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  • Definition of hacked in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is hacked? Meaning of hacked as a legal term. What does hacked mean in law?. — “hacked legal definition of hacked. hacked synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Hacks and hacked objects are items that change certain aspects of gameplay, for better or for worse. Not hacks or hacked objects, but programs and utilities to help you manage your hacks. — “Content List:Hacks and Hacked Objects - SimsWiki”, sims2
  • Phishing attacks, which hit Twitter over the weekend, are a sign a service has arrived (Facebook has the same problem). But someone hacking into Twitter's internal admin tools and compromising 33 high profile accounts, including President Elect. — “Twitter Gets Hacked, Badly”,
  • hacked, got hacked?, got hacked, hacker, hack, computer, l337, leet, elite, got root, root, linux, IBM, programmer, nerd, mainframe, cray, supercomputer, bits, bytes, password, system. — “got hacked? : got hacked?”,
  • Buy hacked at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “hacked - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Hacked emails from climate scientists show fraud in the global warming debate. Google Gets Hacked & What it Means to You. By Robert Siciliano January 18, 2010. Numerous outlets reported that Googles Gmail and 30 other companies were hacked by the Chinese. — “Hacked - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Hacked definition, to cut, notch, slice, chop, or sever (something) with or as with heavy, irregular blows (often fol. by up or down): See more. — “Hacked | Define Hacked at ”,
  • I- is a hardware hacking based website. Taking apart electronics and making them better. By now, pretty much everyone has heard that it is easy to hack into WEP protected networks. — “I- Taking Advantage Of Technology”, i-
  • preciseNews hacked Breaking News Search Tags Opinion Commentary Politics Election Business Finance Economy Science Technology Sports Entertainment. — “preciseNews - Breaking News Every Few Minutes (24/7) [hacked]”, precisenews.us
  • Check Your Name and Password at this Official Yahoo log-in site to check your account>>>http:///l/us/yahoo/edit/ click Sign in at top and it will take you to the official sign-in site. Check to see if you can log into yahoo mail. — “somebody hacked into my yahoo account? yeah somebody hacked”,
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable hacked coffee mugs, Steins, Travel Mugs and more from - Choose your favorite hacked mug from thousands of available designs. — “Hacked Coffee Mugs, Steins Hacked Mugs”,
  • Definition of hacked in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hacked. Pronunciation of hacked. Translations of hacked. hacked synonyms, hacked antonyms. Information about hacked in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “hacked - definition of hacked by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • One of CBCP's websites hacked - ABS- One of CBCP's websites hacked MANILA, Philippines -- A website of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) was hacked by "cyber vandals" on Saturday, hours before Catholic group. — “hacked - latest news”,
  • Being in the state of victimized by a hacker who has either installed a program into your computer or has gotten into an account of yours with prog. — “Urban Dictionary: hacked”,
  • : HACKED!! : MP3 Downloads Hacked. Gas Huffer. Just Beautiful Music. 1:50 $0.99. 16. Hacked With A Hatchet. Chainsaw Dissection. Manic Disemboweler - 8 Cd Set. 3:05 $0.99. 17. Once Atrocitie has Hacked Upon Daylights Throat. In Tha Umbra. Nigrium Nigrius Nigro. 5:05. — “: HACKED!! : MP3 Downloads”,
  • Cheat at your favourite online flash games, with pre hacks. — “ - Cheat Site for Online Flash Games”,
  • Hacking (English verb to hack, singular noun a hack) refers to the re-configuring or re-programming of a system to function in ways not facilitated by the owner, administrator, or designer. The terms "hack" and "hacking" are also used to refer to a modification of a program or device to give the. — “Hack (technology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Most Painful Toy Hack Ever The guys over at Harcos Labs connect a brainwave reader to an electro-shock unit. Ouch! You can read the how-to on our site: Special thanks to our friends over at http for joining us in the experiment!
