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  • A "hurl" is defined on the show as any swallowed food that comes out of the mouth. a contestant hurls while being spun by a Sumo wrestler, and the narrator observes that on a scale of 1 to 5 buckets, this was an 11 bucket hurl. They are usually (but not always) preceded by a "hurl warning". — “Hurl! - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • hurl use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with hurl. hurl in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. She hurled the little boys into the storm cellar and went back to the house for the dog. — “hurl - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • I despise people who go to the gutter on either the right or the left and hurl rocks at those in the center. some terrible lurking thing in existence and hurl themselves upon it. — “Definition of Hurl”,
  • Created by Tom Crehan, Dale Roy Robinson. With Tom Crehan. There is no need to deeply explain Hurl! outside of it's title. Hurl! is a TV show where contestants are forced to eat as much as they can and then ride an obnoxious, flashy-light, spinning ride and then eat some more until only one person is. — “Hurl! (TV Series 2008) - IMDb”,
  • Definition of hurl. What does hurl mean? Meaning of hurl. hurl synonyms, pronunciation, spelling and more from Free Dictionary. — “hurl - definition of hurl - synonyms, pronunciation, spelling”,
  • hurl v. , hurled , hurling , hurls . To throw with great force; fling. See synonyms at throw. — “hurl: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Due to spammers, will no longer shorten links. Existing links will continue to work. HOME API TRACK HITS REPORT ABUSE MADE BY BLUESPARK. — “HURL Make long urls shorter. Powered by Google App Engine”,
  • Define hurl in American English. What is hurl? hurl meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary. — “hurl - definition. American English definition of hurl by”,
  • E-mail: Password: Sign up / New user. The URL compressor. Shorten your url: For registered hurlers: Private hurl: Add to MyHurls: Reduce a long url to a very smaller one for use on Twitter or wherever. Hurled url example: A late night too bored for comfort project by Irjan. — “Hurl your url :: URL compressor :: URL shortener :: Shorten URL”,
  • On the game show Hurl!, contestants speed eat large quantities of various foods and then endure physical challenges meant to shake up their stomachs. The last contestant to vomit wins the "Iron Stomach" award and $1,000. Each week there are new. — “Hurl!”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. a : to throw forcefully : fling b : pitch 2a. — “Hurl - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • We found 38 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word hurl: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "hurl" is defined. General (30 matching dictionaries) hurl: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of hurl - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Hurl TV Series - Warning: This show contains scenes of people blowing geoceries and losing their lunch!. — “G4 - Hurl!”, g4
  • The Big Hurl. Categories: Shirts (short) Shirts (long) Kids Clothing. Hats & Caps. Home & Office. Share Hurl Organic Cotton Tee $26.00. Hurl Ringer T $21.00. Hurl Jr. Spaghetti Tank $23.00. Hurl. — “The Big Hurl”,
  • HURL builds its research program through an annual request for proposals. In addition, HURL accepts funded requests from private, state, or federal agencies and participates in international collaborative research projects. — “Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory”,
  • Definition of hurl in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hurl. Pronunciation of hurl. Translations of hurl. hurl synonyms, hurl antonyms. Information about hurl in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “hurl - definition of hurl by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Hurl definition, to throw or fling with great force or vigor. I think I gotta go hurl. n. vomit. : There's hurl all over the bathroom floor! Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition. Copyright 2007. — “Hurl | Define Hurl at ”,
  • Steve Hurl is a Boston based singer, songwriter, folk and blues guitarist, guitar teacher, and member of Jumpin' Juba. — “Steve Hurl”,
  • Hurl Künstlerprofil auf Yahoo! Musik. Alle Infos, kostenlose Streams, Musikvideos und Fotos von Hurl auf Yahoo! Musik. — “Hurl auf Yahoo! Musik”,
  • Definition of hurl from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of hurl. To send with great vigor; thrust: hurled the army against the enemy. — “hurl - Definition of hurl at ”,
  • Hurl makes HTTP requests and is the perfect tool for testing APIs. Send. Hurl makes HTTP requests. Enter a URL, set some headers, view the response, then share it with others. — “hurl”,
  • Hurl music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Hurl on Yahoo! Music. — “Hurl on Yahoo! Music”,

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  • 25th Wedding Anniversary of beautiful Sikh couple - Jarnail Singh & Devender Jeet Kaur 25th Wedding Anniversary video Tribute to Jarnail Singh and Devender Jeet Kaur. Beautiful Sikh couple's Silver Jubilee marriage anniversary. We love you Mom and Dad. Romantic Sikh couple. Punjabi Wedding
  • Ill Slim Collin feat. L Boy, Philthy Rich & K Hurl - Ain't goin out like that.wmv FROM THE DEBUT ALBUM "FLY WITH ME" © 2010 Peak Value Music /// Available at i-tunes, musicload, amazon, etc....
