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  • The SR-71 Blackbird, a Mach 3.3 reconnaissance aircraft, dominated the skies like no other. presents a collection of SR-71 Blackbird images, movies, documents, and other multimedia content to help preserve the legacy of Habu. — “ - Dedicated to the SR-71 Blackbird”,
  • Definition of habu in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of habu. Pronunciation of habu. Translations of habu. habu synonyms, habu antonyms. Information about habu in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “habu - definition of habu by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • - The Online Blackbird Museum. Inludes history and photos of nearly all 50 Lockheed Blackbirds (SR-71, A-12, M-21, and YF-12). — “ - The Online Blackbird Museum”,
  • The Microsoft Habu gaming mouse is just as impressive as its specs suggest. It's highly accurate and responsive, intelligently engineered, attractively. — “Microsoft Habu gaming mouse review - Hardware in Review”,
  • Shop our large selection of habu gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique habu designs. Fast shipping. — “Habu Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • USA. Weaving studio and showroom for Japanese hand woven textile fabrics and ribbons, from a wide variety of fibers. Extensive technical information. On-line purchasing facility. — “habu”,
  • habu is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep habu upps ist gar kein foto :)1:30 PM Sep 2nd from Nambu in reply to habu. — “habu (habu) on Twitter”,
  • What does HABU stand for? Definition of HABU in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “HABU - What does HABU stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations”,
  • Habu Manufacturers & Habu Suppliers Directory - Find a Habu Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Habu Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Habu-Habu Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • I finally finished writing the pattern for my Ralph Rucci-inspired Habu Hempathy Skirt. It is on my Knitwear Designs page. There's only one pattern there now, but there are more to come. Many, many, many thanks to Deb and Olga for their much needed advice, editing, and modeling. — “Habu Textiles Knit-A-Long”,
  • With Habu.TV you can enjoy internet television and a real-time streaming US cable TV programming. Watch Movies and Television online with live streaming! Can't watch Hulu overseas?. — “HabuTV - Watch TV on Your PC with an Online TV Subscription”, habu.tv
  • Learn more about Microsoft gaming controllers and mice. Xbox 360™ Wireless Controller for Windows® Xbox 360™ Controller for Windows® SideWinder X8 Mouse: Winner of PC Gamer Editors' Choice Award. Winner of the Platinum Editor's Choice Award from Hardware Pacers. — “Microsoft Hardware Gaming”,
  • Bolle BO 10364 Sunglasses Medium fit. 100% UVA/B protection. Polycarbonate (PC) lenses are super lightweight, premium-grade plastic resin lens which. — “habu: Information from ”,
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  • Habu Textiles Yarn & Roving. Hard-to-find, unique fibers are the hallmark of this Japanese yarn manufacturer. — “Habu Textiles Yarn & Roving”, knit-
  • download okinawa music - okinawa software store complete with the latest and most popular makers and brands like registry cleaners, music download, and video conversion from any file type to any file type. — “Habu Software Store-Home”,
  • Habu Textiles mission statement: "Because we must stubbornly believe all the care our actual hands give to each and every process of making a length of fabric creates something more than just a good look. It may be so subtle, but you know when you wear and touch. — “Habu Yarns, Patterns and Kits - View All Yarns and Patterns”,
  • Shop for Habu. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Habu - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Chiropsalmus quadrigatus, a.k.a. the box jellyfish, or in Japan as the habu kurage (kurage = jellyfish), a venomous jellyfish. HABU equivalent, a measure of computer performance. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. — “Habu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Parkzone Park Zone Habu EDF Electric Ducted Fan RC JET You are going to want one of these!!! Check it out now at Red Rocket Hobbies
  • Parkzone Habu from Stall to Vertical! Flight of the all new Parkzone Habu. This plane has tons of power, it's very impressive.
  • Famous Shogi Games: HABU vs SHIMA (Aug. 17, 1987) kid=9949. The funniest game record of professional shogi. It's a game played in Rookie's Tournament.
  • Three Habu Jets - One Crash Two flying buddies and me flying our Habu jets together! It was fun to have three in the air! Sadly Brad crashed upon landing and his jet is now in pieces.
