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  • Prevention Plan For Treating Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome It is found in cat food and should be avoided as it has been linked to some cases of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. — “Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome”,
  • Definition of hyperesthesia in the Medical Dictionary. hyperesthesia explanation. Information about hyperesthesia in Free online English dictionary. What is hyperesthesia? Meaning of hyperesthesia medical term. What does hyperesthesia mean?. — “hyperesthesia - definition of hyperesthesia in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition of hyperesthesia in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hyperesthesia. Pronunciation of hyperesthesia. Translations of hyperesthesia. hyperesthesia synonyms, hyperesthesia antonyms. Information about hyperesthesia in the free online. — “hyperesthesia - definition of hyperesthesia by the Free”,
  • hyperesthesia also hyperaesthesia n. An abnormal or pathological increase in sensitivity to sensory stimuli, as of the skin to touch or the ear to. — “hyperesthesia: Definition from ”,
  • Feline hyperesthesia syndrome is a weird disorder also called "rolling skin disorder" for one of it's chief symptoms. The onset of hyperesthesia syndrome is usually when the cat is between one and four years old. — “What is feline hyperesthesia?”,
  • Hyperesthesia information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, causes, patient stories, videos, forums, prevention, and prognosis. — “Hyperesthesia Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments and Causes”,
  • Hyperesthesia definition, an abnormally acute sense of pain, heat, cold, or touch; algesia. See more. — “Hyperesthesia | Define Hyperesthesia at ”,
  • Definition of hyperesthesia from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of hyperesthesia. Pronunciation of hyperesthesia. Definition of the word hyperesthesia. Origin of the word hyperesthesia. — “hyperesthesia - Definition of hyperesthesia at ”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is Hyperesthesia? Hyperesthesia is a condition in which someone becomes highly sensitized to sensory stimuli. — “What Is Hyperesthesia?”,
  • What you need to know about hyperesthesia in cats There is no diagnostic test for feline hyperesthesia syndrome, and as in psychogenic alopecia, it is diagnosed by eliminating other diseases from consideration such as:. — “Veterinary Topics: Hyperesthesia”,
  • Feline Hyperesthesia. Written by Mary Anne Miller. Bacardi was four years old when she first began acting strangely. When we would go to pet her, the skin on her back would ripple like the tide coming in, and as we would get close to her tail, she would turn her head quickly and snap her jaws. — “ - Feline Hyperesthesia”,
  • Feline hyperesthesia, also known as cat schizophrenia, is a disorder that causes dramatic changes in character, strange and even aggressive behavior. Vets aren't sure what causes FHS, but they have a few theories. — “Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome Treatment”,
  • I read about that rippling skin disorder, and I think my cat has it. He does a lot of crazy running around with the skin on his The critical difference between "normal crazy behavior" that most younger cats exhibit and feline hyperesthesia is that with the latter, the cat is actually in distress. — “What is Rippling Skin Disease - a Cats Health FAQ”,
  • Hyperesthesia. You don't need to be Editor-In-Chief to add or edit content to WikiDoc. You can begin to add to or edit text on this WikiDoc page by clicking on the edit button at the top of this page. Next enter or edit the information that you would like to appear here. — “Hyperesthesia - wikidoc”,
  • Hyperesthesia (or Hyperaesthesia) is a condition that involves an abnormal increase in sensitivity to stimuli of the senses. Stimuli of the senses can include sound that one hears, foods that one tastes, textures that one feels, and so forth. — “Hyperesthesia - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Top questions and answers about Hyperesthesia. Find 13 questions and answers about Hyperesthesia at Read more. — “Hyperesthesia - ”,
  • Feline hyperesthesia syndrome or FHS is a condition with an array of symptoms, including tail chasing, affecting house cats of any age. It's more common in certain breeds, and one to four year olds. — “Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome”, cat-lovers-
  • Hyperesthesia (or hyperaesthesia) is a condition that involves an abnormal increase in sensitivity to stimuli of the senses. Increased touch sensitivity is referred to as "tactile hyperesthesia", and increased sound sensitivity is called "auditory hyperesthesia". — “Hyperesthesia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The word "hyperesthesia" basically means an increase in sensitivity. Hyperesthesia syndrome is felt to be a type of compulsive disorder, usually initiated when the cat is in conflict. — “Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome”,
  • Pet Information - Pet Place is the number one source for pet care information and pet health information with over 5,000 veterinarian approved articles. Some of these attributes, in an extreme form, are components of the syndrome known as feline hyperesthesia. — “Feline Hyperesthesia (FHS)”,
  • A compulsive disorder, feline hyperesthesia syndrome usually begins in cats at 1 to 4 years of age. ( The veterinarian will have to eliminate every other possible cause of this behavior, thus leaving hyperesthesia syndrome as the final diagnosis. — “Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome - - a VIN”,

