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  • HABLE-SER. Hispanic Association for Bilingual Literacy and Education Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, link, visited link, hovered link consectetuer adipiscing elit. — “Artisteer”, hable-
  • Hableh ( حبله , also transliterated Hable , Habla , Hablah , Hibla , Hiblah ) is a Palestinian village located in the Qalqilya Governorate in the northwestern West Bank. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Hableh had a population of over 6,150 inhabitants in 2006. — “Hable”,
  • Found 32 months ago via hardwarehandbags. Hable Construction: wool home accessories pillow hable applique. Added by narenee and 17 others. Found 32 months ago. — “Items Tagged "hable", page 1”,
  • Hable con ella - The film by Pedro Almodovar Furthermore, he has invited another genius, German dance choreographer Pina Bausch, to contribute pieces to Hable con ella. — “Hable con ella”, cosmopolis.ch
  • Definition of Hable in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Hable. Pronunciation of Hable. Translations of Hable. Hable synonyms, Hable antonyms. Information about Hable in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Hable - definition of Hable by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Retrieved from "http:///wiki/hable" Categories: Spanish verb forms | Spanish verb imperative forms | Spanish verb singular forms | Spanish verb second-person forms | Spanish verb formal forms | Spanish forms of verbs ending. — “hable - Wiktionary”,
  • Mike Hable utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to meet your expectations. Click on one of our services to see what Mike Hable has to offer you. — “”
  • Jan Hable. Personal information. Full name. Jan Hable. Date of birth Jan Hable (born 4 January 1989) is a Czech footballer, who plays for Kerkyra in Greek. — “Jan Hable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • View the Hable family crest and history. Discover the Hable family history for the Hable Origin. What is the origin of the name Hable. — “Hable Family Crest”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Hable Construction. Get exclusive content and interact with Hable Construction right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Hable Construction | Facebook”,
  • View Andrea Hable's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Andrea Hable discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners. — “Andrea Hable - LinkedIn”,
  • Hable con Ella (Talk to Her) Pictures and Movie Photo Gallery -- Check out just released Hable con Ella (Talk to Her) Pics, Images, Clips, Trailers, Production Photos and more from Rotten Tomatoes' Movie Pictures Archive!. — “Hable con Ella (Talk to Her) Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes”,
  • Hable construction - 439 results from 8 stores, including Holiday Felt Ornaments by Hable Construction - Set of 5, HABLE CONSTRUCTION CHECKER IN SWEET PEA, felt christmas stocking candy cane, felt christmas stocking partridge, felt christmas. — “Hable construction at TheFind - Search, discover and compare”,
  • : Hable con ella Talk to Her (Hable con Ella) ~ Rosario Flores, Javier Cámara, Darío Grandinetti, and Leonor Watling (DVD - May 27, 2003). — “: Hable con ella”,
  • Martin W. Hable is an experienced Attorney concentrating on bankruptcy, IRS Problems and Tax Relief services for individuals and businesses. Martin W. Hable Attorney At Law has affordable payment plans available for you. — “Bankruptcy Lawyer Lapeer, MI - Martin W. Hable Attorney At Law”,
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  • So who exactly is this Benjamin Hable you're talking about? As this site states twice, my name is Benjamin Hable, I am from Graz (Austria) and needless to say, I love to. — “Benjamin Hable”,
  • Hable Frequency: (299) (number of times this surname appears in a sample database of 88.7 million names, representing one third of the 1997 US. — “Hable: Information from ”,
  • People named Hable. Find the person you're looking for and related people. — “Hable - Pipl Profiles”,
  • Andrea Hable is a Twin Cities estate planning attorney. Almost anyone can benefit from estate planning, from individuals, to families, to small business owners. Hable Law, PLLC is located in Woodbury, Minnesota. To learn more, please click through the links at the top of the page. — “Hable Law, PLLC”,
  • What does HABLE stand for? Definition of HABLE in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “HABLE - What does HABLE stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations”,
  • Combined with a shrug, this is a useful phrase to avoid answering questions. Combined with a shrug, this is a useful phrase to avoid answering questions. Q. Have you accepted our lord, Jesus Christ, as your personal Saviour? A. No hable Ingles. — “Urban Dictionary: hable”,

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  • Spam Play - Halo 2 (36): Hable! Halo + Fable = ....WTF?