  • I HACKED OUTBACKZACK!!! Troll in the name of OutbackZack! MY GAY VIDEO: SECOND CHANNEL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: MUSIC: we will not surrender justin bieber war lifeinatent outbackzack we will not surrender justin bieber war lifeinatent outbackzack we will not surrender justin bieber war lifeinatent outbackzack we will not surrender justin bieber war lifeinatent outbackzack we will not surrender justin bieber war lifeinatent outbackzack we will not surrender justin bieber war lifeinatent outbackzack we will not surrender justin bieber war lifeinatent outbackzack we will not surrender justin bieber war lifeinatent outbackzack
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  • HACKED! (2.23.10 - Day 299) the shirts: bit.ly these links are awesome! .
  • New Xbox 360 250GB (S / Slim) Hacked This video is of the first 360 Slim flashed with hacked firmware and booting backups. All work is done by the Xbox scene's premier hacking teams, Xecuter, Team Jungle & Commodore4Eva (C4E). The video is not perfect and was put togetehr quickly, but it's real and anyone with a clue who the hacking teams are know its real. Those who shout fake or say "hey i can't see any cables so there must be 2 xbox's" or "you are liars this is so gay and fake as you are hiding the dvd blade" etc etc Well you guys are simply clueless, moronic trolls with zero knowledge of the Xbox scene. So please make yourselves look foolish with your lame ass troll posts because I can guarantee you that you will be immortalized with your dumbass quotes very soon ;) Thanks to Team Xecuter, Team Jungle & C4E.
  • Dynamite Hack Boyz In The Hood The official video from Dynamite Hack of Boyz In The Hood
  • I proposed by hacking Chrono Trigger On October 17th, 2008, I proposed to my (now) Fiancee. Originally I wanted to return to the site of our first date, Mount Baker, near Bellingham Washington. Sadly, there was no discrete way to get her out there. So I turned to the next best thing, digitally recreating the mountain! But why stop there? I figured I'd try and recreate many of our other favorite memories -- stargazing, dancing, even her favorite song lyrics (from the Princess Bride). I'm a college student who is studying Computer Science, and I wanted to do something unique that used my talents, so I did some research on Rom hacking, as she was playing through Chrono Trigger. (A perennial favorite of mine, I can't wait to buy it for my DS.) I even put in her cat, Cleo! I had several goals in mind: First) Keep the area in the context of the original game, the proposal should be a surprise. Second) Get it done quick! I had the ring, I had the Father's blessing, and you can't sit on either of those for too long. You'll notice some of the NPC collision information is missing (the cat runs through a lot of weird places) and I didn't have time to properly debug every tile. Third) Place memories that might be poignant enough to remind her of our relationship, while not inadvertently giving away that this was somehow hacked.(See goal #1.) Overall, it was a resounding success. She had no idea that this wasn't part of the original. She asked, "Hey, are those the Princess Bride lyrics? Do the Japanese really love that ...
  • Hacked Calculator Prank! YouTube exclusive! Hack a calculator to make crazy sounds or say wacky things just for fun. Check out my 'secret' classic videos: Laser Videos: bit.ly Easy Projects: bit.ly Pranks & Jokes: bit.ly Hacks & Mods: bit.ly Spy Gadgets & Devices: bit.ly Explosions & Loud Things: bit.ly
  • Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack Part 1 To help support Climate Denial Crock of the Week Go to Climate deniers have been making a lot of noise about a set of stolen emails from one of the world's leading climate centers, The Universtiy of East Anglia. The spin they're putting out is that the emails reveal what they always suspected, an evil global conspiracy.
  • Hacking Democracy 9 of 9 When you can't control the Politicians or the voters, then you control the counting! Go back to paper votes and we will have a President that was voted in!
  • 500 Round Per Minute Dart Chaingun Hack We hacked a Nerf Vulcan chaingun to fire as fast as an M60 machine gun. We also added an LED counter like in Aliens or any FPS. Then we took the gun and shot my coworker with it. See the how-to at
  • Chinese Guy gets HACKED! Check out the THREE video: 1) Twilight Eclipse Trailer Spoof - bit.ly 2) Doritos Surge Commercial - bit.ly 3) Twilight Eclipse Trailer Reaction - bit.ly Check out these guys: Davedays - bit.ly TayZonday - bit.ly MysteryGuitarMan - bit.ly I get the hack on the YouTube by the computer wizard equal to for Harry Potter except for the computer. But Chao Nation will not rest, as we come back!
