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  • Parts of the Gumamela Flower. The Gumamela flower is also commonly known as the hibiscus flower. Its composition is a lot like every other flower whose sole purpose is to help a plant reproduce. Its distinguishing features are. — “Parts of the Gumamela Flower | ”,
  • Gumamela is a native of the Old World, but is now distributed throughout the tropics. Gumamela is largely cultivated in the Philippines as ornamentals for its colorful flowers. — “Hibiscus rosasinensis - WikiPilipinas: The Hip 'n Free”,
  • Gumamela. aninoshadowplay 5 videos Subscribe Edit Subscription. Loading is that a gumamela. ellaxsharisa21 9 months ago. datuarellano. 2 years ago. sorry to. — “YouTube - Gumamela”,
  • Gumamela, Hibiscus, Rose of China - Philippine Herbal Medicine - An illustrated compilation of medicinal plants in the Philippines by Dr Godofredo Stuart, with botanical information, chemical proerties , folkloric uses and research studies. — “Gumamela / Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn. / HIBISCUS, CHINA”,
  • Another exotic flower found in the Philippines is the hibiscus or rosemallow which in the vernacular is called gumamela. Gumamela leaves and flowers are used to treat coughs, fever,. — “Exotic Flowers in the Philippines”,
  • 24 Gumamela. There are 300 species of gumamela found worldwide. It is widely cultivated as ornamental flowers and comes in many colors: red, yellow, orange, white, purple, pink, and other color combinations. The gumamela is a common flower everywhere in the Philippines, this. — “Tacloban Daily Photo: #24 Gumamela”,
  • Gumamela is also known as: Hibiscus, China Rose and Shoeflower. Gumamela leaves, usually blended with Rose Hip has long been used in the Middle East and Okinawa as herbal tea. — “Gumamela”,
  • Flower Gardening question: What are the parts of a gumamela flower and their functions? Answer Leaves- alternate, with veins arranged finger-fashion, sometimes lobed or parted.Flowers usually large, generally. — “ - What are the parts of a gumamela flower and”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Gumamela. Information about Gumamela in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Gumamela definition of Gumamela in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Top questions and answers about Gumamela. Find 4681 questions and answers about Gumamela at Read more. — “Gumamela - ”,
  • hibiscus n. Any of various chiefly tropical shrubs or trees of the genus Hibiscus, having large, showy, variously colored flowers with numerous In the Philippines, the gumamela (local name for hibiscus) is used by children as part of a bubble-making pastime. — “hibiscus: Definition from ”,
  • gumamela http:// BRONSON is the evolutionary journey of Mickey Peterson into Britain's most notorious and dangerous living prisoner CHARLES BRONSON. gumamela Official Website: http:// 15 years 3 wars 1 photographer Sarajevo, 1993. — “gumamela on Vodpod - Videos about movie trailer”,
  • home | about us | rooms | amenities | services | gallery | rates | contact us | check e-mail. — “Gumamela Beach Homes and Resort, Snorkling&Kiteboarding Website”,
  • Gumamela is found in cultivation for ornamental purposes, but nowhere spontaneous, throughout the Philippines. In the Philippines, gumamela is cultivated for its flowers. — “= Gumamela =”,
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Gumamela. Wikipedia [edit] Noun. gumamela. Chinese hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) /wiki/gumamela" Category: Tagalog nouns. Personal tools. Log in / create. — “gumamela - Wiktionary”,
  • Parts of the Gumamela Flower. Gumamela flowers are shrub flowers native to the Philippines. They are often used in herbal teas along with rose hips, and comprise an important part of many different herbal and alternative medicines. — “Parts of the Gumamela Flower | Garden Guides”,
  • Yes! it is .. Gumamela is a shrub that grows from one meter up to 4 meters high. Gumamela is also known as: Hibiscus, China Rose and Shoeflower. In the Philippines, gumamela is cultivated as an ornamental plant. The gumamela flower comes in. — “is gumamela an herbal plant?”,
  • A new discovery of the Hibiscus family, gumamela was bred at the UPLB-IPB, UP Los Banos,Laguna, Philippines. It was carefully formed for beauty, hardiness, ease of propagation, and vigor - a quality mastered to attract buyers and plant lovers. — “HOW TO GROW HYBRID GUMAMELA”,
  • It is quite large, containing about 200–220 species that are native to warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. In the Philippines, the gumamela (local name for hibiscus) is used by children as part of a bubble-making pastime. — “Hibiscus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Gumamela flowers are used as an expectorant in bronchitis, for general coughs, and as a refrigerant drink in fevers. — “Gumamela - Scientific name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn”,

