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  • Enter Product Keyword. OR View Paints by Type. Sign In / Register. Find your model, and we'll find the paints you need! Select a Brand. Ref. No. Find out all the anwers in our hints and tips section. © Hornby 2010. Site Map. About Humbrol. Contact Us. Back to Top. Site by: Red Ant. — “The Official Humbrol Website”,
  • Humbrol - , - Model Supermarket Online shop. Exclusive collectable diecast models & toys: Slot Cars, Kits,Toy Soldiers. — “Humbrol - Model Supermarket online shop”,
  • This is a 1/2 oz can of Humbrol Super Enamel, Matt Finish Marine Green Colored Paint. This is a 1/2 oz can of Humbrol Super Enamel, Matt Finish Ocean Grey Colored Paint. — “Plastic Models Paint Enamel”,
  • Disclaimer: The information below has been obtained from a number of reliable sources, including the Humbrol colour system binder - I have NOT compiled this information myself. These Humbrol colours require a coat of the appropriate Humbrol varnish to match the equivalent of the stated colour range. — “Humbrol Cross Reference Page”,
  • Humbrol Limited was a British manufacturer of model kits, toys and paints, producing under its own brand and the Airfix, Sky Marks, Young Scientist, 1st Gear, High Speed and W. Britain brands. Humbrol was founded in Kingston-upon-Hull as the Humber Oil Company in 1919. — “Humbrol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Humbrol Hobby Paint, Plastic Model Paint - Hobby Model Paints! Hobby Warehouse carries a huge inventory of Humbrol paint for your models or collectibles here. — “Humbrol Paint: Hobby, Craft and Model Paints”,
  • Find and buy Humbrol. UK helps you in your search for by providing you with reviews and low prices!. — “Humbrol | Buy cheap Humbrol and compare prices on Humbrol at”,
  • ShopWiki has 12553 results for Humbrol, including Poly Cement - 12ml, Cascamite Polymite Adhesive 125g Tub, Humbrol Extraphen Water Resistant Glue, and Balsa Cement - 24ml. — “Humbrol”,
  • A diverse range of fantastic models: rc vehicles including cars, planes, helicopters and boats; Scalextric; model railways; die cast figures and wooden models from ModelZone. — “Humbrol”,
  • Humbrol paints use the finest finely ground pigments designed for one coat coverage. Humbrol has been supplying modelers high quality products since the 1950's. — “Humbrol Enamel paints”,
  • Humbrol paints and assessories, Humbrol sets the standard for painting Airfix models, but also a mulitude of other crafts, whether they be paper, wood and more. — “Humbrol paints, Humbrol USA Home”, humbrol-
  • Humbrol number are traditionally referred to in paint instructions of Matchbox, Airfix, Heller, MPM and other contemporary East European manufacturers. In late 1990s Humbrol has moved to the much improved Super Enamel range. Humbrol provides a Colour System Binder which contains instructions. — “Color Reference Charts - Humbrol”,
  • HUMBROL. 104. OXFORD BLUE. N/A. YES/OUI. 1.60. 1.56. HUMBROL. 105. MARINE. N/A HUMBROL. 107. WORLD WAR 1 PURPLE. N/A. DISCON. 1.60. 1.56. HUMBROL. 108. WORLD. — “HUMBROL LTD. Enamel and Acrylic Paint”,
  • ShopWiki has 625 results for Humbrol, including Airfix Mgb Model Kit, Humbrol Cascamite Cascamite Polymite Adhesive 25kg Bag, Airfix - Humbrol Enamels - HUM053, and Humbrol 14ml. Gloss Tan Tinlet. — “Humbrol”,
  • Rund um den Modellbau vom Kleber bis zum Sockel Humbrol. BALTIC BLUE 150ml METALLIC Modellers Spray. 6.95.€ inkl. 19% MwSt + shipping costs. Weight 0.30 kg. Baseprice:38.93€/l. HuE090. Humbrol. BEIGE GREEN 14ml MATT Enamel Tinlet. 1.59.€ inkl. 19% MwSt + shipping costs. Weight 0.03 kg. — “- Der Sockelshop”,
