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  • Summary: Motorcycle owners can usually improve those wimpy stock horns, but it isn't always as easy as it, uh, sounds. One horn was purchased in the UK an one in the U.S., so our only conclusion is that Stebel has a serious problem with these horns. — “Motorcycle Horn Comparison Review - webBikeWorld”,
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  • True horns are found mainly among the ruminant artiodactyls,[citation needed] in the families Antilocapridae (pronghorn) and Bovidae (cattle, goats, antelope etc.). One pair of horns is usual, but two pairs occur in a few wild species and in a few domesticated breeds of sheep. — “Horn (anatomy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • French horn n. A valved brass wind instrument that produces a mellow tone from a long narrow tube that is coiled in a circle before ending in a. — “French horn: Definition from ”,
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  • horns use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with horns. horns in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. For a minute it looked like they were gonna start sluggin' each other, but then they drew in their horns. — “horns - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
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  • A French horn Tribute to Final Fantasy VII - Part 1 - by Marc Papeghin Sheet music NOW AVAILABLE ! at this address : This is the first part of a tribute to FFVII I've arranged for 12 french horns and entirely recorded. All the themes arranged and played were kept in the order they can be heard in the game or in the OST. Headphones recommanded ! Link to download mp3 and video in better quality : ( As the audio can get badly altered due to Youtube's compression... ) Audio software used : Cubase SX Video Software : Magix Video Deluxe 15 Horn : Holton H179 My other horn tributes ( John Williams Part I to V, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Neal Morse..) can be found at If your project needs french horn(s), don't hesitate to contact me at ma-papeghin (at) wanadoo (dot) fr to discuss it !
  • The Goat Bagpipes with huge horns - gaida gajda гајда гайда Pajdusko oro Macedonian goat-head gaidi made by Risto Todoroski, [email protected], in Sydney. 1. Song on a billy goat gaida, hardwood sleeved in water-buffalo horn. 2. Folk dance named Pajdusko oro (paidushko oro). Dedo Risto playing high-pitch gaida with frame drums: Risto also makes tapans - Balkan drums - from goatskin, and wooden kavals or flutes for sale. (A note on animal cruelty. These goats are slaughtered for meat by their owners in familiar surroundings. The last thing they do is eat from a bucket of treats. No live transport, no abattoirs. We use the leather instead of throwing it away, as it has been done for centuries by every culture who plays bagpipes from Iran to Scotland. Before casting stones at us for being disrespectful to animals, speak to those who eat factory-farmed burgers. That's a long line of people to get through before you freak out at us. Thanks for visiting!)
  • Vienna Horns Jurassic Park This is an excerpt of VH's brand new CD "Director's Cut" featuring 15 movie themes arranged for 8 or 12 horns and percussion. Get the CD now at shop.orf.at or visit VH's website:
  • Mazda vs Maasdam (ship horns!) Here I'm blowing the Cunningham ferry horn on my truck at the Holland America Line "Maasdam" cruise ship. They obligingly return fire with their Zöllner Makrofon horns.
  • Berlin Philharmonic Horn Ensemble in Japan (1/2) The Berlin Philharmonic Horn Ensemble plays ROSSINI: La danza.
  • Ship Horn Symphony :)
  • Ed Solo - Egyptian Horns Special.
  • Double Horn - Vienna Horn Comparison A short comparison of two different builds of instrument for those who have not seen them together close-up. The remains of my Alexander 103 built in 1954 and an Erste Wiener Genossenschaft Vienna Horn built around 1890. (Miami was incorporated 1896). Please read this iwk.mdw.ac.at - this explains about the instrument length comparisons as well as a clear diagram of the valve sections. Please also download the article by Prof. Thomas Jöbstl about the influence of players on the sound of the Vienna Horn which is also on that page. I will not be so bold as to suggest that one instrument is "better" than the other. All I do know, after studying for a long time under some of the best teachers (and making these videos), is that the horn is still a very misunderstood entity. (My CV is at ). I have kept this short. DO NOT THUMP YOUR INSTRUMENT like I do. It's interesting to hear how dead a Vienna Horn is and how important it is to realise that horns could be called resonators. Horn plus acoustic equals tone. The horn itself doesn't "sound" it amplifies and resonates an air column that in turn resonates the concert hall acoustic.
