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  • Glossary with Java applet search facility. A non-Java version is also available. — “Glossary”,
  • Glossary. Work in progress. This is intended to be a list of things glossary.txt · Last modified: 2010/01/08 22:53 by Klap-in. Except where otherwise noted,. — “glossary [DokuWiki]”,
  • allows anyone to create a custom glossary for any subject. Arts & HumanitiesView the full glossary about Arts & HumanitiesArts & Humanities. — “”,
  • A bilingual glossary is a list of terms in one language which are defined in a second language or glossed by synonyms (or at least near-synonyms) in another language. In a general sense, a glossary contains explanations of concepts relevant to a certain field of study or action. — “Glossary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Jobs @ NIH Glossary of NIH Job Terminology. ( Career Transitional Assistance Program (CTAP): A program designed by an agency to actively assist its surplus and displaced employees by providing selection priority for competitive service vacancies. — “NIH - Jobs @ NIH - Glossary of NIH Job Terminology”,
  • InvestorWords - The Most Comprehensive Investing Glossary on the Web! Over 6000 financial and investing definitions, with links between related terms. — “InvestorWords”,
  • Glossary definition, a list of terms in a special subject, field, or area of usage, with accompanying definitions. See more. — “Glossary | Define Glossary at ”,
  • Definition of glossary in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of glossary. Pronunciation of glossary. Translations of glossary. glossary synonyms, glossary antonyms. Information about glossary in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “glossary - definition of glossary by the Free Online”,
  • A glossary designed to help debtors, creditors, and those involved in the bankruptcy process to gain a better understanding of legal terms that they may come across during the process. — “Glossary”,
  • Detailed glossary and overview of policy areas from SCADPlus. The following glossary contains 233 terms relating to European integration and the institutions and activities of the EU. — “EUROPA - Glossary - Index”,
  • Hospital eTool: Glossary Scope | Glossary | References | Site Map | Viewing / Printing Instructions | Credits. Freedom of Information Act | Privacy & Security Statement | Disclaimers | Customer Survey | Important. — “Hospital eTool: Glossary”,
  • Glossary of Terms. This vaccine-related glossary only contains terms associated with vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases and is maintained by CDC's National Center Other CDC glossaries can be found via the CDC Search feature. — “Vaccines: About/Vaccine-related Terms”,
  • Breast glossary includes a list of Breast related medical definitions and related links on . — “Breast Glossary of Terms with Definitions on ”,
  • Learn vocabulary for your favorite topics. Encyclopedias of Technology, Entertainment, Science, Business, and Life Style Glossaries in an easy to view and search format. — “Super Glossary: Your Favorite Glossaries and More”,
  • glossary n. , pl. , -ries . A list of often difficult or specialized words with their definitions, often placed at the back of a book. — “glossary: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Tuberculosis medical glossary includes a list of Tuberculosis related medical definitions from the medical dictionary. — “Tuberculosis Glossary of Terms with Medical Definitions”,
  • Glossary on World Cafe – September 14th. September 12th, 2010. The World Cafe will be broadcasting selections from Glossary's Philadelphia Folk Festival performance on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010. National Public Radio's World Cafe with host. — “Official news about the rock band Glossary from Murfreesboro, TN”,
  • Considering LASIK? Diagnosed with glaucoma or cataracts? Ready for a new pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses? Find the information you need on eyes and eye disorders to help you see your best. Use this glossary to better understand your doctor's advice – and get. — “Eye Health Glossary”,
  • F5's glossary for terms and concepts related to Application Delivery Networking. Each entry provides the meaning of the term, as well as how it relates to F5 technologies. — “Glossary | F5 Networks”,
  • Myspace Music profile for GLOSSARY. Download GLOSSARY Rock / Melodramatic Popular Song / Southern Rock music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read GLOSSARY's blog. — “GLOSSARY on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,