  • HURL! Uncensored Cute Girls HURL! every sunday at 7PM ET
  • Is Angel Gonna Hurl? http Angel Yau talks to Peter Bernard in NYC. This is set to air in NYC on the 209 Show this coming Monday latenight.
  • gossip hurl-mad Girls BARF!
  • Fat Guy Nation: Food Concoctions That Make You Hurl! In celebration of the release of HURL! on G4, Phil and Sandy try to find what two foods that you love separately go good together, like peanut butter and chocolate- and which two will make you puke, vomit and HURL!
  • Hurl Birds into Pigs with a Slingshot! - Angry Birds for iPhone and iPad - AppJudgment This episode is about an addictive little artillery game of dive bombing bird on pig action called Angry Birds. BE SOCIAL! Share this video! Subscribe! AppJudgment Homepage Twitter Facebook David on ABOUT APPJUDGMENT With hundreds of apps to choose from for your iPhone, Android or whatever smartphone you may have, how do know what's worth the download? AppJudgment is your daily source for mobile phone app reviews and previews!
  • Hurl Towards Log (Then Lift) Trying to get over the big log at Schaeffer Farms in Germantown, MD
  • Townhall Fights - What Are They So Angry About? Watch more at
  • 2 Guys Hurling - Season 1 - Episode 6 - "The Hurl" The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. The machine is finished and we're ready to hurt ourselves - I mean hurl stuff. Do we break anything? Does the machine fall apart? Watch and find out!
  • Miami dolphins Fight song The song the dolphins use
  • girl throws up on TV - hurl seen round the world HILARIOUS AND DISGUSTING!!! what happens when relationships expert finds out her husband is cheating on live TV? she pukes and passes out!! dating expert throws up on live TV, you will not believe it.
  • Phil Everly & Dean Reed - DREAM (1979) Phil Everly & Dean Reed - "All I Have To Do Is Dream" Karl-Marx-Stadt, 1979 Phil and Dean look like the twin brothers :) ================================= Virtually unknown in his homeland, Colorado native Dean Reed was an international rock star, actor, and leftist peace activist who enjoyed tremendous success in South America, East Germany, and the Soviet Union. Musically, Reed drew mainly from early rock & roll and country, as well as pop balladry and protest folk, a mixture that earned him the nickname "the Red Elvis." Dean Reed was born September 22, 1938, in Denver Colorado. He went to Hollywood where he signed a record contract with Capitol Records in 1958, but his third single, "Our Summer Romance" was so popular in South America he went to tour there. More popular than Elvis Presley, he stayed to enjoy his incredible fame in Chile, Peru, Argentina. He made albums, starred in movies and had his own television show in Buenos Aires. He was known as Mr. Simpatia because he worked for free in barrios and prisons and protested US policy, nuclear bomb tests etc. His politics moved to the left but he never joined the Communist party. He made his first concert tour of the Soviet Union in 1966 and became a mega star there and in Eastern Europe. He continually got into trouble with US State Department for protesting the Vietnam War and attending International Peace Conferences. He moved to East Germany (GDR) in 1973, made numerous albums, starred in several films, and wrote ...
