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  • Aluminum hydroxide is used to treat the symptoms of increased stomach acid in conditions such as heartburn , acid reflux, acid indigestion, sour stomach, and stomach ulcers . Aluminum hydroxide is also used to treat, control, or manage high levels of phosphate in the body. — “Aluminum Hydroxide”,
  • Hydroxide Manufacturers & Hydroxide Suppliers Directory - Find a Hydroxide Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Hydroxide Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Hydroxide-Hydroxide Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Potassium hydroxide. You don't need to be Editor-In-Chief to add or edit content to WikiDoc. You can begin to add to or edit text on this WikiDoc page by clicking on the edit button at the top of this page. Next enter or edit the information that you would like to appear here. — “Potassium hydroxide - wikidoc”,
  • Learn about Hydroxide on . Find info and videos including: Sodium Hydroxide Vs. Potassium Hydroxide, What Is Calcium Hydroxide?, Structure of Calcium Hydroxide and much more. — “Hydroxide - ”,
  • At room temperature, anhydrous sodium hydroxide is a white crystalline, odorless solid that absorbs moisture from the air. It is produced as flakes, pellets, sticks, and cakes. When dissolved in water or neutralized with acid, it liberates. — “ATSDR - MMG: Sodium Hydroxide”, atsdr.cdc.gov
  • Any element of the periodic table which is in group 2. In order of proton number, Beryllium, Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium and Radium are a Its basis is the unstable radical Hydroxide, the components of which are found in a number of caustic, explosive and poisonous compounds such as. — “Urban Dictionary: hydroxide”,
  • Salts containing hydroxide are called base salts. Base salts will dissociate into a cation and one or more hydroxide ions in water, making the solution basic. Base salts will undergo neutralisation reactions with acids. In general acid-alkali reactions can be simplified to. — “”,
  • Pronunciation of hydroxide. Translations of hydroxide. hydroxide synonyms, hydroxide antonyms. Information about hydroxide in the free online English dictionary and Inorganic hydroxides include hydroxides of metals, some of which, like sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and calcium hydroxide, are. — “hydroxide - definition of hydroxide by the Free Online”,
  • In chemistry, hydroxide is the most common name for the diatomic anion OH−, consisting of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The term "hydroxide" also refers to the class of compounds that contain the hydroxide ion. — “Hydroxide - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Hydroxide definition, a chemical compound containing the hydroxyl group. See more. — “Hydroxide | Define Hydroxide at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article of hydroxide at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Hydroxide encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • Physician reviewed magnesium hydroxide patient information - includes magnesium hydroxide description, dosage and directions. — “magnesium hydroxide medical facts from ”,
  • Sodium hydroxide (Na OH), also known as lye or caustic soda, is a caustic metallic base. Sodium hydroxide is also the most common base used in chemical laboratories, being able to test for quite a. — “Sodium hydroxide”,
  • Definition of hydroxide in the Medical Dictionary. hydroxide explanation. Information about hydroxide in Free online English dictionary. What is hydroxide? Meaning of hydroxide medical term. What does hydroxide mean?. — “hydroxide - definition of hydroxide in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about hydroxide at . Make research projects and school reports about hydroxide easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “hydroxide Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • In chemistry, hydroxide is the most common name for the diatomic anion OH−, consisting of oxygen and hydrogen atoms, usually derived from the dissociation of a base. It is one of the simplest diatomic ions known. Many useful chemicals and chemical processes involve hydroxides or hydroxide ions. — “Hydroxide”, schools-
  • Definition of hydroxide from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of hydroxide. Pronunciation of hydroxide. Definition of the word hydroxide. Origin of the word hydroxide. — “hydroxide - Definition of hydroxide at ”,
  • Lithium hydroxide is an inorganic compound in which Lithium, Hydrogen and Oxygen are The compound Lithium hydroxide contains no carbon (C). There are two. — “Lithium hydroxide - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of”,
  • hydroxide ( ) n. A chemical compound containing the hydroxyl group. — “hydroxide: Definition from ”,
  • In chemistry, hydroxide is the name for the diatomic anion OH−, consisting of covalently bonded oxygen and hydrogen atoms, usually derived from the dissociation of a When hydroxide ion is mixed with hydrogen gas, water forms. — “Hydroxide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Rapid Prototyping - (FDM) Sodium Hydroxide Disposal Seeing as how Sodium Hydroxide is often viewed as a hazardous material, this video shows the University of Michigan 3D Lab's process for disposing of Sodium Hydroxide which is used by the Dimension Elite FDM machines.
