger....
  • CF_Fraser: CF_Fraser: @TimShovel ginger ninja, i'm home this weekend.
  • pcege: pcege: RT @VictorSiege: RT @uncledipps: #GINGER by @THIZ_IZ_CGUN ft @iamfinesse drops in a few. The @MusicAvenue11 movement. #GOODMUSIC
  • Bent_UK: Bent_UK: @Wrighty_SoulBug I can.... But there's only one problem.. Ginger.
  • sarahmax100: sarahmax100: RT @HRWright: Honestly, to judge by some people's faces you'd think they'd never seen a 6'3" ginger man carrying a large studded handbag & wearing a cape.
  • karla_may42: karla_may42: @hannah9reese theres ONE ginger in my class.. Theyre slowly going awayyyyyy ;)
  • laydicapricorn: laydicapricorn: My #1 enemy rite now. Beet carrot apple & ginger "cleaning tonic" more like nasty & toxic. Ima finish it tho 4sure
  • Jesswhiteheadxx: Jesswhiteheadxx: RT @paddyhannaway: every ginger in the world is now referred to as an ed sheeran lookalike..
  • sheriffkimbo: sheriffkimbo: @tomholloway808 Done but I expect eternal love anyway my ginger brother from another mother
  • bekahcanfly: bekahcanfly: RT @_w0mbat: My first kiss was with a ginger. My last kiss was with a ginger. Face it- Im a ginger magnet
  • Proph_Faw: Proph_Faw: RT @kenkepley: Me and @KipKiplinger just saw #BlakeGriffin at the store...funny bc he was buying spices...Ginger that is...#KensAdventures
  • TeamGinger_: TeamGinger_: I will be hosting parties in December, and a Ginger theme will be mandatory one of the nights, i expect red wigs and freckles #GingerParty
  • zoeeey1234: zoeeey1234: going to abuse my ginger status and be dorothy from the wizard of oz for halloween
  • JoyfulBathCo: JoyfulBathCo: FREE 2 oz Ginger Snap Releasing Bath SALTS to fourth person to reply: “Ginger Snap!” #bathday
  • BigAl1616: BigAl1616: RT @pollymclachlan: @GingerProblems hi please can you get people to trend #BigAl for our ginger friend @BigAl1616
  • datboyJERM: datboyJERM: #TheIrony RT @bspiv: I want some sushi!!! Using chop stix, ginger w/ wasbi and soy sauce!!!!!
  • Nessa_Only: Nessa_Only: Sooo I'm cooking tonight for the first time here... I'm thinking easy, chicken and steamed rice with ginger sauce...
  • Muhhfckn_Hippie: Muhhfckn_Hippie: RT @FukWatCha_HearD: WTF My Brotha @chuck_HyLYFE aka chucky rampage aka lil ginger snaps lol
  • krystinalisette: krystinalisette: RT @_w0mbat: My first kiss was with a ginger. My last kiss was with a ginger. Face it- Im a ginger magnet
  • BekahLochertyxx: BekahLochertyxx: @Mums_together @Mommyfriend Any tips on dealing with morning sickness apart from ginger and smaller meals? Thanks! X
  • Georgekv71: Georgekv71: TopDawg Pet Supply White Ginger Cologne 4 Oz: This Cologne works well after a bath with Natural Scents Shampoo, ...
  • Kinten: Kinten: Hey #Mojang1year, need another ginger?
  • i_am_joey: i_am_joey: ginger it is, lol RT @_fishbar: haha oh you two are besties? ;)
  • ambitious_cina: ambitious_cina: I miss my cat Ginger, & I know she miss her mommy. R.I.P kitty
  • BigAl1616: BigAl1616: RT @pollymclachlan: @gingerism hi please can you tweet #BigAl for our ginger friend @BigAl1616!!
  • dpatterson22: dpatterson22: @titchtamsin aye, just make some ginger tea. Loads of ginger, honey, lemon and you'll be healthy soon!:)
  • TeeCeeGeez: TeeCeeGeez: Kesha's bringing our new cat Ginger home on Saturday ;)
  • kimwallace82: kimwallace82: @adamfrancis86 @cnm86 is it the ginger bird with the hook nose?
  • NaturalNewsBest: NaturalNewsBest: RT @GreiceBaggio: Daily Ginger Dose May Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer.
  • Danacreate: Danacreate: Be careful if you cut yourself around me... Us gingers are contagious and can give you gingivitis #onlyaginger #ginger #redhead
  • FukWatCha_HearD: FukWatCha_HearD: WTF My Brotha @chuck_HyLYFE aka chucky rampage aka lil ginger snaps lol
  • MadelaineMartin: MadelaineMartin: Great wine pairings @kjcakes! RT @wfmcooking: #recipeoftheday Thai Steamed Snapper w/ ginger, lime. via @WFMBoulder
  • WhatTheJank: WhatTheJank: @T_Gray13 @matt_hammock. Did you see what he sent me? I've heard enough ginger jokes.
  • Maci_Minaj: Maci_Minaj: @iCP_LoveSports lol well I hope u do feel better now, still get that gum & ginger ale jus in case
  • BigAl1616: BigAl1616: RT @pollymclachlan: Have tweeted two ginger twitter groups and asked them to trend #BigAl. Do it
  • aleekt: aleekt: @hataroni I do have broth in the pantry. But that's not adding much nutritionally, anyway. A lot of juice and ginger soda's doing me okay.
  • _w0mbat: _w0mbat: My first kiss was with a ginger. My last kiss was with a ginger. Face it- Im a ginger magnet
  • scottfrilot: scottfrilot: @jennwinston54 don't knock it till you try it. All the benefits of a ginger without the horrible sunburn. #imsowhiteimclear
  • MoveLikeBiebs: MoveLikeBiebs: RT @_vickypollard_: #DontBeMadAtMeBecause i left my kid in tesco & i carried the food home, i didnt have enough money 4 a cab & no ones gonna nick a ginger baby
  • TuesdayTheDog: TuesdayTheDog: RT @premapadma: note to self: ginger is the answer to very delicious broccoli rabe.
  • heatherlaurel11: heatherlaurel11: @arozeisarozie I'm joining you in the ginger club. I have conformed to the ways of the redhead.
  • lovey_kitty: lovey_kitty: RT @cute_cat_pics: Ginger Kitty is an Adventurous Climber #cat #kitten #catproud
  • Amerzz_14: Amerzz_14: @lightuplightupx You should see my adopted ginger godchild. She's the most cutest thing ever.
  • Jodtine: Jodtine: RT @Unnamedinsider: Jason Orange is dating Catherine Tate... surely no one would be cruel enough to have kids with ginger hair named 'Orange'?! #takethat
  • jadewhitneyyy: jadewhitneyyy: "@Jcratchley: Happy birthday to my favourite asian everrrr!!! @jadewhitneyyy love you. Xo" ahhhh my fave ginger ;) love you!!!
  • tracyhyorth: tracyhyorth: Slugging down ginger ale and belching out the ickiness. Glad I've got the house to myself.
  • pollymclachlan: pollymclachlan: Have tweeted two ginger twitter groups and asked them to trend #BigAl. Do it
  • Asian_Alex: Asian_Alex: ginger stole my jacket :)
  • Segun__: Segun__: #GINGER by @THIZ_IZ_CGUN ft @iamfinesse drops in a few. The @MusicAvenue11 movement. #GOODMUSIC
  • CoolReve: CoolReve: @Twoo0n lmfao Shutup blood, lightskinned ppl have it easy, the world thinks yall r pretty. But when ur a ginger too? Ughhh he look musty
  • VictorSiege: VictorSiege: RT @MusicAvenue11: RT @Dammyyie: #GINGER by( @THIZ_IZ_CGUN ) FT ( @iamfinesse ) drops in a few. The @MusicAvenue11 movement. #GOODMUSIC
  • CaitlinbairdEW: CaitlinbairdEW: Shea Butter Products I Like Big Butts Mc Black Short Sleeve Button Down Php Link Button Butte Coun ginger butt plug
  • KittenScratchin: KittenScratchin: Oakland Zoo Gets Tigers Molly, Milou, Grace, and Ginger: ... providing stimulation and variety through enrichmen...
  • CowgirlCheeseDC: CowgirlCheeseDC: Just got in ginger shortbread from Polly Style. So good with a cream soda made with @recchiuti caramel!

