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  • Femoral Nerve Lesion - Damage to the femoral nerve may result from trauma, iatrogenically, or as a consequence of disease processes. Disruption may. — “Femoral Nerve Lesion | Doctor | Patient UK”,
  • Definition of iatrogenically in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of iatrogenically. Pronunciation of iatrogenically. Translations of iatrogenically. iatrogenically synonyms, iatrogenically antonyms. Information about iatrogenically in the free. — “iatrogenically - definition of iatrogenically by the Free”,
  • Management of an Iatrogenically-ingested Sharp FB—Gavin CW Kang and Preetha Madhukumar Successful Management of an Iatrogenically-ingested Sharp Foreign Body. — “Successful Management of an Iatrogenically-ingested Sharp”, annals.edu.sg
  • Definition of iatrogenically in the Medical Dictionary. iatrogenically explanation. Information about iatrogenically in Free online English dictionary. What is iatrogenically? Meaning of iatrogenically medical term. What does iatrogenically mean?. — “iatrogenically - definition of iatrogenically in the Medical”, medical-
  • The clinical and pathologic manifestations of iatrogenically produced mesothelium-rich fragments of operative debris. VM Walley, HJ Peters, JP Veinot, RW Courtice and SL Venance. Department of Laboratory Medicine, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ontario, Canada. — “The clinical and pathologic manifestations of iatrogenically”,
  • Iatrogenic conditions can also be caused by various types of genital modification and In cases of male circumcision, which is carried out on a majority of American males in. — “Iatrogenic - Definition”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Iatrogenically - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • A 49-year-old female with a 30-year history of untreated essential hypertension was noted to have a blood pressure of 290/175 mmHg during evaluation for elective gynecological surgery. Iatrogenically induced hypertensive encephalopathy. — “Iatrogenically induced hypertensive encephalopathy”,
  • In my opinion, it is a multifactor deviated response to fantasy, usually precursor of previous irrational exposures being put deliberately or iatrogenically that enhance indulgence in to such abnormal activity rendering and tagging the attitude. — “Unnatural Offense or Behavioral Deviation | The Pakistani”,
  • Iatrogenically induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome after a car accident. — “Iatrogenically induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome after a car”, life-
  • Primary replacement of the humeral head in iatrogenically displaced fracture-dislocations of the shoulder : A report about six cases to us because of iatrogenically displaced fracture-dislocations of. — “Primary replacement of the humeral head in iatrogenically”, cat.inist.fr
  • Background: In order to investigate anastomotic leakage, a number of experimental animal studies have been previously carried out. the low frequency of spontaneous anastomotic leakages, there have been studies on gastrointestinal anastomoses with iatrogenically produced leakages. — “Leakage of Colon Anastomoses: Development of an Experimental”,
  • Diabetes insipidus (DI) (Greek διαβαίνειν diabainein - to pass through and Latin insipidus - without taste) is a condition characterized by excretion of large amounts of severely diluted urine, which cannot be reduced when fluid intake is reduced. — “Diabetes insipidus - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Iatrogenesis is not restricted to conventional medicine: it can also result from Some iatrogenic artifacts are clearly defined and easily recognized, such as a. — “Iatrogenesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Socio-demographic and clinical data characteristics presented here provide additional data to that recorded in the National Hepatitis C Database report, on an ageing iatrogenically infected HCV cohort in Ireland, which has relevance for future planning of hepatology services. — “Socio-demographic and clinical features of Irish iatrogenic”, m.nih.gov
  • This site is an excellent, balanced starting point for expectant and future parents. It includes studies from highly reputable resources and includes Because paraphimosis is a condition that is almost always iatrogenically or inadvertently induced, simple education and clarification of proper. — “Paraphimosis - The Male Infant Circumcision Information Site”,
  • Socio-demographic and clinical data characteristics presented here provide additional data to that recorded in the National Hepatitis C Database report, on an ageing iatrogenically infected HCV cohort in Ireland, which has relevance for future planning of hepatology services. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Socio-demographic and clinical”,
  • Leonard Horowitz received his doctorate from Tufts University and was awarded a fellowship in behavioral research at the University of Rochester In addition, the possibility that HIV-1 evolved iatrogenically in human subjects (specifically Willowbrook State School mentally retarded children. — “A NEW THEORY ON THE IATROGENIC ORIGIN OF AIDS”,
  • Words starting with I (page 1): iamb, iambi, iambic, iambically, iambics, iambist, iambs, iambus, ianthine, iatric, iatrical, iatrochemical, iatrochemist, iatrochemistries, iatrochemistry, iatrochemists, iatrogenic, iatrogenically,. — “Words starting with I (page 1)”,
  • Accurately depicts a correctly performed cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) with an iatrogenically (physician-related) injured version where excess amounts of the biliary ducts are removed. Labels for the gallbladder, liver lobes, right and. — “Correct vs. Incorrect Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder Removal”,

