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  • emm.. saje buat frenster ni utk keep in touch with each other kalu rase rajin2 tu.. letok ah testimonial tuh.. biar aktif sket seme pelajar durian guling.. dok kire la smka @ smu, dok kire la batch mane pun.. sape2 yg wase die pernah blajo, bekerja, bercintan, bergaduh, bersukan dan lain2 di. — “Friendster - S M K A D G guling”,
  • guling. com. Set As Homepage|Add to Favorites. Related Searches: © . — “”,
  • On the environmental protection capability, the"Guling"products have already been qualified with CARB and surpassed European E0 Shanghai Guling Green Material Co., Ltd. always maitains the belief"To provide services to society honestly, Quality is the first."So the products get a quite stable market. — “Introduction”,
  • nguling babi vernon st providence usa july 24 2007 nyanan amen biun ngae be guling undang2 rage nah :P bo ngetel poos'e. biotoxin21 2 years ago. KetutErawati. 2 years ago. aduh aeng gede kucite di usa hahahaha ngetel tetehe nyingak baby gulinge nok mita kulitnya impot ke Hollandes hahahahha. — “YouTube - babi guling”,
  • Sudah Termasuk Kain Sprei ukuran double + 2 Sarung Bantal & Guling bantal, bedcover, belanja murah, detikshop, female store, golden kintakun, guling, gulmut, internal, jual bedcover, kintakun, majesty, my love, my. — “toko eaSy " guling”,
  • View the latest Guling - Jiangxi weather forecasts, maps, alerts and news on Yahoo! Weather. Get 5 and 10-day Guling - Jiangxi China temperatures, satellite images, videos and more. — “Guling - Jiangxi Weather Forecasts | Maps | News - Yahoo! Weather”,
  • Distributor Toko Sprei Bed Cover Online menjual Sprei Bed Cover Katun Anak Murah Grosir Bahan Kain Sprei by.10003 Jumlah sarung bantal/guling tergantung pada ukuran seprei, 2 sarung bantal/guling untuk ukuran double dan. 1 sarung bantal/guling untuk ukuran single. — “Toko Sprei Bed Cover Online - Jual Sprei Bed Cover Katun Anak”, 10003
  • There is the royal palace near, too. There is Depot Melati in the opposite side across the road of the Gianyar market in the place that is the most lively in Gianyar. A characteristic of Babi Guling of this warung is carved vegetables and the hot. — “Babi Guling Gianyar Depot Melati - Babi Guling in Bali - Bali”,
  • Guling Shenzan. born: c. 750. died: c. 820. place: China. Chan master: returned to the monastery in which he had. been ordained by his 'first teacher', the monk. — “Guling Shenzan--Zen master”,
  • Local current weather conditions and extended forecast for Guling, China, including high and low temperatures, humidity, alerts and more. — “Guling, China Weather Conditions & Forecast - ”,
  • Jual boneka eceran. bisa tambah bordir khusus (nama, logo, ucapan), juga bisa booking boneka stok kosong (pre-order). Tersedia boneka binatang, boneka bantal, boneka guling, dan boneka karakter. Cocok untuk kado ultah, souvenir pernikahan, atau. — “: Toko boneka online, jual aneka jenis boneka”,
  • Shop our large selection of guling gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique guling designs. Fast shipping. — “Guling Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • Guling vacation rentals and hotels at . features Guling vacation rentals, Wuzhou cabin rentals, Huizhou cottage rentals, Ji'nan holiday villas, Songpan bed and breakfast inns, Dalian discount hotels and Wuhu condo rentals. — “Guling Vacation Rentals | Hotels”,
  • Shanghai Guling Green Material Co. Ltd was founded in May 2002. We strictly adheres the conception " Using one hectare straw to protect a dense forest and create green material industry." throwing ourselves into development and application. — “Shanghai Guling Green Material Co., Ltd - China”,
  • guling's Search Results - 88DB Indonesia Kami menerima pemesanan bantal / guling dengan bahan dacron atau silicon (Pengunjung:803) Kategori the pillow factory in indonesia | supplier bantal guling | tempat tidur | bantal guling | pillow for sleep | hotel pillow | sleep tight | bedroom stuff. — “guling's Search Results - 88 Indonesia P1”, id.88
  • Babi Guling is a roasted suckling pig, and cooked with smear Balinese turmeric and oil. first take out the bowel of pig and then a. — “Babi Guling Bali | ”,
  • There's a pause at the top gates for passengers to pay an entry fee (¥50), then it's a short way to GULING township in Lu Shan's northeastern corner, whose handful of quaintly cobbled streets, stone villas and bungalows harps back to the colonial era. — “China Guling travel guide”,
  • surf- - Air Guling surf break in South Lombok, current swell observations, tides, weather and Air Guling swell maps. — “Air Guling Surf Forecast and Surf Reports (South Lombok”, surf-
