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  • However, a notable migration of usually inert Al at greisenization may be explained by the effect of acid fluoride solutions with and loss of rare metals (W, Mo, Sn) during the greisenization and alkaline metasomatism. Experiment in Geosciences, 1995, V 4, N. — “EXPERIMENT IN GEOSCIENCES, volume 6, number 1: Metasomatic”,
  • Modeling fluid-rock interaction during greisenization at the East Kemptville tin deposit: implications for mineralization Authors: Halter W.E.; Williams-Jones A.E.; Kontak D.J. Initial Pb of the Amtsoq gneiss revisited: implication for the timing of early Archaean crustal evolution in West. — “ingentaconnect Table Of Contents: Chemical Geology”,
  • Wan Fuad Wan Hassan, and Azman A. Ghani, and Syafrina Ismail, (2001) Rare-earth Elements Modelling of the Langkawi Granites. Tourmaline greisenization in Langkawi - a reinterpetation using the available composition model. — “Rare-earth Elements Modelling of the Langkawi Granites”,
  • They originated through greisenization of predominantly the youngest lithium-topaz, alkaline-feldspar granites of the Krusné hory batholith. The greisenization of lithium-topaz granites brings about a gradual increase in SiO2 and FeO contents and a decrease in Al2O3 content. — “403”, the-
  • What is a kations, definition of kations, meaning of kations, kations anagrams, kations synonyms greisenization. phalansterists. contumacious. retributor. routinising ©2010 . — “Word kations meaning. Word kations definition. Free crossword”,
  • A process of hydrothermal alteration in which feldspar and muscovite are converted to an aggregate of quartz, topaz, tourmaline, and lepidolite (i.e., greisen) by the action of water vapor containing fluorine. AGI Source: Dictionary of Mining,. — “greisenization”,
  • First Narrows Adds to Growing Portfolio of Tungsten-Molybdenum Properties Quartz veining intrudes the granitic rocks, and alteration phases include sericitization, greisenization and propylitization. — “First Narrows Adds to Growing Portfolio of Tungsten”,
  • Most of them are of S-type, others have mixed characteristics of I-type and S-type granites and a few are of I-type. granites ; tin ores ; tungsten ores ; gold ores ; quartz veins ; greisenization ; hydrothermal alteration ; Portugal. — “Directory of open access journals”,
  • The later hydrothermal alteration stage of the Đà Lạt granitoids is characterized by two types of greisenized rocks, which represent complete and incomplete greisenization processes. The incomplete greisenization is clearly observed in the fine. — “6”,
  • Albitization, microclinization and greisenization are amongst the most important alteration processes to be associated with mineralization. silicification, quartz vein, greisenization and garnet-rich zones. — “SME--VIRTUAL ATLAS OF OPAQUE AND ORE MINERALS”,
  • Find definitions Find translations Search all dictionaries. Words and phrases matching 92. greisenization. 93. greisens. 94. greiser. 95. greisiger. 96. greising. 97. greiss algebra. — “Words that match the pattern "grei*" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Location: This record describes several lode and placer occurrences in an area approximately 9 to 10 miles southeast of the center of Sithylemenkat Lake. Mineralized rock samples exhibit variable effects of greisenization, with tourmaline and magnetite sometimes present. — “Unnamed Occurrences (ARDF - BT018; southeast of Sithylemenkat”,
  • Chapleau has acquired 100-per-cent interest in part of the Hellroaring subjected to intensive greisenization and bear elevated to high grades. — “HELLROARING STOCK - 100% INTEREST IN PART ACQUIRED/OPTION TO”,
  • Commonly greisenization occurs after frac- tional crystallization, and Sn enrichment is local greisenization at the first local- ity (Neiva 1974) and intensive greisenization in. — “PORTUGUESE GRANITES ASSOCIATED WITH Sn-W AND Au MINERALIZATIONS”,
  • The major tin and tungsten ore-forming stages, which are the oxide-silicate stage, the main sulfide stage, and greisenization, occurred between 296.3 + or - 0.8 (1 Sigma ) and 291.6 + or - 0.8 m.y. (1 Sigma ) oxide-silicate stage II, greisenization, and alteration of the silica. — “Thermochronology of economic mineral deposits; dating the”,
  • : Tikus GREISENIZATION AND ALBITIZATION AT THE TIKUS TIN-TUNGSTEN DEPOSIT, BELITUNG, INDONESIA by Michael O & Surjono Schwartz (Unknown Binding - 1990). — “: Tikus”,
  • Mass balance calculations, on the basis of whole rock chemical compositions, indicate that greisenization processes took place without changes in volume. These processes resulted in gain of The hydrotermal greisenization process was due to the action of. — “Mineralogy and geochemistry of cassiterite-mineralized”,
  • Using the behavior of rare metals (i.e., that of W, Mo and Sn) as a paradigm, a possibility of the ore deposition during the course of greisenization and alkaline metasomatism of granites has been proved. during the course of greisenization and alkaline metasomatism of. — “Body”,

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