  • State Board Cosmethology Hair Chemical Services Chemical relaxer sodium hydroxide presents the State Board Preparation Cosmethology Hair Chemical Services Chemical relaxer sodium hydroxide . Instructor: This video is intended to be used for educational purposes only on school campuses Palm Desert and Indio as Beauty School Online Training
  • Hydrogen making from Aluminium, Sodium Hydroxide and Water(3:02) In this video I'm showing a small experiment I made at home. I was in the search of a method of producing hydrogen faster than through electrolysis and did this. Enjoy ;). Song is: Sonic KDT -Blue Blossoms Images taken from wikiemedia commons. The video is actually only 3 minutes long! I left from mistake a part of the song later in the video and forgot about it. So when the video is half-streamed, it's actually all ready to play :P You can buy NaOH at hardware stores(Caustic Soda).
  • Hydrogen production - Electrolyte test Tap water vs. Sodium Hydroxide test 2 Video 2 of Hydrogen Cell being of SMACK design. This time you get to see the same cell using 1/8 tsps of Sodium Hydroxide
  • MAKING BIO-DIESEL (Mixing Methyl Alcohol with Potassium Hydroxide) part 1 Making Bio-Diesel the easy way. This is the first video showing how to mix the potassium hydroxide in with methyl alcohol For more information see
  • MAKING A COPPER HYDROXIDE PRECIPITATE.wmv Good morning, in this video I'm going to show you how to make copper(II) hydroxide in a very simple way. Warning, sodium hydroxide which we will use is corrosive and copper hydroxide is irritant, please wear gloves during the experiment. Te raction we will perform is the following: two molecule of sodium hydroxide plus copper sulphate pentahydrate produce sodium sulphate and copper two hydroxide. Now let's get started. Put some water in a beaker or in a glass container. I'm using distilled water. Now add about eight grams of copper suphate penthydrate. Mix until they will be completely dissolved. Now take a larger container and do the same thing, adding water and four grams of sodium hydroxide. Solve them like you've already done for the copper solution, Now with a siringe take a little bit of water from the light blue solution and add it to the second one. A blue precipitate of copper (II) hydroxide is forming istantly: infact while the sodium sulphate which forms is soluble into water the copper hydroxide is not soluble at all. If you want to separate the two compounds it is necessary to philtrate the solution. And now you have copper(II) hydroxide. As you can see it is a pale blue gelatinous solid and it's used especially in organic chemistry, like fungicide and occasionally as ceramic colorant. Plaese suscribe, rate and comment.
  • 8.5 The Reaction of Calcium Hydroxide and Carbon Dioxide Lecture Theatre Demonstrations from the School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney (Adam Bridgeman)
  • limeburner Tony Robinson examines how the other other half lived in a 6-part BBC Channel 4 "Worst Jobs in History" series www.channel4.com The selected clips feature stoneworker, limeburner and treadmill worker, important jobs in the building and construction industry even today (assisted by technology of course). Recorded off-air from a History Channel broadcast 24/12/06
  • Sodium Hydroxide And Aluminium Reaction between Al and NaOH...
  • Reaction of Silver Nitrate with Sodium Hydroxide to download this video please go to www.downloadvideos.co.nr . Sodium hydroxide solution is added to silver nitrate solution. A close up view of the reaction is shown. There is no narration.
  • Clean your dishes with Drano (sodium hydroxide) www.ubiq.tv Do you have badly burnt pots or pans? Don't scrub them! Clean them with drano (ie lye, sodium hydroxide, caustic soda NaOH). WARNING - be carefull as not to burn... More» yourself as this chemical is extremelly caustic.
  • Reaction of Sodium Hydroxide with Cobalt(II) Chloride to download this video please go to: downloadvideos.co.nr .Sodium hydroxide solution is added to cobalt(II) chloride solution. A close up view of the reaction is shown. There is no narration.