  • Human Centipede will make you hurl! I uploaded this awhile ago on my first channel and sparked a minor underground fade of reaction videos. Here's hping it will happen again
  • The Chinese Double-Piston Pump Naphtha Flamethrower The flamethrower was carefully documented and illustrated in the Chinese military manual known as the Wujing Zongyao, compiled in the year 1044 AD during the Song Dynasty. Among various descriptions of equipment and components of the device, the book also provided instructions for how to keep up maintenance and repair of double-piston flamethrowers.
  • HURL! Uncensored HURL! every sunday at 7PM ET
  • The Big Bang Theory Firefly Cancelation Joke
  • Hurl TV Show - Opening/Intro Inspired by the outrageousness found on the viral web comes G4TV's newest original series called HURL! The cashier at the end of this clip is a crackup! Visit g4 for more show details!
  • Hurl! Cute Contestant Hurl! contestant, Cassie Jenkins gives a first hand account regarding what it was like to prepare her body and mind to compete on the show.
  • Socialsts/Communists Give Middle Finger and Hurl F-Bomb At Singing of National Anthem PLEASE SUBSCRIBE DATELINE Portland Oregon April 15, 2011: The Portland area TEA Party gathers peacefully to hear patriotic speakers and music. They are confronted by an angry counter protest which includes Socialists and Communists. The videographer approaches during the singing of the national anthem. The counter protestors do not honor the singing of the national anthem, but instead offer the middle finger and hurl the "F-Bomb" to those singing it. Communist/socialist counter protestors also alter the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic, replacing "Home of the Brave," with "Home of the Fascist F*cks."
  • HURL! Uncensored G4TV Hurl! every Sunday at 7PM
  • TILT-A-HURL 3 beauty pageant queens (Jamie Spears, Chelsea Brummet, Gio Samuels) get puked on at an amusement park ride.
  • Pokemon Stadium- Ekans Hoop Hurl Here's the music that plays while playing Ekans Hoop Hurl mini game. I had the worst aim.
  • Hitler finds out about EPCOT VISIT! -- projectx- *WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY* Hitler plans his first trip to EPCOT in 15 years, seemingly aware of the changes that took place. But there's one last secret revealed that causes him to snap.
  • It's pat lol Who doesn't love it's pat
  • The Birthday Party: "Save Big Hurl!" Don't start with this video -- START HERE: BE SURE TO WATCH IN 720p
  • Sheikh feiz teaching his students how to hurl abuses after being labelled Wahabi Sheikh feiz teaching his students how to hurl abuses after being labelled Wahabi Mohamed Ibn Abdul Wahab who is the founder of Wahabism emerged from Najd, Saudi Arabia about 200 years ago and came with a new ideology which is being funded today by Saudi oil revenues. The Prophet SallaAllahu^alayi wasalam foretold the emergence of the Wahabi sect in many hadith some of which are in Sahih Bukhariyy -- one of them states: There will be people who come from the eastern side of Arabia who will recite Quran, but their recitation will not pass beyond their collarbones. They will go out of Islam as swiftly as the arrow goes through the prey. Their sign is shaving their heads. It was reported that Mohamed Ibn AbdulWahab ordered all his followers to shave their heads including the women. No other sect ordered their followers to shave their heads. Mainly, in this video, one can see how a wahabi attempts to put in the minds of the students that Allah is something of resemblance to our imagination and experience, and that Allah is a body sitting above us in the heaven looking down at us with a beautiful face, hands, fingers, resting his feet on a footstool. This is reminiscent of greek and roman mythology. They arrive at these conclusions because they take the Quran and Hadith literally. To add their misguidance , despite that so many Muslims usaully say: " Ya Muhammad , Ya Nabi, Ya RasulAllah, etc. " , the Wahabis claim it is shirk (ie kufr) regardless of circumstance or meaning ...