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  • gianskers: @PENteaser @Raft3r @eniarrol19 @heyapplepie @jennguillermo @gumamela I MISS YOU ATE SHERMA! HAPPY NEW YEAR! wearing my alibata shirt for yaw
  • PENteaser: Do have a great 2013 @Raft3r @eniarrol19 @heyapplepie @gianskers @jennguillermo @gumamela
  • katie_katekate: Pink Gumamela :) #gumamela #pink #nofilter
  • Evansanity10: @majahannika @_nenatamayo @piaarodriguez @Gruenberg11 @_gumaMELA HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!
  • mmafmaf: @rendezvous__x @omanipehpehom gumamela, gardenia
  • _TheQueenD_: janise115 @wilmanario my sweet sebseb gave me a gumamela :)
  • itsmeleizl: Tukar pero wala'y klaro nga accomodation!  (@ Gumamela | Ilang Ilang | Sampaguita | Bougainvillea)
  • shaineese: Gumamela <3
  • MjoySantos_: @gumamela_ woy! Hahahaha. xD
  • MiaAngelaa: @HnnDndn So Gumamela Girl ako ? Hmmp.
  • egburrito: jegus that reminds me of the time i literally shouted gulaluman instead of gumamela
  • khymkimpoy: Nakakamiss ung ganto eh, ung halos maubos ung dahon ng gumamela kakalaro namin. </3 I really miss you baby.
  • Mrkristinn: @yepiambea hahaha is it rose sampaguita gumamela... What? Hahaha joke lang! Sneryoso. Snbe talaga. XD
  • kayessaylona: RT @Migziton: @kayessaylona Gumamela gusto mo? ((:
  • Migziton: @kayessaylona Gumamela gusto mo? ((:
  • _shantaaa: RT @_marietts: RT @_gumaMELA: How pathetic of me to even think that he's thinking of me too
  • _marietts: RT @_gumaMELA: How pathetic of me to even think that he's thinking of me too
  • _jhayslash14_: Flower Dance si Michael :) "sabong ti gumamela" ahaha ! LoLz
  • GumamELA_: GoodNight. :D Choraaaa
  • GumamELA_: #MyWishIn2013 umabot lang ng 5 ang height ko. LOL. Maging masaya :)
  • GumamELA_: @cheeseeeeeecake salamat! :)
  • cheeseeeeeecake: @GumamELA_ napafollow back na. :)
  • GumamELA_: @cheeseeeeeecake Ere na oh :)
  • EMSSLoves: Must FALLOW :)) @GumamELA_
  • EMSSLoves: @GumamELA_ Done =))
  • EMSSLoves: @GumamELA_ sigee wait :)
  • GumamELA_: @EMSSLoves eto na oh! :)
  • GumamELA_: @Judeeeng Oo yan! Magpakatino lang. LOL
  • Judeeeng: @GumamELA_ Ang tanong ? Ggraduate nga ba? :D
  • GumamELA_: @Judeeeng ayun lang masakit don. Tapos ang highschool life.
  • Judeeeng: @GumamELA_ HAHAHA graduate naman.
  • GumamELA_: Ang sakit ng pagkakaground ko sa saksakan . Parang buong kamay ko na ground. Tsk :/
  • GumamELA_: @Judeeeng tatlong buwan nalang, bakasyon na ulit :)
  • GumamELA_: @MjoySantos_ Heyy.
  • GumamELA_: MATALINO ka e. Ge. F.U
  • GumamELA_: Utang na loob! Ayoko magkasala! >____< Sarap tuhugin ng kawayan at sapakan ng apple sa bunganga ang letse.
  • GumamELA_: Yung mga taong kulang sa pansin? Sarap pektusan!
  • GumamELA_: @MjoySantos_ panoorin mo na! Tas pahiramin mo ko. XD
  • GumamELA_: From now on, I am one of Sean Malto's fan :D
  • acidt3st: @inanperillo ah! I miss Starbucks and my fave gumamela drink!
  • itsmenicowl: Kapoy pa gne ko sa byahe. OOW npud sa Gumamela Cave Rock. mgpa'tan ko. loljk! swimming poooool :) :*
  • rubyredpoppy: did trimming the gumamela flower awhile agon :)
  • JNLDuque: @nicalyn_desu Bakit naging Gumamela? xD
  • rialascoco: Aloha! #SundayMorning #Gumamela
  • eyerhum: Photo: #gumamela #sunday #pulupandan #yellow #walalang
  • eyerhum: #gumamela #sunday #pulupandan #yellow #walalang
  • AlyVillanueva: Ano nauna burger o sampaguita? — Gumamela
  • gandangclare: @janinemagat yaman mo tlga. San ka nag insta? Tawang tawa q dun sa pic mong may gumamela. Nabubuhay ng muli
  • iamDave_18: Sa Dahon ng gumamela Sa Bulaklak ng sampaguita Doon mo makikita ang saltang mahal kita
  • Rominangs: @DionneSotelo @ARCAILAsingkit OO! GUMAMELA YON.
  • GumamELA_: GoodNight fellas :*
  • GumamELA_: RT @mikaelahidalgo: This is..... Hahaha! RT "@superalexis16: Hindi pangit ang boses ko, may sarili lang akong tono."
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf wag kang magagalit. Haha .
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf sorry naman oh ^ ^
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf Diba? Wala naman :p Ikaw lang tlga. LOL
