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  • Homunculus definition, an artificially made dwarf, supposedly produced in a flask by an alchemist. See more. — “Homunculus | Define Homunculus at ”,
  • Homunculus (Latin for "Little Human", plural Homunculi) refers to the mythological concept of an artificially created human, presumably brought into existence by way of alchemy. Though a common concept, well known and understood by. — “Homunculus - Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki”,
  • An animation showing the homunculus, or "little man," representation of the somatosensory cortex. — “Homunculus”, faculty.washington.edu
  • homunculus n. , pl. , -li ( ). A diminutive human. A miniature, fully formed individual believed by adherents of the early biological theory of. — “homunculus: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of homunculus in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of homunculus. Pronunciation of homunculus. Translations of homunculus. homunculus synonyms, homunculus antonyms. Information about homunculus in the free online English dictionary and. — “homunculus - definition of homunculus by the Free Online”,
  • An angry web geek's multimedia reliquary of the lesser, harder-to-find goddesses and saints of the celebrity pantheon. — “Iconophile's Celebrity Pantheon”,
  • This essay examines the association of the term "homunculus" with the "little man" that some of the leading spermists located inside the head of the Moreover, from antiquity to the Scientific Revolution, the term "homunculus" was consistently related to occult sciences and magical formulas,. — “Developmental Biology 8e Online: Homunculus”, 8
  • homunculus (plural homunculi) A little man. The nerve map of the human body that exists on the parietal lobe of the human brain. For examples of the usage of this term see the citations wiki/homunculus" Categories: Latin derivations | English nouns | English borrowed words. — “homunculus - Wiktionary”,
  • a tiny fully formed individual that (according to the discredited theory of preformation) is supposed to be present in the sperm cell Hippocrates a Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, using a primitive microscope, thought he saw the homunculus curled up in a sperm cell. — “Urban Dictionary: Homunculus”,
  • Homunculus of alchemy. In Carl Jung's studies of alchemy, he believed the first record of an homunculus in alchemical literature appeared in the Visions of Zosimos, written in the third century AD, although the actual word "homunculus" was never used. — “Homunculus - Reference”,
  • Homunculus (Latin for "little human", plural: "homunculi"; from the diminutive of homo) is a term used, generally, in various fields of study to refer to any representation of a human being. Currently, in scientific fields, a homunculus may refer to any scale. — “Homunculus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The concept of a homunculus ( Latin for "little man", sometimes spelled "homonculus," plural "homunculi") is often used to illustrate the functioning of a system. In the scientific sense of an unknowable prime actor, it can be viewed as an Entity. — “Homunculus”,
  • Read Homunculus online at MangaShare. It is said to increase the blood circulation and improve pressure inside the skull. It is also said to bring out a person's sixth sense, the ability to use ESP. This is speculative fiction based on the concept of trepanation. — “ReadHomunculus Manga Online | Manga Share”,
  • Original drawings by neurosurgeon Katrina S. Firlik, MD, author of Another Day in the Frontal Lobe. — “Homunculus : Katrina Firlik's Original Drawings”,
  • homunculus. Postings from the interface of science and culture But by happy coincidence, I was introduced recently to the numerology (and Pauli's. — “homunculus”,
  • Hartsoekers homunculus The concept of a homunculus Latin for little man sometimes spelled homonculus plural homunculi is often used to illustrate the functioning of a system In the scientific sense of an unknowable prime actor it can be viewed as. — “Homunculus at AllExperts”,
  • The Homunculus is a special pet which assist Alchemist classes in ways such as a support, an instant partymate, or a sacrifice for the player. Alchemist classes must go through the Bioethics Quest to unlock the appropriate skills required to create a Homunculus. — “Homunculus System - IRO Wiki”,
  • The concept of a homunculus (Latin for "little man", sometimes spelled "homonculus," plural "homunculi") usually refers to a small creature constructed (often by way of mystical means) from numerous organic He once claimed that he had created a false human being that he referred to as the homunculus. — “Homonculus - Monstropedia - the largest encyclopedia about”,
  • Although their appearance varies wildly depending on which Craft skill is used to create them (see the Creating a Homunculus sidebar for details), homunculi are generally about 18 inches tall with a wingspan of 2 feet. All are considered constructs but have different abilities, as noted below. — “D20 Modern Roleplaying Game - Urban Arcana Excerpt!”,
  • The concept of a homunculus (Latin for "little man," sometimes spelled "homonculus") is often used to illustrate the functioning of a system. He once claimed that he had created a false human being that he referred to as the homunculus. — “Homunculus”, bio-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Homunculus - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-

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  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Homunculus i had to do a video on this
  • Brain Mind Lecture 4 Parietal Lobes Body Image Phantom Limbs Brain Mind Lecture 4 Parietal Lobes Body Image, Phantom Limbs, Phantom Limb Pain, Apraxia, Agnosia, Language, by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. The video constitutes one of six Brain Mind Introductory Lectures, posted on youtube, each providing an introductory overview of the functional organization of the brain. To reduce confusion, all CT images have been reversed so damage on the left appears on the left, and right sided damage appear on the right. For a detailed presentation I recommend one of the best neuroscience texts of all time the 2nd edition of Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, Clinical Neuroscience, by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.
