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  • (A) Initially the hyperintensity is confined to the subcortical white matter of the left motor region, descending via the internal capsule into the brainstem. Although hyperintensity of the corticospinal tracts on MRI—particularly with fluid-attenuated inversion. — “Nature Clinical Practice Neurology | A case of celiac disease”,
  • Delayed Ischemic Hyperintensity on T1-Weighted Images and Selective Neuronal Death in the MRI demonstrates specific ischemic change of hyperintensity on T1W images (A, E) and. — “Novel Brain Ischemic Change on MRI : Delayed Ischemic”,
  • Total Homocysteine Is Associated With White Matter Hyperintensity Volume: White matter hyperintensities may be a risk factor for both, but studies of the relationship between tHcy and. — “DOI: 10.1161/01.STR.0000165923.02318.22 2005;36;1207-1211”,
  • Background/Aims: A quantitative method was applied to measure the volume of white matter hyperintensity (WMH) in different brain regions of subjects with Alzheimer's disease (AD), mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and normal healthy age. — “Regional Quantification of White Matter Hyperintensity in”,
  • Years before carotid artery disease poses a stroke risk, arterial thickening and early-stage atherosclerosis may cause deterioration in cognitive performance. (parenchymal volume divided by intracranial volume) averaged 78%, and 13% of participants had large white matter hyperintensity. — “Medical News: VAS-COG: Brain Effects of Carotid Disease”,
  • The distribution of sulcal hyperintensity on FLAIR images and associated abnormal enhance Twenty-six (8.9%) of the 291 patients had sulcal hyperintensity (16 focal, 10. — “Sulcal Hyperintensity on Fluid-Attenuated Inversion Recovery”,
  • Diagnosis and Imaging Findings: A preterm neonatal male was born at 30 weeks gestation with frequent jerking movements of all extremities and poor responsiveness to stimulation. The axial T1-weighted image shows areas of hyperintensity within the basal ganglia. — “Radiological Case of the Month: Diagnosis and Imaging Findings”,
  • MR Neurography demonstrates mechanical distortion of nerves, hyperintensity consistent with nerve irritation, nerve swelling, discontinuity, of regions of nerve hyperintensity, distortions of normal nerve. — “MR Neurography and Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Origins, History”,
  • DeCarli has zeroed in on white matter hyperintensity and its role in dementia. Having these hyperintensities on your brain scan indicates that you are at risk for stroke. — “University of California - Science Today | White Matter Matters”,
  • Contrary to patients with PD, patients with MSA-P with and without putaminal rim hyperintensity were of a similar age. rim hyperintensity had concomitant putaminal atrophy, suggesting that marked putaminal rim hyperintensity may. — “Arch Neurol -- Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Multiple”, archneur.ama-
  • Context White matter hyperintensities (WMHs) are bright foci seen in the parenchyma of the brain on T2-weighted cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and are associated with geriatric depression. Because they are associated with age, they should increase in number and size over time. — “Arch Gen Psychiatry -- Abstract: White Matter Hyperintensity”, archpsyc.ama-
  • Bilateral thalamic hyperintensities in a case of viral encephalitis Mohanasundaram K, Narayanan S, Kumarasamy S. Bilateral thalamic hyperintensities in a case of viral encephalitis. — “Bilateral thalamic hyperintensities in a case of viral”,
  • These small regions of high intensity are observed on T2 weighted MRI images (typically created using 3D FLAIR) within cerebral white matter (white matter hyperintensities or WMH) or subcortical gray matter (gray matter hyperintensities or GMH). — “Hyperintensity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • How much residual damage/HyperIntensity remains. How the T2 dynamics compare to those of contrast-enhancing Global lesion burden as MRI surrogate of disease activity may therefore be confounded by large amounts of transient HyperIntensity. — “Multiple Sclerosis Abstracts 03d-2g6”,
  • The imaging features for diabetic muscle ischemia include hyperintensity on fat-suppressed T2-weighted images and gadolinium Hyperintensity within a muscle on unenhanced T1-weighted images may represent hemorrhagic foci. Rim enhancement with low signal. — “Interesting Case 217- Imaging Sciences”,
  • Human Anatomy question: What is T2 hyperintensity? What does Attention to the left lobe of the thyroid demonstrates 14mm lesion of T2 hyperintensity with mild T1 hyperintensity mean?. — “ - What is T2 hyperintensity”,
  • Hyperintensity of the Middle Cerebellar Peduncles on Fluid-Attenuated Inversion Recovery Imaging: Variation with Age and We hypothesize that mild MCP hyperintensity on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) imaging can be a normal finding. — “Hyperintensity of the Middle Cerebellar Peduncles on Fluid”,
  • If the predominant component of the hematoma is extracellular methemoglobin, the intramural hematoma can appear as a hyperintensity on fat-suppressed, T2-weighted images. The identification of the hyperintensity that eccentrically surrounds the artery is best. — “Imaging in Carotid and Vertebral Artery Dissection: Imaging”,
  • Lesion Heterogeneity in Multiple Sclerosis: relations between appearances on T1 weighted images, T1 relaxation times, and metabolite concentrations. — “Lesion Heterogeneity In Multiple Sclerosis: A Study Of The”,

