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  • Apache Beat Ilirjana in Oyster Magazine w/ Lauren Flax Cool Places Soundsystem and Harley and Cassie. Apache Beat Ilirjana from Apache Beat covers Come As You Are by Nirvana in Girl Crisis w/ Caroline from. — “Apache Beat | Facebook”,
  • The Pop Manifesto is a magazine that focuses specifically on key players in contemporary counter-culture, highlighting the interesting art and music that is around. It is based on artists, designers and musicians, who look at the world a little. — “The Pop Manifesto”,
  • Myspace profile for APACHE BEAT. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. Philip & Christina Aceto, Ilirjana Alushaj, Mike Dos Santos, Neil Westgate, Angus Tarnawsky. — “APACHE BEAT on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Ari Up (The Slits) , Lady Miss Kier (Deee-Lite) , Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules and Love Afair) , Allison Wolfe (Partyline/Bratmobile) , Dirty Jean ( The Crucial Getdown) , Ilirjana (Apache Beat) , Aleix M (Girlie Action) , Justine D and with more TBA. Thu., February 04, 2010 / 11:00 PM. this week. — “Le Poisson Rouge: February 04, 2010”,
  • Apache Beat's Ilirjana Alushaj takes us through a normal day of coffee, pizza, YouTube, and partying at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs tenth birthday. — “News: A Day in the Life of Apache Beat's Ilirjana Alushaj”, inertia-
  • By Ilirjana Alushaj. I am certainly not an expert by any means, but I am a big fan of UK When we first met Apache Beat singer Ilirjana Alushaj—in her native Australia at the tail. — “Apache Beat | self-titled magazine :: s/t daily”, self-
  • Founded by Ilirjana Alushaj and Karl Maier, the pair claim the reason for its inception was to showcase the interesting people and projects they saw around them. The first issue was released in December 2005 and has since built up a reputation for cutting edge design and quirky articles. — “The Pop Manifesto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I am in the bands Apache Beat & Typical Girls. I have an online magazine called The Pop Manifesto. I interview people on the interVBS. Don't cali me. — “ilirjana (ilirjana) on Twitter”,
  • Intermediate Cook, Albania. ilirjana Profile. Toolbox. Follow. Leave a comment. Albania. Joined November 8, 2010. Intermediate Cook. Member, 0 CookEatShare points. No recipes yet. Comments. Leave a comment. — “ilirjana Profile - CookEatShare”,
  • After getting the standard Facebook/MySpace/Wikipedia pages, I immediately found a wealth of information about lead singer Ilirjana Alushaj. But after emailing back and forth with Ilirjana and bassist Mike Dos Santos, it's apparent that this band's serious about making music, not to. — “Apache Beat | Interview | Tiny Mix Tapes”,
  • View Ilirjana Travers's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Ilirjana Travers discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business. — “Ilirjana Travers - LinkedIn”,
  • Kasey Capp, Ilirjana Alushaj. Image in Cart. Rosanna Rorstrom. Image in Cart. Robert Verdi Ilirjana Alushaj, Kasey Capp. Image in Cart. Ilirjana Alushaj, Kasey Capp. Image in Cart. — “PMc - Party to Kickoff the 75th Anniversary of JACK PURCELL”,
  • statistics include results from October 2009 to October 2010 HALITI Ilirjana. Number. 114044. Rating Points. 963. Bonus Points. Ranking Points. 963. Matches. — “HALITI Ilirjana (KOS)”,
  • Features: Apache Beat's Ilirjana Alushaj keeps a one-day diary for us. To celebrate the release of her band's new album 'Last Chants', due out through Babylon on 11th October, Apache Beat's Ilirjana Alushaj has given us a blow by blow account of a day she had not so long ago. — “A Day In The Life: Apache Beat | Features | DIY”,
  • GrandLifeNYC Music is an insider's guide to the NYC music scene, with an overview of New York's favorite music venues and stores, as well as regular feature stories, reviews, and NYC live music coverage. Read about New York City concerts, Ilirjana Alushaj. — “GrandLife / Music Reviews of Emerging Artists, New Indie”,