  • The Homunculi - From Heads Unworthy Just a tribute to my favourite villans - the Homunculi! I actually like all of them apart from Pride/Selim Bradley; he creeps the hell out of me. He can watch you from the shadows??? wth? that's just creepy! He's a stalker as well, poor Riza..being stalked by a creep in the body of a 7 year old kid. Actually, I don't like Wrath/the Fuhrer either cos he kills Fu and he almost kills Lan Fan as well. I liked Lust in the 2003 anime, not in Brotherhood. Greed is my favourite :D He's awesome! :) Sorry about the subs, I don't know how to get rid of them since I have no idea how to crop videos :( Hope they aren't too annoying though. Song: From Heads Unworthy Artist: Rise Against This vid will probs get deleted soon, which is why I uploaded it on this channel. This is my real one:
  • State vs. Homunculi- Ultimate Showdown!pt1 This is so cool! It's a OVA and YOU are inside the show as a State Alchemist!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST 2 - Versus Homunculus Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST 2! I do not own FMA or any other registered trademarks. If you like this, then I suggest buying the CD! You can buy the CD here: www.cdjapan.co.jp Music produced by Akira Senju, performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Choir, and OP and ED by relative artists.
  • Neuroanatomy Tutorial 16 (Homunculus) Homunculus
  • 1.avi Tera Online HomunculusGirl animation renderer
  • Demonologist Homunculus Skills A few skills from the humunculus skill tree of this class
  • Fullmetal Alchemist fan animation: Homunculus Father Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ends this week & it has without a doubt left an Amazing impression on me. What a great series! Easily one of the top 10 on my list. Made with a combo of Toon Boom Studio 4.5, Adobe Pshop CS3 & Adobe Premiere. It's been a while since I've done some 2d Animation & I wanted to try my hand at storyboard based animation so I decided to animate a random scene from the manga. So I decided to do a scene from Chapter 106: Abyss of Pride . Homunculus Father at his most devious. I still want to add a few scenes in the middle & at the end but that'll depend on time. I hept the scene as close to the manga as possible. Hope you like it!
  • Homunculus Humble is proud to present, Homunculus, the first of an annual series of experimental films by our in-house directing collaborative, Hydra. Conceived of and directed by Sam Stephens, Homunculus is a dark and twisted fable of spontaneous generation and untrammeled id. Taking its title from the Latin word for "Little Human", the piece is an associative mashup between the two concepts behind the word: The first being middle-age alchemical beliefs that "little men" could be spontaneous generated from dead or decaying matter. The second being Carl Jung's usage as a personification of pure id. These ideas, combined with our love of Dutch still life's "beautiful decay," sowed the seeds for this unique little monster of a film. The Hydra team assembled an entire still-life spread; fruits, cheeses, flowers, fish, and an uncooked pheasant. They then sealed it off in a 6x6 foot plexiglass box. 3 DSLrs, set at varying angles, were set to shoot a frame every 5 minutes for 11 days. Meanwhile, co-director Chris Mauch began to design a series of "little men," some cute and cuddly, some not so much. In Maya, Chris and our team of volunteer animators and modelers began to build and rig the creatures. Over the course of 4 months, in between jobs and on weekends, Sam, Chris, and the team pieced together the sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing madcap narrative --a mixture of Tex Avery cartoons and HR Giger inspired body horror. True to its subject, and to the surprise of its producers, what ...