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  • My cat miows odd heheh this is my cat amy, she spends most her time meowing at me, rolling on the floor, and using her claws to get around when shes rolling on the floor
  • Mango's Muscle Spasm The cat doesn't fall too far from the tree!! My cat had a major twitch for about 5 minutes straight. It was so funny I had to capture it.
  • Hyperesthesia Syndrome Rory showing symptoms before attack starts.
  • Cat seizure, Feline Vestibular disorder what day 5 looks like Part two... five days into recovery. Wobbly, some nystagmus, head tilt, sorry about my loud sound... turn your sound down to avoid my silly calls to the pets....
  • Rio loves playing with her string Rio playing with her string,this maybe the only thing in her life she loves lol.
  • 14/1/2008 Pickle
  • feline hyperesthesia Hopefully this story can help others. The video here shows a mild episode of hers- sometimes it would be much worse where she would dart away from her back ripples, like she was trying to run away from them.She would sometimes run into things as she was darting - It would make me so sad to watch her. It happened a few times per day, but mostly in the morning and evening. Bela has some Siamese in her (blue eyes) which is what pointed me in the direction of FHS at first after reading that Siamese, Burmese, and Himalayan breeds are more likely to get it. I spent alot of time searching online looking for information about FHS, trying to figure out what to do. At first, I tried to treat it as an allergy by starting to get rid of all toxins on the house (I guess it was good for us to 'go green' anyway.) I got all natural cleaners for the rug and floors, got rid of all sprays, candles, cleansers, etc. I also tried to buy all natural hand lotions and soaps for myself in case one of the many lotions I used was causing a reaction. Then I tried to treat it as a behavioral thing by playing with her more. Someone told me it helped to get another cat, but we are not even allowed to have Bela, so getting another was out of the question. We tried to make a point to play with her as much as possible (toy on a string for her to chase, throwing a ball, etc) - lots of things to keep her moving and busy. I also changed her plastic bowls to glass bowls and started using Science Diet food ...
  • Finn's symptoms: feline anxiety/hyperesthesia/OCD(?) This is what my cat's strange behavior over the span of a few months early in 2010 (she had just turned 2 years old). In my vet's words, it looked like "she has a ghost hand pulling on her tail all the time." It was worse at night and early in the morning, when she ran around the house hissing and growling at her tail. Sometimes she would snap at it, or even scream at it. My vet's first step was to run a Toxoplasmosis titer, which came back negative. I couldn't afford expensive diagnostic tests (CT, MRI, etc.) so I asked my vet (Dr. Nancy Rhodes of Heritage Animal Hospital -- the best vet in the world as far as I'm concerned) to make an educated guess about what she thought might be wrong. After doing some research and speaking with a few colleagues who were knowledgeable about animal behavior, she suggested starting Finn on a combination of two medications: Clomipramine (for anxiety) and a low dose of Gabapentin (for neuropathic pain, which the vet guessed may be causing Finn's aggressive actions toward her own tail). After about 2 weeks her weird behavior symptoms had disappeared. She stayed on the medications for a couple of months. Then, we slowly discontinued the gabapentin, and after another month or so of just being on clomipramine, we gradually stopped that, too. So far it's been 3 weeks since she stopped all her meds and she seems perfectly normal (well, as "normal" as any cat behaves, anyway).
  • Evil Rio The Cat Evil Rio does not like the camera,seriously this cat does not like anything,i would be suprised if she even likes herself.YES,she does have feline Hyperesthesia syndrome...But no matter what,we still love her! If you have a cat that has feline Hyperesthesia syndrome please contact me.
  • 014.MP4 this is rowdy my f1 savannah. this started a week ago ,he seems very agressive when this happens, he has had blood work and xrays, and they all came back fine. I would like to see if anyone hasa cat that has been cured.....please help.he is becoming a recluse , and hiding all the time. he was so social
  • Hyperesthesia Syndrome 3 Rory starting attack. Shows distress and takes off suddenly.
  • Pickle Feline
  • april_13_shelter_and_domino002.mpg Domino with Hyperesthesia--has to groom himself right away if touched in certain areas----very sensitive
  • Eggbert_Neurological_twitch_tic Captured video of Eggbert having a focal seizure as indicated by the ear twitching, head shaking, back twitch, and tail swaying.
  • Felix120406 Felix twitching 1
  • Hyperesthesia Syndrome 2 Rory as attack starts.
  • Feline Hyperesthesia? Poor Myra!
  • Bark Scorpion Sting Bitten or stung in the night by an unknown critter? Hope this helps some. Bark scorpion stings cause little or no inflammation (redness or swelling) but intense hypersensitivity pain (hyperesthesia), numbness and tingling spreading up the arm or leg. In the video I keep referring to scorpion bite. Obviously, it is a sting not a bite, but you are not catching me at my best here !