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  • Legend MRI Brain Ax FLAIR Diffuse increased signal in the white matter bilaterally Focal hyperintensity in the left frontal lobe is from a needle biopsy Legend MRI Brain Cor T1W left top and bottom and Ax T1W Post Gd right The white matter abnormality is mildly hypointense and does not enhance Key words mri toxic demyelinating
  • Sagittal T2 hyperintensity signal in right thalamus Case 3 Left corona radiata infarction Terminal zone infarction
  • multiple lesions with mild surrounding gliosis in the right caudate and lentiform nucleus Ill defined hyperintensity is seen in the left posterior limb of the internal capsule Legend DWI reveals restricted diffusion in the left internal capsule
  • Figure 1 Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy A Axial PD A and T2W B images show large confluent area of hyperintensity of left frontotemporal region While there is some
  • flavum with hypertrophy of left C2 facet joint e The histopathology of the excised ligamentum flavum revealed bits of mature bony trabeculae bone marrow and ligament tissue H E ×200
  • Legend Left and right Axial T2WI s show abnormal hyperintensity in the mid brain inferior portions of the basal ganglia and thalamus and mesial temporal lobes bilaterally Legend Left Axial T2WI demonstrates additional hyperintensities in the medulla Middle right Coronal T1WI s with gadolinium show marked enhancement of the basal cisterns
  • intensity is in the posterolateral aspect of the right thalamus Also noted is the round hypointensity in the periphery of the left parietal lobe with surrounding hyperintensity 1 Legend 3 Axial T2WI at the mid thalami level again shows the focal hyperintense lesion on the right and patchy white matter hyperintensity 4 Axial T1WI at the same level shows the
  • Axial FLAIR hyperintensity signal in left corona radiata Case 4 Left medulla infarction
  • Legend Axial FLAIR demonstrates the same abnormal hyperintensity Coronal T1 WI and coronal STIR demonstrate corresponding hypointensity Legend Axial T1 FS post gadolinium image reveals no contrast enhancement Diffusion sequences demonstrate restricted diffusion greatest in the left putamen and within the right caudate head
  • suggestive of sub acute infarcts and vasculitis Fig 1a d Normal enhancement of the cortical veins and venous sinuses was visualized on MRV MRA of the circle of Willis was normal Figure 1a d MRI of the brain showing multiple areas of T2 hyperintensity in the right and left cerebellar cortex and sub cortical areas the right and left
  • Figure 2 Arrows indicate hyperintensity in the anterior cerebral peduncle Axial T2 sequence MRI
  • in the same regions as above Preserved deeper nuclei has slightly hyperintense signal 1e MR spectroscopy of white matter showed severe decrease in NAA and a lipid lactate peak
  • Figure 3 Sagittal A and axial B T2 weighted magnetic resonance images show linear hyperintensity in the anterior spinal cord extending from C2 to C6 suggesting infarction in the
  • the cortex and the far peripheral white matter arrows B Sagittal FLAIR section differentiates the hypointensity of the cystic components from the hyperintensity of the cortical component Figure 3 Agyria Transverse T2 w i A and coronal T1 IR B sections Complete absence of sulci The sparse cells layer is recognizable as a band hysointense to the white matter arrows
  • Legend 1 2 Axial T2WIs of the posterior fossa show patchy white matter hyperintensity surrounding the fourth ventricle involving the brain stem and cerebellum bilaterally
  • two well circumscribed rounded intra axial mass lesions There is central hyperintensity with a thin rim of peripheral hypointensity Both are surrounded by vasogenic edema Legend Axial FLAIR sequence demonstrates the central components of the lesion are not isointense to CSF but rather isointense to slightly hyperintense to surrounding parenchyma Of
  • extending from top of L4 to inferior endplate of L5 T2W images Heterogeneous hyperintensity involving the L4 and L5 vertebral bodies and right anterolateral prevertebral soft tissues Legend Sagittal and axial T1W images post gadolinium Diffuse enhancement of the L4 and L5 vertebral bodies intervertebral disk prevertebral and paraspinal soft tissues and ventral
  • swelling of intermediate signal intensity Images 4 5 Parasagittal T1 weighted images reveal malalignment rotatory subluxation of the facet joint articulations at C6 7 of the Rt side Legend Top Lt Axial T2 weighted image degraded by motion demonstrates hyperintensity adjacent to the spinous process and poor definition of the Rt facet joint Bottom Lt top bottom Rt
  • Legend Axial T2WI s Scans demonstrate hyperintensity within the putamen bilaterally the right caudate nucleus A focal hyperintensity is also present in the left midbrain
  • Axial T1 hypointensity signal in right thalamus Axial FLAIR hyperintensity signal in right thalamus
  • Post contrast image D shows intense enhancement of the mass lesion PMRS E shows lactate 1 3 ppm along with choline 3 2 ppm Culture of the tissue was positive for Aspergillus flavus
  • Figure 1 MRI T2 showing extensive hyperintensity from C2 to C6 case 12
  • sulcation consistent with polymicrogyria from arrest of neuronal migration during development Coronal FLAIR images demonstrate periventricular hyperintensity and cerebellar hypoplasia Legend Sagittal and axial T1WIs demonstrate corresponding smooth sheet like periventricular T1 shortening likely due to calcium in solution Key words mri infection congenital