  • Max Payne on Kinect Hack (FAAST) using a Wiimote (GlovePIE) This is one of the games I wanted to do from day one, I hope you agree that the control method genuinely enhances an already amazing game. I'm not sure if it comes across in the video but this is really fun and works pretty darn well. After the SNES trials I turned straight to Max Payne, but due to FAAST not currently sending low level key presses I was stumped. I managed to find a solution in using the remapping feature of AutoHotKey which has allowed this to work. Future versions of FAAST will negate the need for running this extra script. As you can see, the leaning left and right stuff is all there - and moving your body forward and backs moves you back and forwards. The reload and interact gestures are becoming pretty standard for me now, and pain killers are popped with an upward motion of the left hand. What makes this special though is the leg movements that activate bullet time. The result is bullet time diving for real! When this game hit just after the Matrix film came out it caused a big stir - with kinect augmentation it gets even better. The GlovePie script has been improved to allow better aiming as you'll see and in conclusion I think I'm going to spend a few days actually playing through one of my favourite games of all time in a brand new way. I actually forgot how hard this game was, with the serious scarcity of ammo, variance in weapon dynamics, your fragility and low movement speed combining into a high pressured shoot out. The augments don't make ...
  • I Hacked YouTube?!!! Latest Buck Factor: Please rate 5 stars for wrestling and hacking! I hope you subscribe for more! Comment Questions of the Day: 1. Who on YouTube would you like to see hacked? HA! 2. Can you roll your Rs? 3. Do you care how I really feel about Miley (stars) or do you just want to laugh with me? BONUS: leave belated holiday greetings and five stars as a gift! YAY! ______ Connect with Buck: Official Website: Follow Buck on Twitter Friend Buck on Facebook: Bucks Personal Channel
  • Johnny Lee: Wii Remote hacks Johnny Lee demos his amazing Wii Remote hacks, which transform the $40 game piece into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer. A multi-ovation demo from TED2008.
  • Silvestro the cat / NH voting (More:see Hacking Democracy) One man's private, sole source company programs 81% of the election in New Hampshire, 100% in Connecticut, almost all of Massachusetts and most of Vermont. Never before seen video of the under-the-radar elections contractor John Silvestro as he tangles with master security expert Harri Hursti.For the full version of the hack see the 80 minute HBO film "Hacking Democracy"
  • YOUTUBE GOT HACKED?! thanks for subscribing. leave a comment with a funny caption for that guy LOL lets make light of this sucky situation..... MY SECOND CHANNEL MY SHIRT STORE! TWITTER http MYSPACE FACEBOOK LIVE SHOW WEBSITE http CALL ME 562 606 1512 SEND ME LETTERS 12450 Burbank Bl. Suite P #252 Valley Village, CA 91607 BUSINESS CONTACT ONLY [email protected]
  • Mifare Hack Security flaw in Mifare Classic RFID applications exposed. See for more information, including the paper "Dismantling MIFARE Classic" with all details.
