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  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the. — “Cupping - Traditional Hijama | Facebook”,
  • Prophetic Medicine Hijama / Cupping What is Hijama/Cupping Therapy? Clinic: Whitechapel- Suite 6, 47 vallance road, E1 5AB (Behind City offices - NOT inside it). ie go behind the building. 5minutes from East London Mosque and Whitechapel station. Appointment coordinator- 07718884706. — “Hijama Health Clinic”,
  • This blogsite has been set up by a growing group of hijama (cupping) enthusiasts based in Leicester England, to provide more information and other services as they Sunnah of Cupping (Hijama) Sister`s class. This session will just be an informative. — “Ahealth - information about Cupping, probably the fastest”,
  • sucking") is the name in Arab traditional medicine for wet cupping, where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic purposes.[1] Hijama is generally performed by Muslims as it is a form of medicine specifically mentioned and encouraged by the Islamic prophet Muhammad. — “Hijama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Greek : Gives information and guidance on the theory and practice of Greek Medicine and Medical Astrology as a traditional system of natural healing. Cupping, called Hijama by the Muslims, is the application of suction cups to the skin to draw out stagnant, congested blood and. — “Greek Medicine: HIJAMA, OR CUPPING”,
  • Cupping, preventative cupping, hijama, massage cupping, buhwang, wet cupping, santa fe, abiquiu, workshop, programs, healing, spirituality. — “Cupping Hijama - Clean and Maintain the Cardiovascular System”,
  • Hijama (حجامة lit. " sucking") is the name in Arab traditional medicine for wet cupping, where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic Hijama is generally performed by Muslims as it is a form of medicine specifically mentioned and encouraged by the Islamic prophet Muhammad. — “Hijama”,
  • Al-Hijama الحجــامة. والحَجْمُ : المَصّ والحجامة هي : عملية إخراج للدم من مواضع محددة Some Benefits of Hijama. Hijama is known to help benefit: Migraine. — “Hijama.ppt”,
  • I have enrolled onto a hijama training course, the first in such course in the UK which leads to a certification. I am am very excited about this course. I have set up this blog to document my experiences with the course, and to keep create a record of what I have learnt about Hijama. 4. Comments. — “Hijama”,
  • Hijama is the perfect way to detoxify the body and help get rid of harmful toxins, which allows good blood flow and help nourish the organs. Global Hijama has treated many people with hijama therapy, after every treatment our patients felt very relaxed and mostly happy. — “Global Hijama - Health Is Wealth Please use Mozilla FireFox”,
  • Traditional Medicine Among Gulf Arabs Part II - Blood Letting, Albinali, H. A. Hâyar, Heart Views, Volume 5, No.2, June-August 2004 Hijama is generally performed by Muslims as it is a form of medicine specifically mentioned and encouraged by the prophet Muhammad. — “Hijama”,
  • Find, shop and buy products on hijama at , where anyone can publish and sell products on hijama. — “hijama - ”,
  • Cupping (Hijama) Is The Best Of Remedies AnasibnMaalik y reported that the Messenger pbuh said, "Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama) "[Saheeh al Dry cupping (hijama) and dry massaging cupping (hijama) allow the blood to reach these. — “Home”, hijama-
  • Anas ibn Maalik reported that the Messenger said, "Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama) Hijama (cupping) is one the strongest sunnahs of the Prophet صل الله عليه و سلم, but how many of us. — “hijama " True and Good Words”,
  • 'Hijama' in arabic is derived from 'hajm' which means 'sucking'. Cupping (hijama) is the process of applying cups to various points on the body by removing the air inside the cups to form a Dry massage cupping (hijama) – This is similar to dry cupping (hijama) but olive oil is. — “Cupping Therapy (Al-Hijama)”,
  • Hijama / cupping / tobin therapy is distinctive from the well-known practice of cupping' as it is governed by specific times when Hijama therapy is successful in treating the following conditions: cellulite, weight loss, fatigue, period pain, constipation and diarrhea, headaches,. — “Hijama/Cupping/Tobin - NHNF”,
  • what advise has our prophet (saw) given in relation to Hijama? Anas ibn Maalik (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, "Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama) " [ Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5371). — “Home”,