  • Humbrol Paints And Accessories Humbrol Paint Chart. To Purchase paints from this site click here. Clear paint. Colour and name. Humbrol code. Red. 1321. Orange. 1322. Green. 1325. Gloss paint. Colour and name. Humbrol code. Emerald. 2. Brunswick green. 3. — “Humbrol Paints / Glues / Brushes and accessories UK”,
  • : Hobbies, Games, Models, Toys, at Bridgetown Hobbies & Games. Humbrol. — “Humbrol : Hobbies, Games, Models, Toys, at Bridgetown Hobbies”,
  • Internetowy Sklep Modelarski HOBBYSTA, Artyku³y i akcesoria modelarskie: modele do sklejania,kolejki, narzêdzia, farby, kleje, literatura itp. Niskie ceny! Du¿y wybór produktów firm: Academy, Airfix,Dragon, Hsaegawa, Maisto, Siku. — “Humbrol - Scale Models”,
  • View and buy from the vast range of Airfix Scale Model Kits. Airfix manufacture, stock and supply plastic scale model kits of military vehicles; boats, ships and aircraft, dioramas, airplanes, ships, cars, and motorbikes. For a gift, Airfix Humbrol Paints / Accessories. — “Plastic Scale Models The Official Airfix Website”,
  • Trainer Yellow 024 by Humbrol - Flat, Enamel. Content: 14 ml. 1,39 EUR Humbrol Liquid Poly. A solvent-based cement suitable for plastic model kits only. The. — “Axels Modellbau Shop”, axels-modellbau-
  • Thank you for visiting the Airfix-USA website. Hornby America carries the full line of Airfix plastic model kits, Humbrol paints and accessories available for sale in the U.S. market. Hornby America Inc., Airfix-USA Copyright 2008-2010. Website powered by Network Solutions®. — “Airfix Plastic Models and Humbrol Paints”, airfix-
  • HUMBROL Catalog manufacturers > HUMBROL > HUMBROL. If you wish to add several items at once to your basket, please fill in the quantities. Click on '' add to. — “Todo en maquetismo y modelismo ferroviario - HUMBROL”,

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  • Airfix New Tool P40 Flying Tigers Review Kit rating 10/10 Decals 10/10 Accuracy: i have no idea..i know a fair bit about the plane but not the components itself Fit: i havent built it yet but it looks like it will go together fine Paints refer to humbrol i have a conversion chart so if you want me to tell you what you paints you need in any brand i will be happy to help ! happy modelling!
  • Joal Komatsu PC1100 with Custom Detail My customised Joal Komatsu PC1100LC I removed the original stick and bucket and made a short stick and a rock bucket for the model using 0.5mm and 1mm sheet styrene. I also added the following details: cab guard brass handrails hydraulic lines rubber hydraulic hoses lamp details The added parts were all painted by brush using Humbrol Enamel paints and Humbrol Glosscote for finishing.
  • TateShots: Turner Prize 2011, George Shaw Painter George Shaw was one of the nominees for the Turner Prize 2011. For almost two decades his subject matter has been the place in which he grew up, a housing estate in Coventry and the surrounding streets. Every detail is scrupulously captured in Humbrol enamel paint, the kind of paint used by children on Airfix model kits. Shaw's paintings are full of nostalgia for a lost childhood and exude a sense of time passing. More recently he has focused on the grim urban decay that is slowly infecting the local area. The Turner Prize is a contemporary art award that was set up in 1984 to celebrate new developments in contemporary art. The prize is awarded each year to 'a British artist under fifty for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the twelve months preceding'.
  • Humbrol - Weathering Powder - Heavy Mud Effects This video shows you how to add dry and wet heavy mud effects to your model in several easy steps. Humbrol products used in this video; Humbrol Weathering Powder Humbrol Decalfix Humbrol Mattcote Humbrol Glosscote Humbrol Enamel Thinners Kit used is the new Airfix 1:76 scale King Tiger A03310. The model was painted using Humbrol Acrylic paint.
