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  • Definition of homemade in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of homemade. Pronunciation of homemade. Translations of homemade. homemade synonyms, homemade antonyms. Information about homemade in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “homemade - definition of homemade by the Free Online”,
  • Homemade Recipes - like Homemade Mustard. — “Homemade Recipes - ”,
  • Certified Organic and Kosher homemade baby food, baby products and baby gifts for toddlers, infants and babies. — “Homemade Baby”,
  • Sandra Lee semi-homemade Keep It Simple,Keep It Smart,Keep It Semi-Homemade Semi-Homemade dinners are simple to make and give you more time with family. — “Sandra Lee Sandra Lee semi-homemade Keep It Simple,Keep It”,
  • Homemade definition, made or prepared at home, locally, or by the maker's own efforts: See more. — “Homemade | Define Homemade at ”,
  • Shop for homemade at Target. Choose from The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet (Paperback), Homemade Baby Food Pure and Simple (Paperback) and other products. — “homemade : Target Search Results”,

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  • Home made Matchlock Musket This is a hand made .75 caliber smoothbore Matchlock Musket shown from start to the first firing, taking one month to make. The Barrel is a 1710 Dutch Flintlock barrel by Colerain and was purchased from Track of the Wolf.
  • "Homemade" Teeth Whitening Tweet This Vid To Friends http ‪ Camille Megan PO BOX 494 SEWELL NJ 08080 How to get Whiter Brighter teeth in 2 weeks for under $5 You don't have to wear white strips for a half an hour a day for two weeks! All need to do is get Baking Soda and water Mix them together making a paste dip your toothbrush in the mixture and brush your teeth as normal ! The bubbles from the Baking Soda & Water will gently remove the stains from your teeth in about two weeks time! The second method I did was a dipping my toothbrush in Peroxide! This also brightens and whitens your teeth and you can get it for such a low cost! Which ever method you choose it takes about two weeks for maximum results and it should be done every other day or twice a week! For more at home whitening consult your dentist If you experience irritation, discontinue use, and speak to your dentist! Any drugstore whitening products should be approved by the ADA American Dental Association Let me know in two weeks what you think if it's working!
  • EatTheWeeds: Episode 33: Homemade Vinegar Learn with Green Deane about how to make homemade vinegar from wine, beer and cider.
  • The homemade flying hovercraft Like us on Facebook at on.fb.me New Zealander Rudy Heeman has been showing off his latest garage invention - a hovercraft which takes off at 70kmh. Follow us on Twitter at
  • Top 5 Homemade Vehicles Home Made Vehicles. Here are some of the best clips we could find of home made vehicles. From blimps and helicopters to hydro-gliders. Dating from 1927 to the 1960s. Music - Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiin Serenaders performing In The Mood in the Pathe Studios in 1941. Watch Here: Playlist of our best YouTube clips: WATCH THE ORIGINAL FOOTAGE USED IN THIS MONTAGE: Home Made Blimp (1927) Home Made Aeroplane (1933) Home Made Hydro Glyder (1935) Home Made Helicopter (1959) Home Made Hovercraft (1962) Home Made Car (date unknown) Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Take a look at our marvellous posse on Facebook: And you can talk to us on Twitter @britishpathe :
  • homemade jet engine
  • How to make your own homemade laundry detergent Laundry detergent can be a big money leak. Here's how to cut your laundry detergent costs by 85%, saving you $8 for just 10 minutes' work making your own detergent! Visit for more tips on saving money and personal finance!
