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  • Wherever words prefixed with either homo- or homoi- are used in the New Testament it is prefix homo- and homoi- is faithfully preserved in many verbs and nouns which, however,. — “2 MEN - Part I, Chapter 11”,
  • Homoi was given the fire stone by a mother lark as a reward for saving her son from drowning. Little Homoi, however, assumed a stuffy, self-important attitude when he noticed how the other animals treated him with awe and. — “The Young Hare's Good Deed and His Arrogance”, kenji-
  • The Arians were happy to combine 'homoi' and 'ousia' to form homoi-ousia, meaning 'of like substance' They showed that it was possible to interpret homoi-ousios to patri ('like the Father') in the light of homo. — “The Trinity True or False? Chapter 8”,
  • Daily explanation about new words, word origins, slang expressions, etc. from Jesse Sheidlower, a senior editor in Random House's Reference Division. The distinction is between "homo" and "homoi." The first group won, and homoousion (without the iota) was the word that was used in the formulation. — “The Mavens' Word of the Day”,
  • Homoiousian definition, a member of a 4th-century a.d. church party that maintained that the essence of the Son is similar to, but not the same as, that of the Fath See more. Homoi'ousianism. — “Homoiousian | Define Homoiousian at ”,
  • "Homo-ousios," "Homoi-ousios," "Who Cares?" A group of college students was having a discussion about the nature of God. Some of the students did not believe that there was a God (sophomores no doubt!), but most of them had a belief in some kind of God. The discussion was lively. — “June 18”,
  • Their colleagues to left and right do better: routing the Peltasts and recoiling a unit of Hoi Homoi (Jon rolled a 1) Theban cavalry continue to push back and finally rout one unit of Hoi Homoi (Jon rolled only 1's and 2's for that whole fight) and the deep. — “Battle Reports March 2004”,
  • Definition of homoio- in the Medical Dictionary. homoio- explanation. Information about homoio- in Free online English dictionary. What is homoio-? Meaning of homoio- medical term. What does homoio- mean?. — “homoio- - definition of homoio- in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • A Harry Potter - Parody fanfiction. Story summary: Are these all new students? I didn't hear anything about Hogwarts expanding (By the way, "Nova Homoi" means "New Men." An old Roman Latin term for the Roman citizens who went to live in the provinces and then returned to Rome, but generally, all. — “Nova Homoi, a Harry Potter fanfic - ”,
  • Fotolog member homoi's photo from 11/12/09 ESE HOMOI!,HABER SI NOS VEMOS EN UNA DE ESTAS,AUNKE HACE TIEMPO K NO PINTO,TODO ES PONERSE. SALUD. rision said on 11/13/09 5:52 PM. buena foto!! theojomecanico said on 11/14/09 2:22 AM. haber si hay alguna quedada y volvemos a reencontrarnos un saludo. — “Correos - homoi!!! - Fotolog”, .br
  • [edit] Homo and homoi. I have added a brief description of these terms in latin type, though it would help if someone who knew the Really, the Homo-ousios/Homoi-ousios seems a more substantial explanation, so I'm. — “Talk:Iota - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Koi no yona, Ai no yona Yasashi kuhu ratemi iru Yasashi kuhu ratemi iru Anata wa ho nori atataka Anata wa ho nori atataka Ai shya wase arigatou Ai shya wase arigatou Tsuki hitotomoni kisonaka te kitta Tsuki hitotomoni kisonaka te kitta Mouko. — “can anyone send me the lyrics? for the song love letter by ai”,
  • The Arians countered this by proposing homoi-ousios, "being of like substance", thinking that this would allow their ideas to get by. Homoi - like - there's an "i", an iota in this second word. — “The Church of the Advent - Sermon by Fr Warren, March 7, 2004”,
  • As homœ-, but transliterating the οι ("omicron-iota") diphthong as oi, rather than the traditional œ. Terms coined with or featuring the homoi- prefix. Homoian. homoiarchon. — “homoi- - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. home- or homeo- also homoi- or homoio- or chiefly British homoe- or homoeo. — “Homoio- - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • Umra bhar mere dil ko torpae gaa {Amar Jyoti Boruah (Baba)} "Ajoni Dhuniaa Suaali-r Baabe Dukh" (Mur Jiwan't ghotaa ataa hosaa kaahini) 2003 son'r 15 April'r kothaa. Moi tetiaa Kashmir't aasilu. Hei homoi't aamaar gha...
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  • No Homo LYRICS The Lonely Island Their channel: http:///user/thelonelyisland Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107 "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Ac...
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  • Homoi Nvardi [email protected]
  • DaanSterlijk: @verhoek_jamie wtf zijn jij kut hoer ik krijg ten minste chicks homoi kijk hoe je eruit ziet uhm kut kneus ik heb een moeder krijg een leven