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  • Acute Vocal Fold Haemorrhage Bleeding in the vocal fold can occur spontaneously, following phonotrauma, or iatrogenically following surgery of procedures involving the larynx or tracheobronchial tree. Usually, the blood collects in the superficial layers of the true vocal fold. Deeper layers involvement (beyond the vocal ligament) can also occur but rare. The amount of blood collection (haematoma) is usually small being limited by the epithelium and attachments of the ligaments. The effects ranges from hoarseness of voice, reduction in vocal range, or even fatigue. A period of absolute followed by limited voice rest is essential to allow normal healing and prevent potential scarring. A short course of steroid is indicated if pronounced inflammation and edema present. This video clip shows an acute subepithelial haemorrhage involving the right true vocal fold in a teacher after an episode intensive voice use. It resolved completely after a short period of dedicated voice rest.
  • MegannCav: To my future tube-fed patients, I'm sorry if you become iatrogenically malnourished. Blame Hurricane Sandy.

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  • “The problem that seems most evident to me is that the system is broken. We do not cure disease with this system but treat symptoms. The whole premise of "do no harm" was tossed out the window with advent of pharmaceuticals and other chemistry”
    — Staying well is much easier than curing disease | ,

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  • “Those of us who have mastered so called "alternative medicine"(I tell doctors "There is Patients can acquire immune complex dysfunction by their own devices or iatrogenically”
    — Keeping Fit with Dr Fitt,

  • “By iatrogenically morphing his alcoholism and drug addiction into bi-polar disorder (aka, Ljubodrag Simonović - Duci's Blog. Neil Clark's blog. Northstar Compass. Radio Katwe. Roger”
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  • “Craig G Burkhart, MD, MPH, Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, Section of Dermatology, The bluish black pigmentation of cartilage is noted iatrogenically by exogenous agents, has been seen after”
    — Ochronosis 赭色症 @ 快樂小藥師 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::,

  • “Because this would increase antipsychotics and mood stabilizers use By Allen Frances, M.D with bipolar tendencies would be harmed iatrogenically if they received antidepressants without coverage,”
    — DSM5 Should Not Expand Bipolar II Disorder | Psychology Today,

  • “Forum Code is OFF [quote][i]Originally posted by Occam48[/i] [br]As you don't want to Some other rather controversial theories have contended that HIV was transferred iatrogenically (i.e. via medical interventions)”
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  • “blog. member. group. message. Singulair. Singulair. Today's offers: His chloride in this examination was iatrogenically serious that ways also directed him”
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  • “The National CFIDS Foundation Forum newsletter article titled: Thyroid function in neurosomatic disorders: stimulation of trigeminal nerve activity with thyrotropin releasing hormone All patients with neurosomatic disorders who I have rendered iatrogenically hyperthyroid have not felt any better”
    — Thyroid function in neurosomatic disorders: stimulation of, ncf-

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