  • 3D Printer - High Resolution - Homemade - DIY More details: 3 This is a High resolution 3D Printer I have developed at home. The printer quality is amazing. More details in my blog: 3
  • Homemade PCB Short film about how to make double sided pcbs with good layer alignment using lithographic technology at home. Two things are still missing: copper plating of the vias, and lithographic method for solder mask. The process last arround 3-4h, and the result is very satisfying - One more trick for the Positiv20: - Many people struggle (included me also) how to apply the Positiv20 to form an uniform layer, some times, no matter how clean the board was. I found out some way to do it right so no failed boards till then: - keep the Positiv in the fridge for storage - it prolongs it's shelf life. - before using, make it warm up a little bit higher than room temperature, and shake it well. Holding in hand while shaking is enough to warm it up to room temperature +. - place the board in a dust free and a bit colder location than room temperature, be sure that the board is moisture free. usually if you get it in a cooler place from a warmer it dries better. - apply the Positiv as you would spray painting normally with other lacquers on a horizontal surface, with firm and uniform moves. Apply only one layer and leave it ~10min covered to protect from dust and to let the lacquer to flow in an uniform film, only after that bring it back to warmer place. - put it in the oven to 65-70*C for 20 - 30min and it is ready. My lacquer has 3 years already and works perfectly with this method. An other important note: Do not try to use it at high ambient temperatures, like in hot summer, it ...
  • Windmills Homemade To view more mini-films visit Converting wind power into electricity seems like an ideal way of helping to solve our energy problems. Here we demonstrate three different types of home made electricity generating windmills. For answers to some of the questions on this video see www.creative-
  • Homemade Fifth Wheel RV Camper My homemade fifth wheel RV camper step by step photos
  • Homemade Water Slide-Ron's Slip n Slide (Read vid descript.) - Play classic video games free! Building a homemade outrageous water slide. Talk about home alone! This kid's parents leave for 10 days so he and his buddies become DIY manufacturers of a monster water slide. This ain't your daddy's slip n slide. This is a candid look at youth unsupervised. LOL! Above ground water slide would be a nice description. Oh and it dumps you *over* to an inflatable pool. Trust me... you have to see to appreciate. It's an oops waiting to happen. The guy who created this has his own YT channel. Search for Rondacon. He has posted a full length verion (over 5 min. long) as well as some other outtakes. Enjoy!
  • Homemade 1.8kW Inverter-Generator I built this a Generator a couple of years ago, because we used to have alot of power outages, and I didn't like what I saw at Home-less Depot and Lowe's. Used it several times for power outages, Field Day, and places where there is no AC. Although it puts out only 1800W, its battery-Inverter arrangement allows the gen-set to run in silent-mode (engine shut down). I have about 600Ah extra capacity I can add, so at 900W load, I can run on batteries for about 6 hours (conservatively), and about 10 hrs at 500W load, before the engine need to be restarted to charge the batteries. The engine, alternator, inverter, and generator frame were all found new on eBay. The Alternator, in case you didn't hear in the video (lots of noise) is a 140A OEM unit, and the engine is a Briggs & Stratton 6.0hp vertical-shaft, electric start. Xantrex makes the inverter (a Pro-Sine 1800 with 12V input, hard-wired 120VAC output), and the frame was from a Coleman 6500 generator. Wheels are pneumatic, and the steering mechanism turns via custom-made brass fitting. The engine drives the alternator by a K-6, 6-rib serpentine belt. Engine pulley is 7.00" dia., and the alternator pulley is 5.00" dia., from an old Ford smog-pump. I am no longer seeking suggestions for a its name- I'll just call it my 1.8kW Inverter-Gen-set.
