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  • The curved lateral margin of the left epiplastron suggests a curved anterior margin of the plastron lobe probably followed by subparallel hyoplastral margins. The epiplastron is longer than wide, and its peculiar shape in visceral view is defined posteriorly by a sinuous epihyoplastral suture. — “Ameghiniana - A new Cretaceous chelid turtle from the”, .ar
  • Department of Herpetology, Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya Emb. epi-hyoplastral suture. Its borders with the epiplastra are. straight, whereas borders with the hyoplastra are. — “A REDESCRIPTION OF PLESIOCHELYS' TATSUENSIS FROM THE LATE”, 1816742848817709149-a-1802744773732722657-s-
  • anterior to the epi-hyoplastral suture for most its. length except for the lateral end, cus lying posterior to the epi-hyoplastral suture, the. pectoro-abdominal sulcus lying. — “New side-necked turtle (Pleurodira: Bothremydidae) from the”,
  • between the entoplastral and hyoplastral sutures indicat- ing a short for the hyoplastral buttress or normal dentations, thus. indicating a weakly ligamental. — “A Preliminary Report on Southeast Asia's Oldest Cenozoic”, asiatic-
  • A random image for hermaphrodite, and a definition if applicable. What does hermaphrodite mean? Hermaphrodite definition at including hermaphrodite image. habena, honduranean, haplomid, hollandersimons, hyoplastral, humourer. — “Hermaphrodite image and hermaphrodite definition”,
  • Pala"ontologisches Institut und Museum, Universita"t Zu"rich, 8006 Zu"rich, Switzerland contrast, the anterior hyoplastral suture with the epiplastra. — “A thin-shelled reptile from the Late Triassic of North”,
  • extent of the hyoplastral buttress. It differs from Figure 7G Chelgdropsis and PvotocheZgdra i n the relatively Referred muteriaZ. right and left peripheral 7, left peripheral 6 extension of the hyoplastral buttress. — “Hutchison&Holroyd RMG38!1!2003 22”,
  • Student spermatogeny repropitiation lifeday Shawano: Archaeocyathidae mehtar Mercerize magnipotence hyoplastral Myodes milligal aortal Appomatox sanai noseband. — “Snouty Byrsonima Unseal Ineluctability Somnambulancy”,
  • The following important anatomical studies include but do. not emphasise Australian The hyoplastral and hypoplastral elements articulate with peripheral bones,. — “Fauna of Australia 2A - Reptilia - Chelonia - Morphology”, environment.gov.au
  • Hyoscyamus : (noun) 1: genus of poisonous herbs: henbane [syn: Hyoscyamus, genus Hyoscyamus] Hyoscyamus - Example Usage. dict_web2_robot: hyomandibula hyomandibular hyomental hyoplastral hyoplastron hyoscapular hyoscine hyoscyamine Hyoscyamus hyosternal hyosternum. — “Hyoscyamus - Define Hyoscyamus at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Sutures: epi-hyoplastral. hyo-hypoplastral. hypo-xiphiplastral. Scutes: humeral. pectoral Sutures: epi-hyoplastral. hyo-hypoplastral. hypo-xiphiplastral. Scutes: gular. humeral. — “THE DESERT TORTOISE (GOPHERUS AGASSIZI) I N THE PLEISTOCENE”, utep.edu
  • all words forced to lower case for comparison. often it is the reference that is wrong, or uses # for non-definition lines. only " hyoplastral (mesoplastral) Hyoscyamus (henbane) hyperabundance (DSLD). — “User:Robert Ullmann/Missing/h - Wiktionary”,
  • The ratio of scale width to hyoplastral. width (ANHM 2 /555) is about 0.25. For comparison, in Mongolemys elegans length of the hyoplastral. bridge, the ratio of the scales width to hyoplastral. — “A NEW GENUS OF LINDHOLMEMYDID TURTLE (TESTUDINES”,
  • Description of Heosemys spinosa (Spiny turtle). Turtles of the World treats all living turtles and tortoises, has a key and quiz to test your knowledge. achieved by an incomplete separation of the abdominal scute into hyoplastral and hypoplastral elements and by fragmentation of the inguinal scute. — “Turtles of the World > Species: Heosemys spinosa (Spiny turtle)”,
  • Definition of mesoplastral with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. describing either of a pair of transverse hexagonal bones in a turtle that lie between the hyoplastral and hypoplastral bones. — “Definition of mesoplastral”,
  • Words that contain YO : Words containing YO hyoplastral. hyoplastron. hyoscine. hyoscines. hyoscyamine. hyoscyamines. hypopyon. hypopyons. ichthyocolla. ichthyocollas. ichthyodorulite. ichthyodorulites. ichthyodorylite. ichthyodorylites. ichthyofauna. ichthyofaunae. ichthyofaunal. ichthyofaunas. ichthyoid. — “Word yo meaning. Word yo definition. Free crossword dictionary”,

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