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  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun Graf has one meaning: Meaning #1 : German tennis player who won. — “Graf: Information from ”,
  • Stefanie Maria Graf, also known as Steffi, was born in Mannheim, Peter Graf first taught his thre-year-old daughter how to properly swing a racket. — “Steffi Graf”,
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  • Since August 1919, in Germany, Graf and all other titles are A Graf (Count) ruled over a territory known as a Grafschaft, literally 'countship' (also. — “Graf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • Retrieved from "http:///wiki/graf" Categories: English nouns | Media | Slang | Czech nouns | Czech masculine nouns | cs:Graph theory | French nouns | French masculine nouns | French countable nouns | Polish nouns | pl:Mathematics. — “graf - Wiktionary”,
  • Graf lost in straight sets in the finals, maybe in part due to the fact that she was Graf entered the US Open and later would say that she made a mistake in saying that she. — “Steffi Graf Records”,
  • Metelligroup. — “GRAF”,
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  • Image:Steffi Graf.jpg Template:MedalTop Template:MedalSport Template:MedalGold Template:MedalBronze Template:MedalSilver Template:MedalBottom Stefanie Maria Graf (born June 14, 1969 in Mannheim, Germany) is a former World No. 1 woman tennis player from Germany. — “Steffi Graf - Free net encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Graf in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Graf. Pronunciation of Graf. Translations of Graf. Graf synonyms, Graf antonyms. Information about Graf in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. steffi graf. — “Graf - definition of Graf by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Get all the local information you need on Graf, Iowa, IA - community history, demographics, local search and more at ePodunk. — “Graf, Iowa City Information - ePodunk”,
  • The Graf Zeppelin ruled the uncluttered skies like no other monarch could. Tags: ärzte, bela, lugosi, graf, dracula, 10:18. Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf on INSIDE SPORT (BBC) - PART 1 of 3. Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf talk to Inside Sports Gabby Logan in Las Vegas about life post. — “Vídeos de graf - ViuVideos - The best videos of Youtube!”,

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  • GRAF rainwater harvesting for home and garden Save up to 50% of your drinking water by harvesting rainwater. More information: Watch a Rainwater Harvesting System Installation.
  • 42 Ways to Kill Hitler - 02 Colonel Graf von Stauffenberg's plot Part 1 42 Ways to Kill Führer Adolf Hitler Chapter 2 Colonel Graf von Stauffenberg's plot Part 1
  • Graf Zeppelin crossing Atlantic The first flying from Hamburg to Rio into the Giant of the Skies
  • USS Salem, CA139, as the Graf Spee In the fifties, the Salem Starred as the German ship in a Movie. The USS Salem is now a Museum Ship at Quincy, Mass. She also hosts a Museum for her Sister Ship, the USS Newport News, CA148.
  • Steffi Graf vs Venus Williams WIM1999-3
  • Steffi Graf vs Conchita Martinez - 1996 Indian Wells Final 1/10 Graf def. Martinez 7-6 (5) 7-6 (5) Part 1 of 10
  • Graf Supra 705 Skate review Video review of the Graf Supra 705 Skate
  • Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi talk about Wimbledon June, 2010.
  • Steffi Graf vs Martina Hingis RG99 final set3 - 1 of 5
  • Steffi Graf: The Golden Slam 1988 Steffi Graf accomplishing her incredible Golden Slam in 1988. In this year, Steffi won all four grand slams, plus the Olympic Gold Medal that took place in Seoul. Steffi defeated Evert, Zvereva, Navratilova and Sabatini in her way on winning the GOLDEN SLAM.
  • 42 Ways to Kill Hitler - 03 Colonel Graf von Stauffenberg's plot Part 2 Colonel Graf von Stauffenberg's plot Part 2
  • Steffi Graf 1987 Federation Cup Doubles 1987 Federation Cup Final Steffi Graf/Claudia Kohde-Kilsch vs Pam Shriver/Chris Evert (German commentary)
  • Falco - Out of the Dark Video clip
  • Gabriela Sabatini v's Steffi Graf 1990 US Open Final Part of Second Set Tiebreak
  • Martina Hingis vs Steffi Graf 1999 Tokyo QF Highlights Martina Hingis vs Steffi Graf 1999 Toray Pan Pacific Tokyo Quarter-final Highlights.
  • Steffi Graf being proposed for Marriage An hilarious video of Steffi Graf being proposed by a boy while she is getting ready for the serve. The whole stadium erupts into laughter on hearing this. Do watch out what Steffi replies to this boy. Simply awesome reply...way to go Steffi.