  • yudapratama24: Ganggu ah,org lg maen ps juga hahaha yodeh cerita dah RT @nadyaRSKY: Ni org nyebelin bgt. Mau cerita eh dia ... http://t.co/HHNCV7wd
  • Dhana_HW: Ndang budal RT @nayla_qyutezz: Mksud klian opo rek hadeeeh"@ziasxledd: mluncurrr RT @nayla_qyutezz: Kangeen ... http://t.co/KAxZjkdr
  • Silwaaw: @Rekanos @ankkurawr sori rikan tiiän et ne on ihqui homoi mut ne ei oo homoi :)) sä vaa toivot et ne ois homoi ;)
  • Rekanos: @ankkurawr @Silwaaw tehä aina sanotte et 1D ei oo homoi noh ... Explain this http://t.co/gIXzELDl
  • mohamad_rafli: Iyah kek elu :p wkkkw RT @alvianramadhan9: Iyee kek elu ya :D wkwk "@mohamad_rafli: Wah ternyata esbeye sama jekowai rada homoi =)) wkkw.
  • alvianramadhan9: Iyee kek elu ya :D wkwk "@mohamad_rafli: Wah ternyata esbeye sama jekowai rada homoi =)) wkkw RT @alvianramadhan9: Iya nih sby juga disebela
  • mohamad_rafli: Wah ternyata esbeye sama jekowai rada homoi =)) wkkw RT @alvianramadhan9: Iya nih sby juga disebelah gue :D "@mohamad_rafli: Pasti msalah
  • AdeliaSynda: @gandadip setauku kalo mangkel di homoi tuh nggak bakal mau di peluk* -_-
  • shinnnju: @mokko_chan homoi ja köyhien kärsimystä on aina huvittava kattoo vois kattoo innostunko tarpeeks vaikois666muutakikeskenerästdramaashhh
  • GaemGyuRD: oke, kalo inget yak kalo enggak? RT @sehunyet: Okeh,kalo nyasar kabarin RT GaemGyuRD: Tapi aku akan kabur RT @sehunyet: Aku akan terus homoi
  • hekuxisosivat: A system of affinities, on the old Eleatic rule, homoion homoi +, like.
  • racemotaxud: Like by like (homoion homoi)+ though the incapable or uninstructed ear.
  • AnggaaPranata: is molot nyo ? @adedwiyunita Oh haha jgn kau homoi kak:p "@AnggaaPranata: iyo kato emak aku :D haha @adedwiyunita Hah? Hrus 40hri yoh kak?:o
  • adedwiyunita: Oh haha jgn kau homoi kak:p "@AnggaaPranata: iyo kato emak aku :D haha @adedwiyunita Hah? Hrus 40hri yoh kak?:o "
  • HilmiAstor: Rasanya aku homoi
  • DendyMuhamad: Ndak taumi hahaha, yg baju merah bde haha"@AhmadArbyIS: Ih homoi berarti satpammu hahaha "@DendyMuhamad: Gagahko bde weh haha @AhmadArbyIS""
  • AhmadArbyIS: Ih homoi berarti satpammu hahaha "@DendyMuhamad: Gagahko bde weh haha @AhmadArbyIS"
  • leandrovieira82: "Introdução história da Igreja" Homo ousios ou Homoi ousios ? http://t.co/q2FsHqLs
  • hirino00: homoiだった アカン
  • malwaexpress: @JohnnyUtah100 take the pic you homoi
  • ria_asprila: Tidak jngn pcr gue :' @irmaanirmala: @cowarddui @ria_asprila @EkaKuntet kasian km wik.. Pasti eka kamu homoi terus ya tiap hari?"
  • irmaanirmala: @cowarddui @ria_asprila @EkaKuntet kasian km wik.. Pasti eka kamu homoi terus ya tiap hari?
  • life_style_news: Lauren Conrad shopping out in Westwood (Photos): Lauren Conrad spent a part of her Tuesday yesterday going out s... http://t.co/e2fCdu4y
  • aryeansyah: Homoi RT "@akun_KEPO: andri terlambat sampai ditempat dan akhirnya dia di _______ oleh kawan-kawannya."
  • Ramonmeulman: @bjornnotkamp homoi
  • Misucialocura: Como flipaba con el homoi que habia debajo del puente de alcampo y el tag de ahi de estrella que todavia sigue, eso era estilo...
  • JoseJekojones: RT @Misucialocura: y lo que mas me jode es que la mitad no sabeis quien es tag ni homoi
  • Misucialocura: y lo que mas me jode es que la mitad no sabeis quien es tag ni homoi
  • Misucialocura: y cuando a mi me daban chucherias, tag remebe homoi se pintaban tus fachadas
  • Gungwisnuu: Nah"@Made_uli_bali: Cng homoi, yg penting cng bahagia gung "@Gungwisnuu: De homo! RT @Made_uli_bali: :* "@Gungwisnuu: Follow dulu ->
  • Made_uli_bali: Cng homoi, yg penting cng bahagia gung "@Gungwisnuu: De homo! RT @Made_uli_bali: :* "@Gungwisnuu: Follow dulu -> @Made_uli_bali banyak tweet
  • AnhaTrisna: Nenna' :p "@jumardanm: Marah adek @MarsulMusyawwir "@AnhaTrisna: Uketto ko kak Addank "@jumardanm: Homoi kapang @AnhaTrisna :|"""
  • jumardanm: Marah adek @MarsulMusyawwir "@AnhaTrisna: Uketto ko kak Addank "@jumardanm: Homoi kapang @AnhaTrisna :|""
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  • jumardanm: Homoi kapang @AnhaTrisna :|
  • tamamm_: @karinaipopz @ulfarois @ImaMaili @FHMM_ udalah..homoi+poikilo kan?
  • BethaIjhal: @Rhoel_Accunk kau itu sama @faried08 yg si toloi dan si homoi
  • giantheixar: Ikh, tdk mau mmg tong ma dkt".. Hahaha.. RT @eri_the: Klo sa lapor nnt mkin di homoi ko :p RT"@giantheixar: ... http://t.co/I36eak9z
  • eri_the: Klo sa lapor nnt mkin di homoi ko :p RT"@giantheixar: Laporr sj hayooo??? RT @eri_the: Lapooorrr anu. nyaakk ( `▽´)-σ RT""
  • Tuiteroscultura: RT @chillanactivo: Teatro en #Chillán HOY 19:00 hrs Mall Plaza Roble (Familiar) "Agua, Toña y Mati al rescate" Cía Homoi. Chile @biobiocultura @tuiteroscultura
  • chillanactivo: Teatro en #Chillán HOY 19:00 hrs Mall Plaza Roble (Familiar) "Agua, Toña y Mati al rescate" Cía Homoi. Chile @biobiocultura @tuiteroscultura
  • hipsterzlicious: @JeremieLZ homoi non plus

