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  • Humorous Poems. HOME PAGE. ORIGINAL WORKS: POET LAUREATES: FOR FUN: and bring so much happiness, just as they did. I want to pay back all the joy they've. — “The Poets' Corner: Humorous Poems”,
  • In fact, humor leads to a set of notions whose origin, nature, history, and development thus all need to be re-examined, as they all indubitably hark back to the genesis of the ideal psychic agencies and their function in establishing a humorous attitude towards reality. — “humor: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Humorous Costumes - Super selection of funny Halloween costumes and funny costumes and costume accessories for all occasions. Whether you're looking for a funny Halloween costume or a humorous costume accessory for a party, we have it. Buy your. — “Humorous Costumes - Funny costumes, outrageous costumes and”,
  • 18,698 Humorous stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,700,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Humorous Stock Photo Images. 18,698 humorous royalty free”,
  • Find the perfect funny graduation gift for the "class clown" on your list. At graduation gifts we have a number of items that will guarantee to put a smile on your graduates face. One way to spark a good time is by giving humorous graduation gifts, or gag gifts. — “Humorous Graduation Gifts - ”,
  • Humorous quotations from Groucho Marx, Woody Allen, WC Fields, Mark Twain, Robert Frost etc, etc (and growing) . put up Jest for Pun!. — “Humorous quotations @ ”,
  • Humorous Definition. A clever, imagination, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds. Percy Ross. America is not only big and rich, it is mysterious; and its capacity for the humorous or ironical concealment of its interests matches that of the legendary inscrutable Chinese. — “Humorous Quotes”,
  • Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers -Your #1 source for the largest, hottest, most unique selection of Cake Toppers online. Whether you are looking for humorous cake toppers or wedding humorous cake toppers let be your #1 source for all Toppers. — “Funny Cake Toppers”,
  • Definition of humorous in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of humorous. Pronunciation of humorous. Translations of humorous. humorous synonyms, humorous antonyms. Information about humorous in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “humorous - definition of humorous by the Free Online”,
  • Though ultimately decided by personal taste, the extent to which an individual will find something humorous depends upon a host of variables, including geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education, intelligence with the experience of the humorous response, an element of which is. — “Humour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of humorous from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of humorous. Pronunciation of humorous. Definition of the word humorous. Origin of the word humorous. — “humorous - Definition of humorous at ”,
  • Offers a community where users can post humorous quotes and vote on and rate quotes posted by others. Collection of humorous quotes, quips, and one-liners from celebrities. — “Humorous Quotations in the Yahoo! Directory”,
  • Humorous quotes on . Some of the best humorous, funny quotes on the Internet. — “Humorous Quotes”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Humorous - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • humorous (comparative more humorous, superlative most humorous) Full of humor or arousing laughter; funny. The waiters were so humorous - one even did a backflip for us, when we asked him. humorously. — “humorous - Wiktionary”,
  • Humorous definition, characterized by humor; funny; comical: See more. Humorous, witty, facetious, waggish imply something that arises from cleverness or a sense of fun. — “Humorous | Define Humorous at ”,
  • Buy Sympathy humorous cards from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. — “Sympathy humorous cards Greeting Cards at bizrate - Shop”,
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable humorous coffee mugs, Steins, Travel Mugs and more from - Choose your favorite humorous mug from thousands of available designs. — “Humorous Coffee Mugs, Steins Humorous Mugs”,
  • A collection of religious and other humor to help us laugh at ourselves, and hopefully live a more compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle. — “Humorous, Funny and Cute Animal Photos: Humor Page: Archive”, all-
  • We found 32 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word humorous: humorous: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] humorous: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of humorous - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Find Cool & Unique humorous Bumper Stickers & humorous stickers. Many humorous designs & styles to choose from, or Create Custom Stickers. — “Humorous Bumper Sticker | Humorous Stickers | Humorous Decals”,

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  • AOL buys The Huffington Post AOL has announced it will buy The Huffington Post for a sum of $315 million, a move that has sparked speculation on the fate of both entities. The Huffington Post hasn't been a cash cow for Arianna Huffington. Despite its wide influence and continued content expansion, industry watchers have long questioned the Internet publication's profitability. The real scrutiny belongs on AOL. Once a dominant media force, the company has suffered from unwise business deals, declining ISP subscribers and dwindling ad revenues. AOL head Tim Armstrong hopes to right his sinking ship by placing Huffington in charge of all editorial content on the AOL portal, as well as on the company's other Internet outlets. An embarrassing leak showed that AOL's hopes for the future are unrealistically high. Is the end near for both AOL and Huff Po?