  • What hits first is singer Ilirjana Alushaj's deep, powerful voice that twists and turns The latter two also sing, providing a softer, calmer counterpart to Ilirjana's upfront vocals. — “Apache Beat interview: "Late night stalking of cities”,
  • Super700 Group Members: Michael Haves , Sebastian Schmidt , Ibadet Ramadani , Ilirjana Ramadani , Albana Ramadani , Johannes Hall , Simon Rauterberg Idabet also sings lead, and her sisters Ilirjana Ramadani and Albana Ramadani lend harmonies, while guitarist Johannes Hall, keyboard player. — “Super700: Information from ”,
  • Phil, Ilirjana and myself all got together for some impromptu jam sessions and discussed starting up a musical collaboration. When the three of us reconvened along with Neil and Christina, Ilirjana spotted the title on a set list and suggested it for our name. — “Apache Beat – Disorder Magazine”,
  • Apache Beat's drummer, Neil Westgate, and bassist, Michael Dossantos, are from Staten Island. Siblings Christina and Phillip Aceto, on synth and guitar respectively, grew up in the Bronx. And then there's Ilirjana Alushaj. Though the dark-hai. — “Investigating the undeniable charm of Apache Beat”,
  • THITH #Ilirjana Apache Beat. Girl Crisis cover Taylor Dayne's Take It 2 months ago #Ilirjana Alushaj #Girl Crisis. Perfection. @3 months ago with 1 note. — “TYPICAL GIRL/S/Z”,

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  • Hareja - Ilirjana Facebook: Publishing: Albanota All Rights Reserved (P) & (C) ALBANOTA
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  • Girl Crisis - Smooth Operator Sade Cover by: Elizabeth Harper Jessica Lauretti Caroline Polachek Jane Hership Leah Cary Molly Shea shot by Bek Andersen
  • Dashurija e Par / Erste Liebe is ma now song Shqip / Deutsch 2007 !express# !metadata#!version#v1.0.r291!/version#!format#1.001!/format#!totalTime#10000!/totalTime#!width#400!/width#!height#300!/height#!maxSceneSize#259733!/maxSceneSize#!clientPublishTime#Tue Sep 11 12:21:23 GMT 0200 2007!/clientPublishTime# !/metadata# !scenes#!scene# !asset path=" type="ImageContent"#!stamp time="0"# !render#!ty#30!/ty#!b#0!/b#!tx#40!/tx#!c#0!/c#!a#1!/a#!d#1!/d# !/render# !mute#false!/mute# !position#0!/position# !display#true!/display# !volume#1!/volume#!/stamp#!stamp time="10000"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset# !asset path=" type="CaptionContent"#!stamp time="0"# !text#Dashurija e Par / Erste Liebe!/text# !face#Voluta!/face# !color#13369344!/color# !z#2!/z# !render#!ty#-35.25!/ty#!b#1.1729131937026978!/b#!tx#42.1!/tx#!c#-1.7256126403808594!/c#!a#1.8665308952331543!/a#!d#2.7460765838623047!/d# !/render# !display#true!/display#!/stamp#!stamp time="10000"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset# !asset path=" type="TransitionContent"#!stamp time="0"# !z#5!/z# !display#false!/display# !direction#stop!/direction# !duration#0!/duration#!/stamp#!stamp time="9000"# !display#true!/display# !direction#forward!/direction# !duration#1000!/duration#!/stamp#!stamp time="10000"# !display#true!/display# !direction#reverse!/direction# !duration#2!/duration#!/stamp#!stamp time="10002"# !display#false!/display# !direction#stop!/direction#!/stamp# !/asset#!/scene# !/scenes ...
  • salim arifi - kenga e ushtarit salim arifi
  • BonStiL Feat. ALboo'S & Ilirjana - Semi Maturant 2012 (Dita Shkolles )
  • ILIRJANA SIJENA dj jemi.wmv
  • NYC- Party In a Day New York City was the second stop on the "Party In a Day" train. We decided on Home Sweet Home, one of my favorite bars in the city to host the shindig. With the help of Lauren Dillard we roped in Light Asylum to play a live set followed by a DJ set from Lauren & Ilirjana (Apache Beat.) The place was packed all night and the tequila was flowing. 2 down, 2 to go. Check out all the action in the video.