  • #08-079 Observational Electrolyte Test, Potassium Hydroxide I conduct an observational electrolyte test using potassium hydroxide and observe the results.
  • An Explosive Reaction Between Natrium Hydroxide and Hydrochloric Acid This reaction almost hit my face, the temperature rose viciously and when it is reacting, the solution bubbles and sometimes burst in front of me. It is a bursting & explosive reaction between NaOH and Hydrochloric acid. Using Phenolphthaelin as a pH indicator, The Reaction is as follows: NaOH + HCl → NaCl + H2O Enjoy the video! and please post comments if you have any suggestion or question! :D
  • Mixing Sodium Hydroxide, Aluminum, and Water In this video, I show you the exothermic reaction of aluminum foil in a sodium hydroxide solution. Hydrogen gas and an Na/Al compound are produced. This reaction deals with corrosive materials and gives off corrosive sodium hydroxide solution steam and the reaction mixture stays very hot for several minutes.
  • Hydrogen production - Tap water vs. Sodium Hydroxide test 1 Hydrogen from Tap water at 5 amps and 12 volts - no electrolyte being used. This is purely to demonstrate what a SMACK type design will do with normal tap water. Watch the next video in the series to see what the same cell does with a little bit of Sodium Hydroxide added.
  • Dissolution of Magnesium Hydroxide This video shows how Magnesium hydroxide dissolves in aqueous solution. It is a case where removing a product (hydroxide ion) causes more of a solid to dissolve. Think about Le Chatelier's Principle as you watch it.
  • Acid Bases and Salts Check us out at Acids In everyday life we deal with many compounds that chemists classify as acids. For example, orange juice and grapefruit juice contain citric acid. These juices, and others, also contain ascorbic acid, a substance more commonly known as Vitamin C. Salads are often flavored with vinegar, which contains dilute acetic acid. Boric acid is a substance that is sometimes used to wash the eyes. In any chemistry laboratory, we find acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid. These acids are called mineral acids because they can be prepared from naturally occurring compounds called minerals. Mineral acids are generally stronger than household acids, and should be handled with great care because they can burn skin and clothing. Bases: Ammonium hydroxide, or ammonia water, is very irritating to the nose and the eyes. This substance, called a hydroxide, or a base, is often used in the home for cleaning because bases generally dissolve grease. Milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide), which is used as an antacid, is a base; lye (sodium hydroxide), which is used in the manufacture of soap, is another familiar example of base. Bases are ionic compounds containing metal ions and hydroxide ions. For example, sodium hydroxide contains sodium ions and hydroxide ions. When sodium metal is placed in water, sodium hydroxide is formed and hydrogen gas is released. Since the formula for water can be written as HOH instead of H2O, the ...
  • "Cool" Reaction: Ammonium Thiocyanate and Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate The reaction between ammonium thiocyanate and barium hydroxide octahydrate is endothermic. It absorbs heat from the surroundings. As a result, the temperature of this reaction will drop quickly. This causes the beaker used to freeze to the wooden board. In this video, the beaker was able to hold approximately 9kg. Music Kevin MacLeod
  • Dissolving Natrium (sodium) hydroxide to 0.1 M concentration Dissolving concentrated NaOH 4 grams in 25mL solution into a 1 liter volumetric flask to make 0.1 M NaOH solution, which is required for weak acid-strong base titration experiment. Danger!!! This is a harmful substance. Another way you can make sodium hydroxide is dropping pure sodium metal into distilled water, but this is highly unrecommended because it is dangerous.
  • Hydroxide : Water Spin - Coasterball CTR WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY! Yes i did spell breed wrong? And tbh its not the funniest thing in the world is it? Hydroxide is my first Night coaster, it is a coasterball put on a extended track, something totally unique it'll fire you forwards backwards and flip you 360 degrees in numerious occasios. Its a dizzing experience
  • Chemistry experiment - NaOH + aluminum Concentrated sodium hydroxide solution easily reacts with aluminum foil. One of the products of this reaction is the hydrogen gas.
  • Silicon and Sodium Hydroxide Well, looks like thermite grade silicon isn't the most pure... A better way to do it would be to use pure silicon or run the thermite with cab-o-sil. This reaction can get really intense when pure reagents are used. Thank you mrhomescientist for the footage!