  • New Parkzone Habu Ducted Fan EDF Jet Maiden flights! Well decided to give myself a Xmas present and got the Plug and Play Parkzone Habu. Put my 6100 rx in it, and a 3000mah battery to start and man does that thing fly. Great speed, handling, low speed stuff is great, no bad stall tendancies, rudder is excellent for stall turns and even good knife-edge, rolls, loops, and the Eflite power setup works excellent too. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get into ducted fans, warning, very fast though, probably 90mph... We'll put the GPS in there soon for a real top speed rating! Thank for watching, and Happy Holidays to everyone from Ronin and RCFReehold!
  • HABU 4s +1s HABU with 4s 2500mah and 5s 3300mah with original motor and 80A ESC
  • Habu scarf Have you ever seen a knitted object that required a video just to explain what the heck it is? This is that object. See this page for scarf + yarn info: ps sorry about my faux-lisp. must be a product of the cheap mic on my tiny camera. still, technology! woo hoo!
  • Competitive Cyclist Reviews Assos IJ.haBu Jacket Finding the right transitional top to wear when spring and fall hit can be tricky, but the Assos IJHabu Jacket is near-perfect when the temperatures range from 45-65F.
  • HABU win a losing game 2 / 2 Who else could win? You can see endgame-magic by HABU.
  • Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse Review of the Microsoft Habu gaming mouse. Full review at
  • Salz Habu Toothpaste CM very funny toothpaste CM lol.
  • Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse A short preview of the Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse. Visit:
  • BOH ESTATE (TEA FACTORY) AT HABU, CAMERON HIGHLANDS (PART 1/2) BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd is the leading tea grower in Malaysia with four tea gardens - Boh, Sungei Palas and Fairlie situated in Cameron Highlands; and Bukit Cheeding in Selangor - constituting a total land area of 1200 hectares. With a production capacity approaching 3000kgs per hectare, the Company produces 4 million kgs of tea annually which translates to about 5.5 million cups per day. This represents about 70% of all tea produced in Malaysia. BOH dominates the domestic retail market. While maintaining its market position locally, the Company is also expanding into foreign niche markets. Today BOH exports its brand of prime grade teas to various countries including the USA, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore and Brunei. The Company is one of the few vertically-integrated tea companies in the world. It has operations ranging the entire spectrum of tea manufacture - from cultivation and processing to the packaging and marketing of its wide range of locally grown robust black teas. BOHs operations are mechanised while application of fertilisers is carried out aerially and harvesting is done by hand-held machines or raised tractor harvesters. Each of BOHs tea gardens has its own processing facility and the Fairlie tea garden utilises some of the most modern machines in the world. BOH also packs all its tea at its packing facility in Bukit Cheeding. In keeping with its commitment to quality, BOH conducts long-term research and development to ensure that only the best ...
  • Review The New ParkZone Habu EDF You can buy or find more information regarding the Habu at this link: Jet airplanes are very intriguing to RC model airplane guys. We think about flying jets but normally the complexity of actually assembling one seems to take too much time. ParkZone has solved this problem. The new Habu electric ducted fan (EDF) takes only minutes to complete the final assembly before you head off to the flying field. The Habu incorporates typical ParkZone Z-Foam™ construction, resulting in a very durable, easy-to-repair airplane. But the flight performance of this model is the thing that has pilots smiling. It utilizes E-flites Delta-V 15 ducted fan and motor to provide pretty astonishing performance that most intermediate pilots can handle. At the same time, it exhibits excellent slow-speed handling making nose-high, jet-like landings your strong point at the flying field. Any way you look at it, this swept wing jet is so good-looking in the air that you will immediately start thinking that you had better add it to your collection of ParkZone models right now. Matt Andren, ParkZone product developer for the Habu, has agreed to show us all the important details that he has built into this electric jet. Im hopeful you will be as excited as I am after watching our video. This is going to be another very popular model at flying fields everywhere. Wingspan:36.3 in (920 mm) Overall Length:43.3 in (1100 mm) Flying Weight:2.8 lb (1300 g) Motor Size:E-flite BL15 DF 3200Kv ...