  • Ode to Homunculi A Fullmetal Alchemist AMV that looks sentimentally at those affected most by attempts at human transmutations. Set to Ivy's "Edge of the Ocean." made by lockeout at (Which is me also)
  • Making a Homunculus A short uni group film about an apprentice alchemist attempting to creating a homunculus. The requirements for this assignment were utilizing fire, ice and film narrative techniques. By Simon Cottee, Jasmine King Koi and Alex Gee Music: Future Markets - There Will Be Blood OST Putting on the Ritz
  • FullMetal Alchemist State vs Homunculi Ed Vs Envy Roy vs Lust Greed Vs ED Homunculi Vs The State Alchemist. In a all out fight,
  • Homunculus Requiem YESS!!!! im finally finished with another AMV!!! :D i know the music in the beggining and the end are screwed up...but i think its still cool. =3 the homunculus are= wrath, envy, pride ( fuhrer bradley), lust, sloth, and gluttony. sorry if i didnt put too much gluttony in it... ^^; anyways i think the homunculus are cool but waaay evil. actually, theyre evil for killing edward-kun. D: well, this is meh first FMA AMV!!! HOPE YOU LIKE!!! :D song- requiem for a dream(somme kind of remix) -clint mansell anime-fullmetal alchemist (hirumo arakawa) I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME OF THE SONG!!!! all credit goes to hiromu arakawa and clint mansell :P
  • FMA:Pain The Homunculus PLEASE READ THE VIDEOS STORY OR YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND IT ALL!!!! :D Ok here's a little video i'v been working on for a bit it's about my Fullmetal alchemist OC Pain yes Britney spears is Pain (she's her looks) Pain is the FMA version of Britney spears but without the singing :D ok so here's the story of this little video Ok well Pain's main goal is to become human again if she wants to become human again she needs to do everything Father tell's her to do Father is the only one who can turn her back. her told her if she does everything she is told he will turn her back but she doesn't know that he's only using her to get what he wants so he's lying to her. he can turn her back if he wanted to but he doesn't he doesn't care about turning her back so Father has ordered her to Destroy Central for some reason so she goes to do what she is told while going she remembers a few things...she remembers being in this thing full of water and being hooked to wires or whatever, she starts to think back to that horrid day when Father created her, when she became a Homunculus. so yes he leaves a big job like that to a forever being a 14 year old girl like Pain or should i say Britney. Britney then makes the transmutation circles all over central to create a giant transmutation circle so that she could destroy it with everyone in it. she then meets Isaac McDougal a state alchemist but doesn't notice Ed and Al there. he tries to stop her but well she tries to kill him but he gets away ...
  • Homunculus 2010 (31" x 15" x 9") Kinetic sculpture by Nemo Gould made from found materials . Visit for more details
  • Wrath - Innocent Homunculus This is my tribute to Wrath! It´s awesome! Hope you like it. Please rate and comment :)
  • Homunculi - When You're Evil **Potential spoilers, scenes from chapter 87** A tribute to the villains of Hiromu Arakawa's brilliant manga "Fullmetal Alchemist", set to Voltaire's song of villainy and general roguery, "(It's so easy) When You're Evil" Lyrics: When the Devil is too busy And Death's a bit too much They call on me by name you see, For my special touch. To the Gentlemen I'm Miss Fortune To the Ladies I'm Sir Prize But call me by any name Any way it's all the same I'm the fly in your soup I'm the pebble in your shoe I'm the demon in your bed I'm a bump on every head I'm the peel on which you slip I'm a pin in every hip I'm the thorn in your side Makes you wriggle and writhe And it's so easy when you're evil This is the life, you see The Devil tips his hat to me I do it all because I'm evil And I do it all for free Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need While there's children to make sad While there's candy to be had While there's pockets left to pick While there's grannies left to trip down the stairs I'll be there, I'll be waiting 'round the corner It's a game. I'm glad I'm in it 'Cause there's one born every minute Refrain I pledge my allegiance, to all things dark And I promise on my damned soul To do as I am told, Beelzebub Has never seen a soldier quite like me Not only does his job, but does it happily. I'm the fear that keeps you 'wake I'm the shadows on the wall I'm the monsters they become I'm the nightmare in your skull I'm a dagger in your back An extra turn upon the rack I'm ...