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  • Triboluminescence in Quartz Crystal Flashes of light in a quartz crystal, when it is scratched with another stone. Thanks to "frequency" for the idea, and "DarkTemp0" for the explanation.
  • Learn Amharic Online Useful Glossary LOJ Amharic Online Useful Glossary LEARN AMHARIC VIDEOS *FREE Easy-Amharic Workshop for English speakers intended for anyone who wants to learn Amharic or improve their beginning Amharic language skills. Our Learn Amharic Video Presentations include Amharic Audio and English Transliterations and Translations http The Amharic-Pod for the trod. Amharic Online Lessons will help you learn to speak Amharic Fluently. The Amharic Online Course has over 500 pages of text and hundreds of hours of audio and video instructions that are available for instant download or in CD Formats. Visit us today for more information. These Amharic Online Lesson Videos are Brought to you by The Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah Mission, Inc., also known as The Lion Of Judah Society. Please consider making a donation today! Low income viewers: DON'T send money, just encourage others to subscribe and join our free online networks: http Thank you for all your support ~ Light & peace, Tehetena G. New Learn Amharic Videos Easy i-Pod UpLoads LOJ Amharic - Simple and Useful Sentences LOJ Amharic Online Useful GlossaryLOJ Amharic Personal Pronouns Use With Verb - To Be - Pt 1 LOJ Amharic Personal Pronouns Use With Verb - To Be - Pt 1B LOJ Amharic Personal Pronouns Use With Verb - To Have - Pt 2 LOJ Amharic Personal Pronouns Use With ...
  • What is Ego? - The Power of Now - Glossary - (RE: Eckhart Tolle) - TANS004 The Power of Now - Glossary - What is Ego? (Eckhart Tolle) - TANS004 What is Ego? As referred to in Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now. My Definition: The Ego is a separate entity from who you really are. It is something everybody has, and creates a life story of who you initially THINK you are. This happens in the realm of MIND, and not spirit. Eg I am Bob Jones, I am a manager, I like cats and pizza and I am a BMW driver. NO, YOU ARE NOT ANY OF THOSE THINGS. These are just labels. If You - the being, were represented by a strong and substantial concrete wall, then the Ego would be a thin layer of wall paper covering and hiding the wall. When others look at you, you think they only see the wallpaper, you feel that you are the wallpaper. You are not!: You are the wall (you - the being: Watch video TANS005). The ego constructs itself by identifying with form. Eg The name given to you at birth (Bob Jones), the status of a job (manager), likes & dislikes (cats, pizza, etc), and the perceived benefits of identifying yourself with a brand (BMW, etc). (Watch video TANS006 for more on that). Andrew Cohen Definition: Ego is "that emotional and psychological knot in consciousness that is the fundamental cause of the sense of separation from all of life. From the spiritual perspective, this is defined as pride, self-importance, and the narcissistic need to always see oneself as being separate separate from others, separate from the world, separate from the whole universe. Ego is a love ...
  • Glossary - "Gasoline Soaked Heart"-Live at Grimeys 10-23-07 Glossary live at Grimeys in Nashville. 10-23-07. Multicam footage by Corey Hannah and Doc Dailey.
  • Thrasher University: What is Short Selling? Everybody knows you can profit when the price of stock goes up...but what about when prices are going down? There's always money to be made and short selling is another (and more dangerous) way to do it. Never heard of it? You have now. Watch and Learn.
  • GLOSSARY---30/11/2010
  • Glossary - Bitter Branch Live Glossary Live at The Exit/In 2-03-07
  • HaikuSpud Glossary
  • The Glitter Glossary - Sugar Lip Scrub Twitter:
  • Glossary of Islamic Financial Terms: The AZ Guide Glossary of Islamic Financial Terms: The AZ Guide. Here are the entries: Aqd - Contract Bai - Sale Bai Dayn - Debt trading Bai Bithaman Ajil - Deferred payment sale Bai Istijrar - Supply sale Bai Muajjal - Credit sale Bai Salam - Sale with advance payment Baitul Mal - House...
  • Glossary Goes West Glossary touring the West
  • The Glitter Glossary - Quick Mascara Fix follow me on twitter! subscribe to my vlog/personal channel: Facebook apps: Facebook Fan Page: shop! www.glitzy- Click here for the makeup tutorial
  • Glitter Glossary - Taking Red out of Pimples Subscribe to my vlog channel: Twitter! Blog: Shop! http FTC Disclaimer: I purchased the eyedrops. These are my own opinions, and I am not being sponsored.
  • Scientology: A Response to Luke 1/14/08 - UPDATE: I responded to a Scientologist who claimed that people lie about his religion. In response, he removed his video from the net. Scientology Glossary: (Under Attack by anonymous) Temporary Scientology Glossary:
  • Worlds Best Internet Marketing Tools Here are two of the worlds best internet marketing tools.
  • Your Pregnancy: What to Expect - Glossary This glossary describes more than 100 common terms used during the 9 months of a pregnancy. The complete DVD series contains more than 7 hours of information. It is for sale on our website at
  • Cooking Glossary: Knives A description of different knives used in the kitchen
  • Glitter Glossary - Train your Hair! follow me on twitter: other channel: shop! www.glitzy- Other Glitter Glossary videos Glitter Glossary Sugar Lip Scrub: Glitter Glossary Quick Mascara Fix: Glitter Glossary Storage Tip: I am not affiliated with anything in this video. All opinions are my own. Elle Fowler
  • Glitter Glossary: How to Clean your Makeup Brushes Products Mentioned: Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo: can be purchased at drugstores. Mac Brush Cleanser: $11 Brush Guard: $4.95 If you are wondering the brush shown in the video is the MAC 168 :) Please Subscribe if you haven't yet! Twitter! Blog: Shop! http FTC Disclaimer: Everything in this video was purchased by me. This is not sponsored. Elle Fowler
  • Protein Crystallography - Video Glossary Corie Ralston describes the process, function and importance of protein crystallography, and how it's used at the ALS.
  • Converting an Excel glossary (xls) to a Multiterm termbase (xdt) Video tutorial on converting a bilingual glossary in Excel format to work with Multiterm.