  • Ron-Hermione Habla el corazón (Listen to your heart-Spanish) READ THIS FIRST*** I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS. NONE OF THIS CLIPS BELONG TO ME. THEY ARE ALL PROPERTY OF WARNER BROTHERS AND JKROWLING. THIS IS A VIDEO MADE FOR FUN BY A FAN ;) Hi! Well, here it is! My second video, and this time with clips :) I really really hope you like it and please comment! I really want to read your opinion :) This time, Hermione is thinking about Ron and she doesn't know what she's supposed to feel. This is the Spanish version of Listen to your Heart (Roxette), but it has a different meaning. I leave you here the lyrics in spanish and i tried to traduce them to english so that you can compare it with the english version :) HABLA EL CORAZÓN En realidad yo dudo tanto de tí, por más que intento no me dejo llevar. Pruebo tu amor y me siento fatal, pero yo te quiero, bien o mal. Habla el corazón que no sabe mentir. Habla el corazón a todas horas de tí. Oigo cosas bonitas y presto atención. Habla el corazón y yo escucho su voz. A veces pienso que no hay nada que hacer, que tú y que tenemos poco que ver. Pero al final habla el corazón dica que te quiero, óyelo. Habla el corazón que no sabe mentir. Habla el corazón a todas horas de tí. Oigo cosas bonitas y presto atención. Habla el corazón y yo escucho su voz. Oigo las voces que hablan de tí. Yo no te quiero y ellas dicen que si. Soy obediente sé que tienen razón. Dejo que hable mi corazón. Habla el corazón que no sabe mentir. Habla el corazón a todas horas de tí. Oigo cosas bonitas presto atención ...
  • Alberto Iglesias y Vicente Amigo - Hable con ella (Pedro Almodóvar - Hable con ella/Talk to Her) * * * * * * música: Vicente Amigo y Alberto Iglesias [Cinematography & video editing, directed by Szemkeő András from Hungary]
  • Hable Presents :: The Quint Tage Check out : This is pretty epic. Hable finally came out with a full length serious montage of h3. I think its one of the best so far... Easily worth a watch
  • Hable Con Ella (Talk To Her) - Official Trailer "Talk To Her" is considered by many to be Almodovar's top masterpiece. Two men share an odd friendship while they care for their girlfriends who are both in deep comas. After a chance encounter at a theater, two men, Benigno and Marco, meet at a private clinic where Benigno works. Lydia, Marco's girlfriend and a bullfighter by profession, has been gored and is in a coma. It so happens that Benigno is looking after another woman in a coma, Alicia, a young ballet student. The lives of the four characters will flow in all directions, past, present and future, dragging all of them towards an unsuspected destiny. Starring: Rosario Flores, Javier Cámara, Darío Grandinetti, Leonor Watling
  • HAble and Plower :: Boomin :: Halo 3 Dual Tage This is Plower and I's dualtage. It has nice clips, exterminations, killtacs, sticks, snipes, and of course, LOTS OF ELITES! The editing is very simple, because we didn't want to cover up the gameplay. Everyone on Halo 3 Forum seemed to love the credits, so we hope you enjoy those, too. Gamertags- HAble is HoT Plowerade Enjoy! Subscribe Please :)
  • HAble :: Halo 2 Minitage :: Something Just some leftover clips I found on my computer. Enjoy. Subscribe Please. :)
  • Snapped : Media and Film Final Project This was a project that we did for school, and it won Best Picture, ha. Yay us! :) It's been a while since I uploaded a video, but I promise some more Halo videos will be here someday. haha. Enjoy!
  • HAble and Plower :: Boomin :: Halo 3 Montage Trailer ********Read Description!**** This is a trailer for Plower and I's next montage, Boomin'. It will have pretty good clips, but a fun feel to it. It is a play off of Polak and Pistola's trailer, so if you recognize the song, that is where it's from most likely. Anyway, enjoy. Subscribe Please :)
  • HAble You Suck Title explains it all.
  • HAble's Unreleased Montages These are like the 'rough drafts' of the montages I have released. Enjoy :) Subscribe Please.
  • HAble Christmas Montage My Christmas Montage... Has some nice clips. Sticks, Sticky Launches, Killtaculars, Matchmaking,customs, etc. Some really nice 1v1 footage too. It was made for pure fun, and the people at H3F liked it. SUBSCRIBE, I have 5 montages on the way!!