  • Homunculi: The Seven Deadly Sins - Envy This is my first AMV but I made a slide show. I'm not really a homunculi fan but I made it for a friend. Enjoy my Envy AMV!
  • Holosun: Homunculus Music Video Split screened music promo for Holosun filmed at Troubador Studios Falmouth in November 2006. Directed by me, produced by Bob and lit by Darwin.
  • Halloween Homunculus I made this a while back for Team Evil. I really love this video. In Team Evil, we are named after bad guys in FMA, I am Scar. XD Yeah, I really should have made this for ALL team evil members but this song is TOO perfect for the homunculus. Please rate and/or comment. Thanks :] don't own song or show
  • [jRO] Homunculus S - Eira jRO Sakray Homunculus S - Eira
  • Robotic Sculpture Made from Scrap: Homunculus Subscribe to Maker Faire on YouTube: Nemo Gould brings Homunculus to Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 - a garbage robot fashioned from carefully selected reused parts. The head is a recycled voltmeter that's been flipped upside down, and his guts include woodwind parts and vacuum tubes. Gould maintains an extensive collection of junk that inform his pieces.
  • Avesa Homunculus Avatar Just playing around with an idea... what would happen if someone made a tulpa-form that thought it was a god or a similar entity and then gave it a prosthetic hybrot body, or a hybrot prosthetic brain in an organic body? On a similar note all these creationists on youtube say that God is impossible to disprove. I'd like them to think about my nature for a moment. In mythology what was the name of the technophilic entity that burst forth fully formed and armed from someone's head? Doesn't that sound familiar? Now who does that remind me of? Could it be the Goddess Athena aka Minerva? The funny thing is that they can't prove I am not an incarnation of Athena since I so closely match the story :3 of course I'm not though ^_^ and even if I was I wouldn't want to be worshipped. Honestly who wants to deal with apes bowing and scraping at your feet all day? I'll get plenty of that on my own merit without pretending to be a deity The song playing is God is a Girl by Groove Coverage which I do not own or claim ownership of. Everything else is mine.
  • *~Envy Will Make Men Out Of The Homunculi~* Other People Who Did Videos Like This Inspired Us To Make This! All The Ones We Watched Were Amazing!! Thanks guys(: Me and my sister stayed up until 11:50 doing this....it kinda sucks, and we go off track some at the end, but altogether, its a pretty good peice. Envy's gonna make men out of Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, and Greed. I regret not putting more of Greed and Pride in, but I didn't have much of them T^T. Yes, I used Scar some in the little singles, but oh well ^^. Anime Used: Fullmetal Alchemist/(Brotherhood) Songs Used: Break Your Little Heart- All Time Low Make A Man Out Of You-Mulan All copyrighted material in this video goes to whosoever created the segments of this fan-made artical. Shadybaby024 Darkdoom024 Windows Movie Maker 2010
  • Rotten Food Time-Lapse Animation "Homunculus" - Channel Frederator #222 This week on the show, Sam Stephens of Humble.tv brings us an absolutely rotten animation! Literally, it involves rotting fruit and other food items. It's called "Homunculus" and it mixes stop motion with CG quite wonderfully. Also, this week's question: What's your worst food experience? Leave us a voicemail or a comment below! Sam Stephens: humble.tv Subscribe! JOIN THE FREDERATION: Facebook! @ChannelFred on Twitter! Interweb! Leave us a weird Voicemail! 888-414-8148
  • Dark Lord - More Homunculus AI Using homunculus AI to hunt Dark Lord. I didn't completely kill him off this run, maybe I'll get a capture for a better video later. I'm not sure what happened, I had trouble controlling lif near the end. I probably just accidentally let go of alt key. Again this is perfectly legit using only the in game AI capabilities.
