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  • on the quality of this life force, but the presence of a Hyleg tells the astrologer that life The Hyleg places are the 1st (5 degrees above and 25 below the Ascendant) 11th,. — “The Hyleg and Alcoccoden”,
  • Unfortunately, Hyleg is aggravated by his sudden arrival and tells him this is a Hyleg will stand on Altoloid's head or tail, (whichever is at the top). — “Mega Man Zero 2/Forest of Dysis: Hyleg Ourobockle”,
  • The strongest planet that occupied one of the Aphetic places became Hyleg, and was deemed to be the Apheta, the giver of life. When it had progressed to an aspect to the place of the Anareta, the taker-away of life, the native was presumed to have run his span and death ensued. — “Can someone explain what "HYLEG" means in a chart?”,
  • The International Academy of Astrology provides astrology classes, astrology certification, special guest lectures, personal horoscope interpretations, and other special features. Various complex rules were employed to determine which planet in a natal chart was the hyleg. — “Dictionary of Astrological and Astronomical Terms”,
  • The word hyleg means the giver of life. In astrology this term has The Sun or Moon are hyleg if either is in the Ascendant between 5 degrees above to 25. — “Hyleg - AstrologyNotes”,
  • Vettius Valens) used slightly different chart positions to obtain the hyleg. Vettius Valens) used slightly different chart positions to obtain the hyleg. — “Hyleg”,
  • A summary of methods for finding the hyleg and alchochoden for research in life expectancy in astrology. — “Finding the Hyleg and Alchochoden: Research in Life Expectancy”, astrology-x-
  • There's a lot of confusion and conflicting opinions amongst the old classical and medieval authorities on exactly how to choose the Hyleg. If no planet can qualify to be the Hyleg, then the Ascendant itself becomes the Hyleg. — “Greek Medicine:”,
  • Lehman Associates is dedicated to providing the general public with quality, predictive astrological services. We are dedicated to providing the astrological Once the Alchocoden (various spellings survive) and the Hyleg were known, a calculation for of the length of life was possible,. — “ - Glossary of Terms”,
  • In Hellenistic astrology, the hyleg is the Persian-Arabic term for the planet with the greatest essential dignity in five important natal chart positions (according to The word "hyleg" also appears in Chamber's Dictionary (1999) with the definition stating "the ruling planet. — “Hyleg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 再者,这是Dorotheus的hyleg相关取用至此,第一次出现对于hyleg与alcocoden之间相位关系的描述,虽然这一考量是出现在光体落入自己星座或擢升位这种『相对特殊』情况下。 the Ascendant or in theMidheaven; if it has any dignity in the [ place of] the Hyleg bydomicile, exaltation,. — “Carmen Astrologicum -- 第三册(全) - 典籍 - 书籍资料 - 七政四余与占星 七政四余,天星”,
  • Thus, the "Hyleg" is the prorogator that governs the life of the native. Hyleg. "[ F]rom a Persian term for the physical body, it is a traditional term for a planet used to determine. — “Dreamhouse: Attic: Roof: Astro: Lots: Hyleg”, www-personal.umich.edu
  • This page is here because the site administrator has changed the configuration of this The Apache Software Foundation, which wrote the web server software this site. — “Test Page for Apache Installation”, hyleg.biz
  • The strongest planet that occupied one of the Aphetic places became Hyleg, and was deemed to be the Apheta, the giver of life. When it had progressed to an aspect to the place of the Anareta, the taker-away of life, the native was presumed to have run his span and death ensued. — “Hyleg The Giver of Life”,
  • Encyclopedia article of Hyleg at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Hyleg encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • An obscure astrological word An obscure astrological word - "hyleg" the position of stars at birth - proved the undoing of regional spelling bee champion Sukanya Roy during the fifth round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee underway in Washington, D.C. — “Local spelling champ tripped up in National Bee by "Hyleg”,
  • It was used in the calculation of the length of life, and directions or contacts between the hyleg and destructive planets or places (Anareta) were used to mark periods where life was endangered. The strength and fortitude of the ruler of the Hyleg, the Alchocoden, was also considered. — “Glossary of Traditional Astrological Terms - Hyleg”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Hyleg. Download Hyleg Metal / Progressive / Rock music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Hyleg's blog. — “Hyleg on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Yeppie: Hyleg Ourobockle's stage; hidden in the tree foliage near the start. Skill: Laser Shot Defeat: Hyleg Ouroubockle Function: Turns your normal charged Buster shots (non-elemental) into a piercing. — “Mega Man Zero 2 Walkthrough - IGN FAQs”,