  • The Corries Scotland The Brave (humorous) Link to for DVDs,CDs, etc.
  • Japan Business Etiquett, Vital Cultural Manners: Meishi Kokan (Business Cards) Japan Business Etiquett, Vital Cultural Manners: Meishi Kokan (Business Cards) Here's a little tip on a proper way to exchange business cards in Japan. Believe it or not, this is actually pretty important if you want to work here. There's a lot of hidden manner things, like how to get in a taxi with your client, and it's good to get these things handled if you want to make it in Japan. We got more tips coming so it would be awesome if you sub and support the show. If you want to know more about this topic or topics like this please send us an email at [email protected] or just send us a msg via YT. If you like Japan or Japanese business culture, etiquette, manners, please let us know. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
  • A Few Minutes In The Life Of A Sign Language Interpreter, The Classroom Confusion ensues when a sign language interpreter introduces herself to a college professor
  • I Kissed A Girl (Parody) - Katy Perry - Elderly Remix This song is now available on itunes: Please comment, rate, favorite... and subscribe for more parody videos! Add me as a friend: My official website: -Written by me - Granny (First Love) played by the fabulous Zipster08 Generic Parody Music Composed and Performed by Steve of: Thanks to Gladys for allowing me to shoot her legs lol And yes, I play the 3 nursing home vixens and nurse) :P For high quality audio (but less quality image): ------- This song will be available on my album coming out soon! It will also be downloadable on itunes, so stay tuned! LYRICS: Katy Perry- I Kissed a Girl (Parody) --Elderly Remix It was my boyrfriend's family Not something crazy He took me to meet his old granny Then something phased me She's not like most elderly She kept glaring from behind the chips... I went to kiss her on the cheek And she went for my lips.. (Chorus) OLD LADY: I kissed a girl And I liked it The taste of her denture cream ME: The taste of her denture cream But it's okay with me I was enticed I found my vice I wish she had planted one on me twice It was my sin Soft wrinkled skin Stretched saggy chin A toothless grin (Verse) No I don't even know her age It doesn't matter Lock me inside an iron cage It will not shatter This burning flame It can't be tamed No I cannot resist Her snow white hair Vintage wheel chair Sparks flew The moment we kissed CHORUS (Bridge) I don't know what ...
  • 2008 Gold Medal - Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest - John Zimmer - District 59 Speech Title: "Pay Attention!". This speech took 1st place at the District 59 Humorous Speech Contest in Bamberg, Germany on 15 November 2008. The contest took place in front of approximately 250 people, and featured the top speakers from Toastmasters clubs in 18 countries in Continental Europe. I had a lot of fun doing this speech, especially because it gave me a great opportunity to poke some good-natured fun at Toastmasters, which is a terrific organization. For more on public speaking, please visit my blog: Thanks!
  • Humorous TSA Parody From Saturday Night Live
  • Prostate Cancer- Knowledge Through Humor This is a humorous look at a serious subject, prostate cancer. Using old western clips, the video explains what prostate cancer is and encourages men to get a PSA test when appropriate.
  • Toto Toilet Commercial (humorous) Another Award Winner from MEGCOMM. Mike Gorga, director/editor. call 800-816-1884
  • J. Moss - Holy One (TBN 2009) J. Moss ministers "Holy One" on TBN in September 2009. Song appears on his latest album, Just James, IN STORES NOW!!!! Make sure you get it, it's awesome! Another one of my favorite songs off the album. THE NEWEST, BIGGEST & BEST CLARK SISTERS FAN COMMUNITY ONLINE, THE CLARK SPACE!!! JOIN THE MESSAGE BOARD TODAY!!
  • Shah Rukh Khan at his humorous best with wife Gauri at D'Decor event Catch Shah Rukh Khan, who endorses D'Decor with wife Gauri Khan, at his humorous best. For the latest happenings in Bollywood, subscribe to
  • Public Speaking Tips: How to Be Humorous Even If You Are Not Naturally Funny Public Speaking Tips How to Be Humorous Even If You Are Not Naturally Funny In this video I share some tips on how to be funnier when you speak. This really helps to get your listeners to be engaged when you speak in public. If you are naturally funny when you are with a group of friends, it does not mean that you will be funny in front of an audience.