  • FAQ 3 - What paints do you use? Another Frequently Asked Question answered... Intromusic from Jason Shaw / audionautix Theme music from Pictures by BasicModelling
  • RMS TITANIC model kit model kit with improved details by Giorgio Testini. music by Starship Twilight model kit by MINICRAFT MODELS INC. glue by LOCTITE enamel by HUMBROL and MODEL MASTER: propeller: 55 + 1782 E hull: GLOSS 22 MATT 33 RUST BROWN 113 acrylic HULL RED XF-9 deck: GLOSS 7 + GLOSS 22 FLAT GREY 2737 E mast: GLOSS 9 funnels:GLOSS 69(11) + GLOSS 22(27) + INSIGNIA RED (1) + 1742 E(1) capfunnels: MATT 33 + GLOSS 21 acrylic by TAMIYA airbrush by OLYMPOS CO,LTD. modified details: 1.perforated porthole and filled with MICROKRISTALL CLEAR by MICROSCALE INDUSTRIES INC. 2.pulleys boats and pulleys manoeuvres
  • How to paint Necrosphinx? | Tomb Kings | Warhammer fantasy battle | buypainted Tutorial how to paint Necrosphinx for Tomb Kings Army. Materials used: Humbrol Model Filler, Contacta Professional - glue from Revel, Chaos Black, Hawk Turquoise, Dark Angels Green, snot Green, Goblin Green, Scorpion Green, Lime Green (Vallejo model color), Vallejo Liquid Gold (red gold, old gold, white gold), scab red, Regal Blue, Humbrol Clear Green, Vallejo Sepia Wash, Bestial Brown, Desert Yellow, Vomit Brown, Bleached Bone, Skull White.
  • Custom Xbox 360 Controller Urban Camo Paintjob My first controller paint - followed the guide from mycustomxbox. Took around 2 days of spraying and masking, but i think it was worth it! It has 4 layers of paint and 3 clear coats. I used Humbrol spray paint (enamel) as i couldn't get Krylon Fusion. I will shortly be starting a faceplate with the same colour scheme. If you like this, please rate! I love constructive criticism.
  • Easy chipping technique (German Afrika Korps) with Humbrol Maskol Please read the description. The vehicles of the german Afrika Korps in the Second World War were originally painted in german grey, just like all other german vehicles in the beginning of the war (later on the regulations were different). For the service in North Africa the grey vehicles were painted in desert yellow. After a while the yellow paint began to fade and chipped off. Therefore it is very important to add a heavy chipping on a model that depicts a vehicle of the Afrika Korps. I always had big troubles with that, because my Q-tip-method is quite limited in this case. So i used a sponge, an airbrush and Humbrol Maskol to simulate heavy chipping on the model. First of all you have to paint the model in german grey, like it was the case in reality. Then you apply the Maskol with the sponge and paint the desert camo afterwards. It is quite easy to remove the Maskol again, so don´t worry about that. The video shows my first try on that technique, so there is a lot to improve in the future, but i think it is good to share my experiences with you now. I hope this short video is helpful for everybody.
  • Watermelon swirl - Paint testing (not humbrol) - This is a green, red and black swirl ~ It is using differant paints (not humbrol). The result is fairly good and the tests are getting better. I think I need a bigger tub so I can add more paint as this swirl got fainter near the top. Getting fairly good colour saturation though. This one will be snded back down and re-swirled at a later date.
  • humbrol visionRO June 20 10 I do not own any of the music contained in this video, full rights to the respected owners.