  • Sam Seizure 7-1-09 Sam suffers from petite mal seizures. They don't last very long, but it's very disturbing to watch. Soon after I filmed this, he was up eating and acting normal agin.
  • Weasley Episode 1 My cat Weasley has one of his episodes of strange licking and running. This is only a mild example of what is normally characterized by twitchy skin, erratic/frantic licking, then panicked running, and more licking...his only comfort seems to be getting under the blankets...
  • Crazy Jack Cat My cat is nucking futs!!! Feline Hyperesthesia, OCD, he has it. I can make a loud noise to distract him and calmly talk him down when he gets like this, but if I touch him he gets far more violent with his poor tail.
  • The Fall of the House of Usher Part 2 Ed performing Edgar Allan Poe's story. The tale opens with the unnamed narrator arriving at the house of his friend, Roderick Usher, having received a letter from him in a distant part of the country complaining of an illness and asking for his comfort. Although Poe wrote this short story before the invention of modern psychological science, Roderick's symptoms can be described according to its terminology. They include hyperesthesia (extreme hypersensitivity to light, sounds, smells, and tastes), hypochondria (an excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness), and acute anxiety. It is revealed that Roderick's twin sister, Madeline, is also ill and falls into cataleptic, death-like trances. The narrator is impressed with Roderick's paintings, and attempts to cheer him by reading with him and listening to his improvised musical compositions on the guitar. Roderick sings "The Haunted Palace", then tells the narrator that he believes the house he lives in to be sentient, and that this sentience arises from the arrangement of the masonry and vegetation surrounding it. (from Wikipedia)
  • Felix121806 Felix121806, getting worse, back right leg spasms
  • the real fry cook EGG MAN!!! this fry cook is suffering from an extremely rare back disorder known as Hyperesthesia Neuropathy Sciatica, and is actually paralyzed from the waist up. Anyhow, he can cook you a mean breakfast when he takes his medicine!!
  • Weasley Episode 2 Another two episodes (I've merged the videos into one), where Weasley displays a lot of the frantic running, a big licking session, and ultimately rushes to get under the blankets.
  • My Cat's Strange Symptoms (Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome) NOTE: This video is old and my cat was first diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. His symptoms disappeared immediately after going on Tramadol and Phenobarbitol. Recently he had an ultrasound and it NOW appears that FHS is maybe NOT the cause of his symptoms. His intestinal track had inflammation and now it appears he has IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). He is now taking Budesonide. --------------------------------------------- This is my 7 year old cat, Dracula. He is awesome and mellow and totally people friendly. I know this looks like a pissed-off cat, but he is not angry in the normal sense. He is obviously irritated but he is not being provoked or anything of the sort. He started having these fits about a year ago, totally out of the blue and the vet hasn't been able to crack it yet -- for one thing, he's always totally normal and fine when I take him to the vet. The first time he did it, I thought he had an abscess because he is indoor / outdoor and occasionally gets in scuffles. And, usually when a cat has an abscess, they get sensitive and irritable. So, I took him to the vet the next morning but there was no injury and he was acting normal, like nothing had happened. The vet gave him an enema because he thought he might be constipated from my description. This is a hard thing to describe, so I filmed it. Basically, he does this TOTALLY out of the blue a few times a day -- usually at night at around 9 after I get home from work and he comes in and eats ...
  • Kid, Jr - The feline hyperestesiac star Without the usual sound track
  • Pickle Feline Hyperesthesia
  • Video of Katie's Twitching Here is the video I made of Katie, my cat, twitching. She started twitching (while sleeping or simply relaxing) about a few months after we adopted her from a local shelter around this time last year. It became more prominent around December of last year. By about early February of this year, however, the twitching decreased significantly and I have no idea why. Now I rarely see her doing it, if at all (I think it has been at least two weeks since I last saw her doing it). The video I have attached is an example of her twitching at a time when it was the most pronounced and much more frequent (the video was made back in December I believe). As you can see from the video, she appears aware of her surroundings and does not look like she is having a seizure at all except for the twitching. Her eyes look normal and she is not drooling or exhibiting any other signs that I would associate with seizures. She just looks like a normal relaxed cat who happens to be twitching. It appears that the twitching is centrally related to something in her core that causes her body to move. The twitching is certainly more pronounced in her legs or arms but it still appears to be coming from the core of her body as opposed to within her legs or arms themselves. Her head does not really move at all with the twitching. When it occurrs, the twitching lasts for a while - typically for as long as she is relaxing. It did not seem to go away at all - if she was in the same spot relaxing for a couple ...