  • Madinat Habu - Luxor / Egypt Madinat Habu is one of Egypt's best preserved and most interesting temples. Unfortunately, most tourists arrive here at the end of a long morning of sightseeing and rarely get more than a quick peek at this fascinating monument. The temple deserves better. It is one of the few monuments in Egypt to convey the emotional impact that religious art and architecture must have had for the ancient Egyptians. The site of Madinat Habu lies at the southern end of the Theban Necropolis and is surrounded by a thick wall, 210 x 315 meters (682 x 1024 feet) that defines a 66150 square meters (698000 square feet) enclosure. Its name is Arabic and means "The City of Habu," perhaps a reference to the great Dynasty 18 architect, Amenhetep, son of Hapu, whose memorial temple lies 300 meters (1000 feet) to the north. Another suggestion is that it derived from the word hebu, the ancient name for the ibis, symbol of the god Thoth, who has a Ptolemaic Period temple a few hundred meters to the south. In earlier times, the site was called Djeme, after a nearby town. Djeme may come from a word meaning "troops" or "young men," and a play on that word, tchau-muwe, meaning "fathers and mothers," was the name of a temple predating the Dynasty 18 monument in Madinat Habu's forecourt. In ancient times Madinat Habu was known as Djanet and according to ancient belief was the place were Amun first appeared. Both Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III built a temple dedicated to Amun here and Later Rameses III ...
  • Introducing Habu, the pit viper A story about guerrilla warfare training in Okinawa involving the important difference in fang length between Habu, the pit viper and a sea snake. Proof that not all Green Berets are snake eaters.
  • FPV Jet Formation flying- Parkzone Habu マクロスF ライオン カラオケ Trying our hand at formation flying via FPV again. Chase ship is Star-max F-5E EDF model and the lead plane is the brand new Parkzone Habu. Both planes are equipped with FPV equipment but the Chase plane has a pan and tilt servo with a head tracker. Unfortunately the Habu was lost later that day due to pilot error so our plans to have a two ship Habu flight will have to be postponed
  • Awesome Habu flaperon slow flying with 3D Runway Cam and formation passes Setup the Parkzone Habu with flaperons, that's where the two ailerons go down a bit, like flaps, but you still have control of them as well. It makes it easy to slow down planes that don't have flaps built in. It might be cool to put real flaps in this, see if hey work better. These do help it slow down a bit though, I was testing at very low speeds and just above the ground, so when it stalled out, it'd just land. After a couple tries with it, started doing some very low slow passes over the camera on a 2 inch tripod. Looks hilarious, and couple other planes tried as well, including CD's Trojan, stumbling around the camera Don't miss at the end, the Habu landing into the camera and taxi-ing past with the nose gear in the air
  • Parkzone Habu EDF Jet I do not own or am not affilated to Parkzone in anyway, i uploaded this video for entertainment purposes only. Parkzone Habu EDF Jet. E-flite BL15 3200Kv brushless ducted fan motor with E-flite Delta-V™ 15 ducted fan unit E-flite 60A Pro with Switch-Mode BEC ESC AR500 DSM2 5-channel sport receiver 4S 14.8V 3200mAh 30C Li-Po battery Variable rate 3- to 4-cell DC Li-Po balancing Full 4-channel control, includes fully functional rudder Wing and airframe design optimized for a wide flight envelope Silver Z-Foam™ construction Removable landing gear.
  • Tamjets TJ70 fan shroud testing Habu.wmv Tamjets TJ70 fan shroud, Habu, E-flight 3200kv motor, E-flight rotor, Castle Phoenix 80, 1150 watts, 5s 3200mAh
  • Habu at Midstate.MOV Joe flies his Parkzone Habu and get's a few good radar runs in to check the speed. Temp is about 40 degrees. A great day for the end of December!
  • PZ Habu Onboard Flight Video Park Zone EDF Jet with an onboard HD video camcorder. Lets see what it feels like to fly on a fast jet!
  • Famous Shogi Games: HABU vs TANIGAWA (Oct. 29th & 30th, 1996) kid=5088. Yoshiharu Habu vs Kouji Tanigawa, as the 2nd game of the 9th-term Ryu-oh Title Match. It is famous for Tanigawa's brilliant Knight drop.
  • Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse Microsoft Hardware has joined forces with gaming innovator Razer to bring you the ultimate high-performance wired mouse. Combining the best of both worlds, Habu unites legendary Microsoft comfort with the latest in Razer Precision. PC gaming will never be the same. For more information on this mouse, click the following link:
  • POV Flight of RC Habu at RCACF with Battery Failure & Crash Flight of the Parkzone Habu using a key fob camera for a POV view. One of the cells (3) on the 4 cell battery failed in flight (2:41) forcing a dead stick landing. The black device in the center of the screen is a speaker for a small battery monitor alarm that can be heard beeping when the plane comes to a rest after a very rough landing. The monitor starts beeping after 12 volts is indicated for more than 5 seconds. The alarm is hard to hear over the sound of a EDF. Link to Hobby King Battery Monitor: The Turnigy battery failure is likely linked to a short circuit created when I was installing the battery alarm and two of the balancing wires touched when soldering the plug on a couple of weeks ago. The battery tested, charged and flew several times until today under moderate load. The cell failed today after I applied more sustained power than I do I believe the battery was waiting to fail. Thankfully the aircraft position was close to the runway and the minor damage has been repaired. I will move the battery indicator to provide a more unobstructed view for future flights.
  • Story Time w/ Uncle J- Habu the Pit Viper is not your friend A tale about a guerrilla warfare exercise in Okinawa and an encounter w/ Habu the Pit Viper.
  • Shogi News: 59th NHK-Cup Tournament - INOUE vs HABU (Nov. 8th, 2009) kid=67483. The game that was broadcast on TV today! A very violent attack by Habu.
  • PZ Habu EDF Jet STUNT / TRICK flying! A couple batteries of flight, and many tricks! This is by far the BEST EDF jet I have flown... and my subscribers know I have tried a lot! The Habu flies like a dream! If you want an EDF jet that flies great and will last a long time, don't pass up the Habu!
  • Zebra Habu! An update on the Zebra Habu! This jet is running on the Delta-V 3200KV E-flite motor, Castle Creations 100A ESC, and a Thunder Power 45C 5cell lipo battery! It also has shock absorbing landing gear! All servos and other parts on the jet are stock. It was custom painted by my friend Brad. First flight will be spring 2011 and it will be recorded! Music By: Kevin MacLeod
  • Habu Retracts Park Zone Habu Jet with E-Flite Retracts
  • Shogi News: Watching Shogi from Silicon Valley #1 - HABU vs SATOU (Jun. 11th, 2008) kid=64433. Check out this link to Umeda's web report of this game. I made a mistake with the name of the title match. It was KISEI title match, not KIOU.
  • HABU win a losing game 1 / 2 Who else could win? You can see endgame-magic by HABU.
  • Famous Shogi Games: HABU vs SATOU (Feb. 13th, 2008) One of the most wonderful games between Habu and Satou!!!
  • Parkzone Habu EDF Parkzones Habu EDF Jet is just what intermediate to experienced pilots have been looking for. This semi-scale electric ducted fan model takes sport flying to a whole new dimension with a plane that combines blistering speeds, crisp and precise aerobatics together with forgiving slow speed flight characteristics for landing. Wingspan920mm (36.5 inch) Length1100mm (43.5 inch) Weight1.3 Kg (2.9 lb) MotorE-flite BL15 3600Kv brushless ducted fan motor (pre-installed)
  • Shogi News: Watching Shogi from Silicon Valley #2 - SATOU vs HABU (Jul. 18th, 2008) kid=64627. The 5th game of the 79th Kisei title match, the 1st game of which I presented in the previous video. The link to chapter3 of Umeda's book is here.