  • Guitar Build - Part 1 - Supplies And Stages Please Like On Facebook: Guitar Build - Part 1 - Supplies And Stages Hey guys! I will be uploading videos over the next few weeks on building a guitar. This is an introductory video on the supplies and stages ill be following. I also will be uploading pictures on my facebook page so please give it a like! Supplies And Stages: Plasti-kote Primer Plasti-kote Paint Plasti-kote Clear Gloss Water Borax Mixture Masking Tape Wood Filler Humbrol Enamel Paints Guitar Kit EMG-85 With Solderless Pots Stages: 1. Fill the two pickup holes with wood filler and leave to dry. 2. Use masking tape to cover the neck. 3. Prime the guitar body and neck and leave to dry. 4. Apply four coats of primer. 5. Paint the guitar body and neck using the chosen colour. 6. Apply three coats of paint. 7. Fill holes with blu-tack for the next stage. 8. Fill a container with 70 litres of water. 9. Add 0.500kg of water borax mix to the water and leave for 5 minutes. 10. Pour humbrol enamel paints into the water and swirl. 11. Gently lower the guitar into the water and the enamel will grip the guitar body. 12. Repeat process with the guitar neck. 13. When removing the guitar body and the neck, use a hair dryer to dry the paint. 14. Leave to dry for a few hours. 15. Apply the clear gloss to the guitar evenly. 16. Fit the guitar neck to the body. 17. Install tuners. 18. Install EMG-85 pickup. 19. Install bridge and tuners. 20. Fit strings and intonate. (Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of ...
  • Model Finishing Set:Gloss Finish Click above to buy. Model Finishing Set Gloss Enamels. 11 Car/Truck Gloss Colors. Plus accessories.Product Measures:Recommended Ages: 12 years - years
  • Humbrol Crawler SEA
  • End of March Update/ vlog An updated covering: Kotobukiya Muv-Luv Takemikaduchi Type 00F, Five Star Stories 1/100 Resin Yen Xing (G-System-Best), Bandai MG The-O, X360 Crysis II, Humbrol Paints and some recently announced upcoming model/ figure releases.
  • USB flash drive modding (Prize draw in anotation near the end) Here i am modding a 4GB USB flashdrive. Items needed are: Humbrol tinlet paint Humbrol acrylic paint Humbrol gloss cote Duck tape or paint seep exception tape stanley knife (forgot to put in video)
  • Product Review: Spray Varnish: Humbrol Vs. Hobby Time. I just tried out some great new Spray varnishes, Humbrol Vs Hobby Time! Remember, always test it first before applying ; )
  • ACADEMY 1/72 Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-9 - A Building Review Conclusion: I enjoyed this Academy kit, it went together really well, and very little filler was needed. The decals however was the old style glossy Academy decals and even though the majority of the decals settled nicely using some diluted 'Klear' floorpolish as setting solution, the fuselage band di not conform and did not settle properly! I'd still recommend this kit to any skill level, due to the easy build.. Kit Rating: 10 / 10 Decal Rating: 7 / 10 I painted the model using both Humbrol enamel and Xtracrylix acrylic paints, and finished it with a Humbrol spray matt varnish for enamel paints.. it seems as if has worked without and bad 'side effects'.. :) The decals I used were the original kit decals, plus swastikas from an Xtradecal after market sheet. Photos & Infor from Wikipedia Music from the internet (No copyright infringement intended, fair usage for review purposes) All model related photos and videoclips by BasicModelling BMVideos 2012
  • Creating: Jar lantern by Pietcold Tumblr: Deaviant art: filosof- Shop: Facebook: Colors: Glass color red and purple: (Vitrea 160 Pébéo) dry in 24 h and then put in oven in 40 min at 160 C (this in maby not the best type of glass color but it works) I put 2-3 coats of paint on these colored parts. Black color: (Humbrol Enamel/Warhammer paint) Dryes in 6 h and you can put more than one coat of paint. Jar: Inlagda Champinjoner - Hemlagade / Piecarki domowe z warzywami(SMAK) My dad bought these jars somewhere in Malmö.. Music: Home Cooking - Found on Acoustic Guitar Vol 8
  • Rc tank heng long Custom paint job with air brush, first cover with no 26 humbrol let dry, then highlight with no 72 humbrol let dry then lightly spray with Matt black no 33 to desired effect remember little don't spray to much black.
  • Humbrol - Weathering Powder - Dried Mud, Dust & Rust This video shows you how to add dried mud, dust and rust to your model in several easy steps. Kit used is the new Airfix 1:48 scale Land Rover Snatch. The model was painted using Humbrol Acrylic paint.
  • Humbrol Tool Kit Unboxed Romain sets aside his paint brush to take a look at the Humbrol Tool Kit.