  • Graf vs Hingis 1999 FrenchOpen Final Highlights (1/3) I love Martina so much, and made these 3 videos all by myself, I wish you can enjoy it at all~ thanx~
  • Agassi/Graf Real Sports Interview August 2007 Mary Carillo interviews Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi for HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.
  • Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf on INSIDE SPORT (BBC) - PART 3 of 3 Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf talk to Inside Sports Gabby Logan in Las Vegas about life post retirement, Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club - what it's about, about returning to Wimbledon for Sunday's Centre Court celebration and Andy Murray's chances of winning a Grand Slam. Broadcasted on BBC One at 23.10 BST Monday 11th May, 2009. Copyright: BBC
  • Graf Vs. Zvereva 1988 3/3 Legendary French Open Final
  • Autechre Gantz Graf (good quality) According to the director, the music video for "Gantz Graf" reached a cult status in underground computer-generated imagery art circles.[citation needed] The video features an abstract object (or an agglomeration of objects) synchronized to the sounds in the music as it morphs, pulsates, shakes, and finally dissolves. The visuals contain the same amount of richness and detail as the soundtrack does, having a visual counterpart to every little sound or frequency range in the song. Alex Rutterford (who had previously created an unofficial video for the Tri Repetae track "Eutow" as part of the Channel 4 music programme Lo-Fi in 2001) claims the idea for the "Gantz Graf" video came during one of his LSD trips
  • The Graf Zeppelin The Graf Zeppelin ruled the uncluttered skies like no other monarch could. The sight of the silver ship gliding over head brought crowds of people streaming from their houses and into the streets. No other aircraft in history , with the possible exception of the Spirit of St. Louis, has been the focus of so much admiration by so many people. The Graf Zeppelin was Dr. Eckner's crowning achievement in the concept of the zeppelin. Even though the Hindenburg and the Graf Zeppelin II would be technologically superior to the Graf Zeppelin, no other air ship would be so loved by nearly all the world. The size of the Graf was dictated only by the inner dimensions of the construction hanger. When completed, the airship was 100 feet in diameter, and 110 feet high including the gondola bumpers, bringing her within TWO FEET of the rafters of her shed. Many new innovations were incorporated into the Graf Zeppelin during her construction in Factory Shed number II in Friedrichshafen. The most revolutionary of the innovations was the inclusion of a new fuel system for the engines. Previously, all airships had used engines that burned either gasoline or diesel fuel. The main problem with using a liquid fuel was that as you burned off the gas or diesel, you lost weight, and as you lost weight, you had to vent off hydrogen to keep from floating up. This had been a problem that had plagued zeppelins since the beginning, but was solved in the building of the Graf. The Graf had special gas ...
  • Monica Seles vs Steffi Graf RG Final 1990 End Of Set One Monica Seles vs Steffi Graf RG Final 1990 Monica is at one point 5-1 and 6-2 down in the 1st set tiebreaker but manages to come back and win the set and win the match in straight sets
  • Pocket Battleship Adm. Graf Spee Pt 2-9 Furthermore, Graf Spees eight main engines used diesel fuel, an unconventional configuration at the time that also contributed to weight saving. The weight saving allowed her carry a main gun of much larger calibre than a heavy cruiser of the time, while remaining near the displacement limit of the Treaty of Versailles., hence the classification by the British of her and her two sisters, Deutschland (later renamed Lützow) and Admiral Scheer, as pocket battleships. A year after the Graf Spees loss, the Kriegsmarine reclassified her sisters from Panzerschiffe to heavy cruisers. Technologically, Admiral Graf Spee was ahead of her time, being the first ship in the Kriegsmarine to be equipped with Seetakt radar. Unlike steam engines, raw low-grade bunker fuel needed treatment before it could be used in her diesel engines. A separating system routinely pre-cleaned the fuel and deposited it in six ready tanks situated close to the engines. The separators used high pressure steam produced in a boiler room lying between decks, aft of the funnel and above the armoured deck. HISTORY: After commissioning in 1936, Admiral Graf Spee served as fleet flagship until 1938 and performed international maritime control duties off the coast of Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Graf Spee's last captain was Hans Langsdorff, a longstanding naval officer who had seen action at the Battle of Jutland, and who assumed command of the ship on 1 November 1938. Prior to the invasion of Poland plans ...