  • Apache Beat - Tropics Directed by Phil Aceto Tropics single: Last Chants album:
  • Ilirjana Berisha - Dilema
  • Fadil Matoshi & Kanarina - Ilirjana
  • Disney - Princesha Aurora në Ballo HIHI
  • SDC12472 Ilirjana cakiqi
  • Apache Beat - Tracing Sky Directed by Gella Zefira and Mark Lovato Tracing Sky single: Buy now on iTunes:
  • Girl Crisis - Come As You Are Nirvana cover by: Ilirjana Alushaj Elizabeth Harper Annie Hart Jane Herships Jessica Lauretti Caroline Polachek Erika Spring-Forster Natalie Weiss Shot by Bek Andersen
  • Dasem Tropoje
  • Floriani vogel e Ilirjani - Keshtu e kallim 2010
  • Girl Crisis - Wicked Game Chris Isaac cover by: Leah Carey Busy Gangnes Elizabeth Harper Jane Herships Sophia Knapp Jessica Lauretti Caroline Polachek Molly Shea Linnea Vedder Shot by Heather Andersen and Jessica Lauretti, Edited by Caroline Polachek Special thanks to Scott Rosenthal
  • Anfi behluli Saranda Msni 2010 Anfi behluli Saranda Msni 2010 Anfi behluli elirona Anfi behluli ilirjana
  • Typical Girls: Our Real Is Real A LoveSheep Production. Director:Alison Brady; Cinematographer:Michael Luppino; Best boy:Joey Prince; Art Director:Brian Byrne; Assistant Art Director:Megumi Emoto; Hair Stylist:Erika Karavas; Colorist:Ali Mulcahy; Editor:Caitlin Diaz; Producer:Kate Branom. Cast: Ilirjana Alushaj, Simeon Bremer and Jessica Darakjian.
  • IMITATION RESORT 2012 SHORT FILM directed by Tannaz Hazemi produced by Sydney Reising CAST: nicole trunfio lissy trullie becka diamond cecile winckler amber ibarreche karima adebibe sasha owen-longfellow erin axtell ilirjana alushaj DP: zack galler AD: federica gianni
  • Ilirjana Berisha-Eja
  • Nikolini & ilirjana dasma
  • Typical Girls - Our Real Is Real (Brother Bruno Remix)
  • Girl Crisis - Paranoid Black Sabbath cover by: Ilirjana Alushaj Elizabeth Harper Jane Herships Busy Gangnes Sophia Knapp Caroline Polachek Molly Shea Erika Spring Linnea Vedder Filmed by Bek Andersen, sound & synch by Caroline Polachek
  • Ilirjana Nreci Concert
  • BASHA #1 FOR INTERNATIONAL OFFICER Students and sabbatical officers voice their support for Basha. www.swansea-/studentelection
  • Girl Crisis - Dance Me To The End Of Love Leonard Cohen cover by: Ilirjana Alushaj Elizabeth Harper Jane Herships Jessica Lauretti Caroline Polachek Molly Shea Erika Spring Linnea Vedder-Shults Shot on super8 film by Bek Andersen
  • salim arifi - iliriana salim arifi
  • Iliriana Sahiti Ahh jetë (Official Video) HD M Production
  • Bonstil feat BosS'X & Alboo'S - Semi Maturant { 2012 } Text : BosS'X Inqizim : 029 Record's
  • Vivalospetas,Escobar,Ilirjana.wmv Refresh Spirit I Recovers HP by 25%, and increases HP by 25% for 30s. Chain Skill Level 2 Remove Shock - Refresh Spirit Target Self Cast Time Cast Instantly Cooldown 1m Cost MP 165 Is in (Xform) cant take (stumble) and is turning on this all time and he's friends have a nice speed run more fast them me :oi run 12.0
  • Motrat MUSTAFA - Me fal bija ime (Official Video 1080 HD)
  • Girl Crisis - White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane cover by: Leah Carey Heather D'Angelo Erika Spring Forster Elizabeth Harper Annie Hart Jane Herships Jessica Lauretti Caroline Polachek Molly Shea Shot by Bek Andersen and Jessica Lauretti, synched/edited by Caroline Polachek
  • ILIRJAN BERISHA 2011_xvid.avi
  • Iliriana Loxha Basha (2) ZHURMA 15.02.2011
  • Girl Crisis - Tell It To My Heart Taylor Dayne Cover by: Ilirjana Alushaj Leah Cary Elizabeth Harper Jane Herships Sophia Knapp Jessica Lauretti Caroline Polachek Erika Spring-Forster Molly Shea Linnea Vedder Filmed by Bek Andersen Sound & synch by Caroline Polachek
  • ilirjana: @TS7music Fanx!