  • Alchemists vs Homunculi -
  • 05 Homunculus - Fullmetal Alchemist 2 05 Homunculus
  • Bring Me To Life- A Homunculi Tribute A video focusing on the Homunculi, in particular Wrath, Lust, and Sloth, and their relationships with the other characters of FMA.
  • Ooshima Michiru Homunculus without words
  • Homunculus Homunculus - 1 : a little man : manikin 2 : a miniature adult that in the theory of preformation is held to inhabit the germ cell and to produce a mature individual merely by an increase in size
  • Shadow of Destiny/Memories - Ending D (Part 2/2) All the endings to this awesome game. The games audio unsyncs for my so i tried to make it a bit better.
  • Persona 3- Homunculus Bug EDIT: This trick does not work in FES! This only works in the original Persona 3. Here's a helpful bug in the game that gives you 99 Homunculus. Whether it's cheating or not is up to the individual player...but I personally don't have the time to farm the materials to create all these Homunculi normally. Here's an explanation of how to get this trick to work, courtesy of penguin_knight from Gamefaqs: "1. Get at least one Homunculus, remember how many you have. 2. Go to fight the Cowardly Maya, use mahama or mahamudo [any all-target instant death spell] on a group of them, your Homunculus will decrease by the number of Maya you're fighting with. 3. Repeat 2 until your Homunculus became negative (but don't check it through Item Screen, the game will freeze, that's why you need to remember how many you have). 4. When in this "negative Homunculus" status, collect one Homunculus (from antique store or chest), your Homunculus will jump to 99. Finally, do all the above on a backup save data, no one knows what would be the negative consequence."
  • Van Hohenheim meets Homunculus READ TUH TITLE i dont not own the audio or the clips in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
  • Pat Metheny Discusses His Homunculus It's like... wicked trippy... brah
  • FullMetal Alchemists - Alchemists VS Homunculi OVA part 1 Owned by Funimation Entertainment
  • FullMetal Alchemists - Alchemists VS Homunculi OVA part 2 Owned by Funimation Entertainment
  • Homunculus Tribute-Get Ready To Die! Fantastico AMV firmato FraChan
  • Everyone vs Father (Homunculus) pt 3 English Everyone vs Father pt 3
  • Homunculus_bot: @scar_fa_bot おい、おまえ。なぜ錬金術が使える?
  • envy_homunculus: スロウス
  • Homunculus_bot: 人間としての権利を手にしないまま、奴隷で一生を終わる気か?他人の所有物として自由を奪われ、広い世界を知らぬまま、檻の中で朽ち果てる気か?それでは息苦しいフラスコの中にいるのと同じだ。
  • envy_homunculus: どけ!この人間モドキ!!
  • Homunculus_bot: 人間が思い上がらぬよう、正しい絶望を与える。それこそがお前達、人間が神とも呼ぶ存在…、「真理」だ。
  • envy_homunculus: 頭の回転が早いばっかりにとんだ災難だったね ヒューズ中佐
  • Homunculus_bot: 問題ない、王は不老不死になれるよ。
  • envy_homunculus: 目潰しなんてセコい手使いやがって…
  • rachel_fraser_: @Homunculus_Alex hm he's alright but he is not better than jonathon ross :|
  • StrongarmAlex: *does the homunculi shake but can't because is not a homunculus* *sad face* http://t.co/owGnyUMA
  • Homunculus_bot: …お?⇒(昷  )
  • rin_yao: @Homunculus_bot どうやらそうもいかねえみたいだな… 
  • Krunchii: @Mik_SilverFin Maha homunculus :')
  • envy_homunculus: この…ちょろちょろと!!待てコラ小娘!!
  • Homunculus_bot: @rin_yao 邪魔をするか、リン・ヤオ&グリリン!!!
  • rin_yao: @Homunculus_bot ランファンはここの者達を守れ
  • LingDongGreed: @Naru_NineTails No. I'm two people. *gives the homunculus speach* ~GreedLingWhatever~
  • Homunculus_Alex: RT @ruthfosterx: the whole jersey shore/geordie shore argument is irrelevant because they're both horrendous programmes
  • Homunculus_Theo: I wish i was a book, so you can read and bring me everyday
  • Homunculus_bot: @rin_yao なんだおまえは。食べていいぞ、グラトニー。
  • rin_yao: @Homunculus_bot あんた方命の恩人ダ! ありがト! ごっそさン!