  • how to make Magnesium hydroxide (aka milk of magnesia) in this episode i show you how to make magnesium hydroxide from common chemicals that can be found at home. these include: ammonia magnesium sulfate isopropanol
  • Chemical cameleon! - Potassium Permanganate + Sugar + Sodium Hydroxide Potassium Permanganate is reduced by sugar in an alkaline environment.. Re-uploaded after correcting some minor errors...
  • Sodium Hydroxide This was an experiment for my 11th grade science project. I looked up this experiment tons of people do it. I have done it numerous times since this project and the reactions are different every time. Sometimes it wont work at all or other times it is delayed. It honestly matters on how much aluminum and drano. it is loud but because of the wind its hard to hear.
  • HHO Generator - 16 Plate, Potassium Hydroxide This is my test dry cell, using 16 304S stainless steal plates and Potassium Hydroxide.
  • NaOH - Sodium hydroxide with Al powder redox reaction No sodium at all this time.. Not sure what went wrong.
  • how to make copper hydroxide (electrolysis methode) in this episode i show you how to make copper hydroxide the process is brutally simple, prepare a saturated solution of magnesium sulfate and add it to a large glass container. apply 9-10v dc to the solution through copper electrodes. filter the solution and collect the solid copper hydroxide
  • how to make calcium hydroxide DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITHOUT EXTENSIVE SAFETY EQUIPMENT. calcium hydroxide can be bought in large amounts for use in construction. this method is for demonstration purpose only and is greatly ineffective. to preform this experiment, heat calcium carbonate at over 1500 degrees for over an hour to form calcium oxide. add this to water to form calcium hydroxide. the reaction between calcium oxide and water is highly exothermic and can be explosive if done to quickly. a face mask and gloves at the least must be worn at all times
  • Dissolve Glass with Drain Cleaner Using sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner) we dissolve glass. Glass is nearly invulnerable to chemicals and thus why it's the preferred material for chemical containers and reaction vessels. But when exposed to molten sodium hydroxide even glass will dissolve. To perform the reaction a steel container is used as it's resistant to the sodium hydroxide. For more information as well as the reaction equation check out the webpage at:
  • Sodium hydroxide vs aluminum fun with chemistry
  • reaction between sodium hydroxide and aluminium. Old Version . reaction between sodium hydroxide and aluminium with a hydrogen balloon to finish the vid
  • Chemistry Class: Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) used in Relaxers and The Copper Cycle In lab, we used sodium hydroxide (the same chemical in relaxers or other permanent straighteners) to change copper (Cu) into different stages of solids to liquids, then back into copper. I thought that was interesting and wanted to share my views about it. I didn't know NaOH could be used to convert and melt metal as well? Link to Article Don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe!!!!!!
  • Acid-Base Titration The titration of vinegar (an aqueous solution of acetic acid) by sodium hydroxide. The vinegar is in the flask along with an indicator (phenolphthalein) which turns pink in the presence of the hydroxide ion. The buret contains sodium hydroxide. The student begins by recording the level of the sodium hydroxide solution in the buret (hard to read on the vid but looks like 16.19 mL to me). He then delivers sodium hydroxide into the flask until he begins to see flashes of pink which means that he is nearing the end of the titration. From this point on, he delivers sodium hydroxide drop-by-drop until the solution in the flask turns and stays pale pink. The pale pink color indicates that he has added just enough of the base to consume all of the acid in the flask plus one drop. In other words, he has reached the endpoint of the titration. The titration is complete. The last step is to record the final level of the sodium hydroxide solution in the buret (looks like 33.14 mL to me). Taking the difference between the initial level and the final level (33.14 mL - 16.19 mL) gives him the volume of sodium hydroxide delivered into the flask. He will use the volume of the acid in the flask (previously measured), the volume of the base delivered, and the concentration of the base (known) to determine the concentration of the acid.
  • NaOH - Sodium hydroxide with Al in H2O makes H2 (Hydrogen)
  • Aluminiumhydroxid herstellen/ Making aluminium hydroxide Herstellung von Aluminiumhydroxid. Making aluminium hydroxide from houshold material. DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING: M80 How to make smoke bomb flash powder black powder gunpowder gun powder anfo explosion explosive acetone peroxide high explosive HE thermite WTC thermate world...