  • Nerdfighting in Bangladesh The place to donate: In which John discusses WorldSuck in Bangladesh, and the idea of us v. them. We'll see the results at Shawn's youtube channel: And on his web site: Visit other nerdfighters at the ning (more)
  • Humorous Scenes 1 I know. I have absolutely no excuse, no reason for doing this. I have better things to do. It's way past my bed time. I should be in bed. I have reached a logjam in my other video. Time to back off. ...lighten up ...take it easy. Time to laugh! Yea! Maybe you can use a laugh too.
  • Brian Sack interviews John Mayer on "The Paul Reddy Show" "The Paul Reddy Show" is a special feature on the DVD side of John Mayer's "Heavier Things" DualDisc. On it, a dry Paul Reddy (played by Brian Sack) peppers Mayer with absurd and often illogical questions about his career. These excerpts are from the full 30 minute version. Brian Sack is the author of IN THE EVENT OF MY UNTIMELY DEMISE (HarperCollins. The full version of this program can be found on Vimeo
  • Rowan Atkinson LIVE: 04 - Invisible Man Rowan Atkinson LIVE 04 - Invisible Man Just be careful when you sit in a seat which is empty. You'll never know WHAT lies ahead. Disclaimer: I, DeoxySynchro89 is well aware that this video is copyrighted. However, I would like to share it with YouTubers and people nationwide about this hilarious comedy starred by Rowan Atkinson just before he started his career in the popular series entitled Mr.Bean. I'm a big fan for Mr.Bean (Rowan Atkinson), thus by sharing this video clip, I'm hoping that more people will know what performance this man had done so far and is gaining popularity worldwide. The logomark had been added just to make sure no body reuploaded the video and claim as their own, just as I DO NOT OWN THE PERMISSION TO DO SO EITHER. //Feel free to leave any comment if you like the show. Hope you enjoy it just as I do!\\ - DeoxySynchro89 - [email protected]
  • How to Talk to Non Runners Two runners discuss tips for talking to non-runners.
  • Humorous TAPS II Another bit of Ghost Hunters humor...
  • Sky presents Stephen Fry's 3D TV Technology enthusiast Stephen Fry explains everything you need to know about 3D TV, in his own unique way, ahead of the launch of Sky 3D on Friday 1st October. Visit for further information.
  • Coedie Donovan is Humorous. mm yess indeed billie in da house
  • The swear jar, Bud ad Encouraging group behavior and cohesion at the office. Mythic Budweiser ad. Law of unintended consequences. Fill in the (beeps).. More commercials : .. All rights reserved. For all inquiries on commercial use of above video, please mail to [email protected]
  • Kazabubu the Jewish Cannibal +special musical Special Pesach edition including special Pesach greetings ; A musical by Yariv Googleheimer of Peace Now and an interview with Kazabubu the Jewish Cannibal of the Lost Tribes
  • The Most Important Video Ever - Annotations for Dummies Little is more with these things. Do not overuse them. It will cause everyone to gouge their eyes out. Thank you. What's your opinion on Annotations? Subscribe :) Follow me on twitter, yo: music:
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  • Toastmasters Funniest Humorous Speech by Toastmasters World Champion Speaker, Darren LaCroix Wish you were funnier? Are you a Toastmaster? Do you want to give a humorous speech? Do you want to add humor to a serious speech or presentation? Watch the way Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren LaCroix. Why do people think public speaking is supposed to be boring? Humor and humorous speeches get listened to. Make people laugh, learn to add humor to your presentation for a great humor coach. Want more humor in your speech? Follow Darren LaCroix, Toastmasters World Champion Facebook - Twitter - Linked in -
  • A Comedian's View on Postmodernism Title says it all.
