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  • Splitfins or Goodeids inhabit in approximately 40 species an arid area in the heart of Mexico, the Mesa Central, where they partly live in small bodies of water like springs and pools. The Haus des Meeres has launched several activities for the conservation of Goodeids:. — “HAUS des MEERES - Aqua Terra Zoo”,
  • Posted by goodeids on Sunday, August 13 @ 23:40:35 CDT (2327 reads) to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home/goodeids/public_html/photoshop/modules/core/classes/GalleryFileSystemEntity. — “The Goodeidae Foundation”,
  • Such conclusion is easy to test on the long term outdoors experiments with a few Goodeids species. It is however advisable to provide a winter rest period in temperature controlled facilities for almost all Goodeids. — “http://”,
  • What sets the Goodeids apart from the poeciliids is that they are viviparous fish rather than ovoviviparous ones. All Goodeids need a lot of algae in their diet, and unless fed copious quantities of greenstuffs, they tend to lose their bright colours. This is one. — “So you think livebearers are boring?; There's more to”,
  • Long-time PVAS member, John Mangan presented a talk on "The Fishes of Mexico," with an emphasis on Goodeids. John's talk was based on his six trips to Mexico over a ten year period, and focused on goodeids. — “Potomac Valley Aquarium Society | Meeting Notes”,
  • is beginning to add Goodeids to the large and growing variety of healthy, well Below is a table listing the Goodeids Goliad Farms produces or grows out. — “Goliad Farms, LP - Goodeids”,
  • goodeids for sale 909 has not entered any shared feeds. My Bio Goodeids for sale. The four thick volumes of the inadequacy of his offence is that of a. — “goodeids for sale 909 - Village Seven Home Church”,
  • (S'ha redirigit des de: Goodeids) Dreceres ràpides: navegació, cerca. Goodeids. Mascle d'Ameca splendens Els goodeids (Goodeidae) formen una família de peixos de riu inclosa en l'ordre dels ciprinodontiformes. Reben aquest nom en. — “Goodeid - Viquipèdia”,
  • I have a Goodeid. I was picking up feeders for my birchir at Chain store and saw this cute little fish in with the tetras. I asked what it was and. — “Goodeids - Aquatic Predators”,
  • A page of website links to Aquatic Plant, Fish, Freshwater Invertebrates, and Aquarium Sites of Interest. . Great forum and site, focusing on Goodeids and other livebearers. Natural Aquariums Forum. Discuss Natural Aquariums, Plants, Invertebrates, Fish and just about anything else. — “Natural Aquariums - Links to Aquatic Plant, Fish, Freshwater”,
  • Male endlers are half the size of females and are very brightly colored. Endlers breed easily as do guppies, but goodeids require larger tanks and produce less young then guppies or endlers. Goodeids require cool water, a varied diet, lots of room, and are best kept in groups. — “What is the difference between endlers and guppies?”,
  • GOODEIDS REVISITED by Mike and Robin Schadle. Summary: Goodeids require cool water of high quality, a varied diet, lots of room, and are best kept in groups. Summary: Mark discusses some of the differences between poeciliids and goodeids. — “Breeding Livebearers articles”,
  • All of the following information has been gathered to assist the webmaster should this need to be reported to local or federal law enforcement. If you think this is a mistake you can contact the site webmaster at dwstonebraker(at)goodeids(dot)com. — “: You have been blocked”,
  • goodeids: The Goodeid Working Group. — “goodeids : The Goodeid Working Group”,

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  • Guppy competion Criteria: ***Form*** 1 mark: Correct application video 1 mark: name suits fish 1 mark: Species suits fish ***Guppy*** 1 Mark: Its a Guppy -_- 2 marks: Colours are bold 1 Mark:It's Healthy 1 mark: 2 Marks: Body Shape ***BONUS MARKS*** if you use a female guppy and it gets over 6 marks! (2+) You catch the male courting or following a female! (1+) More than one of that strain of guppy! (3+) GOOD LUCK!
  • CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: On The Track (Of Unknown Animals) Episode 32 The latest edition of a monthly webTV show from the CFZ and CFZtv, bringing you the latest cryptozoological, and monster hunting news from around the world. This episode brings you: CFZ in springtime Texas expedition Crypto stuff at Bristol Zoo: Butterfly goodeids Crypto stuff at Bristol Zoo: Cassowaries Crypto stuff at Bristol Zoo: Paddlefish Crypto stuff at Bristol Zoo: Prairie Dog Crypto stuff at Bristol Zoo: Asiatic Lion Mystery cat in Texas Jon in Reading Corinna looks at out of place birds New and Rediscovered: New British Mammal New and Rediscovered: New species in Devon New and Rediscovered: New species of Orca
  • Ameca Splendens (Butterfly Goodeid) for sale at Tyne Valley Aquatics New stock of Ameca Splendens at Tyne Valley Aquatics. We are 10 km west of Newcastle in North East England. All our fish are available for next day delivery from our mail order service. Please phone 01661 844 005 or visit our website for more details SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS AS THEY ARE POSTED
  • Ameca splendens- butterfly goodeid
  • Characodon lateralis... Who CARES..? A breeding colony of the endangered goodeid livebearer Characodon lateralis.