  • IELTS reading - understanding unknown vocabulary Visit to take a free IELTS practice test! This is one of the 350+ videos that are used in our online course. Each video is followed by practice questions and examples, building your skills in all the areas needed for IELTS. Go to http for more information and to try the free IELTS practice test. NARRATION: A common difficulty in the IELTS reading test is when you find a word that you do not recognise. Many candidates make the mistake of spending some considerable time reading the word and the sentence it is in trying to understand what it means. This, of course, takes valuable time and may not necessarily improve your result. However, there are seven different points that you could consider to help you deal with unknown vocabulary. The first point is that, on occasion, you will find that the reading passage has a glossary at the end, describing two or three of the key words. If there is a glossary, then you should make sure to read it carefully, as if it was important enough to give you a glossary, then the words are probably required for one or more of your answers. If there is no glossary or it doesn't explain the word you were looking at, another point to consider is whether it begins with a capital letter or is in italics. If it starts with a capital letter, then the word is probably a proper noun, for example a place or a person's name. If the word is in italics, it is probably a technical word which you are not expected to know. Here are some ...
  • Social Media Glossary Social media icons Ewing Enterprise & Facebook cover social media today. We've included a jargon glossary full of social medium secrets. Let's Talk:
  • Part 1 Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Michael September 25 2009 ... GIFTS OF THE FOURTH DIMENSION Beloved masters, there has been much discussion about the various dimensions within this universe, especially the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. These are the dimensional frequencies that most affect humanity, for they create the reality in which humankind exists at this time. Most recently, our beloved messenger assumed the task of compiling a glossary of words and terms we have used over the years. This glossary and condensed version of some of our most important missives will assist you to more easily understand and integrate the wisdom teachings that are so critical to the ascension process you are currently experiencing. Make no mistake, every Soul on your planet is being affected by the rapid acceleration of the higher vibrational frequencies of God Light, which are bombarding the Earth at this time. You must be willing to do the work if you are to move forward on the spiral of evolution/ascension, for these refined Energy Patterns of Adamantine Particles of Light will accelerate even more swiftly over these next critical years of transformation. Also, those of you who are the Star Seed must be able to demonstrate the benefits and the effectiveness of the Sacred Wisdom teachings that you have integrated and made a part of your core truth. You have agreed to be wayshowers, and you are sorely needed to guide and assist your Soul brothers and sisters. Portions of the glossary are excerpts from our messages of the ...
  • Glossary at KDHX Twangfest Day Parties SXSW 2010 3/18/10
  • Focus puller & clapper loader training module intro u film gives you a taste of our 1st asssistant/focus puller and clapper loading training modules.
  • Gaussian copula The Gaussian copula was gainfully employed prior to the credit crisis, and it has pretty much been shamed. Mathematically, it's an elegant way to join marginal distributions and handle default correlation. But it requires too many simplifying assumptions.
  • BASE - BASE Jumping Game BASE - Base jumping game, taking place at Ostankino TV Tower, Moscow, Summer 2007 You can download demo or buy full game at www.d3 Music used in video: Porcelain, by Moby BASE - Base jumping game
  • A Taxpayer's Political Glossary Economic terms defined not as politicians speak them, but as taxpayers need to hear them. Narration by Dennis Queen. More videos and information on issues of liberty is available at
  • Glossary "Only Time Will Tell" Glossary plays "Only Time Will Tell" at Ball State University
  • Glitter Glossary - Storage Tip If you can't see this video click here: Subscribe to my vlog channel: Twitter! Shop: www.glitzy- Will be opened back up Jan 4th Other Glitter Glossary Videos Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub: Quick Mascara Fix: FTC Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Hobby Lobby. All things in this video were purchased by me. This is my honest opinion.
  • Deciphering Liberalism - A Political Glossary Defining terms as liberals use them. You can learn a lot from a glossary. Narration by Dennis Queen. More videos and information on issues of liberty is available at
  • How To Speak Geek Visit - for thousands more how-to videos and tutorials! The Internet's a confusing place, what with all this 1337 speak and LOL nonsense. What on Earth are all these nerds all talking about? Worry no more, as VideoJug presents this glossary of Internet terminology. A veritable Geek's Dictionary, if you will. You'll never get your ROLF mixed up with your NSFW ever again... Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter:
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  • trashbird1240: So we know who killed Asmodean (see Glossary of #TofM); now I have the question of motive #wot
  • trashbird1240: So we know who killed Asmodean (see Glossary of #TofM); now I have the question of motive !wot
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  • META_Group: The European Economic and Social Committee is launching a new multilingual dictionary-type publication: Sustainable Construction Glossary
  • BadAngling: Tilley Lamp - The lamp used to illuminate the steering handle of a small boat. Numpty Glossary
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  • fa_navi: EP-ROM(EPROM): Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPロム) EPROMとは、記憶の消去・書き込みを何度… (続きはこちら)⇒
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  • “Description of what an Internet forum is and it's purpose Glossary: Forum. Written on July 21st, 2009 at 4:51 pm by Mary Lutz. An Internet forum is a place on the Internet for holding discussions. Normally, forum members will either discuss one specific topic or have a common thread among”
    — Forums | Profitable Mommy Blogging,