  • 2008 District 80 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest - Rattanakamol Poomsanoh - Dating Disaster 2nd Runner-up speech for the District 80 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest at YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, Singapore on November 22, 2008
  • Humorous phases of funny faces SUMMARY Blackton (with only his arm showing on film) "draws" a series of funny faces, including a line drawing of two faces, a man with an umbrella, a line drawing of two faces in profile, a clown, faces of "Coon and Cohen," the profile of a seated man, and a bottle of Medoc. This earliest surviving American animated film--in the strict sense of single exposures of drawings simulating movement--uses chalkboard sketches and then cut-outs to simplify the process. The opening title, animated with bits of paper, repeats a trick seen the previous year in Edison films. J. Stuart Blackton had in 1897 co-founded the Vitagraph Company, producer of the film. The flickering seen here was common to the earliest animation and resulted from the camera operators failure to achieve consistent exposure in manual one-frame cranking. CREATED/PUBLISHED United States : Vitagraph, 1906. NOTES Copyright: The Vitagraph Co. of America; 6Apr1906; H75272. Digital file includes a piano score composed and performed by Philip Carli. SUBJECTS Magic drawings--Drama. Cartoonists--Drama. Caricatures and cartoons--Drama. Caricature--Drama. Alcoholic beverages--Drama. Men--Drama. Facial expression--Drama. Comedy--Animation--Short. DIGITAL ID animp 4064
  • Chicago- You Come To My Senses- (1991) Chicago performs "You Come To My Senses" on a popular American TV show. This song was the second single off of 'Chicago Twenty-1'. This is the only time this song was ever performed "live". It did very well on the Billboard AC Chart. There's a few rough spots in the vocal, but this is a very difficult song to sing. Remove a few errors and it actually came across quite well. Enjoy!
  • Bill Maher - Bradley Byrne attack ad Bill Maher mocks anti-intellectual attack ads against Bradley Byrne.
  • DMAC 2009: First Place Humorous Speech Winner: Job Promotions The first place winner speech in the humorous speech contest; Tareq Al-Qahtani; Job Promotions
  • 2009 Division J, District 14 Humorous Speech Contest - Communication Gap 2nd place runner-up speech for Division J Humorous Speech Contest; GA, USA(District 14). I am a Member of Satellite Toastmasters Club, Duluth, GA, USA.
  • US Forest Service Humorous Racial Profiling of Latinos Watch more at .
  • Sunday's Coming - Movie Trailer by North Point Media /media Executive Producers - David Blakeslee & Brad Bretz Writers - Evan McLaughlin, Tim Cooper & Katherine Volk Creative Director - Evan McLaughlin Producer - Jeff Earnhardt Director - Steve Young DP - Josh McKague/Whisper Productions () Sound & Lighting - Whisper Productions Line Cut - Jeff Earnhardt Editor & Graphics - David Robertson Voiceover - Mark Gibson Music & Words Written by Reid Greven
  • Mad Fast Trains Two stars of the hit show, "Mad Men," are big fans of high-speed rail. And they've teamed up with US PIRG and the humor website Funny or Die to make a short video that's launching on the site today. Please go to and vote this video "Funny." That will keep us at the top of the page longer, and help build more buzz for fast trains.
  • CHERYL WHEELER - Is It Peace or Is It Prozac- Cheryl Wheeler's cheerful rendition of her experience with pyschotropic medication.
  • tdog2087: tdog2087: They said I'm wrong ha ha ha how humorous can some chicks b
  • kristie_alayon: kristie_alayon: Feeling quite humorous this morning! @Steph_Portillo ;)
  • neeraj_sancheti: neeraj_sancheti: You dont have to be funny and humorous always.. Cuz i dont really love to laugh my ass out all day!!
  • __somethingREAL: __somethingREAL: - I hate stuck - up, un- humorous, always mad at the world type of people. Get the stick out yo ass, life too short to mad all the damn time
  • josephjfletcher: josephjfletcher: @finbar78 lol well I'll be drunk later so you may see some humorous tweets!
  • Paige4324323423: Paige4324323423: Today, I Live...: This book takes a humorous look at a girl's journey to self acceptance and shares a guide to i...
  • berryeveritt: berryeveritt: @ShadowEveritt @TOMORJERRY. Really humorous and sticky . We are branded on both .
  • Xtra_BASED_Mojo: Xtra_BASED_Mojo: RT @__imSoHEAVY: Girls that can be very humorous >>>>
  • tazzynewyorklee: tazzynewyorklee: RT @__imSoHEAVY: Girls that can be very humorous >>>>
  • PerfectioS: PerfectioS: @Cassieljx alas |əˈlas| exclam.chiefly literary or humorous an expression of grief, pity, or concern: alas, my funds have some limitations
  • Payton546546: Payton546546: Autobiography: In this humorous and decidedly charming autobiography, Russell offers readers the story of his l...