  • F-18 part 5 Items use in the making of this Model Revell 1/44 F-18c paints Revell Humbrol (Enamel + Acrylic) Glue Plastic Weld Odd Bits Wirer Plywood + 2000 Grit paper Background and Music From the internet Plus a Revolving stand
  • OMC Swirl - RG7620 My very first guitar Swirl using Orange and Black. This swirl was done on an Ibanez RG7620. I think it came out pretty good for a first try. I used Humbrol Enamel Paints. Even though I did practice with smaller bits of wood. This one still felt different since the size was totally different. So yes, I used quite a bit of paint. But I still feel like it came out fine. Song: The Riddle by Steve Vai
  • Armored Core Atlas Foxeye WIP and Finished Display This is my a WIP and Finished display slideshow featuring the Armored Core Atlas Foxeye. This model is fully painted with a selection of Rustoleum and Humbrol spray paints, and Citadel and Tamiya acrylics for hand brush detailing. This was one of the first model I ever built, and I always wanted to return to it when I felt my painting skills were appropriate to do it justice. This took approximately three weeks to complete and is my third entry for the Gundam Eclipse Kotobukiya Group build.
  • Product Review: Humbrol Maskol Give it a try or if you use some the same let me know ; )
  • humbrol visionRO July 17 10 I do not own any of the music contained in this video, full rights to the respected owners.
  • | How to weather track OO gauge model railways In this video from we show you how to weather track by hand. The video shows you what tools you need, which humbrol paints to mix, how to mix them and how to apply it to the track. The video shows you how to remove paint from the top of the rails to allow electricity to conduct to the locomotives and shows you the final product. This is a must see video for anyone who doesn't want to airbrush.
  • Humbrol - Introduction to Weathering Powders - Jadlam Racing Models Learn how to use Humbrol Weathering Powders using exciting Humbrol products in several easy steps.
  • Swirl Painting a Jackson Guitar with Borax Method and Humbrols PART 1 Here's a video of my first swirl. I did it on a Jackson JDR-94 Concept. Thanks to MrDean2005 and the guys at for their advice. Humbrol Colors used: Gloss, Brunswick Green, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 3 Gloss, French Blue, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 14 Gloss, Black, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 21 Gloss, Sea Blue, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 47 Rust-oleum Painter's Touch white base coat Song: Marco Sfogli - Genius. Buy his stuff. He's incredible
  • Kit review: Dragon 1/35 6285 Jagdtiger Hello, Here is a kit review for the people who are interested in buying the jagdtiger kit from dragon. I found it to be an enjoyable kit. Had lots of fun building it. Camo was painted using Humbrol enamels. Mud was from mig pigments, Chipping was done by using a sponge. The paint used for rust effects and chipping was water colours. I do not recommend using water colours. Stick to oils... Images of the kit were from the PMMS website. This model is over 5-6 months old.
  • 'Tamiya US Walker Bulldog 1/35' Build and Review This is my first build and review video to upload. The model was bought online at for £9.96. The model went together fairly well. I rate the kit 9/10 the plastic was nice and sturdy. Good decal print etc. I used Humbrol Enamel Paints to paint the model the numbers of the paints are in the video. I also used: Tamiya Weathering Master Tamiya Weathering Stick B&Q White Spirit Humbrol Maskol Humbrol Model Filler
  • Humbrol - Introduction to Weathering Powders This is the first of four Humbrol Weathering Powder videos. Learn how to use Humbrol Weathering Powders using exciting Humbrol products in several easy steps. Kit used is the new Airfix 1:48 scale Land Rover Snatch. The model was painted using Humbrol Acrylic paint.
  • FLUORESCENT RED (FS 28915) 1/2 oz Enamel Paint Bottle Click above to buy. Model Master FS Enamels System professional hobby enamels are guaranteed to match corresponding US Government Federal Standard (FS) military colors. It is the most complete system of authentic military paints available today.
  • unboxing humbrol New Project
  • Swirling a guitar Dustbin, box of borax, humbrol enamel paints straight from the pot, not diluted, swirl around & dip in.
