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  • Guillows Balsa Wood Airplanes. Stick and Tissue covered Electric and Rubber Powered Model Airplane Kits. — “Guillows Airplanes - Balsa Wood Model Airplane Kits”,
  • GUILLOWS. 1402. F14 TOMCAT. N/A. YES/OUI. 18.75. 18.56. GUILLOWS. 1403. F16 FIGHTING FALCON. N/A GUILLOWS. 2001. LOCKHEED P38L LIGHTNING. N/A. YES/OUI. 76.39. 75.62. GUILLOWS. 2002. B17G FORTRESS. — “PAUL K.GUILLOW INC. Balsa Model Airplanes”,
  • Guillows. Click on Blue Underlined Airplane Names for Pictures. and 80 years ago, these WW1 fighters were engaged in thrilling dogfights over the Western front. Today they have a heroic niche in. — “Penn Valley Hobby Center”,
  • Hiawatha Hobbies - Guillows Balsa Airplanes - Balsa Wood Airplanes. — “Hiawatha Hobbies - Guillows Balsa Airplanes”,
  • Prestige Hobbies has the largest selection of die cast cars and racing collectibles on the west coast. — “Guillows - Brands - Prestige Hobbies”,
  • is a manufacturer of Balsa wood model airplane toys. It was established in 1926 in Guillows was forced to use alternative materials like cardboard or pine to manufacture the model kits. — “Paul K. Guillow, Inc. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • RC Air Planes--Guillows Models, Guillows Models 4"ELECTRIC PROPELLER, LIST PRICE $3.99, Guillows Models F-50 Fokker Tuffoam R/C Park Flyer, 27.45MHz, LIST PRICE $69.99, Guillows Models FIN FLYER RTF Tri-Band , LIST PRICE $69.99, Guillows. — “RC Air Planes--Guillows Models”,
  • : hobby shop RC Trucks, boats, models, helicopters, cars, brushless motors, li-po, park flyers, electric helis , Parkzone, E-flite, Blade 400, O.S., Evolution, Futaba, Spektrum, hangar 9. — “Guillows - IHOBBYCENTRAL”,
  • Guillows. Airplanes. at our new web store. Balsa wood airplanes from the Fokker triplane to the Sopwith Camel of WWI to the P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning of WWII to the modern day F-15 Eagle fighter jet you will find that all these balsa wood. — “Guillows”,
  • Shop on the Internet for guillows with Shopzilla. Buy the best products from top-rated stores at the lowest prices every time. Compare prices on guillows. — “Shopzilla - Gift shopping for Guillows”,
  • Guillows balsa airplanes - 221 results from 22 stores, including Piper Super Cub Balsa Model Airplane by Guillows, Piper Super Cub Balsa Model Airplane by Guillows, Flying Machine Balsa Model Airplane Guillows, GUILLOWS NO.51 Balsa Wood Gliders. — “Guillows balsa airplanes - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Guillows. Aerospace home. Contact us. Shipping Policy. Guillow's Flying Models. 30% - 40% off. Numerous kits available in each series. Click on the plane or the series for details. and ordering information. 1200 Series Wright Flyer. 100th anniversary Laser cut Display Kit. Retails $37.49 Your cost $22.40. — “Guillows at 30 - 40% off from AC Supply”,
  • Compare 24 guillows kits products in Toys at , including Gui141 Airplane Design Studio Balsa Glider Kit Guillows, Guillows 308 Beechcraft Musketeer Kit 20 Wingspan 1:20, Guillows Piper Cherokee 140 Wooden Model Kit 307. — “Compare guillows kits in Toys at ”,
  • Want the hottest Guillows , RC truck or gas RC car? Find the best Guillows , plastic model car kits, nitro RC car and more at eHobbies. eHobbies has outstanding customer service on every Guillows order. — “Find Guillows , Nitro RC Cars and Much More at eHobbies”,
  • Guillows Airplane Kits on sale now! Fan of Guillows Airplane Kits? You have came to the right address! Here we have nice discounts on Guillows Airplane Kits! Visit us now!. — “Guillows Airplane Kits”,
  • Guillows Hawker Hurricane Wooden Model Airplane Kit - During the famous Battle of Britain, more than three-fifths of the R.A.F. Fighter Commands squadrons used Hawker Hurricanes. This immortal partner. — “Guillows Hawker Hurricane Wooden Model Airplane Kit”,
  • up to 60% off, including Free Flight, Free Flight , Control Line Airplanes, Control Line Airplane made by Guillows, Dumas, AG Industries, Peck-Polymers, Top Flite, Comet, Gayla, Hobbico, Revell/Monogram, Venom. — “Guillows”,
  • Buy guillows, Toys Hobbies items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, Books items and get what you want now!. — “guillows items - Get great deals on Toys Hobbies”,
  • Buy guillows, Wooden items on eBay. Find great deals on items and get what you want now!. — “guillows items - Get great deals on Wooden items on !”,

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  • Guillows Hawker Typhoon Indoor flight of a rubber powered freeflight Guillows model Hawker Typhoon.