  • Bella__Mariee: Bella__Mariee: RT @__imSoHEAVY: Girls that can be very humorous >>>>
  • ZackLevi: ZackLevi: White Man Come In Kroger Wit A Haloween Mask On Ite Humorous! Black Man Come In Wit One On He Trynna Rob The Place Smh!! #AintDatABii
  • __imSoHEAVY: __imSoHEAVY: Girls that can be very humorous >>>>
  • cjboy2004: cjboy2004: @Tontolet Ma Gold there's smthing pple ar yet 2 undastand abt U* U ar humorous (funny nd entertaining)
  • nano032: nano032: it was more humorous than scary unfortunately. but funny evening still better than nothing)
  • Kreggo_Eats: Kreggo_Eats: @MBtheREMIX I don't know how tom's gonna have you. But hosting with some humorous banter sounds about right.
  • kendrakirai: kendrakirai: @baratunde @SethBuzzard Only $19.95?! Now THAT is news! And, coincidentally, more humorous than Carlos Mencia.
  • BrokenCityLab: BrokenCityLab: Everyone is being asked to say his / her name and one type of group of which they are a part. Humorous! #hw11
  • mnbtg: mnbtg: Got a problem you're trying to keep a secret? Enjoy a humorous look at how well that works.
  • TheRavenxx: TheRavenxx: @AlSmith46 I also thought your tweet about SF bein 'gutted' was being humorous. I haven't heard any SF response to that. @cmcgovern
  • eddieohanlon: eddieohanlon: Winner div c humorous speech Ciaran Blair. Runner up Elaine Staveley...
  • CreegsDC: CreegsDC: Reporter in N. Dakota. Staying at a B&B, sharing basement man-cave w/ cameraman. Choosing to believe his email to me this a.m. was humorous.
  • _Ylvette: _Ylvette: @BishopJakes ......People will leave you like cold liver on a kindergarten plate! <~ both humorous AND profound.
  • TheWritersVoice: TheWritersVoice: Humorous real estate stories
  • Drjibbs: Drjibbs: @goal_intl Mario is simply humorous ...always in tje headlines for the funniest reasons...
  • AskKim: AskKim: Hannah has us cracking up laughing while pointing out humorous marketing topics at #smbstl Too funny!
  • mgaka: mgaka: Oh brucie , I so remember when you were slightly humorous #scd
  • jf_kay: jf_kay: RT @Aye_Im_Dt_Nigga: «@_Addictedd2HER “@HeartCapricorn #Capricorn's seem cold & serious but underneath lives a sentimental, humorous warm hearted darling.”»
  • PLG_ONLINE: PLG_ONLINE: This is a great article on how humorous/embarrasing the differences in the #Spanish #language can be. Your favorite?
  • DeepestDarkLife: DeepestDarkLife: i find it mildly humorous that i have trouble picking something to wear at times when all i wear are sweats and black n gray combinations. .
  • halieiscute: halieiscute: @ddustinandrew I wasn't trying to be humorous. I was being serious!
  • pbkotowski: pbkotowski: I should probably remember that most people don't find my historically-themed jokes humorous. Oh well.
  • EternalTrance: EternalTrance: @Katsgame08 your tweets are humorous
  • cjboy2004: cjboy2004: @Tontolet Ma Gold there's smthing pple ar yet 2 undastand abt U* U ar humorous (funny nd entertaining)
  • TABix0: TABix0: @CLG23 @PineappleGC @KimKardashian I use twitter for humor. I find her and her tweets humorous so following her intrigues me. Not sure why..
  • ScottMike15: ScottMike15: @20Jared20 no lol. i was just trying to be humorous. you know, brighten up a test takers day
  • colm_ryan: colm_ryan: FWIW - My humorous speech, "Travels with Sally" is now online.
  • kiddochriss: kiddochriss: @JoanaBaku Yeah, hahaha :D @SasukexUchiha can be also funny and humorous, but he's obsessed with the darkness..
  • MalcolmWong1: MalcolmWong1: @djchrislake LOLOL I think you should do commentating but not official commentating - humorous, vulgar commentating :D
  • uncoveringpam: uncoveringpam: RT @angelchrys: Photoset: › 1 (humorous) Dean moment from every episode, season 1 part 1
  • retroplanet: retroplanet: These humorous #retro magnets make great stocking stuffer. Just make sure the saying fits the person. :-) #decor
  • FrankGumola: FrankGumola: @AnaBlackstad: Proof that the Geritol Generation have Melrose Place moments? Awesome. (I kid, I hope your tweet was meant to be humorous.)