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf sino ba nagmamadali? :p
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf yiee. Di na makapag intay yan oh. LOL :)))
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf aasahan ko yan! :p
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf hindi naman nagmamadali te. Syempre, iintayin mo muna mawala yan diba? XD
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf sa umpisa lang yan, masasanay din ^ ^
  • GumamELA_: @clangasdf try mo din! :D
  • GumamELA_: OMG. So much addicted <3
  • GumamELA_: Nakakainis tlaga si Kuya. ><
  • cerahhernandez: @suzy899 Meron ako dito.. Gumamela #anoraw Go, Gabe! #wow
  • cerahhernandez: *BZZZZT* Hair??! RT @suzy899: @cerahhernandez gumamela on your ____________
  • suzy899: @cerahhernandez gumamela on your ____________
  • cerahhernandez: Gumamela!!!!
  • GumamELA_: Headache strikes again. Ugh.. ><
  • KOUKI811: @_gumaMELA what was my wife doing there without me?:O
  • iCHiLabbs: #BatangPinoy Ginagawang Palobo ang GumameLa
  • VictorianJegowz: I'm here! Welcone back! Hehe! #Gumamela #Flower
  • iammmabs: Nakatanim parin ang gumamelang binalik mo sakin noong tayo'y maghiwalay... #beer #gumamela #flowers #flower
  • katceniza: Spare ribs with Caesar salad topped with Gumamela, Cosmos and Bougainvillea flowers and Brown rice  #nomno
  • chealskywalker: @heyyakath joke shet huhu alam mo yun larong...... My name is shela shela shela gumamela porket maganda ka akala mo kung sino ka.....
  • tOpeps_: "@cerahhernandez: Kailangan ko ng dinikdik na gumamela. Now na" - for bubbles?
  • drinkMADErately: #gumamela #flower #pink #nofilter @ Tagaytay Highlands
  • Kutetayy: Missing the gumamela 5 days -__- @Mutchiechoi @Paureveryoung @imlinettedizon
  • cerahhernandez: Kailangan ko ng dinikdik na gumamela. Now na
  • charizacncpcn: @_gumaMELA Hahahha! Yea!!! That's as close as it can get!!! Yea, we did!!! Thanks!! :) Hope you're having fun in Hongkong!!!
  • katceniza: Had Gumamela salad for lunch. Weird yet tasty. Haha! #organic #bbf #beefarm #bohol
  • mariaasheryl: @GeneThe2nd @mychaelahale And santan and Gumamela for palobo :D
  • DassahAudie: @GumamELA_ nako ela kahapon lng akonalabas. Once in a blue moon kalang kasi magparadam aber!!!!
  • cccristin: #WhenIWasLittle i used to make my own bubbles out of gumamela petals and soap. XD #bauwss
  • MjoySantos_: @gumamela_ elaaaaaa! Send mo sa fb ko ung link ha? :D sge salamat! :)
  • pechayhamfufu: ROSALINDA lang ang peg. Hahaha. Tawa man q gyapon kung madumduman q ni ah. :D #GrandVista #Gumamela
  • rafe_totengco: So inspired by the colors of this #hibiscus or #gumamela. #pauanui #ilovenewzealand
  • bianceeeey: @Jarwinkkk Hahahaha! =)) Nahiya naman mga plants namin sayo. Haha! Tulips at Gumamela brother, lalaking lalaki ka dun. =))
  • saaayleng: @angeline0009 Gaga! 1st year ang colors mo! Si Zyra Gumamela aw? Ikaw, Ako, Jen, Zyra mo. Tas nag dugang si Nat2 hahaha
  • alxxmrtnn: @iamthefrvr21 Hahahahahaha! Parang gumamela lang eh.
  • Sagi21Aeb: @ItsME_JayeL @mejerel Tama! Hehe. Nabuhay ulit ang gumamela! LOL. :D
  • PBGalang: Ola gumamela.
  • momiiJii: #WhenIWasLittle i make dikdik the gumamela flowers and make bubbles out of it ^_^
  • tmarjem: #WhenIWasLittle i used to make bubbles with gumamela flowers..
  • itspchypie: @camilleway dinudurog ang gumamela tapos hahaluan ng water. At talagang tinuro ko ha??? LoL
  • itspchypie: #WhenIWasLittle I used to get some gumamela's then make bubbles out of it.
  • blackNwhite03: Gone are the days when kids say: jackstone Tayo! Luksong Baka nlng! Eh patintero! Langit lupa! Tumbang preso! Pusoy dos! Taguan! Gumamela!
  • itsRiaChi: @okaychelseaaah @yaahchloe @heyitsmeej dpoga laslas gkaon bestfriend ko gumamela tani rose para si teacher Ihn kana chay waaah
  • okaychelseaaah: @yaahchloe @itsriachi @heyitsmeej Gumamela? lol sis hahaha
  • RenzEstillore26: @SuperTabsssss Gumamela Ba Yan ? :))
  • gumamela: Laging nasa news ang confiscated na mga paputok.san dinadala yung mga nakumpiska?ano'ng ginagawa sa mga 'yon? #fb