  • your shirt look like a dishrag luddy was there he knows what im talking about
  • Berlin Philharmonic Horn Ensemble in Japan - Part 5 The Berlin Philharmonic Horn Ensemble plays KERRY TURNER: "Farewell to the Red Castle"
  • BIGGER THAN A SHIP HORN OR TRAIN HORN! (NASA Reverberant chamber HORN) I was told that this is a reverberant chamber horn used by NASA. Reverberant chamber is unique to NASA and the USAF for testing full-size aerospace components at high levels of sound pressure. The noise in the chambers can be shaped to match the specifications of space shuttle and rocket launches, aircraft structural excitation, engine nacelle noise, unsteady turbulent airflows, and the acoustic test specifications required for military equipment sold on domestic and export markets. This flexibility has made it possible for to test satellites, satellite payload equipment, airframes, and aircraft components . Simply put, there is a enclosed room with this horn's opening bolted to the wall with the opening of the horn facing in. They would place the object they would want to test in that room, seal it up, and fire up this monster for a given lenght of time to see if it can handle the extreme low harmonics from this horn. The only problem is, the walls also started falling apart. This horn has a working pressure between 250-500psi. On this test video 500psi was supplied (the squealing at the begining of each honk is normal. There is an exhaust port at the back of the power chamber housing to allow the titanium and tungsten diaphragm to vibrate at high pressure supply). This horn is 7' 5" long, and is 282lbs. This horn is no longer in used because the mortar of the building started coming apart from the testing that was done over the years. This recording was done at Angeles ...
  • How-To Install Train Horns Chris Duke from Motorz TV www.motorz.tv shows you how to install a real 180dB train horn kit on our project truck with 4 horns, a 3 gallon air tank and a 160 PSI air compressor. Show notes & more: www.motorz.tv Website; www.motorz.tv Facebook: Twitter:
  • Delinquent Habits - Here Come The Horns Here come the Horns
  • Horn Guy Some guy playing music in a bike horn suit
  • The London Horn Sound "Titanic" Fantasy Einfach toll
  • Train Horn Pranks Go to " to buy one today! I am using the Shocker Classic 228VX Train Horn Kit. Filmed in Arizona Subscribe for more prank videos!
  • Scaring Tourists With Train Horns In Orlando, Florida by ! scares tourists with train horns in Orlando, FL! Even more train horn fun! Terror On The Streets Episode 10! For more information please check out our website at http or join our forum at
  • Joe Horn's 911 call This was released by Fox 26 News of Houston TX.
  • Alpine Horn Band Alpine Horn Band at the TLMI International Assemblies in Thun, Switzerland, June 2007
  • Tribute to John Williams for 12 French horns ~~~~ This is a French horn tribute to John Williams I've arranged and recorded. It's composed of some of his most famous themes and cues -as well as some more obscure stuff- selected from his scores from the 70's up until now. I made the arrangement for 12 horns which I recorded one by one and finally mixed together to give the impression of a real horn ensemble. ~~~~ If you'd like to buy the arrangement, I'm currently working to have the sheet music published. If you wish to be informed of any news regarding the publication, I invite you to subscribe to my website newsletter at For more info, tracklist and MP3 download : If your project needs french horn(s), don't hesitate to contact me via youtube or my website !
  • Berliner Philharmoniker Master Class - Horn Sarah Willis, horn player of the Berliner Philharmoniker, gives a master class for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 introducing the horn parts of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 and Richard Strauss's "Till Eulenspiegel". Learn more at Working with young musicians and making classical music available to a worldwide audience on the Internet are main objectives of the Berliner Philharmoniker. The orchestra is therefore delighted to support the unique project of a YouTube Symphony Orchestra. The Berliner Philharmoniker's Digital Concert Hall: www.digital-concert- Website of the Berliner Philharmoniker www.berliner- Sarah Willis's biography www.berliner- Subscribe to our newsletter:
  • MOP - Blow The Horns (Feat. Busta Rhymes) 2009 MOP
  • Vienna Horns Back to the Future This is an excerpt of VH's brand new CD "Director's Cut" featuring 15 movie themes arranged for 8 or 12 horns and percussion. Get the CD now at shop.orf.at or visit VH's website:
  • Vehicle HORN Comparison Different horns you can put on your car or motorcycle......or bicycle.
  • The Walkmen: "Canadian Girl" The Walkmen perform "Canadian Girl" live at Sun Studio with some help from some new friends on horns, including the legendary Ben Cauley on trumpet!
  • Maceo Parker-Fred Wesley-Peewee Ellis (JB HORNS) Get down on the Jb-Horns in a Coldsweat,Very Great Funky Show feat.maceo parker-fred wesley-peewee ellis live 1993-88min-dolby digital stereo.feel free to send me a message.