  • - Console Hacking 2010 Lightening Talk - Chaos Communication Congress
  • TWITTER HACKED! (5.10.10 - Day 375) download our FREE iPhone/iPod app @ bit.ly Our Website & Shirts: StirFryTV's channel *****FOLLOW US ON***** Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Dailybooth: Blippy: ***********************************
  • Interactive Puppet Prototype with hacked Kinect "A quick installation prototype Emily and I hooked up with the libfreenect Kinect drivers and ofxKinect. The system is doing skeleton tracking on the arm and determining where the shoulder, elbow, and wrist is, using it to control the movement and posture of the giant funky bird! Speed project - made in a day using openFrameworks and libFreenect. Concept and Production by Design I/O Emily Gobeille - Theo Watson design- 3D depth camera for arm tracking, courtesy of Microsoft and the open source / diy community :) If you're interested in making projects with the Kinect and openFrameworks check out the addon as it progresses on the OF forums. openframeworks.cc/​forum/​viewtopic.php?p=24948#p24948 Also keep an eye on the libfreenect GitHub for latest updates to the driver - /​OpenKinect/​libfreenect/​" Original video:
  • Obama Deception Hacked! Update on The Obama Deception, Police State 4, Debunk This! Season 1 being erased and the channel being hacked. *Thanks to Alex Jones and Matt Ryan for being on this so fast! Obama Deception Full Length at: Obama Deception in 12 parts at:
  • Barack Obama Website Hacked By Clinton Supporter zennie2005 - When Senator Hillary Clinton's staffers said they were throwing the kitchen sink at Senator Barack Obama, they were not kidding. Someone this Saturday night hacked the website. This video shows what happened when I went to my blog page, then clicked on "Community Blogs" -- I was taken to the front page of Senator Clinton's website. This means Senator Clinton's staffers possibly hired someone to hack into the Barack Obama website system. Such efforts generally don't go unpaid, either. Moreover, Blue State is running the site, and has to bear some responsibility for this. Did an ex-Blue State Staffer do this? Was Blue State hired by the Clinton staff recently? There are many questions to answer. But if Senator Clinton bowed out of the race, these games would stop. This is serious because it means Senator Clinton could also unethically poach donors from the Obama campaign via online website redirects like this. Terrible and unethical.
  • Radar Gun - Hacked! Turn a 'toy' radar gun into the real thing! Works great! Cops don't even have one like this! While this is a completely new and different design, my inspiration for this video is from an article by Ken Delahoussaye in MAKE Magazine. Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:
  • Coil Gun Video - Featured on Hacked Gadgets Featured on Hacked Gadgets
  • TV program hack - subtitled I hacked the teleprompter of a famous Dutch television program :). You won't believe this! With subtitles!!
  • HACKED!! T-Shirts: Mystery Guitar Man's channel: Francis's Channel: raywilliamjohnson ray william johnson equalsthree equals three breakingnyc breaking nyc capitolhillgangsta capitol hill gangsta doing doin your mom first video
  • George Hotz iphone hack George Hotz on CNBC explaining how and why he hacked the iphone.
  • Fox Anchors Email Hacked Identity Theft Speaker Robert Siciliano Fox Anchors Email Hacked and Robert along with Identity theft prevention service help get the password re-set
  • History of Hacking (1-5) During the 1970's, the phone phreaks or phone hackers appeared: they learned ways to hack the telephonic system and make phone calls for free. John Draper built a 'blue box' that could do this and the Esquire magazine published an article on how to build them. Fascinated by this discovery, two kids, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, decided to sell these blue boxes, starting a business friendship which resulted in the founding of Apple. Getting their laughs and skills from hacking and cracking into primitive computers and exploiting the Arpanet (predecessor to the internet), they created a novelty that would become the target of federal crackdown in years to come. Watch this documentary and more at my play lists.
  • YOUTUBE HACKED?!!!! (12.26.09 - Day 240) wait, so youtube got hacked? wtf? add us on facebook: add us on twitter: intro by:
  • Francis Gets His Warcraft Account Hacked (Wow, World of Warcraft) It finally happened francis got his account hacked :( IF YOUR ACCOUNT GETS HACKED, do this: Also, to help secure your pc, use a good program like Google Chrome to surf the net, use an antivirus program to keep keyloggers from your pc, use STRONG passwords for your wow account and your EMAIL account and make sure the passwords are different for the email and wow accounts ;) good luck and happy gaming.
  • Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote Using the infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar (two IR LEDs), you can accurately track the location of your head and render view dependent images on the screen. This effectively transforms your display into a portal to a virtual environment. The display properly reacts to head and body movement as if it were a real window creating a realistic illusion of depth and space. By Johnny Chung Lee, Carnegie Mellon University. For more information and software visit
  • How to hack RFID-enabled Credit Cards for $8 (BBtv) A number of credit card companies now issue credit cards with embedded RFIDs (radio frequency ID tags), with promises of enhanced security and speedy transactions. But on today's episode of Boing Boing tv, hacker and inventor Pablos Holman shows Xeni how you can use about $8 worth of gear bought on eBay to read personal data from those credit cards -- cardholder name, credit card number, and whatever else your bank embeds in this manner. Fears over data leaks from RFID-enabled cards aren't new, and some argue they're overblown -- but this demo shows just how cheap and easy the "sniffing" can be. This episode is part of our ongoing series of interviews with some of the thinkers, hackers, and tinkerers at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference this year. For more episodes of Boing Boing tv, visit .