  • Since all of us never had babi guling before except for Kelvin () who had babi guling in Bali prior to this & whose verdict was that the babi guling was really bad; maybe there are others out there who wants to share their experience? So, yea. — “Reviews on guling - Latest on Foodie Blogs Community”,
  • Malaysia school, University, College search engine directory. Join edunet online community, find friends in Malaysia, bank bank soalan peperiksaan upsr, pmr, spm, stpm collection & much more SMK(A) DURIAN GULING Terengganu. — “SMK(A) DURIAN GULING - SMKA - Malaysia Edu Directory”, .my
  • Lushan Guling hotel, Reservation hotel in Lushan Guling : fast reservation online, detailed descriptions about hotels in Lushan Guling , internet prices discounted from 80% to 30%, direct booking by 0086-400-67-567. The best way to book hotel in. — “Lushan Guling hotel reservations, Lushan Guling China hotel”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Be Guling ( Balinese Roasted Suckling Pig ). Get exclusive content and interact with Be Guling ( Balinese Roasted Suckling Pig ) right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start. — “Be Guling ( Balinese Roasted Suckling Pig ) | Facebook”,
  • Kelakar pulak baca tajuk ni sebab sape tengok Sinchan je tau guling-guling macam tenggiling..hehe..apa salahnya mengimbau kenangan lama..Yang penting bukan kartun Sinchan tapi "Biar Naik Merangkak Dari Jatuh Berguling-Guling Macam Tenggiling. Jump to Article. About this Blog. — “Guling // Explore”,
  • Ask a Balinese person what their favourite food is and there is a good chance they'll say "Bali guling". Indonesia is a Muslim country, so pork isn't celebrated as it is here in Bali. A babi guling stand will have the whole pig in the front window and a lady busily cutting bits into chunks. — “Bali guling: Balinese suckling pig | Bali Blog”,

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  • Ibu Oka Babi Guling - Ubud, Bali This film documents the operations of the famous warung "Ibu Oka" located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, specializing in babi guling (roast pig). The babi guling is prepared down the street from the warung, at Ibu Oka's family compound. The pigs are delivered alive to her home, where they are slaughtered and roasted over wood while basted with coconut oil. The excellent sambal is prepared fresh here as well. Once cooked, the whole pig is carried down the street to the warung, whereupon it is cut into portions and served with sambal and a piece of crackling over steamed rice.
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  • Roasting the suckling pig at Babi Guling in Ubud, Bali
  • Kambing Guling Akikah Superlicious The best roast/bbq kambing (lamb) ever thanks to the services of my best friend father, mr mohamed mohd noh. Succulent, tender, fresh, superlicious deliciouso grill lamb. Recommended! +60169828227 mohamed.
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  • Cork's Outdoors TV: Roasting Babi Guling (Wild Boar Roasted Indonesian-style) In this part II of "Hunting Babi Guling (Wild Boar)" Cork Graham takes the viewer through the process of scalding, defurring and spicing a freshly wild boar for roasting in a La Caja China pig roasting box () to make an Indonesian style babi guling roast pig. Part I, "Hunting Babi Guling" viewable at http
  • Guling-guling Festival by Ed Antonio Guling-guling means smearing of cross in the forehead. This festival takes place Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday as the last day of merrymaking and celebration before the Lenten Season. This only happens in the town of Paoay in Ilocos Norte Philippines.
  • Bali Guling (Roasted Pig) Hands down the best whole hog on the planet! This is a specialty of Bali (Ubud), Indonesia and easily tops any southern bbq pork I've ever tried (and i've tried em all :)
  • The Guling-Guling Dance Showdown by Ed Antonio This is the Guling-guling dance showdown. Second part video of the Guling-guling festival in Paoay, PHilipines.
  • Babi Guling with my family 2 A ceremony of the pig
  • Gulung Tikar Tukar Guling Another Madekipe Production Enjoy!
  • First Cimande Macan Guling DVD trailer Trailer from the first DVD about Cimande Macan Guling Pencak Silat. This style is coming from West Java and is presented here for the first time on DVD by Gorka Echarri. You'll find the basic jurus (forms) of the style, applications and lot more. DVD available at : For more informations about the style check the official website
  • tarling"guling salak"-een clafinova 14 tarling jempolan tarik maning,.....