  • Guillows Snap&Fly Movie.wmv Paul K. Guillow, Inc. The Snap&FlyTM airplanes use an innovative bottom control module that is common to all planes and houses the motor, propeller, all electronics and control push rods. This bottom control module easily 'snaps' into place using magnets onto whichever plane you choose to fly. Then the radio transmitter has a mixing switch so it can be set to give the chosen airplane the appropriate control for easy, fun flying. The airplanes LiPo battery can be charged right on the transmitter at the flying field. Flight time over 10 minutes from approx 30 min charge. Made of lightweight foam, these Snap&FlyTM airplanes will provide hours of fun flying in your local gymnasium or outdoor flying field.
  • Stuka Guillows kit 508 Spektrum AR6400BL Flight 2 Second flight of the Guillows Stuka, using lighter 2-cell lipo and adding a bit of right-thrust. Flies even better than before. Details are listed in the first flight video of this plane.
  • Guillows FW-190 Guillows FW-190 Electric conversion. 26" wing span, Rimfire 1000 Kv Brushless outrunner motor 3S 340mAh battery, 8.5 Oz.'s Fly great.
  • Guillows Skyraider Foam Glider RC conversion (maiden) Thanks guys for all your comments. This is a very old video, and have come light years in the hobby since this conversion. I had no idea what i was doing when i built this, but it was fun. Seems silly looking back on it and what i know and can do now lol.
  • Guillows Mitsubishi Zero Fighter RC :-) Another Flight:
  • Guillows P-47 Fun Build Guillows Kit 1001 Electric conversion, build pictures, flight, adn bonus material
  • Guillows Canard Balsa Glider conversion how to. Turning a guillows glider to a Canard configuration and back.
  • Guillows Sopwith Camel Videoed with one hand while flying with the other, thus couldn't film the landing. RC 4 channel conversion with 370 Super Tigre outrunner. 13oz AUW with TP 3s-720 ProLite. Non-computerized radio. Build info:
  • guillows fw 190 Although it had a radial engine, the German Focke-Wulf Fw-109 was one of the most beautifully proportioned fighters of World War 2. The pride of Marshall Goering, the 190 maintained superiority over the British Spitfire 5 for almost two years because it could out fly its opponent on nearly every count. Approximately 20, 000 Focke-Wulf's were produced and, in various versions, were used as day and night fighters, fighter-bombers and in ground attack roles. One feature of the 190 was its wide track under carriage, which gave it, improved ground stability over the BF-109's. Wing Span: 16½" Scale: 1/32
  • Guillows Rubberband toRC Conversion A dream for many years was to have rc equipment to outfit tiny machines. Fun cheap and real cool. Guillows flight machine rubberband plane ,micro geardrive+ brick 2.4 flightpack (ref ek-logictrol) 150 ma lipo,JR9503. Steamed wing to shape camber and extra dihedral. 3 ch. Flight review video to follow. It flys great!
  • My Guillows FlyBoy I took 2 and a 1/2 day to built it. After completely build with paper etc...It flies like an rc plane.It is the most easiest and the reasonable plane of guillows.Now check out my website for free paper airplane plans of your choice.