  • Hacked the Dutch Railways - subtitled I hacked the database of the Dutch Railways. Listen carefully to the speaker :)..
  • Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails Retired climatologist Dr. Tim Ball joins us to discuss the significance of the recently leaked emails and documents from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University which expose deceit, duplicity and collusion between climate researchers to maintain the fraud of the manmade global warming theory. These emails reveal stunning behind-the-scenes details about how this fraud has been developed and perpetuated, and Dr. Ball shares his insights on what they show. For more information on this incident, please see the following articles from The Corbett Report and other sources: Hacker leaks thousands of emails showing conspiracy to "hide" the real data on climate change The Death Blow to Climate Science Collusion, Corruption, Manipulation and Obstruction Mike's Nature Trick For more information on the Climate Research Unit and their unwillingness to share data with other researchers, please see The Corbett Report's earlier interview with Dr. Ball:
  • deweytm: #WTF DUDE?! I'm seriously not appreciating the fact that someone hacked my twitter/Facebook! Who ever it was needs to Fu men stop!
  • MiszSwagg: @grindit2ufindit my page was hacked do you know ways 2 get it back
  • DJN00B: @Dibola lol, if someone is stupid enough to click that link they deserve to have their account hacked
  • bridiEbonita: RT @KourtneyKardash: what is up with my sisters tweets? obv hacked. someone help them! could it be @nicolerichie ?
  • Eyesbelowlow: RT @Vans_Tastic: Hacking my partner in crime. Love you Paul...#hacked
  • MiszSwagg: @BellezaBitxh my page was hacked do you know ways 2 get it back
  • dperetz128: @KimKardashian twitter is hacked, crazyy. Listening to classic rock - 104.3!!
  • UntoldPromises: @livingindreams_ I talked to her. She said she got hacked D: Darn hackers -.-
  • luzreyess: RT @KrisHumphries: Kim's twitter got hacked. It was a inside job for sure. Must be @khloekardashian or @nicholerichie.
  • MiszSwagg: @BoyFriend__No2 my page was hacked do you know ways 2 get it back
  • Anekabrown: OMG @KimKardashian this is either the nastiest April fool prank, or you been hacked
  • the_bigshot: Easy to tell when @KimKardashian's twitter account gets hacked...suddenly her tweets are not all about herself.
  • jujubeans360: hacked by @emmmafw :)
  • Sami_Shamieh: HACKED: HALF MILLION WEBSITES ATTACKED http://bit.ly/er0JDq #tcot
  • sifutwit: Hundreds of thousands of hacked websites spreading scareware: Using a large-scale SQL injection attack, criminal... http://bit.ly/gScHON
  • SarahHarrisNews: RT @sleemol: Uh oh, someone hacked @KimKardashian's Twitter
  • shulens: RT @ddlovato: @KhloeKardashian's being hacked.... Hahahahaha this is hilarious!!
  • FlyGuyFrankDope: Omg somebody hacked me and sayd I suck dick wtf ?
  • Wumzzz: @KimKardashian's going to claim she's been hacked even though I'm guessing it's her or one of the sister behind the keyboard! *smh*
  • ANDREAGUAJARDIN: @KourtneyKardash obv hacked!!!
  • rebowers: [email protected] is seriously hilarious...it appears she has hacked @KhloeKardashian's twitter. Last time, it was @JoelMadden's twitter. Hah!
  • MiszSwagg: @Trinibaddman my page was hacked do you know ways 2 get it back
  • jujubeans360: Hacked by @emmafw :)
  • iBieber_Swift: @iBieberGum yeahh.:\ and ik! when did they get hacked.!?:\
  • ShannonMurphy91: These Kardashian hacked tweets are hilarious #aprilfools
  • zoe_pitts3: whoever hacked @KimKardashian and @KhloeKardashian stop ! your not funny or cool !
  • fuzzcaminski: @adammcooper have you been hacked?