  • Islamic Remedies, Prophetic Medicine and Healing Remedies from the Sunnah like Cupping (Hijama), Ajwa and Berni Dates, Honey, Kohl Ithmid, Talbina. Dry massage cupping (hijama) – This is similar to dry cupping (hijama) but olive oil is applied to the skin (before applying the cups) in order to. — “Remedies from the Sunnah”,
  • "If there was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is cupping (hijama) Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger pbuh said, "If there was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is cupping (hijama). — “PBUH Medicine”,
  • Default Web Site Page. If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner: [email protected] It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache. — “Default Web Site Page”, al-
  • Cupping Therapy (Al-Hijama): A Cure For Every Disease, Pain and Ailment. What is cupping (hijama)? Cupping (hijama) is the best remedy recommended and used by the Messenger (Sallallaahu alayhi Wasallam). The Messenger (Sallallaahu alayhi. — “Cupping Therapy (Al-Hijama): A Cure For Every Disease, Pain”,
  • "After experiencing my own personal illness and pain for 16 years, I had a Hijama treatment and it helped me to the extent that I could lead a normal life. This made me passionate about it and I wanted to bring it to the rest of the world." These. — “Hijama Therapy - Selma Cook”,

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  • I Did Hijama On My Own Forehead Part 1 Please leave some comments & feedbacks! :)
  • SEVEN pt 24. Blood Letting Activation Lateefa Hijama Cupping Chines Medicine Accupuncture Chakra Level 7 Ascension Activation. Connecting you to your higher self in the 7th Heaven and the 7th inner Earth. Mystery School Teaching of the Number Seven. Allah is the Creator of the Seven Heavens and of the Earths the like thereof.Rise of the Physical Masters on Earth. The advent of the final messenger Muhammad of the Prime Creator to mankind on this Planet. All prophets are of truth bring the Light of the Lord in the Spoken word. Listen to the whole story to hear the true tale of our race and this earth. Are you looking for the fractal patter or the thread of life? Do you see the weave in the Matrix? We are all realizing that the world around us is changing, are you searching for something? Keep asking questions and answers will present themselves. SEEK and YE Shall FIND. Salam Peace. Islam = submitting to the Will of the Lord Most High, the Light. LOVE
  • hijama in islam blood donation hurts beach alnefouth paki boys begowala saad cheema from [email protected]
  • final stage in hijama session last stage in the end of hijama session : we put honey (pure good quality) on points treated with hijama...
  • hijama(psoriasis-lower back pain -nervous breakdown).AVI This patient is suffering from nervous breakdown , psoriasis and lower back pain , alhamdolillah , he is following natural healing in our center from march2009; now he feels better, and he just need 3 sessions of hijama per year to maintain these good results (this is his first session for this year 2010)
  • Look at this Hijama Blood! It's different from Normal Blood!!! I did Hijama on my own chest when I felt so pain on my chest. Usually, chest pain is being associated with heart problems but when I checked with the doctor, I have no heart problems!!! So what's the problem??? The doctor just gave me pain killer so that it can relax my muscle. I don't really like to take doctor's medication and I thought that I should do Hijama first!!! So this is the result!!! Too many "bad blood"!!! I was so relieved after I did Hijama on my chest!!! PS: If you DO NOT BELIEVE what I've mentioned about the Effectiveness of Hijama, then BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW with any Hijama therapist near you!!! See for yourself!!! I'm sure you will like it!!! :)
  • Hijama in hyderabad, India Cupping therapy in India
  • I Did Hijama On My Own Forehead Part 2 This video is intended to encourage you to do Hijama. It is not a painful process. It is not dangerous as well. By watching Part 1 and Part 2, you will be able to observe the difference in the blood being extracted by Hijama. The thickened blood which look like a "jelly" is the dirty blood which consist of toxins that have caused the pain. Please leave any comments, feedbacks or enquires. Contact: [email protected] (+65) 97706396
  • Hijama Clinic Remedies from the authentic Sunnah of the Messenger (saw)
  • hijama health clinic 2011-1.wmv Description of new Hijama Clinic
  • MOV01F hijama (2) A Abdul Qadir Qadri Rizvi
  • second stage in hijama session. this the second stage of hijama session,here we see the cuts (very little) we have done on skin...