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  • Rockman/Megaman Zero 2 : Hyleg OuroBockle Stage Again, nothing special. Just playing through Zero2. Uploaded to entertain/ show some friends how to get through a stage.
  • Megaman Zero 2 Hyleg's Stage Me playing Hyleg's Stage in MMZ2. Totally owned it.
  • MegaMan Zero 2 - Hyleg Orobuckle Comment in the Movie
  • Megaman Zero 2 Hyleg Ourobockle Stage Stage music of Hyleg Ourobockle... I think that the name explains that..... enjoy....
  • Megaman Zero 2 Hyleg Another thing to show a friend, also the first time I've ever beaten him.
  • MegaMan Zero 2 (GameBoy Advance) Speech Guided Gameplay "Boss: Hyleg Ourobockle" Mega Man Zero 2, known in Japan as Rockman Zero 2 (ロックマンゼロ2, Rokkuman Zero Tsū?), is the second video game in the Mega Man Zero subseries of Mega Man video games from Capcom. This game follows almost the exact same game-play rules as its predecessor, Mega Man Zero. Once again, players take control of the Reploid known as Zero, and lead him through various levels in the battle against the forces of Neo Arcadia. The controls are identical to that in the previous game, with players given the option to assign functions to the buttons they are most comfortable using. Once again, players are given a variety of weapons that include the Z-Saber, the Buster Shot, and the Shield Boomerang. Zero's skill levels with these weapons are minimal at first, but they will strengthen with repeated use. The Triple Rod from the previous game, however, has been replaced with the Chain Rod. It can be used to pull enemies or objects closer, pull shields off enemies or if latched on to an immovable object, to swing over chasms. Cyber Elves also make a reappearance and once again, they come in three types, Nurse, Animal and Hacker. Unlike the previous game, where all of the Sub-Tanks could only be obtained from using four special Nurse Cyber Elves, two Sub-Tanks are hidden in the game in two of the eight selectable stages. Instead of selecting from a list of missions, the traditional Stage Select option found in the Mega Man and Mega Man X games makes a return, although you can only select ...
  • Zero vs Hyleg Snake I let him live so you can see all his attacks but that sign of mercy lead to my 2 hits of damage. I could've taken him after the snake divided into a square formation; I wanted to jump left and get next to him.
  • Zero vs. Hyleg Zero is ready to beat Hyleg... Reploid Style!!!!!!! Please comment!! & Rate!!!
  • Megaman Zero 2 - Mission: Forest of Dysis - Boss: Hyleg Ourobockle Part 6/19 *Please Read The Video Description* Boss: Hyleg Ourobockle Mission: Forest of Dysis Weapon: Z-Saber Weakness: Fire Chip Megaman Zero 2 Gameplay Recorded By Darktraitorsonic _________________________ Console (GBA) / NDS
  • Let's Play Mega Man Zero 2 #03 - Hyleg Ourobockle That slithering snake don't know who its messing with. Certainly a fun mission when you can get used to the Chain Rod. Game made by Inti Creates and published by Capcom.
  • Mega Man Zero 2 - Hyleg Ourobockle How's the video quality? (:
  • hyleg ourobockle , burble hekelot z2 ....
  • RMZ2 05 - Hyleg Ourobockle This is part of my no-damage perfect-score Megaman/Rockman Zero 2 run.
  • Megaman Zero 2 Hyleg Ourobockle FLAWLESS VICTORY flawless victory. I just jump back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and so on
  • Mega Man Zero 2 - Hyleg Ourobuckle: Forest of Dysis Mega Man Zero 2 Hyleg Ourobuckle: Forest of Dysis Difficulty: Medium Right off the bat, things are heating up.
  • Megaman Zero 2 - 1st Boss Battle Hyleg Ourobockle Well here it is the 1st boss fight, it was pretty easy, and I got a good rank and CodeName lol.
  • Hyleg Ourobockle-Hard Mode,No hit Hyleg Ourobockle fight, Hard mode, no hit (Pretty Easy tough)
  • Megaman Zero 2 [Rank S/100 points/NO DAMAGE] Part 1 - Sand Wilderness Let's go.
  • Megaman Zero2 Vs Hyleg Orobockle
  • Megaman Zero 2:Hyleg Ourobockle No hits taken, 97 points, S rank. Normal mode.
  • Megaman Zero 2 100 point run: Hyleg Ourobockle (Edited) Second edited video, the editing worked very well ^^ *pets WMM*
  • mega man zero 2 Hyleg Ourobockle this is me beating Hyleg Ourobockle on mmz 2
  • MMZ 2 Hyleg Ourobockle NINJA OF OBSCURE FOREST
  • Megaman Zero 2 100 point run:Hyleg Ourobockle (no edit) ---RATE AND COMMENT PLEASE--- That took DAYS to do. Totally hellish. But anyway, no damage! YAYZ!1!1!11 The boss jump attack screwed a lot of tries Then I realized that the chager saber attack prevented him from doing this attack too early... then he got TOTALLY PWNT.
  • Megaman Zero 2 Boss - Hyleg Ourobockle And now we have the 3rd boss, who is the obvious "I"m annoying because i don't have a weakness" Boss. Granted there are at least 2 regular bosses without weaknesses in each megaman zero game but meh. Anyways, enjoy.
  • Megaman Zero 2 vs Hyleg Ourobockle (No Damage) Orochimaru's Snake!
  • MegaMan Zero 2 - Hyleg Ourobockle ALMOST S rank run through Hyleg Ourobockle's stage in MegaMan Zero 2 (US), played and recorded on Visual Boy Advance. Since the VBA's video recording eventually loses sync, I replaced the audio with tracks from the Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero albums. These runs are strictly for fun, they're not meant to be guides of any kind, so don't comment saying "you missed this or that". This stage is perfect for aquiring the power form, and the mid-boss and Hyleg Ourobockle are cake if you have the double and triple slash upgrades for the Z-Saber. Also, chain rod swinging sections are lame.