  • Admiral Graf Spee TV Spot William Terra's Hand Built Model of the German Battleship "Admiral Graf Spee"
  • Graf Vs. Navratilova 1989 7/8 Wimbledon 1989
  • 2009W Steffi Graf Wimbledon-Centre Court Celebration
  • Magvay & Novskyy ft. Lize - Graf Cox (KLIK KLAK Remix) /klikklakmusic
  • Graf 700 Shin Guards Review Video Review of the Graf 700 Shin Guards
  • Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf on INSIDE SPORT (BBC) - PART 1 of 3 Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf talk to Inside Sports Gabby Logan in Las Vegas about life post retirement, Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club - what it's about, about returning to Wimbledon for Sunday's Centre Court celebration and Andy Murray's chances of winning a Grand Slam. Broadcasted on BBC One at 23.10 BST Monday 11th May, 2009. Copyright: BBC
  • Graf vs Hingis 1999 FrenchOpen Final Highlights (2/3) This is the second time i upload, wish you can enjoy it at all~
  • Pam Shriver d. Steffi Graf - 1988 Virginia Slims Championships SF @ Madison Square Garden Realizing that Chrissie may have made Pam look bad in the clip we posted, with no other videos up of her play, we decided to do our friend Pam Shriver a favor & show the match where she beat Steffi Graf in the 1988 Slims Championships. Shriver was a very tough competitor and skilled player, and was part of a very deep field of VARIED styles in women's tennis that brought a lot of color, dynamics, and excitement to the sport. "The PAMther" put Steffi under pressure by coming into net even off Graf's first serve, taking away her time, her ability to run around the backhand, and her ability to dictate the pace of the match. But Steffi's brilliant & powerful groundies kept her deep in the hunt despite the well-orchestrated onslaught, climaxing in a tense 2nd set tie-break showdown! Commentary: Steve Flink, Bud Collins, Mary Carillo. Footage courtesy of
  • Chris Evert d. Steffi Graf - 1986 Lipton International finals Considered at the time to be a blisteringly hard hititing match, Chrissie and Steffi exchange some dynamite winners in the finals of the Lipton International finals of 1986, a 2-week event only 1 tier down from the majors, and an event in which Chris never failed to at least reach the finals. She hands Steffi a convincing defeat, but it's still a changing of the guard in that Steffi is beginning to reach her period of destiny and Chris at 31 is entering what she would later call "a new phase of her's called end of career." Still, she had one last grand slam victory left in her, as she took the French title a few months later, and one other Slam final appearance at the '88 Australian Open. *commentators are Arthur Ashe & Pam Shriver.
  • Chris Evert vs Steffi Graf: The rivalry's greatest match - 1989 Boca Raton! EDITED FOR EVERT FANS: Steffi was at her very best, having won 48 straight sets since Nov '88 and only dropped 10 games in 4 matches prior to the final. Chris was well past her prime at 34 but was ready for the battle on her home court in Boca Raton. This is the only 3-set match they played, and is a much better representation of the Evert/Graf rivalry than their last confrontation at Wimbledon. Chris had played only 4 matches since April before that Wimbledon, so she was far from match tough & was not prepared to give Graf a fight worthy of their dynamics. But here's the match where fireworks were on display from both players. The crowd was chanting 'Steffi' or 'Chrissie' depending on where you sat, and many linecall dramas interrupted play. Chris went into her ONLY career 'Jimmy Connors storming the chair' style moment!! So this is required viewing for Chrissie fans, despite having to take a tough loss. She didn't have the concentration, hunger, fearlessness, and undistractability of her younger years... but as this match shows, the Evert/Graf rivalry had absolutely stunning potential. (This match was played on hard court...the brown color makes it look like clay)
  • Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf on INSIDE SPORT (BBC) - PART 2 of 3 Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf talk to Inside Sports Gabby Logan in Las Vegas about life post retirement, Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club - what it's about, about returning to Wimbledon for Sunday's Centre Court celebration and Andy Murray's chances of winning a Grand Slam. Broadcasted on BBC One at 23.10 BST Monday 11th May, 2009. Copyright: BBC
  • Karlfried Graf Durckheim: The Path of Initiation A rare documentary on the teachings of a spiritual master, including footage filmed at his death bed. The best introduction to Durckheim's life and thought can be found here:
  • Steffi Graf Simply the Best... Steffi Graf simply the best player of all time...