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  • “More Wordless Wednesday My brother and I brought our nephews to the barber for their regular haircut. I saw these blooming red flowers and just had to take out my Sony Cybershot camera phone again”
    — Wordless Wednesday: Blooming Red Flowers (Hibiscus/Gumamela,

  • “http:// Durian named because of durian farm, while the Garden when he assorted it with gumamela and other ornamental plants and the Atbp stand for the hotel and Restaurant services. Durian Garden, Atbp. Is Located along National Highway, Sulit, Polomolok, South Cotabato”
    — Blog " Blog Archive " Durian Garden, Atbp,

  • “Photo sharing, video sharing community that provides tools to easily share and manage videos and photos in a fun and interactive community. Easily share your videos and photos in our community. Start sharing your photos and videos today!”
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  • “count your garden by the flowers log juliet tn i happened to hop across to ur blog and am glad i did so.absolutely love the colors and the myriad flowers on ur blog.happy gardening”
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  • “Forget-Me-Not. My Favorite Pet " previous | next " Print Photos | View Full-Size Image. Gumamela. Gumamela is my favorite flower. Gumamela, like, red, pink and yellow. Gumamelas are big and beautiful”
    — Our Essay,

  • “The Philippine Vespa Resource. Vespa Philippines community. The Philippine Vespa Portal | General Vespa Forum | Rides & Events | Gumamela Overnight Ride - August 21-22. To view the content(s) of this webpage, it is best to have the latest Flash plugin. Also, make sure that Javascript is enabled in your”
    Gumamela Overnight Ride - August 21-22,

  • “"Even the common gumamela/In the morning very proudly blooms;/The calachuchi, the marigold,/Have beauty and fragrance to rival (IMG:http:///forum/style_emoticons/default/embarassedlaugh.gif) I think the Senate or the House of Representative should passed”
    — The Persistence Of Sampaguita - Asia Finest Discussion Forum,

  • “The next surprise was the announcement that there were people from Nina's website's forum who had special gifts for to present to her. A scrapbook of messages/poems and 1. Never tell everyone everything you know; prinsesa gumamela. Hero Member. Karma: +0/-0”
    — Halloween at Bagaberde,

  • “This hibiscus (gumamela in the Philippines) was given to us by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, the publisher of our cookbook, Memories of Philippine of Cendrillon on August 3, 2005. This gumamela flowered and gave us so much pleasure for”
    — Purple Yam,

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