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  • Opaque minerals were found to be titanomagnetite and ilmenite and their alteration products. The Walker deposit lies in a host of leucoadamellite and greisenised aplite and pegmatite are the main mineralised rocks. — “Dalhousie University - Earth Sciences - Alumni - Abstracts of”,
  • (6) Greisenised fissures and massive greisen bodies were found inside the albitised upper The thickness of the greisenised zone around the granite fissures. — “First phosphorus…rich Nb…Ta…Sn…specialised granite from the”,
  • The fine-grained granite of this area is extensively hydrothermally altered, and a sheet of greisenised fine-grained granite, probably up to 100 m thick, lies parallel to the gently dipping volcanic contact. Ruxton (1957) regarded the volcanics as having been greisenised and not the granite. — “CEDD - About Us”,
  • Muscovites from quartz-muscovite and quartz-topaz-muscovite greisens and greisenised topaz-mica greisen and K/6 — partly greisenised leucogranite (Fig. 1). — “Magdalena DUMAÑSKA-S£OWIK”,
  • greisenised material shows that microcline is the first. feldspar to be hydrolysed and Table 1. Normative compositions of granite, greisenised granite and greisen samples. — “Post-magmatic processes in south-west England and Brittany”,
  • Consolidated Tin Mines Limited CTM (CSD) Mount Garnet Queensland Drilling showed that the greisenised granite was adjacent to limestone. Lumps of skarn recorded in the dredge tailings and there may be a hard-rock tin-bearing skarn within the greisen. — “Upper Battle Creek Project History”, .au
  • Geophysical methods were unable to define either greisenised or mineralised ground and a line of shallow percussive boreholes was drilled to examine the distribution of tin, associated base metals and fluorine in solid rock below surface soils. — “Investigations for tin around Wheal Reeth, Godolphin”,
  • Greisenised granite (Figure 33) has an average grain size of 1 mm and exhibits a sugary texture. Near Devil's Peak in eastern Kowloon, fine-grained granite has been altered to greisenised granite by hot and mineral-rich fluid (metasomatism). — “Geological History and Hong Kong Rocks - Hong Kong Geology”,
  • consists of a regular vein system in greisenised. zones of a granite body, containing the volume of the granite itself is greisenised and. mineralised in tin (Sn) and tungsten (W). — “GEOCHEMICAL ATLAS OF EUROPE”,
  • ActivEX Limited is a gold copper exploration company based in Brisbane, Australia Sulphide bearing greisenised granite, Native Dog Prospect. Date: 09/10. — “ActivEX Limited - Lake Monduran Project”, .au
  • The greisenised granite is composed primarily of quartz with muscovite and other alteration products from feldspar and biotite. Carrock Mine exploiting the tungsten veins cutting through the greisen and hornfelsed slate was a short distance upstream. — “August 1999”,
  • Brisbane, Nov 14, 2008 (ABN Newswire) - The Board of Republic Gold Limited (ASX:RAU) announces that the Company and Staldor Mining Pty Limited have completed an aircore The drilling defined the extent and depths of shallow tin bearing sands and the underlying granite and greisenised basement rocks. — “Republic Gold Limited (ASX:RAU) Complete Extensive Tin”,
  • Words that start with GR : Words starting in GR greisenised. greisenises. greisenized. greisenizes. grenadillas. gressorious. griddlecake. gridironing. gridlocking. griffinisms. grillsteaks. grimacingly. griminesses. grindstones. gristliness. groatsworth. groceterias. grossierete. grossnesses. grotesquely. — “Word gr meaning. Word gr definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • ActivEX Limited (ASX:AIV) has completed a first pass drilling program (7 holes for 555m) at the Native Dog Prospect (Lake Monduran EPM 14378) which has encountered visible primary molybdenum mineralisation in 5 of 7 holes drilled. has been found in quartz veins and within the greisenised granite. — “ActivEX Limited (ASX:AIV) Native Dog - Exploration Update”,
  • Perranporth to St Agnes - a short walk using the South West Coast Path You will see some vertical, black mineral veins in the greisenised granite of Cligga Quarry. — “Perranporth to St Agnes - a short walk using the South West”,
  • Descriptions of major ore deposits world wide The mine exploited cassiterite bearing greisenised (mica, topaz and tourmaline) Devonian porphyry dykes, tin rich massive to semi-massive sulphide. — “Porter GeoConsultancy - Ore Deposit Description”, .au
  • Tin-base metal sulphide mineralisation accompanies these dykes, and occurs as a replacement of dolomite, as greisenised dykes, and as veins and fracture linings (Groves et al., 1972; Wright & Kwak, 1989, Halley & Walshe, 1995; Greisenised dyke rocks are characterised by a white, fine-grained. — “Mt Bischoff mine, Waratah, Waratah district, Tasmania, Australia”,
  • Mineral Reconnaissance Programme (MRP) reports The W mineralisation at Carrock mine is closely associated with a greisenised cupola of the Caledonian Skiddaw granite, and in the investigation described in this report similar cupolas were tested for W veins. — “MRP reports | ”,

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  • “ASX:AIV - Discuss the latest rumours, research and company information for ACTIVEX LIMITED The presence of disseminated mineralisation within the greisenised granite confirms the potential for a large tonnage target in the area"”
    — TopStocks > ACTIVEX LIMITED > Worth a review, .au

  • “Can you help make this a better article? What good localities have we missed? Can you supply pictures of better specimens than those we show here? The deposit is in a greisenised granite and fracture filling in Mathinna Group host rocks. The mine closed in the 1970's, though occasional small”
    — Mindat Mineralogy Messageboard,

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