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  • Clip of the DVD Cimande Macan Guling Volume 2 West Java is renowned for its great diversity of Pencak Silat styles that can be found in this area. Cimande Macan Guling comes from the Banten region of West Java and is part of the large family of Cimande style which is very famous for its block and arm techniques renowned throughout all of Indonesia. You will find on this DVD the following technics of this style which is not very well known outside of Indonesia. You will be able to go deeper into its traditional forms and deadly applications. This style is being shown by its technical director Gorka Echarri, developed by the best masters of this style who have studied for several years directly in Banten.
  • A Balinese BBQ - Babi Guling After spending 40 days & 40 nights on the island of Bali, we decided to have a big BBQ celebration that included more than food, but customs and culture, too. The video can be a bit tough to watch at times but sometimes customs and cultures that are different from our own, can be.
  • Ganda Cimande Macan Guling Kids During Muay Thai French Championship, a Pencak Silat Ganda from Cimande Macan Guling School in France with Pako and Steven. Thanks to fast64 and to Fred Rado for the invitation...
  • BABI GULING photo rame2 guling babi tuesday july 24 2007 vernon st providence RI
  • Abel Paoay Fashion Show - Guling Guling Festival 2009 Abel Paoay Fashion Show
  • "Lushan" Jkirby's photos around Guling, China Preview of Jkirby's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Guling, China Entry Title: "Lushan" Entry: "Saturday I pulled into Lushan on a bus from Jiujang after a bus from Huangshanshi. I assumed, like Tai'an is to Taishan and Tangkou is to Huangshan, that Guling would be a town at the base of Lu Mountain. I felt somewhat surprised and the shopkeeper that sold me a map looked pretty amused when I learned that Guling is already at the top mountain. That changed my hiking plans a bit. I knew I might have a bit of a challenge finding a budget place to sleep because Lushan is a very popular tourist attraction for the Chinese. The first three guest houses that I tried were full (or maybe just weren't allowed to house foreigners) so I started hiking back uphill towards the bus station in the sweltering heat with my overweight pack hoping that some of the mid-range hotels there might have a room. Instead, against my own advice, I accepted a room from a solicitor on the way up through the village and ended up staying in a bedroom at a family's house in the same neighborhood as Jiang Kaishek's old villa, Meilu Villa. While the house I ended up in lacked somewhat the same facility's as Kaishek's villa (which Mao later used), looking back I have fond memories of my first and, for now, my only stay with an actual Chinese family. They treated me warmly, folded ...
  • Cork's Outdoors TV: Hunting Babi Guling (wild boar roaster) In this episode, Cork Graham hunts with 80's Valhalla's lead guitarist and now hunting guide and outfitter T. Michael Riddle at for wild boar in Central California. For more episodes, visit http and read Cork Graham's latest outdoors column at
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  • Ibu Oka's Babi Guling Bali's most famous Babi Guling from Ibu Oka. The store at Ubud is still the most authentic. Hear the crackling skin, see the steam escaping out of the belly and moist meat as the pig is cut open for the day's serving.
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  • Making Babi Guling - suckling pig - with Kitchen in Surgency Making Babi Guling - suckling pig - in my mother in law's compound for New Year's Eve.
  • Abel Paoay Fashion Show - Guling Guling Festival 2009
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  • Mr. & Ms Guling Guling Search '08 Mr & Ms Guling Guling Search 2008
  • calonistri: Pacaran dulu ah! *peluk guling*
  • abboycliff: RT @sheptyyy: waktunya pacaran sama guling . hoaaamm
  • budiesjangkung: Ke pela pela wae pasti yo ono sing nemeni toh RT"@Pahlevi_13: Spo bro seng nemenin? Guling iki to bro (ˇ_ˇ'!l) RT @budiesjangkung.
  • ikhmal_danial: RT @DeedieeCabrera: *Berguling-guling masuk ke Timeline.* Assalamualaikum and have a great Sunday everyone :') *Berguling-guling ke Interactions*
  • intanesge: @ayuaal yaudah deh guling guling di hati aku aja -____-
  • syahrulmoe_: *lemparpoop* RT @aichiipyon: wooy ngajak ribut -..- RT syahrulmoe_: *brb buang sampah >> RT @aichiipyon: siapa bilang gue guling, orang gue
  • iir_Irya: Diluar ujan-_- untung disini bisa guling" =D
  • arifpatrick: Sdh pd kenyang mkn babi guling-> [email protected][email protected]_one @[email protected]_oneeb @[email protected] @[email protected] @dayat_58
  • maulida_riri: @fitridwipipit ga mau ah, w tau gimana tuh guling pasti pasti pasti...