  • HHO Generators: Sodium Hydroxide vs. Baking Soda! Pt.1 Get more YouTube subscribers + likes Fast and FREE (legit): bit.ly I haven't seen many (if any) people post a video of the difference between NaOH (sodium hydroxide) and traditional baking soda. Remember everyone, NaOH is MUCH better than baking soda! 1. NaOH won't eat your stainless steel over time. I used baking soda on this generator for the longest time, and now you all see that it has corroded my rods. 2. NaOH doesn't heat up the water NEARLY as much as baking soda. 3. You don't have to use as much NaOH to get the same, if not more, production than baking soda. Just thought I would share for everyone's learning! :D
  • 32% Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide Revised This is my revised video on the chemical reaction between 32% Hydrochloric acid and Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Dissolving a Chicken's Foot in Concentrated Sodium Hydroxide [Jump to 1:45 to skip the boring process of dissolving solid NaOH flakes in water] To demonstrate the corrosive effects of sodium hydroxide, we decided to submerge a chicken's foot in concentrated sodium hydroxide solution and see how long it took to dissolve. To our pleasant surprise, the chicken's foot was stripped to the bone within just a couple of minutes. The stench, however, was overpowering. We had to perform the experiment outdoors, with a fan blowing the vapors away from us. Disclaimer: This video was made for educational purposes only. Do NOT try this experiment yourself; it is extremely dangerous. The solution easily dissolved the skin, muscle and tendons of a chicken's foot and will do exactly the same to your finger. If it gets into your eye, you may very well be blinded. We are experienced handlers of dangerous chemicals, we took every safety precaution possible and conducted the experiment under adult supervision. We hope you enjoy the video!
  • #08-022 Sodium Hydroxide in Distilled Water Test I conduct a test of NaOH in distilled water to observe the formation of brown and scum.
  • Aluminium and Sodium hydroxide In This experiment Aluminum Foil Reacts with lye producing hydrogen gas and it burns
  • ElenaHaskins: ElenaHaskins: Ever wondered what leaks from old batteries? See photo of Potassium hydroxide solution leaking from an alkaline battery http://t.co/dFp74qB
  • lanceverwundr: lanceverwundr: http://t.co/lBmIjvg Potassium Hydroxide 2011 World Market Outlook and Forecast
  • feast4thesenses: feast4thesenses: In the Allium test kitchen today, fine tuning new menu dishes and playing with calcium hydroxide. Needed alkaline, but couldn't let it lye.
  • mynameiskyliee: mynameiskyliee: HCL , CH4 , CO2 , O2 , H2 , NH4, NH3, SO4 , H2SO4 , argh i forgot hydroxide is wat..
  • Baolingchoo: Baolingchoo: Test for Carbon Dioxide : Bubble the gas thru calcium hydroxide, white precipitate produced.
  • ZoeeMin: ZoeeMin: fml i haven't memorize hydroxide nitrate carbonate sulfate and ammonium TTTTTTT
  • mynameiskyliee: mynameiskyliee: i always get mix up with hydroxide and hydrogen!
  • mynameiskyliee: mynameiskyliee: okay for hydroxide is (OH) treat H and O become opposite so become (OH) !!!
  • HaniAdilah: HaniAdilah: Hydroxide:OH. NO. carbonate:CO. SO ammonium:NH. Whats NO and SO?
  • Chem_god: Chem_god: @JOVIEEE u got it right except for the oxide part. It should be hydroxide.
  • Dareusarem: Dareusarem: Where Can i buy Sodium Hydroxide O.O I need it for my IP FUN FUN FUN FUN
  • LaptopMichael: LaptopMichael: ecome infinitely distorted.How do you test the presence of methanol?Methanol can be detected by using the iodoform ... http://is.gd/odo73S
  • AbsOnHigh: AbsOnHigh: Hydroxide whatever MF.