  • Zoogoneticus tequila feeding in outflow The Tequila Goodeid, or Tequila splitfin, a critically endangered livebearer named for the Tequila volcano near Guadalajara in central Mexico. Unique among live bearing fishes, the goodeids take an almost mammalian approach to reproduction. Rather than hatching their eggs internally immediately prior to birth, the way guppies, swordtails, platies and other livebearers do - the goodeids nourish developing embryos via something very much like a placenta/umbilical cord arrangement. There are even two species of goodeid (from southern Texas) which are egg layers. These are occasionally aggressive, hardy fish which face extinction only because of human activity- habitat destruction and pollution.
  • Goodeids eating algae I decided to feed my goodeid fish some algae. My baby S. odoratus turtle also got curious and decided to investigate.
  • Ilyodon xantusi fry born today These newborns make Lionhead Cichlid youngsters (who are considered to be big sized newborns) look positively tiny, these two goodeids are very close to 2.5cm! "Mum" is still quite young herself and has a fair bit of growing to do at only ~6cm, but hopefully she may deliver another one or two. Failing that, another young female in the group must be awfully close to giving birth within the next week. :)
  • Select Aquatics Characodon lateralis.AVI Goodeid Characodon lateralis available at
  • Bluetail Goodeid pair Ataeniobius toweri goodeid pair; 2.5-inch male and 4-inch female. This pair has spawned about 100 fry thus far.
  • Zoogoneticus tequila, Crescent Goodeid, pair behaviour & female colour change Zoogoneticus tequila, the Crescent Goodeid, courtship behaviour and female colour change.
  • Max's Grand Day Out pt.4 My little nephew's first time at the John G. Shedd Aquarium. Here are some of the creatures of the sea he saw: Green Sea Turtle, Palomita, Spanish Hogfish, Yellow Tail Snapper, Cownose Ray, Tarpon, Enu, Gar, Clown fish, Goodeids, Giant Electric Eels, Large Mouth Bass & Carp, Old Wife, Poisonous Tree Frogs, various specie of Tangs & more. It was his grand day out!
  • Select Aquatics Ilyodon furcidens.AVI Goodeid Ilyodon furcidens available at
  • Xenotoca eiseni A few of Xenotoca eiseni, just being themselves...
  • Felid, callichthyids, cichlids, and goodeids Toshiro the tabby cat interacts (ie, would like to eat) the residents of the 150-gallon aquarium. The gold severums, spotted hoplos, and bluetail goodeids are unperturbed. Fortunately for them the tank is well-covered.
  • Aquarium adventures with an underwater camera case Video footage of the fish in the 150-gallon fish-only aquarium using an underwater camera case. The fish don't really know what to make of it all. Among the fish that make an appearance are: 3 5-inch gold severums, 2 small green severums, bluetail goodeids, spotted hoplos, clown loaches, Denison barbs, and Garra flavatra Shot with a Canon SD800 inside a WP-DC9 underwater case (which cost more than the camera itself)
  • ★ Sea Life London Aquarium ★ One of the largest aquaria in Europe, containing over 1 million litres of water. Learn about all the world's oceans, as well as rainforest, tropical freshwater, seashores and beaches. See a recreation of a coral reef. Details of the daily expert talks can be found on the video screens in the foyer. The aquarium also operates a conservation and breeding programme run by a team of specialist biologists. A visit to the three levels of the complex in County Hall takes approximately one and a half hours. Sea Life London Aquarium is well placed close to all the attractions of South Bank, directly next to the London Eye and a 20 minute walk along the River Thames from the Tate Modern. We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the underwater world covering two-thirds of our planet. With over 50 living displays and a host of underwater life, the London Aquarium is a journey into this great unknown. The London Aquarium experience is for anyone and everyone alike. Let your imagination take you away on a voyage under County Hall through the wonderful waters of the world. Witness everything from the beautiful riches of the coral reefs and the Indian Ocean to the dark depths of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. On your trip you will see over 350 different species including eels, sharks, piranhas, rays, jellyfish, clownfish, tangs and many more. In April 2008, the aquarium was purchased by the world's second-largest attractions operator, Merlin Entertainments for an ...
  • c._lateralis_video_2.avi Characodon lateralis, Los Berros, the most beautiful goodeid, critically endangered in the wild, and available at .