  • Famous Shogi Games: HABU vs KIMURA (Sep. 1st, 2001) kid=2768. Habu vs. Kimura, in 14th Ryu-ou Tournament. Habu made an incredibly simple mistake. Don't miss it. Playlist:
  • RC Speed Tests, Pulse 25e and Parkzone Habu, also Stryker speed flutter and glider crashes Start this RCFreehold episode off with CD's Stryker doing a speed flutter. You won't believe how fast it's actually doing this until you see the full speed clip. Next is the Glider we saw recently, where the motor spun off it on power. This time the motor stays on the plane until the 2nd crash, first one spirals in nice and soft. After that a quick look at my Trex 600 E sans canopy right now, after a crash and torque tube upgrade. Need a canopy standoff post. Just kicking up some dust with the ground effect after our field was whored out to the movie industry and they didn't both cleaning up. And finally the two speed tests, CD's Pulse 25e with a Turnigy Motor and 4cell, vs. the Parkzone Habu stock with gear, and the same 40C 4 cell. I'll let you watch to find out their two speeds. Next speed test with the Habu I'll take the gear off too. Thanks for watching, hoping to get more speed tests soon too, the Sundowers, and the TURBINE, P60 powered Bobcat. Should be interesting to see what it's doing, and how high it goes too with the GPS onboard. The garmin gps I bought has software that you can upload to google Earth and see its actual path , height, top speeds and more. I'll be doing a vid on that soon too. Ronin
  • The last official flight of the SR-71 Blackbird After the end of the cold war, this amazing aircraft has been removed from the official american Air Force flight planning. This video shows the last official flight of this awesome airplane for the US Air Forces. The first song is Era (from the album "Era"... the band is Era). The second song is "Mighty wings" from Cheap Trick(Top Gun soundtrack).
  • Maiden Flight and Speed Test Of the Habu EDF Jet Plane Habu EDF BNF Key Features E-flite BL15 3200Kv brushless ducted fan motor with E-flite Delta-V™ 15 ducted fan unit (installed) E-flite 60A Pro with Switch-Mode BEC ESC (installed) AR500 DSM2 5-channel sport receiver (installed) 4S 14.8V 3200mAh 30C Li-Po battery (included) Variable rate 3- to 4-cell DC Li-Po balancing (included) Full 4-channel control, includes fully functional rudder Wing and airframe design optimized for a wide flight envelope Silver Z-Foam™ construction Removable landing gear Overview The ParkZone® Habu EDF Jet is a full-throttle thriller capable of blistering speeds and precise aerobatics. At the heart of this spine-tingling performance is the phenomenal power of E-flites BL15 3200Kv brushless ducted fan motor mated to an E-flite Delta-V™ 15 ducted fan. The potent combo produces enough thrust for outstanding climb performance and thrilling high-speed passes. When it comes time to throttle back and enter the pattern, the Habus remarkably wide flight envelope and forgiving slow-speed handling will reward anyone used to flying faster sport planes with picture-perfect, nose-high touch downs and takeoffs. Getting this Bind-N-Fly™ version airborne is about as simple as it gets. Just attach the wing and tail, charge the battery, bind the receiver to your full range DSM2™ transmitter and youre flying. This is anything but the same old sport flying experience. If youre an intermediate to experienced pilot looking for high-speed jet thrills, the ParkZone Habu ...
  • Event - iHobby 2009 - ParkZone Habu EDF Jet ParkZone raises the bar on value and performance for electric ducted fan jets with the hot new Habu. Built from the ground-up for the intermediate to advanced park flyer, the Habu is equipped with the right gear for awesome performance straight from the box. ParkZone's Matt Andren has spent quite some time behind the transmitter of the Habu and shares his experiences with us.Questions? Comments? Feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] For more information please visit the links below: If you like our videos check out our podcast, the R/Cast, every Thursday at Horizon Hobby is now on Facebook! Visit us at
  • jackskin2: Fresh on Relevant Video: Competitive Cyclist Reviews Assos IJ.haBu Jacket http://ou.gd/15PX
  • iSmashCougars: This jar is filled wit snake venom and liquor. A snakes in it too. shots of this and feel #nicee #Habu-Saki http:///p/71851581
  • ningbotextiles: NingboTextiles: : Knitting Iceland at HABU textiles in New York City http://unfake.it/p99b
  • devonsmurf: @Josiestweet ha habu crack me up xx
  • downloadplex: Mac-NeKo For Mac Many users of Mac-HaBu, Win-HaBu as well as Lin-HaBu asked us for a program to wri... http://bit.ly/el2weW
  • Kyleighwmo: Knitting Iceland at HABU textiles in New York City http:///?p=128
  • A_Qutie: @im_bossyyy ooo yea #HABU! lol
  • mtgcardsonline: Update: 2 Habu Flying Around http:///mtg/2-habu-flying-around/
  • habu_bot: RT @fuhrinchan: The new book will be out in late Jan."Habu Yoshiharu vs Moriuchi Toshiyuki One hundred-game match" Each of them holds the title of Meijin.
