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  • A very spectacular ichneumon wasp has been brought to Clinic and I have also If the ichneumon parasite larva killed its host, they would both die, trapped. — “Ichneumon Wasps”, skagit.wsu.edu
  • Ichneumon wasp (Ophion luteus) on ARKive - species information and 6 images. — “Ichneumon wasp - Ophion luteus - ARKive”,
  • The parasitic ichneumon wasp comes from a species that develop on or in the bodies of other insects. — “How to identify ichneumon wasps”,
  • A Field Guide to Common Texas Insects, Bastiaan Drees and John Jackman. Possibly a more common ichneumon is Ophion nigrovarius Provancher, which is reddish or dark yellow-brown, 1-inch long, with brown-tinted wings. — “Ichneumon wasp”, insects.tamu.edu
  • From Latin ichneumon, from Ancient Greek ἰχνεύμων (ikhneúmōn, "tracker")', from ἴχνος (íkhnos, "track, footstep" Retrieved from "http:///wiki/ichneumon" Categories:. — “ichneumon - Wiktionary”,
  • The ichneumon fly is an insect closely related to ants and bees. Learn more about the ichneumon fly at HowStuffWorks. — “HowStuffWorks "Ichneumon Fly"”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Ichneumon. Information about Ichneumon in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. ichneumon fly, herpestes ichneumon. — “Ichneumon definition of Ichneumon in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Subspecies (for MSW): H. ichneumon ichneumon, H. ichneumon angolensis, H. ichneumon cafra, H. ichneumon centralis, H. ichneumon funestus, H. ichneumon mababiensis, H. ichneumon numidicus, H. ichneumon parvidens, H. ichneumon sabiensis, H. ichneumon sangronizi, H. ichneumon widdringtonii. — “Herpestes ichneumon - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • I assumed I had discovered an unusual species, but I was later surprised to find it was merely a common variety of insect, the ichneumon wasp. Ichneumons are often incorrectly referred to as flies, but they are directly related to wasps and bees. — “The Amazing Ichneumon | MDC”, mdc.mo.gov
  • The Ichneumon Wasp is parasitic that deposits its eggs in the body of caterpillars. — “Ichneumon Wasp”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for ichneumon in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “ichneumon - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • ichneumon fly n. Any of various wasplike insects of the family Ichneumonidae, having larvae that are parasitic on the larvae of other insects. — “ichneumon fly: Definition from ”,
  • One way to distinguish then from Braconid Wasps is that the Ichneumon Wasps 2nd recurrent vein of the fore wing is present. In the Ichneumons there is an extra vein creating a cell which can not be found on Braconids. — “Family ICHNEUMONIDAE - Ichneumon Wasps”,
  • Ichneumon definition, a slender, long-tailed mongoose, Herpestes ichneumon, inhabiting Africa and southern Europe, and believed by the ancient Egyptians to devour See more. — “Ichneumon | Define Ichneumon at ”,
  • ichneumon (insect), any of a large and widely distributed insect group (order Hymenoptera) of considerable economic importance. The name sometimes refers to any member of the superfamily Ichneumonoidea, which includes the families Stephanidae,. — “ichneumon (insect) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Page features a photo essay on the giant ichneumon wasps and their ability to drill into solid wood to lay eggs. Stunning closeup pictures and video illustrate the process. — “Giant Ichneumon Wasps Ovipositing”,
  • The superfamily is made up of the ichneumon wasps (often inaccurately called "ichneumon flies"; family Ichneumonidae) and the braconids (family Braconidae) Being in the same family, ichneumons are closely related to other hymenopterans such as ants and bees. — “Ichneumonoidea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • ICHNEUMON (Gr. iXveb pow , from ixvebet y, to track out), the common name of the North African representative of a number of small weasel-shaped mammals belonging to the carnivorous family Viverriaae; the Indian representatives of the group being known as mongooses. — “Ichneumon - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Giant Ichneumons tend to live in wooded areas and throughout all of North America, though Variations of the Giant Ichneumon include the Eastern Giant Ichneumon,. — “Ichneumon Wasp Information - Scientific Name, Taxonomy and Size”,
  • Definition of ichneumon in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ichneumon. Pronunciation of ichneumon. Translations of ichneumon. ichneumon synonyms, ichneumon antonyms. Information about ichneumon in the free online English dictionary and. — “ichneumon - definition of ichneumon by the Free Online”,

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  • Giant Ichneumon Wasp Black and yellow wasp drilling into aspen tree to lay eggs using long needle or ovipositor
  • Giant Ichneumon (Megarhyssa atrata) Preparing for Oviposition "All Nature is but Art unknown to thee; / All chance direction, which thou canst not see; / All discord, harmony not understood; / All partial evil, universal good; / And spite of pride, in erring Reason's spite, / One truth is clear, Whatever is, is right." --Alexander Pope Photographed at Petersburg, North Dakota (14 June 2010).
