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  • Alltronics - When I go to San Jose, I like to try to schedule a free day so I can go the "Geek Shops" (as my XYL calls them) We even got a hygristor (humidity-sensitive resistor) for my son-in-law's school project here. — “Places to buy parts!”, wd5
  • Their studies focused on the carbon "hygristor" RH sensor, because at the time it was in They noted that the RH in dry or cold environments was terminated because the hygristor could not provide accurate data in such conditions. — “papers”, ua.nws.noaa.gov
  • Show: All matches, Common words and phrases only, Common words only 4. hygric. 5. hygric acid. 6. hygrid. 7. hygrine. 8. hygristor. 9. hygro. 10. hygroblepharic. — “Words that match the pattern "hygr*" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • At these stations, 14 types of radiosondes are launched and the following 3 types of humidity sensors are used: capacitive polymer, carbon hygristor, and goldbeater's skin. However, the carbon hygristor and goldbeater's skin hygrometers. — “Systematic Errors in Global Radiosonde Precipitable Water”, cat.inist.fr
  • The hygristor is a humidity sensor consisting of a glass slide or plastic strip covered The hygristor is located within the instrument package at a place where the outside air. — “Radiosondes”, meteor.wisc.edu
  • WebMet brings you free met data for air dispersion models, books, videos, software and more. Explore and learn using WebMET - your source for all things meteorological! Most commercial radiosonde sounding systems use a carbon hygristor or a capacitance sensor to measure relative humidity directly,. — “WebMET - The Meteorological Resource Center”,
  • Balloons are used only to carry the radiosonde(or rawinsonde) which is an instrument to measure pressure,temperature,humidity and wind at higher levels over a place.They do not serve any other purpose.But, balloons indirectly help in finding the. — “how does the weather ballon function to predict the weather?”,
  • Manufacturer's data indicates that the Humicap® humidity element has a much greater sensitivity and less lag time than the hygristor of the widely used Viz® J005/J006 sondes and. Figure 6-2-13.-Relationship of dew point depression to cloud cover. — “Cloud layer criteria”,
  • Definition of hygristor in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hygristor. Pronunciation of hygristor. Translations of hygristor. hygristor synonyms, hygristor antonyms. Information about hygristor in the free online English dictionary and. — “hygristor - definition of hygristor by the Free Online”,
  • I think that the insensitivity of carbon hygristor is most likely due to characteristics of variations of RH insufficient precision of voltage output for carbon hygristor from RS. — “Sonde_Nauru99_jan20”, eol.ucar.edu
  • hygristor fails to respond to humidity changes in the. upper troposphere (UT), sometimes VIZ carbon hygristor in the UT/LS, and the dry bias in. the Vaisala RS80-H data. We also. — “A reference radiosonde system for climate and weather researches”,
  • Chemistry question: What instrument is to measure humidity? Hygrometer which consists of a dry bulb thermometer and a wet bulb thermometer and Hygrograph which gives a continuous record of the humidity Another sensor known as hygristor using lithium chloride is used to find out the humidity. — “ - What instrument is to measure humidity”,
  • ( formerly VIZ Manufacturing Company) carbon hygristor, and chilled mirror radiosondes. The UT water vapor profiles measured by the carbon hygristor radiosonde sensor exhibited large variabilities and poor agreement with the other. — “ARM - Publications: Science Team Meeting Documents”, arm.gov
  • Encyclopedia article about hygristor. Information about hygristor in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “hygristor definition of hygristor in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Features of radiosonde instruments. Wireless thermometers and remote devices in the air that gauge humidity. The electrical hygristor has resistance that changes with the surrounding relative humidity. — “Wireless Thermometers | Can YOU Imagine why they need These”,
  • hygristor ( hī′gristər ) ( electronics ) A resistor whose resistance varies with humidity; used in some types of recording. — “hygristor: Definition from ”,
  • Boundary layer data were collected during KWAJEX from the University of Virginia site on Meck Island, Air temperature, CSI hygristor, 9.0 m (Celsius) 9. Relative humidity, CSI hygristor, 9.0. — “KWAJEX Surface Flux data”, atmos.washington.edu
  • Hygrometry definition, the branch of physics that deals with the measurement of the humidity of air and gases. See more. hygristor. hygro. hygro'metrically. hygro'scopically. hygro- hygrocybe. hygrocybe acutoconica. hygrodeik. hygrogram. hygrograph. hygrology. hygroma. hygrometer. hygrometric. — “Hygrometry | Define Hygrometry at ”,
  • : Meteorological Measurement Systems (9780195134513): Fred V. Brock, Scott J. Richardson: Books barometric fluid, sorption sensors, carbon hygristor, dynamic performance parameters, psychrometer coefficient, raw sensor output, rotating beam ceilometer, energy storage reservoir, static. — “: Meteorological Measurement Systems (9780195134513”,
  • Twice a day, seven days a week, hundreds of stations around the world (including at the NWS Weather Forecast Office in Green Bay) release weather The radiosonde consists of a radio transmitter, GPS, temperature sensor (called a thermistor), humidity sensor (called a hygristor), and pressure sensor. — “Upper Air Weather Observations”, crh.noaa.gov

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