  • Left Taunts, Harasses and Hurls Racial Insults at African American Man Attending TEA Party PLEASE SUBSCRIBE DATELINE Portland, Oregon - April 15. 2011: LEFT CAUGHT ON TAPE. A citizen journalist captures a group of men taunting, harassing, and hurling racial insults at an African American man attending a TEA Party. The man is called an "Uncle Tom," and a "Token" (interspersed with calls for "Solidarity") and slave imitations are done as a show of disrespect. Just off camera in the TEA Party is a Mom with her two small children who are black. Closeups are provided of those involved.
  • HURL PC / DOS Review - Lazy Game Reviews A disgusting DOOM clone that swaps blood & gore for farts & garbage... just charming! Locate the world's stolen panties in this review of: HURL Download the full game here! www.3 Played on a 486. The goal of these videos is to see how quick I can crank out a review after a long day at work, with about one minute reviews based on a game or theme of games (this one is a single game, HURL, for the MS-DOS OS).
  • New Leamington Spa Sikh Temple Amazing new £11 gurdwara has been built in leamington and can be seen from miles away.
  • Hurl Scouts Jumping @ TIFF Whip It Premier - Toronto Roller Derby Members of Toronto Roller Derby donned Hurl Scouts Uniforms for the Premier of Drew Barrymore's new Roller Derby film Whip It at the Toronto International Film Festival http
  • about to hurl bout about to puke after riding roller coaster
  • Rhythm Rockers crew vs Ruthless Hurl/Motion Flow pt 1 Members of Ruthless Hurl nd Motion Flow come to battle members of RRC at hiram johnson high school.... Ruthless Hurl/Motion Flow is on the left Rhythm Rockers crew (RRC) on the right
  • I'm gonna hurl burritos Mental note: don't try to make a video when bloated from eating too many burritos. Also, here's the Ayn Rand Wikipedia entry for your homework: It should be pretty funny as it's probably defaced several times a day. For those who don't know, the AngryAussie metal theme was done for me by Blordough My shirts on RedBubble There's areally cheap shirt here that's still pretty good quality (and you can customise it!) And here are the CafePress shops: .au This is my BlogTV channel: Stalk me on Twitter! Read my blog! Send me hate mail! GPO Box 3290 Melbourne 3001 Australia Call the angry phone 0424 05 69 65 in Australia +61 424 05 69 65 outside Australia
  • Milk challenge FAIL massive hurl Solid chap tries to chug 4 litres (1.05 gallons) of milk in less than one hour.
  • SIMPLYGUCCI: @PYTia03 ugggh yesss make me wanna hurl !
  • alexwoods5: Prestowicz: US Policy on China is Nonsense must read
  • Char_lott_ie: DAY OF DEATH. Want to hurl every job on my desk out the window. *huffs*
  • Dami_Ajikz: RT @FrediAde: AH 47 .. Rubberbandits very own weapon Automatic Hurl « LOOOOOOoOL lethal
  • anucleardevice: I woke up at 3 am completely awake this morning. And am so nervous for work I feel like I'm going to hurl. GOD DAMN YOU NERVES!
  • Shorty_Ci: RT @FrediAde: AH 47 .. Rubberbandits very own weapon Automatic Hurl
  • FrediAde: AH 47 .. Rubberbandits very own weapon Automatic Hurl
  • val04: @JackCooper92 oh and I'd like to shoot the Glee cast too. Gaga has to die. Hopefully painfully and slow. She makes me like Mariah *hurl*
  • _hazelmurray: Every time I think about English tomorrow, I feel like I'm gonna hurl.
  • ileeen: Did I eat something bad? I feel like I'm about to hurl..
  • troublenstrife: @Keith_Lowry @meowy24 ditto!! Bloody coke zero! I would hurl things!
  • Connieoke: Had tp turn lex & Terry that mouthwash made wanna hurl!!!
  • CheekyKirsten: So far, so good. It's only 7am and I've wanted to hurl once. :)
  • CajunSiouxsie: @The_Wid0w yes. Right now. Making me want to hurl. :( you, 2? They call it "complicated migraines".