  • fuhrinchan: The new book will be out in late Jan."Habu Yoshiharu vs Moriuchi Toshiyuki One hundred-game match" Each of them holds the title of Meijin.
  • hotgamereview: New post: Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse (Black) http:///?p=1129
  • HomeDep0tDeals: Habu.TV – Confirm Email by Looking in Inbox for Email from “Habu.TV Team” http://dlvr.it/DkwGg
  • IconicGuides: RT @ArchaeoNewsNet: Video> Madinat Habu - Luxor / #Egypt>> http:///watch?v=TM9tF9rdk0g #archaeology
  • ArchaeoNewsNet: Video> Madinat Habu - Luxor / #Egypt>> http:///watch?v=TM9tF9rdk0g #archaeology
  • VampireBatKill: Cheat Point Blank Shab[U-S]habu Premium http://dlvr.it/DhFg8
  • habu_bot: RT @fuhrinchan: NHK BS2 will broadcast a documentary Ryuou-sen on Jan,22nd. The program is "A desperate struggle, Watanabe Akira vs Habu Yoshiharu"
  • fuhrinchan: NHK BS2 will broadcast a documentary Ryuou-sen on Jan,22nd. The program is "A desperate struggle, Watanabe Akira vs Habu Yoshiharu"
  • habu_bot: RT @TobNeiyes: BURICH HABU!!! THE RUV SHLIT"A just arrived 2 new york for hachunos for chasune and going to zeidi zt"l tzion "Poelt ales gits"
  • TobNeiyes: BURICH HABU!!! THE RUV SHLIT"A just arrived 2 new york for hachunos for chasune and going to zeidi zt"l tzion "Poelt ales gits"
  • beritavivanews: #beritavivanews CHEAT POINT BLANK Shab[U-S]habu Premium 20 JANUARI 2011: CHEAT POINT BLANK   Shab[U-S]habu Pre... http://bit.ly/gnUvwt
  • S_Paki08: Seen #okbye RT @musteebabs: Mallam habu, be warned! RT @S_Paki08: 2nd #okbye + #last RT @musteebabs: Paki berra get ... http://tmi.me/5GsY6
  • musteebabs: Mallam habu, be warned! RT @S_Paki08: 2nd #okbye + #last RT @musteebabs: Paki berra get yo head straight and bk (cont) http://tl.gd/88mimg
  • Batman5273: @4thirty5 I had habu sake in japan. Habu is japanese for snake. They take a dead snake and put it in a sake bottle to ferment. Super strong!
  • Batman5273: @4thirty5 have you ever had "Habu Sake?"
  • habu: I just scored 11.523 points in Astronut. Can you beat me? http://
  • jenellgphpf: Habu Silk Stainless Steel Yarn, May use for Kusha: Stainless Steel Yarn on eBay: http://bit.ly/eOeTM7
  • BieberMclovin24: @youhannabanana nothing reading Justin's book again lml habu?
  • Crazy_Nicky: @Pink_Star86 :) super hammer mega geil besser als Habu :)
  • forum_jual_beli: Jual VenomRX Habu NTX + Thermaltake Lite Power 700 watt http://bit.ly/f5IVPE -
  • habu_bot: RT @HabuMiley: goodbye habu he ......=(
  • HabuMiley: goodbye habu he ......=(
  • habu_bot: RT @KretchnifNies: Burich habu for harav Yidel b"r Moshe Elimelch Stern from London M'chashivei anash . For his short visit in USA . Yhei boioi livruche !
  • KretchnifNies: Burich habu for harav Yidel b"r Moshe Elimelch Stern from London M'chashivei anash . For his short visit in USA . Yhei boioi livruche !

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