  • How I Shave the Hair for HIJAMA/BEKAM on a Lady's Head This video is intended to encourage ladies to do Hijama on their heads if they have migraine, insomnia, hypertension, stroke, etc. One factor which hinder them to do Hijama on the head is the need to shave their hair. In this video, you will get a brief idea on how the hair is being shaved...
  • Islamic Medicine: My HIJAMA Experience What is hijama? Does it hurt? How does it help? Subscribe, like & Comment! If you have any questions/queries please leave them in the comments below
  • hijama .........
  • MUDASSAR HIJAMA TORONTO PART2 This is Hijama (taking blood) from the body. Islamic way.
  • Most Singaporeans Do NOT KNOW What Hijama Is!!! :( CORRECTION: After I recheck, we have actually send out over 1000 brochures to Malay homes, door to door. It is not only 500. This video is just to show & tell what we did to create an awareness toward Hijama in Singapore.
  • Hijama on a lady's leg This lady had experienced pain on her leg and asked for Hijama. There is inflammation on her leg due to the clotting and thickening of blood which consists of lots of toxins. Visit HijamaTeam's blog, to find out more of what exactly is the blood extracted by Hijama.
  • Hijama/Bekam on hand (Step by Step) Just to show you how Hijama is being done. You will also get to see the solid blood that is being extracted.
  • a Hijama / cupping treatment in the UAE. Unani medicine is a very old system of medicine which have been developed scientifically. There are four type of treatment available 1. Regimental therapy, 2. Pharmacotherapy 3.Dietotherapy and 4. Surgery. Hijama ( cupping) is included in regimental therapy. Diseases like migraine, sinusitis, piles, back pains , spondilitis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia can be successfully treated through this procedure. Dr Syed Asaduddin Ahmed, unani medicine & hijama Practitioner, Licensed by MOH & DOH Hind Medical centre, United Arab Emirates. Ph. No : 0097150-7243620
  • hijama hijama plays important roll in Septic blood & toxin removal to regenrate health and fresh youth by keeping the CVS clean.
  • Hijama part 2
  • 2nd act of hijama therapy for sciatic and hernia problems assalamo alaikom wa rahmato allah ta3ala wa barakaatoh; we see in this video the last act / seance of hijama therapy for sciatic and herniation problems ; please for rendez-vous or questions about alhijama, or alternative medicine, would you like phone us on numbers: 00212666536785 / 00212649274083; you'll be welcome in eljadida /Morocco...aziz aboumouad
  • Got Hypertension, Migraine or Stroke? So do Hijama/Cupping Therapy on the head (Blood shown) WARNING!: Blood extracted shown. May not be suitable for minors. To show you the points for Cupping therapy / Hijama done on the head for Hypertension, Migraine, Stroke, Mental retardation and to improve system of perception. The more health problems that you have, the darker and more clotted blood that you will get to see from doing Hijama. After going through a few sessions of Hijama, you will eventually get to see your extracted Hijama blood to be brighter in colour. The reason why the extracted blood is dark in colour is because it is lack of oxygen. This shows that this is the kind of blood which is no longer has its full functionality. I consider it as dead red blood cells. Even though our red blood cells gone through apoptosis to remove the dead red blood cells, our body system will never be able to perfectly does its job well. So the dead red blood cells will stay! Also, due to current lifestyle and environment, our red blood cells will also gone through necrosis which means even more dead red blood cells will be accumulated! Dead red blood cells are sticky in nature so once it sticks to each other, it will become bigger and bigger and eventually will block the flow of healthy red blood cells. What will happen then?
  • hijama treatment fazal ahmed from karachi treatment for contact 03219253545
  • Hijama Apprend la Hijama
  • third stage in hijama session. this is the third stage of hijama session , here we see the bad blood removing out from the body ...