  • fibabo: Zhou Mimi I don't judge you at all for being scared of the pirate ship, that thing makes me hurl D: Devil ride.
  • tattoojo: @GirlPhenom actually that's so gross i wanna hurl
  • AMudblood: This boy had a big plate of biscuits and gravy. Made me want to hurl.
  • Alltop_Photo: Panasonic LUMIX FH7 Announced- Ultra Slim 16.1-Megapixel Digital Camera with Touch Screen Control Photography.alltop
  • MissLemonie: I want to hurl my computer out the window.
  • aatmediacollege: Panasonic LUMIX FH7 Announced- Ultra Slim 16.1-Megapixel Digital Camera with Touch Screen Control #aatphotography
  • OrlandoPhotog: Panasonic LUMIX FH7 Announced- Ultra Slim 16.1-Megapixel Digital Camera with Touch Screen Control
  • mfortki: FEMEN Hurl Tomatoes With Suggestive Leg-Slingshots
  • OnNzEe: My stomach just did a 360degree turn, I think I'm going hurl!! ~_~
  • BelenaDE: My usual reaction 2 JP's interviews: *MIGRAINE* / "Pass me the big bucket...I'm gonna hurl" . However, the last 1 may remain an exception.
  • lauramadethis: It's Thursday, I'm pretty convinced I'll eventually hurl today. Nauseated. And rain until next WEDNESDAY? Wtf? #suckwrittenallovertoday
  • SleepingSoon: @Jinghjh lol. Then you often hurl abuses on him? Poor boy...
  • WANGWY: Also the girl next to me looks like she might hurl. I hope she doesn't throw up on me.
  • eschroeds: Borderline about to hurl. #weredonefor RT @kmaimis: Physics final #crying #wtf #wishiwassmart @eschroeds
  • sneakit: @WELLGOSH they are the anti-christ of footwear, I don't hate many things but Sketchers make me hurl chunks!
  • MJHardyBritt: "There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own..." http:///x5t2hlvzsw
  • AideenFinnegan: @ohthepeterodell oh god my dad told me about them when he was visiting my family in chicago. it made me want to hurl!
  • ohimmagummybear: i can hurl vulgarities like no other. if i make sense is another question.
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  • Beck_C: someone's perfume making me want to hurl. Smells worse than Big Foot's dick. Ron Burgundy would not splash this stuff on.
  • LM_I: I want to hurl.
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  • LuceJack: Wonderful to see actors hurl themselves about in such an exhilarating manner at Southwark last night in Tender Napalm. Touching, beautiful
  • zipper_revolt: @danzr4ever And it's funny how you can hurl REAL insults at me and I am expected to just brush it off.
  • chappo007: All Abbott can do is hurl insults - no substance. #abc730
  • SeanWHughes: @germgirl Not really - I'm at work. The best I can do is hurl abuse at you from a distance if that helps?
  • fuwafuwahanabi: @joanchoo we would hurl vulgarities at each other, especially when its more Dan once
  • HackAndCheat: #Hack Hurl Birds into Pigs with a Slingshot! – Angry Birds for iPhone and iPad – AppJudgment…
  • mayasdreams: RT @soulfya: Huwwara checkpoint closed as settlers hurl rocks at Palestinian cars #Palestine v @jbaboun
  • soulfya: Huwwara checkpoint closed as settlers hurl rocks at Palestinian cars #Palestine v @jbaboun
  • jbaboun: Huwwara checkpoint closed as settlers hurl rocks at Palestinian cars #Palestine
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  • themelleh: I weep for the future of music. Rihanna, Gaga & Beyonce have all managed to make me want to hurl. Bad music from all three #whyiavoidradios
  • LeatherSt: Dolly shows it, jokes - You can get furminators Business paid everytime someone ... http:///azag
  • Blackdelilah: This new Beyonce song is making me hurl @5FM
  • defunct1: @alanuttee How come this Ibiza trip feels like swan song for me LOL. Macam one last hurl before kita retire gitu,ok stoppit mari.