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  • Anthony_DiNozzo: Anthony_DiNozzo: Ziva: Acetone hydroxide. Tony: Bless you. Ziva: It is an explosive, Tony. #NCIS
  • iQuoteDiNozzo: iQuoteDiNozzo: RT @ItsAnNCISThing: Ziva: Acetone hydroxide. Tony: Bless you. Ziva: It is an explosive, Tony. #NCIS #Masquerade
  • ItsAnNCISThing: ItsAnNCISThing: Ziva: Acetone hydroxide. Tony: Bless you. Ziva: It is an explosive, Tony. #NCIS #Masquerade
  • DonWaughEsq: DonWaughEsq: @caustic Interesting thing I just discovered: Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is also called "Caustic Soda." Marketing tie-in, perhaps?
  • Shantilly: Shantilly: U pay me what u pay me bcz I kno the difference in a, thio, sodium hydroxide, lye & no lye & when to use which. ur bootlegger is cheap bcz..
  • dansanders: dansanders: @EveDestiny LOL your first source calls sodium hydroxide "common table salt." NaOH is actually *lye*. 2nd source makes your point nicely.
  • MC_greeky: MC_greeky: RT @ffrancescamarie: Hydroxide + sodium + sodium + what's my name = OH Na Na what's my name?
  • realJamesGibson: realJamesGibson: RT @ffrancescamarie: Hydroxide + sodium + sodium + what's my name = OH Na Na what's my name?
  • That1blaqkid: That1blaqkid: RT @ffrancescamarie: Hydroxide + sodium + sodium + what's my name = OH Na Na what's my name?
  • ffrancescamarie: ffrancescamarie: Hydroxide + sodium + sodium + what's my name = OH Na Na what's my name?
  • urbanrocker: urbanrocker: How the hell I properly spelled "sodium hydroxide" & "hydroquinone" in a google search but constantly misspell 'recieve' I will never know.
  • Indiacitys: Indiacitys: Duracell Power Pix AAA Nickel Oxy Hydroxide Batteries 4 Counts http://goo.gl/fb/Qm0pc
  • Indiacitys: Indiacitys: Duracell Power Pix AAA Nickel Oxy Hydroxide Batteries 4 Counts http://goo.gl/fb/xLjyR
  • indiacitys3: indiacitys3: Duracell Power Pix AAA Nickel Oxy Hydroxide Batteries 4 Counts http://goo.gl/fb/K1Brd
  • bunnybunnyz: bunnybunnyz: End point. Then record reading, v2. V2-V1. Thdo put hydroxide again, put the acid recorded. Then heat to concentrate. Saturate.
  • bunnybunnyz: bunnybunnyz: Titration: Put acid in burette, hydroxide in the flask. Then put indicator. Change colour. Then slow put acid. It will be permt
  • satovan: satovan: Hi,anybody can explain to me why dilute ethanoic acid and aqueous sodium hydroxide react to form salt and water?
  • reginakohh: reginakohh: @markybananaboy @xoinfinitez @winnietwl don't argue. Potassium hydroxide conquers everything. W/o it, you guys all will die.
  • satovan: satovan: @WXheartsJPOP the answer key give hydroxide.Orz
  • satovan: satovan: @WXheartsJPOP the answer key give hydroxide.ORZ
  • satovan: satovan: @Caaaaarmen @pervyleo it's hydroxide!but thank you!;)
  • WXheartsJPOP: WXheartsJPOP: @satovan hydroxide is base, so shld react, metal can react. oxide can react. so i think nitrate? O.O
  • satovan: satovan: Hydroxide,metal,nitrate or oxide does not react with acid?
  • EileenMakMeiXin: EileenMakMeiXin: @Christiinnnaaa Hi! Sorry to disturb! A compound whose aqueous solution gives a brown ppt with dilute sodium hydroxide. What is the compound
  • EileenMakMeiXin: EileenMakMeiXin: @nurinaazsays_ Yupz it's FE3+. The ans is iron(III) chloride. D: my ans is iron(III) hydroxide!
  • EileenMakMeiXin: EileenMakMeiXin: HELP! A compound whose aqueous solution gives a brown ppt with dilute sodium hydroxide. What is the compound??