  • Making Homemade Sauerkraut How to make delicious and nutritious sauerkraut at home
  • 5300 Homemade Dominoes My brother Steve and I hand-cut and hand-painted 5292 wooden dominoes plus some bigger-sized blocks after efforts to find large amounts of professional quality toppling dominoes fell short. This is the result of about $100 worth of materials and a whole lot of man-hours. We were happy with the outcome. We tried several new stunts and although one of them failed to trigger, the course never needed to be restarted. For close-up photos of key stunts and explanations on how they work, visit Thanks for watching! :)
  • Homemade Pizza Dough Chef Tony has been making homemade pizza since his childhood in his families pizza shop and now he shows you how. This easy recipe only requires bread flour, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, water, sea salt, honey, and of course a pinch of love. Stay tuned for the next two episodes, chef will be making homemade pizza sauce and a sausage and pepperoni pizza sure to please the meat lovers out there. Hope you enjoy! BBQGuys
  • Homemade Stirling Engine A Stirling engine is a heat engine operating by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas, the working fluid, at different temperature levels such that there is a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work. Like the steam engine, the Stirling engine is traditionally classified as an external combustion engine, as all heat transfers to and from the working fluid take place through the engine wall. This contrasts with an internal combustion engine where heat input is by combustion of a fuel within the body of the working fluid. Unlike a steam engine's (or more generally a Rankine cycle engine's) usage of a working fluid in both its liquid and gaseous phases, the Stirling engine encloses a fixed quantity of permanently gaseous fluid such as air. Typical of heat engines, the general cycle consists of compressing cool gas, heating the gas, expanding the hot gas, and finally cooling the gas before repeating the cycle. The efficiency of the process is narrowly restricted by the efficiency of the Carnot cycle, which depends on the temperature difference between the hot and cold reservoir. Originally conceived in 1816 as an industrial prime mover to rival the steam engine, its practical use was largely confined to low-power domestic applications for over a century. The Stirling engine is noted for its high efficiency compared to steam engines, quiet operation, and the ease with which it can use almost any heat source. This compatibility with alternative and ...
  • Chinese inventor's home-made submarine Dan Chung meets Tao Xiangli, a young man from Beijing with an unusual hobby and a keen interest in nautical salvage
  • Homemade Shotgun This is a fully functional inexpensive homemade 12ga. shotgun. Made from a stapler, some pipe and few other odds and ends.
  • Homemade Bulgarian Training Bag Typical Matt Wichlinski Training session. Outdoor fun with homemade Bulgarian Training Bag and fitness
  • Homemade .22 Pistol This is my homemade .22 pistol that I built myself. It fires Remington .22 blank rounds designed for nail guns, however they work just as well as commercial .22 rounds. The gun is a single shot open bolt design, and was built in a week with $10 worth of spare metal.
  • FREE ENERGY POWER GENERATOR HOMEMADE ( 100% SAVING ELECTRICITY) My videos are NOT invitations to practice, they are ONLY for theory !!! FREE ELECTRICAL GENERATOR Homemade ( EASY ) from a car-ALTERNATOR . [ Also : How to put a magnet instead of a coil .]
  • Homemade Forge - Making a Bushcraft Knife - This is my homemade forge that I made back in 2007 in order to make my very own Bushcraft Knife for the first time. The oil we used was NORMAL MOTOR-OIL. Taught & inspired by Greenpete's video's here on Youtube, thanks to him we have learnt how to make beautiful knives from old tools (metal working files). This is part of the process; Using our forge to heat the steel and then quench it in oil to harden the steel for strength. I documented the whole process of making my first knife at my website here: Also credit to GreenPete for teaching & inspiring me by making his knife-make video freely avaliable online. I have written an article that helps you download & burn his knife-making DVD that he has made freely avaliable, see here: Music by Spiro - Track Featured - Glittering City ==================== Notes to Self: When first published: Views: 205772 Comments: 253 Video Responses: 4
  • Homemade Russian Bungee Jump This group made a quality setup. Curious how many runs it will last.
  • Homemade Synthesizer - KITCHEN MUSIC by Stephen J Anderson Check out my site to hear some of my real music: I got bored and curious at the same time so I decided to see if I could turn my kitchen into a musical instrument... DIY style.
  • Homemade Porsche! Bicycle + Sticks + Glue = Porsche How to build a Porsche at home
  • homemade jet engine this is the latest video, with the tailpipe on. also notice the injectors in the tailpipe, i am working on an afterburner which i will post on here when i get it hooked up.
  • Home-made Mayonnaise Home-made Mayo is one of those indescribable culinary pleasures. If you have a stick blender or regular blender, you CAN make your own mayo! So much cheaper, AND way more delicious, you must give this a try.