  • ilirjana: @frankichan :(
  • SiiMPLY_iKe: RT @Louise_Jsmith: #MentionAGorgeousFollower @SiiMPLY_iKe @ilirjana_hasani @JadeBeckham123
  • ilirjana_hasani: RT @Louise_Jsmith: #MentionAGorgeousFollower @SiiMPLY_iKe @ilirjana_hasani @JadeBeckham123
  • Louise_Jsmith: #MentionAGorgeousFollower @SiiMPLY_iKe @ilirjana_hasani @JadeBeckham123
  • TS7music: @ilirjana hit up @2tone_ent
  • ilirjana_hasani: Haven't straightened my hair in such a long time...
  • frankichan: @ilirjana this becomes common once u live in LA #WARNING
  • ilirjana: It's a pretty one. RT @BLOOD_DIAMOND5: just did this @TOKiMONSTA remix sup
  • ilirjana: @frankichan Classy.
  • ilirjana: @messkid I left around one. If I knew they'd be drama I would've stayed. :)
  • messkid: @ilirjana r u here?
  • ilirjana: @messkid Why? Neighbour complaints? When I was DJing they were worried.
  • ilirjana: @lockah Terrible. It would just be a whole lotta less cute.
  • lockah: @ilirjana so true. that would be awful wouldnt it lol
  • ilirjana: @lockah Blonde hair, blue eyes... ginger beard. :(
  • ilirjana: "I like a girl who spins." #boysindaclub
  • ilirjana: RT @kabiruppal: Just caught up with the talented record label owner @ilirjana @thebanginbeats
  • kabiruppal: Just caught up with the talented record label owner @ilirjana @thebanginbeats
  • ilirjana: Banging beats. #elektromagazine @ The Loft on Lispenard
  • NinoKhayyam: @ilirjana Tune In ... Turn Up ...
  • ilirjana: I have a 35 minute R.Kelly Jersey Club edit I always want to DJ. MAYBE TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT?
  • NeonIndian: @ilirjana Swim did too.
  • CLASSACTRESS: @ilirjana @NeonIndian Swim ended up at a bushwick rave last night
  • ilirjana: @NeonIndian Swim ate too much pie last night.
  • ilirjana: @messkid @NimaYamini @ilirja @DJImanos @AkselParis @AveASoundcheck Hi!
  • ilirjana: @TS7music Who should I hit up re: remixes?
  • ilirjana: Do I know anyone whom still lives in Florida? Well... Miami really.
  • djdials: RT @ghostsontape: RT @ilirjana: ONLY IMPRESSED IF YOU DO THINGS IRL. INTERNET NOT REAL.
  • AveASoundcheck: RT @BrandonKoppel: TONIGHT @elektro presents @NimaYamini, @MessKid & ILLE @djIMANOS @ilirjana The Aksel Loft (@akselparis) @AveASoundcheck
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: <3.
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # One moment can change the Future :( <3
  • ilirjana: RT @kanyewest: Awesomeness
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: :# .... :(
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # good night ;)<3.!
  • elezmuhaxheri: @Ilirjana_Sadriu zemra jem <3
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: @elezmuhaxheri : style style :A<3
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: @elezmuhaxheri : ehhh bashh the best bre ;)<3
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: @elezmuhaxheri : tlutnna Hahhahahha :A
  • elezmuhaxheri: @Ilirjana_Sadriu lockattt
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: @elezmuhaxheri : tkomm vllaqko mat majrin Hahah ;).
  • elezmuhaxheri: @Ilirjana_Sadriu qe pe don kto de hahahaha
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: @elezmuhaxheri Hahahhaha Qka unn :P
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # yeahh <3#@
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: Justeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn <3.#[email protected]
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: aww<3.
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu:
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: swag on you.!#
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: @ I need you ;S
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: ;)<[email protected]#
  • ilirjana: RT @BrandonKoppel: TONIGHT @elektro presents @NimaYamini, @MessKid & ILLE @djIMANOS @ilirjana The Aksel Loft (@akselparis) @AveASoundcheck
  • ilirjana: Watch this guy 4 fyrrrrrre. #PSA RT @__HarryB__: @ilirjana burning mane
  • LindsayCabrera: RT @BrandonKoppel: TONIGHT @elektro presents @NimaYamini, @MessKid & ILLE @djIMANOS @ilirjana The Aksel Loft (@akselparis) @AveASoundcheck
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: Aint nobody Business ;).