  • shante2sweet: @lilmissgibbo u are lucky indeed! Anteater dicks are hideous & make me want to hurl! Any sons of mine will be getting #SnipSnipped 4 sure!
  • _REDR0BYN: Set good. Sperms mi ah hurl .. Cum mi ah cum ina yuh belly my girl.
  • Rebekah_Price: We have to wear disgusting trousers for work urgh excuse me while i hurl
  • zakithi_mthembu: I think I should actually hurl myself out of bed now...
  • ButtersSquirrel: @GretaMatthew didn't watch yet but i can guarantee i will hurl
  • APA_images: #Palestinian youths prepare to hurl stones toward #Israeli soldiers during #clashes in the flashpoint east #Jerusalem..
  • cweckstrom11: My kids' new favourite game is #AngryBirds. No, I don't mean on my iPhone-they hurl themselves across their room to destroy invisible pigs.
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  • Tucker_DJ: @SutchLord Can't get enough Apprentice We like to down red wine and hurl abuse at them. Favourite quote so far "Is that an orange?"
  • lxssys: Menthols make me wanna hurl. Thismuch closer to quitting, at least. #meh
  • dat_nica: @charlie_bartlet did you hurl?
  • geecornejo: your face makes me hurl a little
  • shivangiyadav: @PBNair Thanks. Now even I do. Then I wanted to hurl a planter at him. :p
  • skeywood: Dear Simon - If you're free next Wed, want to come over & watch #Idol with me? We can hurl much needed barbs at the singers & the judges!!!
  • CrysBaby_: make me wanna hurl, sick, vomit, throwww up
  • kayko_j: @tylerarmes anytime it says girl say hurl
  • OMGitsEGYPT: Y am I so nauseous. Omg I Need to hurl.
  • Percy918: Ahhhh if someone doesn't calm me down, i'm about to hurl this dumb ass child thru the window.
  • IHub_StockPosts: $BRZL : Well I do hope and pray that is the case--- cause it is the PR which is the fuel which will hurl this Aircraft
  • jcqnts19: baby cousin @aayechristine your cleansing tea makes me want to hurl :( weeehhh!
  • DanielaLowry900: If I turned on the TV and saw Ray William Johnson I would hurl the remote control through the screen
  • BachelorTrek: @NNoelle Nah, you're not. Just smelling the smoke makes me violently hurl, so you're not weird to be on the straight & narrow.
  • _NiklovesEm: Fly Like A Comet Make Em Wanna Hurl,Sick Vomet Throw Up Throw Up
  • gujessie: And..promptly feeling stomach hurl as I watch @gordonramsay01eating chutney leaves w/ insects on them #ew
  • katiemhartung: Tummy feels like its going to hurl. :( Wish that someone or anybody can make me feel better, but I don't think there's a cure for that.
  • EmeraldKiss74: @HexingThoughts Oh no! You are the last sweets Id wanna hurl. I sorry.
  • cliqzusnews: Jurors hear Blagojevich hurl f-bombs at Obama, his job, the media
  • pilotlars: @KariByron did @grantimahara feed the fish blow chunks hurl? #mythbusters
  • Snef_a_knee: eHarmony & commercials make me want to hurl
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  • Conlee5: @julietcat67 @jimmysdoll308 @SharonfromPA @jimmywayne Lauren is threatening to hurl golf balls at poor Jimmy! ;-D
  • ShesAdrienne: #whitepeoplesayings I gotta hurl.
  • EGrafenberg: RT @LauraSperber: Dick Morris makes me want to hurl. #TCR
  • MishaMadeMeDoIt: @LazyDaizy26 I'll hurl them with you if you do. :-D
  • Conlee5: @jimmysdoll308 Lauren I'm so happy you're going to hurl some golf balls at Golf&Guitars with @JimmyWayne! Lol

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