  • Scaring People With A Train Horn I installed a train horn in my Ford Explorer. Here's a video we made at school, scaring people around The University of Vermont. Song is "Tropicalia" by Beck. Check out for horns like the ones used in the making of this video. -
  • Tutorial Diary:: Gold Horns There are times I really regret cutting my long nails. Today is not one of them. There are so many projects that are slowed by lengthy nails. Whenever I look at my hands, I miss the cute sparkly manicure (I really think my hands look manish and gawky without long nails) but... oh well. This project was a lot easier without them. : ) This could be good for Halloween, if you like. n...n These are a custom order from Miss_Gagarin at the ThreadBanger forums. I hope she liiiiikes. ------------ Please rate, comment and subscribe if YOU like. n....n ------------ ***** Music is "Je Suis Jalouse" by Emily Loizeau *****
  • darkthrone - in the shadow of the horns song of '' a blaze in the northern sky''
  • RJD2 ///// "Let There Be Horns" ///// Official Video The Official Music Video. Artist: RJD2 Song: Let There Be Horns Director: Thom Glunt
  • The Price is Right losing horn I think of this whenever something unfortunate happens.
  • Cryptopsy - Crown of Horns None so Vile technical death metal cryptopsy cryptopsy cryptopsy cryptopsy cryptopsy cryptopsy cryptopsy cryptopsy cryptopsy cryptopsy crown of horns crown of horns crown of horns crown of horns crown of horns crown of horns crown of horns
  • Mushi-Shi - 3 - Tender Horns Summoned to a remote village, Ginko has traveled into the winter which swallows all sound.
  • Train Horn Pranks In Atlanta, Georgia by ! train horns hit the streets again with hilarious action all over the country. Terror On The Streets Episode 11! For more information please check out our website at http or join our forum at
  • Scott L Moss / The Alamo Deguello Horns Hear the Actual Deguello (Slit Throat) played at the Alamo
  • Leslie S5T-R train horn & Doran-Cunningham 6-B Ship horn This is the variable orifice Leslie S5T-R Locomotive horn compared to the (very rare)1940'S Doran-Cunningham 6-B WWII US Navy destroyer horn **More about the Doran-Cunningham 6-B** This horn is very rare. Mine and Adam's (Airraidsiren on YouTube)are the only 2 that I know of that is still in use. I just recently found out that a ferry called MV Coho possibly has a version of this horn. Only six have been seen in pictures and in person each one having a different configuration. My 6-B is close to 200lbs. of brass, has a 12" diaphragm, measures 36 1/4" long, and has an 18" bell/horn opening. There are markings at the footing of the air inlet "DD416". This is not the biggest horn made; but is considered the best because of it's sound!
  • Mozart - Quintet for Horn, violin, 2 viola and cello KV 407 - Radovan Vlatkovic 1/3 Mozart Quintet in E flat major for Horn, violin, 2 viola and cello KV 407: Allegro Radovan Vlatkovic, Horn Herich Hobarth, Violin Siegfried Furlinger, Viola Thomas Riebl, Viola Susanne Ehn, Cello
  • Horn Manufacture - Robert Engel - Vienna The craft of hand making Viennese Horns filmed in 1986 by Anthony Morris on a visit to the workshop of Meister Robert Engel in Koppstraße Vienna. The tubes are filled with molten lead and, when solidified, this allows the tubes to be bent and hammered. The lead is then melted out of the tubes for re-use. This was no fast production-line manufacturing, extreme care was paid by Meister Engel himself (with the red pullover) to make sure his apprentices carried on the valuable tradition. The Viennese Horn is the instrument that was used in the times of Bruckner, Brahms, Mahler, Schönberg, Webern, Berg and today in the Vienna Philharmonic. There are enough resources on the web that show the differences between these instruments and the contemporary double or triple horn.
  • Cruise ship horn battle!! THE ORIGINAL CRUISE SHIP HORN BATTLE PLEASE check out my blog: our cruise ship was having a horn challenge against the other ship, i want to here what you thought of this, tell me! yes i know they arent really having a "battle" but still, does saying "cruise ships talking to each other" sound good? no. *carnival elation* vs *carnival valor*
  • Wu Tang Clan - Sound The Horns feat INS, Sadat X and U-God Wu Tang Clan - Chamber Music 2009 KOCH Entertainment
  • Disney Dream vs. Magic - Ship Horn Showdown (Plus All of Dream's Horn Songs) An epic showdown between the ship horns of the Disney Dream and the Disney Magic at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Recorded in a prime location on deck 12 forward during the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Dream on January 21, 2011. This video also includes the crowds reactions (and funny comments) and all of the Dream's horn tunes. Great fun! Please subscribe to our videos at: ‪ Learn more about the Disney Dream at: ‪ Follow us on Facebook: ‪ Get answers on our message boards at: ‪ Listen to our weekly podcasts at: ‪ Preview our award-winning Disney guide books and e-books at: ‪‬
  • Bigger than a Train Horn! demonstration of the two ferry horns on my Mazda truck. The first is a 3-note Kahlenberg T-4 (38" long, 240 pounds), the second is a tremendously powerful 12" Doran-Cunningham horn (12" diaphragms, 31" long, 152dB @ 1m)

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  • “Horns can be designed to have different "flare rates." In other words, some horns JBL and Electrovoice have produced, and do produce zillions of great horns”
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