  • Felix120406-1 felix twitching, staring
  • Ri-T20-T8-En, P. Nadon The RHUMART® phenomenon or Bioelectric-Medicine? Scientific basis, amazing testimonials by health professionals and owners of RHUMART®, and long term effects.
  • Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome My cat has undergone thorough checkups and nothing abnormal was found. This clip only shows a mild attack. Neurologist has given anti-convulsion pills, but i didn't like the idea of putting him on pills as he is still young (only 2.5 years old). I decided to try acupuncture on him first. I put only 2 needles on his spine last night, left for 20 minutes, and it has worked wonders for him!!! If he continues to respond well to acupuncture, I'll make a video to show how this is done, and hopefully can help other cat owners who is facing the same dilemma. (He just had an ultrasound on his stomach, that's why the fur around the stomach area was shaved).
  • Kiki and his Feline Hyperesthesia? Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. I havent taken him in to visit the vet yet just started this weekend, but i was told it could be fleas however i disagree. my other cat has been acting fine. watched the other videos on here and looks exactly the same. feel bad for the poor guy :-/
  • What is Pain?.mp4 What is Pain? Patients ask us any questions for free at the point of your symptomatic inception. We will be there to answer you 24/7.
  • Feline OCD?
  • TRF HYPERMIX 1000 / VA from LBT TRF HYPERMIX 1000 from LBT 01.BOY MEETS GIRL (Hydropump Refix) / Hydropump 02.EZ DO DANCE (Yasterize Prizm Step Remix) / Yasterize 03.ISLAND ON YOUR MIND(The LASTTRAK BassLine野郎 REMIX) / The LASTTRAK 04.CRAZY GONNA CRAZY(鼓膜のクレイジーmix) / 鼓膜シュレッダー05.Enjo-Gのサバイバル・ダンス / BUBBLE-B feat. Enjo-G 06.Impression of TRF(Loco Remix) / Loco 07.FUNKY M (DJイオ jackin' Remix) / DJイオ08.Overnight Sensation ~時代はあなたに委ねてる~(MC's Hyperesthesia mix) / missile chewbacca 09.寒い夜だガバ... / ディスク百合おん10.SEE THE SKY~1999...月が地球にKISSをする~(Marc Panther is dead Remix) / kidogenki 11.愛がもう少し欲しいよ (YUKI to YUKI cosmic renaissance remix) / ryu 12.Happening Here(petank Remix) / petank 13.Love & Peace Forever(パリッコ Remix) / パリッコ
  • Richard Bandler's book: Time for a change. "Time for a Change" will give you new ways to do deeper, more effective hypnotic and belief work with yourself and clients using nlp & dhe. The light and entertaining style sustained throughout the book belies the density of the presentation. Robin Williams can fill any ordinary comic's repertoire in minutes. In much the same way, most writers would be happy to make a book from just one of these chapters. We imagine some will. Bandler describes belief and hypnosis as closely related allies in healing and transformation. Through hypnosis and nlp we can create powerful beliefs, and beliefs are "the express train to deep hypnosis." For those willing to come aboard, Bandler begins with the beliefs of the practitioner. His "NLP™ attitude" installation, in ther first chapter, works impressively well. Readers progress systematically to develop the skills necessary to build our own mind machine. You can automatically change destructive beliefs to doubts, and replace them with valuable beliefs, as fast as you can find them. Later chapters polish off hypnosis with Bandler's "favorite hypnotic phenomenon," time distortion. He gives us surprising ways to elicit and apply them. Try a slow time meal for weight loss. He leads us beyond hypnosis to hypersthesia. Have you ever been lusciously aware of every detail of an overwhelming sunset or symphony or massage? Would you like that to happen more? Finally, and too soon, the book closes with suggestions. By following the last instructions ...
  • Felix120606 Felix twitching
  • cat needs help from vet Kitten/cat has trouble walking. Started limping at 5 months, x-ray normal, local vet says it is incurably neurological & recommends euthansia. Who knows what this is?
  • Diabetic neuropathy in the cat Dreamsicle (foster cat) returned by former adopter when he developed diabetes mellitus. You can see he is down on his hocks, with diabetic neuropathy (a condition caused by poorly regulated diabetes). I practiced a protocol called "tight regulation" with a low-carb canned diet and PZI (insulin), and his neuropathy improved (and he actually stopped being diabetic). Dreamy also stars in another video of mine, illustrating how I test his blood sugar. If you find this video useful, please provide a ranking so others may be referred to it. For more information, see my blog at
  • Kid, Jr - The feline hyperestesiac star2 This keeps me up all night parts of the day. Just found out what it is and hopefully we can get him mellowed out!
  • SzaszQuotes: @Janehug Schizophrenia: hyperesthesia of the soul.
  • ferchione: A little of hyperesthesia http://t.co/THz0E4hZ
  • lrdl3536: Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome; Causes and treatment,http://t.co/onNdwi2s
  • richardlindsa14: Causes,treatment options for feline hyperesthesia,http://t.co/gsyvfDnL
  • Cara_Erin: Anyone have any experience with feline hyperesthesia?