  • JeffreyArtis: Wtf how you do that lol RT @JeffreyArtis Hacked by @ShellzandCheese ! =) i love you Jeff.
  • priimapriima: RT @ddlovato: @KhloeKardashian's being hacked.... Hahahahaha this is hilarious!!
  • LUXEbrittany: RT @iLuvTurtleneck: RT @demetra_ann: I think @KimKardashian & @KhloeKardashian have been hacked lol «I THINK SO TOO! ROTFL!!
  • Gatorsean8301: Sounds like the work of @BronxZoosCobra RT @Becky_Lamb: I think Kim Kardashians twitter has been hacked?
  • Fendi_B: Omg somebody hacked the Kardashian's!
  • giveaway2011: <NEVER AGAIN!!>I got hacked!! He was hacked!! They were hacked!! ( http://goo.gl/p87oi ) Can you stop the hackers ??
  • dmncnphattygirl: Lmaoo girl someone must have hacked me and told u that cuz it sure doesn't sound like me lol RT @MsKeyP: So (cont) http://tl.gd/9k1ekb
  • UCanadaIceCream: @KimKardashian I think Kim K's been hacked lol really funny tweets but I'm sure not for her.
  • JustLibbylove: sorry guys, my formspring got hacked yesterday so everything "I" appa… — LOLCAKES! kind of gathered that anyway. :) http://4ms.me/fu6bAp
  • ktenmjones: I think i've been #hacked on LinkedIn!! Anyone else getting fictional People You May Know suggestions like Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood??…
  • KrystaLapointe: SOMEONE HACKED MY TWITTER......
  • Jejeaziz: @MeenaFaisalA I thought they're accounts r hacked .. no?
  • Vans_Tastic: Hacking my partner in crime. Love you Paul...#hacked
  • andthemiekerss: Kim Kardashian's Twitter Hacked by 12-Year Old Boy? Or Nicole Richie? http://goo.gl/fb/UF4Wa
  • TaraSweetheart: @iHeartTremaine did kim get hacked again?? lol
  • DorkyBlueNinja: haha, i hacked my friend's facebook, told her crush, that she denies liking but everyone notices, "ily" but just in case said April Fools(:
  • DAN_OXDESTRUCT: @KimKardashian <-- is either drunk or high or has been hacked or she is finally revealing herself lmao
  • annita_escO: LOL I wish the @KhloeKardashian and @KimKardashian hacked tweets didn't stop! it had my laughingg! ☺
  • geeteemagee: @KimKardashian has your account been hacked?!
  • janelle100: @MellyJHart i think @KimKardashian has been hacked!
  • MiszSwagg: @ayokillah_kiki my page was hacked and turned into a promo page do you know ways to get it back
  • Themuff_diver: im try scaring my dad saying sorry your computer has been hacked -- & he going to FLIP off
  • BH90210original: Didn't @ryanseacrest 's twitter account get hacked last April fools? What he couldn't come up with a new prank to get attention?
  • gabe5792: RT @KourtneyKardash: what is up with my sisters tweets? obv hacked. someone help them! could it be @nicolerichie ... http://tmi.me/8mBfK
  • omgitzsaam: WhatevaWhateva. LOL. [email protected]: @OmgItzSaam you get hacked into like every other week tho lol
  • iHeartTremaine: Dang everybody gettin hacked!! lol
  • scourgedog: Thinking about changing my MSN account. I keep getting spam IMs from someone's hacked email and I can't seem to block them
  • MersonHolt1: @JackDagRed just gunna throw this out, I think you've been hacked....
  • swann88: @GhostRiderRadio juicy gay jay hacked kim khardashians account check it out
  • coquiox: WOW angrybirds has ads?? First time seeing them on the new tablet, my hacked droid has adfree...
  • demileemcgeex: nikki hacked my twitter lmao she's a fanny
  • JeffreyArtis: My Twitter always getting hacked my password must be too easy -__-
  • bryanni18: @KourtneyKardash have their accounts been hacked the tweets aren't nice. Some ppl have nothing better to do. Ugh I hope ur sisters fix it.