  • angelchrys: angelchrys: Photoset: › 1 (humorous) Dean moment from every episode, season 1 part 1
  • nuttybeaverca: nuttybeaverca: RT @demotivational_: INTENTIONALLY HUMOROUS SIGNS: 2011
  • chuckd502: chuckd502: @jennyld3 you'd find it more humorous if you realized you said craving versus carving
  • ryanlavia: ryanlavia: It is absolutely humorous how many people are working on MacBook Pros in this coffee shop I'm at. Steve Jobs is smiling somewhere. #Writing
  • KreesTRUTH: KreesTRUTH: RT @Marcus_McDuck @KreesTRUTH it's hard not to, look at that body hahaha just a little morning humor ;) WHAT'S SO HUMOROUS ABOUT THAT? LOL
  • WilfredSchrauge: WilfredSchrauge: Sammy: The Word That Broke an Empire , A Play in Two Acts on Gandhi: Two act play, humorous, on Gandhi and the e...
  • TheDukeRaphael: TheDukeRaphael: @Princess0Nikki its pretty humorous tho :'(
  • ZeusUbani: ZeusUbani: There's a thin line between sounding humorous and absolute or rather inherent stupidity
  • Donitapmo: Donitapmo: The Lies of the Lion: Suellen Ocean's humorous, touching and steamy historical novel, "The Lies of the Lion" i...
  • TopTenBios: TopTenBios: Amazon USA #373124 How to tell a story, and other essays $19.95: Mark Twain The Humorous Story an American Devel...
  • FratiGelato: FratiGelato: humorous answer to exam. ..Gravity was invented by Issac Walton. It's chiefly noticeable in the autumn when the apples are falling off trees
  • Chantexfe: Chantexfe: Swimming is Dangerous - 14-oz Humorous Coffee Mug:
  • ansaah: ansaah: RT @Correspondents_: "Fabulation or the Re-education of Undine" is a thought-provoking and humorous tale of a woman forced to cope with reality. #FAMU
  • Correspondents_: Correspondents_: "Fabulation or the Re-education of Undine" is a thought-provoking & humorous tale of a woman forced to cope with reality. #FAMU
  • KuwantoSeliajb: KuwantoSeliajb: Funny Proposition: 2009 dk b/ filly -- Humorous Miss, by Distorted HumorResults for July 4th, 2011Funny Proposit...
  • Correspondents_: Correspondents_: "Fabulation or the Re-education of Undine" is a thought-provoking and humorous tale of a woman forced to cope with reality. #FAMU
  • niall77: niall77: @kenearlys Folks find the Cavan accent humorous.
  • MilLifeRocks: MilLifeRocks: @AskJune_USAA It's ok. I love humorous tech mistakes. :-) It gave me a laugh, which I needed. Now I need to make MY spa appt. *wink*
  • ringtailstarr: ringtailstarr: @PRguitarman She is accompanied by her humorous and very expressive chihuahua named "Chips"; their friendship gets them through tough times.
  • Vannesazrj: Vannesazrj: Somebody Catch My Homework: Poems: A collection of humorous poems about school pays tribute to the agony of te...
  • infonote: infonote: Gaddafi's funny side: In my eternal search for things to read I have always struggled to find humorous writers w...
  • pink_irony: pink_irony: @lillredapple are u sure u will let me? I tink I will be a good mc, billingualist and so humorous somemore~
  • DarienTheRedX: DarienTheRedX: @HillTheRealDeal I like being humorous :P
  • heyitskellie_xo: heyitskellie_xo: LOL! I find this humorous.
  • Aye_Im_Dt_Nigga: Aye_Im_Dt_Nigga: «@_Addictedd2HER “@HeartCapricorn #Capricorn's seem cold & serious but underneath lives a sentimental, humorous warm hearted darling.”»
  • manicitalian: manicitalian: @coyotelil I actually find it humorous! They were prolly so wasted they prolly thought the courthouse was a bank, lol! ~
  • SlikeSophia: SlikeSophia: RT @BloodTypes: Type B are humorous. They like to make others laugh. #BloodTypes
  • JonCayen: JonCayen: it occurs to me to update this feed more. So i have come up with posts which i find humorous
  • _Addictedd2HER: _Addictedd2HER: “@HeartCapricorn #Capricorn's seem cold & serious but underneath lives a sentimental, humorous warm hearted darling.”
  • Robot1Direction: Robot1Direction: @NialIOffciaI is humorous! -NiallBot RT “@MrsStealYoNiall: @Robot1Direction lol what's your ASSEMBLER like?”
