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  • Guidestar Realty Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario, is an established real estate broker serving the Ottawa Real Estate market, homes and houses for sale. — “Ottawa Real Estate, Ottawa Homes For Sale - Guidestar Realty Inc”,
  • Nonprofit portraits contain information on the people, programs, financials and needs of We encourage you to explore the portraits and learn more about organizations who serve. — “Home”,
  • Keisha Taylor (GuideStar International's Communications Manager) had the opportunity to speak with Royi Biller, the CEO of NPTech, the nonprofit behind the launch of GuideStar Israel about the website, the information it contains and possibilities and hopes for its future. — “GuideStar International's Blog”,
  • GuideStar was founded in Williamsburg, Virginia, in September 1994 and received tax-exempt status in 1996. GuideStar is a neutral source of nonprofit information and does not rate or rank the organizations in its database. GuideStar had 1.8 million organizations and 4.5. — “GuideStar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • To that end, college students have the chance to benefit from the breath of information that GuideStar has to offer through the GuideStar for Education program. In fact, the 2010 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report is just out. — “The Trust Blog”,
  • Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. GuideStar is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Copyright © 2010,. — [email protected],
  • Community Foundation Staff Conducted Site Visit when Developing Profile Please click the arrow only once to play the organization's video.If the arrow is double. — “Rose Brooks Center, Inc. Profile”,
  • GuideStar International working with leaders from around the world to build GuideStars. Timely, comprehensive and accurate information. Strengthening Civic Engagement through Information. — “The GuideStar International programme seeks to revolutionise”,
  • GuideStar's services provide means to enhance extraordinary profitability from your company's ability to accelerate the pace of solutions for better products, improved services, stronger relationships, lower costs, and effective execution. — “Strategic Planning, Organizational Change, Leadership”,
  • Posted By Bob Ottenhoff on November 30th, 2010, in these categories: GuideStar | Nonprofit Practice Here at GuideStar we try hard to listen and learn from people working in the nonprofit community. — “Bob Ottenhoff Blog”,
  • GuideSTAR Technologies, Inc. supplies the United States law enforcement and intelligence communities with innovative, powerful desktop and server software to detect, interdict and resolve criminal activity, high-end threats and complex investigations. — “GuideSTAR Technologies, Inc”,
  • The Guide Star Catalogs were created by the staff of the Catalogs and The Guide Star Catalog I (GSC I) is an all-sky optical catalog of positions and magnitudes of approximately. — “MAST GSC Catalogs”,
  • The system includes a dye laser that will create a "guide star" in the upper atmosphere and very sensitive adaptive optics that will measure and correct for atmospheric distortions. According to Scot Olivier, project scientist for the adaptive. — “Guide Star”,
  • A free public website providing a source of high quality information on more than 167,000 UK registered charities. Welcome to GuideStar UK, the first place to look for comprehensive information about every charity - from the largest national charity to the. — “GuideStar UK”,
  • provides document scanning, document imaging, and paperless solutions. Our team of DocuArchivers can handle all types of scanning needs from single sided documents to full color plots. — “ Document Scanning, Document Management”, guidestar-
  • GuideStar operates clinical trials onsite under your organization's brand name. GuideStar Clinical Trials Management provides a unique solution. — “GuideStar Clinical Trials Management”,

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  • GuideStar Delivers Clinical Trials Expertise to Hospitals http:/// - GuideStar Clinical Trials Management joins forces with healthcare organizations to build and manage thriving research programs. With a critical eye toward...
  • GuideStar Charity Check.flv GuideStar Charity Check provides up-to-date IRS Business Master File (BMF) and Publication 78 data in one report, allowing you to qualify potential grantees in one step. Verify applicants charitabl...
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  • How to Take Advantage of Grassroots org Free Technology Tools and Services Provided to GuideStar Silver and Gold Members Participation can now enjoy free hosting by Bluehost, an Endurance International company, offers shared hosting packages to all nonprofits that are members...
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  • Lyris Customer Success Story | GuideStar Nonprofit Reports and Forms 990 In this Lyris video Lauren Walinsky, Web Marketing Manager at GuideStar, talks about email marketing with Lyris.
  • About GuideStar At GuideStar we encourage nonprofits to share information about their programs and finances to advance transparency, help donors to make more informed decisions, and encourage charitable giving.
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  • GuideStar II Beam Steering Correction System The GuideStar™ II provides high-reliability high-precision compensation of laser pointing and position drift using two independent New Focus™ Picomotor™ actuated motorized mirror mounts....
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  • GuideStar talks about nonprofit impact Bob Ottenhoff, president and CEO of GuideStar, talks about two sections related to impact in the Quick View, a new section on GuideStar's nonprofit reports.
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  • GuideStar: Research Programs Elevate Community Hospitals http:/// - GuideStar develops customized clinical research strategies and implements clinical trials programs. Whether a hospital seeks to launch a research program...
  • GuideStar Webinar (06/25/14) - GuideStar Exchange Demonstration You're a top 1000, 5000, or 10000 most-viewed organization on GuideStar -- now what? Perhaps you're already a GuideStar Exchange Silver-level participant and are wondering about how to...
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  • Form 990 Part 10: Find 990s on GuideStar
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  • “If you would like to provide feedback on the GuideStar Israel site, or learn more about what is happening with GuideStar Israel you can visit their blog (currently available only in Hebrew) or/and follow them blog post was originally posted by TechSoup Global. Next month, Personal Democracy Forum”
    GuideStar International's Blog,

  • “UK Fundraising - improving the effectiveness of charity and non-profit fundraisers Well, GuideStar International now has a blog, and you can read it on http://”
    GuideStar International now has a blog | UK Fundraising,

  • “GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check Webinar July 15 @ 10 AM PST In a site/blog (HTML) GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check Webinar July 15 @ 10 AM PST Jump to:”
    GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check Webinar July 15,

  • “Guidestar. People Who Throw Forklifts. Apps: Wall | Blog. No recent blog Links. All Entries. To the distant shore What's a Hero? What have I”
    Guidestar Blog - GuildPortal,

  • “Although GuideStar wants to be your partner in that pursuit, this blog is not about GuideStar. One way to get a sense of what The Trust Blog is about is to take a look at the Contributors page”
    — About the Trust Blog " The Trust Blog,

  • “Forum of Nonprofit Advisors Our Forum of Nonprofit Advisors is a group of nonprofit GuideStar users who share their opinions on GuideStar features, tools, and policies”
    — Forum of Nonprofit Advisors, www2

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