  • How to make homemade wine the redneck way This is my first attempt at how to video regarding home brewing of any sort,I will admit I have try and speed up my demonstration a little bit as this vid up being almost 12 minutes long and I had to chop some out. I hope you enjoy this anyhow I do thank anyone for their time and also hope you have fun trying this in your home. Cheers. A very cool related site to check out is: www.how-to-make-
  • Home-Made Pocket Camp Stove (Updated!) This is the newer version (some minor changes) of my pocket camp stove that was featured on Instructables at:
  • My homemade weapons collection Here are all of the homemade weapons i've made so far. And the tests are sped up, just if your wondering. ENJOY!!
  • Homemade Wind Turbine - POC Here is a proof of concept that I did for a Wind Turbine and Solar charging system connected to a charge controller system. The solar panel is simply two small 5w panels wired in parallel to get 10w of power. The wind turbine is a custom built housing with a small PMA motor connected to 24in blades. The turbine puts out about 100 150 watts on average; however I will likely need to use some type of 2:1 gear setup with more blades to get more efficiency from the motor.
  • home made air conditioner make your own air conditioner
  • WristBow (Homemade Crossbow-Gauntlet) Facebook:: My website: www.laser- RANGE is 10 meters / 30 feet! Any questions? Drop a personal message! Selfmade crossbow. Solid metal, as always. Started as a weekend-project, as always. Took 10 days. Every part is homemade. I will show some more details on soon. Bolts are made from Carbonfibre-tubings with brass and steel tips.
  • Homemade Spacecraft - Space Balloon ** I did not make this video ** See the original here - Download the video here - Video from a camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space.
  • REAL homemade Pulse Laser Gun ! in HIGH SPEED ! website: www.laser- Facebook: A FRACTION OF THAT BEAM WILL BLIND YOU INSTANTLY! Never point lasers at any kind of shiny surfaces, animals/humans... Made this one on request. Was sold before fabrication was started. FB my friend, hope you have as much fun with her as I did :) treat her well! Will be hard putting this in a box and ship it! This gun holds a q-switched Nd:YAG laser head. After charging the capacitors (takes about 4 secs.), it fires an intense 1 MW blast of invisible infrared 1064nm light! The pulse-duration is somewhere around 100ns...no chance to get the impacts with a normal camera. Never wield one of these without laser-glasses for 1064nm!!
  • Beer+old turbo=home made jet engine When it gets too cold to race we have to do other stuff to entertain ourselves!!!
  • Home Made Mini Cotton Candy Machine its not my project. please dont ask me question about this project :)
  • Amazing Home Made Formula One Simulator! (HD) This is very much what we would call a Top Gear scenario. A few blokes round the pub having an idea to create a wonderful simulator... and then going out of their way to make sure that they do it! This is the result! Pretty awesome
  • Powerful Homemade Burning Laser Built From Computer Parts Here is a burning laser that I built nearly entirely from old computer parts, power is around 250mW. The power supply, multiple heatsinks, and laser diode all came from a computer. I had to pay for the Aixiz module and LM317 + resistors, but that only cost a few bucks. Before throwing away computer stuff, take a look inside and salvage the useful stuff! I'm also powering my 1200mW Blue laser with an old computer power supply. Tutorial:
  • Homemade jointer woodgears.ca Showing off the homemade 12" jointer
  • Atomic Table : Homemade nuke Its 64 Years Today! (August 6th 1945 - August 6th 2009) Hiroshima, Since the US were arseing about dropping atom bombs and stuff, so we had a go at making a very small and friendly one. Yay! Yay for the world's smallest nuke dead ace films now have prekeyed / pre keyed nuclear explosion footage with alpha channel available for your video projects now at Follow me on twitter on @davideo1 For more information about Davideo videos check out... Davideo is please note that is no longer part of davideo this is now some bogus credit site.

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