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  • “Ginger Labs Blog. Ginger Labs News. Ginger Las Support. Notability – "it's just marvelous" Ginger Labs note – it's on our to-do list. "I just downloaded your app Notability for iPad, and I got to say it's just marvelous!”
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  • “In December we announced how Ginger Software Now Can Provide You with This year, Ginger was lucky to have Brian Friedlander, fellow Ginger Blog writer on hand”
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    — Gourmet Products from I Love Ginger in Yachats, Oregon,

  • “Sharing examples of lesser known tips, tricks, shortcuts on Mac OS X software (Microsoft Entourage, Office 2008 for Mac)”
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  • “ is the Ultimate Site for K-Pop and Asian Community Entertainment by ginger. Okay, kind of the end. Basically, I don't have a lot of motivation to keep updating this Soompi blog. It's been a fun ride, but it's gotten to a point where I really don't”
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  • “Perhaps you don't believe it, but this website, forum, blog and facebook Fan page really are all run by the Baker family! Most of all, we look forward to reading Ginger's posts on the Blog and his answers to your questions on the Drummers' Forum”
    Ginger Baker's Blog,

  • “While I didn't attend all the discussions, I want to summarize the insights that I took out of the days in this blog post and the alternative implementation strategies that were came up with. Use Cases for Adaptive HTTP Streaming. Streaming using”
    — ginger's thoughts,

  • “Forum, Our GingerAsia Forum covers all you would want to know and discuss about Thailand and Asia. We also have topics from wider afield for discussion. All visitors can browse the Forum posts but you will need to be a member and be logged in”
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