  • RBD concierto RUmania-PONCHO HABLE it was the most exciting parte of the show...I hope u will enjoy it:X:X:X
  • HAble Cute Tage :: Halo 2 :: Serious Fun This is a montage I put together over the span of a few weeks. It has lots of 2v2 clips, multi kills, sticks, and snipes. It has fun songs, and a pretty funny credits line up. This is kind of like Plower and I's dual tages. Enjoy :) Spring Tage 2 on the way! Subscribe Please
  • HAble Christmas Montage 2008 Youtube made me change the music. Really no point in watching anymore. :( My Christmas montage for 2008. I will be out of town all next week, so I figured I should get it out there now. Hope you enjoy! Subscribe Please.
  • HAble and Plower :: In the Hood :: Halo 2 and Halo 3 Montage This is a fun little montage that Plower and I put together. All the clips are either from last night, or this morning. The kid singing in the beginning is just a random kid I found in Level 1 Team Slayer (w00t), and he was funny as hell. Played with him for 3 hours, he got about 10 kills in all. Anyway, this is made out of pure fun, and I hope you like it. Oh, and we were elites the whole time. All of the halo 2 clips are mine, and the h3 clips are about 50/50. Plower always gets the weird clips, like the last splatter. hehe. Enjoy, and Subscribe Please :)
  • Halo 2 Mini Fun tage : HAble and Plower : This is a one night montage that Plower and I made at my house. The clips aren't very good, but it was fun :) Pretty much chokes on frenzies, bad sticky launch misses, and other misshaps. Anyway, enjoy :) The last clip is probably the funniest thing to ever happen to us, next to RaJon :D -HAble Subscribe Please
  • HAble Montage Six - Invincible Well, this is my 6th montage. I am actually at more like 20, but this is a real montage. Meant to be more serious, with FFA clips, team clips, etc. Enjoy! -HAble It came out a while ago, but I never got to uploading it. The credits aren't in this one because it would be too long, so I will upload the credits later. It has killimanjaros, killtaculars, kill frenzies, double shots, snipes, barrel launches, multi kills, and pretty much everything else a montage should have. Subscribe Please!
  • dominican mom yelling at daughter my mom yelling at my sister for bein messy
  • Black Lotus Final Halo 2 and Halo 3 Montage Edited by HAble This is Black Lotus's Final montage. It has amazing clips, with sick sticky launches, roof sticks, snipes, man cannon snipes, no scopes, multikills, overkills, sniper sprees, spawn sticks, etc. Edited by HAble Studios Subscribe Please :)
  • HAble Fun Halo 2 Montage Bubbly Youtube made me change the song. No longer a very entertaining montage without the syncing or the calm song. Sorry. This is just a fun montage I made with leftover clips. The song is bubbly. This has quite a few nice clips, even a killimanjaro times 4! Lots of other nice clips too.... Please Subscribe!!
  • Ryan Hable Training Passes on Pro Stock Bike @ Frank Hawley Drag Racing School Training passes on Pro-Stock bike at Frank Hawley Drag Racing School taught by Frank Hawley and George Bryce.
  • HAble and Plower Dual Halo 2 Montage :: Fun!!:: SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!! Read Video Description :) This is my montage, and GoPloweRanger (like Power Rangers) montage. It is a funtage, with halo 2 clips only. It is meant to be funny, and to show how fun halo 2 can be. I hope you like it. If you're looking for a professional, MLG, Major League Gaming Montage, this is not the one for you. We don't play like Naded, Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Ghostayame, or any of those professional teams. Final Boss, Carbon, they're all just hype. They don't play for fun, we do. :) The songs are Dig by Mudvayne Bye Bye Bye by N Sync Live To Win by Paul Stanley A song from High School Musical 2, It's called Push It To the Limit. (Zac Efron is a pro singer ;) ) Earthquake by Family Force 5 The last clip is an amazing barrel launch on Tombstone. I threw a plasma grenade, and someone (a spartan) across the map shot the exploding fusion cores and the grenade launched on to my partner/ally. It was amazing zomg. "Rock, Paper, Chuck Norris!!" Eminem, Longest Yard. "Balls, Balls, Balls!" I did make fun of Phurion and the Finale in this montage... Sorry :) I also made fun of QsK King and Brad (Bradddddd) in the middle of it with the 360 oddball beatdown. Go watch his montage, you'll understand. Brad Montage 2 Edited by QsK King. If you don't understand the Earthquake part, watch The Finale by K FoSt, Phurion, K Blocker (Kblocker), and iDrako. This montage is meant to be kind of good, kind of gay, kind of amazing, kind of retarded.... Just plain humor and good clips ...