  • Humbrol's intro The first scene for an animation I have been working on.
  • Working the Zimmerit with Pigments Working with pigments on Zimmerit damaged using Humbrol #128 (Satin grey US), pigments whithe and red-english with Enamel Thinner (Humbrol too). This is part of my work with my Tiger I, M. Wittmann ----------------------------------------------------------------- By: rtvmodeler - Mexico http
  • Swirl Painting a Jackson Guitar with Borax Method and Humbrols PART 2 Here's a video of my first swirl. I did it on a Jackson JDR-94 Concept. Thanks to MrDean2005 and the guys at for their advice. Humbrol Colors used: Gloss, Brunswick Green, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 3 Gloss, French Blue, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 14 Gloss, Black, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 21 Gloss, Sea Blue, Enamel, 14ML, Shade 47 Rust-oleum Painter's Touch white base coat Bought the decal from Best- Song: Jakub Żytecki - Energy Of Consciousness. Check out his band Disperse.
  • Mantic Zombies A few zombies from the Mantic Kings Of War range. I undercoated the bare plastic Humbrol Dark Brown Acrylic Spray and used Vallejo paints on the rest. If you have never tried Vallejo paint then please do. There are hundreds of colours, the eye-dropper bottle is a godsend and the paint never seems to dry out. Maybe I got lucky though. These 20 models took literally a few hours to paint with the help of a hair dryer. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video.
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  • ventechaud: Humbrol AA1496 Pas GRIS 28 CAMOUFLAGE Matt TINLET NO 1 (14ml)
  • fremodul: @Humbrol hat drei sehenswerte Videos zum Altern mit Pigmenten veröffentlicht, auch für die #Modellbahn relevant:
  • ventechaud: Humbrol - HUM31106 - Modélisme - AB0106Gris Océan Mat
  • Auri_N: Why oh why is it impossible to get Humbrol glue in Peterborough? It's ridiculous. We have two model shops and neither sell it.
  • Razgriz375: Paint a car with humbrol paints.
  • JohnArmstrong64: @Humbrol Thank you. It wa great. Hope yours was too.
  • ventechaud: Humbrol - HUM31222 - Modélisme - AB0222 Bleu Nuit Métallique
  • iToyDeals: Humbrol AG9150 The Modeller's Tool Set $19.86 #Preschool #toys
  • souljacker1974: @Humbrol merry crimbo were is my crimbo present lol
  • Slaanesh_chosen: @Humbrol merry Christmas guys!
  • Humbrol: #HappyChristmas everyone! Hope you have a good day. :)
  • ventechaud: Humbrol - HUM31049 - Modélisme - AB0049 Vernis Mat
  • andrewjskatz: @mikeisbrill Likewise 'flesh' (Humbrol!), which, obviously, should be red (but isn't).
  • class47peter: Humbrol weathering powders - the new addiction in life
  • Jonny622: @__Wintersoldier more paint to look at! I'm currently rocking 20yrs of GW stuff, Vallejo, foundry, army painter, privateer press, humbrol
  • MGBTours: @3468marsh @stockotrader @ProfPeterDoyle @dizzernp @TheRiskMonkey All original boxes, artwork, Airfix paint nos that didn't match Humbrol..
  • ventechaud: Humbrol - HUM31116 - Modélisme - AB0116 Vert Fonce US Mat
  • Hobbyandleisure: Humbrol Enamel Paint Matt Orange Lining # 82
  • TamiyaStockists: Humbrol AV0004 Weathering Powder - Smoke
  • class47peter: Just ordered some Humbrol Black weathering powder, BR Logo transfers and high intensity lights from Replica Railways for my class 20
  • venditoruk: Humbrol Enamel Paint No 66 Olive Drab Matt - 14ml
  • ModellersMecca: New Humbrol Weathering powders are now in stock and available to buy on our website here:...
  • DarAlmarsam: HUMBROL. Dar Almarsam

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  • “Will the demise of the company mean the dicontinuing of the Humbrol enamel paint range? became independent but closely allied with Humbrol and Airfix, and in July this year,”
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