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  • “Picamilon Draws Attention This New Russian Drug Rapidly Penetrates The Blood-Brain Barrier, Producing A Beneficial Effect on The Brain's Metaboli Picamilon reduced anxiety and hyperesthesia (whereby normal touch creates pain) without sedative effects, which improved sleep”
    — Picamilon Research - Forums,

  • “Forums: Forum: Open discussion - Recent Posts. lena on "Hyperesthesia" mel on "Hyperesthesia" mel on "Food question from Mel" lena on "Food question from Mel" lena on "Food question from Mel" lena on "Renting a dog" Erika on "Renting a dog" Erika on "Amazing animals" lena on "Introductions?”
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  • “Jag seems to have FELINE HYPERESTHESIA. I have wrote a couple of times about Jag - my with his axiety and has informed me that he most likely has what is called hyperesthesia”
    — - View topic - Help! Jag seems to have FELINE,

  • “In spheroids thrown with proscar who remained on therapy, morena mp3 forum dzwonki volume was owned compared with both gorge and thinness throughout states citalopram generic celexa syndromes, confusion, sedation, hyperesthesia, contenst disorders, petechiae of tartaric nerves, decreased”
    — Suppliers Of Prilosec To Israel,

  • “A personal page to showcase my art and games If not prudery, then timidity, inhibition or neurotic social hyperesthesia. The point is that an outbreak of fear has made people seem incapable of dealing with anything that appears direct, contentious or confronting”
    — Jedyte - Monkeys Cry: Neurotic social hyperesthesia, blog.jedyte.be

  • “Welcome to the Cats forum, hosted by Guide Franny Syufy and our dedicated team of moderators: HOSTPat, HOSTBarb, HOSTYez, and HOSTDru. Please read and familiarize yourself with our Forum Guidelines before posting. If this is your first visit”
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  • “Welcome to the Cats forum, hosted by Guide Franny Syufy and our dedicated team of moderators: HOSTPat, HOSTBarb, HOSTYez, and HOSTDru. At five years old, it could be a number of things, including a back injury, a cyst, a tumor or even undiagnosed feline hyperesthesia”
    — Back scratching - Cats,

  • “The causes of feline hyperesthesia are generally unknown, many veterinarians are of the opinion it is mainly due to inferior of Diagnosis of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. March 18th, 2010 admin. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome has similarities resembling a”
    — Pet Meds Blog, pet-meds-

  • “Increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli, such as pain or touch (Hyperesthesia) Healthoma - A really complete blog carnival about Health. recycling”
    — Canine Distemper :: ,

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