  • Kilimanjaro HAble Style: MLG FFA Offhost Jarox2 For Good Quality version, go to this link: Aight, I know, I suck in everyone's opinion. I haven't lost a 1v1 to any1 on youtube, so im kinda waiting. Anyway, here's me in an MLG FFA game offhost getting a kilimanjaro x2. Add my new account for MLG: HAble is HoT If u wanna 1v1 , send me an FR also. Thanks every1 that doesn't leave stupid comments like "U suck" If u leave constructive criticism, ur cool, if u leave stuff like Wow ur a noob, with no reason why, ur an idiot. Thanks for watching.
  • Project Wakeup Trailer : Edited by HAble : Something I edited for Muffin and MarioKarters. I won't be doing the final, but I will post it as a response when it comes out. Enjoy :) Subscribe please, Plower and I's tage coming soon!
  • Dominican Mom Yelling: The Remix - "No Me Hable!!" (Rap) A tribute to one of the funniest videos on YouTube that never seems to get old.
  • Ryan Hable First Passes on a Pro Stock Motorcycle First passes on a pro stock bike at Frank Hawley Drag Racing School, taught by Frank Hawley and George Bryce.
  • HAble Studios :: Phazix Mini Montage :: This is Phazix's minitage. It has both Halo 2 and Halo 3 clips. Amazing Halo 3 clips, and really good Halo 2 clips. I edited this in 30 minutes, because he didn't want any effects at all. So, I hope you enjoy it. It is just synced, no editing what so ever. Enjoy! -HAble
  • [PMOD] HABLE's 1st PK Vid [PMOD] WATCH IN 480p! ======================================== If you are in Germany and this video is blocked, visit this link: This should allow you to watch it. ======================================== This is a silly compilation of the kills I've done in these past two weeks ======================================== Atk: 40 Str: 86 Def:1 Prayer:31 Hp:74 Magic:80 Ranged:50 Combat:63 ======================================== Stat link: ======================================== Everlong, 1997, Copyright Dave Grohl & Foo Fighters, All rights reserved. Released August 18, 1997 Recorded 1997 at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood, CA Label Roswell, Capitol Producer Gil Norton Certification Gold (RIAA)[1]
  • Stephanie Hable - Loose Ends Stephanie Hable Sings "Loose Ends" from the musical "Witches of Eastwick" for the Grossmont College Musical Theatre showcase - Winter, 2009. Instructor - Susan DeLeon.
  • hable con ella this is a film that I own that I think everyone should see.
  • HAble :: Elites Gone Wild This is my final montage for awhile guys. This is part one. The other half will be up tomorrow. It's 20 minutes in all. Enjoy!
  • Choreographer Pine Bausch (April 2009) April 21, 2009 Copyright permission from CCTV Choreographer Pina Bausch WATCH VIDEOSource: 04-21-2009 09:17 She is regarded one of the most influential avant-garde artists on the European dance scene. Her dance theater, the union of genuine dance and theatrical methods of stage performance, creates a new dance form that has won her a cult following the world over despite the longtime controversy it's caused. On our List today, we introduce German choreographer Pina Bausch. The stage is filled with empty tables and chairs. Backed by the weeping melody written by Henry Purcell of the 17th century, two white-clad female dancers unburden their angst by scraping themselves along walls and floors on stage, again and again. This is the opening scene of Spanish director Pedro Almodova's 2002 movie "Talk to Her". The dance is taken from German choreographer Pina Bausch's "Cafe Muller". Bausch herself performed the piece in the movie. Pina Bausch is regarded one of the most influential artists on the European dance scene. Two years ago, Bausch and her Tanztheater Wuppertal visited Beijing with a show at the Tianqiao Theater featuring "Cafe Muller", one of her signature works. Over the years, Pina Bausch has developed her own dance theater. It's become union of genuine dance and theatrical methods of stage performance. It creates a new dance form that distinguishes itself through an intended reference to reality. That term had been used by members of the German expressive ...