  • Megaman Zero 2 episode 2 ii( Hyleg Ourobockle) This is part 2 ii of Megaman Zero 2. In this part i fight an extremely easy boss, though you may notice i had gameshark codes on. Hyleg Ourobockle is a relatively easy boss but when the platform separates into others and you and him are on two joint ones, you get massive amounts of damage, but you can kick his ass!
  • Megaman Zero 2 [Rank S/100 points/NO DAMAGE] (Hard) Part 2 - Forest of Dysis/Hyleg Ourobockle And back we are here again.
  • BGMaxie: Mega Man Zero Collection 2 Hyleg Ourobockle-Pinofeel Now we have Pinofeel. This sub boss is a pancake, just buster will take care of it in a flash. However if you are in a hurry, you can try a more risky tactic, which involves dashing and wall kicking him then slashing the "eye" all the time, and it will go down faster, BUT odds are you are gonna get lots of damage in the process. Anyway just shot the eye, evade the reflecting laser, and wall kick for the slime. After you beat it...........there is a surprise behind, check at it. -------------------- Hyleg Ourobockle is an interesting boss. Not hard but tricky, first of all you won't fight in the usual ground, but a rather unstable snake-like platform which moves. He will make use of this for his attacks, such as sending his arms through the structure to catch from below, just walk around all the time and he won't get you. However be careful if you are at like 2-3 squares in front of him, as he may slap you with his hands straight, but he won't use it after like 2-3 seconds of course you shouldn't be in front. Then comes on serpent mode and dashes through, nothing hard, but after he does this, is where the fight becomes tricky. The platform will change its shape and the squares will shoot lasers at you, moreover he will drop an almost unavoidable spring on you, which you should destroy. Then comes the hardest part, in which the platform will move in multiple forms. There is no real recomendation in this part rather than make good use of any piece of reflex you have, and ...
  • Megaman Zero 2 - No Hits Playthrough - Stage3 (Hyleg Ourobockle) Here it is at last, sorry for all the waiting, i have been busy with work and real life stuff. Looks like all videos will look like this. Anyway now videos will look in HD, so if you want to watch in HD just press the ¨watch in HD¨ option below the video. Hope you like it.
  • Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Mythos - 04 - Sand Triangle I do not own the music or the art. Music is by Capcom, and art is by GoshaDole. This is the stage theme for the Forest of Dysis in Zero 2 (Hyleg Ourobockle's stage, in which there is a profound lack of sand) and the Forest of Notus (Burble Hekelot's stage, with twice as much sand as the previous stage). In Zero 3 it was remixed to become the stage theme of the resurrected Hanumachine. In other news, chibi Zero. :3
  • Megaman Zero 2 - Hyleg Ourobockle [2] Hyleg Ourobockle from Megaman Zero 2. Part 2 of my Megaman Zero 2 playthrough. This recording game me nightmares. At least 3 retried uploads.
  • MMZX - Hyleg Ourobuckle Area A-2 (BACKGROUND) He's the boss from Mega Man Zero 2 Aztec Falcon : Childre Inarabitta : Wire Sponge :
  • Megaman Zero 2 Boss guide:Hyleg Ourobockle Boss 2-Hyleg Ourobockle
  • Hyleg Ourobockle 1st Boss of Megaman Zero 2 defeat him to obtain the ex skill Laser Shot
  • Megaman Zero 2 - Hyleg Ourobockle My first fight against Hyleg Ourobockle. He's really easy, hopefully Polar Kamrous is harder. Edit: I take that back. Polar Kamrous is too hard for a nub like me. Don't expect any more MMZ2 videos. ================================== Recorded in VisualBoyAdvance using Fraps. ================================== I do not claim copyright to Megaman, Zero or any other copyrighted material shown in this video.
  • MegaMan Zero 2: Forest of Dysis [Boss: Hyleg Ourobockle] Forest of Dysis Boss: Hyleg Ourobockle Restrictions: - 100pts all stages - No cyber elves - No damage My Comments: Moderately easy stage. The boss went down quickly, and the Chain Rod is cool. My Website: m-pcr.co.cc Test my site on mobile and PM me your comments/advice! MegaMan Zero Two Intro Stage Sand Wilderness Boss Mecha Scorpia
  • Hyleg Ourbockle Boss Fight Boss fight for the previously recorded Stage. Again, not showing off. xD Just showing friends as a help or mere entertainment
  • ロックマンゼロ2 Hyleg Ourobockle stage Perfect Pass Rockman Zero 2 Gameplay video Hyleg・Ourobockle stage Perfect Pass used Chain Rod only and no kill if no necessary Player:危刃This short movie I posted on my friend's channel before.(my friend is vsmk3)
  • mega man zero 2 part 2 0f 19 hey guys I'm back with part of I dont know of mega man zero 2. I go to the forest of Dysis to take on the boss Hyleg ourobockle and rescue the soilders. And after I beat the boss Hyleg ourobockle an image of X appear!!! Talking about a darkcyber elf. I wonder whats this cyber elf?
  • DoreReam: DoreReam: hyleg