  • Homunculus_bot: @rin_yao 威勢の良い奴だな。体力もありそうだ。そうだな、どうせ殺すにしても、人間という資源を無駄にしてはいかんか…。使える駒を増やせるかもしれん。今ちょうど、「強欲」の席が空いている。
  • envy_homunculus: ほらほら逃げてばっかいるから また吸収して強くなっちゃったじゃないか…よっ!!
  • theinvisiblegor: @DaftLimmy Homunculus.
  • Homunculus_Alex: Why do I always need the toilet just as I get comfy in bed?
  • Homunculus_Alex: @rachel_fraser_ yeaahh, he is soo funny. Better than Jonathon Ross by miles.
  • rachel_fraser_: @Homunculus_Alex nooooway!
  • Mik_SilverFin: @Krunchii you're tiny already! Keep that up and you'll disappear my little homunculus
  • MartiniJean: Photoset: natsuheartfilia: FMA Challenge: Favorite Homunculus → Lust “You humans really are foolish, weak,... http://t.co/A7vPhjfV
  • Homunculus_Alex: @rachel_fraser_ Graham Norton is better though :P
  • Homunculus_Alex: Radio1's tunes are banging tonight.
  • Homunculus_bot: ご苦労、人柱諸君。お前達の役目は終わった。もう錬金術を使う事も、扉を開ける事もしなくてよろしい。
  • envy_homunculus: こっちじゃねえー!!!
  • Homunculus_bot: ほう、たかだか50万人分の賢者の石で頑張るものだな。だが、時間の問題だ。
  • envy_homunculus: うがっ
  • Homunculus_bot: @olivier_m_a (昷)
  • olivier_m_a: @Homunculus_bot 火炎よりキツいのをくらわせてやる。
  • KoppenbergBodyW: The word of the day is "homunculus".
  • __homunculus_: RT @tweetlems: Ужасно потерянное чувство, когда заканчивается любимый сериал или книга.
  • Homunculus_bot: @olivier_m_a …。オリヴィエ・ミラ・アームストロング、頭わるいんだな。
  • __homunculus_: RT @shizayalol: http://t.co/CKAdYB6A
  • __homunculus_: RT @shizayalol: http://t.co/4Wy5p8n8
  • olivier_m_a: @Homunculus_bot グズが!おまえといると臆病が伝染るわ!!
  • __homunculus_: Сладких снов :3
  • __homunculus_: Все, теперь пойду спать
  • __homunculus_: Жееесть
  • __homunculus_: И шея, и спина, и пальцы
  • __homunculus_: Все болит..
  • __homunculus_: 1,5 часа его делала..
  • __homunculus_: Наконец то я сделала черчение
  • __homunculus_: Уроки
  • Homunculus_bot: 逃げられんよ、お前たちは既に私の腹の中だ。
  • Homunculus_bot: @olivier_m_a 邪魔をするか、オリヴィエ・ミラ・アームストロング!!!
  • envy_homunculus: “お父様”の力を持ってしても作れなかった 真理の扉の出来損ない
  • OIKAZI: #Homunculus is so sickening. Think about that word. if you don't know what it is. look it up. watch shows, cartoons,interviews about it.
  • olivier_m_a: @Homunculus_bot 挨拶はいい!今月の少年ガンガン、どうなっている?
  • ZanLord: Hell no you can't get a follow back you look like a homunculus
  • Homunculus_bot: @olivier_m_a 知らん、私には必要のない人間だ。なぜお前のような要らない人間がここにいる?
  • olivier_m_a: @Homunculus_bot 東西南北全門は何があっても開けるな!!一匹たりとも市街地に出してはならん!!