  • Hijama asthmatique / ASTHMA CUPPING A CUUPING THERAPY FOR ASTHMA; UNE HIJAMA SECHE CONTRE L'ASTHME... Eljadida Morocco +212666536785
  • Hijama Is Also For The Healthy Main points of this video: 1) Hijama can be done for "body servicing" once in a month, ensuring that your blood circulation is smooth and your body acidity level can be reduced. 2) When you do "body servicing", we will cover your organs, clean them up and again ensure that there is not dirty blood blockages. As a result of good blood flow, your organs can be stronger and more effective. 3) Other than that, "body servicing" can helps you lower your cholesterol level and brings your blood pressure level to the healthy level. 4) You eat good, healthy & alkaline food your water may not be so clean, your food may still contain preservatives, colourings & chemicals which will be accumulated and make your body acidic. Hijama will further helps you detox your body! 5) Hijama will definitely give you positive results even after the first session! It is a SAFE health treatment/therapy! No losing of blood & no scars!
  • hijama (1) in karachi (Abdul Qadir Qadri Rizve) Hijama arabic cupping urdu
  • cupping (Hijama) best remedy for your muscle pain,lower back pain
  • Is Doing Hijama/Bekam Painful?!! In the Malay language, Hijama is called as Bekam.
  • Cupping Therapy UK - Hijama The Prophet's pbuh Sunnah UK. On the Head for Hair loss. This video shows hijamah on the head however the general well being points are on the back. Hijamah service available throughout the UK. Call on 07912862449. Fully trained therapists including female for the sisters. "I did not pass by any group on the night of Al Isra (night ascension), except that they said to me, 'Oh Muhammad, tell your Ummah to do Hijamah.'" Ibn Majah, 3477 Cupping treatment releases toxins with minimal additional stress to internal organs and it directly de-acidifies tissues, enhances blood circulation, stimulates the immune system and reduces stress as it releases chemicals in the brain that reduce stress and depression. It also facilitates a sufficient flow of nutrition to the affected tissues and stimulates the flow of blood and lymph and so improves blood and lymph flow, and activates the function of the organs. Removes stagnation and blood congestion. Beneficial for back pain, arthritis, hair loss, diabetes, sciatica, allergies, migraines, skin problems, fertility issues and more. Call on 07912862449. Travel nationally and doing home visits. Also have trained females for sister patients. Call 07912862449 for booking.
  • Hijama part 3 Hijama
  • first stage in hijama session.AVI after doing massage and chiropractic for our patient ,this the first stage in hijama , we put cups to make suction!!!
  • hijama for varicose veins of the legs.AVI This patient is suffering from first stages of varicose in his legs' veins , we do hijama for him without any hard massage or hot herbal therapy!! We advise him to avoid very hot water in bath or shower ,to avoid sauna, and any hot creams on his legs... we also advise him to walk in salted water (sea water ) , to drink traditionnal made apple vinagare with worm water after each meal ;and of course follow a low lipids nutrytherapy; and low salt and sugar in nutrition...
  • Hijama
  • hijama-6 continuation
  • Hijama Cupping Therapy Training - free eBook http:// Hijama Cupping Training. for a free eBook about cures of Hijama. We want to create as many Hijama Practitioners as possible so that all Muslims have easy access to a practitioner in their local region and help us revive this forgotten sunnah. Please visit our site http to receive a fee eBook and forward the website to as many muslims as possible. Jazakallahu khairan for your help.
  • tijarapages: New Biz: Abu Ahmad, Cupping Practitioners, London: Experienced hijama practitioner. Serving male clients only. P... http://bit.ly/mGZd6e
  • Hijama_Bradford: For more information please visit http://fb.me/LxxHjozZ

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  • “Benefits of Hijama Therapy. The strengthening and stimulating effects of Hijama therapy make it successful in treating the The cups used in Hijama create a wonderful pulling power that reduces”
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  • “Summer 2010 cupping (hijama) workshops for sisters only. If you have a public venue, (hijama) on family and friends inshAllah, by participating in the”
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