  • ironechaoz: Fiuuuuhhhhh..... OL juga!!! Guling-guling di Timeline. wuhuhuuuuuu
  • adiyatmubarak: Pemandangan d rumah kalo liburan, liat adek perang guling :-D [pic] —
  • wulanimot: La mau apa lagi kak :p RT @ulfa_wana: Pemalas :D RT @wulanimot: Dingin » hujan » pake slimut » sama guling » sambil smsan = SEMPURNA :D
  • nellamarcela: @oktaviana_firda sama ! b guling jg.. s mkn ??
  • BacoByun: Ngapain guling" haha lg nonton "@yoong1990_: Lagi guling gulingan dikasur, bacon? '-')? RT @BacoByun: @yoong1990_ lg ngapain yong ?"
  • Nindy_Kyo: Bae'.b.guling,ainy dank? @ainynyny
  • wulanimot: Asik RT @ayuuukAL: ERTEH!"@wulanimot: Dingin » hujan » pake slimut » sama guling » sambil smsan = SEMPURNA :D
  • clique_inc: Guling berdiri Stitch . IDR195.000. KODE#A34
  • yAa_shahiera: RT @DeedieeCabrera: *Berguling-guling masuk ke Timeline.* Assalamualaikum and have a great Sunday everyone :') *Berguling-guling ke Interactions*
  • indahmrp: Gipeluk guling hihi kamu? RT @oddywardani: Pain amu beb? RT @indahmrp: Hai ck galo:* RT @oddywardani: Hai ck RT @indahmrp
  • Teresiananta: @stevaniega bentar.. Ngakak guling"
  • gitadistia: Jadi korban LDR gara2 kuliah d akbid. (ʃ˘̩̩̩_˘̩̩̩ƪ) ... *guling guling
  • dwitrizz: Wedewww masih di bali de!?? Mantap bgt keliatnya RT @dewihagansanthi: Maem babi guling uhuyyyy
  • naomiPipit_W: jungkie jempalik yo oleh lho RT @randhykhezuut: Sek Stevanii tak nguyu guling"sekkk =)) hahah "@naomiPipit_W: haha y panggil saya stevani...
  • aichiipyon: wooy ngajak ribut -..- RT @syahrulmoe_: *brb buang sampah >> RT @aichiipyon: siapa bilang gue guling, orang gue bundadari wqwqwq #kabor
  • ariefamrihl: itu namanya bukan nonton tapi... "@emaims: nonton sambil tutupan guling aja "@ariefamrihl: truth "@emaims: TAKUT "@ariefamrihl: pengen nonto
  • atenn128: RT @DeedieeCabrera: *Berguling-guling masuk ke Timeline.* Assalamualaikum and have a great Sunday everyone :') *Berguling-guling ke Interactions*
  • faradinaFA: Cuma di temenin sama bantal, guling, tv sama hape aaaaaaaaaaa
  • Gopaladasa: Ada apa itu“@baiqrisda: Harus gitu saya guling"an didepan rumahmu ?”
  • oktaviana_firda: Ba guling :D , nga ? RT @nellamarcela: woy dbp ??"
  • AkiluzArym: buuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ pulun lahh . perasan otomen . otomen gelakk guling guling ada orang perasan jadi diaaaa .
  • Stefhaniezamoca: ._."@Calchaabulaa_95: @Stefhaniezamoca ma guling aja moca.. Dijamin bakal longlast :D"
  • Dedeevv_: RT @ELUYHULL_: Wahh ujannya gini bener-_- ckung nihh dikaamar pelukan sama.................. GULING=)) wkwk
  • ulfa_wana: Pemalas :D RT @wulanimot: Dingin » hujan » pake slimut » sama guling » sambil smsan = SEMPURNA :D
  • arryfirma: Hari minggu itu adalah hari dimana guling lebih cantik dari pacar ! :D
  • Nindaasas: nggak ada. Ini lagi sibuk meluk guling. Haha. Ditinggal sama papa benjet u,u :( @ghea_ap @ockarwf @salsabilabela
  • baiqrisda: Harus gitu saya guling"an didepan rumahmu ?