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  • “You need to have JavaScript enabled to use all of MySpace's features. Click here for help enabling it. Groups " Horoscopic Astrology " Topics " Her sect light and Hyleg. She was gonna die. Watson. M/23. Amherst, MASSACHUSETTS. Instant Message. Send Message”
    — MySpace,

  • “Burble Hekelot,Hyleg Ourobockle,Panther Flauclaws,Blazin' Flizard,Deathtanz Mantisk All Blog Posts. Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 Wishlist. Crazy Marvel characters”
    — ShimpDino > Blog, capcom-

  • “Chapter 4, Arcus Vitae ("Arc of Life"), explores the method of determining an individual's longevity using the hyleg/alcochoden method, and then finding the candidates for the anareta, or killing planet. Astrology Websites. Technorati Profile. Blog Catalog. The Blog Directory”
    — Astrology Book Review | Gryphon Astrology Blog,

  • “[Archive] This is wierd in the Megaman games General Megaman Discussion Hyleg Ourobuckle (http://www.sprites-/forum/showpost.php?p=124749&postcount=20)”
    — This is wierd in the Megaman games [Archive] - Sprites INC, sprites-

  • “( Snakeman, Snakeman.EXE, Hyleg Ourobuckle & Snakewoman Queen Ophiuca) Iris doujin from Comiket 75. Legend has it the author will upload it to his blog if there are enough requests”
    — Rebirth of the Rockman-Themed Stolen *Bleep* Thread!!,

  • “Diet MegaMan Zero Hyleg Ourobockle from MegaMan Zero 2 can be seen in a tree in the intro boss battle, which is against a giant purple snake. -One character owns ProtoMan's car from MegaMan Battle and Chase”
    — Diet MegaMan Zero,

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