  • People: Franco Marini, Epic Mazur, Leona Troxell, Jan Hable, Pier-Francesco Sacchi, John Sweeney People: Franco Marini, Epic Mazur, Leona Troxell, Jan Hable, Pier-Francesco Sacchi, John Sweeney, Rick Bass, Segismondo Ghetaldi-Gondola, Brian Donohoe, John F. Leeming, Owen J. Quinn, Ben Barnes, Manny Fernandez, Edward J. Adams, Triston Grant, Maury Allen, Alphonse Halimi, Carlos I. Noriega, Steve Jordan, Jane Fonda, Barbette, Paul Provenza, Jean M. Auel -- Places Lived: Abruzzo, Brooklyn, Arkansas, Hradec Králové, Pavia, The Bronx, Montana, Dubrovnik, East Ayrshire, Manchester, The Bronx, Austin, Oakland, Wichita, Brandon, Brooklyn, Constantine, Gilbert, New York City, Atlanta, Texas, The Bronx, Oregon
  • HAble Amazing 1v1 Montage Let It Rock This is my new 1v1 montage. It has amazing clips, very little editing, and even multi kills. Double kill, triple kill, killtacular, all in 1v1s! Sticky launches, roof sticks, spawn sticks, barrel launches, quick scopes, BXZ's, and other amazing clips. I hope you like it! Music: Bon Jovi - Let It Rock The Offspring - Gone Away Subscribe Please!!
  • HAble and Liquid :: Halo 2 Dualtage :: Crossing Borders This is Liquid and I's Halo 2 Dual Tage, called Crossing Borders. Liquid is from Canada, and I am from America, hence the name. Hope you enjoy it! Subscribe Please.
  • HAble 1v1 Montage Song title is This is Why I'm Hot Add HAble or Hable is HoT if you want to 1v1. My Dualtage with maffa is almost done, hope you can't wait :D AIM: HAblePwN
  • HAble 1v1 Montage 3 This is my third one versus one montage. It has amazing sticks, snipes, quickscopes, bxr's, bxz's, no scopes, spawn sticks, Frag Launches, roof sticks, barrel jumps, nice editing, and great music. The music is Moonlit by Falling Up. I hope you enjoy :)
  • electrosam17: @MarcanoFilms @GabbiMariex3 freco no brother ella no me kiere habla amen que no me hable ''Souu''
  • Mariadolo_: que se puede hacer cuando queres que alguien te hable en el facebook? jajaja
  • DeboArruti1: las chicas dicen que le hable y le ponga "hola mi amor" JAJAJAJJA mejor no me voy de aca si no le van a hablar las forras
  • ItaliaPaola31: siempre cuando espero que el me hable no se como que le da pena y se desconecta :c
  • MacarenaReal: Quiero que me hable y cuando me habla le respondo cortante. Histerica? Para nada
  • SsofiMoyano: Quedamos en no hablarnos en toda la semana.. lunes le hable yo todo cortante, martes a la noche el, miercoles a la mañana yo, mieralanocheel
  • del_gp: @MaachuC @nicoavilaa Basta,porque extraño viajar con todos ustedes Van a extrañar alguien que saque fotos y hable hasta ponerlos de malhumor
  • VickuBurde: Si sos re celoso! Si te molesta que hable con otro #NoMeMientas
  • franquitam: Por que te pusiste tan nervioso cuando te hable de que estuviste con otra? EPA! Era un chiste eh
  • macaalvarez4: Que no le hable de compromiso
  • Valeriaogh: Me obstina que me hable de sus "amiguitas"
  • CamiClossa: sera que anto no tiene cel todavia? Le hable al wpp y no le llega. Para que tengo una amiga yo si no podemos hablar!
  • melnicksergio: #TribunalMV sea lo q sea, q triste q un hijo hable asi de su madre. Claramente los padres no lo han hecho bien. Pobre niño.
  • MarianaSavarro: le hable y le puse hola bb JAJAJAAJA JAAJAJAAJJAAJAJ la pe
  • RomanticStu_: @Rony5_Castillo *jaja* que te hable ella puchis.....
  • milenaarand15: a veces, lo ke una persona necesita no es una mente brillante ke le hable, si no un corazon paciente ke la escuche.
  • CAAMIIVAZ: @matycuadra te hable al bbm!