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # just mine and my babe <3#@
  • NimaYamini: RT @BrandonKoppel: TONIGHT @elektro presents @NimaYamini, @MessKid & ILLE @djIMANOS @ilirjana The Aksel Loft (@akselparis) @AveASoundcheck
  • elezmuhaxheri: @Ilirjana_Sadriu iii edhe ti mo :P hahaha
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: Love is Great , Love is Fine <3:#
  • DJImanos: RT @BrandonKoppel: TONIGHT @elektro presents @NimaYamini, @MessKid & ILLE @djIMANOS @ilirjana The Aksel Loft (@akselparis) @AveASoundcheck
  • BrandonKoppel: TONIGHT @elektro presents @NimaYamini, @MessKid & ILLE @djIMANOS @ilirjana The Aksel Loft (@akselparis) @AveASoundcheck
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: Oh my Bieber <3;).
  • __HarryB__: @ilirjana burning mane
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # Life's not much fun when you don't love anyone :(.
  • CLASSACTRESS: <3 last nite was lovely RT @ilirjana: Nobody puts SWIM in the corner. @ffffrances @NeonIndian @jonathanpallen @CLASSACTRESS @phillipberetta
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # celebratin' Tuana's birthday <3<3 .!!
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # Happy birthday my baby boo <3#
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # I wannt you Tonight <3.#
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # love me say that you love me <3#
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: # the beaty is inside you <3.#;\@
  • Ilirjana_Sadriu: @mimoza70951804 : Hahaha u bone me twitter a , duhet duhet :A tedyuyaa<3<3
  • agawine: RT @AveASoundcheck: 2NITE! 54 Walker St (Tribeca loft) Art exhibit 10pm-midnight by @HanksyNYC @MRowean after DJ sets @ilirjana @messkid @DJimanos @NimaYamini
  • ilirjana: I read that somewhere.
  • ilirjana: DJing tonight. Mostly bassline, funky, garage and all my massive collaborations with #bassnectar.
  • ilirjana: @Rory_Phillips I'M REALLY REALLY REAL.
  • ilirjana: RT @Rory_Phillips: @ilirjana #realrealtalk
  • Rory_Phillips: @ilirjana #realrealtalk
  • NimaYamini: RT @AveASoundcheck: 2NITE! 54 Walker St (Tribeca loft) Art exhibit 10pm-midnight by @HanksyNYC @MRowean after DJ sets @ilirjana @messkid @DJimanos @NimaYamini
  • AveASoundcheck: 2NITE! 54 Walker St (Tribeca loft) Art exhibit 10pm-midnight by @HanksyNYC @MRowean after DJ sets @ilirjana @messkid @DJimanos @NimaYamini
  • ilirjana: @iamaronow Very weak.
  • iamaronow: not #jacques at all. super CHAD :< RT @ilirjana: Asking someone out for ramen on instagram boy, makes you a negative playa.
  • ilirjana: Asking someone out for ramen on instagram boy, makes you a negative playa.
  • ilirjana: Holding a bottle of Hennessy on twitter girl, don't make you gangsta.
  • WhatArUWearing: Gorgeous girl ilirjana_ze
  • I_Love_Fashion_: Gorgeous girl ilirjana_ze
  • heels_fashion: Gorgeous girl ilirjana_ze
  • ilirjana: @imoogene XO
  • imoogene: @ilirjana weird. same
  • ilirjana: RT @JustJubilee: Cuuuuuteeee RT @patkiernan: Classic reaction from Lebron James when fan wins $75,000 half-court shot contest. VIDEO:
  • ilirjana: @YungGroupon Gonna look rn.
  • ilirjana: #dangelo #onepm #goodafternoon
  • ilirjana: Still in bed, so yes. RT @UNOnyc: @ilirjana this seems like a bad party to miss.
  • ilirjana_hasani: RT @lmaginations: He's not best looking, he's not the smartest guy, he can be a jerk sometimes, but for some reason I don't care. He's different. I love him
  • ilirjana_hasani: RT @SiiMPLY_iKe: #MentionAGorgeousFollower @tobiikelly @ilirjana_hasani @Louise_Jsmith
  • SiiMPLY_iKe: #MentionAGorgeousFollower @tobiikelly @ilirjana_hasani @Louise_Jsmith
  • ilirjana_hasani: @Oliviaa_Jaidee ;;) awhhheee

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