  • Magvay & Novskyy Feat. Lize - Graf Cox ( MaxPayne00000 - hands up mix) hands up
  • graf_eunchi: @Graf_Chanyeol WOW OKAY WHAT DO YOU WANT THIS TIME B|
  • ninahhhhhh_: What if Luhan secretly went for Sehun's graf
  • graf_DuizngKris: @Graf_Chanyeol /watches/ maybe it was a good idea /nods/
  • Graf_Chanyeol: @graf_eunchi YES I THINK YOU DO.
  • Graf_Chanyeol: @graf_DuizngKris B) /pets it/
  • graf_iu: nopeeee orz
  • tanodeflores: @Sintesis_13 esta todo muy bueno pero saquen el graf cuando pasan imágenes xq se pierde la mitad de la pantalla !!!!!!
  • Apaan8: #telmi Graf Fito: Politiker sind nicht an Weisungen gebunden, höchstens an Überweisungen.
  • Graf_Chanyeol: Oh hi e u e
  • graf_DuizngKris: Did you not get pain killers IU?
  • nanajasmi: kongsi duit demi kertas graf :3 *tak ada kerja
  • graf_iu: paaaaaain ; ;
  • JoRdAn_BuStA: @abby_graf @lindseyjanssen1 @brittanyalise13 My Madre says it's okay if you guys sleepover this Friday if you can (:
  • JoelBLK: Does Jonathan Graf remind anyone of Brick from the TV show "The Middle"? #cmdretreat
  • graf_eunchi: @Graf_Chanyeol IT IS B( DO I NEED TO CONVINCE YOU AGAIN OR.
  • Graf_FlowNation: @lowkeytrap yeah I know lol
  • mari_graf: #nervosa
  • graf_DuizngKris: @Graf_Chanyeol /groans/ I know
  • mari_graf: O que acontece com o meu chip, q saco
  • graf_eunchi: No B|
  • Graf_Chanyeol: @graf_DuizngKris /shrugs/ just remember it was your idea ~
  • Graf_Chanyeol: Did meaneun #2 disappear? e u e
  • graf_DuizngKris: @Graf_Chanyeol OTL /facepalm/ when did I think it was a nice idea to get you a ferret?
  • Graf_Chanyeol: @graf_DuizngKris because you bought it so i will name it after you LOL.
  • graf_DuizngKris: Can we get Lee Soo Man yet?
  • mari_graf: O assunto com a ana ta engraçado, socorroOoOOO
  • Rachelmarie45: @RM_GRAF ay eso suena un gran problema :/
  • RM_GRAF: Ay Dioos miio en k yoo me e metiio
  • graf_DuizngKris: @Graf_Chanyeol why are you calling the ferret that then? does you love me or some?
  • graf_bora: we have a himchan crys tbh
  • Graf_Chanyeol: Dont worry i will B)
  • graf_bora: the life of pi. c:
  • Graf_Chanyeol: @graf_DuizngKris yeah and? o u o
  • Graf_FlowNation: @lowkeytrap yeah but our team was better this year;)
  • graf_DuizngKris: Yeol you better make a lot of time for that ferret
  • graf_bora: crys tbh
  • Graf_FlowNation: RT @lowkeytrap: @Graf_FlowNation no lie this yea looks basic af lol
  • jakopelanio: "Mas okay nga ang mababa sa una, kase ang pupuntahan lang non, pataas. Pag mataas ka na, ang pwede mangyare ay bumaba." - Sir Graf =)) BOOM!
  • graf_DuizngKris: @Graf_Chanyeol umm you realize everyone calls me that right?
  • lowkeytrap: @Graf_FlowNation no lie this yea looks basic af lol
  • graf_bora: i love pickles omf
  • Graf_Chanyeol: @graf_DuizngKris OMG HAI KREASE. /takes the ferret/
  • graf_iu: @graf_eunchi @graf_bomi @graf_yoona @GraffitiRP OH TEE ELL LOLOLOL IDEK. AHAHA ILYM! c8
  • Graf_FlowNation: @lowkeytrap Of course you do. #biased
  • graf_bora: mama bought me a whole jar. ; ;
  • graf_DuizngKris: @Graf_Chanyeol have your ferret
  • graf_iu: ew pickles ene
  • graf_iu: bishraaaaa ;;
  • 17Kzr: RT @WALK_info: 【拡散希望】THANKS a LOT 3/9(土)@graf ADV/DAY 1800/2300(+1D) ggrks/Brown rat/R calling/2Mile/Mr. HappyLand DJ : WALK!!!! WALK!!!!でもDM•リプで予約受け付けてます!