  • julianadelgado2: Asi como cuando esperas que esa persona te hable, Bueno asi
  • MallozziLuis: Ojalá y mi novia me hable por skype
  • rebecaa13: Nunca voy a olvidar la vez q hablé a la oficina de mi mama y puso a su secretaria a decirme que ya iba camino a la casa y yo escuchando todo
  • MichiMattenet: Solci me dice que le hable. Le hablo. No me contesta -.-
  • Stooooffel: alguien que me hable al chat? por que me aburro #Maiacopotutuit
  • DaniRam02917614: jaja que no te hable por que eres mas chica que el.
  • alpatricelli: Le hable a amadeo con todo el buen humor del mundo y ni me respondió
  • joaacarff: Jelou tenes re abandonada a tu acosadora que te ama tanto :( :(... — hoy te hable http://t.co/Vb9nWwYs
  • Roidert_: @Kdvml_ Yo si amiga, jajajaja lo importante es que ya hable con el pastor y me dijo que por el estaba perfecto :D.
  • angetorrees: Hola, alguien que me hable que me aburro mucho, gracias, chau.
  • carocambiaso: Que me hable!
  • CCamiDerrico: Lo admito, extraño que me hable
  • CataaP_: Me re gustaría que me hable
  • MaironAndres: Hable con Ella y Hable con mi MAE #SoyFeliz \o/
  • No_existe: Si quieres una niña que te suba el ego, y te hable con mentiras, pues no, esa no soy yo!
  • BarbiAnzorena: Le hable a felipe , JAJAJAJA se acordaran las chicas de ellos?
  • vicente_rios98: Deque le hable y ni 20 segundos duro #aiinoo
  • medicenconchis: Como escapar de una cancion que hable de ti, si tu eres mi cancion<3
  • Negroseko: Yap hable con toda la family xD
  • 1MalaInfluencia: m3n créeme no soy ese tal Víctor .... — kjsajksakjsa no conozco a nadie en el universo que hable con "men".... http://t.co/MRNTaNV6
  • ReginaVentura96: No es por nada pero me harta que mi papa hable tanto
  • SanGardea: @CheliMarschall si no importa sólo que se mire bien, y sea sumiso y no hable tanto jAjajaja
  • YeyoIce: compa @venadosalas ya se iso la luz jajaja muchas tanks y te hable pero me mando a buzón jeje
  • kellydelmarr: @LoreMS3 orita hable de la gente q te odia sin conocerte… y ahora lei esto y digo! Q carajos le pasa a la gente!
  • maltiadaSea: Yo entiendo que la gente hable pajita de vez en vez. Pero que se la pasen con mierda en la boca no se justfica.
  • CataSalituri: @jose_virasoro. Sh recien te hable :p
  • Malekreimann: -Mamá, ¿Por qué no me despertaste? -Te hablé 5 veces, te grité, te prendí la luz y te abrí la ventana –Ah que raro, no te escuche :(
  • LibeeGonzalez: @DjRenzito_ #normal te hable renzodaniel, tu estas muy sensible y tu me excusas;)
  • AlbertT94: RT @PamelaIsabelG: @AlbertT94. Naa!!! no funciona .... Te hable y na de na ..... Hablemos por Dm :*
  • Juli_montesinos: Nicolas dice q le hable x whatsap y no me contesta gay
  • CaamiFe: Le hable a Palo para ver si era por mi ese tweet y todavia estoy esperando que me responda...
  • OctaLescano: @TirsaMierez mentira te hable el otro dia y ni pelota y ni motivas tereres.
  • Calle3ni: -A Mi Que Nadie Me Hable de Tisher, Y Meno de Pedale, Que Eso no Te Salee Qk yo Tengo Mi Nombre EChoO*
  • georginavega1: voy a cerrar face . si alguien quiere hablarme, que me hable por md
  • Alleusgzz: Un mejor amigo que me hable #esoquiero
  • VendedorDePepsi: @avee_Cv ya estas !! Que crees ?! Ya le hable hoy!!!
  • Maca95Ruiz: espero que me hable mas tarde
  • chemagool99: @mariianapayan es que pues es que le gusta que le hable pero no se que decirle cuyando estoy con ella
  • JuampiiTriperoo: #OdioQue mi platónico me hable de sus amores...
  • DeboArruti1: quiero que me hable, :(
  • patyveitia: los veo simultáneamente @SrAlfredoGarcia, asi que no hable feo jajaja.