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  • “Thought this was great advice from the 37 Signals guys if you are part of or leading a small team: Less Money, more power Small teams can make accurate”
    — Brian Barela | Ministry starter and Missional entrepreneur,

  • “Forum Main Page. Email Alerts. Pages: 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. All. yep. forget the penicillin, bring The latter with "many lies similar to the truth", i.e., etumoisin homoi (Homer)”
    — The Forum, .au

  • “hey!its valentina aka miss_colombianitaim samantha's aka samxx1o1 wifey! no homoi love dis girl 2 death!she's my best friend4life!i can always trust her with ANYTHING!she's honest,smart,pretty,funny,outgoing,cool,crazy in a good way!,lovable, FORUM”
    — hey!,

  • “Sermons, Liturgical Resources, Photos, and history of Redeemer Lutheran Church Homo-ouisias or Homoi-ousias. And they have ramifications for souls. We have to hammer this stuff out in order to clarify what it is that we teach and believe. It matters”
    — CyberStones-A Lutheran Blog,

  • “Seeing as how I used to be a singles pastor, I thought that I would give you some of the tips that I gave my singles on how NOT to lure the right one to your side. (Thanks to Carrie for her help!) 20. "I am not overweight. The word glory' in”
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  • “WordPress blog about Nomoi. Nomoi. And he forgeth yound r And shall gatise? And the Lords nomo9 nomo8 nomou nonoi nojoi nokoi bomoi homoi jomoi momoi n0moi n9moi nimoi nkmoi nlmoi”
    — Nomoi,

  • “UNFORTUNATELY, the government has found a way to impose it's beliefs by denying the and the Spartan City State (with it homoi or equals and the gerousia or older assembly”
    — USA was founded on Christianity, Deal With It, page 4,

  • “My work as an art historian is concerned primarily with the study of art criticism, especially art criticism associated with Abstract Expressionism from the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s. Rather than regard it as an attempt to offer some objective”
    — God in the Gallery, Art Criticism, and the Christian,

  • “by Marius Felderhof - in discussion with Markus Vinzent Blog / post. Categories " Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Law " Humanities - Geisteswissenschaften " Philosophy - Theology”
    — Introduction to Christian Theology II,

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