  • JoJocircus: @allispeed and @CharlesTrippy suprised me with there april fools app hacked boo ahahaha!! http://t.co/n7arZ3V
  • bum_ass_knicks: Somebody hacked this bird @KimKardashian's twitter. Too bad they couldn't hack her brain and send her to my place.
  • Joshbutters: Idk what gets hacked more, @KimKardashian twitter or Kim Kardashian's cooter. #aprilfools
  • bookXXIII: someone played a bad april fools joke on @KimKardashian she prob still don't even know its hacked
  • lexx4fsu: HAHAHAHAAHAH @KhloeKardashian and @KimKardashian got hacked and the tweets are so funny
  • Laedee_Zee: Lol, I can't believe that @KhloeKardashian and @KimKardashian have been hacked...(O_o)
  • musicsGF: @KimKardashian is getting hacked right now. The lengths people will go to to keep themselves entertained...
  • Brentonio: RT @KourtneyKardash: what is up with my sisters tweets? obv hacked. someone help them! could it be @nicolerichie ?
  • JWEINAT82: #TheBigBangTheory LMAO Hilarious episode! Sheldon Coopers' account on World of warcraft got hacked,can you imagine what he did? :D
  • Deezlondunnutz: RT @CutThroat_CJ @Deezlondunnutz lmao...have you been hacked??< no bruh i'm really this ignant, in real life lol
  • JeffreyArtis: How you hack my page, how you get my password ? Lol RT @ShellzandCheese I dont think @JeffreyArtis saw that I hacked his page
  • asskisser1: @KhloeKardashian you and your whore sister @kimkardashian TRY and act like someone hacked ya'll acct. SOOOO OBVIOUS PIG FACE COW!
  • tgbryant: @SeanAtlanta Hey buddy! Check out the spoilers site? Is this some sort of April Fools gag? Or have they been hacked? LOL
  • hanaMARAJ: :'( i got hacked by a whore.
  • MoHawX: Khloe Kardashian Hacked On Twitter! Who's To Blame? http://bit.ly/eOr5qt
  • chassidie_ewon: hacked by @Me_chelle430
  • PartyAntidote: RT @patrickstump: Friends/family/acquaintances: My e-mail has been hacked so no, I'm not trying to sell you a PSP
  • tikalamika: RT @ItsThingsInLife: the kardashians are being hacked!
  • Mjspeciale: Well played http://bit.ly/hyepN0 RT @david_schwab Wow. @KimKardashian ...hacked on April Fools. Surprised the acct hasn't been taken down
  • sev_x: RT @LeahShaks: Lol wadddup for @KhloeKardashian and @KimKardashian tonight? #hacked I think?
  • LoveKay_x: @KimKardashian OMG your tweets.- i thought u got hacked:l aahahaaha u april fooled me;/ .BIG TIME:)<3x
  • JasmineVMexicoo: Andrea I unfollowed me... follow me now again looool @justinbieber Was nice hacked ur twitter!
  • Livio_flores: @KimKardashian it's hacked right?
  • Magicappsuk: Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter gets hacked by the Bronx Zoo Cobra and other sneaky stuff.: Source: www.celebrityviploun... http://bit.ly/gtKdv7
  • natulie828: @KhloeKardashian @KourtneyKardash Love the hacked Tweets WAY better than the annoying real tweets about that friggin perfume every day
  • Crowsy: 3adl 3adl e5t-hum il kbeera “@KourtneyKardash: what is up with my sisters tweets? obv hacked. someone help them! could it be @nicolerichie ?
  • KylelAwesome: Glad I stuck with @KimKardashian because someone definetly hacked her account and it has me laughing
  • Shomara_Dior: Someone hacked @KimKardashian twitter account. LOL
  • dluvodka: Kim Kardashian's Twitter Gets Hacked http://aol.it/f8JKRz via @PopEater
  • swann88: @KimKardashian OMG HOW YOU HACKED HER ACCOUNT, WOW
  • SandWongsta: @PerezHilton I think both sisters accts have been hacked...thu r classier than that! U should inform them of this :p
  • loversmileys: RT @ddlovato: @KhloeKardashian's being hacked.... Hahahahaha this is hilarious!!

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