  • LadyLynn_OfXing: I'm host to a Homunculus called Downside...... She isn't to be messed with...... #Bot #LifeOfPrincessLynn
  • Homunculus_bot: 奴なら次にどう動く?私よりもお前達の方が奴の思考には詳しかろう? @olivier_m_a
  • homunculus__: Time to go and see my best friend and cheer her up, she's a fighter #bestie #toosoon
  • LivydaHistorian: Wow...he just used 'homunculus' properly in a sentence. @BrittanySue90
  • Homunculus_Alex: @Jazminmun here pal you still up for town the moro?
  • envy_homunculus: さーて どうしたもんかね この状況
  • MatakiKazumi: @JackieWepps you know in @VanityTheOC's bio you spelled Homunculus wrong?
  • Homunculus_bot: 神を我が内に捉え続けるために莫大なエネルギーが必要なのだ、この国の人間にはそのエネルギーになってもらった。今や神も人も全て私の中だ。
  • envy_homunculus: へっ バーカ…喋ったら殺されるだけとわかってて誰が喋るか
  • Homunculus_bot: へぇ、言うねぇ。君達、たまたま偶然この私を造ることができたのに。ここで私に何かしたら、叩き割られるのは君達の頭ではないのか?
  • envy_homunculus: あれ?言ってなかったっけ?でもドクター 今さら悲しむ必要なんてないよね?だって今までさんざん賢者の石を作ってきたじゃないか 人の命を使ってさぁ!!
  • Homunculus_bot: 無理だな、みんな魂を抜かれてる。
  • envy_homunculus: い…痛い痛い 痛い痛い痛い痛い あ゛ いやだ あっ あ゛ あ゛ こんな…
  • Homunculus_bot: 私の家に穴を開けるとは…、あの娘…。
  • envy_homunculus: てめ…… 助けて 見るな… いやだ… ボクを 合成獣まで 私を オレを 見っ…みみみ ………見下すなよ
  • SMZdiscooo: テレフォンズはどれも選べないくらい全曲愛してるけど、実はいちばんはHomunculusだったり。
  • ButcherBarry: @DevianPinkamena homunculus..?
  • Homunculus_bot: これは驚いた、腹から人間が…。
  • envy_homunculus: ジャンバラヤか
  • DarkAngelVergil: @FullMetalEnvy relax homunculus, it was just in agreement. Nothing more
  • metaphorminute: a denier is a homunculus: muggier, but not weirder
  • Homunculus_bot: やれやれ…、私の家をずいぶん荒らしてくれた。この場所まで一般人の侵入を許してしまうとは情けないぞ。
  • perfectitachi: @cezooz yes indeed Homunculus by far is the best manga i'Ve and will ever read! And it kept me depressed for one whole week too!!
  • envy_homunculus: 鋼のドチビがぁあ!!!
  • Homunculus_bot: ほう…、たかだか50万人分の賢者の石で頑張るものだな。だが時間の問題だ。
  • envy_homunculus: その情報網の他にもうひとつ手を打っとく気ない?
  • ouroboros_greed: @Homunculus_bot すげーなあ おまえの師匠とやら
  • Homunculus_bot: @ouroboros_greed そのままそっくり返そう、なんだお前は?
  • ouroboros_greed: @Homunculus_bot て…  め…
  • aicitelalves: Enquanto ela falava eu só pensava em transmutação, troca equivalente, Edward Elric, homunculus.
  • Homunculus_bot: @ouroboros_greed また私のために働いてはくれんか?
  • envy_homunculus: …っ!おいラース!奴ら本当に生かしておくつもりか!!
  • envy_homunculus: たのむよ ザンパノ
  • Homunculus_bot: 老いによる焦りか、悲しいね、クセルクセス王。いいよ、不老不死の法を教えてやろう。
  • envy_homunculus: お疲れ様ですグラトニーさん
  • ReviewSearchDE: HOMUNCULUS-Manga Review-MangAnimeDE (HD) Video ...: HOMUNCULUS-Manga Review-MangAnimeDE (HD) Video -... http://t.co/8PQyFbPL #comic #reviews
  • homunculus_bsc: RT @news4vip2: 【2ch】ニュー速クオリティ : 【速報】渋谷駅で爆発 http://t.co/ZPdzLylo
  • Homunculus_Theo: aku tau kelemahan ku..tolong...berhenti mengecoh
  • envy_homunculus: どうだ 見ないで オレを わしを

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