  • funkyisha: funkyisha: @samanthamadison and you know what hydroxide said!!! :>
  • Indiacitys: Indiacitys: Duracell Power Pix AAA Nickel Oxy Hydroxide Batteries 4 Counts http://goo.gl/fb/QIz32
  • emptyheartszxcv: emptyheartszxcv: @_sockranger SAMEEE. I can't remember a single thing. ): + I need the valency table also!! For those hydroxide, nitrate etc.
  • lKingArthur: lKingArthur: #LuisRico crossed the border with leather maple syrup on his feet for comfort and liquid hydroxide on his tounge for thirst 
  • BulkInside: BulkInside: Classifying of calcium hydroxide at a separation cut of 0.2 mm (micrometer), it can be done! Watch it here... http://t.co/ZAKKsDA
  • michelehalle: michelehalle: RT @SalonDavinci907: Sharon after the Surface Smooth & Healthy Treatment. Paraben free, aldehyde free, sodium hydroxide free & animal... http://fb.me/19aG0Zs6M
  • rescue_monkey: rescue_monkey: @insomniacmedic1 any salt? How about Sodium hydroxide?
  • Laylaaaaaa: Laylaaaaaa: #didyouknow if you heat up spermaceti found in sperm whale oil with potassium hydroxide you get cetyl alcohol left behind
  • LawrenceLaBee: LawrenceLaBee: Everybody knows bodies dissolve in sodium hydroxide.
  • _SuckaFreeSi: _SuckaFreeSi: lmao YES embrace your natural roots. “@anaitsirhc_: Cut all the sodium hydroxide out my hair lmao”
  • deedeethepoet: deedeethepoet: Relaxers are made of lye a corrosive alkaline substance and are either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide also ... http://tmi.me/dLcF1
  • 29opfor: 29opfor: @ArchMancer23 @alvin_r_h potassium hydroxide, which is a base. @BasirKoh.
  • alverntesorero: alverntesorero: @tiyodork sodium hydroxide or bicarbonate. chos. anong nangyari? prayer will do. :D
  • Vanessachann: Vanessachann: @Shewwwz go memorise!!!!! Now. What isss hydroxide HAHA
  • Edelzmws: Edelzmws: Sodium Hydroxide Facts: What We Need To Be Informed Of
  • Dinerpotz: Dinerpotz: Sodium Hydroxide Facts: What We Need To Be Informed Of http://t.co/KkNyIhS
  • XiangJing: XiangJing: Water dissociates to form hydronium ion and hydroxide ion
  • X__Yara: X__Yara: WHAT!!!!! I have a small bottle of Calcium Hydroxide, this can burn people :| #ChemistryProjectLeftOvers x_x
  • Quiz4u: Quiz4u: QUIZ: Face Mask Consisting Of A Strong Wire Mesh On The Front Of Football Helmets - 1.Congestive 2.Barium Hydroxide 3.Face Guard 4.Change...
  • jaydef: jaydef: @TheyCallMeCrash It actually doesn't look like Pepto would be a problem. It's Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesium Carbonate that interact.
  • Blowinggkisses: Blowinggkisses: who the heck is unique hydroxide solution.
  • freepdfebook: freepdfebook: Free Ebook INFLUENCE OF INORGANIC OXIDANTS AND METAL IONS ON ... view file http://ht.ly/1e1Ptz
  • freepdfebook: freepdfebook: Free Ebook Account Review Articles download PDF file - O nanoparticles, as a new heteropoly acid, have been prepared... http://ht.ly/1e1PtC
  • MikeCorruption: MikeCorruption: Hello Wii Remote, I see you overdosed on alkaline batteries and now have the Potassium Hydroxide all over you
  • AlexMeraz: AlexMeraz: if 25.0 g of carbon dioxide is produced in the reaction NaHCO3->NaOH+CO2, how many grams of sodium hydroxide t?:... http://bit.ly/oFdFJf
  • PixieAna89: PixieAna89: @DearMiaOrAna haha its not actually milk its just liquid magnesium hydroxide which is saline laxative and it clears u out lol it kind of (c)
  • Chem_god: Chem_god: @aprilszephyr no rxn. Limewater is calcium hydroxide also a base like NaOH. R u O or A level?
  • siao_bbycakes: siao_bbycakes: I want to burn your eyes with Sodium Hydroxide and burn your heart with hydrochloric acid !