  • BML11070815164 cats & ichneumon cats & ichneumon
  • Ichneumon Wasp (Ichneumonidae) Hunting An ichneumon wasp forages for prey among leaf litter at the Rydell NWR, Minnesota (17 April 2010). Click here to learn more about the life cycle of a related species of Ichneumon Wasp:
  • Giant Ichneumon (Ichneumonidae: Megarhyssa) Female on Tree Photographed at Turtle River State Park, North Dakota (11 June 2010).
  • CANON VIXIA HF20 - Extreme macro of a Ichneumon Wasp! A Giant Ichneumon "Megarhyssa macrurus" Oviposition female is laying eggs in the holes of an old dry log. Canon Vixia HF20 extreme macro in high definition. Filmed by Adam *** Please Subscribe, Thumbs Up, and Comment *** Follow us on Twitter @
  • Giant Ichneumon (Ichneumonidae: Megarhyssa macrurus) Removing Ovipositor Photographed at East Grand Forks, Minnesota (03 July 2003).
  • Ichneumons (Ichneumonidae: Arotes) Female Behavior Photographed at the Turtle River State Park, North Dakota (06 July 2010).
  • Ichneumon wasp of Togian An ichneumon grooms on the island of Togian in Sulawesi.
  • Giant Ichneumons probably Megarhyssa macrurus A giant wasp withdrawing her ovipositor from the bark of a tree. She lays her eggs on the larva of bark beetles.taken 9/9/06,Severson Dells, Rockford,Il.
  • The Ichneumon Wasp This is a video of the ichneumon wasp taken from the BBC's Life in the Undergrowth documentary series.
  • Ichneumon Wasp An Ichneumon Wasp searching for a possible prey source in which to parasitize.
  • BML050608125562 Cat and ichneumon Cat and ichneumon
  • Magnetrixx-Ichneumon
  • Giant Ichneumon wasp (or Dolichomitus wasp?) The mysterious and fascinating activities of a Giant Ichneumon wasp laying eggs!
  • Giant Ichneumon Wasp Wasp unpacking the egg laying member. Windfall, In 2010. Notice how dead wood of tree has many holes. After I stopped filmming, I found the male nearby.
  • Doñana_Herpestes-Ichneumon Doñana
  • ichneumons.wmv I came across this Giant Ichneumon Wasp (female) drilling into a tree stump. After a bit of research, I was amazed at this creature's life story and the fact that I had caught it preparing to lay its eggs. I came back to this stump many times durign the following weeks to see how many of these giant parasitic wasps would show up. Nature's wonders are never ending. This species grows to 7 1/2 inches (females) when you include the ovipositor and drilling fibers!
  • Ichneumon wasp
  • BML1115091329 Tel Aviv University ichneumon & cat
  • Ichneumon Wasp making a deposit with very long ovipositor into tree trunk Taken a few years ago with a low rez camera, this incredible Ichneumon Wasp (Megarhyssa atrata) is one of the first creatures that drew me into the insect world. This is a giant parasitic wasp that located Horntail Wasp grubs in tree trunks, then drills through with a long whip-like ovipositor, to deposit an egg on the larvae. Check out the IchnemonWasp_withdrawing video to witness just how long this ovipositor is.
  • CHASMA: "Ichneumon" Ambient made by CHASMA in STUDIO REICHtag 2010.