  • fyisehun: @fxSsulbaby doh kesian sul, cepet move on ya, smoga dpt pengganti guling baru
  • kikicah: Panasnya membara ksur, bantal, guling...tinggal nyaitan
  • LL_SeungriBB: @LL_JWYoung2PM bilangnya guling selalu setia sih, sperti mengatakan kalo lu ngga (?) Eh kaga, abis mau makan es krim sgitu banyaknya
  • RandhyKhezuut: Sek Stevanii tak nguyu guling"sekkk =)) hahah "@naomiPipit_W: haha y panggil saya stevani aja RT randhykhezuut: Kui cocok kui .. Jeneng e
  • krisnaegii: Dan gue kudu nangis guling-guling ?? HAHAHA nggak ada waktu buat begituan~
  • dheautyuty: RT @Santrititi: Aku sayang kamu:***** *ngomong sama guling* ngggg..
  • ayuuukAL: ERTEH!"@wulanimot: Dingin » hujan » pake slimut » sama guling » sambil smsan = SEMPURNA :D
  • ayuaal: mau jadi apa guling2 ny d aspal beb (¬_¬") RT @intanesge: @ayuaal pukpuk ( '́⌣'̀)/(´._.`) guling guling di aspal gih biar ga suntuk
  • ayuuukAL: RT @wulanimot: Dingin » hujan » pake slimut » sama guling » sambil smsan = SEMPURNA :D
  • yoong1990_: Lagi guling gulingan dikasur, bacon? '-')? RT @BacoByun: @yoong1990_ lg ngapain yong ?
  • alinaaalias: RT @Adu_Duu: Hahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahaha. Dia reply tweet perli wa bhaii . Dekah guling-guling :)
  • rriputri: Emg pas kw tdr di bis guling ye sat? RT @strianugraha: Guling @AhSpeakDoang: #OmSpikTentangKamu GakBisaTidurrKalauBeluum ....."
  • RizkyDarker: "Dia" guling gua :*
  • paanceroi: RT @DeedieeCabrera: *Berguling-guling masuk ke Timeline.* Assalamualaikum and have a great Sunday everyone :') *Berguling-guling ke Interactions*
  • 503zalfa: @deandra_annisa eh...ada dea...wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw #sambil guling guling
  • EiqaMyn: RT @DeedieeCabrera: *Berguling-guling masuk ke Timeline.* Assalamualaikum and have a great Sunday everyone :') *Berguling-guling ke Interactions*
  • dewihagansanthi: Maem babi guling uhuyyyy
  • Pahlevi_13: Spo bro seng nemenin? Guling iki to bro (ˇ_ˇ'!l) RT @budiesjangkung: Berbaring ada yg nemenin, (cont)
  • rahmadhanhy: Tarik selimut peluk bantal guling ~ tidur
  • SyafieSyafiqa: RT @DeedieeCabrera: *Berguling-guling masuk ke Timeline.* Assalamualaikum and have a great Sunday everyone :') *Berguling-guling ke Interactions*
  • ekakaruniaa: Lg mkn bek guling (ʃƪ'́⌣'̀ )
  • Santrititi: Aku sayang kamu:***** *ngomong sama guling* ngggg..
  • DeedieeCabrera: *Berguling-guling masuk ke Timeline.* Assalamualaikum and have a great Sunday everyone :') *Berguling-guling ke Interactions*
  • thesnowy_owl: le!, ngluhur sik! | iya, (benerin bantal nutup guling) | bocah rek, (dijewer) | #mamiyangpenyayang #ahaha
  • Dhimoose: @nattashardhnt haha okey, kamu juga jangan lupa makan juga guling besar♥
  • rezadnt: Nyebut kak "@AdeArghubi: Bbbeeeeuuuhh !! Badannya Nabila JKT 48 ini padet ye.. Enak kayanya klo dijadiin guling buat bobo siang (‾▽‾)♉"
  • yolafriska: flashback yg kemarin,sambil senyum2 sendiri+gigitin guling dikamar ♥
  • wulanimot: Dingin » hujan » pake slimut » sama guling » sambil smsan = SEMPURNA :D
  • WR_PenulisHwa: @driver_kai lagian kemarin lu mesra mesraan sama guling. kan si bantal ngambek :3
  • serafinanovi: Hari minggu harinya babi guling
  • m1nkkk: -_- RT @Pettysaputri: Ish amit2 cabang beby RT @m1nkkk: Lemaprin guling pocong hahaha RT @Pettysaputri: Bobo cakeuppp yeuuh""
  • RizkyDarker: @Osiossi :) ..... Tetaplah menjadi guling :*
  • intanesge: @ayuaal pukpuk ( '́⌣'̀)/(´._.`) guling guling di aspal gih biar ga suntuk
  • christypranata: Pacaran ma guling bantallll hihihi
  • iantian: Hha biarin abis km nya dibully gt "@amandazwilia: wuuu, anak orng wooy, jgn d guling guling aah @iantian"
  • Calchaabulaa_95: @Stefhaniezamoca ma guling aja moca.. Dijamin bakal longlast :D
  • TiaraBedingfiel: Pengen punya pacar tapi dikit-dikit ngeluh ! Dikit2 komplain ! Mau yang nurut sma llo pacaran aj sno ama Guling , dijamin setia #ngekk
  • sftmrozana: Happy anniv syg *ngomong sama guling*
  • ELUYHULL_: Wahh ujannya gini bener-_- ckung nihh dikaamar pelukan sama.................. GULING=)) wkwk
  • arif_UchihaA: Mojok dulu sama bantal guling.