  • Guillow Fokker Dr.1 First Flight First flight! All up weight as shown is 5.2oz. Aileron, rudder and elevator control, CD-ROM motor power.
  • Guillows Spitfire Progress building my guillows kit 504 supermarine 1kma spitfire racer. i need to do another montage. to show the details.
  • GUILLOWS DAUNTLESS RC CONVERTION: Part 1# A RC Convertion of a Guillows Douglas Dauntless SBD3 Bomber. Part 2#: Covering and test - Part 3#: Flight
  • FW-190 Guillows 406 Electric Conversion Guillows 406 kit bought at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, original wood AXI Gold 2203/52 Outrunner Motor ECO 8 Amp Brushless Controller Pro Lite V2 2 Cell 730 mAh 7.4V 8x4E Thin Electric Prop DSP60J Servo AR6300 Receiver (Spitfire Mk. Vb) Wheel Set Model Retractable Undercarriage Set [#ALF6001] The tail wheel steers. Check out the build thread on rcgroups for reports on how it got tuned for best flight: RcgroupsHomeAddress/forums/showthread.php?t=1259456 Email should be 2murks, not murks2 as on the slide.
  • Guillows FW-190 Rubber Power Free Flight Old video of my long gone Guillows FW-190
  • Guillow's Fairchild 24 An electric conversion of the free-flight Guillow kit.
  • Guillow's Hawker Hurricane - Time Lapse Here is a quick time lapse video of me building a Guillow's balsa model airplane, the smaller Hawker Hunter. It's a very easy kit to build and can easily be finished in an evening... especially with the quick help of instacure CA glue!
  • Guillows SE5 Kit WW-5 Guillows British SE5 built with Aero-Werke's laser cut parts. Build pics and video of flight.
  • Guillows JU 87 Stuka Balsa wood model Created on October 31, 2010.
  • Guillows Corsair Retracts and Build This is just a short piece on my Guillows Corsair with Rotating retract instalation and quick walk around of progress to date. Excuse the messy workshop.
  • Guillows F4U 1D Corsair This is my just finished Guillows F4U-1D Corsair. Included are build pictures, Rotating Retracts, RC Flight, and post maiden review. Details are Himaxx 2015 - 5400 motor with a 6:1 Cobri Gear box, Hobby lobby three blade 9.5" x 10" pitch prop, Castle Creations 18 AMP ESC, TP 3S 1320 Battery, Rotating Retracts, ARET, Steerable tail wheel, and All up weight of 17 Oz.'s
  • Guillows Skyraider foam glider RC conversion (2nd gen, build and maiden) This is my second try at a guillows 24" skyraider foam glider conversion. The first one was a bit of a fail, but learned alot, so when i crashed and destroyed a UM f-27q stryker 180 i decided to salvage everything and build this bird. I even still flew it with the stryker settings after the build using my DX6Ix. The build was fun, and challenging. The maiden was a success, and she flies great.
  • Guillows P51 electric rc Guillows P51 electric rc conversion. I've had this plane for years, and finally got around to building a new wing with ailerons, cutting parts by hand with light balsa. The old overweight tail feathers were originally built with sheet, replaced with light frame-stringer tail feathers. The fuse, wing top surface, and bottom wing from 1" back from the LE are sheeted. The wing uses light 1/32" sheeting and 1/16" for the fuse. Done again, the fuse would use 1/32" sheet also. The plane is still reasonably light at 13.3oz, and could be a good few ounces lighter with a new fuse built from lighter wood. Replacing the heavy Guillows wood and cutting parts by hand from good stock, really reduces the weight. The uncovered new wing with aileron servo/cable assm is only 55 gms. The geared Himax 2015-4100 could easily be downsized to a 250 sized outrunner with a lighter fuse, and would easily balance as the 3s-450 lipo is currently under the cocpit and could move far forward. I'm tempted to build a new fuse for the plane.