  • lowkeytrap: @Graf_FlowNation I like last yrs more lol
  • graf_iu: RT @graf_eunchi: Aiyu seriously talks a lot LAWLAWL
  • Graf_Chanyeol: RT @graf_eunchi: Aiyu seriously talks a lot LAWLAWL
  • graf_eunchi: Aiyu seriously talks a lot LAWLAWL
  • graf_bora: bishra is eating a pickle
  • graf_eunchi: @graf_iu @graf_bomi @graf_yoona @GraffitiRP 10000 already? HOLY CRAP. LAWLS. WE LOVE YOU TOOO! B')
  • Graf_Chanyeol: Assdfgjl gimme my ferret! B|
  • eri_graf: @Julicaballero_ yo tambien bebotonaaaa
  • Graf_Chanyeol: Assdfgghjkll crabs are awesome B|
  • graf_DuizngKris: well Yeolo better take his ferret or I'll return it and get my money back
  • graf_eunchi: RT @graf_iu: 1O,OOOTH tweet for @graf_bomi @graf_eunchi @graf_yoona and @GraffitiRP I LOVE YOU GUISE. I CREY OKAI. ; ; hearts hearts.
  • eri_graf: RT @Julicaballero_: @eri_graf jajajajaja un monton!!! te voy a extrañar tantooo
  • graf_iu: speaking of ferrets. where is bishra asghkl.
  • graf_iu: ferrets are kawaaaii ouo
  • MsyahirMohammad: Paliinggg saya malas mau buat graf
  • graf_iu: RT @graf_DuizngKris: /dislikes sea food/
  • graf_iu: 1O,OOOTH tweet for @graf_bomi @graf_eunchi @graf_yoona and @GraffitiRP I LOVE YOU GUISE. I CREY OKAI. ; ; hearts hearts.
  • graf_DuizngKris: Yeolo take this thing away from me, how do you put up with it?
  • graf_DuizngKris: /dislikes sea food/
  • Julicaballero_: @eri_graf jajajajaja un monton!!! te voy a extrañar tantooo
  • eri_graf: @Luciaperalta_ jajjaj yo se q va a ser muy dificillll
  • graf_iu: ferret? o-o
  • Graf_FlowNation: @lilboteet @bhall4747 Congratulations fools
  • graf_iu: CRABS ARE NASTEHHH.
  • germanionqn: El graf de #678 "avisando DE Q
  • graf_DuizngKris: hmm this one ferret
  • eri_graf: @Julicaballero_ divinisimo bebu... Yo se q me envidias
  • graf_iu: *o-o
  • RM_GRAF: #HEREDiianita
  • graf_iu: waddup with you krease? o-9
  • Chantall_15: Ik hou van me ECHTE vriende. En die NEPPE vriende moge hun graf invalle (:
  • graf_iu: omf yeppp. crabs. shrimps. lobsters and everything ;;
  • Julicaballero_: @eri_graf que lindo amiguiii
  • mashuoka: RT @WALK_info: 【拡散希望】THANKS a LOT 3/9(土)@graf ADV/DAY 1800/2300(+1D) ggrks/Brown rat/R calling/2Mile/Mr. HappyLand DJ : WALK!!!! WALK!!!!でもDM•リプで予約受け付けてます!
  • graf_Ljoe: @graf_naeun oh dont want ok. Take a rest then. I dont want force you bbe. /nods/ idk. Lols <3
  • Luciaperalta_: @eri_graf ojjj lo intentaremosss jajaj
  • Graf_Chanyeol: Fromwhat?o u o
  • Luhanduk_Yaoi: @Graf_HyunBaek bebe juga nakal .-.
  • vooseamedianita: #WASSHERE @RM_GRAF :*
  • graf_DuizngKris: me
  • graf_DuizngKris: save
  • graf_DuizngKris: please
  • graf_DuizngKris: someone
  • Graf_FlowNation: @Kyle_Bray14 no idea
  • Graf_FlowNation: I don't know if I would want to know how long I have to live...
  • eri_graf: @Luciaperalta_ gracias pendekiiii!! No me extrañes tanto en la escc
  • eri_graf: RT @Luciaperalta_: @eri_graf naaa groso!! mucha suerte borraqqqqq
  • Graf_Chanyeol: Its like nearly 3 feet long man.

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