  • jayyantii: Hobi yg aneh (ʃ_⌣̀ )/| [email protected]: Jadi gw harus guling gulingan di aspal gitu? (T~T)
  • Ading_Kecee: Guling" lh ka ina mun lgi senang haha RT @amrinarizki: banar de ai :p "@Ading_Kecee: Senang lh senang lh a :p RT @amrinarizki: yes a
  • Isni_Pdewi: Yaa badan, yaa bantal, yaa kasur, yaa guling, yaa selimut smuanya bau keringet campur bau minyak angin..udh ga paham lagi sm baunya ( ⌣́_ƪ)
  • HVA_HyoyeonGG: @EunhyukTampan_ hyo jelek kok -,- /meluk guling/
  • Kwangmin_Bofi: @Kim_HyunaAh huaaa nuna jahat *nangis guling" d jalan*
  • strianugraha: Guling @AhSpeakDoang: #OmSpikTentangKamu GakBisaTidurrKalauBeluum ....."
  • putra_gun29: Ya udah tindih guling aja..hehehe"@bajang_top: Ada yg bisa ditindih? Disini mau ml saja susah minta ampun"
  • mandaprill: Tidur enak nih yeee kayaknyaa dinginn, pake selimut, peluk guling tercinta wuihh mantapsss!!
  • TL_89Taeyeon: Lu gitu ya jahat lu ama gue *ngomong ama guling*
  • Kwangmin_Bofi: @jungkrystal_KP huaaaa nuna jahat *nagis guling" d jalan*
  • salma_bintang: RT @KamusCewek: Setiap malming gak ada yg berbeda, selalu ditemani oleh guling&bantal #KamusCewek
  • miepthaa: Bantal guling wez awe ² lho *yawn (˘_˘ƪ)
  • irmay23: Bentar lagi bakalan kangen banget nih gue sama kamar kasur bantal guling tersayang gue ini (˘̩̩̩.˘̩ƪ)
  • AdeArghubi: Bbbeeeeuuuhh !! Badannya Nabila JKT 48 ini padet ye.. Enak kayanya klo dijadiin guling buat bobo siang (‾▽‾)♉
  • Egadllaa: kmna ya enaknya hmm drmh ajalah ngelonin guling :3
  • kampusmalang: RT @pandualmighty: Bantal Guling kapas [email protected],1paket[4pcs]180rb,08563640052/321fcfab,cc:@InfoMalangRaya @kampusmalang @KaskusRegMLG
  • n03k: @AlberthieneE bentuknya udah ga kaya beagle mbak..kaya guling :)
  • teatiagitaw2: (¬_¬ ") batalll "@ndank08678711: @teatiagitaw2 trharu bacany *guling.guling* hahaha"
  • Drakhamarr: Di saat saat begini yg paling setia nemenin yg guling gw TuT
  • hillmoonman: @irkif_ildafla @iky_de7 bantal guling ti malangbong :D
  • WR_PenulisHwa: @driver_kai pasti gegara guling ye ?
  • pramiswariii: Gulang guling, tdur engga, blajar engga.. '_'
  • challinlinlin: Dari tadi senyum senyum sendiri ditemenin sama guling bantal tembok :*
  • lissa_wid: RT @Liliaaa_04: Ohiyadong B) "@RiifkyDanu_: Seneng banget RT @Liliaaa_04: Hari ini kagak ada jadwalll! Yaaayyy saat nya berduaan sama guling! \(>.<)/"

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