  • etradeguy: etradeguy: Barium Hydroxide: We are looking for the suppliers of "Barium Hydroxide" -Qty :1x fcl Please quote.City / Coun... http://bit.ly/mTOp7p
  • yes_wendy: yes_wendy: @photosynth_esis cannot lah, it's one ammonia atom plus one hydroxide atom, cannot combine to form H5
  • dignut: dignut: On the M6. Just spotted UNNO 1814: • Caustic potash, liquid • Caustic potash, solution • Potassium hydroxide, solution
  • nelson_chiam: nelson_chiam: Slacklime is calcium hydroxide. It's use by farmers to neutralize acidic soil
  • giovanni_shc: giovanni_shc: Curse you hydroxide i-forgot-the-other-name compound! Jd skit kn jari gw kl maen gtar T_T
  • acemitfong: acemitfong: Potassium Hydroxide 2011 World Market Outlook and Forecast http://t.co/BJ0E76o
  • jnesh25: jnesh25: @AllState_1 you really tweetin about cake?!?!?? Smh. Flourine hydroxide!
  • chemlookupcom: chemlookupcom: ChemMol Link: http:///chemmol/49412736.html || CAS RN: 2052-49-5: : Tetrabutylammonium hydroxide http://bit.ly/ned1l3
  • EvieHobbs: EvieHobbs: @SophieHobbs @laaldrick which is a mix of sodium hydroxide and chlorine. But where do they come from!?
  • rbiggane: rbiggane: @shallowhorn was that as funny as the one joke about Sodium hydroxide? NaH.
  • JunkiSeorifc: JunkiSeorifc: Potassium Hydroxide: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, And Annotated Research Guide To Internet References: http://amzn.to/kLBMxX
  • Prof_PeeJay: Prof_PeeJay: They are too many infrared photons in my space-time coordinates right now. It makes hydrogen hydroxide come out of my skin. #ACplease
  • syxb98: syxb98: Wah…. Hydroxide become Hdyroxide
  • storm5497: storm5497: RT @angelinecb: P1:"Knock knock."P2:"Who's there?" P1:"Hydroxide, Sodium, Sodium" P2: "Hydroxide, Sodium, Sodium who?" P1:"OH-, Na+, Na+ what's my name"#FOF
  • angelinecb: angelinecb: P1:"Knock knock."P2:"Who's there?" P1:"Hydroxide, Sodium, Sodium" P2: "Hydroxide, Sodium, Sodium who?" P1:"OH-, Na+, Na+ what's my name"#FOF
  • Itsleaaaah_: Itsleaaaah_: @zaynmalik when Magnesium and Sodium hydroxide are chemically combined, what kind of precipitate is formed? #AskZayn.
  • GeesImagination: GeesImagination: @FranksClothes -winces as I put the hydroxide water on the gash- See? I'm all good. -takes the tape and puts on the gauze pad-
  • GeesImagination: GeesImagination: @FranksClothes Heheh… No, not really. -gets out the pack, looking for gauze pads and hydroxide water-
  • KINGLiyon: KINGLiyon: @YoSmoove Really? lol well whatever u do, if you want good hair, don't use relaxer anything that contains [sodium hydroxide] worst sht evr!
  • neyugn: neyugn: @AndyTrizzy Hydroxide sodium sodium, what's my name?**
  • marandahrrmilfo: marandahrrmilfo: New Post - aluminum hydroxide with no prescription ,ordering aluminum hydroxide online without a prescription . - http://bit.ly/rp8IUx
  • acemitfong: acemitfong: http://t.co/Sh5lCnP Potassium Hydroxide 2011 World Market Outlook and Forecast - Sacramento Bee
  • donatellorigz: donatellorigz: @King_Bhee Nt garium hydroxide garium carbonate i think it's actually garium sulphate beans is barium anhydride, amala is alumina ethanoate
  • King_Bhee: King_Bhee: All these dry chemistry teachers callin garri garium hydroxide....vexes me
  • FoodsAnDrinks: FoodsAnDrinks: Meat Processing Technologies: Ammonia hydroxide is approved for processing of foods by the Food and Drug Adminis... http://bit.ly/nLn0bG
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