  • : Crenichthys baileyi baileyi Neither African, nor cichlid, this is Crenichthys baileyi baileyi, a goodeid species (b.baileyi) which is endemic to Ash Spring in the White River drainage in Pahranagat Valley, Lincoln County, Nevada.
  • 150 gallon large community tank feeding time Members of a 150-gallon (5x2x2) acrylic tank chowing down on Tetra sinking tabs and Hikari spirulina tabs. Featured in this video are: Juvenile bluetail goodeids (ataeniobius toweri): although there are males in the tank, only a couple young females made it into the video. Clown loaches: these guys are about 3 inches long and 2 years old. The trio of large, 5-inch, 4-year-old loaches couldn't be bothered to come out. Hoplo catfish (megalechis thoracatum): despite the size difference, these were purchased with the small clowns mentioned above. Longfin bristlenose pleco: after 2 years of growth, still not a bristle in sight. Jimmy the common pleco: born 1997, has now exceeded 14 inches in length. Toshiro the tabby cat: source of the "what are you doing, cat?" in the middle of the video. Usually found pawing at the front of the tank.
  • Select Aquatics Zoogeneticus tequila.AVI Goodeid Zoogeneticus tequila, believed extinct in the wild, available at
  • Zoogoneticus tequila, Crescent Goodeid, cave use Zoogoneticus tequila, the Crescent Goodeid, group behaviour and cave use
  • Ataeniobius toweri.wmv Ataeniobius toweri is a Goodied that may possibly be extinct in the wild. It`s common name is the Blue tailed Goodeid, it comes from the Rio Verde in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Males grow to about 6 cm and females to 7 cm.
  • Butterfly Goodeids' new tank Find information about my fish wish list at Click on the about me section This short video shows the Butterfly Goodeids' new tank display at the Blue Planet Aquarium. It shows around 10 individual fish at various levels of development. The tank also house some kind of water beetle that I wish I knew the name of.
  • Goodeids.avi A short clip from a tank in the Aquarium at the ZSL London Zoo. The tank contains the following goodeids: Butterfly goodeid (Ameca splendens), Goldbreast splitfin (Ilyodon furcidens), Crescent Zoe (Zoogeneticus tequila), Leopard Goodeid (Chapalichthys pardalis).
  • Little Fish Have Big Fight! 2 Male Butterfly Goodeids (Ameca splendens) really angry with each other.. By the end, they're so tired out that they can barely fight anymore.. Cool little Mexican livebearers.. One of the few fish that actually eat hair algae!
  • c._lateralis_video_1.avi Characodon lateralis, Los Berros, the most beautiful goodeid, critically endangered in the wild, and available at .
  • Select Aquatics Ameca splendens.AVI Goodeid Ameca splendens, possibly extinct in the wild, available at
  • Xenotoca eiseni June 6 - 07 They are a bit upset, since I have a pair of cichlids that has babies in their tank... I had to remove the cichlids... The tank is just absolutely FULL of plants, and have been so for a year... All my aquariua are Walstad planted tanks.
  • Blue Metallic Fancy Guppy for sale at Tyne Valley Aquatics Euro bred blue metallic blue guppy at Tyne Valley Aquatics. All our fish are available for next day delivery from our mail order service (UK only). Please phone 01661 844 005 or visit our website for more details SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS AS THEY ARE POSTED
  • Ameca Splendens Goodeids Livebearer Tropical Fish Tank This is my 180 liters fresh water tropical fish tank, which i have populated with Ameca Splendes and Xenotoca Eisenis. These are livebearer fish originaly from Mexico. I keep them on about 23c-26c, 7.0 / 7.4 ph.
  • Xenotoca at feeding time 23 July -07 Xenotoca eiseni...
  • i._furcidens_video_1.MPG Ilyodon furcidens, one of the "Trout" goodeids. This line has been selectively bred for color and markings. Available only at .
  • Zoogoneticus tequila, Crescent Goodeid, male colour change Zoogoneticus tequila, the Crescent Goodeid, courtship behaviour showing male colour change
  • s._multi_video_2.avi Skiffia multipunctata, a particularly colorful population, available at
  • Zoogoneticus tequila - Tequila splitfins A pair of Tequila splitfins in my community tank. I used to never see them at the same time but now they are always together. My beautiful L134 Leopard Frog Pleco makes an appearance as well.
  • z._tequila_video_2.AVI Zoogoneticus tequila. Thought to have been extinct in the wild for over 30 years, it is critically endangered, and not common in the hobby. Available at .
  • s._multi_video_1.wmv Skiffia multipunctata, a particularly colorful population, available at
  • DrewT1023: RT @TFHmagazine: Many goodeids are endangered, on the brink of extinction, so one author went to Mexico to see how they’re doing #fish
  • TFHmagazine: Many goodeids are endangered, on the brink of extinction, so one author went to Mexico to see how they’re doing #fish

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