  • “Blog. Glossary. This is where you can find explanations of the terms used throughout CARMA. % Fossil: The percentage of total electricity that is generated by the combustion of coal, oil, or natural gas. % Hydro: The percentage of total electricity”
    — CARMA Blog " Glossary,

  • “This glossary is intended to briefly introduce the key terms encountered in discussion forums. Further details may be made on the use of this term on Kioskea. Glossary +1 Posted in response to a message, can indicate that it agrees with what has”
    — [Kioskea Forum]Glossary,

  • “Glossary of blog terminology, including obscure words directly related to blogging and expressions commonly encountered in the blogosphere”
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  • “Find key terms frequently used to describe philanthropy in the Forum's glossary”
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  • “Glossary of Terms used in Blogging - Blog Glossary”
    — Blog Terminology Glossary,

  • “Home / Forums Index / Glossary / Blog. Blog. It started out as referring to specific content management software (blogger), and has transitioned into a description for a wide range of personal pages, journals, and diary type setups.. Home / Forums Index / Glossary / Blog”
    — Blog,

  • “One of the purposes of this glossary is to make things easier for people tripping across this blog for the first time, and the incredibly awkward sentences were threatening to defeat that purpose. I hope the ladies will understand. 4A Cheerleader (n”
    — House of Eratosthenes,

  • “Blog. An easily updated personal website, generally updated daily and Blog digest, blogathy, blogerati, blogger bash, blogger ecosystem, bloggeral, blogoverse,”
    — Internet Time Blog: Glossary,

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