  • Guillow's Stearman PT-17 28" Scale "Stearman PT-17 World War II Pilot Trainer is ac 3/4" Scale Balsa Construction Kit from Guillow's. This Guillow's balsa wood airplane kit is an authentic scale airplane specifically designed for the U-Control circle or display event. Contest quality. Top grade materials! The fuselage is large enough to take simple R/C equipment and that what Ken did here and it fly's so awesome.
  • Guillows SE5A RC conversion
  • Guillows P-38 Taxi runs Guillows P-38 With Counter Rotating Vario three blade Props, HiMaxx 2025-5300 Brushless inrunners with Cobri Gear Boxes geared 5.5:1, Castle Phoenix 25 ESC's, with a Thunder Power 3S 2100 mAh Battery. Around Three Hundred Watts WOT. Taxi tests not quite ready to fly.
  • Guillows #905 P-51D Mustang - All systems test Video showing test of all control surfaces and motor at lowest setting. Next step is to cover the plane with tissue paper supplied with kit and dope. [UPDATE July 2012I did a complete rebuild with new motor and servos to reduce weight by about 50 grams. See all the details in my build log at: Components: V8R4 Receiver 2.6g HXT500 5g servos Turnigy Park250 2200kv outrunner H-KING 10A ESC FlightMax 150/250mA 2S batteries See for systems test of my 2nd Guillows model (US Airforce Cessna Bird Dog) which came in at 48 grams with battery.
  • Guillows P-39 Maiden, Kit #806 This Kit is no longer made by Guillows and I happen to "win" it at an Ebay auction. My friend pulled a set of plastics for it and I cut my own wood to preserve the kit. Final specs are Park 400 outrunner 910 mAh Battery full house AUW of 12.5 Oz.'s. Next flight will be int he summer when I can see it. Thanks
  • Guillows Cessna 170 Kit #302 R/C guillows kit
  • Guillows Fokker Dr.1 Run-up Test Just showing off the control surfaces. All up weight as shown is 5.2oz. Aileron, rudder and elevator control, CD-ROM motor power.
  • Guillows P-38 Maiden Guillows P-38 With Counter Rotating Vario three blade Props, HiMaxx 2025-5300 Brushless inrunners with Cobri Gear Boxes geared 5.5:1, Castle Phoenix 25 ESC's, with a Thunder Power 3S 2100 mAh Battery. Around Three Hundred Watts WOT. Taxi tests not quite ready to fly.
  • 20" Guillows Piper Cub 95 RC Conversion 2nd outdoor flight with a 20" Guillows Piper Cub 95 stick and tissue build to RC conversion. For more details:
  • Guillows balsa planes. hurricane and messerschmitt bf-109
  • B-24 Liberator Guillows Painted with Boeing green primer.
  • Guillows Stearman Flying 28" Guillows Stearman, 4ch electric R/C. 10.5 oz. AUW. Geared Brushed motor, (3x) 6 gram servos, 2s 1200mah lipoly battery. For build notes see
  • Guillows TBF Avenger Guillows Micro conversion of Kit #509 Avenger. Used 4Site guts for the electronics.
  • Guillow's B-17 Flying Fortress Guillow's kit electric power.
  • Free Flight Guillows Flying Machine RC conversion This is one of those simple rubber powered free flight planes you used to be able to buy at any corner drug store for .75 cents converted to radio control. Modern lightweight RC gear makes projects this a success when they would've been impossible only 10 years ago.
  • surfermark1980: Who remembers these? Nice day out to fly them. #guillows #glider #planes #jetfire #balsawood #memories…
  • Eli60015877: #10: Guillows North American P51D Mustang Model Kit: $8.35 #shopping

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  • “500 series guillows warhawk 500 series guillows warhawk " on: June 19, 2008, 08:41:11 AM " Finally got it to glide with big help from Stick and Tissue forum. http:///index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=36469428”
    — 500 series guillows warhawk,

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  • “Model Airplane Secrets Blog Articles Newsletters Affiliates Buy Models Model Airplane Kits and Balsa Wood Model Airplanes by Paul K. Guillows-”
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  • “Hi all, Did any of you ever build the Guillows 1/16 th Fokker DrI wooden kit ? Any info welcome”
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