  • of C3 4 disc b CT scan showing basilar invagination atlantoaxial dislocation assimilation of the atlas C2 3 fusion and relatively large posterior osteophytes at the C3 4 disc level
  • Axial FLAIR hyperintensity signal in left medulla oblongata Case 5 Left midbrain infarction MLF syndrome
  • with pain below the xiphoid process shows a filling defect in the gallbladder but a normal CBD The T1W image B shows a spot hyperintensity at the level of the pancreatic head arrow
  • Legend 1 2 Axial T2WIs of the posterior fossa show patchy white matter hyperintensity surrounding the fourth ventricle involving the brain stem and cerebellum bilaterally Legend 3 Axial T2WI at midbrain level shows involvement of the midbrain particular on the right 4 Axial T1WI with gadolinium at the level of pons shows enhancing white matter lesions in
  • Legend Axial T2 and coronal FLAIR images through the level of the medial temporal lobes demonstrate high signal and volume loss in the right hippocampus Legend Volume loss and hyperintensity of the right hippocampus are confirmed on serial T2 coronal images through the temporal lobes Key words mr mri limbic system degenerative epilepsy
  • artifact in the anterior margin of the lesion on the axial FLAIR sequence Also note the droplets of hyperintensity in the subarachnoid space near the anterior interhemispheric fissure Legend Sagittal T1 WI again demonstrates multiple foci of T1 shortening present within the subarachnoid space Diffusion imaging shows no susceptibility artifact that might be encountered
  • Legend FLAIR axial sequence proves the lesion to be solid and heterogeneous No enhancement is evident on the T1WI with gadolinium Legend Sagittal T1 WI demonstrates mild hyperintensity compared to CSF Note the hyperintensity and restricted diffusion on the DWIs Key words mri tumor neoplasia pineal region dwi
  • T2W1 axial hyperintensity in cortocospinal tracts in midbrain
  • to the previous hospital The diffusion weighted imaging DWI of brain MRI at fifty hours after admission to our hospital revealed localized hyperintensity of the bilateral globus pallidus Fig 1A The T2 weighted imaging Fig 1B showed a hyperintense lesion in the corresponding area and periventricular area around the right anterior horn of the lateral ventricle The DWI of
  • the right frontal lobe likely from prior resection with some hyperintensity in the adjacent brain parenchyma Additionally note the abnormal high signal in the medial right thalamus Legend Additional FLAIR sequences left and middle reveal abnormal high signal in the right external capsule right thalamus and posterior right midbrain A post gadolinium sequence right
  • and far more of the expected genre elements are in place than in that film and the style has a dreamlike expressionist hyperintensity especially in the expressionist dream sequence The story isn t up to much perhaps but it ticks so many boxes boxes that don t officially exist yet it s driven by irrationality and paranoia like Cornell Woolrich s pulp fever dreams
  • Legend Left and right Axial T2WI s show abnormal hyperintensity in the mid brain inferior portions of the basal ganglia and thalamus and mesial temporal lobes bilaterally
  • suggestive of sub acute infarcts and vasculitis Fig 1a d Normal enhancement of the cortical veins and venous sinuses was visualized on MRV MRA of the circle of Willis was normal Figure 1a d MRI of the brain showing multiple areas of T2 hyperintensity in the right and left cerebellar cortex and sub cortical areas the right and left
  • with destruction of intervening disc Fat saturated sagittal T2WI C showing active involvement with hyperintensity in the posterior part of the intervening disc between L1and L2 vertebrae
  • Legend Sagittal T2WI s show posterior subluxation of C6 and a fracture of the spinous process Hyperintensity within the posterior soft tissues is highly suggestive of posterior ligamentous
  • Legend Axial T2WI s disclose 3 focal hyperintense lesion in the left cerebellum Also present is subtle hyperintensity within the pons A small aberrant vessel is noted ventral to the medulla

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  • “ALS TDI forum is a free portal that is dedicated to exchange information about ALS, scientific advances in ALS, and treatments for ALS. Hyperintensity on T2-weighted images was also observed in the dorsal part of the midbrain. 123I-iodobenzamide single photon emission computed”
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  • “ CD8(+) T cells in muscles showing hyperintensity features on T2-weighted short tau patients with or without muscles showing hyperintensity features on T2-STIR-MRI sequences”
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  • “Another MRI report mentions a few small scattered foci of T2 hyperintensity in the periventricular white matter, which are nonspecific.(2006) Forum powered by dotNetBB v2.42EC SP2. dotNetBB © 2000-2011. Please visit the CyberKnife® Society Dedicated to”
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  • “Monclerstore Monclerstore's blog - The involved areas of brain are edematous, firm, and blurred distinction of grey-while mimler interface. They most commonly express an astrocytic phcnolypc. Hut oligodendroglioma can also present with a”
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