  • jhon_castaneda: Bonnet se pasa de bobo, que no hable mucho que carga la sal @chinitaberrio
  • DaniRueda97: Horrible que tu hermano le hable mal a su propia madre. :'(
  • RoddolfoRivera: @_elitamez te hable como a las 6
  • PaachuGimenez: @SoolContrera yo tambien lo tenia cargando e igual hable ..
  • PiaNicotra: odio que la gente hable sin conocer...
  • BelennMica: La mala costumbre de hablar con alguien todos los días, y que por un solo día que no te hable te estés muriendo.
  • jorgemz86: – ¿Hay alguien que se oponga a este matrimonio? Que hable ahora o calle para siempre –Yo padre – ¡CÁLLESE, USTED ES EL NOVIO!
  • Andrecjr: @liliELacourt yo sé amiga, ella me agregó al pin hace unos días y el domingo hablé con ella:*
  • Miller__Zambran: @Panchopilato Jajja usted si, hable me por facebook
  • PeluFloresCjs: le hable al dieguis :D
  • Ittzelopez: @Chuuy_Manuel jajaja hoy te hable mentiroso =( y te hablo siempre!
  • Cristhian_RT: Si quieres que la gente hable bien de ti solo tienes que morirte #Ley De La Vida.
  • _cecilasala: No espero mas que me hable, ya fue posta. (5ta vez que lo digo)
  • nataliarcamargo: Lalalalalalala :'s me quede esprandoa que me hable :'s.
  • Aguuuusedlp: wiwiwiwi , hable con mis viejo en una semana ya tengo EL TATUAJE !!!!!!!!
  • DulceGauna: @RooLuna3 @ValenMoazamian nose de tdo, hable a ro al MD asi te cuenta, yo ya no puedo ni hablar :(
  • santi_chalo: @MirnaRivela siiii! Si antes le adoraba... Ahora que hable con ella LE AMO!! Es divina!!
  • danny2315: Q tipo mamabicho me tengo q encojonar pa q me hable ahora
  • ShaanDzGl: @iMonserrawr Perfecto dile a pugo que hable sobre la vida dl autor q es lo mnos complicado yo ya le voy entendiendo a la teoria.
  • AlexisAmir: Y yo aca espero a que me hable mi espo .. pero no -.-
  • denissealc: Hablé 20minutos de movistar a alegro, y no me descontaron ni un centavo del plan. \o/ #likeaboss
  • Leog113: No permitas que tus oídos acepten lo que tus ojos no han visto. No permitas que tu boca hable lo que tu corazón no ha sentido.
  • facuucapodanno: no hable con maru en todo el dia, fue raro
  • LauRodriguez_D: Obvio le hable para que me diera apoyo y me deja en visto :s
  • ______Hechos: Hable con ella cuando paso lo de Justin, me escucho y apoyo, es muy linda. Selena sobre ______. #______Hechos
  • HilaryBarbosaa: ok ya le hable :C
  • Er_CutuCutu: usted No sabe, no me conoce, no hable y no se meta
  • MaaarielyP_: @Angelp03 jaja es imposible, ya hable con esa persona :)
  • santihelmich: chamullar a miscontactos que nunca hable para que me compren para el defiles nunca visto
  • jose_emma93: me emputa q hable y hasta el final se viene a preocupar por las mierdas el maje
  • maaaiali: mi papa me dijo que me iba a pagar el celular pero que no le hable del arito :(
  • Marianiink: Que me hable sólo xq ya se había preocupado por mi, enamora!!
  • PagellaSol: le hable a alan
  • luisa_49: Hoy Hable Otraves Con El #Paisa♥
  • FacuDezeo: para que carajo le hable? soy un pajero
  • Ailualegre: le hable a mi hermana que esta acá atrás mio por fb jajajajjaja pelotuda
  • micabgf: ay si, ay si, se hace el dificil y no me habla.. esta noche no duermo. ah que decia, si se moria porque le hable........
  • MariiAndre16: @JoselinneDiaz Porque hablé con alguien, me dio nostalgia y me molesto tener nostalgia. :( ¡Por eso!
  • gabrielaltan: Yo se que no somos nada pero me pone celosa que hable con mujeres ~.~'
  • SolchudelRio: encima hoy hable re poco con dskgdksg :( muero

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