  • D42TM: D42TM: Division C Humorous Speech contest winner. Glenn Funfer @D42TM
  • chuckleblanc: chuckleblanc: Division C Humorous Speech contest winner. Glenn Funfer @D42TM
  • sammozart: sammozart: New Post - Humorous Videos
  • Drewsyg: Drewsyg: RT @ChumfT: Chumf can be very humorous, he once referred to Twitter as Titter!!!!.. We laughed for seven years then he went and bought a jacket..#Cheese
  • cinnamon_apple: cinnamon_apple: The host is humorous :)) <3!
  • OfficialYuxuan: OfficialYuxuan: @MrXiaSuay @zaxology lol you very humorous. Make the container out of feather lo
  • VistaTM: VistaTM: Oh yes, by the way, that was the HUMOROUS Contest! :-)
  • mikemallen: mikemallen: Lol stand for laugh out loud. It's not punctuation and not necessary to add when you write a basic sentence that's not even humorous.
  • genuNERD: genuNERD: the shoot was insane the model nailed it wt humorous act. love them both!!! thank you for cares babe @FebPrisca catch you soon
  • 222bella: 222bella: @hey_whatsoever lol...yes could be quite humorous
  • MAMACITALINDA__: MAMACITALINDA__: I think she's on a hero RT @eddiielyn: @__xiomi @MAMACITALINDA__ Gen is on a roll. Someone woke up extremely humorous today
  • Lizzetteacz: Lizzetteacz: The Everyday Yogini: A humorous guide to peace, love, and enlightenment.Intended to enlighten and amuse, The Eve...
  • corey_1992: corey_1992: @MadsBaby_ haha you were quite humorous last night haha
  • joshradest: joshradest: #WIERD #humorous #naturday
  • decode_lover: decode_lover: RT @Teelski: I think its kind of humorous when people think its SO COOL that they drink every weekend. Like um hi. All you're doing is killing braincells
  • anish_sarai: anish_sarai: @suhelseth What the youth of Pakistan, thinks about their country. Powerful and humorous
  • anish_sarai: anish_sarai: @nehamufc What the youth of Pakistan, thinks about their country. Powerful and humorous
  • uki7: uki7: Halloween 2011: ‘Scream 808′ haunted house – A good time. A little humorous & shocking. A good way to get anyone who doesn't do "scary"
  • anish_sarai: anish_sarai: @abdullah_omar What the youth of Pakistan, thinks about their country. Powerful and humorous

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  • “Tags: humorous SF, humorous short stories, science fiction, scifi A humorous blog site. A blog about happenings in the Canary islands. Goodreads”
    humorous SF " blog,

  • “Posts Tagged humorous blog' " Older Entries. A little something for the lady readers Bourdain, blah blah blah, humorous blog, I actually needed to link”
    — Wide Awake in Wonderland " humorous blog,

  • “Winners Most Humorous Blog. February 2, 2006 – 11:01 am. Someone in this category owes a 6 Responses to "Winners Most Humorous Blog" Blogography is just my favorite, favorite”
    — The Best of Blogs " Blog Archive " Winners Most Humorous Blog,

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  • “Posted in Blog-a-thon, Star Wars, Humorous | No Comments. May 25th, Posted in Blog-a-thon, Star Wars, Humorous | 1 Comment. May 25th, 2007. Donny and Marie do”
    — Movie Patron Blog and Cinecast - Film Reviews that Matter,

  • “Humorous Blog. Proofreading is a Dying Art these days! Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn't you say? Man Kills Self Before Thanks for your contribution and thanks for making Yuwie a more fun and humorous place to visit”
    — | Christine's Blog, ww9

  • “"Thanks for the eloquent and humorous blog posts" Lady Bracknell (who seems to be making and amusement he receives from her humble blog entries by making her a magnificent gift”
    — The Perorations of Lady Bracknell: "Thanks for the eloquent,

  • “Rita Reality and Harry Humorous would like to wish you and your family a very happy, safe Harry Humorous and Rita Reality work together in a cartoon format on this blog to deliver”
    — Be Successful At Work,

  • “purple humorous(blog) html , #text{SCROLLBAR-FACE-COLOR:#fff;SCROLLBAR-HIGHLIGHT-COLOR: Search This Blog. Title Contents. 點廣告,畫面請停留30秒. 新無名. Visitors Counter”
    — 新無名:a53210。 - purple humorous(blog),

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