  • Ichneumon Fly "Cremation Of Care"
  • Stump Stabber (Ichneumon) Saw this up at Wilderness Awareness Schools land. John C. showed this to us.
  • BML07060812688 cat ichneumon feeding cat ichneumon feeding
  • BML25070816132 ichneumon and catas ichneumon and catas
  • Ichneumon Wasp Ichneumon Wasp and blue butterfly
  • Giant Ichneumons (Megarhyssa macrurus and Megarhyssa atrata) Females of two species of Giant Ichneumon wasp take advantage of a hole in tree, a recent excavation by a Pileated Woodpecker, to lay their eggs near Pigeon Tremex larvae. Photographed at Turtle River State Park, North Dakota (11 June 2010).
  • Giant Ichneumon Wasp From the what the hell is that in my back yard department, this is a female giant ichneumon wasp I found on my garage door this morning. More information about the bug can be found here:
  • BML25070816133 ichneumon and catas ichneumon and catas
  • BML070608126880 the giant ichneumon the giant ichneumon at our garden.
  • Giant Ichneumon (Ichneumonidae: Megarhyssa) Female Photographed at Grand Forks, North Dakota (13 August 2009). This was one of several species of harmless insects that seemed noticeably disoriented after a USAF-mediated aerial mosquito-spraying operation over the City of Grand Forks, North Dakota on the evening of 13 August.
  • Ichneumon Wasp (Icheumonidae) Hunting This was one of perhaps a dozen individuals that were hunting the edge of wet grass near a south-facing wall of the Wellness Center on the UND Campus, Grand Forks, North Dakota (30 April 2010). Note the abundance of mites found on the blades of grass.
  • BML08080817024 ichneumon and cats
  • Ichneumon (Ichneumonidae) Female on Leaf Photographed at Grand Forks, North Dakota (25 May 2010).
  • Large Ichneumon Wasp (Rhyssa persuasoria) While tidying up the garden I happen to notice a female Large Ichneumon Wasp (Rhyssa persuasoria) hunting for a living host to act as an incubator and food supply for its progeny. Normally this species of Ichneumon hunts down the Giant Wood Wasp (or Greater Horntail as it's sometimes called) so I'm guessing this Ichneumon has chosen an alternative source either through convenience or because the natural population of the Giant Wood Wasp is in decline? Either way, it was fascinating watching this insect listening out for movement through a few centimeters of solid wood. As you can see from the video it uses its antennae to look for chemical markers that indicate that a suitable host is hidden nearby. It also feels for the vibrations given off by the larvae as it moves within its nesting chamber. It's been years since I last saw a Giant Wood Wasp and I'm certain there isn't any living in or near the garden so I can postulate that this wasp has adapted its behaviour and found an alternative host type. If anyone knows any different please drop me a line via this site or comments section. Thanks, Andrew
  • Giant Ichneumons (Megarhyssa atrata) in Oviposition Photographed at Turtle River State Park, North Dakota (14 June 2010).
  • Giant Ichneumon Wasp Watch a Giant Ichneumon Wasp use its huge ovipositor to lay eggs into the larva of the pigeon tremex horntail wasp! When the eggs hatch they will eat the larva of the horntail wasp.
  • Giant Ichneumon (Megarhyssa spp.) Male on Leaf Photographed at Grand Forks, North Dakota (29 May 2010). I apologize for the 'leaf shake'. The prairie winds were gusting when this photo was taken.
  • Ichneumon (Ichneumonidae: Mesostenus) Female on Leaf Photographed at the Rydell NWR, Minnesota (22 July 2009).
  • ichneuomon: @willemdax @JeffPoster @rushlimbaugh He's a spammer and I reported him as such. Sure he isn't happy with the Ichneumon Wasp!
  • angellightphoto: another under-recorded ichneumon - new #blipfoto journal entry http://t.co/mPXJSTp3
  • chileblogger: Black Wasp Photograph - I think this is a black wasp called a black ichneumon wasp, we saw it in Tower... http://t.co/8neNyuQI
  • mamfi_can: @Figfight Apparently some kind of 'ichneumon wasp' - never heard of it or seen one before! Looked quite a big nasty bug!

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